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Arrangements that work out well... but for who
“Nadia, you should really start to settle down” said Aunt One
“It is a shame to your family that at 23 you have no husband!” said Aunt Two
“Your are causing so much distress for your poor mother” said Aunt One
“As a Pakistani girl, your priority should be marriage not a career” said Aunt Two
“Do you even have a boyfriend Nadia?” asked Aunt One
“Please Nadia, we do not do lesbian in our culture!” said Aunt Two in disgrace
“NO!!!, No Aunty I am not a lesbian, I have... a boyfriend in London!” explained Nadia
“Oh, is he of good background?” asked Aunt One
“Is he Pakistani?” asked Aunt Two
“Is he of good social background?” asked Aunt One
“Erm.. yes he is from a good family, a good Pakistani family!” explained Nadia
“So sorry, the queue in to toilets was too long” apologised Nadia’s mother as she sat down
“Nadia was telling us about her boyfriend!” explained Aunt One to Nadia’s embarrassment
“Huh?” said Nadia’s mother confused
“Yes, anyway I will see why this wedding has not started!” said Nadia exiting the table

Nadia walked towards the door of the banqueting suite, walking towards her car for a break. She knew coming home for this wedding was a mistake, the backward mentality of the community she left behind always amazed her, the aspirations for women were to be a good housewife, but Nadia got out of the area and moved 150miles away to London where she could be free and enjoy the western world. She had no time for men, she just wanted to be successful in her career and get on with her independence. She was always different to the other girls and had no time for their boring conversations about kitchen appliances.

She returned to the wedding, sitting back on the table where she could hear how happy the Aunts were for her mother that she had a man, Nadia ignored the conversation, smiling occasionally to show interest but she knew she was single and just played along. The wedding finally ended and Nadia was now alone in the car with her Mother.

“Nadia, who is this man?” asked Nadia’s Mother
“Erm, he is someone in London mum!” said Nadia not wanting to give detail
“Well when will you marry?” asked her Mother
“Mum, it isn’t that serious!” said Nadia rolling her eyes
“Nadia, we don’t do boyfriends in our custom, if you have a boyfriend you must marry him!” scolded her Mother “So you are just seeing men like a whore?”
“No mum, I mean we haven’t yet got to that stage!” she explained
“This is not your role to look at readiness it is your family, you have to bring him to see me!” she said
“But mum...!” she protested
“Nadia, for the first time I have not been ashamed of you, my daughter will finally marry!” smiled the Mother
“I will bring him when I next come to visit!” said Nadia wondering when this was going to end

Nadia got back to her mothers house, changed and made her excuses about work to get back to London. The next day, she went to work as normal forgetting her cultural ordeal whilst she sipped a cappuccino in a trendy coffee bar. Her Mother had called several times and she thought she better call back.

“Hi Mum!” she said
“Nadia.... where have you been?” shouted her Mother
“At work, why?” asked Nadia concerned
“I have spoken to the grand hotel and they have dates available for the reception” explained her Mother
“MUM!!!!” screamed Nadia losing her business like composure
“Nadia, I have told you that this is serious and we have to make plans!” said her Mother
“But... I .... okay!” said Nadia resigning

Nadia got home to her penthouse apartment after a hard meeting, finally she could relax but this fake marriage was now playing on her mind. How was she going to get out of this, she looked over at the red light flashing on her answer machine and played the messages, all 5 were of relatives congratulating her on her engagement. Is this going to end, thought Nadia!! She logged on to the internet to find a distraction and came across an Asian dating website, she began to think that she could actually find a man and then make all of this actually work

She registered onto the site, she knew she was attractive, she had a size 10 figure, double D breasts and was fair skinned. She scanned other profiles and did not see anything of interest but she was not looking for her prince, just a man... any man. She realised the time and went to sleep as she had work the next day. She woke up a bit late, but managed to get to her meeting on time, she was preoccupied by the calls on her phone which she was not answering as they were more family members. The day went slow and she returned home to a further 5 messages on the answer phone which she deleted without listening to. She logged on desperately to the dating site, wondering why she was getting so stressed. Why doesn’t she just tell everyone she is single or that he left her? Because now it was shame her Mother!

She was surprised to see a staggering 23 messages awaiting her, some were men living in Pakistan looking for a visa to come to the UK, however a few were from London and she replied back to them. That evening she exchanged messages with 4 of them, eager to meet and not realising that most women want to get to know the men they are talking to. She had booked herself a different man every evening that week, her first being tomorrow evening.

The next day, she finished work and made her way to the bar to meet Imran, a 25 year old Accountant from West London. She greeted him like he was a business client and conducted the date as a business meeting almost interviewing him. She started to visualise herself being married to him, he was dull but it could work she thought. She ended the date on what she thought was a success partnership development and went home, only to find that Imran had left her a message saying he was no longer interested.

She was disappointed, but received another 18 messages which she had filtered and arranged further dates with. Her diary now becoming very full with lunch and dinner dates, and her weekend meeting 3 men on each day. The dates became very routine, most guys either wanting a long term relationship with marriage possibly, they were fairly westernised and also thinking this was a big commitment they wanted to take time over. But Nadia had no time. Three of the guys were just interested in sex, and two were already married looking for an affair. Nadia was becoming disheartened it had now been a week and her Mother was already talking about bringing her husband to be around.

Sunday arrived, Nadia was tired but knew she had three dates lined up. Her lunch date was another disappointment and the early bar date was another married man! Her dinner date didn’t hold much hope and Nadia only went as she was hungry.

“Nadia?” asked a man in a deep Pakistani accent
“Yes!” said Nadia shocked she had booked a date with a fresh immigrant
“I am Abdul!” he said smiling
“Right, nice to meet you!” said Nadia just wanting to eat and leave
“You are pretty!” he said trying to break the ice
“Thanks!” she said not looking up from the menu
“So, you like this restaurant?” he asked trying to start conversation
“Yes, so tell me about you.... what are you looking for?” she asked bluntly
“I need wife!” he responded directly
“Need?” asked Nadia
“Yes, I want to stay in this country so need wife!” he said almost shocking himself
“Right.... it doesn’t matter if you don’t love the woman?” she asked intrigued
“I want Bollywood romance, but this is a dream I just need to survive!” he said
“So how long have you been looking?” she asked
“I have been looking maybe 2-3 months, mainly English ladies!” he said
“And? You haven’t found anyone?” she asked
“I want Pakistani girl so my family will accept!” he explained
“Right!” she said wondering if this could be a mutual arrangement

The date ended well, Nadia thought about how the arrangement with Abdul could work. She was not looking for love and neither was he. They could marry, be like flatmates and both get what they want. The idea did also turn her stomach, this man was financially below her, the lowest social grade he worked in a chicken shop and was everything she despised.

Another week went by and Nadia had encountered a further 10 men all of whom had not been suitable. Her Mother constantly phoning and making arrangements was pressurising the situation. For Nadia this was becoming more of a business transaction and Abdul was becoming a viable option. Nadia decided to call him

“Hi!” she said
“Hello?” he said wondering who it was
“Its Nadia!” she said
“Oh... helloooo!” he said shocked that someone of her calibre would call back
“I was wondering if we could meet tomorrow, night?” she asked
“Of course, I would like very much!” he said now in complete amazement
“Ok, same restaurant at 7pm!” she said
“Yes, Yes I will be there!” he said
“Bye!” she said putting the phone down

The next evening they met at the restaurant
“Hi Abdul!” she said
“Hello!” he said
“I will cut to the point, you need a wife and I need a husband. We can get married and both of us will be happy!” she said abruptly
“OK, but you are a pretty woman why?” he said wondering what the catch is
“Thank you, however I have no time for romance!” she said coldly
“Ok...!” he said anxiously about the type of woman she was
“My family want me to marry by Summer, is this good for you?” she asked going for the close
“Well, my visa has 6 weeks left!” he said
“6 weeks!!!” she said stunned
“I appreciate your help!” he said
“Ok, but we have to change a few things!” she said going for the deal
“What?” he asked
“My family need to believe you are from a rich family in Pakistan, you also have to get better clothes and say that you are here to educate yourself as your family always send their heirs to the UK for education” she listed
“I have no good clothes!” he said
“Don’t worry, I can get you this!” she explained
“OK!” he said obeying
“Right, next weekend I need to take you to meet my family!” she demanded
“This is ok, I can come!” he said going with the plan
“Your family can not get involved, they will be in Pakistan and cant come to wedding!” she insisted
“Fine, but your family would want some dialogue no?” he asked
“Yes.... yes they probably will!” she said wondering how
“It is ok, I have a friend who can talk on phone and pretend!” he offered
“Brilliant!” she said

The following weekend, Nadia and Abdul drove the 150 mile trip back to Nadia’s hometown. Abdul was wearing a designer suit, had a haircut and actually looked classy, if it wasn’t for his accent this would be perfect thought Nadia. Abdul was rehearsing the facts of his fantasy life, his family was in the gem industry and they were very wealthy, he has three brothers and he is a qualified accountant. They arrived at the family home, Nadia was nervous but Abdul was excited.

