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boys living in a boarding school for gay boys
Before you blow my story off to the next universe
Please note it’s a story about love and friendship
Leave if you are not into this type of story.

Subject: Boarding School for Loving Boys

Chapter 2

Warning; this is a story about boys having fun with
other boys in a sexual and loving way, You need to
be 18 and over to read this and if not then go find
some other thing to read.

Gay young friends

Story written by: Boys in the hood.

Copyright: 2011, not to be copied or changed with out
The owner’s consent, that’s me. Ok.

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Story name: Boarding school for loving boys.

Chapter: 2

*A new day dawns*

Harry and J.W just became friends and now have found friendship and soon
love for each other, "Howdy doodie there, Harry, how was your first night in our love nest." J.W asked. "Well, I had a dream, and that dream was so cool that I dreamed I was meeting a new boy, don't know from where, or why but he was one dreamy sex machine and he was about to stroke me off and then I woke up" Harry replied.

"Oh, is that all," J.W said. "Yeah, I tried to dream about you, J.W, but all I got was this boy who looked like a sex god." he hooted.

"Ok then, how about we go and have a shower and see if I can turn to a sex god for you." J.W laughed. Two nude boys headed to the shower with not a care in the world just like they knew each other for years but just met yesterday.

A warm shower and silky soap was the start of the day for the boys, Harry asked J.W if he could wash his back as he never had any one wash their except for his parents but would love to have a boys hands wash his back and give it a tickle as well. J.W soaped his hands and began to
wash Harry's back and neck, lower legs and left his butt to last.

J.W used his middle finger and soaped it some and began to move his finger back and forth over Harry's little crack, bumping his pink pucker and stroking his hole around and around.

"Oooh, my god that's so pissing good, no one has done that to me, my cock
is so hard now I wish I could shoot my boy juice right now." Harry
squeaked. "Right your turn now J, W." So the boys switched places and Harry
began to wash J.W's back and slowly went lower to find J.W's hole, He
soaped up his finger and pushed it towards his friends love hole and
started to wash his hole, he found the pink ring and stroked around and
around and pushed his finger tip into J.W's butt hole and tickled him for a
minute or two. "Wow you know how to turn a boy on and off, you will soon
find my on/off button if you push your finger any more into me and I will
shut down in a second." J.W moaned as he started to jack his cut boy tool.
“No, no, no you don't, turn around and I will finish you off then you do
me. Ok." Harry gasped as he turned J.W around and saw his friends rigid
tool sticking out and a bit to the left. He found some lube as all the
showers and bath rooms had a supply of it ready for the boys to use.

Rubbing around J.W purple head, Harry began to move the lube around and find
J.W's ridge where his foreskin was cut off and continued to press his finger
into the boys slit opening and closing the tiny eye in J.W's dick. It looked
like his slit was talking to Harry as it was thumping with every heart beat
and J.W was starting to get a feeling that he never felt before. He thought
his cock was going to explode on him and as Harry made a o shape with his
fingers and began to stroke J.W's hard dick he began to thrust his cock
in and out of Harry's hand and soon was in heaven as he shook about and fell
to his knees and had one of the biggest dry cums so far, Harry fell down
and finished J.W off with a few extra strokes before letting go of his
friend’s dick.

"Man, it felt like I was floating in the air, you are better than my
brother to get me off like that and I just loved every minute of it."
J.W screamed as he had another orgasm as Harry dropped his cock
to let J.W enjoy his orgasm. "Thanks, Harry, and both boys stood up and
kissed each other, tongues locked and spit swirled around in each
boys mouth...

"Right my friend, your turn, so give me that pink cut boy
cock and let me turn you on." Harry watched as J.W spread some lube
onto his boy pole and spread the cream around and around Harry's
sweet young boy cock and he found where Harry was cut and tickled where
his now removed foreskin was and continued to stroke his lovers cock.

