For those who asked for more detail- here is the story of our first sex. What is it like to fuck a vampire-incredible! Here I try to describe it If you haven't read the previous story you might like to read "April the Vampire" before moving on to this one. Please feel free to leave constructive comment and don't forget to vote positive (if you like it!) I'm not sure about the genre selection- there don't seem to be any fully appropriate headings.
I didn’t fuck April that first night- it was surreal- half way through my masturbation I was suddenly plunged from near orgasm to abject horror and fear. I knew I would not survive the attack- but the creature that emerged from the shadows was simply gorgeous- the stuff of my dreams not my nightmares and I was torn between fear and desire- stay or fly, death or sex. Perhaps these two concepts are always associated in the human mind, as inseparable as two sides of the same coin- for certainly I flitted from one to the other in my mind several times as she approached. Stay RUN, stay RUN and then when she came to me- she seemed fascinated by my member. It seems strange recalling that first time so many years ago. Her touch on my skin had been cold- not at all like the warm hands of the barmaid in the village inn the night before. She had come to my room after the inn was closed and whilst all were sleeping, she had ministered to my needs.
No, this was altogether more thrilling- exciting a true dichotomy or fear and desire, the two ingredients intimately mixed into a heady cocktail! I wanted more of her touch; I nodded my assent (what folly was that?). I saw her head bob down towards me, moving slowly at first, perhaps torn with indecision and then I recall the fear as she engulfed me in one sudden movement. One moment I was sure it would be alright and the next her fangs were out- shining white in the moonlight. When she took me into her mouth the shock was extreme, at first delight and then such pain as her fangs tore at my belly, at the root of my member. The pain was excruciating, I felt I had been stabbed and I started to scream, butt then, even as I was opening my mouth to cry out something happened. A warm feeling gathered in my loins and spread to suffuse my whole being- some ingredient, hypnotic, alluring in her saliva perhaps? The pain dulled; I could feel the blood flowing from me but somehow the feeling caused neither fear nor panic. It felt warm, comfortable to bleed and somewhere deep in my subconscious it even seemed to make sense; it was almost natural to be bleeding into her.

That first night I came in her mouth- the change in her from feeding to sex, and from blood to sperm was as surprising for me as it I later found it had been for April. That change cemented our relationship and though I may not have been possessed in the sense of a true vampire for I still lived I, still was mortal; I knew that I belonged to her every but as much as if her bite had snuffed out my mortal existence that very night.

When she had finished we talked till dawn, she had so many questions about the stuff of a man, what was it that had just happened? Why had it happened? Then she retired, trusting me to bring non-one to disturb her slumber in the day and to return the following night. For my part I repaired to my lodgings, braving the knowing looks from the landlady- Just how had I, a young bachelor, remained out all night in the storm and returned so dry? I went to my room and undressed, the wounds round my shaft were raw, becoming sore now and seeping blood had marked my undergarments. I bathed and changed. Dressing my wounds with some soothing balm and then padding around my member to absorb any more seepage of blood. I found myself unusually tired, drained. I lay on the bed and slept for hours, troubled by dreams and nightmares the likes of which I had not known since I was a child. When I awoke it was gone 6, the sun already settling low in the sky. Another two hours until it would be truly dark and perhaps another 20 minutes from then until moonrise and April’s awakened
I felt overcome with hunger, swinging my legs out of the bed I rose carefully and dressed. The pain in my groin was easier now, there had been no more bleeding as I slept and I hoped the flesh of the wound was beginning to knit.

I descended the staircase from my room, the landlady caught my eye-Would the gentleman be requiring anything tonight? I caught her meaning in the gleam of her eye, but No- I thought I would be alright. I couldn’t risk her seeing my savaged abdomen- the explanations would be too difficult and would surely lead to trouble for April. Instead I pretended to have missed her hidden meaning and instead ordered dinner: a simple but satisfying repast- cold meats, pickles and ale. When I had finished darkness was settling on the land, the moon not yet arisen. I made my excuses and left, returning to my room fixed once more by the knowing and curious eyes of the landlady. Who was the woman who would receive my attentions that night? I washed myself down, checked my groin, no fresh blood, and then dressed for the evening chill. Finally, wrapping my cape around me I strode out into the night.

