Mother and son spend thirty-six hours in the bedroom
Charlie told the story in “Honey Let’s Fuck the Kids (All in the Family), how he and his wife Cassandra had paired up with their eighteen year twins, Charlie with Cloie and Cassandra with Clete and the thirty-six hours the spent with them, adding zest, spice to their jaded sex life, but he hogged the story, really only talked about his time with Cloie.

So Charlie began, “Well, I guess I did dominate the telling of our story, what really happened that weekend I’d paired up with my daughter Cloie and how I told it, it was all ‘bout Cloie and me but that wasn’t true, Cloie and I got my bedroom, the master bedroom but my wife Cassandra and Cloie’s twin Cletus were in his bedroom. I won’t claim Cassandra and I had totally seduced our twins, that was our plan but I thought they were at the very least willing participants; I know Cloie was; but I’ll let Cass tell her story.”

“So that you’ll know me and the rest of the people that populate our house; I’m Cassandra Cambridge, Charlie’s my husband and we have eighteen year twins, Cloris our daughter and Cletus, our son; they answer to Cloie and Clete respectively.”

Charlie and I were sitting out by the pool recently, he’d fixed maybe one too many drinks, we were talking about our jaded sex life, we’d decided that young was the answer for both of us, eighteen maybe twenty tops, hard stiff cocks for me, tight vaginas or more for Charlie, I planned, I plotted and all my suggestions came to naught, the risk, whatever, they wouldn’t work. Then it hit me, we had two beautiful, eighteen year olds; legal as far age went, quiet, it would be nearly as embarrassing to them as it would be us, and we had the advantage, we could touch, hug and kiss them; our twins, our beautiful twins.

And I said, “Honey, lets fuck the kids,” Charlie knew, just knew I was out of my mind until I explained why it might work. He agreed it would be the best way, young and tight pussies and, to tell the truth, bottoms, stiff young cocks and, well, the same, tight young bottoms, I loved pegging Charlie, he liked it too but that’s another story, but if I got Clete into my bed I had plans for him, too.

We’d planned our seduction of the kids for a Friday night, we were gonna have a little pool party, a lotta wine, some music and close dancing, a bit of touchy feely and an invitation for more.

Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself, and I surly did get ahead of Charlie. Thursday night he bowls, Cloie was out, it was just Clete and me; a little wine, a little music and a little cheek to cheek dancing and we were in his bed.

He’d been in me three times; I’d slept in my panties, three loads of Clete’s cum oozing out; I had my partner for the weekend now Charlie had to get his, Cloie, our beautiful daughter.

Friday evening had started out wonderfully, Charlie had given Cloie an exotic massage, it had started as the application of sun tan lotion but escalated and Cloie’d had a little orgasm from just Charlie’s touch.

We’d enjoyed our dinner, steaks out by the pool; we were all in swimwear, I was sitting pool side with my feet in the water, Clete was behind me massaging my shoulders when I saw Charlie lead Cloie into the house.

Charlie and I’d agreed, if he could pair up with Cloie they’d get our master bedroom, Clete and I would use his. Anticipating Charlie’s success I’d put a few things in Clete’s room. We were going to dress, for tonight and tomorrow in only short white terry cloth robes, what we wore around the pool, I’d put two of them in his room along with a large bath towel. On his night stand were my Eros products, Explore, a muscle relaxant for use prior to anal sex, it relaxes the sphincter and Body Glide, a lubricant, I thought if I could be convincing enough I’d get the chance to use them. The final item I’d secreted in the drawer of his night stand, if I got to use it I’d need the Eros stuff, I called it “Big Dick,” and it was, seven inches of rubber, veined just like the real thing only it was purple. It was my strap-on dildo.

I got up and gave Clete a kiss, it was time to start. I let him lead me to his room, he was the seducer, I was the seducee, I wanted him to feel that he had the lead, he was dominant.

In his bedroom I shut and locked the door, our sessions were to be uninterrupted; we’d even turned off the ringer on the phones.

Clete took me in his arms and kissed me. He unfastened the bra of my two piece and let it fall from my shoulders, he bent and kissed both of my breasts, then he knelt and lowered my bottoms, I stepped out and stood with my legs spread, an invitation; he circled my hips and pulled me to him; a taste of Mommy, he gave me a lick then stood and dropped his suit to the floor.

Clete led me to the bed and lowered me to the mattress, he lay beside me and took me in his arms, strong, muscular young arms holding me then he kissed me, my lips, my ears, my throat, wet kisses fueled by passion. He was on my breasts, I was already swollen, desire in anticipation, he took the warm granite gumdrops that were my nipples and sucked me while his hand teased my other breast, circling my nipple, toying with the bumps on my aureola, twisting, tweaking me. He changed breasts, each got the same attention before he kissed down, my tummy, my mound, he opened my labia with his fingers, the took in my scent, tasted my femininity, he licked me, along my vulva, I was lubricating, he moistened two fingers in my moisture and probed my vagina, he found my “G” spot and rubbed. His mouth had moved to my clitoris, he took it between his lips, sucking me; his tongue teased my pearl tip. Two fingers working in me, tongue and lips on me, I vibrated under his attentions, shaking, orgasm after orgasm coursed though my body,

“Oh God son, Aaaaaaah, aaaaaah,” new tongue, new fingers, I hadn’t had a multiple orgasm like that in years and like a good lover, Clete licked me clean, sampling, tasting and, from the smile on his face when he rose between my thighs, enjoying his Mommy’s fragrant fluids.

