(previously Factory Life) A middle-aged perv finally gets to have a secretary
I first wrote this series in 2011, when after the first four chapters it continued (not very well) on another site. Now I've rewritten the story and put it all on here. That was in June/July 2014. It may have a more recent date because I am always fiddling


Mike struggled not to react too much as the next applicant came in. He knew girls didn’t like being stared at - ones that looked like this, especially.

He also knew instantly that he was going to appoint her, even though she was far too young to be secretary to the boss of a company - she was still a child really, fresh out of school and probably knew nothing. But she was so beautiful he’d pay her simply to sit in a corner so he could look at her.

How he’d picked up that she might be like this, just from her application form, he wasn’t sure. Perhaps subconsciously he’d guessed that a sixteen-year-old had to have some reason for thinking she might be in the running, when what he’d advertised for was a “capable, reliable secretary / p.a.”.

Not that she seemed vain in the slightest. Rather diffident, if anything. But perhaps she’d guessed that he might be tempted to just interview a sixteen-year-old girl, in case she was hot.

Why she wanted this job he didn’t understand either - surely she could have done a lot of things? Though she was too short to be a model, only five-five or so, and too delicate to do anything physical.

Anyway, here she was, by some miracle. Mike got his brain back in gear: “Hello Natasha, thank you for coming.”

“Hello,” she said, “thank you for seeing me”.

Mike went through the interview, revising the job description on the fly as he went: anything Natasha couldn’t do (which was a lot) either would be part of the learning process or could be done by somebody else.

In twenty minutes he ended the interview, finding the effort of not blatantly ogling her was getting too much. Establishing that she was available to start the next day, he told her he’d see the other applicants and let her know.

As the door closed behind her he reviewed what he’d just seen: a lissom, glowing brunette beauty. Amazing face, gorgeous skin, large green eyes, thick wavy brown hair down to her shoulder blades that just begged to be sniffed and have his fingers run through. God! Slender neck, slender arms, hands, fingers and everything else. The way she moved, even, was so feminine.

For an old perv like him to have such a girl around in close proximity all day was more than he’d even dreamed. Thank Christ one of his inventions had finally taken off and got him the factory and into this ball-tingling situation.

He called the other interviewees and told them the job was gone, then locked his door, got the Vaseline out and had a nice long wank. After he’d got his breath back he called Natasha and gave her the job, starting tomorrow. He couldn’t wait!

The next day she arrived, looking as gorgeous as he remembered, though rather conservatively dressed in trousers and jacket. As he showed her the computer and phone system she was quite reserved, and kept a personal space between them that was a bit bigger that he really wanted, but he hoped it would get smaller.

Her conversation was also reserved, “Okay”, “I see” and “thank you” being all she said for the first half hour. Over coffee later on he got her to open up a bit, and tell him about where she lived and a bit about her parents and sister and their dog. Still he was aware (because he was looking for it) that she would become chatty only at a distance, across a desk or from a few yards away.

Well at least he got to look at her some more, getting the impression of slim but nicely muscled ass and thighs, and when she took her jacket off her waist looked sensationally small, setting off her lovely straight shoulders and high, pert tits. Mike didn’t go much for big tits, he liked them firm more than anything else, and these were perfect.

Small talk exhausted, Mike went back into his own office, realising that it was going to be impossible to look at her as much as he wanted. She was being polite but a bit cool if anything, not unfriendly but not exactly encouraging much of a personal relationship either. He went onto eBay and bought some spy cameras.

The next day was much the same, with no encouragement from Natasha, and a slight but definite movement away from him if he got too close. It was disappointing, but he’d keep being pleasant and see how it developed.

The next day the ‘security’ camera kit arrived and in the evening he set it up so that he could watch her at her desk. The interaction with Natasha had carried on at the same distant level and he was losing hope that he could actually seduce her, but then he was used to not getting much action with women.

Some perving with her on video in his office would have to be enough, and it was at least quite easy. His desk faced the door and so she couldn’t see what was on his monitor until she came round - there would always be time to switch away from the pictures. And he could tell her he was not to be interrupted for a while, quietly lock the door and have a wank with her all unknowing on his screen.

In the morning it all worked and it was better than nothing, but the low camera pointing under her desk was a waste of time with her trousers, so at the end of the afternoon he had a word.

“I think you’ve been making a good start, Natasha; your starting salary is bit low for what you’ve been doing so I’m going to put it up a bit”. What she’d been doing was actually just some very simple phone answering, fetching visitors from the lobby and internet searching, but it was unlikely she’d argue.

