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I enjoy erotic fiction that is based on movies we know and love. I don’t see much of this these days so I thought I would change that. This is my first story so I hope you will be kind about your suggestions.
Ariel swims up towards the large shadow of a ship, with a flick of her long fish like tail, drawn by the pretty lights that shoot up into the sky, ignoring the cries of Sebastian below as he tries in vain to keep her away.
Ariel is a very headstrong teenager. Always fascinated and drawn to the land where people have legs and walk and run, and have so many fascinating objects that she has never seen before.

This of course is forbidden to her. Her father king Triton ruler of the seas fears the land people and forbids Ariel from ever going up to the surface; for fear that she would be killed. Ariel being a curious teenager pays little heed to her father and Sebastian, a crab that King Triton has ordered to watch over her. She often collects manmade objects in sunken ships with her best friend flounder, a yellow fish with blue fins that accompanies her on all of her adventures.

When Ariel surfaces she sees on the ship for her first time a man. He is dancing around playing the snarfblat. They seem to be having some kind of party. Ariel stares in awe at the man he has short black hair, blue eyes like hers and a rippling muscular chest that she can just make out of a gap in the sailor shirt he is wearing.
“Prince Eric”, Ariel startles and hides. “Prince Eric”, Yes Grimsby Eric replies.

“Ah esteemed prince Eric, allow me to present you with a very large, very expensive birthday present.”
“Ah you old bean bag you shouldn’t have.” Eric beams. (A large statue of Eric is unveiled).
Ariel doesn’t really take much notice of the rest of the conversation and floats there dreaming of her prince, when suddenly she is snapped out of her dream by thunder. Suddenly the waves start tumbling and the ship is caught on fire. Ariel moves out of the way and watches in horror as her prince is trapped on the ship. With a blast the ship explodes and Ariel sees her prince drowning. Quickly she dives in with little regard to her own safety and drags him on to the shore.

Eric opens his eyes it’s as if he is dreaming right in front of him he can see a beautiful women singing. She has long flowing red hair that comes down past her shoulders, bright blue eyes, pale skin, young firm C cup breasts covered by purple sea shells and a long fishy tail, with green scales that sparkle like emeralds. Wait a minute that can’t be right. Just then he hears Grimsby “Eric, Eric”, and just like that the woman with the beautiful voice is gone.

A few days later

Ariel swims through the ocean with flounder. She is so excited flounder has a surprise for her. “What is it flounder what do you want to show me?” she asks as they arrive in her secret grotto of manmade objects. This flounder declares, as he shows her the statue of Eric that was on the ship that night she saved Eric. “Oh flounder I love it”, she says with a laugh as she twirls around with the fish held in a tight embrace. Ariel moves up to the statue “oh what’s that Eric? Run away with you”, she smiles with glee. Just then she is interrupted by a loud shout. So this is what it has come to. Ariel quickly turns around to see her father with Sebastian sheepishly trailing along behind him.

Daddy Ariel exclaims. “Is it true you rescued a human from drowning”, Triton shouts. “Yes Daddy but… you don’t even know him”, Ariel stammers. I don’t care humans are dangerous you should know better. “But Daddy I love him” Ariel cries. “You what” Triton cries with rage. “So this is what it has to come to”, he’s a human you’re a mermaid. “I don’t care” Ariel stubbornly answers. “That’s it if this is the only way you will learn then so help me” Triton’s face goes dark. Ariel watches in horror as her father pulls out his triton. There is a sound of a crash as the statue is destroyed. No matter how much Ariel pleads her father “daddy, daddy, stop this please.” He doesn’t stop and soon her grotto is completely destroyed. All the objects she had collected all her life since she was a young girl all her prized possessions gone. Then her father just leaves her in a puddle of her own tears.

How could he do this Ariel cries? “Ariel”, Sebastian says I’m so sorry. “Just leave me alone” Ariel cries in devastation and with that her friends swim away.
Ariel is alone crying about everything her father not understanding, Eric, how can she handle this? She thinks. Just then she hears a slithery voice. “Poor sweet child, she has a very serious problem, if there is only something we can do. But there is something.” Ariel looks up through her tears to see two eels black as night with blue fins, yellow beady eyes and sharp white teeth. “Who... who are you?” Ariel stammers.” Don’t be scared we represent someone who can help you, someone who can make your dreams come true, you and your prince together for ever.” said the eels. “I don’t understand Ariel cried.” “Ursula has great powers.” the eels smiled. “The sea witch, forget it”, Ariel shouted. “Suit yourself it was only a suggestion” the eels say as they flick a part of the statues face towards Ariel. Ariel picks up the statue she looks at the piece of marble staring at her with half of Eric’s face on it. And suddenly all the pain of being alone is much worse than dealing with an evil sea witch. “Wait,” she cries out to the eels.