He didn’t hesitate, I’d had mine now he wanted his, he lifted my legs over his shoulders and pushed them back toward my chest, I was open, exposed, I knew my labia were agape, he guided himself to me and thrust, hard, his thrust carried him forward, deeper than Charlie could get, Clete was bigger than Charlie, heretofore unpenetrated vagina, I felt myself being stretched, a little pain but he was in and he started stroking me.

The exuberance of youth, hard, fast thrusts, he leaned forward, his cock was grazing my clit, I was warming to his action, his violence, he pounded me, I felt him swell, he came, he moaned, “Unnnnnnnnn,” as he pumped jet after jet of his scalding cum into me, deep in me. He’d given me an orgasm too, not the screaming, wailing type that his tongue had given me, just a nice rush, this one was for him. He stroked out ‘til he began to soften.

Clete lay beside me, one hand on my breast, rubbing and kneading me, tweaking my nipples, idle motions, while we rested. I needed it more than he did, he was eighteen, I was forty-three and I’d just cum twice within the last fifteen minutes.

I knew Clete was no virgin, they didn’t think so but I knew about Cloie and him and I knew Cloie wasn’t his only conquest, maybe that knowledge or maybe because it was my handsome young son, whatever, his whispered words gave me shivers,

“I love you Mom; you’re the best lover I’ve had, my God, your scent, your taste, a ripeness and richness, like mature fruit, waiting to be plucked, waiting to be enjoyed. You’re heavenly.”

We’d been lying together for about fifteen minutes, I could see that Clete was becoming erect, I was on my side, facing him, he turned me onto my tummy and straddled my hips. Gripping me, he lifted me, I pulled my knees under me and with head and chest resting on the mattress I raised my hips.

Clete was behind me, he hadn’t moved to me, I knew he was looking, all was on display, like Croesus gazing into his vault, Clete was gazing at me, at the treasures that were his, he moved to me, his fingers opened me and he pushed in, slick, smooth, wet, my velvet highway was filled, deep into me, he gripped my hips and pounded, his balls were hitting my lips, a rapid slap, slap, slap as he hammered me, I wasn’t going to cum, I knew it but that was ok, he was.

Youth, fast to load, fast to fire, he came with a roar, he grabbed me, pulled me back and held me while I felt his cock jerking, with each jerk, a pulse of his creamy semen filling me, as he stroked out, he massaged my hips.

I collapsed to the bed, Mommy was tired but Clete wasn’t, not yet. Within five minutes he was hard again, Mommy couldn’t go again, I rolled so that he was spooning me, arched my back; an invitation, my dripping vagina was there for him, he took it, he slid into me and pulled my hips back against his groin, I squeezed him once or twice with my vaginal muscles then Mommy was asleep, exhausted, the sex had been fantastic but I was forty-three, he’d beaten me down.

Clete and I awakened at about the same time, I nuzzled him, gave him a little kiss, “Good morning, handsome,” I said.

He kissed me back, “’Morning Mommy,” as he got out of bed and went to the bathroom; his bedroom wasn’t like the master; no bathroom in the room, he used the one that he and Cloie shared in the hallway. We both were gooey from the night before, he brought a warm, wet cloth and wiped me; it felt nice, my young lover attending me and the warmth.

He took the cloth back then had me as a breakfast hors d’oeuvres, oral for Mommy, he licked me in all the right places, fingered my vagina while he nursed on my swollen clitoris, teased my tip with the tip of his tongue; he brought me to a crashing climax, again I trembled under his tongue, again I flooded his mouth, again he drank my nectar then kissed me, God, he was quite the lover, I wanted all he could give me; I thought, I’d learn to watch what you wish for but right now, I was getting everything I thought I’d get from a virile young lover.

I was supposed to fix breakfast, I needed to go down stairs, “Come on handsome,” I said.

We put on our little robes and padded downstairs barefooted.

I set a little “choose your own buffet” out, cold cereal, fruit, juices, toast and coffee; I was just finishing putting things on the table; Clete was sipping on a cup of coffee when Charlie and Cloie came down; like us they were wearing the white pool robes.

We’d finished before Charlie and Cloie, we left them at the table, I let Clete lead me back upstairs, remember, I was being seduced.

I had a plan though and I put it into play, I wanted him, yes, his Mommy wanted to peg him, spread his muscular cheeks, grease him and let him feel the exquisite pleasure of an anal massage from “Big Dick.”

The top was off the Body Glide, the lubricant; I let him take me to the mattress but I rolled him as we went down, he was on the bottom, I was on top, I gave him a grin,

“Mommy’s turn, now I get to taste you.”

