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Lust with futanari incepts. Did they confuse love? And please, this is fiction; I didn't make it, 'tiny dots' did as a doujinshi. She's fucking awesome.
"Chikane!" A loud moan resounded in the room and echoed, in the room were two panting females, one was on top of the older woman. Their bodies taut and covered in a sheen of sweat. The older female, sighed, breathlessly pulling the more younger one closer to her heated body. Chikane, as she reveled in her longly-wanted release, felt happy, comforted by the fact that her unrequited love felt the same way as she did.

A small smile found its way on her lips, no more did she have to glance longingly and hope that her angel would feel the same; no more did she have to fear that Himeko would forever be with Oogami and hate her if she found out her twisted feelings; her "secret" was long out. The fact that Himeko knew about her extraordinary body was making her comfortable, accepted; that she had a dick, (but didn't show it very well due to her careful camouflaging). And that whenever they did bathe together, the Himemiya assured Himeko that she always felt a stirring that she couldn't control; that she was very desirable in her eyes.

When she did open her eyes, Chikane found herself with Himeko; not naked, fully clothed, and she was panting lightly. The only problem was that she could very well feel the heat of Himeko through her thin underwear as she was slowly rubbing along the curve of her morning wood. She could feel the tightening of her loins painfully so, every sense heightened as she became aroused, poking Himeko right on her swollen petals, the familiar wetness spread from the sensitive head of her cock and she could feel it seep past the clothing. She felt her breath raggedly escaping her lips, drying her throat from pure pleasure. Himeko was so warm, her hips bucked a small bit, causing the head of her covered cock to dent into Himeko's white lingerie. Himeko's legs widened, her pelvis bone arching in, grinding against her. Chikane bit her lip, pain did not work on her; she could feel the warmth; so close, so teasing.

The innocence of Himeko was tantalizing, Chikane felt her cock harden more; as her girth swelled and sunk into Himeko's wet tight cavern because of the small hump she did. Time to bite her tongue from moaning out loud and ripping those underwear off. Her eyes wandering Himeko's body, it was half-naked before she remembered last night.

Himeko coming home from a date, crying her eyes out, incomprehensible words spilling before she could make out the words that Oogami dumped her angel.

Anger, than she embraced the petite blonde, pulling her to her bedroom and giving her a bath. It took her so much resistance not to drool over Himeko, not to take her then and there; next there was the event of clothing Himeko in only a button-up blouse that ran waist-high, barely covered her womanhood. It didn't stop her from looking at the maidens' underwear, the libia unaroused, but outlined, and the sweet clit that she dreamt about most of the night was fresh.

Himeko was silent then, looking around shyly, Chikane wanted so much to ravish her there. But faulted at the sad expression that marred those beautiful features. They went to bed, with Himeko on top of her, wiggling around before she rested her head on Chikane's chest with an adorable expression. It was sleep for them, but not without hot dreams that haunted Chikane and woke up her lower part that happened to situate itself between Himeko's legs and poking her there.

Knocked out of her stupor, Chikane inwardly groaned, the warmth emanating from Himeko was heavenly, as her vaginal muscles were clenching around the first inch of her cock, milking precum. She wanted to bury her fourteen inch dick into the sweet cunt, so much it hurt her crotch with a burning need but the spandex of her black 'camouflage' was stretching due to the arousal. The white of her precum spilled through her stretchable undergarments, and mixed with Himeko's honey. The thought of that was almost too much; the mushroom head felt so sensitive, the heat of Himeko, and her vaginal walls squeezed her pleasurably so.

Himeko moaned breathlessly, the Himemiya held her breathed bated; feeling the grinding as she went a bit deeper. Her heart pounded, her arousal shot up like never before as the sounds in her room were Himeko moaning, and the squelching. It was a small nightmare within her wishful dream. Chikane kept her arms around Himeko, her hands resting on the smooth bare abdomen, feeling the small stomach rise and fall, the muscles contracting. But despite that, she could tell Himeko was asleep and dreaming. It felt so wrong yet so right to be doing this.

