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Miss Brahms is Shagged (An “ Are You Being Served ?” Story)

Miss Brahms looked at her watch for the third time while hearing Mrs. Slocum’s story. It wasn’t because she was bored or the story wasn’t interesting. It was because Miss Brahms wanted the workday to end. She had missed her lunch because she had been disciplined by Captain Peacock. He had put the young shop girl over his knee and administered a fierce spanking to her, before coercing fellatio from her in order to keep her time book indiscretion quiet. She had been running late that morning and only had time for a half cup of tea and a slice of toast without butter or marmalade (the horror!) for breakfast. That, combined with no lunch, excluding Captain Peacock’s semen, made her feel beyond peckish, she felt downright dizzy.

“ … so that’s how Mrs. Axelby and myself found out that we were in one of “those” bars” Mrs. Slocum concluded.

“You must have been so disappointed” the younger woman said “ ‘ere you thought you had hit the jackpot, being the only women in the bar and finding out that they weren’t interested in women.”

“Yes and to think because of going out that night, my poor pussy felt neglected and lonely” Mrs. Slocum said.

Thankfully for Miss Brahms closing time was almost there. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could go on. She hadn’t even been able to sit and rest, as sitting on the job was frowned upon. Plus her bum was very sore from Captain Peacock’s earlier spanking and she didn’t even want to sit. Mrs. Slocum had already begun to tally up the day’s figures and as soon as the closing bell rang the ladies and gents departments rushed to complete their job duties. Miss Brahms was covering the counter as Mrs. Slocum was putting on her coat.

“Miss Brahms did you check the dressing rooms for merchandise left behind?” Mrs. Slocum asked.

“Blimey I forgot “ she answered.

“Well you better check as that’s the type of thing they love to nitpick about. I have to hurry home. After last night if I’m late my pussy’s hair will be standing on end” Mrs. Slocum said as she headed for the lift.

Miss Brahms went to check the dressing rooms, but in the general closing bustle, none heard the conversation or saw where she went. She went into a room and she saw that a jumper and a pair of tights had been left behind. As Miss Brahms bent down to pick up the clothing her head swam and she slid to the floor in a faint. While out, Miss Brahms started to dream. She was dreaming about earlier when she had given Captain Peacock oral service. She was remembering his thick English cock in her hand and how it had throbbed. Miss Brahms let out a series of low moans as she writhed on the floor.

It was just at this fortuitous moment that Mr. Cuthbert Rumpole happened to be passing through the department on his way out for the evening. He heard the faint sounds Miss Brahms was making due to the large jug ears he had. He hurried to the ladies dressing rooms and entered. There he saw the delectable shop girl on the floor writhing around while moaning. Concerned, he knelt down to examine her. He couldn’t help but notice how her firm, pert bristol knockers strained against the material of the shirt or how her delightful mouth made a little o shape as she moaned.

Mr. Rumpole cradled Miss Brahms in his arms while he began to try and revive her. He gently smacked her cheek but though she seemed to react her eyes didn’t open. Remembering from somewhere that one loosened the clothing of an unconscious person Mr. Rumpole began to unbutton the shirt of Miss Brahms. After undoing three buttons Mr. Rumpole paused awestruck by the sight of Miss Brahms breasts, partially contained by her brassiere.

They were luscious and creamy and Mr. Rumpole had to restrain himself from freeing them from their lacy bondage and suckling them. At that moment Miss Brahms, perhaps reacting to something in her dream, reached her hand out as if to grab something and latched onto Mr. Rumpole’s crotch. Even asleep Miss Brahms hit the mark as her fingers closed upon Mr. Rumpole’s willy. The effect on him was instantaneous as all free blood began to flow to that area swelling him up. She only made things worse for him as her hand began to stroke him through his trousers. He was in a pickle now. If she woke up how could he explain himself, especially with her blouse in disarray and her hand gripping him tightly. Mr. Rumpole became very nervous and began to perspire profusely. A drop of his sweat rolled off his nose and landed right on her cheek. Miss Brahms eyes shot open, a look of confusion on her pretty face.

“Blimey, ‘ow did I get ‘ere?” she asked bewilderedly.

“I don’t know what happened Miss Brahms, just that you were lying on the floor unconscious” answered the balding department head.

“The last thing I remember was bending to pick up merchandise from the floor…. I must have fainted” she recalled. Through all this her hand had not lessened it’s grip on him and was still making small movements.
“I ‘ardly ‘ad a morsel of food today, maybe it was low blood sugar that made me swoon” she speculated.

Mr. Rumpole reached into his jacket pocket and produced a Cadbury chocolate bar, which he presented to Miss Brahms. She smiled sweetly at him, took it in her free hand and devoured it. Miss Brahms realized that she had Mr. Rumpole in hand but she was loath to release him. She had been having a sexy dream and was very wet and she wished some attention of an amorous nature and though she never would have guessed it, Mr. Rumpole seemed to be very well endowed.