“Nadia, my beautiful daughter!” greeted her Mother as she walked into a packed living room of relatives
“Hello mum, hello Aunties!” she said not thinking about the entourage in her plans
“Hello Aunty!” said Abdul, which was met with a few seconds of silence as people realised his accent
“Hello, please come in!” said the Mother feeling a bit disappointed
“What do you do?” asked Aunt One
“I am an accountant!” he answered nervously
“Really....what firm?” asked Aunt Two surprised and sceptical
“Aunty, where did you buy your saree from!” jumped in Nadia to change the subject
“This? Oh it is from Dubai!” said Aunt Two happy she was complimented
“So what does your family do?” asked Aunt One
“My family are in gem trading business in Pakistani” answered Abdul
“That is very lucrative!” said Aunt Two
“I am blessed Aunty!” answered Abdul
“So is your family in UK?” asked the Mother
“No, they live in Pakistan, they don’t like the cold!” said Abdul to everyones amusement
“Will they be coming for the wedding?” asked Aunt One
“Auntyyyyyyyy!” said Nadia in embarrassment
“What Nadia, you are 23 you don’t have time!” replied Aunt One
“Ha ha, it is ok Nadia... hopefully!” he answered holding her hand
“So you are planning marriage soon?” confirmed the Mother
“Of course Aunty, Nadia is my princess and we have spoken in detail!” he replied
“Yes, in a lot of detail” said Nadia
“So sweet, his princess!” said Aunt One
“We were thinking April!” said Abdul
“Next year?” said the Mother wondering
“No, no Aunty this year!” he said smiling
“But that is only 6 weeks!” said the Mother worried
“It is ok Aunty, me and Nadia have been with each other for nearly 2 yrs and we know what we would like!” he said reassuring her
“What would you like?” asked Aunt Two intrigued
“A small, but classy gathering!” interrupted Nadia
“But Nadia, you are my only child....!” said the Mother upset
“Mum, please I don’t want the fuss!” said Nadia
“Your wishes is what I will follow!” said the Mother in an emotional state

The rest of the night went well, Abdul was almost convincing Nadia that this whole debacle was actually genuine. They drove back to London with Abdul very proud of his performance. The following weeks were very busy, catering, venue, outfits and invites. A total of 100 people were coming, which by Pakistani standards was a small affair. Abduls friend phoned on several occasions to keep up the pretence and offered apologies as Abduls Mother was very sick.

The wedding finally took place, for the first time Nadia had met Abduls circle of friends a total of 25 fresh immigrants from the chicken shop and wider social circle of low grade jobs all claiming to be his brothers and cousins, but costing Nadia over £3,000 in designer suits to keep the pretence of affluence. Nadia had finally done it, she was now married and everyone could leave her alone to live her life, she informed her family that they were going on honeymoon but really they were unromantically returning back to London and moving into a bigger 3 bedroom house to enable Nadia and Abdul to have more space to live separately, which Nadia had paid for.

The first night together in their new home came two weeks after the wedding, Nadia felt odd that she was sharing a home with a strange man but he was her husband. They barely exchanged words and Nadia started to go back to paying attention to her career. It was about three weeks later that issues began to start which Nadia was not banking on.

“It would really help if you could clean up after yourself!” moaned Nadia has she arrived back to an unclean house, dishes piling up and dirty laundry everywhere
“That is your duty wife!” he said with his feet on the table watching the TV
“Excuse me?” she shouted back in shock
“I said it is your duty!” he shouted back
“Listen, me and you are not really married!” she said clarifying
“Not according to the law...... not according to your family!” he said
“What are you talking about?” she said wondering why he was speaking like this
“You are MY wife, I am the man and I want you to clean the house!” he asserted
“Becareful of how you speak to me....!” she said in shock
“Or what? You will tell your family you faked your marriage?!” he threatened
“No, I will tell immigration!” she threatened back
“You stupid bitch... I am not an illegal, I have been in UK for 10 yrs and have my papers!” he said
“What? What do you mean?” she said confused
“Have you seen any immigration officer? I am a UK citizen!” he said
“But..... I don’t understand? Since when?” she asked confused
“Since 8 years I lied to you!” he said laughing
“Why?” she asked sitting down in shock as he threw his passport to her
“Because I wanted a desperate bitch to live off of!” he said coldly smirking
“So you lied?” she said wanting confirmation
“Yes, I thought I would get a white woman, maybe a widow but I got you!” he said laughing
“I cant believe you!” she screamed
“Shut up you whore!” he shouted threateningly
“I am not a whore you dumb immigrant, I have not fucked you!” she screamed back
“Yes.... I know so lets start!” he said standing up
“What, no!” she said getting up off the sofa

He grabbed her hair and slapped her face, she froze stunned as he pushed her on her knees, undoing his zip as he gripped her hair in place. She looked at his dark big cock, erect bounce out and face her. She looked up at him wondering what he was expecting, but soon her head was pushed on his cock and he ordered her to open her mouth. He grabbed her head with both hands fucking her face as she cried, she soon was released from his grip but only to thrown onto the sofa. She laid on her back as he climbed on top of her, he looked at her like a hungry animal as he pulled her blouse apart, the buttons flying across the lounge revealing her firm double D breasts confined in her bra.

He pulled her bra down around her waist, her nipples erect inviting him to suck she began to struggled leading him to pin her down with more force. He placed his hand up her skirt and ripped off her knickers throwing them on her face as he started to finger her pussy. She was getting wet, but was resisting and trying to get up off the sofa, he spread her legs and inserted his stiff hard cock in to her pussy causing her to scream and against all of her principals she started to beg him to stop, which amused him.

“Nadia, you are my wife.... my property!” he laughed as he carried on pounding her
“No, please I beg yooooou, please!” she pleaded
“Ha ha, you are more pathetic than when I first met you!” he laughed

Nadia’s pussy was beginning to feel sore, even though she was not a virgin she had not had regular sex and definitely never this roughly, he started to throb, coming in her and then throwing her to the floor as he got up from the sofa. She laid on the floor, her body hot and exhausted

“You are not a virgin who have you fucked before bitch?” he shouted as he done his jeans up
“No one!” she sobbed
“Dont fucking lie to me whore!” he shouted
“I have had boyfriends!” she said
“Ha ha, none of whom wanted to marry you!” he laughed
“I didn’t want to!” she said
“But you let them fuck you?” he said now standing over her
“Yes, we had sex!” she said
“How many men?” he asked pulling her hair to see her face
“Only 2!” she said not giving him eye contact
“Only 2? You dirty whore, Pakistani women should be pure for their husbands!” he shouted in disgrace “You are dirty, used goods, second hand!”
“Things are different in the UK!” she tried to explain
“Yes you women are easier!” he said “Stop talking, get up and start cleaning”
“Ok, but I want to have a shower first!” she said as she got up
“Shower? You think this will clean you? You are a whore and you shower when I say!” he shouted
“Ok!” she said wanting just to leave from his presence

Nadia made her way to the kitchen, her thighs aching her blouse ripped and no knickers. She held back the tears as she began to put all of the dishes in the sink, clean down the surfaces and get the mop out

“Ah, no no no!” he said standing by the door watching her
“What?” she said confused with the mop in her hand
“In Pakistan we don’t have mops, get on your knees and scrub!” he ordered as she obeyed
“This isn’t Pakistan!” she reminded him as she knelt
“Yes, but within this house it will be run with Pakistani rules!” he said laughing

It was gone past 2am when Nadia had finished, her husband had gone to bed and she went to shower. She couldn’t sleep much, she was upset but fought hard to overcome her emotions. She wondered what to do, if her family found out she lied she would be outcasted, her Mother would be humiliated in front of the whole community. She woke up ready for work, Abdul still asleep she didn’t stop for breakfast she just wanted to be at work as soon as she could to escape this reality.

The time went fast, she was dreading returning home but knew she had to. When she had got back, Abdul was sitting down, take away boxes left on the floor around the sofa for her return.

“Welcome back whore!” he greeted her
“..... hi!” she replied wanting not to provoke him
“Look at this mess!” he said almost blaming her
“I will clean it” she replied
“Good dog!” he said laughing at her conformity

She picked up the rubbish and empty glasses, she walked towards the kitchen and was shocked at what she saw.

“I gave it away!” he said calming at the door
“What? Why?!” she shouted
“I told you, in this house we live like Pakistan and in Pakistan we don’t have dishwashers, or washing machines, we have wives!” he explained
“Well your wife also works so doesn’t have time!” she said annoyed
“My wife will make time!” he replied
“Maybe if you got a job I could stay at home all day like they do in Pakistan!” she said
“I am a lucky man my wife works and does the housework!” he laughed
“Well, with my money I will get a washing machine!” she said
“YOUR money? You earn it but it is not yours!” he made clear
“What ever!” she said now getting fed up
“Give me your cards!” he ordered
“You what?” she said shocked
“Your bank cards and credit cards, give them to me!” he said
“Why?” she asked
“Because I am the man and I control the money!” he explained
“No!” she said
“Fine!” he said walking towards her bag
“Hey, get out of my bag!” she shouted running towards him

He grabbed her and pushed her to the floor, emptying her bag ontop of her and picking up her purse before walking away. Nadia got up and went to the kitchen doing the dishes and cleaning, keeping out of his way. He laid on the sofa and awaited his dinner which she served later. She sat down in the lounge with him and started to eat

“What is the pin number?” he said
“1608” she replied
“Good, come here!” he ordered
“What?” she said standing by him
“Pour me more water!” he ordered
“You couldn’t do that yourself?” she said annoyed as she poured
“I am a man, why would I when I have a woman here?” he said

Nadia cleaned up after dinner and went to have a shower, the lock on the shower door had been taken off so she placed the laundry basket in front of the door as a feeble attempt for some security and stepped into the bath tub.