Her bulge was huge, if she had to look in a body mirror, she bet it was at its biggest. None other than Himeko aroused her like this. She had to sleep, she felt fatigued despite the arousal boiling her blood.

There was a groan, "please…" Her body burned, every touch from her lover ached more than ever. It was teasing, it was harsh. It was painful, though, it had a form of different pleasure. She could feel her lovers' hard length within her. She remembered how it happened last night; she came back; with despondent thoughts that she was 'ugly' since Souma dumped her. But after she said that to Chikane, her beautiful friend, trapped her against a wall, and leaned close to her face. Every breath that Chikane took intoxicated her, her mind was muddled, her heart hammered, senses overwhelmed as she got aroused.

"Don't ever say that Himeko, you're so beautiful," it was sincere, the look in those ocean eyes had her nervous; she believed Chikane when hands rested themselves on her hips. Pushing their hips together; she could feel something hard, a questioning look must've been in her eyes, for Chikane replied huskily, making her shiver in anticipation, "I can't hold back; ever since meeting you, I always had a stirring in me. It was unbearable. You tease me. This is why I say you're beautiful…"

Her lips came close, and the pressure felt right. It shot liquid warmth through her body. She arched her back when Chikane placed a cool hand on her breast, the other hand dangerously close to her dripping sex. It pulsed, for Chikane's touch, for her alone, for release. Himeko craned her neck back, those lips she felt in only her dreams now touching her, ghosting over the pulse of her neck, she wanted Chikane, now. Her hands gripped Chikane's shoulder, pushing her back until she fell on her ass, Himeko mounted her. Grinding into the unsecret bulge that formed, moaning, the blonde could only throw her head back and passion blazed in her name.

"Chikane!" The blue-haired princess responded to her hasty grinding, pushing her hips deeper, before distracting her with a kiss.

Their clothes fell to the ground, unknown, the bare skin to touch felt heavenly to Himeko. On the carpet floor, on her back, Himeko watched Chikane through hazy eyes, feeling their souls connect in a physical way, as they were entwined. It blew their minds away, from pleasure, to happiness. Himeko dreamed of this happened since dating Oogami, well… honestly, long before that.

"Oh Chikane!" her nails scratched Chikane's back, her own arching, pressing their breasts together.

White dots enraptured behind her eyes as she climaxed, with the Himemiya following closely. They kept their grinding to prolong their pleasure.

What she desired and love was in her arms. But with Chikane still in her, still hard, spilling her essence. But she didn't mind, they could go for another round.

Himeko opened her eyes, the fatigue washing away instantly as she comprehended her situation. A dream, if only… oh my. She could feel something in her, it felt sensitive all of the sudden; her embarrassment was gone and replaced with arousal. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Chikane slumbering peacefully, except for the breath hitching every second now and then. Her face contorted, expressing her content of a dream; the blonde grew jealous. Her mind taunting her that it was someone else that was in those secure arms; with those hands on someone else that wasn't her, that… that person was the one receiving pleasure from Chikane. It was the only explanation that was plausible, really; Himeko saw none other summary for why her friend was erect.

She felt angry, felt jealous; the hot length of Chikane was pressing into her, it was an inch or so in despite the barrier of her underwear; Himeko moaned. Rocking her hips back gently was making something coil in her lower abdomen, she needed Chikane so much. Faintly, she wondered if this was categorized as 'rape', for she wanted more. Chikane was so hard, so big, so heated; Himeko distantly flew in the sky of her mind, feeling aroused and joyous as she forgot her jealousy. Suddenly, she grew agitated with her underwear; hot damn, was Chikane so teasing with her hard rod. She pushed against the hardness, moaning and arching her, she felt like a bitch in heat.

Her hands found their way to her breasts, the nipples hard and standing at attention for a touch. The moment she wanted to, she stopped an inch away from them, instantly reminded that Chikane was sleeping. What is not known won't kill anyone… Himeko whimpered, her idea was far the best, the hands of Chikane were nimble, agile, and cool, it injected a lethal dose of arousal into her system. Her toes curled, pleasure soaked her underwear, and her inside muscles gripped the head of Chikane like a vice. Her lips tingled for a kiss, to be claimed roughly, to be bruised passionately.

