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guy has girlfriend's friend
Unexpected camping guest
I met my girlfriend, Ashley, a few years ago and instantly hit it off. We had just planned a camping trip to a local lake for the weekend and were very excited to try our new camper. I used a small pop up camper for about 6 years and Ashley and I camped in it last year. We used our new camper one time last fall and was anxious to start camping again in April. Sara, Ashley’s friend who does some babysitting for us also camps with us occasionally. The first weekend we went camping with the kids and Sara tagged along, her mother is always busy and Sara hates her stepdad. Sara helps Ashley and is great with the kids but she is always having boyfriend problems. Ashley just hugs me and tells me that Sara has had a rough life. Ashley and I were anxious about camping over Easter weekend. My kids were with their mom and Ashley’s kids were with their dad and both of us was able to escape being scheduled for work. She is a nurse and has mandatory overtime and on call. Ashley invited Sara against my wishes because she wanted company while I was fished. Sara is a blonde, twenty years old, and is cute but I wouldn’t consider her a knockout. She is nicely built and small boobs. Has a hot body with a cute face and is always in good spirits. She a great personality and is thankful and respectful, we have sort of adopted her so she tags along quite often usually hanging out with Ashley talking about boy and girl stuff. I think it makes Ashley feel a little younger too, and seems to make Ashley horny.
Finally Easter weekend was upon us, we got all of our stuff packed and planned to leave a day early taking a chance on Ashley getting called in. We finished shopping for ice and beer and food, and was just about to head down when she got a call to work. It was her turn, I was so disappointed, but we decided I would go and get the site ready and she would come down the next day after working graveyard. So I kissed her by and left, I had about an hour drive to the lake. I talked to Ashley most of the way and when I got close I said goodbye, it was about noon when I arrived and backed the camper into the spot got it level and was almost finished unpacking when I heard someone call my name, turned around and it was Sara. We had forgotten to tell her Ashley was working tonight. We called Ashley and explained to her what happened, she just laughed and said at least I would have some company. I told Sara she could stay and she was pleased and started helping me. We had sandwiches to eat, and then I took off to get the boat out of storage. I left Sara behind to finish setting up the camper and stay with Ashley’s dog. Sara was wearing shorts and looking very good, I kinda had some bad thoughts and instantly told myself maybe if I was younger. I got the boat and it started to rain, I got back and I had taken the cover off, and decided to put the cover back on and Sara came outside to help, I told her just to go inside the camper but she wouldn’t listen, we unhooked the boat and then covered it up in this monsterous rain storm. I opened the camper door and my shirt got stuck on the door and the dog bolted out into the rain, well crap, I had to chase the dog down and Sara right on my heels. Ashley has a dog and will bolt and run every chance he gets. Finally caught him and headed to the camper. We were cold and wet and had no heat, I was planning to fill the propane tanks tomorrow. I looked at Sara and she looked at me and we just laughed and I said look at your hair and I reached for it and just held it. She grabbed my hand firmly and said yours isn’t much better, I have short hair you dork, I said. She said don’t call me dork and she reached back to hit me and I noticed her nipples were very hard and sticking out now. Her t shirt was translucent and I could see her firm tits. I grabbed her arms and told her young lady I will turn you over my knee, and she dared me to just try it. I started laughing hard and she did too and just fell into my arms, I could feel her tits against my stomach. She always made sure I felt her tits when we hugged and Ashley wasn’t around. I didn’t know if she done it on purpose or just felt more comfortable when we were by ourselves. I got some towels, dried off and changed into dry clothes. I was in shorts and tshirt and Sara was in really short shorts and a half shirt. Sara called and was on break and they had a slow period and of course I missed her, we talked and we were teasing each other about sex and what we were going to do tomorrow night, then she had to go back to work leaving me rock hard.