“You have a great body!” he said to her shock
“Can you get out?” she screamed covering herself
“No, you are my wife and it is my right to watch you!” he said stroking her thigh
“What do you want?” she said
“Get on your knees!” he demanded

Nadia got on her knees, the shower water splashing on her back, she watched as Abdul undressed and placed his cock on her head, his balls on her lips she started to suck on them until he pulled back and started to use his cock to slap her face which stung. He then inserted the cock into her mouth awaiting closing his eyes in pleasure until he came all over her face and wet hair. He turned the water off, ordering her to sit back as he looked at his cream sliding down.

“You look like a nasty dog!” he said looking at her in disgrace
“Can I get on with my shower now?” she asked
“Yes, you need to wash your face bitch!” he said
“You just going to stand there!” she said as she got up
“Sit back down!” he shouted
“I need to get up to turn the water on!” she explained
“See Nadia, I have a wife, but you have a husband!” he started to explain
“You keep reminding me!” she said wondering where this was going
“Your husband comes with his own shower...!” he said smiling
“What? A bucket?” she said sarcastically
“No...!” he said holding his cock moving closer towards her
“You are joking, that is nasty!” she said releasing what he meant
“You are nasty!” he said laughing as he released a jet spray of hot golden piss on her face

She struggled to avoid the spray, sliding on the cum in the tub he followed her head around catching her with his aim and enjoying the game like a sniper. She was screaming, spitting out the drops that caught her mouth, finally he had ran dry and she was soaked, he was laughing as he used her hair to wipe his cock before he left. Nadia quickly turned the shower on, the water hiding her tears as she frantically used half of the shower gel bottles to clean herself. She put on her robe, looked out onto the stairs to see where he was, she could hear him on the phone downstairs and she ran quickly to her room

She was met but an empty room, the final straw in her very bad 24hrs as her bed was gone. She opened her wardrobe to see if he had touched her clothes but they were all still there.

“That was your Mother!” he said sneaking up behind her
“What did she want?” asked Nadia
“To see how you were, I said you will call her back!” he smirked
“Where is my bed?” she asked
“You know, I think she likes me!” he said smiling
“Where is my bed!” she asked again
“Nadia, we are married, you do not have a bed, we have a bed! I have moved your bed into our new room and when I want you to not be in my bed you can sleep here... on the floor!” he said
“I am not sleeping with you!” she said
“Oh, your mum would be disappointed when I tell her!” he laughed
“Leave my Mother out of this!” she said
“Do as you are told then whore, now call her!” he said passing her the phone
“Now?!” she asked
“Yes, take the robe off, get on your hands and knees, and call her!” he said still offering her the phone which she took and obeyed his instructions.
“Hello?” answered the phone
“Hi mum!” said Nadia trying to sound upbeat
“Nadiaaa, how are you?” she asked
“I am fine mum, I cant speak long I have an early day tomorrow!” she said
“Always busy, remember Nadia you are married now so Abdul should be your priority!” said the Mother
“Yes mum!” she said feeling Abdul walk behind her
“Well I am glad you are coming on the weekend!” said the Mother sounding happy
“Weekend?” said Nadia confused but distracted as Abdul inserted his fingers into her pussy
“Shelia’s wedding, I have spoken to Abdul and he says you are both coming” said the Mother
“Oh yes, its thissssss, weekend!” she said feeling his hand inside of her
“You ok?” said the Mother wondering why Nadia was moaning
“Yep!” said Nadia trying to control herself
“Well, I am excited, my married daughter and her husband staying the whole weekend!” carried on the Mother
“I don’t think weeeee, we can erm... I don’t think we can stay the whole weekend mum!” she said
“Nadia, I have just spoken to Abdul and he said you are staying until Sunday!” said the Mother confused
“Oh did he, we will see!” she said annoyed
“Nadia, Abdul is a good man who knows about family values I am so glad you met a good man who can teach you about our customs, for too long you think that you are independent and I am glad he is guiding you!” said the Mother
“Yes he is very in keeping with his customs!” she said ironically as her pussy was being fingered
“Right I will see you on Saturday!” said the Mother
“Bye Mum!” said Nadia

“Good girl!” said Abdul as started to slap her ass
“Can I get up now please!” she said
“You are up!” he said confused
“I am on the floor!” she said annoyed
“This is how a dog stands!” laughed Abdul still fingering her pussy
“I am not a dog!” she said trying to resist the pleasure of the fingering
“Yes you are, bark!” he ordered
“What!!!!” she shouted
“If you bark I will let you up, crawl around the room and bark!” he said smirking
“Woof.... Woof Woof...... Woof!” she barked crawling around the room
“Ha ha, see you are a dog, a worthless dog!” he laughed as he left the room

Nadia wondered what she had just done, ashamed of herself she got up and put her robe back on. She looked into his room and saw the double bed. She went to lay down and hoped that he would just let her sleep which he did.

The following day Nadia returned home, she was hungry as she realised her purse was empty at lunchtime. She entered the lounge to see Abdul had been clothes shopping and also bought a games console, no doubt with her money.

“Dont worry Nadia, I got you things too!” he said smiling
“Really, how nice!” she said sarcastically
“Yes, look!” he said throwing her some washing up gloves laughing
“How much did you spend?” she asked
“Not much, about £1,000..... probably £2,000!” he said flippantly
“I need my card back!” she said
“Why do you need it?” he asked annoyed
“Because I need to have money to buy lunch!” she said
“Yes... you are right!” he said to her surprise “Here”
“£10?” she asked as she took the note
“Well how much you want?” he asked
“I don’t know!” she said shocked as it was her money
“Well, £25 a week should be enough for lunch!” he said
“What if I want to buy something?” she asked
“Well you tell me and if I approve I will give you the funds!” he said annoyed
“This is crazy!” she shouted frustrated
“It is bitch, you are a Pakistani and you don’t know what your role is!” he shouted
“It is MY money!” she shouted back
“You are MY wife and you belong to me!” he shouted back
“I’m going to have a shower!” she said resigning herself away from him

She came back down, starting on dinner whilst he played on his new games console. She served him his food, periodically getting up without being asked to refill his glass.

“I will meet you tomorrow from work!” he said
“WHY!” she said annoyed
“I need you to sign the papers!” he said cryptically
“What papers?” she said confused
“So I can get the finance on a new car!” he said
“What new car?” she said annoyed
“It is a Mercedes C Class, brand new... only £45,000!” he said calmly
“£45,000 are you mad?” she shouted
“Yes!” he said smiling
“I wont sign anything!” she said
“OK... well then I will make some announcements at Shelia’s wedding” he said calmly
“What time tomorrow?” she asked giving in
“4pm!” he smiled

Nadia was getting stressed by the whole situation, her work colleagues were noticing a change, especially as she only had £10 and the types of places they dinned that barely covered the starters. Nadia looked at the clock, she had to meet Abdul at the station at 4pm and had about 45mins.

“Nadia, your husband is here!” said Tracey her PA
“Oh... erm... right” said Nadia shocked
“Well... shall I send him in?” asked Tracey confused
“Yes, of course!” said Nadia re-composing herself.
“Hello darling!” said a very sophisticated Abdul in his role
“Hello honey!” said Nadia keeping up the pretence
“I am early but you carry on, Tracey is getting me tea!” he said
“Well, we can go now!” said Nadia wanting him to leave ASAP
“She is making the tea Nadia we should wait!” he said smiling
“What are you doing here?” said Nadia keeping her face composed as people were looking through her blinds wondering if the man was her husband
“I thought I should get to know your work colleagues!” he said smiling
“Here you go Mr Rahman!” said Tracey as she walked back in
“Oh please Tracey, call me Abdul!” he said charmingly
“Thank you, Abdul!” said Tracey feeling shy
“Tracey, Nadia is a bit busy and I am early is there a canteen?” he asked standing up
“Oh, I can take you to the staff break out area!” said Tracey obligingly
“Thank you, take your time honey!” he said smiling at Nadia