Chikane! She bit her lips to muffle the moans and whimpers that wanted to escape, she was helpless; the warm hardness sunk in deeper in Himeko, another inch; her mind screamed its passion. She moved her hips in a circular motion, a groan released itself, it sounded rough, raw from strong sexual desire.

Her ardent love was awoken, Himeko felt addicted to this… secrecy. Never did she feel so wanton, there was no self-control in the way she grinded against Chikane's stiff rock that spewed precum. Dirty is how she should feel, but she can't, Himeko keeps up the rocking rhythm of her hips, the hormones felt like ecstasy, that sensations of a butterfly in her heart was overwhelming.

Her tongue darted out to wet her lips, the appetizer was beneath her, near writhing in her sleep mode; pressing against her, going deeper. Her head tilted back, setting itself close to Chikane's pinched face; as though she were about to explode. Himeko smiled to herself, leaning in more, with her eyes closed; ready to slant her head and claim those cherry blossom lips.

But the immediate tenseness of the body struck her speechless; she went with pretending. "Innocence" was Himeko, but her body with its responses, was anything but. She opened her eyes sleepily, she silently admitted she was doing good at acting, blinking away the sleep; trying, to comprehend and act as though she were surprised with the hardness sinking in her so slowly.

For a small moment, Himeko didn't mean to clench around the head, she didn't want to, but she did. A raw moan worked its way out of her throat, her clit throbbed violently; for the next seconds; she nearly went mindless as she sat up. Her round bottom on the firm abdomen, and her wet cunt drenching the hot length of Chikane; she acted surprised.

Slowly turning around to confront her fears; what was Chikane thinking now? Was she disgusted at her? Himeko recoiled when a hand rubbed her side, the slender fingers brushing on a sensitive spot that she couldn't help but let out a breathless gasp, her womanhood reacted instantly; squeezing out the precum that soaked through the barrier of her underwear, and she writhed, arching her back. Is this another dream within a dream? She couldn't but help think that.

"H-Himeko…" Her ears could hear Chikane breathing raggedly, small moans leaving her softly, the head of Chikane's length throbbed, spilling precum, and Himeko threw her head back, landing on her chest from the force. "Oh… Himeko…" Arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer, pressing her much more and rubbing the head of the cocks' tip tantalizingly, Chikane covered up a groan with a cough, her embarrassment didn't override her desire obviously.

Himeko looked back, from the corner of her eyes, she could see the battle; the storm of lust, another emotion she couldn't name, and clarity fighting. "Hime…ko, if you k-keep on doing t-that, I-I fear I might n-not hold back!" Chikane growled, stuttering ever once and a while. Himeko felt a flush of desire wash over her body, her body turned over, now straddling Chikane's body; regrettably, letting go of her hard prize. Her tight cavern felt cold suddenly despite the cloth barrier that soaked the warmth, without the heat of a furnace, the feeling of a rock wrapped with silk, she could imagine what it felt like from just that. Chikane… oh. It feels so weird without at least an inch of you in me, I can only imagine what the rest of you will feel like, how much you complete me.

"I-I don't… need y-you to hold b-back, I love you, Chikane!" Himeko yelled the last part, gripping the bedsheets around them, her knuckles turning white. She braced herself, looking straight into dazed, dark eyes that expressed everything so clearly, the warmth, the understanding; the lust (she subconsciously shivered in anticipation) and the promise of more. Of the deserving care she needed, of the attention she can have; her dreams can finally come true.

Chikane leaned forward, Himeko held her breath bated; her face set in a serene expression, a smile formed, happiness brightened her eyes, and Himeko drowned in those fathomless dark depths. "Forever, Himeko," Chikane raised a hand and brushed away a stray golden strand. The smile on her lips did not go away, "I wanted to hear those words from your lips…" Her face darkened, Himeko wondered why a delicious tingle came to her spine and desire throbbed in heated territory that was Chikane's.

