I'm obviously not the best writer, this happend a few years ago so some details are foggy, this is a true story about meeting another man for the first time
I sat outside the bowling alley fidgeting uncontrollably, I had set up my first meet with another guy through craigslist ealier that day.
In the email he asked I text him a photo of myself so I did, just moments later he called we talked for alittle bit then he asked if we could meet.
I immediatly agreed and he said he would get off work in just a few hours and asked where we could meet, at 19 and still living at home with my parents I asked if we could go to his place
he said he wished we could but his wife was home and said how about we go for a drive find a secluded spot and play alittle bit, I kind of got scared but still agreed.
I saw his car pulling into the parking lot of the bowling alley and I jumped up eargerly wanting to meet him. he pulled up next to me and rolled down his window " James? " I nodded and then he said " well hop on in " I went around to the passenger door and climbed in " been looking forward to this ever since our chat on the phone, my hardon wont go away " he said to me I smiled and asked
"so uh. know anywhere we can play? " - " well we could head just outside town and pull off the road alittle " he said as he started to pull out of the parking lot. we drove for about 15minutes
easily 10miles or more outside of town just before we pulled off the road he asked if I was leaking. I was confused at first " leaking? " - " yes leaking, are you hard precum? " I nodded and then he reached over and started to feel me up I moaned softly
it was the first time I had ever been touched we got out of the car and went around to the back. it was like a truck he opened the back and sat down " so, what do you want to do " he asked I immediatly replied " suck your cock "
he smiled " give me just a moment I really gotta pee " he walked off just alittle bit and started to piss. I stood next to the truck for a moment but then decided to head on over to him, as he finished peeing he asked
" so have you've never done anything before? " i shook my head " well. can i kiss you? " I thought for a moment.. " sure why not " he pulled me close and started kissing my lips just like being touched this was my first kiss
I didnt know what to do. I tryed to kiss back and thats when he stuck his tongue into my mouth, he had a BIG tongue it felt like my entire mouth was full he withdrew his tongue so then I tried the same i stuck my tongue into his mouth
and explored alittle, hiting the sides of his mouth and the roof, we were locked lip to lip for a good minute while his hands were feeling me up, squeezing my ass and rubbing my back. it was sending chills all over my body when we
finally parted I wimpered " please let me suck your cock " he smiled and reached down and undid his pants i instantly dropped to my knees and to my suprise saw the biggest cock ever, same if not bigger then anything i had seen in porn
he was semi hard and it was 6inchs long and 2inchs or more wide. i inspected it at first everything I had read online said if i see any sores or bumps anything, dont touch it. it was clean and I wanted it so bad I didnt care
I licked the head then took it in my mouth curling my lips over my teeth as to not drag my teeth on it and started to suck. it was fantastic he moaned and rolled his head back when i looked up at him, I had only been working on it
for half a minute when he said " lets head back to the car and sit down" so i stopped and stood up, he pulled his pants up and we headed back to his car. he got naked and climbed in " cmon get naked and come on in " i ripped off my shirt then started on my pants
i didnt want to take off my shoes because I had a knife in there.. I didnt know if i would need it or not. so getting my pants off took a minute then i climbed in flustered " heh sorry I should of just took my shoes off " and laughed
hopeing he wouldnt see the blade he was sitting with his legs wide i immediatly got down and got back to work on his dick. it got harder and harder growing to over 7inchs I and it was so thick i could barely get half of it in my mouth
i slobbered all over his dick and soon it was dropping down his legs onto the seat and floor while I sucked him off he was playing with my hair and head, rubbing my back, every touch was sending chills all over my body I shook with
pleasure, he asked me to stop and climb on top of him i layed belly to belly on him and he put his legs around me and started touching me all over, for some reason still every touch caress and movement was amazing, we kissed alittle then he flipped me over
my back was to his belly and my legs were on the outside of his legs, he spread them wide and continued to caress me while i shivered in pleasure on top of him he played alittle with my cock I had nothing compared to him, I was hard at 5 and a half inchs
not even close to a inch and a half wide he enjoyed playing with my foreskin though said he had never seen an uncut cock before after a few minutes of rubbing and feeling he licked his finger and reached down and started playing with my butt
" wow you Are TIGHT " he said and I knew I was, the most I had ever fucked myself with was the bathroom plunger' he barely could get his middle finger into me, damn his fingers were big I moaned as he started to slowly move his finger in and out
and continued to play with my cock in his other hand after an amazing minute or so he flipped me back over and said " so, do you swallow? " - " I can try! " i got back down and started working on his huge cock and what seemed forever his dick
started to twitch and then spurt into my mouth i had so much saliva all over and in my mouth I immediatly swallowed and didnt taste much he laughed " wow damn your hired! can you cum for me? " " i can try " i said and started to masturbate in front of him I had
already cum twice that day just from the email and chat on the phone with him so I didnt have much if anything after a good five minutes of masturbating i let him know " sorry I cant I already came twice earlier today just from the email and call " - " its ok maybe next time "
he said, we started to get dressed then he stopped me " can i have your underwear? " " sure why not " i took my boxers off and handed them to him he pulled them to his nose and sniffed them as I put my pants on " mm take you back commando style if we do this some more I think ill deplete you of all your boxers " i smiled and laughed
" I got alot thats fine " we cleaned up alittle and then hopped back into the front seat and started driving back to town I asked some questions about what he did to try and make it less awkard back to town, told him alittle about my self, and before i knew it we were back at the bowling alley and he was dropping me off and driving away.

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