“So Tracey you been working here long?” he asked walking down the corridor
“2 years Mr Rahman... Abdul!” said Tracey
“Will these people wonder who I am?” asked Abdul as he could see the busy break out area
“Oh, I will introduce you!” said Tracey
“Thank you!” said Abdul catching a glimpse of her firm ass as she walked into the room
“Hello everyone, this is Mr Rahman... Nadia’s husband he will be waiting here” she announced
“Please, call me Abdul!” he said with charm
“Pleased to meet you Abdul, I am Rob I work with Nadia!” said Rob from Sales
“Likewise!” said Abdul
“So what is it like being married to Nadia!” he smiled
“Well, she is hard work!” Laughed Abdul
“You been with her long, we don’t really know much about her private life, we were shocked to hear she was married!” asked Rob
“Yes, 2 years and Nadia does keep her private and work life separate, I keep telling her she should be more social, but I guess she has her hard image to protect!” laughed Abdul
“Very hard, ice queen!” laughed Rob
“Ha ha!” laughed Abdul
“So will you be coming to the Bank Holiday gala this year?” asked Rob
“She... mentioned it, I guess she feels I may feel out of place not knowing anyone!” said Abdul
“Nonsense, everyone brings their partners, here take my card and we should go out for a drink, I will invite the lads and at the gala you will know a lot more people” said Rob
“We can go now!” said Nadia interrupting
“I will call you Rob!” said Abdul to the annoyance of Nadia

“Why would you call him?” asked Nadia as they walked to the lifts
“To be friendly, before the gala!” he said as they entered the lift
“We are not going to the gala!” she said with certainty
“I will do the decision making about what we do!” he said assertively as they walked out of the lift

They walked to the car and drove to the car dealership, the sales officer was pleased to see Abdul and walked towards the car. Abdul was excited as he looked through the window

“Shall I get the paperwork ready?” he asked
“Yes, my wife will be putting it in her name... tax reasons!” said Abdul winking
“Very good sir... would you like to follow me!” said the sales officer

Nadia signed all the paperwork and the sales assistant passed over the keys before shaking Abduls hand. Abdul walked towards his new toys, telling Nadia he will be back home later and drove off. She was relived that she could finally have some time home alone, although not realising the mountain of housework she was going to face. He arrived home past 10pm and saw her on the sofa watching TV
“Any food bitch?” he said
“It is in the oven!” she replied
“Well am I expecting to serve myself?” he asked annoyed
“No, I will get it!” she said getting up
“Good!” he said as he sat down
“Where did you go?” she asked as she returned back with a plate
“I went to see one of my white whores!” he answered
“Your what...?” she asked
“I went to see one of the ladies I met online, the new car and clothes is making me very successful, I should really thank you!” he said laughing
“Why are you seeing other women?” asked Nadia almost upset
“Why not? You seem jealous!” smirked Abdul
“I am not jealous, what do you mean why not, you are married!” she said annoyed
“Ha ha, so what? Are you going to divorce me?” he laughed
“Did you fuck this woman?” she asked
“Yes, I took her to a fancy restaurant and then fucked her!” he said openly
“You make me sick!” she said
“Awww, well you paid for our dinner!” he laughed

Nadia ran upstairs to the bedroom and started to cry, she was so confused she didn’t know why she was crying? Why did she care that this man was cheating? Was she more angry that she was trapped being his slave and he still had the freedom of the initial agreement? She fell asleep and just wanted this nightmare to be over

“Wake up bitch it is 9am!” shouted Abdul
“Huh, what time is it?” She said confused
“Breakfast time, we have to leave by 12 to get there on time!” he said
“Get where?” she said getting out of bed
“To this wedding!” he shouted
“Oh, yea!” said Nadia forgetting and started to make breakfast whilst Abdul sat helpfully watched TV

They departed after Nadia served breakfast and done the dishes, they took Abduls car which further removed Nadia’s power, they drove the 150 mile trip, Nadia usually done the drive without breaks and used the motorways but Abdul decided to use a variety of in roads through other major UK cities. The ride was met with awkward silence, Nadia counting down the minutes wishing time would go faster, at the same time wishing that Abdul would change his mind and go back. They stopped off in an Asian area of Birmingham at lunch time, only half way to Nadia’s mums home a lunch time stop off would not have been needed if they had taken the motorways. Both got out of the car and made their way to an old Indian cafe which served cheap and cheerful Indian food mainly aimed at the working and immigrant classes. The workers of the cafe were predominately new arrivals to the UK and most likely not legal residents.

Nadia sat on the hard plastic seats whilst being looked at by the male only clientele, this was certainly not a place Nadia was used to. Abdul went to the counter to order and shiftly returned to join Nadia with a smirk on his face.

“Why you looking so happy?” asked Nadia
“No reason wife, no reason!” he said smirking harder
“What did you order for me?” she asked
“erm.... a nice Indian kebab!” he said smiling
“Oh, thank you... sauce?” said Nadia pleased with the choice
“A lot of sauce, just the way you like it” he smiled further as a plate of food arrived
“That looks nice!” she said looking at his plate of Indian grilled chicken
“Thank you!” he said tucking in
“Why do they bring meals separately it is so tacky!” complained Nadia
“Oh, your kebab roll is waiting for you in the kitchen!” he said
“In the kitchen? Are they not going to bring it over?” She said confused
“No, and make sure you finish it or I will leave without you!” he said laughing
“Ok, look after my bag!” she said as she got up

Nadia got up to go to the counter where the manager had a similar smirk as he led her away to the back, they walked through the kitchen which was staffed by about 4 immigrants and into a storeroom which housed rice and flour sacks plus a variety of dried food. The manager shut the door behind him, leaving them both in sheer darkness until he put on a very dimly lit light. Nadia was nervous, wondering what exactly she was going to be fed and it was not long until she saw the Indian kebab appear from the managers trousers she realised why Abdul was smirking so much.

“What do you want?” asked Nadia trying to appear in control
“I am here to feed you!” he said stroking his cock
“I am not hungry!” she said attempting to walk to the door
“Ahhh, well you can go but if I do not call your husband to tell him you are fed he will not come back to get you!” explained the manager
“Whatever!” she said walking past him and out of the storeroom

She ran back through the kitchen into the restaurant and looked towards the table where Abdul was sitting, he was no longer there, she frantically looked around the restaurant and then ran outside to see if the car was still there, it was gone. She walked back reluctantly into the restaurant to be greeted by the managers smile.

“So, you still not hungry?” he asked smirking
“Can you just call my husband!” she demanded
“After you have eaten!” he asserted, Nadia realising she had no money or phone
“Ok!” she resigned as she walked back to the storeroom

The manager sat on a pile full of rice sacks, spreading his legs as Nadia knelt in between them, his cock rock hard she began to stroke it until it leaked some pre-cum which she licked before inserting the full penis into her mouth. She blanked out the thoughts of what she was doing, gaining a therapeutic rhythm as she sucked up and down his shaft, she felt his grabbing her head as he moaned, she counted in her head guessing a possible 40-50 sucks and this would be over. Suddenly, he pulled away, standing up, she opened her eyes to look at him and he was walking behind her, he lifted her up by her hair and bend her over the sack, exposing her ass in the air.

“No, this is not what my husband required” she said disgusted with her own comment
“Well, I will tell him that you refused a blow job!” he said
“But I will tell him the truth!” she said
“You silly whore, your husband sold you for a £4 chicken meal you think he will care” he said laughing “Now, bend over you cheap slut”

Nadia bent over the sacks, realising that Abdul had actually gave away her ass for £4, she had lipsticks worth 10 times that much. She closed her eyes to hold back the tears as she felt his cock stroke her ass crack, his soaked cock providing the lubricant needed before he inserted fully. He pushed in hard, she screamed, never had she felt such pain, her ass feeling ripped and stretched, he didn’t care as he slammed harder and harder, making a grunting noise at each thrust and slapping her ass periodically. He shouted abuse at her as he pumped her hard, telling her that she was a whore and he had never had something so cheap in his life. Finally she felt his cum inside her ass, slowing dripping down her thigh as he pulled away, leaving her weak body over the sacks. He did his trousers up and told her to come to the front after she had cleaned up.

Nadia rose from the sacks when the manager left the room, she pulled up the trousers of her Indian and then grabbed some tissue to clean the cum from the floor. She looked in the reflection of one of the bottles to straighten her hair and then left the storeroom. The kitchen was empty, they obviously close after lunch thought Nadia as she walked back into the restaurant still hearing voices of customers and the sound of plates. The restaurant had about 10-12 men still sitting within it, who were joined by the 4 kitchen staff. Nadia was confused as the shutters were down but customers still eating.

“Here she is gentlemen!” shouted the manager as Nadia walked in and all the men cheering “Ok take your seats please!”
“What is going on?” asked a sore Nadia as the manager walked towards her
“Dance show!” he said laughing
“Who is dancing?” she asked
“You of course, strip dancing on this table” he smiled
“NO! Call my husband!” she demanded
“Or what whore? I am in control here!” he shouted as he walked away to turn the music on

The music started and Nadia looked out at the pussy hungry crowd of low class immigrant men, she froze as they got louder in their excitement. She looked over at the manager who made hand signals that he would not phone, she looked back at the crowd who were now demanding her to start performing, almost beginning to turn aggressive. Nadia walked towards the table, stepping in her heels on to the chair before reaching the table, within seconds the men had crowded around, some with their camera phones ready on her. Nadia nervously started to move, she looked over at the manager who indicated for her to smile and move faster

She smiled as wide as she could, then closed her eyes and started to move with the music which was fairly fast bollywood. She removed the trouser part of her Indian suit, the men starting to grab any opportunity to look up between her legs. Then she removed the top part of her Indian suit, which was to her knees and once removed revealed her body in solely her underwear and heels. The men were now excited, all of them fixated and taking pictures, including the manager who had his phone constantly filming the whole event.