"You drive me crazy with those moans, and that tight pussy of yours," a soft nip to her neck and those words had Himeko begging for release, "…grinding on my cock was such a hard job to hold onto self-control."

"S-So you were awake?"

Chikane drew back, her hand on the small of Himeko's back, rubbing small circles; "Of course I was. If I truly was asleep, it'd be limp, but knowing your warmth was surrounding me, I couldn't help it. I wanted so much to rip off your clothing, to have you bare before me as I sheathed myself, fully to the hilt, before drawing back and slamming my hips again." Her ears drowned in the whimpers coming from her blonde angel from just what she said.

She led Himeko to sit atop her, forcing her hips to churn and her pussy to grind on the huge bulge her undergarments couldn't hide. Himeko gasped, inhaling sharply as her face flushed to a crimson shade, her amethyst eyes twinkling as she wanted more; desperate for more. She knew what she felt for the Himemiya was much more than lust, it didn't level with Souma, which on the grander scale of her attraction to him, was minuscule.

Chikane kissed her, giving a gift to her that she couldn't help but swoon at. A gentle tongue prodded at her lips, slowly opening them; Himeko widened and battled Chikane, their saliva mixing. The desperate pace of their rocking kept Himeko from enjoying the kiss, perspiration dotted their bodies as the temperature went higher and set a flame to evolve into an inferno within themselves.

It was still early in the morning, the night ruled for the few hours before the sun came up, and they didn't care how much time they wasted. They were finally together. The blouse was stripped away, as was Himeko's black bra onto the ground. Himeko drew back, arching her back and hands touched her breasts with care, handling the orbs as though they were glass, but also pinching the nipples and sending her into a lost frenzy.

The blonde couldn't wait anymore, and stopped her grinding, noting the groan (she felt wanted). Her hands went to the elastic bands of the underwear, ready to rip them off, and she did. The stitches loosened from her sudden force, fully revealing Chikane's hard dick to her hungry eyes; curiosity was in them, of course. Himeko gave one lick of her lips, faintly feeling the blue-haired princess shiver in delight. She didn't care about the torso, it was the pulsing cock pointing at her that caught her attention.

Panting, Chikane laid a hand on Himeko's wrist, effectively stopping her from advancing, "let's take this s-slow."

Hurt and disappointment flashed through those eyes, Chikane cupped the shy chin, "Don't think you're not desirable, this," she gestured at her fully erected length, "is hard for you, it throbs for you. I breath for you, my dear. Know that I will love you until there is a supernova to cease our love." They gazed at each other, until Chikane broke with a kiss, slow and drawn-out.

But for now, I have to endure this. Chikane rolled them over so she was on top, her hair curtaining them as she stared at Himeko intently, watching the blush blossom. Her lips are sweeter than honey; her body is my wonderland, so beautiful… Subconsciously, arousal still flowed in her body, pushing towards her hardness, it poked Himeko's core. Her own body stiffened, muscles taut, and face bared the hint of wanting to give into desire. She rocked more, their hips barely touching due to her size, she slipped into the tight heat, an inch or three, the vaginal muscles squeezing onto the mushroom tip and milking her precum. Himeko released a moan, her eyes shut in pleasure, her mouth parted, lifting her hips to receive more before IT touched her innocence. The blonde whimpered in need, her fingers digging into Chikane's firm behind and pushing her past that barrier, pain didn't ever register, but the fire that planned to consume her, did.

They were animals in heat now, Chikane didn't mind, she moved Himeko's thighs to rest upon her shoulders as she drove her hips on an angle, to hit that spot in Himeko over and over again. Chikane could feel the muscles messaging her, trying to grip onto her and milk her; she wanted so much to still and stay like that forever, but she couldn't. Some force droved her to plow Himeko thoroughly, to spear her until they both came from pleasure.

The bed creaked, the morning was dawning with the sun in tow; and Chikane murmured against Himeko's cheek, "We should sleep, honey." Knowing that losing your virginity the first, water would hurt the sensitive skin, and she didn't want Himeko to find that out first hand.