He was already at half staff, my lips soon changed that. I am an accomplished fellatrix, hours spent on Charlie, the swinging, believe me when I say, I could give lessons; I was giving my eighteen year old son lessons now. He was nearly ready, his cock was jerking in my mouth, he was starting to swell; I’d opened and dipped a finger into the Body Glide that was on the night stand, he didn’t see me do it but I’d lubed a finger, I used that finger now. When I penetrated him he wiggled his ass as though I was an annoyance but when I seated my finger in him and started a prostate massage, his tune changed, raspy breathing, quivering cock. I had him in my mouth but more that that I had his prostate, he’d never felt pressure there, I pressed, that walnut sized gland, I rubbed and I pressed, I knew what would happen, he had no clue, he was ready to cum but it didn’t pulse like he expected, he flowed, a constant flow, lasting over half a minute, he drained and I swallowed, not a milliliter did I miss, I got it all, swallowed, my young son; totally a new experience, steady flow, his cock, my mouth, I could look up, see his face, he was dazzled, he was drained, nothing had prepared him for the experience he’d just undergone; it was part of my plan,

I raised my head and gave him a smile, “Did my big boy like,” I asked in a teasing voice.

“My God Mommy, what did you do, it feels like my balls have shriveled up like dry roasted peanuts, real small and no moisture, damn Mommy you’ve sucked me dry and what was with that finger?”

“You did like that, didn’t you? Maybe we can explore it further but right now I’d like a kiss and your tongue.”

Before I crawled up beside him I took a few moments to admire Clete’s body. He’s a strapping six three and weighs two hundred and twenty-two pounds, his pectoral muscles defined, bulging, his abs a rippling six pack and his cock, even flaccid, sucked dry as it is now has to be over six inches, hard he must be at least eight and a half and fat, maybe 3 ¾ inches in girth. But right now it’s his powerful arms I want to feel, his embrace and his lips.

I lie beside him, he covers me, holding me, entwining our legs, my slit is against his thigh, he’s rubbing against me. I’m slick, wet with my lubrication, like snail tracks, I’m painting his leg with my fluids while he kisses me and fondles my breasts.

I am aroused, I wanted his tongue but I’m going to get his cock.

“My wonderful, beautiful Mommy; I want you,” he whispers as he moves between my thighs, he’s hard again.

I’m leaking my desire, he enters me with a single thrust, deep, where only he’s been before and he pumps me and I crave more. I wrap my long legs around his hips and pull him to me, even deeper. He hit my cervix, I winced but he slid under, my vagina, it’s elasticity, stretching to accommodate his length, expanding to accept his girth, almost a fullness that I’ve only gotten from anal before, I like it; I’ve learned I like it big.

He picks up his pace, faster, harder, thrusting, the slap of his balls against me, Oh God, but I do like it big, he’s touching my clitoris with every rapid stroke, in, out, in, out and in again, swelling, gripping my hips, roaring,

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah,” as he explodes.

Blending the sound, our sound, his baritone, my soprano, “Yessssss, yessssssssssssssssss,” as we climax together, our crescendo of passion.

He collapsed on me, I stroked his hair and cooed to him, “My fantastic lover, my big, big son, I love you Clete.”

He rolled beside me, we lay quietly, arm in arm. Then I felt it was time for me to proceed, to induce him to get on his knees for me, I wanted to be in him. But the rules, Charlie and my agreed upon rules; I had to seduce him, convince him, I couldn’t use coercion, threaten to end our orgy, I couldn’t use force. Not much chance of that, not with my big son. There were only two other rules, we were to wear only our terry cloth robes for the duration and we’d take our meals together. I started my seduction.

“Clete honey, I want to give you a massage, a full body massage.” I said as I got off the bed to get the lotion, Aloe lotion, no foo foo attar of roses for my big football player.

“Roll over on your back; I want to start on your front.”

I started at his feet, the soles of his feet, the tops, up his shins, deep massage, working his muscles, his thighs, the bulging quadriceps of an athlete, his hips, his abs, time spent on his abs, teasing his nipples just a little, I’m straddling him, he’s erect again and trying to get into me. I flatted his cock to his belly then ride it as he slides along my slit in rhythm to my massage. I tweak his nipples, then his shoulders and a kiss, I move off him.

A sigh, “Mom that feels so good.”

“I’m glad you like; now roll over, I’ve still got a back to do.”

Again, I start at his feet then his calves, taut muscles, up the back of his thighs, I skip his buttocks, I’ll be there in a few minutes, his back and his deltoids. Then I straddle his thighs and massage his butt, kneading his muscular bottom.

“Clete did you like what I did to you here with just one finger?” I ask, I’ve parted his cheeks, an aloe slicked finger rubbing and pressing.

“Yes Mommy I liked that, I’ve never come like that before.”

“Honey, want to do something more, to give you that feeling again.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to get in you.”

“What do you mean Mom?”

“I mean I want to have sex with you that way, I want to be in you with my toy.”

“Your toy? What kind of a toy are you talking about?”

I knew he was beginning to understand what I was asking, a change in his voice, “My dildo, honey, I want to get behind you, open you and have sex with you, give you that feeling again.”

“Mom you want to fuck me like a girl; no, no way.”

My finger was still on him. I took it away and moved up his body, my labia were open and I was moist, I sat on his bottom and let him feel my heat then I lay on his back, he was big and strong, he could support me, I wanted to be close enough that I could whisper in his ear.

Gently working my hips, my voice in his ear, cajoling him; “No honey, not like a woman, like a woman making love to her man, it would be special for me Clete, very special.”

