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Everything is Relative parts 3&4

“Goodness, Don,” Rita’s eyes were searching my face, “you’re either lying through your teeth, or the women in my family really are attracted to you. I know I was just a girl, but I wanted to screw, with you, even before I knew what screwing was all about. You were just so cute.” She placed her hand on top of mine, squeezed it, and moved it closer to her crotch. “Careful, old man, you might wind up with this thing in your face, you’re the one who taught me how good THAT feels, and Mom, Carly and Aunt Jakki won’t be back from bingo for three or four hours. Remember the first time we did it….and Labor Day weekend after that?”

“Yes, sugar, I remember it very well…..”



Although Rita inherited her mother’s pretty face, she was always as skinny as a stick…until she hit puberty. At fourteen, her fine little ass was developing nicely…and she knew it. She was still wearing the same two-piece bathing suit she had been wearing for two years. Each time she put it on, it covered less, and my cock indicated it noticed, too.

Carly’s grandparents bought the lake place, when they retired from farming. Paw occupied his time with a small garden, and improving his private camping area on the shore of Lake Superior. When I could get away from work for a few days, I helped him with the upgrades. Over the years, we had run water lines and electricity nearly ¼ mile. Having that available, made working in the ‘camp’ easier.

Jakki and Nanci have a brother, Rob, who is about as worthless as Carly’s brother, Jack. The good thing about Rob is, before he was dumb enough to run his wife off, he sired a set of beautiful, twin, daughters..Jami and Abby. Abby has always been a little more reserved than Jami, who has always been ready to try anything.

The ’first time we did it, that Rita referred to, was right after she turned sixteen. She was always watching me, when I worked around the camp, wearing no shirt and just bathing trunks. Since my cock was always hard when she was parading around, I knew she was curious. She was somewhat of a tomboy, and loved working with Paw and I. Her dad, Kyle, would rather sit at the lake house and watch sports, while Granny, Nanci, and Carly baked goodies & canned veggies. I’m not sure, but I believe he’s always had a secret desire to get into my wife’s panties.

Paw announced that he was out of 8 penny nails, and was going to run into town to get more. We had been working on a two-stall outhouse, but had only finished one side. Rita told him she’d rather stay with me, and take a cool swim.

As we reached the water’s edge, she did it…off came her top, baring her perky little ’A’ cup tits. She made sure I was watching when she removed the bottom piece, “Your turn, Donnie…off with your trunks.”

I hesitated for a few seconds, then turned my back toward her, and lowered my bathing suit. Then I faced her naked little body, with a raging hard-on. The smile on her face was all I needed. “Rita,” I said as I appraised her creamy skin & light pubic hair, “ are you sure you want to do this? I’m old enough to be your daddy. You could have your choice of lots of boys your own age.”

As I talked, I stepped toward her, “If you haven’t been fucked before, it could hurt. Are you sure?”

[i]She reached out, took my cock in her hand, and told me, “I’ve already been screwed by two boys. Uncle Rob wanted it, too, but I wouldn’t let him. He played with my thing, though, and stuck his fingers inside me. Jami lets him screw her, when he’s drunk, but Abby doesn’t. Jami doesn’t care, she wants to screw everybody. I just want you.”

I easily lifted the teenager, and walked into the water. “You’ve never fucked under water, have you?” I asked.

“No, but I don’t care how we do it, I just want you to screw me.”

“Do me a favor,” I said, “Say ’fuck’. I want you to just say, ’Fuck me, Don.’ Forget the word, ’screw’, it’s ’fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.’

“Fuck, fuck, fuck..fuck me, Donnie. There, does that sound better? I want to fuck, and fuck, and fuck. Put me down in the water, and fuck me really good. I want to remember this swim for the rest of my life.”

With her young, slim, legs around my waist, I lowered her. I pushed my dick up and down on her slit, until it tried to lodge in her hole. “Yeah, that’s it,” she had a wicked grin on her face, “I was beginning to wonder if you’d find the right place.”

Between the cool lake water, and her natural juices, I began sliding in. Once the entry began, her legs tightened, pulling me where she wanted me…and where I wanted to be. Young and, oh so, tight. The buoyancy of the water made it easy to bounce her up and down on my pulsing shaft.

Her small titties were right in front of my face, so I took a whole one into my mouth. As I sucked, she began uttering with each bounce, “Uh..uh..uh, oh Donnie! Oh..oh..mmm.’re..bigger ..than..Billy. Yes..yes..yes. As my balls began to contract, ready to send cum into the teenager, Rita squealed, “Eeeee! Eeeee! Yeah, yeah, yeah.. Oh, shit!” Her orgasm had hit, about three thrusts before mine.