They slept, Chikane had her arms embracing the petite form on her, while Himeko snuggled closer to her.


It was the weekend, Chikane noted, so it was normal to watch a movie and relax with the one you love. Except when you're asleep and suddenly, you're getting your brains fucked out by a horny Himeko, who straddled her during the nap she took along the middle of the movie. Moaning rang in her ears like music, she groaned, bucking her own hips and filling the hot sheath, again and again. She wondered what brought this on.

But hot damn, did Himeko distract her, kissing her nape and licking the hollow of her neck then purring. "Chikane!" Her breath hitched, her heart pounded loudly in her ears, then she traveled her gaze to Himeko who burned her, who made her so hot and wanting; she was so desirable.

Arousal swelled her dick more, love hardened it and Chikane took control. Pulling Himeko close to her, and whispered in her ear, delighted at the shiver, "Himeko should not be teasing, I really might lose my mind if you keep on taking my cock." The warmth pulsed around her, Chikane could see that Himeko was in agony. Her fingers pinched the blondes' clit, hearing those moans, the primal urge to mindlessly fuck her senseless rose in her.

So this… is Chikane in control? I feel like orgasming already! …I can only imagine what she's like when she isn't in control… Himeko thought, arching her back, she was pressing into the Himemiya. A moan escaped her throat, raw desire hummed in her body, growing every second to that release.

She wrapped her legs around the slim waist, causing Chikane to hit her deeper and filling her completely.

From that moment on, they spent the day completing each, oblivious to the glaring jealous eyes that watch them through the clear glass doors, who cursed under her breath and swore that she would fuck Chikane then.

The maid scowled, jealousy still there.

(time skip to night)

"Himeko, we should sleep in separate room tonight, okay? Don't think I don't want you near, it's the possibility of doubt that it's only for sex, okay? I just need to reassure that we can trust each other to hold our wants back." Chikane looked in those amethyst eyes, pleading for her to believe what she said, it was true. They did have tender moments here and there, but after that; it was sex all-around. And she needed to prove to herself that they could go without sex, at least until the next day.

Himeko nodded, flushed, she understood. Her desire for Chikane was never sated, but she could hold off until then. It's not like she could hump Chikane right then, there was always masturbation. With Chikane, lust and love mixed together, she couldn't hold back; and gave her a kiss on the lips, grinning, "good-night."

Chikane could only sigh, feeling like it was going to be torturous, the night would be long and lonely.

Changing into nothing was better for the summer heat, so she laid down naked, ready to close her eyes. But she was instantly reminded of Himeko's naked body on hers, flashing behind her eyes and taunting her with the stirring in her loins. The warmth that messaged her cock and gripped it, milking precum and making her explode, the tight sheath she wanted, and the one she loves.

She closed her eyes, fatigue and stressing over her doubt took a toll on her; she was out in a minute.

A click of the door, and a mysterious person stood in front of the naked slightly sweaty Himemiya, licking their lips and closing in on the toned pale body for their selfish needs, curves in all the right places.

The maid shivered in delight, finally, she could get her release on the real thing instead of defined dreams. Her eyes gazed at the lucid cock, that was outlined beneath the thin covers. She wasn't wearing much either, just underwear but no bra. Her mind suggested to leave the underwear to tempt her. Her heart palpitated, constricting in her chest out of anticipation.

The maid, Riku, was eager as she straddled the Himemiya, careful not to put too much weight, watching her chest rise and fall, not breath erratically. But that would wait; until she decided to arouse her third party, the woman smiled perversely. Her delicate fingers traced a path down the toned stomach, and was fascinated by the shudder and contraction of the muscles. A small bump made itself known under the white sheets, and Riku shivered in anticipation as it touched her.