Sebastian and flounder are drudging along when they spy Ariel swimming along with the two eels. “Ariel what are you doing?” Sebastian cries out. “I’m going to see the sea witch,” Ariel replies. “But you can’t.” cried Sebastian. Ariel ignores him and swims off. “Come on” Sebastian says to flounder as they go to follow the young teenager to what is her certain doom.

Ariel arrives at what looks like the bones of a huge beast. There are large sea shells along the bottom, and as she swims further into what looks like a cave, she can see strange worm like things along the ground that try to grab on to her. Just as Ariel is about to turn back she hears a voice. “Come in Come in.”
Ariel moves into a large cavern with a giant sea shell, to see a woman. Her skin is smooth and grey; she has large double D sized breasts that hang out unashamed. Her hair is white and long, her eyes yellow. They look like the kind to strike fear into your very soul. She wears a necklace with a golden shell and as Ariels eyes travel downwards she can see that the women’s body is half octopus, black as night with long tentacles that swirl around.

Ursula smiles with glee, as she can see who her two pet’s flotsam and jetsam have brought along. “Ariel princess of the sea, oh how I hate Triton for banishing me from the kingdom, now I have his daughter I can finally enact my revenge,” she thinks with a smile. As she looks at Ariels young teenage body a thought crosses her mind. “Hmm maybe I could have some fun with this as well.” She smiles with glee.
“Come in come in my child” Ursula cries. Reluctantly Ariel swims in. Yes you have a problem I see. You want your dear old prince. But if you were to go there you would be how should we say a fish out of water. Ariel nods. Well I have a deal for you, with my magic I can give you legs. “You can do that?” Ariel cries out excitedly. “Uh, Uh, Uh, listen,” Ursula tuts. “I can give you the magic that will give you legs, but the spell will only last three days. In this time you must get your prince to give a kiss of true love then you will have legs forever. If you fail to do this you will belong to me.” “I don’t” Ariel starts. “I said to listen” Ursula stops her mid-sentence. “In return I require payment. Your voice. “But don’t worry you have many other things to win a man, your grace, your eyes, body language man up there hate chatter and it is the most likely way to drive one away. All you have to do is sign this.” Ursula brings out a contract. “But if I do this I will never see my family again. Uh life is full of hard choices” Ursula shrugs it off. “So what’s it going to be?”. Ariel stops and thinks she loves her family but. “I haven’t got all day” Ursula cries. Quickly Ariel signs the contract.

Ursula rips it from her hands and starts laughing. “Now my child sing and don’t stop singing no matter what happens.” “What what do you mean,” Ariel stammers. “Oh did I forget to mention my magic is an old magic based on sex if you stop singing now that you have signed the contract as the magic works the spell will be half done and you will be unable to breathe on either land or water in short you will die,” Ursula smiles.
Suddenly Ursula grabs Ariel with her tentacles and pushes her face into her wet tight pussy wrapping her tentacles around her face so that she can barely breathe. Ariel cries as she is grabbed then stops when Ursula cries out, “you better start singing unless you want to die,” she laughs. Ariel starts singing. As she feels her face pressed against Ursulas clit with her tongue moving intricately to the words. As she swallows Ursulas inky like juices with Ursula rocking against her face moaning in ecstasy. Ursula smiles at her pets. “Come on flotsam, Jetsam time for some fun she cries,” as she pulls the shells off of Ariels firm teenage breasts. Flotsam and Jetsam move towards Ariel. Flotsam uncovers the patch of emerald scales covering Ariels vagina and starts to flick his tongue against her clit. While Jetsam rubs against Ariels breasts biting hard making Ariel cry out in pain, delighting at the pain he’s causing her. Ariel keeps singing.