Soon Harry was gasping for air as J.W found his tickle spot just under
his cock and J.W knew that this was his trigger spot and later would
use his tongue there when the boys would learn about 69ing and oral
sex as they have not gone that far yet. Being just 11 years old it was
more fun to masturbate each other and learn other stuff from older boys
then try it out on each other. Harry's boy tool was bouncing about
as J.W stroked all the way down his boyfriend's pole twisting his fingers
with each stroke.

"Jack me off, J.W, make me cum, just make me cum, my baby boy" Harry
asked. J.W went into full mode and as he jacked his friend's cock
he placed his finger in Harry's pucker and started to finger fuck
the soft moving hole in and out, a heavy breathing Harry was moaning
and twisting his little body around and was without thinking started
fucking J.W hand until his cock started to throb and his balls
moved towards his body and gave a huge thrust into J.W's fist
and screamed out a mind blowing dry cum out of his cock.

That shocked J.W so much he let go of Harry's cock and
Harry went wild jacking off once more and blowing out another
one of his orgasms until he settled down and sat on the shower room
floor with J.W's dick just inches away from his lips...

Both boys finished off washing boys bits and then got out of the shower
dried off then dressed. "How about a kiss for your lover." Harry asked
“Thought you would never ask." J.W smiled as he gave Harry a long hug
and kissed Harry lightly on the lips, gave him a pat on the butt before
heading to the dining hall for breakfast and their first school session.

Boys were talking about what a great boarding school this is going to
be and how much fun they will have here, "So what's up first." J.W
asked. “Well we have to go and get our photo taken by the looks of that
poster there, it says we have to go to the photo lab and be there in 15
minutes." Harry quoted.

A long line was now snaking its way from the photo lab where the boys will
learn how to use a camera and how to make photo's., also it is used as a
computer room. Each boy had their photo taken and a I.D badge with their
photo on it was given to the boys, these I.D's had a magnetic strip so the
boys could enter and leave their rooms and enter areas that needed them to
get access to. like the special lovers room for boys that need special care
with extra tools of support. Also the boys needed to use it when leaving
the school and returning so that the headmaster knew if they were here or

"Right we need to find the sex ed class now and find out what makes us tick."
J.W said. "Yeah, like we need to know how to jack off." Harry nodded.
Yes the boys were in for a sex Ed talk but this talk had video's, DVDs and
instructions that you never see at a regular sex Ed talk.

“Alright boys find a seat and watch the TV screen, questions later." the
sex teacher told them. The huge screen went blue for a second then a boy aged
about 13 and a boy aged about 12 stood side by side both naked. A whistle and
cat calls were heard from some of the boys... sshh said the teacher. The 13
year old boy was circumcised and the other boy was not circumcised. The older
boy started to talk about the boys foreskin and placed his fingers around the
now hard cock of the younger boy and pulled his foreskin back to show the boys
what a foreskin was and how it’s used.

All boys eyes were now looking at the two nude boys and were watching the 13
year old explain what this skin did, he pulled the skin back and told the boys
that you had one of these and it was removed when you were a baby. The video
changed and a baby boy and a small boy were on a operating table and the boys
saw how the foreskin was removed from the baby and then switched to the younger
boy aged about 5 and he had his foreskin removed by the doctor. The two older
boys returned and asked the boys if they knew that was a circumcision and that's
what their cocks looked like before and after it was cut off.

The reason for the video was that some boys didn't know they had a foreskin
and just saw cut boys in the shower room and it was a hit with the boys as
most now had boners and some boys were moving their cocks around in their
pants, the older boys were starting to drip precum and were squirming
around in their seats. The older boy talked some more about different
types of circumcised dicks and how they looked. One photo had a boy with
a half cut cock and some with a high and tight cut cock and some with a
low and loose cut cocks.

The cut boy now had a tube of lube and showed the boys why they need to lube up when masturbating and when the boys decided to butt fucks each other... Yes like I said this was not just some sex Ed talks these boys were shown how to masturbate with photos and how to use the lube.