Her underwear was washed in her honey, Riku needed more, so she lowered her covered dripping cunt onto the small bulge; grinding against it with a burning fire in her lower abdomen, it hardened and swelled noticeably. She moaned breathlessly, pushing down harder as arousal coursed through her veins and dosed a mindless amount in her body. In a flash, she ripped the blanket off of Chikane's body, wanting to see with her own. And she gasped, her fingers enchanted as it touched the erection, fourteen or so inches… she estimated, as it grew. Obviously, someone was dreaming. It was rockhard, wrapped in velvet and hot to the touch; she grew giddy. She took off her underwear in a hurry, throwing it elsewhere.

Mounting the Himemiya again, she smiled and lowered herself down on the hard length, reveling at how it filled her to the hilt (pushing past her innocence, she was no longer a virgin), and rocked her hips back and forth, swirling around, experimenting a bit before she looked at those luscious lips. "Oh yes…" she hissed in pleasure, finding an angle that was impossible for her to ever leave, she was addicted.

After a few moments, her mouth opened, silently screaming as she felt the cock in her, swell to a huge size. She drove her hips to hump faster; going nearly mindless with pleasure. She was on the brink of a climax before the door opened, and a sweet voice rang in the room, "Chikane…?" Riku dodged the light and went on the floor, diligently working her way under the bed, hoping that the blood was washed away by the precum that still spilled out.

"Oh my, Chikane is so hard…" From the darkness, Riku was seething in jealousy and rage, how dare that blonde bitch take her Chikane.

The creaks were anything but subtle, the flesh that slapped, that blondie must be 'raping' her Chikane who was still sleeping despite her stiffness. She could hear the drawn out moans, and "I love you"s that were repeated over and over. Riku was on her stomach, feeling arousal course her blood, her clitoris throbbed; she needed Chikane badly, now but not before the petite blonde sighed contently of her release.

Riku heard her mumble, "I better go before Chikane believes that I do want her for only sex… which is not my intentions at all." The footsteps were gone, and darkness engulfed the room on all accounts. "She is insatiable still hard…"

She smiled wickedly, seductively licking her lips and getting out from the bed, ready to resume her own 'raping' and she did. Humping on the hard dick. her mind was blank, her body a slave to its own desire, lust. She leaned over the Himemiyas' face, her own pinched in pleasure. Her hips drove down, she was glad that Chikane was a heavy sleeper.


Morning came for Chikane, her head pounding away since the light was annoying to her eyesight. She moved around, feeling awfully sore in her neither regions for some reason. Her body was tired, she sat up, forcing herself to blink and stay awake. The sight that met her eyes was… speechless, she couldn't describe it. Her dick was irritated, a light red, limp of course, and dried cum stuck to her thighs and around that area. No wonder why she was so sore. It was like she got raped, that, or she had a really vivid dream that she just couldn't remember.

"Gods, I must've have been masturbating to be so sore and sensitive." Time to stay in bed and wait until her third leg was better, she distantly wondered if Himeko snuck in her room; or if she unconsciously masturbated. She went with the last one, since it seemed plausible, Himeko did know that she didn't want sex every-time.

She decided to take a shower, but when she did that; she bit her lip not to scream pain. Her final choice was to be in bed all day, and that was more alluring. She did need time to herself. Going back to the bed, Chikane laid down, calling a maid, anyone.

The door opened, and a sleep Riku questioned in her short tank top that emphasized her chest- the nipples and white near-translucent underwear that showed her maidenhood, and the small patch of hair above her poking clit. "Ojou-sama?"

Chikane stared at the ceiling, mindful that she was naked; she was comfortable, after all, her maids were informed of her 'party' package. She sat up, smiling, but that almost faltered when she noticed her maids' sleep attire, she forgot it was the weekend. That was when the maids did nothing but relax in their clothing, but no nakedness. "Lock the door, Riku." The maid did, "only go out for food if I want you to, I need you to do a task." Her voice was suggestive, it was firm.

"Get a cloth from the bathroom," Chikane instructed, gods, what did I do last night? She only remembered sleeping and that was it. Nothing else. She couldn't ever remember her dream. The maid, Riku, was cute, Chikane noticed. Dark curly hair a shade of black, and fell down her shoulders; emphasizing her heart-shaped face, and pouty red lips. The emerald eyes of clear radiance and a body so beautiful she thought Himeko would be the only one. Those tanned, shapely legs, held no fat. Not too much muscle, and slim- her breath quickened just the slightest; images of her filling the sweet cunt of Himeko, over and over. She was glad for training, her cock didn't harden but it throbbed.