“Oh thank you!” said Natasha with an all too rare brilliant smile.

“The one thing,” continued Mike doing his best to keep talking smoothly “is that it would probably be better for a senior secretary to be wearing a skirt or dress, if you have one?”.

“Oh yes,” she replied, picking up on the ‘senior’,“I’ve got quite a few. I’ll wear one tomorrow.”

She duly appeared the next day in a skirt, which to Mike’s relief was knee-length and gave him a view of her panties as she sat at her desk.

Mike spent a good part of the day with his cock in his hand looking at the video, which was quite nice, but the conversation was if anything slightly less friendly than before. He guessed she had tuned into his ulterior motives on the skirt thing; not enough to go against him and wear trousers, but enough to start being a bit wary. Fortunately the cameras were tiny and she had no idea about them.

Over the next couple of weeks things carried on much the same, Mike making tentative attempts to get closer to her, but being politely rebuffed. She made him feel constantly aroused, even more than his usual oversexed self, but he could only letch at the video and wank.

Eventually he realised it was never going to change. It was disappointing; he felt he’d been getting more confident now he was becoming wealthy, and he’d got into a positive cycle of a better feeling about himself, better clothes and some sport again so he was in pretty good shape for a 52-year-old. But no interest from Natasha.

He couldn’t bear to lose her from his daily vista, she was so beautiful, but he decided to add another secretary, and this time he’d make damn sure there was some chemistry, if he had to interview 1000 girls. He had Natasha to do the donkey work and she could jolly well do it.

“Trainee Secretary Required, Great Salary, Suit School Leaver” he headed his new advert. There. That ought to do it.

The applications flooded in and he had Natasha filter them, first by age and then with a quick interview so he could get a look at them through the cameras.

Having made the decision to give up on trying to get into her panties he found he was becoming more confident with Natasha, and gave her her instructions firmly without bothering that his objective was becoming a bit obvious.

All the candidates selected for initial interview were young and unmarried, and each interviewee had to sit in Natasha’s office and answer a very few questions before being quickly sent on their way.

Mike pretended to read Natasha’s notes about each one to select the ones to interview himself, but simply selected the ones that seemed sexiest on video.

It took a long time and many applications but his seventeenth interview struck gold.

Sara was even younger than Natasha, and like her had just left school at the earliest opportunity.

She was quite short and radiated energy. Thick, wavy blonde hair framed a round face with a wide mouth and grey eyes that twinkled with confidence and fun. Mike liked her immediately.

“So would you like to tell me a bit about yourself?” he started the interview as usual. “Why you want the job, for example, and why you’ve left school?”

“Well I was more kicked out really. Do you want the short version, or the whole thing? It’s a bit naughty, in some ways,” she grinned at him.

Naughty? “The full version,” he smiled. She was quick. Charismatic. She was raising a little tingle in his balls already.

“I do trampoline and gymnastics and diving, or I did, and my coach and his girlfriend, who was our French teacher, used to go all over the gym in the nude, after it closed,” she started.

Mike's breath caught. All those trigger words in one sentence...

“They...made love...on all the equipment: the bars, horse, everything. I used to stay behind in the showers and then watch them. In the end I hid inside the old horse and had them...doing it, you know, right on top of me, it was so cool, but they moved it and bashed my toes and I went and said ‘Ow’. They lifted the top off and there I was, totally busted.”

He was about to commiserate with her for being expelled over that natural curiosity, but found he had underestimated her.

“Well they were busted too, it seemed to me,” she continued, “the school wouldn’t have liked it, two teachers doing that, all over the gym. So I told them I wanted to watch, and they had to let me.

“They were pretty cool with it actually, once they got started. Martine said young people should learn about sex properly, and so they talked to me as they did it, showed me all their parts and how to do everything, you know, how to kiss and touch in different ways and different things; how to turn someone on, basically. And then, you know, how to keep it going and that sort of stuff.”

She paused, in case Mike wanted to say something, but he was struck dumb.

“And she showed me about sensuality, using her fingertips, caressing, all the bits of your body you can turn on if you touch it different ways. Stuff I hadn’t a clue about, like breathing on someone, in their ear and things like that, or licking a bit of neck or something and then blowing on it.

“So I got Martine touching me more and more, kissing, and I touched her more and more, we did massage and everything, and after a few sessions she went all the way and got me off. It was the greatest thing ever.

