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Ame is pronounced the same as Amy, but is short for amethyst on to the story
1st Post on this website. I can be found on Literotica and XnXX. Enjoy!


It was a winter night....

Abigail, Ame, and Alexis were patrolling their base. They had been stuck with the
dreadful job in the cold due to failing their written test... again. It was for lack
of effort, clearly, as they were the three best students at using their equipment.
They just never liked writing. They were sulking along when all of a sudden...


The girls were startled, but being the elite soldiers, ahem, students
that they were, They quickly grabbed a form of self defence each and rushed
towards where they had heard the scream. When they arrived, they saw a sight
that not even a war veteran would be prepared for. A fellow student lay on
the ground, whimpering, nearly dead, with blood seeping out from between her legs.
The girls each screamed their own little scream, and not daring
to look at the dying body, hauled it to the main night office.

When they arrived, the woman working at the desk SEEMED not nearly as
appalled as the girls had been. All she did that betrayed her fear was tremble.
This dead girl joined three others who had been killed the same way. However,
a male had not been allowed on the grounds since a year ago, when the last girl
died, and there had not been a death after that. Everyone was certain this was
no ordinary death. It was a raping.

The girls were told to go back to their barracks immediately, for safety.
Little did anyone know, the rapist wasn't a man... and inside was a lot LESS safer...

"It felt so good, she was so hot and tight! And I got to feel everything!"
"So I guess that strap-on worked after all?"
"YES! I think I felt what a man would! Her dying scream was nice too!"

Then they heard the footsteps of the girls.

"Someone is coming! We have to leave!"
"Can't I rape them too?"
"NO! Now get your ASS over here!"

The three girls, still shaken after what they saw, had paid no heed to, or
even heard the loud, heated conversation that had occured a few paces away. All
they were thinking about was getting into their nice, safe room, and sleeping in
their nice, safe, and warm beds. They didn't notice the bright pink strap-on that
was in a pathetic excuse for a 'hiding spot' (behind a thin green plant). The rapist was safe.
Many female soldiers-in-training however, were not.

The day after the raping, All the girls and women had a rest day. The rapist
saw this as a perfect chance to find out room numbers of the prettier ones, and things
of that nature. So of course, who to ask but the trio of Ame, Alexis, and Abigail?

"Hi girls!"
"Umm, howdy?"
"What room are y'all in?"
"251 west wing, all of us. Why?"

Butt the rapist was gone. I meant But the rapist was gone. Leaving naught
a trace and the girls pondering their actions. That was a smart and pretty girl
(top of all her classes)that spoke to them.She was also mysterious. They might
have just met the rapist, and given her a free pass to rape them.
Then again, The rapist had to be a male... Right?
They will find out in the next chapter. Have nice day.


Everybody settled back into their routine, but all the recruits were
allowed to carry tranquillizer guns. Nothing happened during the day, and the
trio of this story headed back to their room. None of them remembered the
girl that had asked them where their room was. But surely enough the rapist
(her name was Rayn) knocked on their door a few minutes after they settled down.

Rayn had been looking forward to this moment all day. The trio were known
as the prettiest in the academy, so Rayn wanted to rape them first. Her modified strap-on
was hidden in her jeans, and it were making her very uncomfortable. She was about to just
drop and masturbate when the door opened.

"Hi, my name is Rayn, can I come in?"
The girl who had answered the door, Alexis, was suspicious that anybody would visit
at this late an hour.
"What for?"
"I wanted to find out from the three of you how to field-strip an M9."
"Do you have one with you?"
"Well then, come in!"

So in Rayn went to the sanctuary of her planned first victims. Her plan was like this:
She would attempt to take the pistol out, pretend to have it stuck in her pocket, then strip
her jeans off, revealing her baby-bare bottom. While the girls stared, she would pretend
she didn't care about her nudity, and when asked what the 'thing' was, she would ask the
girls if they would prefer a demonstration to an explanation. Then she would take the girls
one by one into the washroom to 'demonstrate'. She had bought a gag, so the plan was foolproof.

Everything went as planned, and in Rayn went with Alexis, who had no knowledge
of sex whatsoever. As soon as Alexis closed the door, She felt a strong force impact her back,
making her grunt with the pain, and fight to keep conscious. As she was battling within, Rayn
locked the door, and hauled poor Alexis up to place the gag around her.

The Ame and Abigail had heard the impact against the door, and cried out to see if
Alexis was alright. Not Eliciting a response, They tried to break open the door. They rammed
their shoulders against the door multiple times, but it stayed put. Finally, they grabbed
their emergency pistol and shot the lock open. What they saw once inside were two nude girls,
Alexis and Rayn.

When Rayn had first heard the ramming, she hurriedly stripped both Alexis and herself.
Then she stood facing the door with her arms around Alexis's neck, and her strap-on pressing
against the unconscious girl's buttcheek. When Abigail and Ame busted into the room, they were
greeted with this horrible sight.

"Listen ladies, if you even THINK of pulling ANY heroics, I will thrust into poor little
Alexis here and rip her innocence into multiple pieces. If you put your pistol and tranq down,
however, I will love her gently. The choice is yours."

While she was having her little speech, Alexis was slowly waking up. What she noticed was
that she was being held by a foreign arm. On occasion, when the room had no heating as a punishment,
The girls would hold each the others. However, the hand holding her now was not that gentle embrace,
but a strong, restraining choke. So at once, she did the first thing she could think of to the
intruder; she punched the intruders groin.

Rayn instantly doubled over with the pain, and Alexis escaped into the arms of her
roommates. However, Rayn still had an ace up her sleeve, and although she would much rather
have used it to rape one of the virgin trio, she used it to escape.

"Cassandra, my partner, is ready to fire a tranq gun. She has 3 rounds. If you let me
go and don't tell anyone about our 'endeavors', you will not be fired upon."
"Nice bluff, but we are not going to believe you this time!"
"So be it, Cassandra, tranq Alexis, the blondie."

And so, Alexis fell to the ground. Unconscious once again. As Rayn moved to leave,
nobody stopped her. She turned around and told the two shocked girls.

"If you tell anyone, you will be tranquillized, then raped brutally. You will die.
If you are wondering why I don't do that now, I prefer my victims' moans and screams to
silence. See y'all in class."

And with that, she left the girls shocked and scared. They were unmoving as if
the world wasn't there.

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Aww. Dude you should continue the story!!! It is awesome! Doesnt matter if it isnt dirty enough, the story itself is intruging(:

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Make it dirty...dirty

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