"You got it, good, come here." Her voice was husky, eyes sharply trained on the maid in on her bed, crawling on all fours. It seemed casual, she sat cross-leggedly, Chikane quickly glanced at the pussy. And she was hit with a sweet, musky fragrance. "C-Can you care for my cock?" Chikane needed a message; it felt so sore. "Because it's sore for some reason."

The maid nodded and leaned, her hands covered by the damp cloth as she touched it; her cock twitched. Riku was fascinated, still despite being the one to wear it out. Her hand curiously gripped it, feeling it harden, as she went with a slow pace to message. Her eyes entranced on the forming erection, hot and silky to the touch, her other hand ticked the thickening shaft. Her heart hammered, small veins pulsed; she was aroused, so was Chikane judging by the way she closed her eyes in bliss.

Chikane-ojou-sama is so… huge. Bigger than what I have seen from a distance, she grew more than fifteen inches. Riku flushed, heat was notching up a few degrees. Chikane opened her eyes, seeing the shy glances Riku was giving, ones of desire.

The feeling was mutual, lust.

Chikane growled, claiming those lips and making the maid straddle, to grind on her and moan. Her slender hands gripped those hips, skillful fingers hooking onto the lingerie and slipping them off by distracting Riku with her nipping the graceful neck.

Riku moaned, wanting Chikane inside her. The room was sound-proof, of course, Chikane failed to mention that, but she didn't mind; by then, Riku was screaming her name and giving a tight pleasure that soothed her aching cum-spilling cock again.


Himeko was smiling, as she greeted the provocative maids that trekked the hallway. Her feet immediately trailed the way to Chikane's room, when she did get there, it was locked. She pressed her ear against the door, but she couldn't hear nothing except the ringing in her ears because of the silence.

When Chikane does lock the door, it means she either out, or sleeping the day away.

She didn't know what else to do; but then, she decided to see Chikane after and visit her friend, Saotome Makoto. She hummed happily, to herself, shaking off the funny feeling in her stomach and walked to Makoto's apartment.

(time skip)

Okay, sex with a girl who had a dick was fuckin' mind-blowing, sex with a girl that was a girl was heart-stopping at points, Himeko felt guilty. Lust took over, and she was just experiencing sex. Why were things so complicated?


"Oh fuck, Chikane! Yes there! Gods…" Riku hissed her pleasure; her hands barely stabilizing on her hands as Chikane fucked her doggy-style. It was afternoon, and their rutting didn't stop, they tried every position to satiate their never-ending desire. Chikane did butt-fuck Riku, but it was so much tighter, and weirder to her sensitive cock. Riku did oral sex on Chikane, lapping and taking Chikane, while reveling in the taste.

Evening came, finally did they rest their bodies and slept. Chikane never imagined herself to be unfaithful, before she back-tracked; Himeko did not ask me to be faithful, just to treat her right and love her, and, of course, to fuck her. She groaned, feeling those muscles milking her cum and rejuvenating her sexual energy.

(time skip)

They lost track after reviving again, it wasn't until they heard Himeko's voice that they did worry.

She hurriedly hid Ruki and cleaned up her bed. The curtains were long ago closed, the lights were dimmed and she sprayed perfume in the room, hoping it would cover the scent of sex.

Chikane unlocked the door, wearing a towel as she took a quick slip in the shower and opened the door. "Hello Himeko." She said suavely.


The blonde looked at up, happiness on her face, the Himemiya smiled, embracing her beloved. The towel dropped, Chikane didn't mind and kept her arms wrapped around Himeko's waist, and felt the stirring in her loins. Of course, it was starting to harden against Himekos' thighs once she thought about Riku's tight heat but she leaned down to pick up her towel and smiled, "Sorry, Himeko, still have to eat. Can you wait at the dining room? I need to dress and speak with a maid on the kitchen staff."

