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I have to apologize for the typo's and no spacing. My stories are gone over and spaced and paragraphs appropriately done, however, when you post to this site, it screws with the formating, and add's characters where you have apostrophe's etc... so's not my writing!

When the event finally ended I went to my hotel room, slid the key in the door, and much to my surprise I found Leslie, sitting on the bed. I thought about it, and I wasn’t sure how she had snuck out of the computer event without me noticing she wasn’t there. She sat on my bed in a baby blue corset pulled tightly snuggling around her little perky tits. The tops of her breast spilled over the top of the corset. On her very sexy long legs was a pair of thigh highs, which fastened with garter belts to her corset. She wore spiked white heels and sat on my bed swinging her legs that were crossed at the knee. I walked over to her and she smiled. I knew that smile, she had some type of plans for me tonight, and my interested was perked. She led me by the hand into the bathroom; the bathroom had a huge sunken garden tub. She had at least 25 candles around the tub, and bubbles mounded up spilling onto the marble floor. Soft music played in the bathroom. She smiled at me, and walked back out of the room leaving me to a bubble bath.

I stripped off my business suit, pinned up my hair and had just sunk up to my neck into the bubbles, when I heard the door open. I opened my eyes that I had just closed to unwind, and in walked my beautiful lady in blue. She walked in carrying to glass of wine she sat mine down on the tub and never said a word. I got the same toothy smile, and she walked back out. I soaked in the tub until my little toes were pruned up and my fingers as well. I pulled the plug on the tub and stepped out wrapping a towel around me body. I went to the sink and looked at myself in the mirror; I let my hair down, and wondered what I was going to slip on. I certainly hadn’t brought anything sexy to wear for a nerdy computer conference. I let my long hair down and brushed it out. I left my towel in place, put on lotion and walked to the bedroom.

Laying on the bed in all her fabulous baby blue lay this woman who made me wet just to look at her. I ached to just touch her. I walked to the bed, “stop,” she said. I did as she said stopping at the end of the bed. “Drop the towel baby,” she whispered. I didn’t hesitate, I had a good body, 5’5, 125 pounds nothing to be ashamed of, and I had no kids and was pretty athletic even still. I dropped the towel and stood naked before the Goddess that I was lucky enough to fuck again tonight. She motioned for me to sit on the bottom of the bed. I sat and crossed my legs, she wagged her finger at me…”don’t cross those legs missy,” she said. I uncrossed them. “I want you to sit with your legs up spread apart and bent up at the knees. I did as she said I spread my legs and bent them. I could feel the lips of my pussy open up slightly, and I felt the cool air in the room rush across my hard little clit.

She reached between my legs after lying down on the bed on her flat little stomach. The outfit she had on, had a little thong like apparatus attached to which rode up her ass just a little, but what I noticed was she had a nice little butt plug shoved into her asshole. I got wet when I realized it, it was inevitable, and I knew I was going to get excited quickly because she was so damn sexy. She moved closer between my legs. I felt her fingers brush against the hair around my pussy, she ran her fingers through it, and then slowly she traced a finger down my lips, on each side she ran her fingers. The she moved inside ever so slightly, I was not allowed to moves, I stayed very still, as I felt her fingers move into my inner lips and run just around my wet dripping tight pussy hole. Her fingers moved slowly around the outside dipping just to the first knuckle and back out. What I wanted was her to ram her entire hand into my pussy and fuck me so hard that I couldn’t stand it anymore. But she sure wasn’t going to do that. She was going to torture me, so that I came over and over tonight. She moved a finger onto my clit, her other hand rested just above it parting my lips. He smooth soft fingers wiggled, and pulled at my clit, and squeezed occasionally, until I could feel the little thing getting plump, when I felt her breath on my cunt. Her lips wrapped around my wet hard little clit and began to suck. She held my clit just between her teeth as her tongue flicked it. I pulled in a sharp deep breath and let out a moan, as I she sucked and bit at my clitoris. I came, I didn’t ask permission, and I did nothing but trembled, and shook and put my hands on her head to ram it into my hot dripping mound.