“Are you feeling any better Miss Brahms?” Mr. Rumpole asked.

“I do feel some better Mr. Rumpole but I do think I could use something else in me. Do you have anything in your office that might work” she said while squeezing hard on his hard on.

“Ah yes, I think I have just what you need Miss Brahms. Let’s go to my office.”

Slowly the two of them got to their feet, Miss Brahms still clutching onto his bulge. They managed to make it to his office without meeting another soul, which under the circumstances was a good thing. As soon as the door closed Mr. Rumpole crushed Miss Brahms to his chest and kissed her. He broke the kiss and went to his desk, her clinging the whole way. He opened a desk drawer and rummaged around and pulled out a tin of crackers.

“Miss Brahms I have some crackers you can eat if you want and you can release my trouser snake now.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Rumpole, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a dream. I was afraid if I let go everything would disappear.”

“Well I assure you it’s for real. I will show you.”

He then lifted her by the waist and sat her on the desk. Mr. Rumpole then took a cracker and fed it to her. As she chewed he unfastened his trousers and pushed them and his boxers down freeing his big headed prick. Miss Brahms almost choked on her cracker as she saw it. Though not as thick as Captain Peacock’s cock it was still plenty thick and had a large, red head around the size of half a lemon. It was also around 23 centimeters long.

“There you see Miss Brahms, it is very real as you can see” he said proudly.

“Blimey, it’s a monster. I ‘eard that blokes with big feet were big, but I guess big ears can be a clue as well.”

While Miss Brahms continued to eat the crackers Mr. Rumpole decided there was something he wanted to eat. He lifted up her skirt and was surprised to see she had on no knickers. He didn’t let this slow him down as he brought his bald head between her legs where he could smell her arousal.

“Ah nothing beats the smell of a nice wet pussy” he said before running his tongue the length of her dripping slit.

“Oh that feels heavenly Mr. Rumpole, please don’t stop.”

He had no intention of stopping what he was doing. He continued lapping away at her, enjoying a late box lunch. Miss Brahms had finished eating and was laying back on the desk with her legs spread wide making little mewing sounds. Her juices were flowing freely now and his tongue was unable to intercept every bit. The excess worked its way down her thigh in tiny rivulets. Mr. Rumpole began to work his tongue around her magic button, causing Miss Brahms to shudder from delight. She grabbed him by his jug ears and pulled him even closer as she reached ecstasy. Her body bucked like a bronco and her thighs clamped to his head but Mr. Rumpole kept his mouth glued to her and his tongue working through it all.

When her trembling stopped Mr. Rumpole moved his head back but brought his hand between her legs and inserted two fingers up her pussy. This started Miss Brahms onto another orgasm, this one stronger than the last. She writhed as he continued driving his digits to their full length in and out of her. Mr. Rumpole realized she was ready for him and positioned his head near her entrance. He removed his fingers and pushed his head between her lower lips a few inches. Her muscles tightened on him as she let out a moan.

“Are you alright Miss Brahms, I am quite large and I don’t wish to hurt you” he said full of concern.

“Oi you are more than a ‘andful, that’s no mistake. Instead of calling you Mr. Rumpole I should call you Mr. Long pole . But don’t think of stopping. I want you to shag me nice and ‘ard.”

Putting her words to action Mr. Rumpole began pushing himself deep inside Miss Brahms. She relaxed and let him stuff her as deep as she could take it. When he reached bottom he pulled back until just his large head was enclosed in her. Mr. Rumpole then forced it back to her depths hard. He began to shag her hard and grabbed her thighs to help his leverage as he pounded her. The office was filled with the sounds and smell of a sweaty sex session.

Mr. Rumpole rogered Miss Brahms good, giving her the old in-out, in-out for a jolly good time. When he couldn’t take it anymore he pulled out of Miss Brahms tender slit and shot his spunk all over her, coating her good. Miss Brahms moved off the desk and took Mr. Rumpole’s cock into her mouth and sucked the last drop of cum from him.

“Well Miss Brahms I hope you learned a good lesson and won’t skip a meal again” Mr. Rumpole said.

“Oh I don’t know, I thought it worked out bloody well” Miss Brahms answered “plus I got a nice dessert.”

The End

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2011-05-29 15:47:07
Me Likes!!!.....Please continue your writing.

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2011-04-05 08:42:31
loved that show was good for a laugh, your version would have added that extra spice, loved it


2011-04-03 13:32:03
Seems the males at Grace bros are in the xtra large department; no wonder Mr Humphries enjoys checking their inside legs.

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