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She cheats with muscular captain when her boyfriend calls
My name is Greg and I'm thirty years old. My girlfriend Claudia's twenty-five, I'm a little overweight at 210 pounds, but that's compensated in part by my 5"11 frame. She, on the other hand, is 5"9,which means she's a bit taller than me when on high heels, have dark skin (she's from El Salvador), and long, straight, dark hair. She's got a bit of bony cheeks, which gives her a look of being sexually aggressive that contrasts with her natural naiveness. Unlike me, she loves to exercise and owns a rather enviable body, with perfect natural breasts (DDs), long, rock hard legs and an abdomen that while not exactly muscular, it's very well toned and you can see those two lines that go vertically from the side of her ribs to her pubis that make men drool over her when she's wearing a bikini.

So this is what happened: one afternoon when I came back from work I saw Claudia looking over a mens underwear magazine which, quite naturally, depicts models with perfect bodies and suggest what appears to be a rather decent bulge inside of the garments. I have never been a jealous man, and although she was a bit red and got redder when I asked her what she was doing, I gave it no second thought. We actually laughed it off the next minute.

She then started watching her favorite show while I eyed the magazine over, and during commercials she asked me if I, too, liked the men there. I laughed and answered that I was just trying to figure out what she liked so much and if she thought I should get a body like that. She laughed and said that it would be nice, but she would love me anyway. I didn't think about it until later that evening when I remembered that when I saw her watching the mag she was playing with her tongue inside of her mouth, with her lips a bit open and a half smile that until then I had only seen when she was ready to get rid of my boxers.

I brought it up again when we were getting ready to sleep. I pulled out the magazine and asker her which one she liked best. She got red, but she quickly pointed to the one that looked most like me. She then asked me why I was still thinking about that, and that she thought that I would like to be naked with a man like that. I laughed my ass off but before I was done she asked: "Not even if I'm between you two?" You can imagine my surprise and arousal, since I never expected her to say ANYTHING remotely like that. She laughed and played with her tongue in that manner again. I said if she would like that and to my surprise she said yes, and that she was dead serious. I had been her first everything ever so she was curious to check was the fuss was about big cocks. Needless to say, I'm not exactly proud of my 4-inch (when erect) dick. I said that I would not like to be there, but that she could do it once as long as I knew about it all the way. She deserved to know how that felt, especially since I know for a fact that she's been absolutely loyal to me.

During the next months I practically badgered her to do it, to the point where she got annoyed and told me to drop it and that she would think about it. A couple pf days before our yearly trip to the beach she said that she had decided not to go through with it, and that my "big" cock was all she would ever need. I couldn't help to feel a wave of relief, but the idea had become an obsession, and I knew this because I had been masturbating with the idea practically since the day she brought it up. I didn't mention it to her again.

Well, once at the beach we lodged into our hotel and got into our swimsuits and went for a walk. She was wearing sunglasses and a leather black bikini (I insisted) which barely covered her breasts and had only a couple of thin strings holding the other half together. Her ass and pussy were well covered, though. Oh, yes, she was wearing those high heels that made her look taller than me. As usual, every man there got a hard-on when they saw Claudia, and although she pretended not to notice, I suspected she did from the way she suckled on the bottle of water. When we got to the marina, I asked her to wait a couple of minutes while I went to the fish market and got some shrimp for a nice ceviche that evening. She said ok and stood there, still not pretending to notice all the horny and sleazy, old fat men just eating her up with their eyes.

It turned out that the line was longer than I expected, and although I'm not at all jealous I started to feel uneasy leaving Claudia by herself out there. As I was thinking this, I looked out and there she was, talking to the captain of the yacht she had been admiring. I call him captain because of his naval officer hat, which I noticed immediately for two reasons. One, Claudia has always loved the image of men wearing hats like those (police hats, army hats, etc), and two, there was practically nothing else he was wearing, except for the ridiculously small red speedos that showed a bulge that I hoped with all my heart was a pair of socks stuck in them. He looked to be in his 40s, and his body was just as perfect as the men on the magazine from months earlier. He was my height, so Claudia had an advantage point on the bulge in his speedos, which I noticed she was enjoying (tongue-playing) and he had a perfect view of her tits right in front of his eyes.

They were talking still when I came out, and Claudia said, "Honey, I want you to meet Captain Paolo Vittori. He's from Italy. Paolo, this is my boyfriend Greg." As I shook his hand I was thinking "Paolo?!?!?! What happened to Captain?" Well, we said good-bye and Claudia told me that the Captain had invited her to dinner on her yacht that evening. Then she said, "Well, he invited me, but I suppose he'll understand that I have to bing you along." I didn't say anything about the fact that If I hadn't shown up, she would've never mentioned me. Later that evening, Paolo called Claudia to ask if we were coming. She said that sure and that we would be there in a couple of hours. She asked about how to dress, and he said that it was fine that if we all stayed like we were earlier. That bastard knew that I didn't hold a candle to him if we got to compare bodies... or cocks. When she hung up, I asked her why did she give him her phone number, and she simply said: "He looks ok." I didn't know what she meant, and again I didn't ask.

