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Olivia raised an eyebrow when her seventeen year old daughter laid her selections on the counter. The lacy push up bras and thongs were a departure from Cari's delicate flower print bras and cotton panties. She picked up the white halter top baby doll negligee and grinned.

"Something you want to tell me?" she asked teasingly.

Cari blushed and shook her head.

"Do we have a boyfriend?"

"Kind of, I guess," Cari admitted reluctantly.

"A boy from school? What's his name?" Olivia asked.

"Mom, he's just a boy," Cari said looking down.

"So you're not ready to bring him home to meet your dad, yet?" Olivia teased.

Cari turned red. "No," she said emphatically.

Olivia laughed. "Does AJ know him at least?"

Cari's eyes flew open wide. She looked slightly panicked.

"Cari?" Olivia said, her concern evident in her voice.

Cari met her mother's eyes and Olivia read the truth there.

"Cari," she said softly, "Is it AJ?"

Cari's heart was in her throat.

"Two hundred thirty-eight dollars and eighty-four cents," the sales girl said.

Olivia smiled tightly and handed her a credit card. She signed the slip and handed Cari the pink striped shopping bag. Putting her arm around her daughter, she guided her out of the store.

Cari was shaking as they walked to the car. She was certain that her mom was going to completely lose it as soon as they were alone. Olivia seemed perfectly calm, though.

"Mom," she said quietly when they were nearly home, "Are you going to tell Daddy?"

Olivia smiled at her daughter. "I don't think he's ready for this yet."

"Why aren't you mad at me? I know this is supposed to be a sin and there must be something really wrong with me, because I just don't care. I love him, Mom."

Olivia pulled her car into the circular drive in front of the house. She turned to Cari and smiled. "Loving someone is never a sin, Cari," she said softly. "Turning your back on love when you find it is the real sin."

Cari frowned, obviously confused by her mother's calm. "Are you saying you're okay with me and AJ?"

"I don't know about okay," Olivia said with a wry smile, "but I understand."

Cari hugged her mom and got out of the car. "Thanks, Mom," she said before running into the house.


Cari sat on the side of the pool watching AJ swim laps. The sunlight glistened off his wet skin as his powerful strokes cut through the water. Reaching the far side of the pool he dove under, twisting his body gracefully and kicking off the wall as he started back. If there was any boy that could be called beautiful, it was her baby brother.

She squealed laughter as he came up in front of her shaking water from his hair. Her stomach quivered as the cool drops struck her sun warmed flesh. He pushed her knees apart and ran his hands up her inner thighs.

Cari sighed and wound her fingers into his dark hair as began to kiss the soft skin at the top of her leg. His hands slid up the outsides of her thighs and tugged the strings at her hips till the bow holding the bottom of her blue bikini in place came undone. The front fell away and AJ lifted Cari's legs to drape them over his broad shoulders, pulling her delightful little ass toward him as he did so.

"We can't do this out here," she breathed as her brother softly stroked her moist slit. "Someone will see."

"Let them," he said, already lost in the headiness of her scent.

Cari leaned back on her arms watching him as AJ's tongue began to explore the core of her femininity. He swirled it around the opening of her vagina before drawing the tip between the inner lips of her labia. He pushed his forefinger into her warm, wet pussy and felt her shiver with pleasure as his lips closed over her swollen clit and he began to suck gently.

"AJ," Cari moaned, clenching her thighs against his head as she laid back on the warm concrete.

AJ worked his finger in and out of his sister's moist, velvety vagina as he nibbled and licked the erect bud at the top of her delectable slit. As she grew wetter he slid a second finger into her and felt the muscles around the opening of her pussy clench rhythmically as though sucking on his fingers.

Cari rocked her hips against AJ's thrusting hand. Pleasure radiated outward from the core of her femininity, a heavy tension building low in her abdomen. She dug her heels into his shoulders, her fingers gripping the edge of the pool tightly as he continued to work her cunt with his fingers and tongue.

AJ felt Cari begin to tremble. He thrust another finger into her tight pussy and stroked her clit with the tip of his tongue. Her back arched as she groaned his name and flooded his thrusting fingers with her sweet juices. He pulled his fingers out with a wet slurping sound and pressed his mouth against her spasming cunt to lap up the liquid ecstasy flowing freely from her quivering body.

Quickly pushing his trunks down and pulling them off, AJ tossed them onto patio and lifted Cari into the pool. He held her against the side and leaned into her, his rigid cock pressed between their bodies as his lips found hers. Cari's arms wound around his neck and she wrapped her legs around his hips as her tongue danced with her brother's.

