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Pure fiction, all made up!!
My name is Jen. I am 18 years old and live with my mum in our house. I have long blonde hair, a pretty face and 34D breast that suits my slender body and tight arse. My little sister, Sophie is 16 and similar to me in body shapes. we get our looks from my mother so despite little differences we could easily be passed of as three sisters.

I came home from school one day and saw a note on the kitchen table saying that mum had taken Sophie to the shops. I went through to the living room and switched on the T.V. It came up with Playboy T.V immediatly and I watched as two fit girls licked eachother in a 69er.

I was getting seriously horny and wet watching the two girls fuck, so I stripped off quickly and rubbed my pussy lips as I watched the two go at it. I teased myself and pinched my hard nipples and licked the juices off my fingers.

I then plunged my fingers into my sopping pussy and rubbed my G spot and used my thumb to rub my clit. I rubbed like mad until I remembered what I was going to do today when I got back! My friend, Tara had told me about it and I had to see if it worked.

I went into the kitchen and got the phone, then went through my jeans until I found my mobile. I sat back on the sofa and shoved the phone into my aching pussy. Then I dialed my number on the kitchen phone and hit the little green button.

I was thrown into ecstasy as the mobile in my pussy buzzed against my clit. I came hard and fast, squirting about three meters across the room and soaking my hand and the sofa as a river of jizz oozed down my pussy and onto the sofa. I lay there for a while.

Then I heard the front door open and my mum and Sophie stepped in with my mum's friend Jenny. I was in plain sight and smiled as my sister practically started drooling at the sight of me.

'Hey' I said, getting up and walking over to them. I gave them all a passionate kiss before announcing I was gonna go shave.
'Hang on' my sister said, crouching down to my pussy. She stroked it, sending a pleasant chill down my back before sticking her tongue in and licking like crazy for about 30 seconds. She got up and shared the cum she'd managed to get out with me, shoving her sweet tasting tongue down my throat.
'Yeah, needs a shave' she said walking away and stripping down in the living room.

A few minutes later...

I came down after shaving my pussy into the kitchen. I called for mum but she didn't answer. Sophie called in from the living room 'she's outside.' I walked into the living room to see Sophie fingering herself to Playboy girls being boned by a huge cock.
'That is hot' I said, sitting down next to her and putting two fingers in my pussy.

I looked at Sophie and we kissed. I then fondled with her tits as she inserted her wet fingers into my pussy. I gasped for air and did the same to her. We kissed like this for a while before Sophie broke off. 'I want to lick your pussy you dirty slut' she said. So I sat on the arm rest and opened my legs up wide.

Sophie plunged her face into pussy, wasting no time in finding my G spot with her tounge. She spat on my clit and licked all around it. She then dug under and shoved two fingers into my arse. I loved being arse fucked. I rubbed my pussy into her face before cumming.

Sophie lapped up all my cum, letting flow into her mouth. She then stood on the sofa and dribbled it into mouth and I did the same. She then shoved her tongue in my mouth and we shared the cum.
'your turn now' I said, as mum and Jenny walked through the door. Jenny was attractive, her tits were medium size and perky. She had a tight arse and long ginger hair that flowed down to her shoulders.

Jenny had cum on her face and mum looked pretty pleased so I guessed they'd been fucking outside.
'Care to join us?' I asked, laying Sophie down on the ground and inserting a finger into her pussy. Mum eagerly walked towards us and knelt over Sophies face. Jenny came over stood over Sophies chest, her pussy level with Mums face.

I started finger fucking my sister and leaned forward to lick Jennys arse hole. Mum was getting a licking from Sophie whilst licking Jenny. I took a break from Jennys arse and focused my mouth on Sophies soaking cunt.

I sucked on her clit and managed to get a nuckle past her lips. I flicked my tongue over her clit as I inserted my hole fist into her pussy. I heard her groan.

We went on like this for about 2 minutes. Mum sitting on Sophies face and licking Jennys cunt. I switched between Sophies pussy and Jennys arse untill Sophie screamed she was going to cum. She jizzed all over my hand and I lapped it up and swallowed it all. That sett mum and she jizzed all over Sophies face, increasing her licking on Jenny who came also.

Jenny got her clothes, kissed us all goodbye and left. I went up for a shower with my sister whilst mum made us some dinner.

And if that didn't make you horny, nothing will ;)

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2013-06-24 03:51:05
It was like having someone telling me it really fast without detail. Long story short. It wasn't very good detail,it seemed like they do this all the time,it was short,and it didn't really make me horny. Sorry but it could be way better.

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