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a story about a bunch of boys living in a boarding school that catered just for gay boys
Before you go and attack me this is a story I wrote some years ago, it deals with boys going through puberty and experimenting with sex.

Please read this story with love and not with your penis.

Subject: Boarding School for Loving Boys

This story never happened and what boys do
To each other is real but not here. You need to be over 18
To read this so never show this story to little kids.

Copyright: 2011 not to be copied or changed without the
Owner’s consent... So don't let me see it anywhere except for where I post it.

All names and places are not real just in my head.

Owner: Boys in the hood.

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Chapter one.

*Boarding school new term*

A new boarding school just opened in New Mexico just for boys and these
Boys are special, why so special; well these boys are gifted and regular
Schooling is not enough for these boys and has to be taught by people who know how to treat them... Some boys will arrive from different countries but most are from the U.S.A.

Age group starts from 8 years old to 15 years, two boys per room and 20
rooms per floor. A large gym was ready for the intake of boys and name
plates with the boys first and last name was printed in gold. 4 doctors
with screens sat ready for the physicals, this is one of the dreaded tasks that the boys go through but it has to be done and young bodies have to be checked out.

Bus after bus load of boys now started to arrive from the airport carrying the boys from overseas schools, one hour later the train station in Retone N.M was filling up with boys from across the states and Canada. blue eyed, each and every one of them had blue eyes, so yes being special had its rewards but also its drawbacks. One was that all boys were circumcised not one foreskin was going to be seen at that school and that's why these boys are special.

The requirements to attend this school were as the following:
must be circumcised, have black hair, blue eyes and must speak English.

The school was also all gay, boys who have had sexual thoughts of loving
boys more than girls, all these gifted boys were going to enjoy this
Boarding school as no boy would be bullied about their sexual life. No
teacher was to have sex with the boys as they all had their balls removed
and had shots so they don't get erections when they see boys running around nude and having fun with other boys, that's why the teachers got big bucks for looking after the boys and giving them all the help they needed and no other contact just teach the boys and let the boys find love in their own way.

White t-shirts with the school's logo and black shorts with gray boxers
were placed on tables per each age group and size, 5 pairs per boy for now until they settled in and more of the boys clothes would be handed out to them later on that day. As each boy was sent to the gym he was told to undress down to his underwear and wait in their age groups to see the doctor.

All the boys have now arrived and some eyes and boners were
popping out as they saw other boys near nude standing around in little
groups ready for inspection... "This looks like it’s going to be fun living here." One boy said. Another boy was almost erect when he saw his lover to be coming out from behind the screen with a hard on tenting out of his underwear. This was the 11 year old boys group being given a physical.

"I must get to know this boy, he's so loveable, I need him, my cock need's him and he needs me." John said to himself. John Webber the 3rd from Rockford, New York, age 11 cut, 2 1/2 soft 3 1/2 inches hard, a few tiny pubes on top of his cock and he dry cums. His hopefully new boyfriend stood next to the school uniforms with a large smile on his face waiting his turn to be given his clothes.

"NEXT" said the doctor, John was guided to the screens and was told to
stand next to the chair and take his underwear off and stand up straight...
O.K son just do what I say and we will get this over with. The boy watched as the doctor took a tape measure and started to take notes of John's measurements for clothes and for a jock strap and all boys had to have one, part of the school's requirements. "Penis erect please." said the doc and he placed a ruler next to the boy's hard on and filled in his form with the size of his cock.

The doctor then told the boy to bend over and as he did this a warm finger wet with lube was now snaking its way up John's butt, then was told to turn his head and cough while the doc held his balls and twisted his finger still inside his hole, John gasped as this was done to him and his cock was now thumping with each beat of his heart.

"Good, very good, you have a good strong ring their son, you will do well
here." the doc said. John was now finished and as he left the screens he
too had a big grin on his face and he joined the boy next to him and
received his school uniform and jock strap when his measurements were given to the coach by the doctor. "Well I now know why you had a big smile on your face when you came from your physical." He said. "Yeah, I wasn't expecting that but I was so hard I thought I was going to cum when he twisted his finger in me." Harry replied.

"Names John Webber the 3rd, but you can call me J.W" he said. " Ok, my name is Harrington Westfield so you can call me Harry for short." he replied. "So where do you live". John asked. "Bingfield .Cal" "I am from Rockford New
York." So now the boys knew each other’s names and where they lived they
had their uniforms and jock straps and were now told to head to the
swimming pool, find a locker and wait for instructions from the swimming
coach. "Right, all of you put your clothes in your locker including your
boxers and wait by the pool." coach told them.

This was the 10, 11 and 12 year old boys swim check and 30 nude boys stood next to the pool waiting for the coach's next command. Each boy was to swim the length of the pool and does a dive from the platforms then float for 5 minutes. J.W, Harry and the rest of the boys dived into the water and began their swim test. The boys finished swimming and went to the dive platforms dived off, swam to the edge and floated for 5 minutes. A bell sounded and the boys were now told to have a shower and dress in their school uniforms and wait till their dorm leaders took them to their rooms.