“Mom, I’m a man, men don’t do that stuff.” A whine, I thought he was weakening.

“Of course they do honey, Dad’s a man, I know you’ll agree, Dad’s a man. He likes it, we do it often but it can be our secret, no one else has to know.”

My hips were still working, I wanted him to feel me, my sex; no coercion allowed but the reminder of what I was offering, what I could take away. Unspoken but if he drew the implication I thought he would acquiesce.

“Nobody would know; you wouldn’t even tell Dad?”

“No honey, I wouldn’t tell, it would be our secret, your special gift to me,” as I methodically moved on his bottom, slick and hot.

“If you promise, ok.”

I didn’t want to break the moment but I had no choice, I wasn’t a man with a cock ready to go and I wanted Clete well prepared. I picked up the spray bottle of Explore, parted his cheeks.

“Honey, this may feel a little cold but it will help, it’s a relaxant.” I gave him three sprays. It takes about five minutes to work, I lay down beside him.

“You have no idea what this means to me honey, I promise I’ll make it good for you, too.”

I rubbed his back as I talked to him. Enough time had passed, I got up and took “Big Dick” from the drawer and stepped into the harness, snugging it around my hips then picked up the Body Glide. Charlie could do me with just the Explore but I wanted Clete well lubricated, he was a virgin and I wanted it to be good for him.

“Clete, I’m going to get you ready now, I’ll be lubricating you,” as I began working the jelly into him.

A finger in, probing him, he tightened.

“Honey, just relax, I won’t hurt you but you need to help, relax, just let your muscles go.”

I was massaging him with one hand while the other continued lubricating. I worked a second finger in, adding even more of the Body Glide then I slathered it on my toy.

“Honey, could you get up on your knees, I want to put a towel under you, you’re going to cum and come hard, it’s for that.”

He rose on all fours, I lay the towel on the bed then pressed on his upper back; lie with your chest and head on the bed,” I said as I moved behind him.

I guided my faux phallus to his anus and pressed against him; his body went taut, tension and fear; I massaged his hips and lower back, talking softly,

“Relax for me honey, you’re special to me, giving me your special gift, relax, just relax.”

It took a few minutes, soft words, gentle caresses, keeping a firm pressure against him, I felt his muscles relax, his sphincters yielded to my pressure and I slid in.

“Unnnn,” just a little moan as I entered him, I kept pressing slowly forward, half inch by half inch I edged into him.

I looked down, my purple peter parting my son’s tight ring; I only wished I could really feel the sensations as I continued to move up into his rectum.

I’d been in his position too many times not to know what he was feeling, the fullness, that incredible fullness, then I was buried, no more, he had all I had to give and I began to stroke, slowly and gently, in and out, straight in, I’d change the angle in a few minutes, now I was taking my pleasure, the little nub on me tool was rubbing my clit with each stroke and I was still watching, he was so tight, on my backstroke his ring was pulled out, friction even with the lube, push in the ring back in.

Clete was panting, making little sounds; it was time for his pleasure. I rose higher so I could stroke down, pressing against the front wall of his rectum, hitting his prostate.

I was just grazing it, rubbing against it, he became erect, his large cock was throbbing, I changed the angle slightly, I wanted to press against his gland.

There was a rap on the door, Charlie letting me know that he and Cloie were fixing lunch.

I said we’d be down in a few minutes. I still had work to do.

Clete was starting to drip; the towel was catching his ejaculate.

“Unnnn, Unnnn, Unnnn,” Every time I pressed, “Unnnn.”

He was flowing freely, the sensations for him; his sound for me. I pumped until his flow stopped.

Withdrawing, much different than for a man, nearly as slowly as entry, I wasn’t flaccid like a man would be, I didn’t shrink.

Out, I unstrapped and put “Big Dick” under the bed, I’d clean it later.

I helped him to lie down, I wanted to touch him, let him feel my affection for him. I kissed him.

“Now was that so bad, you’re made me so proud honey.”

He sounded moody when he replied, “No Mommy that wasn’t so bad, it felt good, but remember your promise.”

He’d enjoyed the experience but he still felt his manhood was challenged, we’d keep our secret.

I was so proud of him, I was elated. I donned my robe and got his, “Come on honey, let’s have lunch.”

Lunch was already on the table, sandwiches, Cole slaw, chips and Cokes.

Charlie glanced at me and gave me a little smile; he knew me too well.

He called it my “Freshly Fucked Fox in a Forest Fire” look, I glowed. I was glowing.

We ate then Charlie asked if anyone wanted to talk about the morning. Clete tried to avoid the question but Cloie spoke up.

Our secret was out, I learned later that Cloie had opened the bedroom door and had seen when I was in Clete, I didn’t know that at this time but Cloie said, “Clete, I think we both went through the same thing.”

She’d lost her anal virginity to Charlie that same morning, she recognized that Clete was feeling, at least physically about the same thing as she was.

Clete got defensive, Cloie argued that if she could do it so could he, his male ego got enmeshed in the discussion and Clete got a little surly.

Maybe to diffuse what was shaping up as an argument Charlie sent the twins back upstairs then we gave each other an update on the morning. I told him the things Clete and I’d done. Charlie and Cloie had had anal sex twice; then we headed back upstairs for our afternoon delight.