"Have you seen something like that before?" Harry asked as he stroked his cock
over his pants. "Never knew I had a foreskin, never saw one till now." J.W
replied. "I have, seen one my cousin's cocks; he came from the U.K on
holidays and we saw each other’s cocks and showed me what he could do with it."
The sex Ed talk continued as the cut boy now was erect and was slicking his cock and told the boys why he needed to do that as his cock was dry and the cream helped with stroking his cock and not getting Jacking burns on his dick.

"Well that's why we all have lube in our rooms so we don't stuff up our
cocks and get them red and sore. Harry said. "He was good doing his job
showing us what to do in the nude, he must have balls to do that and show
us all that stuff."

"Yeah he had balls alright and a good looking cock too." J.R giggled.

The talk ended and the sex Ed teacher stood up without an erection and
looked around at the boys who now all tented up. "Tomorrow we will talk
about erections and why you get them and what to do with them." "Hell yes,
that sounds great, but we know how to take care of those morning woods
anyway, but it might be fun to see what gets up in that sex ed talk."
Harry concluded.

Lunch was now ready and hot horny boys entered the dining room, lined up
and were served a salad with 3 kinds of meat, apple juice and a fruit
salad. All healthy food for growing boys. "The last time I drank apple
juice I thought it was pee and I was thinking someone was playing a joke on
me and getting me to drink it."

Harry laughed. "Well it does look like pee but I have never tasted pee
before and I don't know if I ever will." J.W replied. "You have tasted cum
but not pee, I have and I must say it’s not very nice to drink." Harry
gasped. So now the boys went for a swim practice and 30 boys were now
swimming around nude and diving off the platforms.

"My family would never let me swim nude until now and it feels nice to be
in the water with no shorts on and when boys bump into you "accidently" you
get strange feelings all around your body."J.W smiled. "Yeah, my dad told
me one time he had to swim nude when he went to the Y.M.C.A. swimming pool
as a boy and no swim suits {Speedo’s} were allowed in the water, he didn't
say much about stiffies and stuff just said everyone was nude there."
Harry told J.W.

"Now we are doing it and having fun as well looking at
boy’s cocks and balls. “It’s like being in a candy store and allowed to
taste the goodies too." Harry replied as he smiled to his now boyfriend and
played with his cock giving him a quick stroke. "Ok, boys, you are here to
learn the back stroke not the cock stroke so start swimming." Mr grumpy

One hour later all the boys went to the locker room to change clothes and
as they showered some 8 year old boys were watching the 13 year olds wash
and one young boy said "look at that boy, he's got a nice looking bush
above his cock, wish I had pubes and a big dick like him." another boy,
maybe his lover said"

Yeah, we've got a few years yet before we get any
stuff like that, so get your tiny white butt in the shower and wash my
back." Boys were looking around and seeing what's there, some erect, some
soft but all enjoying the show. Harry and J.W now dressed went to pee at
the urinal and started to do a pee fight pissing at targets in the trough.
When out of pee both boys shook off the drips on their dicks and zipped up
ready to attend their next class.

Computers now lit up as the boys entered the computer room and sat in front
of one waiting for the lesson to start. "Hello, boys how are you today,
so we are here to learn how to use computers and cameras." he said. "We
are going to shoot photos and these will be hung outside your room so that
other boys will know who's in that room. Also you can make posters of your
love and put them in your room or send them to friends via email, but no
nudie bits OK." the teacher said... Harry started the ball rolling by being
the first boy to stand in front of the camera for a head shot and then
posed for his poster boy photo.

J.W went next and did the same as harry and posed for his poster, the two
boys then stood side by side hand in hand and waited for the camera to
shoot them. The boys played around on the computer mixing the photos
around. putting girls clothes on their bodies, swapped heads around and
just fooled about until their posters were printed.

"Wow we look real cool in this; we have to get a frame for this." Harry
nodded. "We can get one made in wood shop later today." J.W replied. The
boys looked at each other and just stood there and hugged until they were
moved on as other boys were waiting for their posters to be printed.