Her arms tightened around my neck, holding my head tight. I wouldn’t have been able to turn her breast loose, if I had wanted to. Stream, after sticky stream, of hot sperm shot into her cunt, filling her cavity to capacity.

I stood still. Rita relaxed. She finally raised her head back, enough to look into my eyes, “I’m gonna want more, you know, lots more.”

As I floated her up, and off my dwindling cock, I told her, “If your dad or mom, or Carly finds about this, I’ll either go to jail, or I’ll be killed on the spot. If you get pregnant, you’ll be in deep shit, too. Nobody can ever find out about this, Rita…nobody. You understand?”

She wiped at her pussy, trying to wash away the cocktail we’d just made together. “Don’t worry. If I get pregnant, I’ll blame it on Billy…or maybe Ryan. Or better, yet, I’ll say uncle Rob knocked me up. That way, he won’t get his own twins in in trouble. Besides, I already told them I was going to screw….I mean fuck you this weekend. Jami wants me to set it up, so she can get some of your big dick on Labor Day weekend. Abby’s thinking about losing her cherry, too.”

As we walked out of the water, she stopped. “Can I suck it, now? I want to see how much I can hold in my mouth.” Her knees sank into the sand, and my entire member was engulfed. As it hardened, she couldn’t quite keep all of it in, without gagging.

“Plenty of time,” I said, “you’ll soon learn to get past that gag reflex. For now, we’ll both enjoy what you can do.”

Jami and Abby

Labor Day weekend started on Thursday afternoon. It was after dark when Rob arrived with the twins, and Abby was driving their camper. Rob was drunk, already, and it was good that both the girls were old enough to have their licenses. I helped Abby get parked, while Jami jumped out and headed for the campfire.

Abby crawled out of the camper, looked around, then jumped into my arms. She kissed me, exploring my mouth with her tongue. “Rita said you’re going to bust my cherry this weekend, I can’t wait. Dad tries to fuck me every time he starts drinking, but I don’t think it’s right. Jami doesn’t care, though, so she lets him do it all the time. She was riding him like a saddle bronc when he passed out, about an hour ago.”

She kissed me again and said, “I’m ready whenever you are.”

Luck (or something) was on my side. Not long after the girls arrived, Carly came to our tent and told me that Paw was gathering lanterns, bait, and fishing gear. “It’s been a long time since he’s taken me out on the lake at night. He wants to fish all night, you wanna go with us?”

A picture of three naked, teenage, girls flashed through my mind. My cock immediately getting stiff. I kissed my wife and told her I’d hold down the camp, keep the fires going, and look after her drunk uncle. I suggested she make the girls wear long sleeves and long pants, so they wouldn’t get cold, out on the lake.

“Actually, I’m glad you’re staying,” She said, “the three of them announced they weren’t going fishing, and they were going to watch the camp. They’re probably old enough to handle it, but most of us would feel better about you’re being here. According to the twins, Rob passed out, so he probably won’t wake up until noon tomorrow.”

Jami and Rita had their hands through the legs of my shorts, wrestling with my dick, before the barge had completely disappeared into the darkness. “Whoa, ho, you girls wantin’ something?”, I asked, “Don’t be too rough on ol’ fat boy, he’s got lots of work to do this weekend. Before we do anything else, we need to take care of a couple of things.”

Rita had won the battle, had the leg of my shorts pushed up, and my cock out. Her young lips and tongue were already at work. It was all I could do, to talk to the twins, who seemed to be distracted by the slurping sounds.

I managed to explain the statutory rape situation, before I started gasping. I literally had to pull Rita off my shaft. “You girls are going to have to understand something,” I tucked my dick back inside, out of sight, “I’m not a billy goat. I can’t fuck again every five minutes. I want to do all I can, to give you all I can, but I’ll have to recuperate, too. Another thing, when the others are here, don’t pay much attention to me. Stay away, and do whatever girls do. Nobody can get suspicious. Now, since Abby is still a virgin, I’m going to let her go first. My first load will come quickest, and her first time shouldn’t last a long time.”

Jami suggested dragging Rob out of the camper, rolling him underneath, and we’d utilize the queen size bed. Within minutes, Rob was lying on the ground. Rita knew she’d be waiting her turn, so she wrestled Rob’s shorts down, and began licking Jami’s juices off his flaccid member. I knew she would become one helluva great cocksucker.

All three naked girls began fondling and kissing me, even licking at my asshole. I had Abby lie down on her back, raised her pretty slim legs, and started eating her cunt. After licking, and fingering her, through two orgasms, I raised my cock to her wetness. Slowly, I pressed into her warm tunnel, until I encountered the resistance I was expecting.

“This is it,” I told her, “after I pop it, you’re not going to be virgin anymore. If you want me to stop, tell me now.”

“Oh, God, no, Don. I want this, I really want this. Fuck me.”