I was leaving the outer streets of the village, heading into the woods and the old churchyard that stood there when fear gripped me again- had I imagined these circumstances, this strange fascinating mix of dread and excitement? Had I misinterpreted the creature’s motives? Would she greet me with others of her kind and denying me mercy feast upon my very soul that night? The thought sent a shiver down my spine. I resolved to take precautions. Some 10 minutes before moonrise I took my station, out of sight, protected by the churchyard wall. A vantage point from whence I could see without being seen. I waited silently, the moon rose, yet nothing happened. I waited some more and still nothing happened. I had been right! Surely this was an ambush laid for me with my assailants hidden, waiting silently just out of sight! Then I heard a low sound, a female cry almost a whimper. I turned to seek its source. April was standing by the entrance to her tomb. Her shroud gleamed white in the moonlight, it flowed in the breeze like the ripples on a stream. She was alone, there was no ambush. She was looking about, apparently seeking something and that’s when it dawned upon me, she was looking for me? She had wanted to see me when she awoke- as I had promised she would. The sound came again- was she crying? Can vampires show sadness? Foolish, foolish man, how could I have doubted her? Overcome with remorse and perhaps against my better judgment I stood and softly called her name. She spun around crouching catlike at the sound. Then she saw me, I could see a visible relaxation in her posture, almost a smile on her face and then she stood. Suddenly her body was floating in the evening air, she was gliding through the air towards me at speed, like a leaf borne on the autumn breeze I was frightened just for an instant and then she was upon me- In my arms just as I was in hers. Her lips fastened on mine, no fangs! Her touch was again that magical, cool solidity, so different from a living woman but so enticing. There was a little saliva from her mouth, a taste reminiscent of spices, almost herbal; aromatic, myrrh and incense. Here, on the earth, but not of it. I surrendered to her and to the sensation, my tongue entered her mouth and she allowed it. Her mouth was cool at first but warmed rapidly with the presence of my tongue, my warmth suffusing her coolness. She drank of my saliva and I of hers, if there had indeed been some potent intoxication in her secretion I didn’t care, I nipped her lips and drank freely of it; it was all I craved and desired; it was all I needed.

We fell to the ground, and there on the verdant churchyard we made love. I don’t know whether April knew what was happening or what would happen. She seemed overcome with passion and simply let me do what I wanted, interrupting me only to seek my mouth anew and kiss again. I knew more of sex and I knew what I wanted. My mouth moved from hers to her neck, kissing down its white coolness, it reminded me of the neck of a swan, slender and pale graceful. I kissed her shoulders, easing her flimsy garment over them so that the fabric draped diagonally across her body. Her breasts were firm, taught, almost hard, pushing onto my chest I was aware of their pointedness. I wanted them. I pulled the shroud from her shoulders; her marble white breast sprang into view: firm, pale, like the breast of Venus de Milo that I had seen in the Louvre. Aprils breasts were immortalized by her transformation every bit as beautifully as those of Venus had been fashioned in antiquity by the hand of some unknown artist. Now I realized how much that statue had affected me. Here I stood, of all those who had stared and wondered at that statue; I alone knew what it was like to cup such breasts, to feel them firm and hard in the palms of your hands whilst their owner writhes in your arms! I was speechless, lost. If there was any part of me that called me back to Earth, to life, to the church , its voice was lost; drowned by the roaring of the blood in my ears and the rustle of the leaves beneath me and the slurping of April’s cool tongue in my ear.

I eased her shroud down exposing both breasts and sank my head to feast upon them. They were perfect. Each was formed as if by the hand of a master, firm but not immobile, hard but not unyielding, and topped with a berry-like nipple that retained much of its once-pink flush of life. I fastened my lips upon her left nipple, she convulsed in my arms thrusting the breast deeper into my mouth where it began to warm, becoming more supple, pliable with the heat of my attentions. I sucked greedily and heard rather than saw her gasp- I couldn’t see her expression, my eyes were closed as I was lost in the passion and immediacy of my needs. I cupped the breast in both hands, feeling its texture changing, softening as it warmed. I squeezed her tit gently, easing the flow of any secretions from her nipple directly into my mouth, sucking, licking milking her into me. At first there was nothing, but then again that intoxicating flavor that was halfway between a flavor and a scent- aromatic and herbal- yet also similar to the berry tastes of a living woman’s breast. I sucked there for some time before April raised my head to kiss me again.