She pulled her face out of my pussy and smiled at me, I had enough, so I flipped her over, and moved down to kiss her pussy drenched face. I could taste my sweet juice on her lips and taste it on her tongue. I pulled at the restraints of her sexy nightie, I couldn’t stand it, and I needed her tits in my mouth. I pulled one free, and began to suck her pink little ripe nipples. She shuddered as I bit and pulled at her had nipple. I could feel it shrinking and getting harder with each bite. She moaned, and said fuck my pussy baby. I kissed her mouth once more, and then her neck and her tits, undressing her as I went until I reached between her legs. I pulled the nightie off over her long legs, and flipped off her heels. I left her thigh highs on her legs they were so smooth and sexy. She spread her legs far apart, her pussy lips were small and plump and as she pulled her legs apart her clit and inner lips were exposed. I loved the way she looked; she had a sweet little pussy that glistened with all her wetness. I pulled at her outer lips and I ran my tongue over her clit, she came, it shot out of her pussy in a creamy white thick stream. Sticking my tongue into her cunt, I lapped at it until she was all cleaned up and ready again. She moaned loudly as I stuck my fingers into her. I started with one, and she begged for more, I gave her another, one and then yet a third, she wanted me to fuck her hard; she banged her pussy into my hand. Finally, I obliged her and began to bang her little box with strength that rocked her on the bed. She came all over my hand. I pulled out, and got up off the bed.

She raised herself up on one elbow while she caught her breath. I went over to the sink in the hotel room, and got into the ice bucket. I took the plastic cup and filled it full of ice. Walking back to the bed, she laid herself back down. I took the first cube of ice, and ran it over her hardening nipples, they shriveled up and became very hard, I knew they were hurting it was then I took one in my mouth and bit it. She screamed loudly as she pulled my hair shoving my head down to suck her entire tit. I shoved as much in mouth as I could. When she had stopped the orgasm I started on the other tit, same thing, ice, making the titty hard as a rock and then biting down on her cold hard nipple. She screamed again and her thighs shook. The ice and I moved down between her legs, I took a piece and held it in my hand to melt it, so I could drip the freezing water on her clit. She moaned, I took another piece and shoved it straight into her tight little brown puckered ass hole. She moaned loudly again, so I took another piece and shoved it into her asshole. Water from the first piece had started to drip from her tight ass. She breathed in sharply, as I shoved two more pieces of ice into her cunt and began to lick at her clit. Her pussy came on my tongue, water shot from her tight little asshole all over the bed, she moaned loudly and grabbed at her tits as the orgasm racked through her body. I lay down beside her and watched her as she started to calm down, her breathing quieted down.

She turned to face me on the bed, her hand went to my face and she touched my lips, she leaned in and kissed me running her wet tongue across my bottom lip as she bit at it playfully. She was happily satisfied, because she lay her face across my big tits, and fell asleep in my arms for a few hours before she woke again, to fuck me once more. The ice though became fair game for use on me the next round. She was a vision in blue that night as she fucked me with a wine bottle that we had delivered to the room. She promptly ordered it and the moment the waiter was out the door, she poured into the sink, and walked over and put the bottle first in my pussy then in my ass. I came hard and a lot, as she licked the wine droplets off my cunt, and out of my asshole. We had a few more nights to enjoy one another before the computer conference was over, and those are other stories, for another time.

liz 22 ndReport

2011-11-17 20:30:01
mm great writing, i loved it.. love the fem-dom..


2011-05-07 21:56:02
Lovely story, really nice deion & some HOT sex ... you got me going, thanks! I've added this one to my favourites list.

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-21 13:30:51
I LOVE your stories, and how hot, I love ice on my nipples and in my pussy.......damn, I need to take a business trip so I can get away from hubby and enjoy a woman!


2011-04-18 01:31:02
I have read lady in witht and that was hot but this one WoW . Fantastic l like what you did with the ice. Will have to try that on my girl. Keep up the gud work ,

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2011-04-16 13:07:44
I see a sequal today Lady in White SWEET

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