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In life, we all have to make decisions. Sometimes, these decisions are easy, but sometimes they are “hard”! But some decisions are so hard, that you don’t know which route you will decide to take until the very last moment. Now, it’s time for Harry to make the most difficult decision of his life!
WARNING: This is a GAY story and contains strong sexual deions of homosexual sex acts and romance between men. If you don't like this or are under 18 years of age, please do NOT read any further. However is you are over 18 and do like this, then I'm sure you'll love it. haha.

Authors note: Hello and welcome to my new story series. You may have read "Help!" which is the story I posted prior to this. If you did, I'd like to thank you for reading it and I hope you enjoyed it. Pretty much straight away after I finished writing "Help!", I started writing this. So anyway, I hope you like my new story, here is part 1:


I Don't Want The World, I Want You!

Part 1.


Beep beep beep ... beep beep beep...

“Ohhhhh!” Harry groaned as he clumsily and carelessly felt his way around the smooth wooden surface of the cabinet, searching sleepily for the small plastic alarm clock.

“Haha” came the familiar chuckle from the other side of the bed.

Harry switched off the alarm before sighing in relief at the peace. He plonked his weary head back on the soft, fluffy, sleep-persuading pillow, then turned to look at the man beside him. Adam lay still beside him with closed eyes and a slight grin on his attractive face.

“You know Adam, you laugh at me every morning and I can never work out what’s so funny!” Harry muttered.

“Good morning to you too!” Adam responded sarcastically.

“Sorry” Harry chuckled, “good morning hunny” he replied with a small kiss on the cheek.

“That’s better”.

They laughed together for a second as Adam struggled to allow his eyes to adjust to the morning light which poured through the gaps in the closed curtains. The face he was pulling whilst he tried to open his eyes just made Harry laugh more. Eventually, they regained their composure and Adam managed to keep his eyes open.

Taking his first look into those expressive brown eyes which he loved so much, Harry asked, “So why do you giggle at me first thing every morning?”

“Ah, you know me babe, always giggling at something” Adam smiled.

“Hmmm,” Harry agreed, “That’s why I love you”.

“What because I laugh at you every morning?” he asked glancing wearily over at the man he loved, still struggling to keep his eyes open.

“No!” Harry grinned, “because you’re always happy!”.

“Yes well you have to be.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked curiously.

Adam leaned over onto his side so that he could face Harry properly. Gazing into his tired green eyes he asked, “What’s with the philosophical mood this morning? Usually I just get a cuddle” He smiled.

“Hmm,” Harry answered, “no reason, I just want to talk to my boyfriend for a while” he smiled back.

“Aww well aint that sweet” Adam mocked, making a silly face like that face that people make when they see a new-born baby, or a puppy.

Harry laughed uncontrollably, “Oh shut up” he said feeling a little embarrassed, looking up at the ceiling to hide his embarrassment.

Adam reached over to the other side of the big king-sized bed to where his boyfriend was led. Harry felt his warm, loving hand caress his cheek and upper neck. Harry grinned and turned his head back towards him. He saw the sparkle in Adam’s caring brown eyes. It always amazed Harry how fresh and attractive Adam looked, even first thing in the morning. Harry released his arm from under the covers and reached out to hold Adam’s strong, muscular arm. As Adam caressed Harry’s face, Harry stroked Adam’s arm, sharing the intimate warmth which seeped from their hot bodies.

Adam decided to take it to the next level. He leaned over more and slowly moved his soft red lips nearer to Harry’s face. Feeling his boyfriends warm breath on his face, Harry took the hint. He leaned in and gently placed his moist juicy lips on his boyfriend’s. The kiss was gentle and passionate. It was the kind of kiss which only two men who were deeply in love could share. Their eyes were closed once more as they allowed their mouths to do all the talking. The room filled with the sound of passion as the lustful kiss got more heated by the second. Before they knew it, their hands were going crazy as if following the lead set by their tongues. Harry moaned at the feeling he was getting from Adam’s busy hands as they caressed his back and shoulders. Harry reached one hand around to the back of Adam’s head and ran it though his soft silky hair. Breaking the kiss momentarily he said;

“Man I fucking love you!”

Adam didn’t have time to respond before his mouth was covered once again with Harry’s eager lips. He gave up on trying to respond when his mouth was invaded again by Harry’s slippery tongue. Adam followed suit, allowing his tongue to get involved, wrestling with the instrument which was fighting against it. The battle was too fierce, Harry had to come up for air. He broke the kiss and smiled at his lover as he grabbed him by the waist and rolled him over so that Adam was now on top of him. Right away he noticed the stiffness of Adam’s cock pressing into his own rock hard organ. Adam moaned in pleasure as their two throbbing, smooth, rock-hard dicks rubbed up against each other. They both paused and closed their eyes for no more than a few seconds as their excited penises twitched and danced simultaneously, each time creating a new wave of pleasure for them both. Adam giggled slightly when he glanced down and saw the look of ecstasy on his boyfriend’s face. Acknowledging the fact that he was being watched he opened his eyes and straightened his face before giving in and joining the giggle.

“Why are you so damn so cute?” Adam asked before stating “Thank god it’s the weekend!”

“Tell me about it!” Harry replied, “Now are you gonna fuck me or not?!”

With that message clearly received, Adam grinned flirtatiously, not moving or saying a word. He wanted to wait for a reaction. He wanted Harry to beg to be fucked! Harry looked impatiently up into the other man’s playful eyes and he knew exactly what he was trying to do. He figured he may as well play along; after all, he was the one who suggested it.

“Oh come on baby please” Harry begged.

“Please what?” Adam teased.

“Fuck me baby, go on! I want you to fuck me, I want your big hard cock in my tight little ass hole! FUCK MEEEEE!”

“Hmmmmm...” Adam continued to tease.

Adam grinned at his boyfriend with that mischievous glint in the corners of his stunning brown eyes. Harry loved being teased like this, it was a game which he was always more than willing to play with the man who he loved and adored. It was a game which made him hot, made him horny, made him forget about everything other than the fact that he was about to make hot steamy love with Adam. The fact that soon, he would have that gorgeous, hot, smooth, sexy body all over him. He was ready.


So that was part 1 of my new series of stories “I Don’t Want The World I Want You”. Thank you very much for taking the time to read it. I hope you liked it, if you did, remember to be on the lookout for part 2. ;)

Also don't forget to rate the story and leave a comment ;). Thank you!


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2011-04-13 03:40:13
it was ok but it needs to be longer

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2011-04-05 08:21:02
I a sex story a cliffhanger is a really bad thing..

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2011-04-04 23:52:59
Good story, excellent writing, but 'parts' should at least be a full chapter. This barely qualifies as a 'page'.
Please, put MORE per part. Thank you.

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