The old perv's luck gets a teenie bit extreme
Mike took Sara round the outside of the building and back in through the front doors, to avoid taking the freshly fucked teen back past all the staff.

Now that his mind was working again, he realised how obvious it was what Sara was there for, and she was very young. Her glow, and his own probably, from the intense fuck they had just had would totally give it away. Even as the owner there were limits; he could be obvious, but only up to a point.

Back in Natasha’s office he set Sara up with a desk and gave her some simple searches to do, then retired to his own office for some thinking. There was a lot to get sorted out.

For one thing, Sara was a stronger character than Natasha and it wouldn’t work having her as Natasha’s assistant. For another, he wanted to fuck her again immediately: the effect of being in the same room with both Sara and the beautiful Natasha had set his balls tingling again.

Seeing them together had multiplied their appeal - the pocket rocket blonde with her strength and energy, and the slender brunette beauty all quiet and delicate. Each totally gorgeous.

He opened the cameras on his monitor: there was Natasha saying something to Sara, but Sara’s desk was out of view. He would have to fix that.

He gazed at the beautiful young face he could see, and then at the pantycam picture, her lovely slender thighs almost disappearing under her skirt , leading to the dab of white at the top where panties covered her teen pussy. It would be such an innocent pussy, he was sure.

He watched for a few minutes, mesmerised. Sara’s little hand appeared in shot and put a mug of coffee down on Natasha's desk. Even in that brief moment Sara looked so confident.

His mind was just starting to to register the implications of the coffee when the door opened and Sara was walking briskly across the room, with a mug of coffee for him!

It happened so fast he got flustered and missed when he clicked to close the camera window. He moved the mouse too fast, clicked and missed again, and before he could try again Sara had walked round the desk and was right next to him, looking at it. He froze.

God! Busted! Outed as an old pervert spying on a young girl he was employing. He’d blown it already, as soon as it had started. Now this amazing, one-of-a-kind girl...

“You old perv!” said Sara,. “Filming her in secret. I knew that’s what it’s about.” She had her hand on his shoulder, her fingertips moving lightly on his neck. “Like TWO sixteen-year-old secretaries? Seriously? You wanted her and she blew you off, so you hired me.”

Mike just said nothing for a moment, trying to take in the tone of her voice. Was it on his side? She giggled.

“She is beautiful isn’t she,” continued the little blonde sexpot, “I can see why you want her.”

Want her, present tense, started to filter into his mind as Sara moved to the side of his chair and pressed her mons into his arm. There were her thighs right next to him, naked below her short skirt, all smooth muscle wrapped in that perfect tanned skin.

Automatically his arm moved and wrapped round them, then slid up under her skirt and over her firm, potent ass to the top of her little panties.

Sara’s hand moved round his neck and under his jaw, lifting it. He looked up as she bent down to kiss him, not judging him, and then just like the first time everything happened almost too fast for his mind to keep up.

He stood up, watching Sara cross the room to close the door, and started on his shirt as she came back, her gorgeous face intensely alive and her wide, sensuous mouth open in an expectant grin.

This time they stood just apart and each tore off their own clothes, saving precious seconds, then as soon as they were naked they were together.

Sara rubbed her swollen mons against him, side to side, up and down, and pushed it rhythmically against him. Mike understood – for this girl sex was about having her pussy fucked and nothing else.

They fell on the floor, Sara underneath with her legs open, and Mike’s rock hard cock slid straight into her pussy, still creamy from the last fuck.

Mike felt her hands on his sides, gently urging the pace she wanted. His face was in her hair again, his cock feeling the same fabulous sensations of her strong young pussy pulsing around it. He stroked in and out, feeling her thighs wide apart and her pelvis giving little welcoming upthrusts. She was gasping quietly in time to the fucking.

Time passed. Mike was immersed in a heavenly state, his brain switched to another world by the sensations of fucking this fabulous young girl. She loved it so much.

Gradually the pressure built, more slowly than last time; now he could hold off cumming for longer, and so could she.

Mike slowed his pace; her pussy was so strong he could feel exactly how close she was, and so he held her on the brink, immersed in their other world, knowing that when she orgasmed he would too.

Eventually he felt her movements become a little impatient - it was time. He slowly speeded up, but only just enough, and they tipped gradually, gradually over the edge into their second fabulous orgasm.

Sara’s pussy gripped and vibrated, her cream got more viscous, and the sensation in his cock reached bursting point. They were there.

The slow start and barely-sufficient fucking kept the orgasm going for a long time. He pressed in, spurted, stroked out, stroked in, pressed, squirted again, then pressed and squirted again, and once more, each stroke taking several seconds.