She can hardly breathe, she feels suffocated pressed against Ursulas pussy. She can feel a rough rubbing against her lower regions from flotsams tongue. Ariel feels afraid and wants this to stop but knows that if she does she will die. She tries to bear it as Flotsams tongue begins to make her warm inside, then she jumps a little as she feels Jetsam suddenly move inside of her vagina, his tail moving in and out faster and faster. As he goes deeper he comes up to a block with her hymen. Oh no please not that. Ariel had wanted to remain a virgin for Eric but to lose her virginity to an eel “no,” she cries as she tries to push away, but Ursula’s tentacles hold her tight. Jetsam only laughs as with a quick thrust he impales her swiftly and painfully breaking her hymen. “No” Ariel cries as a her virginal blood flows into the water. All she can feel is a thick scaly object withering inside her making it even more unbearable as Jetsam lets a pulse of electric charge inside of her. Jetsam isn’t gentle either he goes back and forth faster and faster, his tail wriggling inside of her so that she can feel every wall of her pussy contract by the sheer stimulation, and the electric charges pulsing constantly through her pussy, making her thrash around in a cross between horrible pain and sheer ecstasy.

Suddenly she gives a cry as Jetsam pushes even further with force so that his tail now moves into her womb. Ariel cries out in pain though she can feel her muscles contracting as though near orgasm, she can also feel the rubbing pain of the entrance to her cervix accommodating jetsam’s long scaly tail. “Yes,” Ursula cries “keep licking that pussy slut.” Flotsam laughs as he watches Jetsam fuck Ariel with his tail. He moves over to Ariels arsehole and then slightly pushes his tail into her tight arsehole. He can feel resistance at the entrance but just pushes through delighting at Ariels cries of pain and pleasure as he fucks her arsehole with his body emitting an electric charge throughout her.
Ariel is overwhelmed by the sensations she is feeling. Having two scaly bodies fucking her thoroughly in both holes, while she is forced to eat out Ursula’s pussy, she can barely breathe. She is frightened and in terrible pain especially with the electric pulses going through out her body by flotsam and jetsam, making her arse and pussy clench uncontrollably around both of their bodies while they fuck her. Though she is in great pain what she doesn’t understand is why this is making her feel so aroused, it’s as if something about being forced to do things is somehow turning her on. She doesn’t have much time to ponder on this as she is too busy concentrating on singing.

Throughout this treatment even with the cries of pain she never stops singing. Ariel begins to get a strange feeling she feels like her voice is disappearing just as she hears Ursula’s cries of orgasm, with her pussy lips clenching on her tongue. She has no time to concentrate on the sensation as she feels a burst of warmth go through her and a rush of fluid spray from her own pussy. Ariel is tired. Ursula pushes Ariel away and grabs her from behind. Ariel can now see a magic hand reaching into her throat carrying her voice away into the shell around Ursula’s neck. Flotsam and Jetsam leave both her holes. She looks down to see her emerald tail disappearing as legs start to form.

“Flotsam, Jetsam Ursula cries don’t you think our little mermaid, oops human ought to do some cleaning up” she smirks. Next thing Jetsam swims towards Ariels mouth and forces his tail right into her throat. Ariel bites down in panic to no avail Jet sums skin is too thick as he throat fucks her with enthusiasm so that Ariel can barely breath as she feels the rough thick feeling down her throat of Jetsam sliding in and out covered in Ariels pussy juices. It’s not long before Jetsum withdraws and Flotsum approaches her. Oh no Ariel thinks no hes just been in my arse but that doesn’t stop him soon Flotsum has half his body down Ariels throat and starts moving faster and faster. The sensation is unbearable this can’t get any worse. She thinks just as Flotsum releases an electric charge causing her throat to clench uncontrollably. She can hardly breathe, as her legs form and she forms lungs she is just starting to black out. Flotsam ignores her and keeps fucking her mouth as Ursula watches laughing. As the room goes dark Flotsam withdraws himself. The last thing Ariel sees is her friends Sebastian and Flounder dragging her up to the surface with Ursula laughing down below them.

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2015-12-01 02:12:05
Wow i for one think this story is great, sex scene maybe a little more spice, word of advice i bet these assholes couldn't even write a better sex scene even if they're balls or vagainas are at risk and never mind the spelling in this comment!

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2015-10-29 10:02:04
The story was great and don't let the nasty comments get you down i for one love it but the sex scene is a little bit scary

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2015-08-23 22:44:05
Come on man! that was too much make sure she has a happy porny ending ass hole

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2015-08-19 17:15:48
I like the sex and asses and penises

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2015-08-12 09:42:34
You motherfucking bastard! While erotic, you are missing parts of logic to it! Think next time! Also, stay away from the little mermaid!

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