The petite blonde ran down the hallway, to wait in the room for she was hungry.

Chikane chuckled, "You can come out now, sweetie." She felt devious, daring.

(time skip)

Riku got dressed, in a skirt and a shirt that flowed past her hips, it was loose, it was deluding. Chikane followed her but stopped, and gestured her to head on.

The maid nodded, winking and put a sway into her hips. Chikane felt herself erect. Of course she dressed like a gentleman, a black blouse not to manly, but good enough, and loose jeans. The erection didn't show, she sighed in relief. Knowing Himeko, she would jump her.

She walked to the dining room, and greeted Himeko with a breath-taking kiss. "Hello dear, I need to speak with the staff." She constructed her wording carefully, not wanting to rouse Himeko's suspicion.

"Okay, I'll wait here!"

Chikane turned around and went to the kitchen, her dick twitching at the plan; it throbbed, she groaned. Every step was agony, but the reward will be best. The swinging doors to the kitchen made her smile wickedly, she had a very long talk to the kitchen staff, when it was Riku and another maid, but that maid was on her off day. Chikane went in, slyly walking toward Riku as her attention was turned and was cooking, so her bangs were in front of her eyes.

"Hello sexy." Her voice was husky, it weakened Riku's knees, Chikane instantly supported her, pressing the hard length of her against Riku and pulling up the dress, only to find no underwear, but the wetness that was on her fingers, and she licked the sweetness.

Moaning to herself, she slipped her cock past her jeans and into Riku's tight sheath. Her mouth nibbling on the earlobe, but if one were to look, it would be regarded as Chikane looking serious while whispering something to the maid, who, surprisingly, wasn't showing her passion, no blush and twinkling eyes were the only clue to her being sexed up by the Himemiya.

Chikane was inwardly moaning, along with Riku, their pace was quick, so it didn't look like Chikane was doing anything but standing behind the woman. Chikane was tall, and it was a perfect position to fuck without raising suspicion.

Riku could feel Chikane's cock swell, up to its largest size, and she bit her tongue not to moan.


Riku scowled mentally, but still clenched around the hot rod in her angrily, that filled her up. She was behind a counter anyways, working diligently. The cock thrusted in her once, twice; thrice.

Himeko scanned the kitchen until she saw Chikane behind a maid. She smiled brightly, the maid was still working, she stood from a distance so she couldn't hear because of the boiling, bursting water. Chikane kept still for now, letting those muscles squeeze her tightly.

A few moments and Riku shrieked; she couldn't hold it back. Chikane stood on wobbly knees, her hands holding a handkerchief and cleaning up their climax. Himeko was puzzled since she couldn't see anything below the counter of their dirty act. "What happened?"

"Shock," they both muttered, sounding unhappy, but ecstatic underneath. Himeko knew she would be to and nodded in understanding.

Chikane smiled charmingly, and dressed properly, putting Riku's light dress back to her place. She walked over to Himeko, giving a quick hug, but winked at Riku, who smiled mischievously.

This would stop for now...


Will put another installment- 'tiny dots'.

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2012-02-12 00:12:37
IcHLzW I`m so grateful that you enlightened me and the most important thing that it happened in time. Just think, I have been using the internet for six years already but it`s the first time I`ve ever heard about it!...

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2012-01-30 21:50:21
What? This dosent have poor english. And its only Chikane that has both genders. So it should be easy to tell. Plus the spelling is totally fine. The story is great and I hope you update it.

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2011-10-22 00:04:22
Agree with previous comments. Sorry :/

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2011-09-20 19:45:55
Christfuck this is confusing. Nobody likes reading smut with characters who have RIDICULOUS Japanese names, or confusing stories.
1 Create well-rounded characters
2 Write a sex story about them that isn't confusing, or OVERLY deive, or UNDER deive with lots of vulgar words to describe genitalia.

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2011-04-08 03:28:15
Sorry Can't read a story where the genders are totally confused by poor English.

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