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sucking cock and swallowing cum
While my brother and I were in arizona we stayed with our sister tina and her friend helen and her boyfriend bruce. me and bob used to get to see helens tits when she slept but the night I'm confessing to didn't include bob!
Helen's brother Jake came to visit and I got drunk with him a couple nights. One night he asked me if I wanted to get high and I said "sure"! We went to the empty bedroom and sat on the floor and he wrapped a joint. He kept telling me to relax and calm down that I was too tense!
He lit the joint and smoked some than passed it too me. I took some and passed it back. As he passed it back he asked if I could used a back rub. I said "no" and he said "relax, I think you need a massage , lay down on your belly"! I took another hit than laid down on my belly.
We both were wearing just shorts. he started rubbing my back and after a minute or so asked me if I wanted any more. I rolled over and took a hit than laid back down on my back.He started rubbing my chest and belly than stuck his hand down my pants. I was freaked but it felt good. I got really hard and he pulled my shorts down. My dick stood straight up as he stroked it. Than he moved his mouth to my dick and started sucking it!
I was dazed by this but it felt so good! I watched his head bob on my dick ! He kneeled beside me and sucked my dick as he took my hand and put it between his legs and my hand landed on his dick. He kept sucking my dick and I figured I should squeeze his dick while my hand was around it!
I squeezed it a little and he sucked me harder! I looked at my hand jerking his dick and got disgusted at first, than looked down at my dick in his mouth and started wanting to make him cum! I rubbed my hand up and down his dick as he sucked my dick. Before I knew it I told him "I'm gonna cum"! He took my dick deep in his mouth before I shot my load! I came in his mouth and he swallowed it all!
He kneeled beside me as I kept jerking his dick. He put the head of his dick in front of my face and I opened my mouth for him to put his dick in my mouth. He put his head on my lips and I licked it. I lick his piss slit and all around it. I licked down his shaft than played with his balls with my fingers while going back up and lick the head of his dick.
He just started sliding his dick in and out of his mouth and I just sucked it! He fucked my mouth as I played with his balls before I felt warm fluid squirt in my throat. I realized he was cumming in my mouth. I watched him pull his dick out of my mouth and continue jerking it off so I just opened my mouth wide and watched cum shoot from his cock into my mouth. I swished his cum around my mouth to taste it. I didn't like the taste but I still licked the cum that was oozing from the slit of his dick!
I couldn't believe I sucked a dick and swallowed cum. We got dressed and went downstairs. Bob was passed out on the sofa. Jake put his hand down Bob's shorts and played with his dick. He pushed Bob's shorts down, exposing his hard cock and told me to suck it! I just put my mouth overr his dick and started sucking on his head. His dick was small and I was able to take his whole dick in my mouth. I kept running my tongue around the head of his dick. I even licked down his shaft to his balls. Something made me lick his balls. I ran my hand up and down his shaft while I licked his balls. His scrotum felt weird on my tongue! But I heard jake whisper "he's gonna cum, are you gonna swallow?"
I said "yea" and I put my mouth over the head of his dick and he came in my mouth! I felt it shoot on my tongue and I just swallowed. I couldn't believe I was sucking cocks and swallowing cum.
When we got home , me and Bob were playing video games and he blurted out " ya do know I was awake when you sucked my dick , right "? I was shocked , cuz I didn't think he was awake! I played as cool as I could and I said "yea , I know, I was experimenting"! He mumbled "well it felt good"!
I said "well, I kind of liked sucking it"! He whispered "can I suck your dick"? I just pushed my pants down and my dick sprang up and he started licking my cock. I let a sigh out cuz it felt good. He sucked me really good and I came in his mouth! I put my face between his legs, and I started licking his balls first. Than I ran my tongue up his shaft and licked the head of his cock! I kept playing with his dick until pre-cum oozed from his slit. I licked the pre-cum and sucked his cock. I just opened my mouth and jerked his cock while rubbing his head on my tongue! He took his own cock in his hand and continued jerking it in my mouth. He grunted and started shooting his cum in my mouth. I swallowed what I could than licked the rest off his cock!

Eventually I admitted to my wife , lisa , that I have sucked cock and swallowed cum before!"She asked me "did ya really swallow cum"? I said "yea"! She said "you liked it , didn't ya"? I said "yea"! He said "If I suck you off, will you suck me off"? I said "sure"!
He put his face between my legs and put my dick in his mouth. He suck really good and when I was gonna cum I said "I'm gonna cum"! He kept sucking an I came in his mouth! Than I moved my face between his legs and pulled his pants down. I took his dick in my mouth right away and sucked on it. I sucked his dick and played with his balls before he said "here goes"! He shot his load in my mouth! I swallowed his cum!


2012-11-14 00:45:32
I liked the story. It made me thirsty for sum cum, hut no cock was around so I stroked my cock and ate my cum. I taste so fucking good. Thank you for the story and my cum. Mmmmmmmmmm

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2011-04-16 00:18:44
construction, coherence, and spelling all suck.

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