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This story is entirely fictional, and there is no truth to it. It is intended for adults 18 and over. I will caution you that the story consists of non-consensual sex, rape, slavery, torture, violence and extreme sex.
Jackie was a 18 year old college student at a small Northern California college. She stood at 5 foot, 7 inches, and weighed a plump 150 pounds. The additional weight was because of abnormally large 38 DD tits and a nice round bubble but. Jackie was half Latino and White; she had stunning blue eyes and a nice tan skin tone. Jackie’s eyes were a beautiful hazel color. This is her story of torture, imprisonment and rape.
Walking home one day from school Jackie was wearing a shot leather skirt with “fuck me” boots. She usually dressed in skimpy clothing, and today was no different. Additionally, it was about 100 degrees out as she just left school on one of her final days of the semester. Taking the 2 mile walk from school to her apartment that she shared with a couple of females was not out of the ordinary. Her car had broken down and she had no money to fix it. The bus schedule did not fit well into here schedule and she felt uncomfortable with the weirdo’s on the bus, as she called them. Jackie had a lot of male friends, many of them had one thing on their mind; sex! However, Jackie wasn’t having any of that. She was still a virgin and wanted to keep it that way. Little did she know that today would end that forever.
Walking home and listening to her IPOD, Jackie was thinking about her family and the fight that she recently had with her mother and father. They were no longer on speaking terms, and Jackie refused to give in. Her parents were upset about her decision to enroll in a college clear across country, and wanted her to remain close to home in order to help take care of her younger brother, who had autism. Jackie, on the other hand, wanted to live her own life.

Walking home listening to music and thinking about her family, Jackie was unaware of a white van following her. As Jackie swept across the street and into an alley, the van followed in quick pursuit. As she entered the alley the van quickly pulled up behind here and Mike and Jerry ran up to the unsuspecting teenager. They quickly covered her mouth with a chlorofome rag as she fell loosely to the ground. Quickly, Jerry and Mike carried her over to the van and threw her in the back. Jerry jumped in the back behind Jackie and Mike took a v-line to the driver’s door. The van quickly sped off in a hurry to get out of town. In the back Jerry gagged the teens mouth, chained her to the side of the back of the van and took a knife to completely strip Jackie, this with an exception of her thongs and bra. Not wasting any time, Jerry licked his fingers and stuffed his index finger into her pussy slowly fucking the cunt. Not wanting to break here in until she was conscious, Jerry pulled the finger out and tasted the sweet teens pussy juice. Jackie began to wake as the van pulled on to a dirt road on the outskirts of the city. With her awakening Jerry put a finger over his mouth in order to tell her to be quite, but it didn’t work. She attempted to scream from the top of her lungs, but the ball gag disabled this ability; only muffled screams came from her mouth. Jerry, not in an mood for struggle, quickly back slapped the bitch and told her to “shut the fuck up”, this seemed to scare the Latin slut straight. Tears flowing freely from her eyes and looking up in desperation towards Jerry. This got the man really hard, and he really wanted to fuck her right there. But, he knew that it would be better once they reached their destination.

Pulling into the parking lot of what seemed to be an abandoned cabin, there was nothing nearby; a perfect place to hold Jackie. Mike stopped the car and got out of the driver side, he opened the back of the van to see Jackie wide awake, crying hysterically. “Let’s get this game on a roll”, Mike exclaimed to Jerry. With that Jerry unchained the Latin beauty from the side of the van and threw her small framed body over his shoulders and jumped out of the van. After Jerry had Jackie out of the van Mike pulled a duffle bag out of it and closed the door. They walked with the struggling girl to the back entrance of the cabin and down a fleet of about 20 steps to a basement. Once inside the basement Mike locked the door from the inside as Jerry threw Jackie to the ground. Jackie was in complete shock because of what she saw in the basement; it was a makeshift dungeon. She saw an inquisition like sheet of wood with a hole in the middle and chains around the outside. Looking the other way, Jackie saw what looked like a dentist chair, but with leather straps at both the front and back of the contraption. Additionally, there were needles, whips, gags, dildos, and a fuck machine. Taking it all in, Jackie attempted to scream; but once again was unable to because of the gag. Mike, laughing as hard as he could, walked slowly towards the terrified teenager. Once upon her, he closed his fist and punched her hard on the side of the head and spit a fat loogie on her face. He picked her up by the hands, as she attempted to slap him away; of course, to no avail. Jerry walked over to the two, and helped Mike pick the girl up. Struggling, they brought her over to the sheet of wood and jammed her head into the hole in the middle, once there they strapped her in by the back of the head and pulled a rope to keep her torso in place. Mike walked over to the other end where the girls head was hanging out of and quickly unstrapped the gag. Immediately, Jackie began pleading. “please stop this, let me go; I promise I won’t tell anyone”, not saying a word; but laughing Mike picked up a ring gag and pinched Jackie’s nostrils so that she couldn’t breathe unless of her mouth. After about 45 seconds she finally opened her mouth, Mike immediately put the ring gag into her mouth and extended it so that her mouth was opened wide, he then strapped it in behind her head. Jackie started “please, please ple……”, but before she could finished Jerry spoke for the first time. “Listen cunt, we own you now. There is no escape, you only exist to fulfill our desires. Simply put, you are no longer Jackie; instead, you are our fuck whore”. Mike intervened and picked up where Jerry left off, “that is right whore, no one can hear you, scream all you want; we love it. You are going to be fucked in every hole, used in every way. In fact, you will be our toilet too, no need for plumbing, we will use you as our personal piss stall”.