Clete’s mood was dark; in spite of the fact that he’d enjoyed the physical act he couldn’t reconcile it with his self image. Big football player, star quarterback, a hit with all the girls, hell he had one of the prettiest girls in school, the captain of the cheer leading squad at his beck and call. Yes, I knew about Clete and Cloie, I’d known almost from the first and that was for nearly two years.

So, I’d taken more than just his anal virginity, I’d given his masculinity a pretty hard hit, too. I didn’t know how hard though, but before the day was over I would. If I’d known what was coming I’d have run.

We just talked until late in the afternoon, or, more accurately I talked, Clete pouted.

Finally he had something to say.

“Mommy, can I do that with you, what you did to me?” He asked.

He hadn’t had me anally yet, “Yes Clete, we can do that if that’s what you want. Do you want to get me ready?” Words I now wish I could retract.

“Yeah, I wanta do that.”

I handed him the Explore and the Body Glide, like I said, Charlie usually just used the Explore but this wasn’t Charlie, Clete was inexperienced and larger, I thought the Body Glide was a good idea. It turned out it didn’t matter.

I asked him to sit on the bed, against the headboard making a lap, I sprawled across him.

“Spray some of the Explore on me then just rub my back and talk to me for a few minutes, help me relax, while it works then you can add the lube.”

He sprayed me, he rubbed me and he talked to me.

“I’m gonna fuck my Mommy, I’m gonna fuck my Mommy’s ass, oh yes, I’m gonna fuck you Mommy.”

The words and the tone, not soothing, not soothing and relaxing at all, they sounded more like a threat, I started to have a bad feeling.

He started putting the lube in me, he was a little rough, giving me a good pumping with two fingers, harder than necessary but he was lubricating me and he was using a lot, I thought I’d be ok.

He patted my bottom, “All done Mommy.”

I got up on my knees and pulled a pillow over for my head, breasts on the bed, head on the pillow, I was ready; Clete moved up behind me, he pressed against me. I started to tell him how to make his entry, I was a little nervous, I needed to relax, I needed him to take it slow and easy, that’s what I wanted to tell him. I never got the chance.

“Noooooo, God Noooooo, Clete, Noooooo,” I screamed.

He hadn’t pressed, he’d powered into me, my sphincter was on fire, piercing, burning, agony.

I tried to squirm out from under him, tried to drop to the mattress, anything to get him out. Those muscles, his spectacular physique, all that I’d admired now worked against me, he held me up and held me in place then he had me by my hips and he rammed all of his eight plus inches up my rectum; I felt a stabbing pain deep in me, I was afraid he’d torn me, the sharp pain passed but an ache replaced it.

I wasn’t screaming now, I couldn’t, my face was buried in my pillow, I was sobbing and it only got worse.

I felt him rise higher on me; his feet were outside my knees, his knees gripped my hips and he mounted me, some of his weight on my back and then he started,

I’m not usually profane but there’s only one way to convey what was happening. He was up on my back, pistoning me just as hard and deep as he could thrust, he was fucking me like a dog fucks a bitch, ratcheting hard fast, tearing me, I just knew I was being torn I felt like a bitch, my son was making me treating me like his bitch. I tried to reach between my legs, get to my clit, something to take my mind somewhere else, it didn’t work, nothing I could do would help, all I could do was endure.

Every time he slammed me he was chanting, “Fucking Mommy, Fucking Mommy’s tight ass, Do you like it Mommy, Oh yea, fucking Mommy’s ass.”

And I knew, this wasn’t sex this was an assault, revenge fuck for his bruised ego.

Every time he slammed me I was groaning, through my tears, “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” every time he filled my guts I moaned.

There was a knock on the door, Charlie telling me that he was starting supper, I wanted to scream, “Help me Charlie, oh God, please help me.”

I couldn’t I couldn’t form words; all I could was grunt and sob. At least Clete quit chanting after Charlie knocked but that was the only relief I received.

He was on me for at least ten more minutes, God he was indefatigable, driving, stabbing, torturing me, a bruised ego, a damned bruised ego and he’s injuring me, his mother, he’s tearing me up.

Finally, one more shove up me, he’s got my hips in a fierce grip, pulling me hard against him while he delivers his most powerful thrust yet, going a little deeper than he had before, God the agony and he explodes, the cum I so desired only hours earlier, flooding my bowels, I don’t want it, take it away, go away. And he does, he pulls out of me and walks out the door to the bathroom to clean himself.

I collapse on the bed and pull into a ball, fetal position and I cry, the pain but as bad, the humiliation, I’m his mother, I love him, I thought he loved me and he’d treated me like I was his bitch. I couldn’t move, didn’t want to, I wanted to stay in my ball and cry, that’s what I did.

Clete came back, I could feel his eyes on me and I knew what he was seeing, his mother, in the fetal position, destroyed. I was leaking, he could see my anus, I knew I was distended, still open, leaking his cum and probably my blood. My hair was disheveled, stringy with the sweat that covered the rest of my body.

Remorse, I hope so, he rubbed my back, “I’m so sorry Mommy.”

I didn’t want his words, I didn’t want his touch. I wanted to cry.

He’s raising my cheek, oh God, what’s he going to do to me now? My mind shrieked.