About an hour later Paolo called to cancel, saying he had business to attend to. To my surprise, Claudia did not look disappointed at all. She just said that she was going for a walk while I finished preparing the ceviche that I now knew I had to make. I finished about 45 minutes later, and called her since she hadn't called or come back in a while. When she finally answered, there was laughing and music in the background. She said she was sorry that she forgot to tell me, but that Paolo had found her walking around and that they had started talking and finally he invited her to his yacht again. She, of course, declined, but they were having dinner in a restaurant. My jealousy could not be compared to my feeling of helplessness and rejection, so I only said coldly: "You can go wherever you want. I trust you. I don't feel like going out right now" and hung up. She didn't call back and I fell asleep about 15 minutes later. When I woke up I checked my watch and saw that she had been away for nearly 5 hours and hadn't come back! I called her but there was no answer. I waited 3 minutes and called back. On the second ring, I was cut off.

I quickly put on my shoes and stormed out in the direction of Paolo's yacht. When I finally got there, 20 minutes later and breathless, the yacht was gone! Good news, it was the only one on the water but too far away. To my blessing, there were those things that let you look great distances if you put a coin in them. I did, and when I finally focused the yacht I almost had a heart attack when I saw this: Through the window of the captain's cabin I saw Claudia. She was obviously riding Paolo, since her breasts were naked and she was bouncing up and down, while she was licking her lips and Paolo's strong arms were caressing her boobs vigorously. She was wearing nothing but her high heels and Paolo's hat, so I barely had time to see her eyes rolling behind her head before the brim of the hat hid them, since the hat was a big big for her head and fell down on her nose. As aroused as I was, I could not help but to feel jealous, as I had never gotten a reaction like that from her. So obviously the bulge was real, and I remember that I'd read somewhere that Italians have the biggest cocks in the world. Fuck, now I'd never satisfy her again... if I ever did.

I tried my luck and I called again. She picked up the phone, made a face like she was smelling a fart, signaled Paolo to hush and finally answered on the last ring. She was sweating and breathless as she said, "Hello, honey!" I immediately asked why she was out of breath and she said that she had to run back from the deck to get the phone. I asked what she was doing. This is what followed.

Claudia -Oh, Paolo has been sooo nice! He's giving me a tour on his yacht, and I can even see the stars (she smiled at him and licked her lips).
Me - Oh, ok, are you coming to the hotel soon? (she stood up and so did he, and I could finally see the upward-pointing, too-thick-for-her-hand-anaconda)
Claudia - Well I haven't finished dessert and this banana split is enoooormous. (squatting in front of him, looking at his cock with her jaw on the floor).
Me - You've been gone five hours! Plenty of time for dessert
Claudia - I've been bad (suckling noises and half-pronounced words). This is my third serving. It's reaaaallly yummy (looking to his eyes, smiling, still squatting, still wearing the hat)
Me - Is he there? I'd like to thank him
Claudia - (obviously nervous) He's in the bathroom. I think he's peeing because I can smell his penis all the way out here on the deck! (laughing silently, licking her lips again, in the cabin, not the deck)
Me - I love you
Claudia - Gotta go! He's done (as the biggest load I've ever seen dropped on her face, hat, tits, stomach and legs). He says hi Italiano style! And he stinks of fish! (ventilation motion with her hand across her face, smiling, wrinkling the nose, wearing hat, legs wide open).

She just gave a chuckle, threw the phone back, finished all the drooling cum with her legs wide open, and then held herself back with her hands (legs wide open, wearing the hat, drenched in cum). Part of my training as a scout leader is lip reading, so I could clearly make out her mouth saying "Soooooooo much every fucking time! Get me some paper, my fucking boyfriend's awake." She was smiling from ear to ear. as they were coming back, I hurried back to the hotel.

When she came back she went straight to the shower, not before I stole a kiss from her indifferent and tired lips. I asked, "what happened to your hair, and why do you smell so... fishy?". She answered, as she jumped in the shower, bikini and all, "Paolo gave me his best Italian spices, sorry And we ate on the windy deck." Finally, I asked the question: "Did you notice his body? It was just like the man's in the magazine a few months back." She just answered, in a sexy, playful voice: "Yeah, but I was distracted by his boa. He keeps a super-gigantic one on his boat, you know?"

The end.

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2016-08-11 17:23:16
It's called a telescope, numb nuts. The thing you put money into so you can see far away.

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2016-08-11 17:22:46
It's called a telescope, number nuts. The thing you put money into so you can see far away.

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2016-07-14 06:13:35
What a load of shit

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2012-07-10 01:40:18
typ[ical cheating pig girl fucking anothing behind his back..... if this asshole had a set ofballs he would beat the fuck out of his girlfriend then go after the fucker and cut his cock off and make her eat it........... take her back to the boat go out on the ocean and throen both of them overboard

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2011-07-24 06:56:43
bro after she got back i would have rocked over to this guys boat and beat the fucking shit outta him

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