After a couple of short strokes, to help with lube, I pushed through the barrier. A small wince was the only indication of her pain. The slight, upward, curve of my dick began grazing her g-spot with each thrust. Within a minute, Abby was fucking me back, pulling my hips into her, and pushing her pelvis up, to me. Her gasps, grunts and groans told me she was close to cumming. I was, too, but I had another plan. When she came, I buried myself as deep as I could, and stopped. One or two more pumps, and I wouldn’t have been able to hold back. After the pressure eased, I rolled onto my back, lifting Abby above me, her pussy still holding me inside.

“Now, you go to work,” I instructed, “and Jami, you get on my mouth, I want to eat you.”
Abby took to it like a pro. She worked her hips back and forth on my hardness, trying to get it deeper with each movement. In seconds, she was cumming again, then again. “Daaaammmn!”, she drawled out, “Ohhhh, dammmn! Oh- God- fucking- dammmn! Cum in meeee, Donnnnn!”

I was aware of when my balls blew my seed into Abby, but I was concentrating on one of life’s greatest pleasures, eating sweet, young pussy. My tongue, nose, and lips were enjoying every taste, every movement, every smell of Jami’s hot cunt. She was much louder than Abby when she reached her orgasm. I only heard two words, though ”Oh, fuck..oh, fuck. Oh, fuck, fuck,fuck….Oooooohh!”

I could barely breathe, until Jami released her hold on my hair. I looked up at her tired face, then noticed Abby’s hands on Jami’s tits. Actually, it was the first time I really appreciated the beauty of them. I had been concentrating on fucking teenagers, not admiring the beauty of their young bodies.

A few minutes after my riders dismounted, Rita bent down and whispered, “Are they as good as me?”
[/i]“I guess I would have died a happy, worn-out, thirty-five year old man that weekend. I don’t know how many times I fucked you girls. I didn’t cum every time, but I damn sure never fucked that much, in that short of time, again. Carly just thought I was tired from keeping you three out of trouble.”

Two of my fingers were now buried in Rita’s pussy, working back and forth. Her eyes were closed, feeling my thumb on her clit. “Oh, Donnie, what’s it been, four years since we fucked last? I think we better make for the bedroom, old man. This bitch needs to feel ol’ fat boy inside me.”

“Honey, when Nanci, Carly, and Jakki left, I took a Cialis. Soooo, thanks to a miracle of modern technology, ol’ fat boy is ready, damn fucking ready. It takes me a lot longer now than it used to, but I’ll still make you cum more times than I do.”

Rita still has a fine body, at forty-eight, and I enjoyed a very close survey of every inch, while I finger fucked her some more. Then, starting at her knees, I kissed and licked my way to her clean shaven cunt. With two fingers in her pussy, and my mouth sucking her clit, I eased my ring finger into her asshole. She came, before the second knuckle passed through her sphincter. I kept pumping and sucking until she had three more orgasms.

Then it was fat boy’s turn…after pulling my fingers out of her, Rita wriggled and squirmed, reaching for my dick and telling me, “C’mon, Don, hurry up. I’m so fucking horny…I need you in me.”

I rolled her over, hung her ass at the edge of the bed, and entered from behind. My cock sank all the way on the initial penetration. The fingers and my saliva had made her slick, plus the fact that she was anxious. Her vaginal muscles gripped, pulled, and squeezed my cock. This little girl, the one who was born on the day I proposed to her oldest cousin, has turned into one, helluva, sexy woman. Her husband, Steve, is a lucky, lucky man.

I stroked my shaft in and out for about fifteen minutes, listening to Rita’s moans of pleasure. I’m not sure how many times I felt her cum, it seemed continuous. Finally, I began to feel pressure in my old testicles. As they began to spasm, I slowed my strokes, causing Rita to scream, “Damn you, Donnie, fuck me harder, fuck me harder!”

I jerked her hips backward, jamming my cock in, as far and as hard as I could. The biggest load I had in years erupted. Pain shot through my balls, trying to send more, but it was all spent. We laid beside each other, rubbing, stroking.

After several minutes of silence, she said, “Too bad ol’ fat boy isn’t as young as he used to be. I’d like to have more of that…maybe even in my ass.”

“Well,” I smiled, “It will be a while before the Cialis will prompt another hard-on, but…thanks to another miracle of modern technology, I have another helper.”

Rita watched with fascination, as I produced my cock pump. I noticed she was fingering herself, as I attached the pump to the tube, placed the cock ring on the outside, and slid my dick in the cylinder. Fat boy turned beet red as the pump engorged him with blood. When I slipped the cock ring in place, I slid the tube off, leaving my dick high, proud, and stiff enough to hang a beach towel on.

When I said, “Bend over,” Rita just smiled, turned around, and spread her ass cheeks.

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