Warm, gentle touch, he’s cleaning me, he’d brought a warm damp wash cloth and he’s cleaning me.

“Mommy, I’m sorry, God I don’t know what came over me, I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I’ve hurt you haven’t I Mommy.”

I’m not in the mood for forgiveness right now, “Yes Cletus, you did hurt me. Hand me my robe please, we need to go down for supper.”

He held my robe for me and I started downstairs, my legs were wobbly, I was afraid I might fall; I used the banister for support.

When I walked to the table Charlie looked at me and raised a questioning eyebrow, I knew I looked a mess, I was still a bit dazed from the experience, my eyes were red and swollen from crying and my posture was bent, I was holding my abdomen, I ached, way up in me I ached. I didn’t have that Freshly Fucked Fox glow but this fox had been truly fucked and she was sore, exhausted and in pain.

Charlie had fixed salmon, I only picked at the food although three glasses of the white wine went down pretty smoothly, I was feeling a little better when Charlie sent the twins back upstairs.

I wanted a word, no what I really wanted was to be held and petted, tomorrow Charlie and I would be back together but tonight, I could only tell him what had happened.

Charlie asked what I was going to do for the rest of the night. I wanted to keep it light, a little oral, maybe once in the Missionary position but nothing rough. We went back upstairs.

I saw Cloie leave Clete’s room, I wondered what that was about, comparing notes, what?

Clete was on the bed when I came into the room. He had his robe off, waiting for me. I tossed my robe over with his and climbed on the bed. He wanted to be held, I took him in my arms, he laid his head on my breast, I felt his tears, no sobs just quietly leaking, dampening my breast.

“I hate what I did to you Mommy, can you ever forgive me?”

I’d been so hurt and angry at him for what he’d done but it was hard to remain so, I knew his remorse was heartfelt, “Clete, I’ll tell you what, I’ll complete forgive you if you’ll suck my breasts as your penitence, fair enough.”

I don’t know what had overcome me, he sounded so much the sad little boy, I wanted him on my breast like when he was a little boy.

He took my nipple in his mouth and sucked, not like he was trying to arouse me but like he was seeking the solace of his mother, it was just what I wanted. He sucked with the tugging suck of a baby and of course he was, my baby. He sucked both of my breasts, I stroked his hair, he was beginning to arouse me.

“Baby would you kiss me.”

He lifted his head from my breast and sought lips; it was sweet, gentle kisses in my big son’s strong arms.

He broke our kiss, “Mommy would you do something for me?”

“What would you like honey?”

He was reticent to say it, when he finally asked I understood why he was sheepish, after our experience, “Mommy would you do that to me, you know, do that to me again?”

“Why the change of heart Clete?” I asked, his request surprised me.

He confessed his relationship with Cloie, “Mommy Cloie and I have been lovers for almost three years, honestly, I want her that way but she says if she gives to me I’ve gotta give to her, I want to know how to do it right, I want you to teach me.”

Cassandra’s classroom, anal sex 101, well at least I was a qualified instructor; “Ok honey, we can do that, I need to do a few things before we start though. I have to wash my toy before we start, and that’s the first lesson, hygiene, whether it’s artificial like mine or real like yours, cleanliness is important and never, ever move from anus to vagina, the other way’s ok but not back then front. I’m going to do it to you just like I like it done for me, so, we’re gonna have to relax one of our rules for today, while I get things ready I want you to put on your underwear, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.

I got up and retrieved my “Big Dick” from under the bed and went to the bathroom to clean it. I took a small box from under the sink, it contained a bottle, about a pint of fluid and a nozzle, I screwed the nozzle on and returned to the bedroom, Clete was waiting; he had on a pair of boxers.

He looked at the Fleet enema that I’d set on the night stand.

I started talking him through what I was going to do.

“I’m going to give you a little enema, I had an accident once, I never want to repeat it, I always start with an enema, either I give it to myself or Charlie gives it to me, I’m going to give you yours. Now this step isn’t really mandatory but it think it’s more hygienic.

I sat on the bed, my back against the headboard, “Crawl over my lap honey.”

I like to start over Charlie’s lap, like you are now. The down position in anal sex I see as subordinate, uncontrolling, when I’m across his lap I feel like I’m ceding any control I have, I’m surrendering my body to him.

I want him to caress me, stroke my back, sides, hair and talk sweetly to me. I like to start with my panties on just so he can take them off, it seems so intimate to me. I’d unsnapped the grip in Clete’s boxers.

Rolling them over his hips, I tugged them down to his knees then off. I kneaded his bottom.

“Such a handsome man, your body is so beautiful, talk, tell your partner sweet things.”

I dipped a finger into the Body Glide, “I’m going to get you ready for your enema, it’s important Clete, talk, tell your partner what you’re doing, keep them relaxed,” as I put the lube on the nozzle.

“Ok son, I’m going to give it now.” I parted his cheeks, inserted it and squeezed the contents into him.

In a few minutes you’ll feel a fizzing and an urge to use the toilet, get up and go then but while we wait, more stroking, more sweet words.

I was rubbing his back, massaging his bottom while I talked. Clete needed to go, he got up.

While he was gone I stepped into my harness and tightened it around my hips, I put on my robe, lifted “Big Dick” so that it lay against my belly and cinched the belt of my robe, holding it in place.