“Then I had to get her off, in different ways, and the touching with Mickey got more and more worked up, and one night he came, it went all over my hands and face. And I loved that too. So then we were all touching each other and trying to get each other to finish all at once. They made it like an exam.”

Sara laughed. “I’m not embarrassing you am I? You did ask for the full version.”

“No no,” Mike was trying to work out if she was winding him up, though she seemed perfectly sincere. “No please carry on. Why you’ve left school and want this job...”

“Okay,” she smiled a wide smile at him, testing him, and finding him susceptible. “Then they got me to go and get a Depo injection and Mickey did me. It was fantastic, I never even felt my membrane go, it just felt right straight away, we came and came.

“Then we just kept doing it, I joined in with them on their gym nights and we all hung out in the nude and had sex on the equipment, the mats, whatever we felt like. On weekends if it was sunny we used to go up on the roof of the library, it’s flat, and sunbathe in the nude too. We couldn’t actually do too much then, the wall round isn’t very high, it was about being at our best for each other.

“And we all did sports, and Mickey told me about what to eat, you know no McDonalds or any of that crap, they really looked after their bodies so they could get the most out of them for sex, have good skin and everything. And, you know, do everything for a long time.”

Mike saw the smile widen even further as she said the last sentence. She was looking at him very directly, with those glinting grey eyes. He knew she’d been developing it into pretty much a sex story, watching his reaction and daring him to call a halt to it.

He believed every word though. And she was very clever, he could feel it. Very quick, and fearless. Calling his bluff about being a Managing Director business type, exposing his pervy fascination with teen girls by taking over the interview…

“God, I learned so much. They were just so cool with it all; everything was nice, it was fun. Bodies are so great...

“Then we got caught. Someone with a bit of a girl crush on me stayed in the showers like I had, and she was a jealous prudey little bitch and went and told someone and it all got out. So they were told to go quietly and I was excluded.

“So there was a big row and my mum and dad said I have to get a job for a year before I go to college, to teach me a lesson. And this one seemed interesting.”

“I see,” Mike realised he ought to say something, even if it was a bit inane. He doubted a job as a secretary would really seem at all interesting to this girl, but he couldn’t say that, obviously.

He had to move anyway - she was having such an effect on him he couldn’t sit still. “Well I’m looking for someone for a bit longer than one year, really, but let me show you round.”

Her face didn’t fall as he’d expected. He took her on a tour of the factory, back out through Natasha’s office and past the sales and management offices, down onto the shop floor and through the lines and workstations.

Sara walked next to him, interested and smiling, looking at him a lot so he could look back at her thick blonde hair, her tan, and her strong-looking little body with its broad shoulders and pelvis; the fantastic thighs of delicious smooth muscle, freely on display below her rather short skirt.

The strength in her build was kept totally feminine by her slender neck, waist and hands. He’d noticed her hands in the office - so small he immediately thought how big his cock would look with them half wrapped round it. Not that his cock needed much help in that department - it seemed to have been made for a much bigger guy.

They emerged from the shop floor into the Goods Inwards department, pushing through the curtain side by side, with Sara not shy about touching him at all, brushing against him with her hip and shoulder.

Mike found he could just let it happen and not tense up; not like him at all really. She was walking closer and closer to him, and he was just gently nudging back, until it had become obvious it was deliberate. At the far side of the room he held the swing door open for her and she went though it facing him, touching his arm as she said “thank you.”

He let the door close and in the corridor there was no-one else there.

Sara was looking at him with an expression he couldn’t describe but understood totally. He moved a fraction towards her. Sara moved towards him and then they were pressing together, kissing, and their arms went round each other.

It was so right. There was no room for the anxiety that Mike had always associated with women. His cock was hard as if a switch had been thrown, pressing into her. He could feel her swollen vulva

The little gorgeous nubile. She had so much confidence, he didn’t need any. He was going to fuck her.

Fortunately the factory was a large building his company was planning to grow into, and there was an empty room that was going to be a lab at some time in the future, so Mike steered them quickly into it and wedged a chair under the door handle. He looked around - there were a couple of easy chairs, and the floor was carpeted at least. The one window was frosted. Perfect.

He tossed the chair cushions on the floor and put his arm back round Sara, who simply looked excited. No apprehension whatsoever. She was some embarrassing fraction of his age, but this was her initiative.

They kissed again; Mike put his hands under her lean, power-packed butt cheeks and pulled her up against his rampant cock. Sara writhed and pressed against him, as he slid his hands down onto her gorgeous thighs and then back up under her skirt.