"You know my brother wanted to come here but my parents wanted me to try it out first and see if I liked it or not and he is going to be so jealous after I tell him what it’s like here." J.W said. "Well if he did we've wouldn't have found each other and that we could not do this." and Harry moved close to J.W and kissed him on the lips.

As you may have noticed this is a special boarding school and it has no
real classes like the official schools as this is a school for love and
friendship, learning how to show your love and have a wonderful friendship
with other boys. Here the boys grow to understand each other and how to
cope with the outside abuse of boys liking boys.

That's one of the reasons why this boarding school was opened because its founder was abused and spat on by other boys at school and had to leave his school as he was found out kissing another boy in the shower room with his hand on his lovers cock.

Both were so upset over the abuse they both left the school and became best
friends and lovers, later became rich and famous and started this school
for gay boys.

"So how did you find out about this place then?" J.W asked Harry. "My
parents saw a pop up when surfing the net for me to find a school that did
not have bullies and was gay friendly but no schools could be found until
this one popped up in the boarding schools heading and now I'm here." he
said. "Must have been the one my folks saw and applied to it sending my
info there and a few weeks later an email was sent to my parents saying
that I was approved to stay here." J.W happily laughed. "Most of these
boys must have seen that ad and applied to it as well or heard about it
through other friends that were gay."Harry replied.

Love was in the air and both boys knew that a special bond was formed and
it must have been meant to be for the boys to find each other and become
special friends and lovers. Wood shop was a thrill for the boys as they
picked out frames for their posters, they stained the wood frames and
placed the posters inside and closed them up ready to hang in their room.
Smiles on faces the boys headed back to their bed room and as they rounded
the corner two younger boys bumped into them. It was the two 8 year olds
that was watching the 13 year olds shower. "That's a cool poster of you
guys together, we'll have to do that Toby." the young boy said. "You guys want come to our room and have a chat and a drink," Harry asked them. "Sure would, do you all the same as us or is your room different. The little boy asked.

All the boys went into Harry's and J.W's room and hung up the posters of
themselves and the special one made together, Cans of soda was handed
around as the boys told each other’s names and were they are from. "I'm
Toby and I live in Abbeville, New Hampshire", and the other boys said he
Was from Dallas TX. "I'm Shawn and I'm 8 years old and gay like you guys." He said in a funny child like way.

"Why are you guys here." J.W asked." Well I was found with my hand down my best friends boxers and playing with his cock and was found out by his mum and was sent here to get away from my friends parents as they were not happy with me playing with his cock and he jacking me." he said.

Shawn said that he was caught playing with boys cocks at the local swimming pool and was marched out to his parents and
they were told never to bring him here again as the parents told Shawn’s
parents to find him somewhere special for him to do that kind of stuff.

Harry and J.W went through the same process and told the younger boys why
they were here and that they liked it here and became friends. Shawn and
Toby share a room in "B" block and the older boys are in "A" block. Each
block contained each age group so that the boys could hang around with boys their age, but were able to join in with other older boys if they wanted too.

"You guys look like you were made for each other in that poster, its
so lovely." Shawn said. “So how are you two getting along?" Harry asked
them. “We are like peas in a pod; we both like the same things like ps 3
games, comic books and CARTOONS." both boys replied. "Wow you sound just
like twins" J.W hooted.

After finishing their drinks all the boys hugged
and kissed each other and Shawn the naughty one slipped his hand through
Harry's shorts and gave a squeeze to Harry’s balls and cock Toby did the
same to J.W and both older boys jumped as their groin area was rubbed by 8 year old boys, who giggled when they walked out of the room with smiles on their faces.

"What a bunch of sex starved boys they are." J.W said. "I know, they
almost jacked my cock off and was getting hard like as well." Harry
replied. Both boys laughed as they found some new friends to play with and
have some fun as well.

End of chapter 2

So now the boarding school boys are slowly fitting in and making new
friends and more fun to be enjoyed by all.


boys in the hood.


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