I wanted to make the rest of our experience spontaneous, I wanted to be ready when he was but he didn’t really need to see my toy, it was purple, if I ever replaced it I’d go flesh tone but “Big Dick” was purple.

I was sitting on the bed by the time he returned, “Come on Big Guy,” I said as I motioned him across my lap again.

“Clete honey, I used this the first time, it helps to relax your sphincter,” I said as I gave him three sprays.

“It takes about five minutes to work. More stroking, more sweet words. What are you feeling honey?”

“I’m a little scared, a little nervous.”

“I won’t hurt you baby, I want to make you feel good, give you pleasure, just relax, Mommy’s gonna treat you nice. Just like that Clete, ask and reassure your partner, gentle touches gentle words, she’s surrendered to you, reassure her that she’s made the right decision.”

“Honey, I’m going to lubricate you now,” as I worked a lube covered finger into him, “Relax honey, I won’t hurt you, just relax, that’s how you can help.”

“Talk, let her know what you’re doing. Ok honey, you’re ready.”

“I like it when Charlie pulls a pillow over for me, to rest my head on.” I pulled a pillow over for him and helped him off my lap. He was lying prone on the bed.

I straddled his hips, “Ok honey, help her up, let her pull her knees under her, that’s right, now lift her hips, right, just like that.” I lay the towel under him.

“I like it if Charlie paused for a few seconds; I like to think he’s admiring what I’m offering. Then move up behind her.”

I moved forward and parted his cheeks. “Clete, this is important, rest the head of your penis against her anus, don’t thrust, press with firm pressure, she’ll let you in when she’s ready.”

I kept the pressure constant and firm, “You’re giving me your treasure, I want you to know how appreciated it is, how loved by you I feel, to give me your gift.”

I was massaging his hips and sides, caressing his buttocks, a running conversation of soft words, relaxing him.

Clete opened, he relaxed, I pressed forward, the same constant pressure, through his sphincters, slowly, slowly inching forward.

“The same constant pressure Clete, no stabbing, jabbing, just a smooth entry and keep the pressure on and constant. If she complains, stop of course but if you do this right she shouldn’t complain.”

I had worked my way into him completely. Clete’s only utterance had been a low moan when I entered him, “Unnnnnnnnn,” his acceptance. He’d arched his back a little, making himself more available.

“I’m gonna stop giving instructions now, it’s stroking, keep it slow and gentle when you start, you can get more aggressive if your partner can handle it, some can, some can’t. Just one more thing, when you’re in Cloie, there’s no particular spot you need to hit but it’s not the same for her in you, she needs to lift herself so her strokes are down against the front of your rectum, that’s where your prostate’s located. When I change, when I start to massage that gland you’ll feel my angle change and you’ll darn sure know when I’m pressing it. Now let’s both enjoy.”

I stroked him, long slow strokes but deep, giving him the feeling of fullness that I so crave, my real pleasure and delight the surrender of myself and the fullness. I kept up a nice steady pace when he started to pant I rose higher on my knees.

His prostate was being pressed with each of my thrusts, this is when Charlie must have walked by the door and heard, Clete was making a noise that almost sounds like chugging, each time I pressed his prostate.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh,” then he started to flow, his sounds continued as his reservoir of semen was depleted, half a minute, longer he drained onto the towel.

Finally his flow stopped, I slowly backed out, unstrapped and tossed my toy back under the bed.

I pulled the towel from under him, rubbed his back and took him to the mattress with me.

“Wow Mommy, that’s intense, I feel whipped, it’s draining and not just the cum, right now I feel exhausted like everything just drained out of me onto that towel.

But you didn’t hurt me, oh I felt it when you slid into me but it didn’t really hurt, just intense pressure then a fullness like I had to go to the bathroom.”

He did look spent, he was sweaty, it was beading on his face, I took a tissue and mopped it off.

“You did like it didn’t you Clete, do you think that when you’re with Cloie you can be gentle, Clete, that’s so important, sweet words, soft touches, relax her and be gentle; most men, I think prefer anal, it’s so much tighter and it stays tight, babies don’t affect it, even intercourse doesn’t stretch, the sphincter muscles have a job to do, they get taut again real quickly, so if you want a nice tight woman, even when she’s as old as I am, treat her nice. Most men want it, most men don’t get it. If what you did to me earlier had been my first experience no one would have ever touched me there again.”

‘I understand, thank you, Mommy.”

Then I spoke words I never thought I’d say to Clete.

“Would you like to practice honey?”

“Mommy, you’re kidding, right, after what I did to you?”

My mood was lighter, “Hey, I’m the professor for anal sex 101, I’ve got to have a test, see if my student learned anything,” I jibed with him.

“There was one thing I didn’t mention but, obviously a woman doesn’t have a prostate, it’s nice if you help her. Just reach under her and put your fingers along her clit, give her your hand to ride, help her to climax. I’ll tell you when I want your fingers, if Cloie doesn’t say anything do it for her anyway, she’ll appreciate it.”

“Ok Mom, just like you did for me, you need some panties.”

“By the way, we don’t need the towel for me, Cloie either, we keep it in,” as I gathered up “Big Dick” and went to the bathroom, washed and stowed it under the sink, I’d get it later; take it back to my room. I got out a Fleet and affixed the nozzle.