Nadia removed her knickers, the men helping her take them off after her knees, she then removed her bra to reveal her double d natural breasts with chocolate nipples on a caramel coloured skin. The manager was now standing in front of her, behind the men giving her instructions very sign language, he kept reminding her to smile and asked her to squat down, she obeyed and then he asked her to spread her legs, this enabled her pussy to be at grabbing level and her breasts at eye level of the cum filled erect audience. The manager asked her to pick one of the men and allow him to touch her pussy. Then he asked her to lay down as one of the kitchen staff cover her breasts with two chapattis and inserted a kebab roll into her mouth, a man then climbed on top of her and ate the kebab roll until he reached her lips.

After he had finished the cooks then placed some curried vegetables onto the chapattis resting on her breasts and two men on either side of the table were asked to eat it without using their hands. The crowd were going crazy, then a tray of warm long kebabs were passed around the audience, one of the cooks then took one, spread her legs open and inserted it up her pussy, then started to each the kebab straight from between her legs. Nadia was finding this uncomfortable as each man took it in turns to have the specially marinated kebab direct from her pussy, she looked over at the manager who just in structured her to keep smiling and stroke the heads of the men who were between her legs. Finally the last man was finished and the manager clapped his hands to indicate the show was over. Nadia arose from the table, greasy and stinking of Indian food, she ran around the restaurant grabbing her clothes from the floor, aware that the men were still taking pictures of her whilst she bent over. She ran into the toilets to get dressed and when she came out, the restaurant was empty, the shutters back up and Abdul was waiting outside.

“Enjoy your food?” he said laughing as he got into the car
“It is already 2:30pm, can we go please!” she said not amused
“You actually stink!” said Abdul, but Nadia ignored him.

They arrived at Nadia’s mums house shortly after 4pm, they were greeted by her mum and a few other relatives, all most excited to see Abdul than her. Nadia ran upstairs to the shower and changed to get rid of the smell and any memories she had of her lunch ordeal. She returned downstairs to the sound of laughter from the lounge

“You know Nadia, your husband is a great man!” said Aunty one
“Yes, very funny, charming and well mannered” said Aunty two
“Thank you... I guess!” smiled Nadia
“I love this girl so much..” said Abdul as he grabbed her to kiss her
“Awww, you two are so perfect!” said Aunty one

After dinner, the aunts left, Nadia went to her room and was joined promptly by Abdul

“You know, your family really like me!” he said as he shaved
“Really, I hadn’t noticed” said Nadia sarcastically as she removed her make up
“Ha ha, you sound jealous bitch!” he replied
“Whatever!” she said not interested
“Maybe they know that you are a whore?” he said coming into the bed
“I am not a whore!” she replied
“Really, well you looked like a whore dancing for those men today!” he said laughing
“You were there?” she said stunned
“Yep, and I have a copy of the video!” he said
“What video?” she said staring at him
“This” he said showing his phone
“You sick bastard!” she screamed
“Ha ha, look at you smiling!” he said
“Delete that now!” she demanded
“You silly bitch look how many people had their phones, this is probably on the internet already!” he said smiling
“Why are you doing this?” she cried
“Cos I want to, I can and I enjoy it!” he said callously
“Don’t you care?” she asked
“Erm.... no, not one single bit!” he said laughing as he turned to sleep

The next day was the day of the wedding, Nadia awoke to an empty bed and came downstairs to see Abdul in the kitchen cooking everyone breakfast.

“Ah, here is my beautiful wife...” he said smiling
“Nadia, where have you been!” said the mother angry
“In bed mum!” said Nadia
“You are a married woman now, you have duties!” said the mother

Abdul finished eating and excused himself stating he was getting ready,

“Mum!” said Nadia
“Yes darling!” said the mother
“I am not too sure about this marriage thing!” said Nadia trying to feel out her mums opinion
“Nadia, it is ok to have doubts, but you can not give up, a marriage is for life” advised the mother
“So what if it doesn’t work?” asked Nadia
“Then you have to make it work!” said the mother
“How?” asked Nadia confused
“Men will never change Nadia, it is the woman who has to change, adapt and compromise, if you do not then you have failed. You have become too westernised” said the mother
“Mum, he said he wants control of the finances” said Nadia
“Of course, he is the man, the head of the house!” said the mother
“But I earn that money” said Nadia
“He is a rich man, have you seen his car? It is not about him needing the money, it is his roles and your roles. His role is to handle the money your role is to do the household chores” said the mother
“Ok mum!” said Nadia not wanting to discuss this further
“Nadia, you have a good man, if you lose him it will be your fault, he is perfect, you have to work harder to please and keep him or you will bring shame to me!” warned the mother.
“Yes mum!” said Nadia realising she was trapped.

Nadia got ready and all drove in Abduls car to the wedding, the wedding had the same people excluding Abduls friends as her wedding, therefore Abdul was already known and his reputation of him being a perfect husband, when they arrived, Nadia’s mum was taking Abdul around like a prized trophy ensuring that all knew that her daughter was retaining her husband. Abdul joined Nadia at the table

“I wonder what all of these people would think if I played this stripping video here?” he said laughing
“You wouldn’t!” said a nervous Nadia
“No honey, I won’t, you know why?” he said
“Why?” said Nadia confused
“Because I will give you a challenge and you will pass it” he said sarcastically
“What challenge?” she asked worried
“After dinner you will come with me and all will be revealed” he said laughing

The mother joined the table, all happy that she was not shamed at another function thanks to Abdul. The dinner was served and then all broke out into a dance, allowing Abdul and Nadia to slip away. They walked to the car and both got in, they drove a short distance to the end of the car park, around the back where no cars were parked, it was secluded and darkly lit. Abdul asked Nadia to get into the back seat, he went to the boot and got out a small bag, he cuffed each of her hands on the back door handles and then blindfolded her. He pulled her sari up around her thighs and then undone her blouse to reveal her firm double d boobs. Nadia was struggling as she begged him to stop, if anyone would see her life would be over, but he just laughed.

Abdul then got into the drivers seat and started the engine
“Where are we going!” screamed Nadia
“I am parking outside the venue!” laughed Abdul
“No please, I beg you, Pleaaaaaase!” screamed and cried Nadia

Abdul drove around in the same secluded spot, Nadia was blindfolded assuming they had driven back to public view, still begging and pleading with Abdul.
“Ok whore, I am going back inside... Have fun!” he said leaving the car to her screaming his name

Nadia sat in silence, her heartbeat making a lot of noise and the tears rolling down her face. She tried several times to release her cuffed hands with no luck. Abdul in the meantime returned back to the party

“Abdul, where is Nadia?!” asked the mother who caught him as he entered the hall
“Oh, she is just taking a work call!” said Abdul
“Work? But it is the weekend?” said an angry mother
“I know, but her work is very important to her, more important than me!” he said hinting
“You know, give her time she will adapt” said a begging mother
“I hope so, I wonder sometimes if she wants a husband or a chef!” said Abdul milking it further
“She is a western girl, you have to teach her” explained mother
“I will, now you go and party!” said Abdul realising he had done enough

Abdul walked around the hall looking at various men from the grooms side, he spotted a turbaned old fat man, about 50. He walked over

“Hi, I am Abdul!” he introduced himself
“Hello son, I am Harjeet” said the old man
“You here on the brides or grooms side?” he asked
“Groom, you?” he said
“Brides, so you related?” asked Abdul
“No, I provided the catering!” said Harjeet
“Brilliant, you alone?” asked Abdul
“Yes, my wife and I are divorced!” said Harjeet “What about you?”
“I am with my wife!” said Abdul
“Oh, where is she?” asked Harjeet looking around the hall
“Well, it is embarrassing, she has a sexual fantasy!” said Abdul
“Really!” said Harjeet erectly intrigued
“Yes, she likes to fuck other men, but likes it rough, forced!” said Abdul
“Rape fantasy, this is my favourite you are a lucky man!” said Harjeet laughing
“Oh, not by me, by strangers.... different men each time!” explained Abdul
“And you are ok with this?” asked Harjeet
“Yes, I know my wife is a slut, this way I am aware and when something better comes I do not feel cheated” laughed Abdul
“Good man!” said Harjeet patting him on the back
“So, her current fantasy is a turban old man, in a carpark!” said Abdul
“Ha ha, I fit the bill!” laughed Harjeet
“Yes, she spotted you during dinner and I said I will ask, but I understand fully if you don’t want to” said Abdul
“As a favour to you, of course I will!” said an excited Harjeet
“Thank you, ok you have to make it authentic, don’t mention this conversation or the fantasy and also remember he resistance and screams of no is part of her roleplaying, ignore them!” said Abdul
“Well I do not want to hurt her!” said a reluctant Harjeet
“Watch this video, she loves it, that was yesterday!” said Abdul handing over the phone
“Bloody hell, she is a whore!” said an annoyed Harjeet
“Well as long as I can use her to bring happiness to other men, my life is good!” said a humbled Abdul
“Where is she now?” asked Harjeet
“Waiting to be forced, in the carpark, parked in lot 7 by the recycling bins” said Abdul handing the keys over

Harjeet gulped down his whiskey and ran to the car park, Nadia remained unaware, still thinking she was exposed in full view, her heart was pounding in fear awaiting to be seen. She heard the steps of Harjeet walking, she ducked in an attempt to hide but then heard the central locking opening. She froze in fear, thinking it could only be Abdul, but maybe it was her mother! Harjeet opened the passenger side door and looked inside to see his goods

“Oh very nice!” he said
“Who is there?” said Nadia nervously as she heard the door close
“Shut up bitch!” he said aggressively whilst feeling her breasts
“Who are you?” screamed Nadia unaware of the voice
“Very nice!” he said again feeling her pussy

He got out of the car and climbed into the back seat, sliding under Nadia, placing her on his lap and began to slide his cock inside from behind. Her sari now around her waist, she began to resist, pleading with him to stop but he carried on, becoming more rough with her as he forced her by the hips on to his cock faster.

