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this is my first story and is completely made up so post a comment ty :D

Hi my name is Roy i'm 16, 5'10 blue hair, red eyes and a slim athletic figure and magnificent 10 inch cock i just moved back into my old house and found out my close child hood friend still lives next door. so i go up to my room open the window and clime across the tree that's between our 2 houses and i start knocking on her window she looks out and is shocked to see i'm there as she opened the window she said "Roy is that you?"asked melody(5'8 athletic build DD cup breasts and a sexy face and latino) "yup the one and only" i say as i crawl into her room "wow your room looks"i said stammering "so what? roy?"she asked looking sorta confused "so normal no pink up no girly things what so ever"i said smiling and looking around"of course its normal i am a human after all" she said smiling and laughing a bit. as i thought to myself as i looked at her i accidentally spoke out loud"damn melody has become so sexy" i said and she blushed a deep red and said"uhmmmmm....roy i have a boyfriend" i looked and thought back"damn i said that out loud didn't i?" she blushed and nodded then i blushed and said"i'm gonna leave now" i walked out her room and passed her sister jessie's room and passed the kitchen to were her mom was"hi Ms.Rodrigez bye now" i walked out and to the mall.
"i wonder what the terror twins matt and damion are up to and kari" as i got into the mall i entered near the food court and saw them and decided to have some fun i walked over to kari"hi there sexy you look way to beautiful to be hanging around these chomps" she blushed as she looked at me she was a pretty little japanese girl but damion didn't find it so amusing"hey jerk leave my girl alone" said damion in a rough but deep voice i simply laughed and said"easy lover boy its Roy who else would you know would blue hair ?" he actually thought about it and walked over and gave me a beg and painful pat on the back "when did you get back blue boy?" he said smiling and still patting my back "i just did today and you can stop" he stopped and sat back down and as did i"question what do you guys know about melody's boyfriend?" i said with my serious expression on my face they all frownd"dude he is a total dick, asshole, and a little MESU-INU for hurting melody i want to kill him" said kari we all started looking at her and scooted away "anyways dude she dreams about you and not just dreams sex dreams"said matt and damion "she wants you to plow her dude"said kari i started blushing"gotta go see you all later"i jumped up and sprinted away"wow she wants me" i said running to melody's house i saw a guy walk out of her house looking pissed off as hell and then i ran in"hi Ms.Rodrigez" i said running to melody's room but i heard crying and opened the door"oh my god are you okay?" she whipped away some tears and hugged me i rubbed her back"how bout i give you a massage?"
she said yes through tears so i undressed her and gave her a towel.
strangely i saw marks on her body"melody did he hurt you?" she nodded"why?" i asked and after 30 minutes she finally got the strength to talk clearly"i wouldn't let him take my virginity and he beat me and forced me to give him a blowjob" i started rubbing her body"don't worry i'll make the pain go away" i massaged her legs and kissed her cheek she looked at me and kissed me i didn't resist and kissed back and then she pulled away and laid on her stomach i guess she still wanted that massage so i massaged her shoulders and she started to relax so i started going lower and she turned her head around and said"go lower" so i did and she kept saying go lower until i was at her ass and i squeezed and rubbed her ass and she moaned and said"roy take me please i want you now" i turned her on her back and asked"are you thinking clearly you have a boyfriend an..."she kissed me and nodded so i just spread her legs and licked all the way down to her clit and she started to moan and started saying"OH GOD ROY I WAITED SO LONG FOR YOU TO COME BACK I WANT YOU TO BE MY FIRST TAKE ME!"as i liked her pussy and her clit she grabbed my hair and said"stop teasing me and stick your dick in me but be gentle"i nodded and slowly inched my dick in her pussy and hit her hymen i looked at her and she gulped and nodded putting a pencil in her mouth to stop the scream i pulled out until the head was left in and shoved back in at full force leave my dick there to let her adjust she was crying and breathing hard and after 5 minutes she nodded letting me know to move i started thrusting in and out slowly and she moaned and said"don't hold back i want it all give me all you got"i smiled and started thrusting in and out as fast and as hard as i can and she started moaning into my ear"oH roooOOOY TH..THATS it FUCK ME!!!" and soon after that she started cumming i kissed her and shoved deep into her and started cumming in her
-15 minutes later-
"roy never leave me again"she said
"i wont" i said smiling and kissed her

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2013-01-13 23:27:19
I have had tons of sports maegssas for many different gymnastics related injuries, and this guy looks like he would be really great, i have found that the bigger the hands the better the massage, in my opinion of course. Massage therapists that have small hands or thin fingers always end up hurting me more than relaxing me. i want to hire this man. too bad i probably couldn't even afford to drive past his Beverly Hills gym. lol

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2011-04-05 11:33:45
I know that this is your first story and all that, but you need to proofread what you have written BEFORE you post it!

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2011-04-04 16:22:56
I'm very sorry but it was just terrible to read. I just couldn't finish it. Please, use capitals, dots and proper English and re-write this.

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