As the fog started to clear in his brain he heard her breathing, gasping, making ‘uhhh’ noises in time with his last couple of thrusts. He pressed in for the last time and held it there. They lay there for a few minutes, still coupled together.

Then Mike felt her energy start to return. God! Sara ran her small hands over his hair, round his neck and over his shoulders as he propped himself on his elbows. She breathed into his ear “mmmm”; it conveyed everything.

“You little gorgeo nube.” he said. God he’d said it out loud, one of his little pervy phrases! Shit!

“You’re just an old sex fiend,” grinned Sara, not in the least put out by his description of her. “A pervy old sex maniac with an out-of-control cock.” She smiled and kissed him. “What would my dad say if he knew I’d fallen into your clutches?”

The thought startled him - she was a child with a father wasn’t she?

But this girl was no impressionable child. In fact if anything it was open to question just who was in whose clutches! Still, she was young...the naughtiness of it took over and his cock started to swell again. Helped, he realised, by some action from her pussy.

He pulled his cock almost out, so the head was just inside, then pushed in an inch, past a ring of pressure that he could feel with his hardening cockhead, then out again and in again, and then as it regained its full glory he started the full, long strokes. He heard her starting to gasp in his ear, in time with his rhythm, and her hand came back on his sides with their pressure urging him on.

He looked up and saw the wall close to Sara’s head - she’d been gradually sliding across the carpet. He put an arm under her back and across, hooking her shoulder with his hand. He pushed the other arm under her ass, lifting her pelvis up to him. She was in his grasp, going nowhere.

He fucked her slowly, for a long, long time.

Eventually her hands were pressing more urgently and her body was starting to writhe in his grip. He savoured the power in her, sliding his hands up her back and feeling the muscles there working, her body starting to demand his sperm again.

Her hands moved off his ribs. She pushed them through inside his arms and he felt them, so tiny but strong, grip the back of his neck.

“Now!” she said, “God! Yes! Everything!”

He ramped up the fucking, long strokes faster and faster, thudding into her, his mind blanked to everything else in the Universe but giving this gorgeous girl his sperm. He dimly felt the door open slighty and close again, but didn’t even look. He was on the brink and so was Sara.

Then he was cumming, and so was she, her strong young pussy clenching his berserk cock as he erupted inside her, both of them making animal noises..

He woke, realising he had nodded off. How long for? A minute perhaps. Sara was still beneath him, panting gently as she came down from the high.

He slid off her to the side, pulling her with him so she rolled over still against him. He stroked her thick blonde hair, pulled some over and buried his nose in it, then breathed in her ear, She pulled his head down and kissed him.

They lay there for a few minutes, until Mike realised time must be getting on. He got up and went over to his desk. Quarter to six! Jesus, how long had they been fucking for?

He thought back… the interview was two-thirty, they must have been in the lab by quarter to three, back up here by three surely, maybe ten minutes in Natasha’s office and then Sara had appeared with the coffee, which he was was still there untouched on his desk. God, he’d fucked her for two and a half hours!

Sara came over, leaned her naked young body against him and looked at the time on his monitor. “Mmmmm” she said, in the tones of someone who’d just had a great time. Mike couldn’t think of much to say; his senses were still reeling from this relationship that was of a completely new and unfamiliar kind.. “Mmmmm” he agreed eventually.

He went over to the door and peered through into Natasha’s office; it was empty. The building was silent - everyone had gone home. Sara went past him, still naked, opened the outer door and went out into the corridor to the ladies’ toilet. Mike followed as far as the mens’.

They came out at the same time, Mike still in a bit of a trance. Sara’s energy was coming back though.

“Show me round again,” she said, taking his hand and setting off down the corridor. Mike followed her gorgeous, vivacious young body, seeing again her fair skin tanned all over and smooth everywhere.

They went into the kitchen and had a drink, then downstairs, the naughty feeling increasing as they went nude into areas normally occupied by many people.

Nude and freshly fucked; nude and so many decades apart in age; the old pervert and his teenage assistant secretary just out of school.

They flitted across the foyer, half visible to anyone passing outside, but there was no-one there, and into the factory again. The machinery made them seem even more exposed; it was all so inappropriate. Sara pulled close to him and put her arm round as they walked along the central aisle to the supervisor’s station in the middle. Unbelievably, Mike was starting to feel his balls tingle again.

Normally he was The Boss in here, in his suit, surrounded by deferential people who looked up to him. More than he really liked, in many ways. But now...the naughtiness was off the scale.

