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interesting sex

As much as I loved the sexual experiences with my siblings growing up , I was always a little nervous that people would find out and portray us as freaks . I would hate to regret those great times. Even when I was dating girls in high school , Donna (my sister) would suggest that she jerk me off before I went on a date so that I wasn't horny and wasn't just trying to get laid so I would think about getting to know these girls I dated. It was a great idea!
Before I went out I would let Donna know and wait for her to go to the bathroom . I would than follow her in and stand in front of the toilet or sink and pull my pants down. She would squirt oil in her hand and just play with it until I was hard than jerk me off.

After a couple times she'd let me stick my hand up her shirt and feel her boobs and eventually she'd allow me to stick my hand down the back of her pants and play with her ass. It never took long for her to make me cum and I'd shoot my cum into the sink or toilet. She'd tell me "I'll clean up,, you get ready for your date"!
Anyway, after I got married I was really afraid Lisa , my wife would find out about this stuff and freak out and divorce and humiliate me. But one night we were having hot passionate sex and she whispered in my ear " did you ever peep on your sister"? I was blown away and asked "WHAT"? She said "never mind " and kept playing with my dick while fingered her pussy.
I quietly asked "can you please repeat the question, I just didn't hear ya"? , of course I heard her! She put her mouth to mine , kissed and licked my lips, looked in my eyes and whispered again " Your sister Donna is really pretty! Did you or your brothers ever peep or spy on her to see her naked"? I just said "maybe , why , did your brothers ever peep on you"? She said out loud "yes , now you answer"! I said "Yes"! right away , than I followed up with "why do do ask"?
Lisa whispered "this stays between us , right"? I whispered back "of course"! She quietly spoke ,,, " well I remember many times when I was taking a shower I heard someone outside the bathroom door , pushing against the door. At first I would be freaked and cover up my boobs and pussy but quickly started to like the thought of my brothers wanting to see me naked !"
I interrupted her story asking " ooh , did ya ever walk around nude or just let them "catch ya naked"? She said "yea , I did , I started letting the bathroom open a little and walk aroung the bathroom naked when I new I was being watched"!
I had to ask "did you ever let your brother feel you up"? Than she told this story,,
" Well one evening I was taking a shower and I left the door open a crack hope for one of my brothers to check me out. I tried to ask a question but she shrieked "let me tell the story"! I just looked in her eyes and listened.
She continued ,,
"So, I saw someone at the door, looking in, and I asked "who's there"? I didn't dare interrupt! She continued "My brother Josh asked me if he could piss quick? I told him to go right ahead, the doors open. I made sure the shower was open enough for him to see me naked in the shower. He came in, walked to the toilet an I watched , through the mirror by the sink , Josh take his dick out, and hold it in his hand than point it in the toilet and pee as he watched me in the shower. I knew he was watching me but he didn't know I could see him!
When he was done pissing , he fondled his dick and played with it while watching me ! I wanted to play with his dick! I opened the shower curtain and exposed myself completely! Josh looked at me as I stepped out of the tub and stood beside my brother, grabbed his dick and jerked him off!"
I had to jump in and ask " so you jerked Josh off, did you make him cum"? She grinned and replied " yes"! Then she added " Did Donna ever make you cum"? I just said "yes , many times!" Than there was a pause. I said continued " she made me cum a lot! She made me and my brother cum a lot"!
I went on to explain how , just last week , we were at Donna's house for a picnic, and when I went to piss in her bathroom she followed me in, shut the door and put her mouth by mine and whispered " can I?" I knew what she meant so I just whispered "of course"! She pushed my pants down and started playing with my dick. ! I asked "can I play with your tits"? She smiled , kissed me on the lips , then pulled her shirt up and took her bra off!
She resumed playing with my very hard dick and I played with her tits! It was great! We got kissing which led to tongues meeting and dancing! She whispered " do ya wanna fuck me"? I instantly replied "yes"! She pushed her pants off and her panties , and pulled her shirt off all the way than stood in front of me , completely naked , and said "come here and fuck me and cum in my pussy!" She turned around and leaned over on the sink , reached her hand around and spread her ass cheeks open inviting my cock into her pussy!
I took the time to really enjoy the view of what I was looking at ! My naked sister bent over with her ass cheeks spread , pussy wet and waiting for me to put my dick inside it! It felt like slow motion , getting behind her naked ass and guiding my dick to her pussy! I took a little time enjoying the view of the head of my dick rubbing her pussy lips! Than I started pushing in slowly and and in until my entire cock was inside her pussy!
I moved it back out and in again and realizing and enjoying the moment of fucking my sister! I watched my dick fuck her pussy! I quietly told her I was gonna cum soon and she looked back at me , right in my eyes , and said "cum inside me"!
Hearing her say those words made me wanna shoot my load as deep inside her as possible!! I pushed my dick as hard as I could to get in her as far as I could and cum!
I could never in a million years describe the phenominal sensation I felt cumming inside her! We had to get back to the picnic but I remained in a daze the rest of the day.
You are pissed at first but than tell me how you let them tell you how they wanna cum! You let them pick blpwjob , handjob or let them fuck your pussy! You explained,,
"After I jerked Josh off he told Jeff all about it! That evening Jeff came in my room and shut the door telling me that Josh told him that I jerked him off. I just asked Jeff if he wanted me to jerk him off too? He asked "would ya"? I said "sure , come closer and take your clothes off. He got naked quick and stood in front of me with his dick in front of my face. I opened my mouth , leaned in and started sucking his dick. I don't know why I didn't just jerk him off but I started sucking his dick! Within 30 seconds cum was squirting in my mouth. I swallowed the first load but his second

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oh keep on fucking me john it feels awsome and the cum oh yea

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so we're playing kids games on an erotica site. Your positive vote just became a negative.

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