I had to see more of her, my hands slid easily down her stomach, the flat taut flesh was smooth beneath them, the texture of her muscles outlined in smooth curves. In life she must have been lovely but in death she was truly beautiful. Her transformation had eased her from living flesh to a work of art and it was a transition that fascinated and captivated me.

My hand reached the tangled curves of her pubic hair, apparently unchanged by her transformation but unlike anything carved by Michelangelo. His women were beauties indeed, but no pubic hair cloaked the flow of their flesh from stomach to pubis. I was fascinated and wound my fingers into it. April gasped and buried her mouth in my hair, panting with little moans into my ear. I delved a little deeper. At first I didn’t recognize the lips of her pussy; they were too firm almost solid, but as I explored once again my touch warmed her and the frozen flesh began to yield; melting, moving under my touch, moulding itself to my finger’s pressure. I parted her inner lips, she exhaled sharply into my hair and her grip tightened on my shoulder- she was strong and the pressure was painful. Her nails broke the skin and I knew I was bleeding. She lowered her head and lapped the blood, not savagely as the night before, but gently, almost urging me on with the motion of her head. The pressure on my shoulder eased as she sighed again-whether from the taste of the blood or my increasingly insistent exploration of her pussy I could not tell.

Her lower lips were flexible now, I eased them apart and gently inserted the tip of my finger into her, and it went in easily. To my delight I felt moisture upon my finger, as her awakening vagina began to react to my attentions. I pushed in deeper; she was cooler inside, the cunt-tube less flexible. When her rigidity barred my entrance I paused, easing my finger in and out, rimming the entrance to her body as the deeper tissues warmed. Then I resumed my progress. Pushing deeper, gaining more of her at each attempt. Her breath was coming in short clipped gasps now, close upon my ear. I gained the bottom of her vagina and clearly felt the nub of her cervix. She tensed against me as I touched her there, pushing herself onto me, and for the first time I felt the muscles of her cunt tube contract, squeezing my finger, holding it inside her.

