This one is longer as I'm sure you all wanted... enjoy
Once more the tale spins and the story unfolds I hope you enjoy it. We pick right back up where I left off,

I woke up the next morning; I walked into the bathroom to take a piss. Half awake and bleary eyed I let loose a healthy stream that splashed into the toilet. I washed my face, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it Linda pushed her way in followed by Mickey. “You don’t mind if we take a shower do you Bill.”

“Uh no” I said, “Just let me finish up.”

“You can watch if you want to” My sister said. Then turned and pulled off her shirt she was braless she bent over as she pulled her panties down an kept her legs just far enough apart for me to get a clear view of her fuzzy little snatch. Mickey giggled and peeled off her shirt and panties while facing me. She looked at me longingly right in the eye. I looked up to see my sister leaning over and adjusting the water, her much larger breasts hung in that perfect space her dark reddish areolas capped her wonderful mounds. She had big thick nipples that capped her wonderful fun bags. I had never really thought of my sister in any kind of sexual way but now, locked in a bathroom with two nubile teens. I looked down and noticed that my cock was standing hard and erect and protruding from the hole in my boxers. Mickey had a sort of soft triangular patch of red curls covering her pussy and she made sure I got a good view of it. My sister on the other hand had a similar bush, but more of a dark color like her hair. Well I guess the saying was true that the curtains match the carpet. Both girls stepped into the shower, leaving the shower curtain pulled back so I could see them as they soaped each other up. Watching the two girls soaping their breasts they fondled each long enough that they were really clean then I watched as Mickey soaped up Linda’s backside she turned around and her hand soaped up Linda’s bush. I started toward the shower to join them but Linda looked up and shook her finger at me admonishingly. “Stay right there Bill”

She then soaped up Mickey’s plumper ass. She soaped up Mickey’s bush and spread her little pink hole so that I could see inside. I found myself absently stroking my cock as the two of them washed their hair and finished up in the shower. They got out and I was ready to spurt.

“You can squirt it on our tits if you want to” Linda said dropping to her knees less than a foot in front of me I watched as Mickey took a position beside her. Linda leaned over and gave Mickey a long wet tongue kiss. Right as my cock exploded I squirted all over Mickey’s tits with the first shot, and then onto Linda’s mamaries. Linda got up and pushed me out the door my cock still dripping I hurried back to my room more confused than ever.

I went back to the bathroom a half hour later and took a shower and after breakfast. My girlfriend Sara called.
“Yes of course I remembered that we were supposed to go to the mall, yes I would be ready to go in half an hour”

I shook myself and proceeded to get prepared scarfing down a rushed breakfast of cereal and milk and out the door with an orange.

Gods how long can a woman look at shoes and handbags… Just pick something and be done with it but no four hours and a lunch later Sara gave me a kiss and dropped me in front of my house. Well at least I didn’t feel like pressing her for sex, I wondered if she noticed at all. I put my shit down in my room and found a note on my pillow.

It read a little something like this;

Come to the new construction at the end of the street. And there was a crude drawing of a cock and a lipstick kiss.

What now I thought I walked down the street it was about a quarter mile down the road to where a construction company had started putting up new houses. But I guess since the housing market went to shit they stopped construction. Of course it was trespassing but I didn’t care I came up here all the time I saw a flash of cloth and went in that direction. I walked into the unfinished house. There were no doors or flooring or anything.

“Took you long enough” Linda said.

“What do you want Linda?”

“I want you to come with me big brother”

“Okay fine” I said she led me out of the back of the house and across a field into a small wooded area. We found ourselves in a clearing

“Okay” Linda said. There were three other girls who were apparently hiding but now came out from where ever it was that they were. There was Mickey of course and I didn’t know the other two girls. Bill this is Noel she said indicating a slim blonde girl and Rose as if she were introducing us, they want to join my club. Claire leaned in to me and whispered in my ear to just go along with it. I shrugged, “Now as you know in order to be a member of the club you have to give a blowjob to a boy in front of the rest of us.

“You have to be naked,” Mickey piped in.

“So who’s first?” Claire asked. Rose who was Hispanic and built like she was created to be ogled looked at Noel. Noel looked back at her and shrugged, she pulled off her shirt and exposed her chest, Noel had small pink nipples in what I guessed would be where her breasts were going to be. She peeled out of her jeans and panties in one swift motion after she kicked off her sandals. Her whole body was bare to the world except for the golden hair that shimmered above her head like a halo. I watched her as she walked over to where Claire and I were standing she had no hair to speak of between her legs, I found myself asking how old was this girl. I shrugged it off as Claire knelt beside her and helped her unfastening my pants. I looked up and the other two girls were approaching to watch with great interest. Noel took my cock with her fingers and gingerly hefted it.
“its soo big” she cooed

“I know it’s awesome” Claire said “wait till you taste it”

“Remember you have to swallow the baby juice” Mickey said
“Baby Juice?” Noel asked.

“Don’t worry swallowing it wont make you preggers you have to take it in your kitty if you want to do that.” Claire said with authority.