“I can see your tits bouncing in the mirror you whore!” he informed her
“Please, I beg you stop!” she pleaded
“No slut!” he said and then laughed
“Please, I don’t want to do this” she begged
“Why would you be sitting in your car half naked then you whore?” he shouted
“Because.... my husband....!” she tried to explain
“You are a married whore? Poor man married a dirty piece of meat like you!” he shouted back

Nadia wondered how Abdul always became the victim, she was tied up, stripped and now raped, but yet he was the one who gained the sympathy. Finally Harjeet came hard and wiped his cum on her sari before leaving the car, locking the doors as he walked away. Nadia sat their, boobs hanging out, sari around her waist and knickers gone. She was tired and sweaty, she relaxed to get her breath back when she heard the door lock open again.

“Ha ha, you look used bitch!” said Abdul laughing
“Fuck off!” she shouted
“Oh, shall I leave you here?” he asked sarcastically
“No!” she shouted
“Well be nicer to me then slut!” he shouted back
“I’m sorry!” she said reluctantly
“Much better!” he said, removing her handcuffs

Nadia rubbed her wrists and then started to re do her blouse and sari. She looked frantically for her knickers, hoping her mother wont see them

“Where are they?” She screamed
“Don’t know, not sure why you wear them anyway!” he said laughing
Nadia got out of the car, walking back with Abdul to the wedding

“Where have you been?” shouted her mother
“Erm... I went to get something from the car!” said a shocked Nadia
“Right.... you will end up in divorce if you neglect your husband!” shouted the mother
“Its ok aunty!” said Abdul again playing the victim

Abdul and Nadia walked into the hall,
“I guess there is about 150 men here if you count the staff!” said Abdul calmly
“So!” said Nadia
“So are you not curious which one fucked you?” he enquired
“Who was it?” she asked looking around
“Ha ha, now that would be telling, was it the groom? The grooms dad maybe? Or maybe its the kitchen guys, although you had a few of those in Birmingham! Urm... maybe its someone on your side, an old family friend?”
“That is sick!” said Nadia frustrated
“Ha ha, you are the one fucking men and not checking who they are!” he said laughing

Nadia looked around the room at all of the possible candidates, it could be anyone.

The following day Nadia got up to start packing, however Abdul was already downstairs and it appeared that several guests had arrived to the house. Nadia came down, greeted the guests and then went in to the kitchen to help her mother make the tea. Typically the men were in the lounge and the women, the wives of the men were in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. Nadia came in to the lounge to serve tea, dressed in traditional clothes and her hair covered, Nadia fitted the deion of purity, but her husband had other ideas as he looked at her firm ass when she bent over to serve the tea, Nadia went back to the dining room with the other women awaiting to be to take any orders from the men.

Abdul sneaked upstairs after tea was served, he went into the bedroom him and Nadia shared placing her missing knickers on the bed and attaching a note. It was a few hours until the guests left, Nadia ran upstairs before the door could even close to finish her packing and get out as soon as she could, Abdul joined her a few minutes later, by which time she made the discovery

“What is the matter?” asked Abdul innocently as he came in and Nadia was upset
“Nothing” she said wiping her tears
“Why are you crying then?” He questioned
“Look!” She said as she handed over her knickers
“What?” He acted surprised
“They are the ones I was wearing last night” she explained
“I thought you could you lost them?” He said acting confused
“So did I!” Said Nadia panicking “look there is a note” she then handed the over the note
“Thank you for last night you’re a real slut. I cannot wait until the next time and it will sooner than you think!” said Abdul as he read out the note
“What am I going to do now? Did you see who came upstairs?” she asked
“Nearly all of them did!” he said walking towards her stroking her hair
“You are the bastard who sent him to me, you must know which one of the men downstairs he was!” she screamed
“Nadia, calm down... maybe I do know! What difference does it make? You now know you fucked an old man who knows your family well enough to come around for tea!” he said laughing
“You fucking bastard!” she shouted
“Now now Nadia your mother would not like to know you speak to me like this!” smirked Abdul as he walked out of the room throwing her knickers towards her which landed on her face to add to the humiliation. Nadia and Abdul left to return home, Nadia was raging inside at what had happened.

Nadia was relieved to be back in the office, her respite away from her nasty husband. She was able to exercise some control and spent the day organising the advert for a new executive assistant in her department, she had worked hard to get this job approved by the board and could not wait for a new person to start, taking over the small jobs so she could be released to do bigger and more important items that would enable her to impress her managers and secure the up and coming directors role. Time ticked faster than she hoped and she was dreading going home, but when she got home Abdul was out and she spent the time having a relaxing bath remembering her life before she was married. The next morning she made Abdul’s breakfast and awoke him just as she was leaving to limit the contact.

“Here!” he said passing her £250 of her own money
“What is this for?” she asked wondering if he had come around
“It is valentines day tomorrow my darling wife, buy a few things for yourself” he said
“Aren’t you meant to buy them for me?” she said taking the money
“I can’t be bothered, bring back the receipts!” he said turning to eat his breakfast

Nadia went shopping over her lunch break, she didn’t want a valentines present from him, but wanted some freedom to shop with her own money. She bought a bracelet, shoes, some underwear, flowers and perfume making sure she kept the receipts. She went home, Abdul was waiting and he looked at what she had bought, examining the receipts.

“Well done, now leave them here I need to wrap them for you!” he said smiling

The following day Nadia returned home, the day was full of her colleagues talking about their special valentines day plans, but Nadia knew it was not going to be that special however, at least she had gifts she could show off the following day. She was surprised that Abdul was not home when she got in and eagerly waited for him to come home, falling asleep on the sofa.

“Get up!” he shouted shaking her
“Huh? What time is it?” she asked confused
“Breakfast time!” he said falling back on the sofa in his expensive suit
“Have you just got in?” she asked confused
“Yes, I’ve spent valentines day with my blonde bitch!” he said smiling
“What?” she said in annoyance
“Yes she like the presents, I should say thank you!” he said laughing
“You gave her my presents?” screamed Nadia
“No darling, I gave her the presents you kindly got for her!” he explained calmly
“They were for me!” she shouted
“You thought they were for you, but you were stupid! I got you a present!” he said
“What?” she asked calming down as he pulled out a present wrapped in newspaper
“Its a dog bowl!” she said as she unwrapped
“Yes, you can eat from it from now on, saves you on doing the dishes... I am thoughtful?” he asked
“Fuck you!” she said walking into the kitchen getting his breakfast ready

Nadia concentrated on work, her only source of sanity. The applications were coming in for the new job and she was surprised to see that Rob had applied, ‘what a cheek!’ she thought, laziest guy in the company and he expects a promotion! The week was pretty Abdul free, Nadia was coming around to the idea of him having another woman at least he was away from her although it still grated her that he was draining her finances. It was now Thursday and she went home, surprised to see Abdul home

“Hi!” she said
“Hello bitch!... I haven’t seen you for a few days, you’re getting fat!” he said
“Am I?” she said looking
“I have a friend coming over for dinner tomorrow night, I want you to cook and look presentable, OK?” he ordered
“Yes Abdul, who is the friend?” she asked wondering if it was the blonde
“He is just someone I met, you will have a lot in common with him!” said Abdul mysteriously
“He? Oh ok... so how should I present? What should I cook?” said Nadia wanting to achieve
“Make something from this!” he said throwing her some material
“This is... a net curtain!” she said shocked
“Yes, I found it in a charity shop, 50p! Nothing is too good for my wife” he smirked
“Right, well I will see what I can do, not much here maybe I can find a skirt!” she said
“NO! Just this no other items!” he ordered
“But...!” she said pleading
“NO BUTS BITCH!” he shouted her down
“OK, so what shall I cook?” she said changing the subject
“I want a feast for a king, all cooked from scratch none of this frozen shit!” he demanded
“But I have work!” she said
“Call in sick then!” he said getting up “I am going out now, you better start cleaning!”