I was sitting on the couch next to Sara, she heard the teasing conversation and her tits sticking out through her tee shirt. It was cold and we only had one blanket and both of us on the couch I suggested a movie, she agreed, so I unpacked the dvd player and dvd’s. I had to get up and hook it up and then search for a movie and could not get my cock to go down I asked if she could microwave some popcorn and she sprang up and said sure. I tried to shuffle and knew I was caught, she was glancing at my crotch and bumped it as she got up, campers are not roomy. I just turned away quickly. She asked if she could have a wine cooler and I said fine, Sara always let her have one, and I said bring me a beer. I finally got the movie playing and she brought the popcorn in and we started watching it. We would play in the bowl and our hands would touch, she got closer, my cock was so hard, but we were under the cover so I thought I was safe. I stretched back on the couch allowing my legs to stretch out and she just fell into my stomach and just laid there. I knew she could now see my raging hard on again but I didn’t say anything. Her skin was so soft and then she brought her hand up with the blanket and curled it next to her with her arm resting on my cock. The wine cooler must have been affecting her, I put my hand to her hair and rubbed it and said its finally drying and she turned around and said so is yours. My beer was causing me to be more daring, and I told her that if she was younger I would love to take her out. She gleamed and giggled. Our lips were just inches apart and I was fighting my feelings for her. She then leaned in and kissed me. I drew her in and let my tongue probe her mouth and sucked her tongue into mine. I rolled on top her and pressed my cock into her stomach and she moaned the whole time I was kissing her. I finally just stopped and raised off her and then looked at her and smiled, I quickly started tickling her to change the mood. She flopped around and managed to get her hands wrapped around my arms. Her shirt had scooted up past her tits and I could see just how firm they were and those nipples were straight out. She locked her arms around mine and would let me go so I tickled her some more each time getting closer to her tits and I could feel myself working out of my shorts, which was easy because I didn’t wear underwear. I finally grabbed her tit and squeezed and she moaned, I apologized immediately and she just giggled and made a small effort to cover her shirt then she pulled on me and I playfully fell on her knowing I would be close to her lips and so we kissed again and this time she was wiggling under my cock. I finally raised up and sure enough I was out of my shorts with pre cum on her stomach. I hurried and wiped it off and apologized again. I looked at her and her eyes was wide, I asked if she was ok and she giggled again and said that she had never seen anything that big. She had a couple of guys and we started talking about them and she was giving details and said that It was nothing like I had. I told her that mine wasn’t that big, I will admit that my cock is very girthy, its about 7 inches long and the head is medium size, then the middle gets wide and a dollar bill wont go around it. Then it gets smaller at the base. Ashley was amazed at our first time, I took it slow and just like all the women when it gets past the thick part it sort of hangs up inside of a woman, almost like being stuck inside. I can usually move about 3 inches freely and can feel women tense up when the thick part gets close to their entrance. I pull it out and then back it fairly quickly, I have had several women cry and bleed but that’s another time. Sara was now giggling like a young girl in love and I looked at her and said to her that we can never speak of this and she totally agreed, she liked Ashley too much. I leaned close to her and said that she was so hot and attractive and I wanted to be 20 years younger. I played with her hair and let my hands roll across her smooth face and then played with her ears. She fell back into me again and our lips engaged. This time I reached for her tits and squeezed them. I left her mouth and place my tongue on her nipple, I slowly licked around it and finally taking her tit in my mouth I suckled it, rolling the nipple with my tongue. She cood and moaned and grabbed my hair. I suckled both breast till she was humping me then I started kissing her stomach. I could smell her scent penetrating my nostrils. My cock was nearly raging now. I kissed her patch of hair and then let my tongue give the same treatment to her clit just like her nipples. She was bucking now, I got up and and layed beside her and guided her hand to my crotch, she started playing with my cock, it was so cute her hand wouldn’t go all the way around it. She stroked it and then she finally kissed it, she expressed she never gave head before, and I told her just to have fun with it, and she did getting about a third of it and then I pushed her head down forcefully and quickly letting her back up. I could feel my cock go in deep and she flinched but I was out before she gagged. Her eyes were huge I told her some day she would be able to take it that deep. I told her that I didn’t think she would be able to take it and with a smart tone to her voice, she said she could I then climbed back on top going back to her snatch. I knew I had to get it wet, she was wet but we needed it to be soaked. I licked and let my spit flow into her