Mike pulled down his jeans and waved his now erect 10 inch cock in front of Jackie’s face, tears still streaming from her eyes. In one solid motion he entered her overextended mouth and held his cock at the base of her lips. Laughing, Mike then thrusted forward and engulfed here mouth with about three quarters of his cock, Jackie was gagging; but it wasn’t the end of it. Slowly at first, Mike started thrusting in and out of her mouth only giving her brief breaks. Then in one instant thrust he pushed his entire cock down her throat and began face fucking the teenage Latin. Harder and harder he was fucking her face, in and out his balls slapping against her chin. At this point Jackie was beyond belief and a solid stream of new tears were draping down her cheeks. On the other side of the flat of wood Jerry was enjoying the view of her cunt and ass shaking as Mike was violently fucking Jackie. Jerry couldn’t take it anymore, and said “fuck it all, I am going to tear this cunt a part”. With that he got out of his sweats, started stroking his cock furiously in order to get it harder. Without warning Jerry entered the teens virgin cunt and tore apart her hymen. The sudden penetration caused Jackie to scream into Mike’s cock, this sent him over the edge and he came down her throat. Streams of cum engulfed the teens throat and shot into her stomach. Mike not wanting the feeling of her hot mouth around his cock held it in her mouth until it started to get soft. Once Mike pulled out Jackie began begging once again, “please you had your fun, I can’t take it anymore. With that Jerry started fucking her as hard as he could in the cunt. The crying and begging was sending him over the edge as well. He would jam his cock all the way in, pull out completely and then go for the gold again. Harder and harder he fucked Jackie, each time his balls slapping up against her ass cheeks. This went on for a good 20 minutes, all the while Jackie was blathering “please stop, ooh, ooh, it hurts, stop”. After a solid fucking Jerry delved all the way into her cunt, past her now broken hymen and came into her womb. Once finished he walked over to her face and jammed his cock into her mouth, saying “clean it whore”, with no other choice the now shocked Jackie did as she was told. Once completely cleaned Jerry pulled out, stepped back about a food and started to piss into her open mouth, “no, no, no; stop”, is all he heard from Jackie as he unloaded an amazing amount of piss into her mouth and down her throat. Mike followed suit, but this time he just pissed all over her face, laughing the entire time.

“We still have one more hole to deflower”, Mike stated abruptly after pissing onto the teen. Jerry responded, “we have time, going to have to flip to see who gets it”, “sounds good” Mike said. With that Jerry removed the ring gag. Immediately, Jackie started once again; this time angry “you fucking perverts, you are not going to get away with this, fuck you!!”. Laughing, Jerry gave the slut 10 back hand slaps to the face, making her cry once more. Mike went over to the “tool bar” and pulled out a leather strap and moved towards the upturned ass of the captive teen. Without hesitation Mike started violently whipping her ass and backside. One, two , three, four…..50, 51, 52…..99,100” Mike was counting as Jackie was now pleading incoherently “ow, stop, owwwwwwww”. By the time Mike was done he had broken a couple of her blood vessels, and her left butt cheek was a bright purple. “I can’t believe you can do this to me, it just isn’t fair”, Jackie said crying. It was now midnight, and the two rapists were worn out, it was time for them to let the girl “sleep. Jerry rolled over a fuck machine contraption that had a 12 inch steel rod connected to it. He purposely rolled it around towards Jackie’s face, so she knew what was going to happen. “No you can’t, NO”, cried Jackie. Jerry set up the contraption behind the enslaved girl, and turned it on. You heard a loud buzzing sound, as Jerry moved the long rod towards the entrance of Jackie’s cunt, he then turned on the rotator as to start thrusting it into her pussy. “Lets give her about 9 inches for now, I don’t want to completely tear that cunt apart before we get to use it more”, said Jerry. Jackie was getting fucked by a fake cock as hard as Jerry had fucked her, it was causing her to get wet against her will, but the suffering was just too much. “Why me? Why? I just don’t get it”, Jackie was panting as the machine started to fuck her harder and harder. Mike went around to her face slapped her a couple times and pinched her nostrils shut once again. Having no other option, Jackie opened her mouth and had a large dildo gag inserted in it. The dildo was about 6 inches and Mike jammed it all in, then attached the gag around the back of her head. All you heard was “MFFFFFFFFFFFF” coming from Jackie as the two rapists left her there in the basement for the remainder of the night. Obviously, Jackie couldn’t get much sleep as the rod fucking her cunt didn’t stop for a good seven hours. It was complete horror to Jackie, but little did she know what would happen next.

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2013-07-19 22:51:35
This story although fictional sounds too brutal and insensitive to me. I give it a flat zero

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-19 22:50:16
This stoty although fictional sounds too brutal and insensitive to me. I give it a flat zero

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-01 14:48:57
wow you people take this stuff WAY to seriously i mean come on it's a fantasy let it go

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-25 17:58:31
what the guy said before about cup size is correct. If a girl is 5'4" 105lbs. for example, there is no way she has a 38 inch bust. And although the last poster is also correct in that a 38DD does not mean she is fat necessarily, the best set of natural tits I've ever known was a full 30D, which you rarely find with that large a cup size. Also 36C is not average, as it appears obvious that most writers that like to claim C cups as average in size, have very little acutal "hands on" experience with breasts. C cups are large and on a thin girl with a 32C or 34C, can literally appear to jump off their chest. Average cup size is probably a small 34B, as even a solid B cup on a thin girl can be more than a nice large handful.

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-19 00:42:40
Someone can be large without being fat. And a size 38DD does not mean fat. I know a girl that had that bra size and she actually had abs and is still to this day one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Also size 36C is about average. So size 38DD is not that fat.

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