“Oh? Okay then” Noel said and she stuck out her little pink tongue and licked the head of my cock.”

“Take as much as you can into your mouth.” Mickey said.

“And don’t bite it” Claire admonished.

Noel listening to the instructions leaned forward taking my cock between her lips and slid all the way down till my balls were resting on her chin. I could feel her throat contracting around my cock. It was wonderful she held her position there for a few seconds and then withdrew gasping a little for air. She then repeated the process both Claire and Mickey were duly impressed since Mickey so far had only managed to get about half of it into her own mouth. I grasped her by her long golden locks and started the motion that I knew would get me off a little shallower than she could go but still, very nice. It didn’t take long for the golden haired nymph to bring me right to the edge.

“I’m gonna cum I gasped” she started bobbing her head faster as if she were eager to get a filling of my spunk. And a few seconds later she got it. When my spurts had died down and I was starting to go limp again she swallowed me back down her though. I almost collapsed the feeling was so overwhelming.

“Did I do good?” Noel asked eyeing my semi hard cock?

“You passed” Claire said.

“Welcome to the club” Mickey added.

The three of them then turned to Rose. “Well?” Claire asked.

“I don’t know?” Rose responded her hands nervously working the hem of her shirt.

“Well if you don’t want to there is a penalty” Claire said.

“Only we will know about it and if you want to do it some more well you can” Mickey added.

Noel licked her lips her eyes still focused on my cock.

“Okay Bill go home, we will see you later” she led me to the edge of the clearing and I confused as ever went the rest of the way home. I was tempted to hang back and watch yes. But thought better of it.

I walked in the door to the sound of the phone ringing… I hurried to pick it up “Hello?”

“Bill where have you been?” it was mom

“I went for a walk after I went to the mall with Sara?”

“Did you have a good time? With Sara I mean she seems like such a nice girl”

“Oh yeah we went shoe shopping and we looked at hand bags and had lunch?”

“Doesn’t sound like you had too much fun?”

“Yes well…”

“Is that why you went for a walk? My little man a little frustrated?”

“where is your sister?”

“She’s out with some of the neighbor hood kids I don’t know I saw her a little while ago?”

“Well if she doesn’t come home in an hour go look for her”

“Okay Mom”

“Love you Son, I’m bringing home Pizza for you and your sister and her little friends she called me earlier and asked if she could have Noel over. I think its nice of her to be friends with a younger girl don’t you?”

“Uh yes?”

“She also mentioned something about Rose coming over, her parents home school her she’s a little bit shy I think she should be a freshman I think but her Parents…” I held the phone away from my ear until my mother paused.

“Well Claire said she might be coming over anyway, I’ll see you tonight I have just a few more appointments here and then I’ll be done.”

“Okay Mom.”

“Your father called and said he had to leave for Lincoln”


“Yes honey has some sort of business deal that he has to be there for.”

“Okay Mom”

“Okay I’ll see you at eight”

“Okay mom bye”

“Bye” I hung up the receiver and retreated to my bedroom. I turned on the ceiling fan and watched as it made slow circles. I must have drifted off because suddenly I became aware of a gentle knocking at my door.

I got up and opened it “Hiya Bill” Claire said. She pushed her way into my room and sat down at my computer. She kicked off the screen saver and plugged in a flash drive into the usb port.

There were about a two dozen photos

The first was of Mickey’s Tits… Claire watched me over her shoulder and scrolled to the next one which was most obviously her own tits. The third was of Noel’s spare chest. The fourth and about the next eight successive pictures were of Rose stripping in the clearing we were in. One picture of her standing in her underwear… the next in just her panties. Then her completely naked body her bronze colored skin was pretty flawless only a light tan line over her breasts and across her bikini area. She had dark black curls covering her pussy. I gasped as I saw the next picture it was rose looking up at the camera her mouth obviously against the reddish curls of Mickey’s crotch… there were two more like that one of my own sister and the other of noel. She saved them to a folder on my desktop kissed me on the cheek and left. I blinked what the hell was going on I thought to myself.

I felt a fingertip caressing my bare neck and I looked up to see Mickey standing there wearing just a bikini. She pulled the top up and straddled me sitting in the chair. I suckled on her delectable tits. Mickey was grinding her hips against me as I savored her delectable breasts. “Bill” Claire walked into my room carrying the portable phone, “Its your girlfriend” she emoted a gagging “Sara”

“Oh that reminds me” I said Mom called and she said she would be home at eight with pizza”

“Excellent” she said and handed me the phone.

“Hello” I said to the phone.

“Hi Bill, I’m so happy you came with me today” she paused for just a half second “I really appreciated you coming with me to the shoe store, I stood up and Mickey took my place on the chair she shivered out of her shorts and spread her legs and started playing with her breasts there in front of me. “And those hand bags those were so nice, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me Tuesday? Just a little window shopping?”
“Sure that sounds good”

“I’m sorry about the other day,” Sara said. Mickey pointed at the doorway, I turned and looked and there was golden haired Noel in the doorway completely naked.