puss, I ran my tongue to her ass and she squealed, I thought the other campers would have heard us. Then I took some spit and rubbed my cock and moved up and put her feet on my shoulders. I said I love you Sara and started in. she said she loved me too and I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop, her eyes gleaming. The head of my cock started in and she was the tightest thing I had ever fucked. I worked the head in nearly cumming and then bent over her with her feet still in the air above my shoulders, I could kiss her now and started pumping while kissing. I would press in and we both would wind our tongues together, she was wincing and squirming some, I whispered it would get better, knowing it wouldn’t. I pressed again real hard and almost got the thick part in and she cried in pain, I think she ripped a little, I stopped and pulled out. I could feel her flaps pulling out too. I got some more spit and licked her some more and then got a big wad of spit on my cock and again put her legs up and worked the head in and leaned over and started kissing her neck she was rocking and I really started kissing and pushing. Our lips would find each other at times then her she would hold my arms trying to brace herself. I was at the thickest part and I worked my hands around her shoulders rubbing them and kissing them, she was totally unaware that I was about to push all the way in. I grabbed her shoulder and pushed all the same time and felt her give. I could feel her muscle flex as my cock penetrated her. She screamed and cried as I felt her pussy pop. I told her to relax baby and not to move. She was crying about how bad it was burning and I said im so sorry over and over again kissing her lips and face. She just squirmed I let her legs down and let her stretch out. I stayed there and slowly started pumping. I could fill her flaps riding along my cock when I withdrew and she flex when I pushed in. I was fixed so I know I could cum in her and started pumping hard. She was wincing with every move. I couldn’t move very much and she wimpered and moaned all the same time. I told her she was hot she was and kept kissing her ears face and lips, she wimpered and moaned, and winced. The head of my cock was hitting something and this set me off as I plowed as deep as a I could and I groaned im cumming. She grabbed my arms and was wiggling away but her head was against the wall and she screamed with pain and pleasure. I felt her contract her pussy again and she screamed, I felt the heat and more moisture, it was getting easier because of her bleeding. I finally got it all in and She stretched and she was screaming no, no. I finally pumped my semen into her and she went limp and screamed. I tried to get out but she kept wincing, finally my cock went down enough and passed freely out. I really felt bad, but I cant stop once a start. I was in school and two girls wouldn’t let me put it in so I decided that wasn’t going to happen again. If they want to see my cock then they are going to get it. I felt terribly upset as I lay on my back. She put her head on my chest and I stroked her hair. She couldn’t move very well and finally she said, I think we better let Sara handle that from now on. I giggled and agreed, I tried to ease the situation, I explained that I thought she would loosen up and she didn’t, and I felt real bad. She expressed that it hurt like fucking hell and her insides was burning badly but at one point it did feel good when I was in and wasn’t moving very much and felt it cumming. We talked a little while longer I finally took her to the couch and tucked her in and then I went to bed. The next morning there was blood on the blanket and her shorts. I woke her up, told her she would have to get cleaned up and she said it looked like it was that time of the month, which it wasn’t and slowly she got up and went to the showers. Ashley had made it to the camp site and Sara was there complaining of her menstrual cycle.
I thought Sara was cool from that point on and hoped I might fuck her again.

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2015-04-05 13:32:32
This story as it is seems like a first draft. We need more insight into each of the three characters and less confusion as to who is who. If this is really a true story, I have a hunch that Sara was your girlfriend and Ashley was the tagalong who became your #2 lover. Read more stories (not only on xnxx) and work on your writing. Ask someone who is good at editing to help you.

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2012-01-31 03:25:59
good story, but, you need to keep your character names in order and stop mixing the names up

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2011-11-13 11:52:42
you called Sara, Ashley many times.

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2011-06-27 19:02:11
I went to tons of links beofre this, what was I thinking?

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2011-04-08 11:47:04
if u want people to read it then add the themes

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