Another short from me.
It was the start of school my sophomore year my girlfriend Sara had just brought me home after the movies. She had a car and I didn’t where is the justice in that? I had finally talked her into going down on me and she was very timidly licking at the tip of my cock, it felt real good, don’t get me wrong but that was all she was doing and it was driving me crazy. “Please I begged give it a suck”

“No eww” she said “I think its time for me to go anyway. I buttoned my pants and got out of the car as she drove off. What the heck was wrong with her I wondered? I thought all girls sucked cock or at least tried apparently I was horribly wrong. I walked into the house my cock still painfully hard mom and dad were in the kitchen arguing and I walked upstairs to my room. I heard my sister Linda talking on the phone I didn’t pay any attention I just went into my bedroom and broke out some spank magazines and stroked off to relieve the pressure. It wasn’t till after dinner that I realized that my little sister had invited her friend over. I finished dinner and went to my room and did my homework. With all the crappy stuff out of the way I cracked a book and lay back on my bed.

I must have dozed because the house was silent when I woke with a start, the book still open on my chest. “He’s awake” I heard Linda say.

“Well?” the other girl said.

“Bill” Linda said.

“What?” I knew I was annoyed and I sounded annoyed.

“Ask him,” the other girl hissed.

“Well I saw what you and Sara were doing in her car, and Mickey wanted to know”

“You were spying on me?”

“Well yes?” Linda said.


“What you’re going to tell mom and dad I was spying on you? I’m not going to be the one in trouble when they find out what you were doing”

“You wouldn’t,” I said

“Don’t think I wouldn’t.” Linda spat.

“Okay what do you want Linda” I said finally resolved to whatever childish blackmail she wanted.

“Well,” Linda began, “I was talking to Mickey here” she indicated her blushing red headed friend “on the phone while I watched you and Sara in the car, and I told her all about it, she thought it was pretty sexy and wanted to try”


“She wants to try sucking and licking your dick”.

I was utterly speechless for a minute but then I shook off the shock of what my sister said “Okay… I said but she has to swallow my jizz”.

“What’s that?” Mickey asked it was the first time she had spoken.

“My sperm it comes out of my cock when you have done a good job and its how you know that you have”

“It won’t hurt me or anything will it?” she asked

“Nah” I replied.

“Okay any other conditions you have?” my sister asked.

I looked at her, and she pulled at her shirt and glanced at her friend “ahh yeah you have to do it bare chested” I said catching the hint.

“Oh” Mickey said looking a little worried, “I, I mean I don’t have much, you know I’m not”

“Mickey take off your shirt” I said she stood looking at Linda for a moment and then looked at me she took a deep breath and took the hem of her t-shirt in hand and peeled it up over her head. She stood there in just a pair of panties and a bra, She was right her breasts were small just slight lemon sized rounds under the cotton of her bra. “Now the bra” I said she reached back and unclasped it and hesitantly let it fall. My mouth watered at the juicy ripe breasts presented to me her large pink-capped nipples nearly covered her entire breast “Wow those are beautiful” I said Mickey blushed even more if that was possible. I got up from my bed and pulled up my desk chair.

“You can touch them if you want to.” Mickey whispered as I sat down on the chair and kicking off my boxers. I watched her trembling hands as she knelt down in front of me. I was actually glad that I was sitting down because I knew my knees would never hold up. I was nervous as a whore in church. I watched has her fingers timidly touched my throbbing cock. I couldn’t hold back a gasp as her fingers lightly tickled my cock. She leaned forward and I could feel her breath on it as her fingertips grasped around the base. I nearly blew my load as I watched her kiss the tip her cute little bow lips and then I really groaned as it slipped between her lips. Her tongue gently explored the sensitive flesh of my cock and I reached down and caressed her breasts with my fingertips, she moaned around my cock and I was in heaven. She gently sucked on my cock, maybe just the head, but god I started to try and do trigonometry in my head anything to make this wonderful feeling last. I focused on her nipples and I brushed them lightly with my thumbs, god I wanted to suck on those cute little titties.

“Take it deeper” I heard my sister say, I had forgotten all about her but there she was sitting right next to Mickey. I could see her fingers actually rubbing the front of her friend’s panties. Mickey then rocking her mouth up and down my cock its length slowly disappearing between her lips. This was so fucking hot I thought to myself. Of course I knew that I would never whisper the facts of what happened to a soul ever.

Mickey pulled her mouth off my cock “your cock is so big” she gasped. She then proceeded to swallow as much as she could in.

I groaned it was just too much “I’m gonna cum” Mickey pulled back a little and then her tonsils were getting a coating of my creamy sauce. I watched her eyes bug out a little and the she swallowed again and again. Mickey wiped her chin with her forearm.

“Thank you” she smiled her green eyes flashing and the two of them exited my room after she picked up her shirt and bra. I lay back on my bed wondering if this was some weird dream. I decided to blow it off and closed my eyes.

I woke up the room was dark “Bill?” said the whispered voice again.
“Hu hmmm?”
“Bill are you awake?”
“I am now” I yawned
“Do you really like my tits?”
“They are wonderful I loved touching them”
“Really?” she said softly “I worried you would think they were too small”
“No they are very suckable?”
“You want to suck them?”
“Here” she whispered in the dark I felt her breast bush against my nose I moved my lips and took her nipple in my mouth. She gasped quietly, her hand snaked down and found my hard cock. “God its hard again… can I suck it again, that made me so sexy and hot”

“Let me suck your tits for a little while first” I whispered back. She straddled my stomach and leaned in to let me taste her delectable creamy breasts. She crushed my head against her chest. I snaked my hand down to her panty-clad pussy and found the whole front panel completely soaked. I slipped my fingers inside and slid one of my fingers across her soft furry slit. I just rubbed my finger back and forth over her swollen lips.

“Oh shit” she groaned as she humped her fingers against my finger I kept my attention on her breasts until I felt her whole body contract. “God bill” she gasped “let me suck you” she pulled away and lowered her mouth onto my throbbing cock. She began devouring me with a vengeance all of the hesitancy and nervousness was gone. I gripped her head with my fingers as I urgently warned her of my impending climax. Then I held her head as I erupted into her hot mouth. She nursed on it a little while before letting it pop out of her mouth. “That was awesome” she whispered and kissed me on the cheek. I heard the door close quietly and I drifted off into my dreams. Still not really believing that I had just been sucked off by one of my sister’s friends. God that was hot, and my sister was two years behind me in school. Had I hit a gold mine or what? I wondered.

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