Nadia sat there playing with the net curtain, it was too short to wrap around her, she got a pair of scissors making a several strips and tying them up to make a tiny skirt and boobtube, she ran upstairs to check herself in the mirror, her dark brown nipples were clearly visible through the see-thru material. She messed around with it as much as she could but every move she made exposed another part of her body. She tried on a pair of heels to see how it would look with her walking, the slinky material was slipping off her body every couple of minutes.

The next day Nadia awoke and Abdul had not come home, she called in sick and made a start on cleaning the house and preparing the food, peeling potatoes and cutting onions from scratch. She was cooking 5 courses including snacks, starters, sides, main course and desert. Her chores made harder from the confiscation of her gadgets. Abdul arrived home at 5pm just as the food was now on simmer, he walked around the house checking for dirt and admiring the table that had been set up.

“Impressive!” he said smiling
“Thank you!” said Nadia almost feel satisfied that he was pleased with her
“You better go and have a bath and get ready, I want heavy make up!” he ordered
“Yes Abdul!” she said running up the stairs

She got ready, putting on her net outfit, heels and heavy make up with bright red lipstick. The guest was due at 7pm and at 6.45pm Abdul came upstairs to admire his goods.

“Very creative!” he said sitting on the bed
“Thank you” she said proudly
“Parade in front of me, so I can see properly!” he demanded and she obeyed
“It slips off easily so I pinned it here!” she explained
“No pins, remove them!” he ordered
“Ok, but see what happens” she showed walking
“Bonus!” laughed Abdul
“It is going to be annoying me!” said Nadia
“Awww tough!” he said walking over to her sucking her nipples to become erect
“Is you friend not going to think what I am wearing is strange?” she enquired
“Yes, very but I doubt he will complain... now more make up and I will call you when I am ready to have you downstairs!” he said smiling before walking back downstairs

Nadia added more blusher and darker eye make-up, she looked like a prostitute and her stomach was turning as the clock said 7:05pm. The doorbell rang and her heart began to beat louder, she ran to the window but was unable to see the door. She ran to the bedroom door to listen, but she could not make out the voice. She sat back down rocking with nerves, looking again in the mirror and retied the outfit as it was coming loose

“NADIAAAAA!” shouted Abdul to summons her downstairs

Her heart beated harder, she felt sick and froze shaking in fear, she heard him shout again, this time with a bit more anger in his voice so she got up and walked towards the steps, looking down at him and slowly managing to walk down the stairs with her shaking legs. He awaited for her to reach him, holding her hand and then pulling her hard with agression to speed her entrance for the waiting guest. She couldn’t keep up with his speed, and was conscious of her outfit starting to slip out of place, he dragged her into the lounge and she looked up at the man sitting on the sofa, sipping on a whiskey patiently.

“Rob, you have met Nadia?” said Abdul smirking
“A...I...Urm... I have!” said a shocked Rob rising from his seat

Nadia was in complete shock, it was Rob from work the lazy bastard.

“Nadia... NADIA!” shrugged Abdul from her shock
“Yes!” said Nadia in a daze
“Say hello to Rob!” he ordered
“Hello Rob!” she said feeling humiliated
“Hi Nadia... well well well, I see married life has served you well” said Rob admiring her body
“Say thank you Nadia!” ordered Abdul
“Thank you!” said Nadia
“Good girl, go and prepare dinner you have 15mins!” ordered Abdul pushing her towards the kitchen

Nadia warmed the dinner up, and heard the two men take their seats punctually. Nadia came with the starters and dished them out equally on three plates

“Nadia?” enquired Abdul
“Yes!” asked Nadia as she put the dish at the centre of the table
“You appear not be using the plate I got you for Valentines!” he said calmly
“But...!” she said shocked looking at Rob’s confusion
“Get it and don’t speak unless I allow you!” he ordered not looking at her, Nadia obeyed
“That’s a dog bowl!” said Rob in shock
“Yes, she loves it!” smiled Abdul
“So she eats from a dog bowl!” said an amused Rob
“She is a bitch, that’s how they eat in Pakistan, how do they in the UK?” smiled Abdul
“Oh, exactly the same...!” laughed Rob staring at Nadia who scrapped her food into the bowl

Nadia went on to serve dinner and desert much the same way, although Abdul did not permit her to eat desert claiming she was getting fat and got agreement from Rob. She served coffee and sat there watching Abdul talking to Rob about Pakistani culture in regards to women’s right, a topic Rob found fascinating.

“Nadia, Rob tells me that he has applied for the job!” said Abdul calmly
“Has he?” she said acting as if she did not know
“You mean the interviews are next week and you didn’t notice his name on the list?” asked Abdul
“Erm, I don’t believe his name is on the list!” said Nadia
“Why?” said Abdul growing in anger
“I don’t think it is appropriate to discuss that right now!” said Nadia trying to stop the topic
“Rob doesn’t mind, do you Rob?” asked Abdul
“Not at all, I would like to know why I have not been shortlisted!” he added
“I only shortlisted 3 candidates, there was a lot of applicants!” said Nadia diplomatically
“Well Nadia, who is on the interview panel?” asked Abdul
“Just me!” she answered
“Well add him to the interview list then!” ordered Abdul
“Erm... I have scheduled all 3 interviews and I have to report back straight away Abdul, there is no room to add another person!” Nadia tried to explain
“Well interview him now!” shouted Abdul
“Now? Here?!” said Nadia in shock
“Yes, I understand that this post will give Rob an extra £10,000 plus a company car this is a big deal Nadia, he is our friend it is the least you can do!” asserted Abdul
“OK! But I can’t guarantee he will get the job!” resigned Nadia as she cleared the table

Nadia went to get the interview questions from her file and came back to the cleared table with Rob sitting opposite her like an interviewee. Abdul sat away from the table observing the proceedings, Nadia conducted the interview and Rob was genuinely trying to answer the questions, however he was extremely poor and did not have a clue. The interview finished and Abdul felt it went well, but insisted that Nadia had the chance to interview the others on Tuesday and to make her decision. Nadia appreciated Abdul’s fairness, maybe he was reasonable after all. The night came to an end shortly after, Nadia began the dishes whilst Abdul put his feet up talking about how tied he was.

On Tuesday Nadia conducted the three real interviews and was happy with who she chose, a bright young woman with a lot of knowledge and experience. She completed the interview notes and scoring for the HR department and was just about to leave her office to hand it in when Rob came in

“Hi?!” she said wondering what he wanted but ashamed he had seen her humiliated
“How did I score?” he asked taking a seat in her office and putting his feet up
“I am sorry Rob, but I have found someone!” she said annoyed by his actions
“Oh, that is a shame... I wanted to give you a thank you card for interviewing me anyway” said Rob
“It was nothing Rob!” she said humbled
“No... no, you did not have to and I sincerely appreciate it!” he said
“Well, thank you!” said Nadia almost feeling sorry for him
“Here, its just a card!” he said handing it over and walking towards the door

Nadia waited for Rob to leave, he was outside flirting with her PA occasionally looking up at her, she sat down and opened the card... she was horrified to see it was a picture of her naked in the Birmingham restaurant with a crowd of men touching her. She opened the card and it read

“I hope that this kind gesture puts me in good light for the job!”
She looked out to see if Rob was still there, he smiled and waved, she froze wondering what to do and was taken out of the shock by the phone

“Nadia?” said Mr Bond, the Director
“Yes Sir!” said Nadia composing herself
“How did the interviews go?” asked Mr Bond
“Erm... ok sir!” she said
“Good, you find someone?” he asked
“Yes....!” she answered
“Good, well who is it?!” he asked not content with the short answers
“Rob, from sales... an internal candidate!” she said regretting it as soon as the words came out
“Lazy Rob?” said Mr Bond shocked
“Ha ha, under-challenged is the term I would use” said Nadia restoring confidence with Mr Bond
“Interesting, well... I trust you know what you are doing!” said Mr Bond not amused

Nadia quickly wrote up fake interview notes for Rob, her heart beating as she realised what she was doing. She had to give him almost perfect answers and higher scores then the real candidate. She ran to HR to get it in on time and insisted that they emailed him immediately to let him know, standing over the secretary as she typed under pressure. She then went home half day not wanting to face him, burning the card in the garden. She went to have a bath to wash away the stress

“NADIA!” shouted Abdul as he stomped up the stairs
“Yes, I am in the bath!” she said as he walked in
“Ok, good get ready I got you a new outfit, hurry!” he demanded

She got out of the bath, walked to the bedroom and picked up the bag to look at the outfit, where did he get this from? She thought as she pulled out the cupless bra top and backless fishnet skirt. She dried herself and put the black outfit on, not understanding what the point of wearing anything was. Abdul came in admiring her up and down, ripping bits of black duck tape with his teeth and then placing them over her exposed nipples in a cross shape. The doorbell rang but this time Abdul asked Nadia to answer it, pushing her towards the stairs as she put on her heels. She slowly opened the door, trying to hide behind it and was frustrated to see Rob walk in with a bottle of champagne in his hand. He stood in the doorway admiring Nadia, she was conscious that neighbours would not see and tried hard to close the door