“Why” I asked I was barely able to pay attention to the phone conversation.

“Because well I don’t know I just don’t feel right about you know sucking cock, I mean its so dirty, I would never ask you to you know down there?”

“Oh?” I said, Noel had crossed the room and had pulled my pants down and now she was slowly bobbing up and down on my cock while Mickey was tickling and sucking on my balls.

“Don’t sound so disappointed maybe we can mess around sometime soon, my parents are going to be out of town in a couple of weeks.”

“Sounds good, Sara I got to go my sister needs my help with something.”

“Okay sweetie T.T.Y.L”

“Bye” I hung up the phone and tossed it on the bed and at the same time grabbed Noel’s head and unloaded my cream into her mouth.

“Mmmm Yummy” she said after swallowing.”

“Pig” Mickey said. Noel leaned over and gave Mickey a long deep kiss.

“There I shared!” Noel said and giggled and turned to run out of the room Mickey smiled and gave he a slap on the ass. Noel squeaked and hurried away.

“I could spend all day sucking your cock” Mickey said as she held it up and rubbed the tip against her cute little bow lips. She gently took the head of my cock into her mouth and suckled on it. Her fingertips ticking my balls

“God, I said I could spend all day letting you”

“Well you better save some” Claire said, “Because Rose says she’s ready to slurp your man juice down like a good little girl aren’t you Rose”

Rose looked up at me “Yes I am”

“I’m not convinced Rose” I said my sister just smirked behind her “Get on your knees in front of me here and let me hear you tell me what you want”

Rose walked up a bit haughtily as was apparently the way she normally did things Knelt down in front of me and said “I’m gonna suck your cock and drink your cream”

“No not convinced and not impressed, first you’re supposed to be naked aren’t you?” Rose hurriedly pulled her clothes off and was soon naked.

“How about now Big Bill want me to suck your cock?”

“I don’t really care I thought that Mickey was doing an excellent job before you came in.”

“Please Bill what do I have to do to suck your dick?”

“Oh I don’t know you didn’t want to suck it the first time I your going to have to work hard to convince me that you really really want to suck it.”

“Please Bill let me suck your cock?”

“Do you want to suck my cock?”

“Oh yes”

“Do you need to drink my cum?”


“Finger your pussy and beg me to let you suck my cock, tell me how much you need it,” One of her hands immediately went to her furry snatch and the other mauled her marvelous melons. “Please bill I need to suck your cock, I’ll do anything you want if you just let me eat your cream” I let her squirm for a few minutes as she proceeded to promise me the world. I grabbed her by her bangs and pulled her head back. I took my cock and rubbed it against her thick juicy lips she opened her mouth a few times as I teased her with it. I then slid it slowly over her bottom lip and she pursed her lips as she sucked me into her mouth her hands went up to hold my cock. She bobbed her head up and down my cock for several minutes and I reached down and played with her wonderful fun bags while she did it. It took quite a while actually before I could feel that familiar tightness and I knew my balls were about to boil up so I took her by the hair and face fucked her as hard as I dared until my balls unloaded into her mouth. She coughed a little and teared up and swallowed my cum.

“Thank you for that Bill”

“Your welcome I said she got up and I smacked her delectable ass as she exited the door. I got dressed as it was getting late and mom would be home soon.

Sure enough mom came home right when she said she would with three large pizza’s we all dug in and soon there were just a few crusts and some other detritus in the boxes. I said good night to mom and retreated to my bedroom, I heard the girls follow suit a few minutes later. I waited till I heard mom go to bed, before I walked into my sisters bedroom. Noel and Mickey both smiled at me and My sister raised an eyebrow as if to ask what do you want? Rose looked a little frightened apparently it was more than she had expected… well I had more in mind. “I just came in to borrow rose for a little while”
I said

“Oh you can do whatever it is right here” Claire said.

“Oh good, cause I’m going to fuck her.”

“You can’t” rose said I’m not on the pill.

I pulled her to her feet. And bent her over the edge of the bed which she seemed resigned that I was going to do whatever I wanted even though she wasn’t protected from pregnancy.

“You can fuck me if you want to instead I would love that” Noel said bouncing up I pulled Rose’s panties down and started rubbing her slit my fingers quickly getting covered in girl slime.

“Oh I’m not going to fuck you here I said sliding my fingers up and down her oozing slit, I was thinking maybe right here I said as my index finger circled her tight little anus.

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You confused me kind sir but other than that the story was quite perverted and lovely

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Great story the one thing that I didn't get is why Linda became Clair halfway through also you should add the incest tag as right after the start you cum on together sisters Rita and she is leading the gang brillient story best I have read in a long time

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It moves to fast the sex could be longer. Most would fuck the pussy first but that is your choice. I can not help but notice you have not meentioned if any are virgin or not. Add an incest tag. that is all /I believe that his mom knows as she alwsys shows shortly after they finish she is likely in on it.

Review from anonnecro and no i am not a necrophiliac i just think death is cool

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