He kicked off his shoes and trod on the toes of his socks one at a time to pull them off. She broke the kiss and started kissing his neck, breathing hard, then leaned away a bit and started undoing his shirt. Mike put her down and started undoing her blouse, revealing a lacy bra over her pert little tits.

Actually they were more tiny tits than just small, though this girl was not about tits anyway, she was about thighs and pussy - that would be her very specialist subject he thought.

He reached round and undid her bra, moved his hand down to her skirt, undid the button and zip, and stood back to ease it down her gorgeous legs. One foot at a time he pulled off her shoes and little socks.

Sara stood there in small panties, swelling over her mound with a wisp of bush appearing over the top. She did a slow twirl, the confident little sexpot thought Mike, showing her ass crack above the back of the panties in a way that begged them to be pulled down. Her butt, all of her, was completely firm and smooth.

Before Mike could reach back for her panties Sara reached for his trouser belt, undid it with practiced skill followed by the button and zip, and pulled his trousers down. His briefs started to come with them and jammed on his cock, which was a rock-hard pillar. She deftly lifted the waistband over it and carried on downwards, until his trousers and briefs were on the floor, then reached for his cock with her little hands.

His cock had always been hypersensitive. Now this gorgeous young girl had her two tiny hands on it, each of them only going a bit over half way round; room for the two hands next to each other and still his whole cockhead and a bit more sticking out.

It was such a sight, such a sensation, he was going to cum. Quickly he grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands off, “Don’t waste it” he gasped, pulling her onto the cushions.

Almost before his mind could catch up he was between her thighs and his cock was at her pussy. He ran a finger along her slit, moving a few hairs away and bringing her moisture to the surface. He felt her hands on his sides, pulling him forwards, and his cock slid into her, the easiest entrance he’d ever known.

God! The greatest sensation ever. It was beyond description. As he bottomed out her pussy tightened round him and he felt her strength, a feeling even better than he’d been able to fantasise in the few minutes he’d known her. A FEW MINUTES! It was incredible.

He started to fuck her, with long, slow strokes, coming almost out and then back in to the hilt, rubbing her clit with his pubic bone. His senses were swamped with sensation.

She had a gorgeous aroma; her skin smooth and tanned. His nose was in her hair which was thick, soft and feminine; her breath coming in sexy gasps in rhythm with his fucking, and her thighs on his, spread wide to welcome every last millimetre of his cock.

Thighs feeling soft but powerful; like her pussy - creamy with her juice and giving his cock subtle squeezes and vibrations that had him on the point of cumming within a few strokes.

Sara urged him on with her hands, pressing back with her pelvis and writhing beneath him, equally close to orgasm.

Mike stopped, wanting it to last a little longer. He felt a little bit of cum escape his cock as Sara’s pussy kept the sensation up with its own tight pulsings. Then he slowly drew it out until the tip was starting to emerge, and slid it back in past her outer ring, ever so slowly, to the bottom. They were both hardly breathing, poised right on the brink of ecstasy.

Mike opened his eyes, there was the gorgeous face, the big grey eyes inviting him to keep fucking her desperate young body.

He lifted himself up a little and ran his eyes over her: her slender neck, broad shoulders, pert little tits, and down to her small waist and flat abdomen, the taper down her chest looking incredible, then the shape as her body flared out to her wide pelvis, the pelvis totally designed to be fucked by his big cock.

His eyes moved out across the floor, to her clothes, the short skirt and blouse, with those little panties on top. Then back to her naked young body under him, impaled on his outsize old cock, and desperate for his sperm.

“Stop pratting about” gasped Sara, “I can’t stand it any more!”

God, she’s quite a minx thought Mike, as he started moving again and gave her a cumming rhythm: long strokes at a steady pace.

Two, three, four, five, six, seven, and then there was an indescribable extra sensation from her pussy and he was cumming. Cumming harder than he’d ever known, and so was she cumming, grunting in time and thrusting back with her strong little body.

It went on for several seconds, a huge rush of unreal ecstasy in which everything was as perfect and right as it could possibly be, pumping his sperm into her in great spurts as her orgasming pussy sucked it in.

Then, slowly, he stopped thrusting and was just panting, with her. A minute or two passed in post-orgasmic bliss.

He settled between her strong, gorgeous thighs, shifting to let her bring them in from their wide-open position.

He smiled at her and she smiled back.

“So,” he said, “when can you start?”


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