AJ reached between their slippery, wet bodies and guided the head of his rampant prick to Cari's swollen pussy, running it along her slit before pushing into the hot, welcoming sheath of flesh. His hands cupping the firm, round globes of her ass, he began to drive his cock deep into her tight, grasping vagina.

Cari rolled her hips against her brother's thrusting pelvis, grinding her engorged clit against the course pubic hair at the base of his thick, turgid penis. AJ's squeezed and massaged her bottom as he pounded into her pulsating cunt.

"Cari," he groaned. "Oh, fuck. I'm going to cum."

"Inside me, baby," she moaned, her own orgasm still tingling through every nerve ending in her vagina. "Give it to me. Cum for me."

AJ felt his balls tighten and then release. His cock throbbed and spewed thick ropes of semen that washed her cervix. Cari held him tightly, her face buried against his chest as he buried himself as deeply inside her as he could.

"I love you," she whispered as his half flaccid cock twitched and slipped from between the swollen lips of her pussy.

He leaned down and captured her mouth with his, kissing her with a tenderness uncommon to a boy his age. "I love you, too, Cari."

He lifted her onto the side of the pool and hoisted himself out. Stretching out, he pulled her into his arms and stroked her long blond hair. Cari nestled against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat.

He rolled onto his side, his face close to hers. "We have a couple of hours before mom and dad get home," he said, his thumb tracing her lower lip. "I want to make love you in my bed."

Cari wound her fingers into his hair to pull his mouth to hers. "Yes," she breathed just before their lips touched and AJ kissed her with a hunger that left her restless and shaking with need.


Andrew lifted his wife off her feet and kissed her as soon as he had closed the door. Liv laughed as he set her down again. Her devastatingly handsome husband still stole her breath even now, after twenty years together. At sixty-one he still had a nice body, a little thicker, maybe, but firmly muscled. His once dark hair had silvered, but his brilliant blue eyes still sparkled.

He grinned down at her as he slapped her bottom playfully. "Get the bottle of Champagne from the fridge and grab a couple of glasses. We've got something to celebrate."

Olivia loosened his tie then tugged on it to pull him in for another kiss. "I'll meet you by the spa."

She grabbed the bottle of Champagne always kept chilling in the fridge for celebrating big commissions and got two flutes from the cupboard before going to join her handsome husband out on the patio. Andrew was standing by the edge of the pool staring at a pair of trunks in his hand. He looked at Olivia as she approached, anger creasing his brow and darkening his eyes.

"Andrew," She said cautiously as she sat the bottle and glasses down on the table.

"She has a boy here," he said, hiss voice vibrating with emotion.

"She's seventeen," Olivia reminded him.

"She's just a kid," he said, turning toward the door.

Olivia grabbed his arm. "I was fifteen," she reminded him urgently.

He shook her hand off and strode into the house. Olivia followed after him.

"What are you going to do, Andrew?" she asked as they reached the staircase.

"I'm going to toss his skinny ass out the window," he answered angrily.

"You can't. She's grown up, baby," Olivia said ducking under his arm to get in front of him.

"Watch me," he said determinedly.

Olivia pushed against his chest. "Daddy, stop. It's AJ."

Andrew leaned against the wall and stared at her blankly. "AJ?"

He turned and sat down heavily on the step. Olivia sat down beside him and leaned against his side. Andrew put his arm around her and pulled her closer.

"What are we going to do, Liv?" he asked tiredly.

"We're going to let them in on the family secret and we're going to love and support them no matter what they decide to do."


"You guys are home early," AJ said exchanging a wary glance with Cari when they entered the kitchen and saw their parents sitting at the table.

"We closed a big deal," Andrew said studying his son with a blistering stare. "We left the office early to celebrate."

AJ shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. Olivia nudged Andrew under the table with her foot. Andrew sighed and leaned back in his chair, turning his gaze away from his children.

"Sit down," Olivia said smiling reassuringly. "I want to show you both something."

Cari and AJ sat down and their mother slid a leather bound photo album across the table. Cari turned the binder and opened it. She and AJ looked at the photographs on the first pages. A man, obviously Andrew in his mid twenties, and a woman they'd never seen before. The woman was in her last trimester of pregnancy.

Cari looked at her mom with puzzled eyes. "Daddy's first wife," Olivia said softly. "Keep looking."

AJ turned the page. More pictures of their father and his first wife. Of their father holding a naked newborn against his bare chest. More pages of their father and his smiling wife and a growing child.