In the middle was a desk and chair. Mike backed Sara up against the desk and kissed her. She put her hands round his neck as she had done before; he was learning to love it. She, pressed her sexy pelvis against him.

He lifted her up and rubbed her bush against his cock - he was rock hard again. They had to fuck. The desk was a bit too high. He looked around - there was a pile of fabric offcuts on the floor; that would have to do.

“You first please Mike,” said Sara, using his first name quite casually, “I want to be on top this time.”

‘A girl who knows what she wants,’ he thought. Well he was too indecisive himself. He lay down on his back and Sara crawled onto him. She lay on him, her weight feeling sexy and her bush tickling his balls.

He stroked her back, down over her lean, potent ass cheeks, and back up through her hair. She sat up, looking at him with her big grey eyes all the time, her pupils huge with desire. She lifted his cock with one gorgeous, tiny hand, and then slid her fabulous pussy down onto it, immersing him in pleasure once again.

She rode him steadily for a few minutes, until Mike needed more - there was no way even this gymnastic girl could move her whole body fast enough for what he needed. He pushed her up with his pelvis and gripped her hips with his hands, holding her pelvis up and thrusting up into her. She understood and held herself there, on her knees with thighs wide apart as he fucked her from below, crushing her clitoris with every thrust.

He fucked faster and faster, his back and stomach muscles working harder than he would ever have thought possible. His shoulders were too low though.

He grabbed Sara round the shoulders and lifted himself up, his whole weight on her strong little body. It couldn’t last but it didn’t have to - juices from her pussy were trickling down onto his balls, the cooling liquid giving him the final irresistible sensation.

He started cumming, spurting up into her, as hard as if the previous orgasms had never happened. Sara’s pussy responded immediately with her own orgasm, and she came long and hard too, until Mike collapsed back onto the fabrics.

The feelings slowly subsided. They didn’t need to speak; he just put his arms around the hot teen and they dozed.

Gradually Mike came to - they had to go,

God knew what time it was.

He led them back through the foyer and upstairs, and they quickly got dressed. It was twenty past six.

“Do you want to call your parents?” he asked.

“No need,” said Sara, “they gave up that ages ago, I’m in an annex, next to the house, I just get in when I want.”

“Wow,” said Mike, thinking what a handful of a daughter she must be, “well, I’ll just call home.”

His wife would be doing dinner. He called with an excuse, then went downstairs with Sara. “Lift home?” he asked, and she said “thank you”.

They walked round the back to the car park. He opened the car door for her and she got in, her short skirt riding up her gorgeous thighs.

He couldn’t believe it, the sight was setting him off again. Sara looked up, understanding; her grey eyes twinkling, her mouth turning up irresistibly at the ends.

“No, no, I don’t believe it” he muttered as he extended a hand for her, helping her back out. As they kissed he looked round, swivelling her to see if anyone could see them. Only the neighbouring car park gave a view and it was empty.

He reached for her panties and pulled. Sara pulled the other side and they slid down. She quickly pushed them off as he undid his belt and trousers. He pushed them down and off, and stood up again as Sara grabbed his cock in her little hands, bringing it completely back to full hardness.

“Really!” she giggled, “you’re such a sex maniac. I thought you might be, as soon as I saw the advert.”

“I suppose it was a lot of money,” he admitted.

“No experience, training given, school leaver considered,” she laughed, “and that salary. I thought you might be someone ugly though, not gorgeous. And I didn’t dare hope for this gorgeous great cock either; but I thought I’d come and see...”

Mike realised the hot girl had applied for the sex, as much as anything.

They fucked urgently against the side of the car, Mike thrusting hard and fast while Sara hung on to him, with her thighs as far apart as she could hold them. Mike moved his arms to under her knees and she let them bend upwards, presenting her pussy for the incredible drilling.

In a couple of minutes they were both there. Mike felt her strong young pussy go creamy and pulsating again, the sensation almost as strong as the first time, blood roaring in his head, and let go with yet another series of spurts while Sara gasped musically into his ear with her own intense cum.

Mike pulled out, put her down and staggered a pace or two backwards.

No dozing now though.

They gathered up their panties, briefs and trousers, put them on, and got in the car. This time Mike let Sara open her own door.

He dropped her off near her house.

“Don’t kiss me.” he said as he stopped. “See you, err…” he had to think - what day of the week was it? He started from the previous day and worked forwards.

It was Friday. Damn. Well, to be honest he needed the recovery time.

“See you on Monday”.

Sara smiled; a big, sexy, confident smile with her gorgeous wide mouth.

“Okay” she said.


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