Panties, I needed panties, all of mine were in out bedroom and I didn’t want to interrupt Charlie and Cloie. I rummaged around in the hamper and found a pair that Cloie had worn. What the heck, they weren’t going to stay on long; I stepped into them and pulled them up.

Not really my style, I was a silk and lace gal, these were high cut hipsters but they did create one hell of a camel toe. I’d pose just for a moment, that aughta catch the young stud’s eye.

Clete was sitting against the headboard when I came back to the room, he looked at my face and smiled, I watched as his eyes tracked down my body, a pause at my breasts then down, he gave just a little gasp when he got to my groin, I returned his smile, put the Fleet on the stand within his reach and crawled over his lap.

He rubbed my back , talking, telling me how much he appreciated me, how much he loved me, he rolled my panties down like he was unwrapping a gift and, in a way he was, he let me know my enema was coming, he rubbed my back, more sweet words. I got up, went to the toilet and returned, back on his lap.

He talked to me while be lubed me, words of love, words I loved to hear.

He pulled my pillow into place and moved me to the mattress, he straddled me, massaged my hips, “Let me help you up Mommy,” as he gently lifted me to my knees.

He paused but did more that just look; he slid his fingers along my slit, “My beautiful Mommy, so sexy, so desirable.”

He spread my cheeks, he pressed against me, firm, constant pressure, waiting for my invitation, massaging my hips, kneading my bottom, more words,

“Mommy’s treasure, she’s giving it to me, oh, she is a treasure, my sweet, sweet Mom.

When my muscles relaxed, the tension flowed from me and my son flowed in, smooth, painlessly, he entered me, I gave just the slightest moan, he slowly worked into me, talking, touching, making me feel like a woman loved and desired by her man.

I’d taken all of him, he paused for a moment, I sighed and arched my back, I was ready for a little action.

Clete stroked me faster, the fullness, the exquisite fullness, gliding up my satin chute, my rectum, stuffed, then emptied then stuffed, backstroke, in stroke, “Touch me honey, touch me please.”

His arm encircled my hips, two fingers, one on each side of my swollen clit, his rhythmic stroking driving me forward on his luscious fingers, his back stroke, then forward, he’s pressing me a little harder, moving his fingers on their own, inflaming me, I start bucking, my hips thrown back against his thrusting cock, my clit, the tip, he’s flicking the tip, I feel him swell, stuffing me fuller than I’ve ever felt before, I can hardly keep my knees on the mattress, I’m bucking so hard, more, I want more of his burning touch, I want more of his cock, way up in me, I see stars, my climax, so violent, I gush, spurt, I’m not a squirter, I am now, waves washing out of me, flooding Clete’s balls, pouring down my inner thighs, and Clete wails, holds me tight against him, Oh God, I’m so very full, he adds to my fullness, he spews into me, it must be my imagination, 98.6 him, 98.6 me, but his cum feels scalding, so hot, deep in my bowels, I would have collapsed, I was totally wasted, not a shred of energy left, Clete held me up then slowly eased me to the mattress, he was still in me, not yet soft, as I lay prone under him he slowly stroked until he was drained then he rolled to the mattress beside me. I turned and looked at him but didn’t say a word; I think my expression said it all.

A little dazzled, I hadn’t cum like that in eons, I’d never squirted, but my thighs were now coated, like I’d had a fire hose between my legs, it was exhilarating and it was stressful, I was spent. I wanted to curl up and go to sleep.

Clete spoke; he gave me a shy little grin and asked, “Did I pass professor?”

I had to answer, “With flying colors, with flying colors, I envy Cloie.”

“Let me get a warm cloth,” he said as he got of the bed. He was back with a warm moist wash rag in just a few moments, he wiped my thighs, my vulva and then my anus, cleaning up after me, then the residual lube and his cum that had escaped.

When he came back he lay beside me and turned me on my side, he wanted to spoon, so did I, I wanted to lie in his strong arms as I went to sleep.

Betrayed, the resiliency of youth, so quickly, I felt him stiffening, his erection probing my bottom, one more, I did want it, too.

I arched my hips, “Please, just once more honey,” I asked for it

I was still lubed inside, a little firm pressure and I pushed my hips back, meeting him as he entered me, a sigh, a heartfelt sigh. I had no idea, down the hall Charlie was doing the very same thing with Cloie, but in this bed I just held myself available, let Clete provide all the motion, he was stroking me slowly and gently, I felt him swell and I felt his gentle flow. Clete was asleep nearly immediately; he was still in me, softening as he dozed. my final thoughts before I dozed off, Charlie and I had had our wild thirty-six hours with the twins, I’d been as high and as low as I’d ever been sexually; Charlie and I would be back together in the morning, our fling over, I didn’t know if we’d ever repeat it, only time would tell, and I slept.

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2011-04-03 20:01:59
I'm glad you wrote this, Honey let's fuck the kids was all one sided, Charlie, I wanted to know what Clete and Cassandra were doing.

I found the psychological reaction from Clete to be quite believable, I don't know how I might have reacted at 18, even if I'd liked it I'd have wanted to keep it hidden, too.

Liked the story, particularly from the woman's perspective. Keep writing, I'm a fan.

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