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A female assassin kills a ship captain in bed in order to replace him and take his vessel
Everyone was excited about the new cruise ship that had just been finished and was ready to be presented in all the major magazines, newspapers and newschannels around the world. It was said to be much more luxurious and exclusive than the Titanic had been at its time - and safer, as well. It was meant to host and transport the richest people in the world, so naturally security was not exactly lax. It was so tight, in fact, that the identity of the captain was not to be disclosed unil moments before the ship departed. Not a single soul from the staff new who he was, and no attempts on the part of the rich customers paid off, since nobody knew even who knew the identity of the mysterious captain. But we just found out who knew. Fortunately for us, we shall remain the only ones, since all others in the know have suffered "terrible accidents".

This was being read by the highest paid hitwoman/female spy in the world, known only as the Princess in Black. She was finishing her cup of tea as she read the rest of the information. On its first trip, the ship was to carry the richest customers of them all, and the agency's new client needed for all of them to disappear. They were their competitors in the business world. Her mission was to locate the captain, replace him and take the ship to the client's private island, to be found by the provided coordinates. A photo and nformation of the captain was sent to her.

"Cute", she said as she finished reading the briefing and got up to prepare. This was easy. Men were always easier to fool. She would use her young, latin perfect body to seduce him. No different from other times. She put on the beautiful evening black dress that she had stolen from the naked woman with a bullet hole in her head lying under the bed of the luxurious hotel room. She had to steal a maid's uniform and key to get there in the first place, but she didn't think that the dead former maid would mind. She seemed tobe enjoying herself in her laundry cart, folded up nicely, like one of he sheets that covered her. She enjoyed killing; it was even sexually arousing for her. But her peferred game were men. The bigger the better.

The woman who used to wear the dress she was wearing now had managed to get a date from the captain by means of the Internet, and the agency had tracked her down and fed her to the female assassin wearing her perfume, name and makeup. Physically they were similar, but the Princess was taller and so the already short dress was shorter on her. She thought it was much better that way. She gave herself one last look in the mirror, smiled at herself and went down to the bar, where the captain (thinking his identity was safe), had invited her for a drink. As usual, she was punctual, as was the clean-up team to dispose of the bodies.

She was finishing her Bloody Mary when a strong hand was put on her shoulder and a deep, manly voice called "Amanda?" She spun around and gave him her best smile. "You must be Charles", she said to the 6"4, muscular man with gray hair on the sides. She gave him her hand. He kissed it. She said, "Oh, such a gentleman", but what she was thinking was "I bet you have got a donkey dick under those trousers." They drank and talked for hours, until he finally asked her to his room. What he didn't know was that she had slipped truth serum in his drink, and he had already told her that he was the captain of the New Titanic, and she had pretended not to believe him.

During the 4 hours of wild, uninterrupted sex (which had started in the lift), she asked question after question until she had all the relevant facts: he, in fact, had a donkey dick, and his own id tag was implanted in seven different places throughout his body. There was no way she could carry all seven parts of that enormous man to the dock and enter the ship. She had an idea: she convinced him to go to the docks on the morning of departure and getting them both in the ship, introducing her as the last safety inspector before leaving. She would ask for the guards to be replaced by assassins from the agency, as the officers of the ship had already been. She looked forward to their relationship of two months before that day. She intended to shag him dry before having to kill him. She thought about saving his penis and freezing it to make a dildo and then laughed. He didn't ask why. He was sound asleep already. After all, he was 47 years old. She was only 27 (she told him she was 22).

The two months at followed were great. They did little apart from shagging, and none of them complained. She even wished that she had met him under different circumstances. He made a superb boyfriend. The morning of the departure everything went smooth. He was already wearing his uniform when they went in through the private tunnel to the captain;s cabin. It was soundproof, not a window in sight and well apart from the other rooms of the ship. Perfect. He asked her to hang on whilst he was being presented to the media. She had no more time to fuck about, so she seduced him for the last time. She persuaded him that it was better to arrive late than coming back to find that his girlfriend was gone for good. He (unreluctanly) agreed straight away.

As this was the first time that she got to see the uniform, she was a bit nervous that it would look fake on her. It was obviously too baggy for her to wear, but she only needed the hat. It had a special design that was impossible to fake. So, as she was riding him to very loud rock music (not sure how "soundproof" the cabin was), she took the hat from the nightstand and looked at herself in the mirror after putting it on. Not exactly a perfect fit, but believable. She was sweatng and smiling and thought she looked rather sexy wearing nothing but a captain's hat whilst her boobs were bouncing uncontrollably to all sides. She looked at him for the last time with love. The killer started to emerge. She looked at herself again, saw the well-fitting hat and said, "perfect." The donkey-dicked captain had only enough time to ask "wha..." when he realised his wrists were being tied together behind his head, on the rails of the enormous bed. He thought it was kinky. She thought that she was better off putting those strong, buff arms out of commission.

She then got on the 69 position. When he realised he was being smothered by her arse and fanny it was too late. She came on his face 4 times (she got really aroused when killing) and he couldn't breathe. To control his muscular horse legs and his body builder body, she grabbed his dick (being thrust wildly back and forth with the force of his struggling) and bollocks in a deadly, immobilizing hold. She was only sorry that that donkey dick would go to waste. It meant 18 inches of unparallelled pleasure. Nevertheless, she teased him by saying things like "ohhh, poor baby, is the big man powerless in the hands of a smaller woman?" and "Men. Useless out of the sack." She wanted to see the donkey dick dancing wildly again, so she let go. She laughed at him as on the opossite wall her silhouette touched herslelf to the sound of her own moaning and the big, buff man's veiny dick moved about alternatively striking his stomach and the area of the bed between his legs.

As her photo was being taken and she waved good-bye to the people on the dock, the new female captain thought she must look fuckable in her slightly-too-big hat
(the brim covering her eyes), her one-piece lifeguard-style white swimsuit and black fur boots. As she tought of the donkey-dicked man being probably eaten by sharks by now, the only comment among some of the passengers was: "She smells like she had sex six days in a row wothout taking a shower!"

Two hours after disappearing from public view (along with the biggest (!) sailor she could find) and after releasing him back into the flock, she logged on her laptop for a video conference with the head of the agency, her real boyfriend. When he asked her about the white gooey substance on her mouth, she just lapped it up with her tongue (thinking oops!) and told him it was just leftovers from the yummest caviar she had ever had. When he said that it must have been good because she even had some on her hat, she answered: "You know me. I pig out when anybody puts some of that in my face (the "caviar")" and went on with her briefing, leaving the sailor out, as well as the fact that she would absolutely see him later.

The end.

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2011-04-13 01:51:56
This seems really brief and short. There wasn't much characterization and time for the plot to fully develop.

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-08 07:06:21
Although the plot is different to be honest the story isn't that great. The primary character is just too sloppy to be a real assassin - especially at the level of competence she is supposed to operate. It would have almost been better if you had portrayed the assassin as a man who killed the Captain, assumed his idenity and then took sexual advantage of the female crew members and passengers.

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