“Rob is celebrating his new job!” said Abdul in delight
“Is he?” said Nadia in annoyance
“Yes, so get me some glasses!” ordered Rob with a new found smugness
“Nadia, come sit!” said Abdul as she arrived back with the glasses
“Pour this out for me!” ordered Rob as Nadia obeyed
“I was speaking to Rob earlier when he called me with the news, did you know he lived alone?” asked Abdul in excitement
“Really, surprising!” said Nadia sarcastically
“Well, now he is a big executive he wouldn’t have time to cook and clean...” explained Abdul
“Right?!” said Nadia wondering where this was leading
“So he is moving in here!” said Abdul smirking
“HERE!” shouted Nadia
“Nadia, do not raise your voice” said Abdul sternly
“How can he move here?” she carried on lowering her voice
“We have a spare room and I am hardly here, cooking for one more won’t be a big deal!” said Abdul
“But I am his manager!” said Nadia
“Only on paper... I hope you don’t have silly ideas of bossing me around” interjected Rob
“I will have to think about him moving in!” said Nadia disgusted
“Nadia, I was informing you not seeking your permission!” asserted Abdul
“Yes, I have some of my stuff in the car and will move the rest in over the weekend” explained Rob
“So you are moving in tonight?” said Nadia
“Yes, in fact I better go and get my laundry from the back seat, don’t want it to smell out my car!” said Rob as he got up
“I am not happy!” said Nadia to Abdul as Rob left
“When has your happiness ever been a concern for me?” said Abdul in his evil tone
“How will I explain to people at work?” she said
“They don’t need to know, but I assume easier then explaining the thank you card” he laughed
“You know about that?” she said shocked
“Ha ha, I got it made up!” he said laughing
“Here, I need shirts for tomorrow” said Rob returning and handing over the bag

Nadia took the laundry upstairs to handwash in the bathtub, whilst Rob and Abdul stayed downstairs laughing away, occasionally calling Nadia down to change the channel on the TV. Rob moved into the spare room and unlike Abdul was home most nights. She cooked, cleaned and served him daily whilst he skived off work going to play golf and leaving Nadia to do his work. The weekend arrived and both men had finished moving in the rest of Rob’s things.

“Nadia, get dressed we have to go somewhere!” ordered Abdul
“Where?” she asked
“Not your concern!” he said angered
“Well I need to know what to wear!” she explained
“Rob can you find her something?” asked Rob who ran upstairs
“Are we going far?” asked Nadia annoyed she was unaware
“Birmingham!” answered Abdul
“This is the best I could find!” said Rob who appeared with a mini-skirt and bikini top
“It will do!” said Abdul
“We need to buy her proper clothes!” said Rob
“We can do that later!” said Abdul

Nadia got dressed and ran to the car hoping none of the neighbours could see, driving she dreaded stopping at traffic lights fearing men would spot her. They pulled over in a run down bed and breakfast, Abdul checked in and they went to the damp infested room. Nadia looked on curiously as they whispered amongst themselves, then Abdul left asking Rob to call him. Nadia now alone felt nervous and vulnerable as Rob walked towards her undoing his jeans to reveal his uncircumcised cock, his face was full of perverted excitement as he pulled aside her bikini top and squeezed her exposed tits. He laid on the bed instructing her to climb on top of his rock hard cock, she obliged as he groaned asking her to bounce harder until he finally came. He pushed her off and called Abdul saying he had finished, Abdul arrived shortly after looking at her in disgust.

He opened his bag revealing a pair of cuffs and a blindfold, she struggled but Rob held her down whilst Abdul cuffed her to the bed and then placed the blindfold on.

“Please... I beg you!” she screamed
“Shut up whore, you cheated on your husband you deserve this!” said Rob as Abdul laughed
“Your family friend who fucked you at the wedding is coming!” explained Abdul
“Noooo!” said Nadia who had forgot about him
“Yes, and he may not come alone” explained Abdul as he placed dildo’s, condoms, a camera on the side of the bed, there was then a knock on the door and Nadia heard several voices of excited men, Abdul explained he will come back the next morning and if there was any problems, they were staying at the Hyatt 5 star hotel in town.

Nadia laid there as about 3 pairs of hands wandered all over her body, slowly she felt a hard cock enter her mouth and tried to pull away, but the man then sat over her pumping it in deep down her throat, another man was slapping her tits whilst another flicked her clit before he slid under her and inserted his cock inside deep. She tried to scream, but her mouth was full. The men climaxed and left her exhausted body there whilst they went to get food. Nadia struggled to get free but it was pointless, the men returned with the strong aroma of Indian takeaways filling the room, she then heard the clicks of the camera as the men posed with her, resting their cocks on her face, spreading her legs and pinching her nipples.

It was not long after that the men started to fuck her again, this time including her tight ass which led one of them to place his y fronts in her mouth to gag her screaming. There was then a knock at the door, Nadia hoped it was the owner of the B&B and that he would rescue her, but it appeared to be another 3-4men who they met at the takeaway. In total she was fucked 18 times in all holes, her muscles hurting, her clothes, skin and hair crusted in dry cum. Abdul returned to uncuff her waking her up by pushing her off the bed. They didn’t allow her to shower, Abdul was going to but Rob felt it would add to her humiliation should she have to drive home in that state, a thought that amused Abdul.

Nadia continued the following weeks regularly fucking Rob, whilst Abdul carried on with his Blonde girlfriend, hardly coming home and leaving Rob in charge. Nadia and Abdul went to see Nadia’s mum every few weeks to keep up the pretence but rarely stayed nights and gave excuses not to attend big events, unless Abdul wanted to. It wasn’t for a few months until things came to a holt, Abdul was now wanting to marry his blonde girlfriend but needed Nadia’s money to keep her, until he married her and then took all her wealth. Rob and Abdul sat in the living room to start negotiations as Nadia listened in horror

“Abdul, here are the divorce papers, she will sign them after we seal the deal” said Rob
“I need cash, if I let her go I wouldn’t be able to survive!” said Abdul
“£10,000?” offered Rob
“£50,000?” asked Abdul
“Too much!” said Rob
“£20,000 plus the car!” said Abdul
“You mean she carries on paying for the car loan?” asked Rob
“Yes!” said Abdul
“I don’t have that cash ready to hand without selling my old apartment” said Rob
“Get a loan!” said Abdul
“Not worth it!” said Rob
“Get her to get a loan!” Joked Abdul
“Ha ha... you know that is actually a good idea!” said Rob
“Well I was joking... but I don’t care where the money comes from!” said Abdul
“OK, but I want the house signed over to my name and all her cards!” said Rob
“Deal!” said Abdul as they shook hands
“What do I tell my family?” cried Nadia
“Good point....” said Abdul “Marry Rob!” he laughed
“I don’t want to marry the bitch I have her trapped here!” said Rob
“I guess, well for £1,000 each visit I will pretend to be your husband and come to see your family” offered Abdul
“Well I am in charge of her finances I am not happy with £1,000 every 6 weeks!” said Rob
“She can earn it from her weekend jobs!” laughed Abdul
“Yes, we did make £200 for that Birmingham gangbang!” said Rob
“That you spent on clothes on the bitch!” said Abdul
“£400 a visit!” said Rob
“Deal!” said Abdul

Nadia took out a loan the following day and signed the divorce papers, paying Abdul. They signed a makeshift contract, Rob aptly titling it “transfer of goods and services”. Nadia was now in debt, paying off the car loan, mortgage, the credit card debts Abdul ran up and now the loan, even if she had access to her salary she was lucky to have £50 spare. She was reliant on Rob, who soon secured the Directors position at the company on the back of Nadia’s work, he was insistent that he managed Nadia and Mr Bond agreed.

It is fair to say she did not live happily ever after

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2014-04-19 13:11:14
I liked the story but personally I like it when there is more of an uprising or vengeance thing. Where shes just pushed to far and gets revenge on all the guys and takes control of her life again. Though that's just me, nothing wrong with your story, it was great, though I do thinks that any guy that does this for real should die. Yet I do like the fantasy of this kind of stuff and thats why I read it.


2014-01-15 02:36:21
But I couldn't stop reading either :D v comment bellow is also me, forgot to log on v.v.

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2014-01-15 02:15:37
I liked the story, mainly for the first half since I love Abdul >_> But I hate Rob, if I was her I'd a) Have smacked Abdul already a couple of times. b) Sooner let him leave me at the restaurant and hitch-hiked a car that fucked anyone else, screw her wedding and screw her parents she was worth more than that. Oh and I've had kicked Rob in the balls and shoved him out of my house.. and kicked Abdul out of the bed... he'd sooner have to take the mattress off than me because I'd be hogging it! >:D muhahaha.

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It must have been the digusting, less than a man idiot of a motherfucking bitch Abdul, who wrote this story. Although, the style of writing is not the best, I was able to read the story and thought it interesting to begin with, but this shit, that he did to her. Is this how Pakistani men are? It a disgrace and no way would I want a part of that. You should be ashame for doing this to any woman, but wait, you don't have anything about you, I cannot expect any better, from you shit brain, narrow minded muslims!

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like the story but if it happens in reality the man should be castrated

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