Withdrawing my finger I kissed her as I rolled her over onto her back, my own body rising on top of her as I did so. Her hands flew to the fastening of my hose, she worked feverishly almost tearing the ribbon fasteners, but at last they came undone. My exploration of her body had deepened my ardor and my member was already firm, it sprang from the tussle of my clothing as soon as there was an opening. Her hands grasped it- Sensations of pure delight! Her cool hands were invigorating almost refreshing and I expanded to still greater girth, my organ throbbing in the palm of her hand. She seemed fascinated by the pulsing member in her grasp. She slipped her hand up and down my shaft for a moment, working me slowly, studying my face for effect. I was ecstatic and closed my eyes with the sensation; it was now my turn to gasp. This pleased her and her strokes increased. I could feel the sensations rising in my prick, I started to ease myself forward and back, extending the stroke of her hand and groaning in pleasure at the cool slip of my penis through her fingers. This seemed to please her, but I had no intention of coming in her hands, at least not just now and I was anxious that the depths of her pussy should not cool too far. I returned my fingers to her pussy, still warm and if anything even more moist now. She had obviously enjoyed playing with my member. I eased my body above her, in classic missionary position and presented the tip of my penis against her nether lips. Warmer than before they still felt cool to the touch. The warmth of me there must have triggered something as she gave a gasp and grabbed my buttocks with one hand, pulling me forward, urging me to enter her. I used my other had to guide my prick to her threshold. Her cunt lips were softer now but still far firmer than those of any woman I had known before, and when I found the “right place” my cock head located rather more firmly in her entry than I was expecting. I didn’t wait- couldn’t wait, but pushed firmly as soon as I felt myself locked in place. I felt her body opening; I felt my prick slide into her. For the first time April was penetrated, I heard her scream in my ear as I entered, but then I was in! The glans ring of my cock head latched behind her vaginal sphincter. I gasped at the sensation- she was cooler, than I was expecting, but she was warming rapidly as my blood pulsed heat through my prick and into her. Her cunt tube was firm, each ripple of her walls solid and hard. I pushed into her; my penis eased her tube open, seeking urgent admittance, demanding urgent attention, seeking to increase the depth of her penetration. She grunted in my ear each time I gained another centimeter of her. She was delicious; the coolness was both soothing and exciting at the same time. The head of my prick expanded, there was a delicious tickling sensation at its tip, growing intensifying, but then it seemed to go numb and I was aware only of my shaft in her, sheathed in her vagina like a dagger in its scabbard. Then again the sensation returned, more intense, more fiery. And so it was as I fucked her- sensation building and then dying as the coolness of her body chilled me. Then shortly afterwards the heat of my own lustful body would win, sensation would return, deeper and more intense than before. Then, before I could reach orgasm inside her, once again the feelings would subside. It was heavenly, sex could go on for hours; my release getting ever closer but never arriving. I was inching ever closer to the edge of the cliff, but never tumbling over. Her own body responded in kind, her breath panted hard in my ears, she convulsed at every thrust. Her body rose and fell beneath mine; her pubis was proffered up towards me and then pulled back down, accentuating the motion of my strokes. We worked together, both aiding her penetration, both working to push my member as deeply into her body as surely it could go. Over and over, over and over entering and retreating, only to return with more thrust, vigor and depth. April’s eyes were rolled back in her head; there was a slight trail of bloody drool from the corner of her mouth. She seemed almost unconscious oblivious to all but the presence of my cock within her cunt and its sliding motion inside her body.

We copulated for what seemed like hours, never tiring yet not coming either until suddenly, as I returned to ram further into her body, April tensed. Her body became hard like the marble it resembled and she chattered into my ear in short gasps
“More. MORE, Don’t stop, Go on! Just a little more, A little more Please Oh please Ohhhhhhh”
And with that she orgasmed beneath me. The sensation was electric. Her strength was incredible and I was thrown about as her body bucked and thrashed like a colt being broken. The spasming muscles in her cunt threatened to burst my prick as they pulsed, grasped and released, grasp release, grasp release; squeezing me harder ever before . Was it pleasure, was it pain I couldn’t tell, all I can say is that it was fiercely intense and there was no way it could last. It was more pleasure than I had ever known my penis threatened to explode within her. There was a moaning sound and I realized April was screaming with her own climax, she was still pulsing inside, still urging me on, eagerly awaiting, anticipating, ready to welcome every spurt of my emission. One last attempt to hold on but it was no use, I went over the edge of the cliff and tumbled into space, falling, falling, pulsing and pulsing all the while I fell. Once, twice, three times, ten time? I lost count but it seemed as if the very essence of my being had been transformed into semen and now I was simply emptying my entire self into her. Blood was roaring in my ears, I was dry in the mouth, hoarse in the throat. I wanted to scream but couldn’t. I could see nothing and I was still falling, down into the blackness.

I don’t know how long it lasted; certainly it seemed like hours but eventually sensation returned. I became aware of April nuzzling my ear, as I lay in her arms. My whole body was trembling, shaking almost uncontrollably- and I was cold, very cold. April’s body had eventually sapped the warmth from my own. Her cunny tube had once again grown cool and set more rigidly in its shape- but now it had set around my prick, in a more open configuration than her previous form. I felt weak as my limp prick slid easily out of her. We kissed and talked for a while until the gathering cold forced me to rise and seek my cape. As April stood the open configuration of her cunt allowed a veritable flood of semen to drip gloopily from her depths. I had never been known to produce so much!

I had thought myself bonded to April before we had fucked; now I knew that the intensity of this experience was something that transcended the norm. It would never be possible to repeat this with any living woman. From now on all womankind could offer me little compared to the intensity I had experienced in April’s arms and body. I was as addicted to her as to any hard drug. I could see no parting from her.

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