"Hope we are put in the same room and we will be bunk buddies." Harry
said. "I hope so, as I want to be your special friend." J.W replied. The
boys went to the open showers and started the water flowing from the big
shower heads and it was big enough for the two of them to use. "Nice dick you got there, a few little pubes like me." Harry remarked. "You too, great looking head on the end of your cock, nice color and no scar there." So the boys looked at each other's cocks and compared sizes and shapes.

"Wanna feel it; it’s alright to do here as long as we are ok with doing it as we have to ask if we want to do stuff together, the rules." J.W told his friend. "Sure, and you can feel me too if you want." Harry said as he smiled to his new lover.

Stiff cut boy tools now standing proud, straight up had a hand stroking
down and up for a few minutes, each boy now grinning as the warm water
flowed on to the boy’s cocks stroking and feeling boy balls with hot hands.

"That feel's nice; you know how to stroke a cock." Harry moaned. "I have had a lot of practice with my brother; he's 13 and knows a thing or two." J.W giggled." You boys get dressed now as you have 5 minutes to get ready for the dorm leaders to take you to your rooms and tell you the house rules." The swim coach told them. "Well we might get to finish this off later on tonight."Harry said.

All the boys now dressed were shown to the bed rooms and show them around the school. "If I call your names out, you
will be paired off with that boy, so listen up boys, Right first off the
rank, Harrington Westfield and---John Webber the 3rd room number one." The boy’s faces showed that they were happy to be bed buddies together.

All the boys were now paired off and were shown their rooms and were given a tour of the boarding school and where the class rooms, dining room and other areas they needed to know. "Now boys unpack your clothes and sort your gear out, and then be ready for dinner at 5 pm, it’s now 3.30pm. Please keep your uniform on when going to eat your meals, then you can wear what you like after." Sam said, He's the boy’s floor leader and if anyone has a problem to go and see him in room 10. By the way boys welcome to Kingston Hall Boarding School for loving boys.

"This room is so cool; we've got our own TV, DVD player, and playstation 3 and look at all the games." Harry cooed. "Yeah, and it has a nice looking joy stick as well, oh yeah, that’s your cock, ha, ha."J.W smiled. "Well there are two joysticks and we both can play with them at any time. Harry replied. As the time went by the boys unpacked and sorted out clothes in their draws and hung up shirts and pants.

"I've never had a jock strap before, have you ever put one on". Harry asked. "No but we can always ask someone how to put it on." J.W giggled. Almost dinner time and the boys headed to the dining room joining the rest of the school for their evening

"Look at all those hotties, and all cut just like us." J.W panted as his
cock was moving about in his shorts. “Hey, you not dropping me already."
Harry asked. "Hell no baby, just window shopping." "That’s ok then, just
don't break anything, save it for me. "Harry moaned. Dinner now eaten the rest of the day is free time and the boys went back to their room to play some of the games on the ps3. Two hours later the boys went to shower before bed. "Hey J.W can I ask you a question." "Yeah, sure, anything for you Harry."

"Do you jack off and cum or is it just dry ones." "Well I jack off, but can't shoot yet, How about you." "Yes I jack off but no cum as well, hope to one day, my cousin who 13 and I’ve sees him squirt cum up to his tits." Harry replied. "I watched my brother a few times rub himself a good amount of boy juice as we share a room and I have watched him masturbate at night before bed and he watches me jack my pink knob till I have my feelings." J.W giggled back.

"I wonder how it feels when you shoot your load and it squirts out your
slit, and get your feelings as well." Harry asked… "My brother said its
like dry Cumming but only better." "Have you tasted any ones cum yet?"
"My cousins and an older boy at my old school." Harry told him.

“Me too, my brother and his friend had a jack off one night when we were camping in our tent and they gave me some to try out, didn't like it at first, tried out their precum stuff and that was sweet as, but now I love the stuff they pump out." Harry said.

"You know I was the same as I was given the clear shit they pumped out of
their cocks while jacking each other and it was hanging off their slits and
scooped some up and it was like sweet candy and it kept coming till they
shoot out the white stuff." "Boy were are one sexed up lot of boys here,
I'm going to love living here." J.W winked.

End of chapter one, It’s a start and will get better soon as the boys settle
down and I can think of the main story line.

Thanks for now, and enjoy it.

Boys in the hood.


2016-03-18 16:50:26
No idea what these complaints are about.
I like the story

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2013-08-31 00:43:02
NIIICE storyline, but ur grammer and word choices suck!

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2013-03-27 00:18:16
Fuck this story it was fuken retared and totaly unrealistic. what kind of parent would allow their child to go to a boarding school like that. Boys in the hood GET A LIFE

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Boys have sex with each

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Love the first read the rest later not sexy at all but great story like a book gotta do life stuff its 2;23pm at day here keep up the writing your doing great i give this the biggest vote because its interesting. xoxo

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