"We have a sister that we don't know," AJ said. "Where is she?"

"You know her," Andrew said cryptically, pushing back his chair and rising to his feet to pace back and forth at the head of the table.

AJ turned another page and Cari gasped. Her shot out to stop her brother from flipping the page again. Breathing rapidly she raised her eyes slowly to meet her mother's eyes. Olivia held her daughter's gaze and nodded.

"That's why you understood," Cari said, her voice barely more than a whisper.

AJ stared at the picture, confused. "What?" he asked looking at Cari.

"Mom knows," Cari told him, reaching out to wind her fingers with her brothers.

"She knows?" he asked flatly.

Cari nodded. "She told me it's never wrong to love someone. She said that turning away from love when you find it is the real sin. She understood, AJ," Cari said looking back at the photo album, "because that's Mom."

AJ shook his head. He looked at his dad who was suddenly looking his age. Andrew dropped back into his chair and leaned forward, his forearms resting on the table. Olivia leaned toward him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"How can you be married?" AJ asked.

"Legally, we can't," Andrew said looking adoringly into Olivia's eyes. "After we knew what we wanted, I sold my advertising agency and our house in Santa Barbara. Your mom graduated from high school, I retired and we moved to Florida."

"You two were born," Olivia continued. "I got my real estate license and went to work while your dad stayed home with you. You guys started school and Daddy got his license and we opened the office in Boca, then Miami, and South Beach. You know the rest."

AJ looked at his sister. "And if Cari and I want to get ... married?"

"We'll all start over again," Andrew said.

"And if we want to have children?" AJ asked pulling Cari against his side.

"AJ, I don't know about babies," Cari said.

"If we both want," AJ said again looking from his dad to his mom.

"I don't know," Olivia said. "You and you're sister are both healthy, but ... I don't know."

"No one has a guarantee," Andrew said. "but you'd be taking a chance."

Cari pushed her chair back and rose abruptly. AJ stood as she turned and ran from the kitchen, following close on her heels. Andrew started to rise, but Olivia's hand on his thigh stopped him.

"I think they need each other right now," she said.

Andrew nodded.


"Cari," AJ said reaching for her as he sat down on the edge of her bed.

She turned into his arms and clung to him. "It makes it worse, doesn't it?" she asked miserably, her face pressed against his chest.

AJ laid back bearing her down with him. He rolled onto his side facing her and brushed her hair back from her face. Cari draped one leg over his hip and felt him press his thigh between hers.

"Do you still love me?" he asked kissing the tip of her nose.

"God, yes," she whispered, hugging him tightly.

"Then it doesn't change anything," he said.

He gently urged her onto her back, leaning over her to kiss her. Cari's lips parted and AJ's tongue explored the sweetness of her mouth, his hand roaming over her body. Cari slid her hands under his tee shirt and pushed it up. He pulled it off over his head and then helped her remove her tank top.

Cari ran her hands over her brother's smooth, well muscled shoulders as AJ plundered the treasures of her body. His hand cupped her small, perfectly formed breast as his tongue circled her pale pink aureola. She arched her back and moaned as he caught her pert nipple between his teeth and gently pulled.

AJ ran his hand over her ribs and followed the curve of her waist to her hip as he suckled at her breast. His fingers slid along her waistband, popping the snap. The zipper slid down as he pushed his hand into her shorts to cup her mound.

Cari lifted her hips as AJ pushed her shorts along with her panties down over her hips and thighs. He pulled them off before standing to quickly remove his own jeans and boxers. She pulled her knees up, spreading her legs as she reached for him. His fingers slid through the petal soft, wet folds of her labia before he spread the delicate lips with the plum shaped head of his huge cock and pushed into her.

Cari wrapped her legs around him, lifting her hips to meet each slow thrust, rocking against him to take him deeper. He filled her so completely that she couldn't imagine anyone being more perfectly made to fit her. Her hands explored the hard muscles in his back as he pumped into her harder and faster. She matched his rhythm as her lithe body strained toward the release it craved incessantly.

AJ felt her body begin to tense and lifted his head to watch her face as he slowed and pulled back till just a few inches of his rampant cock remained inside his lover's tight sheath. He rotated his hips, thrusting shallowly. Cari's eyes met his as her hands glided to his flexing buttocks in an attempt to pull him back into her needy depths.

"AJ," she pleaded. "Fuck me. Baby, fuck me hard."

His heart was beating rapidly, his breathing ragged. His face glistened with sweat from the effort he exerted to maintain control over the urge to pound into her wetly sucking cunt until he exploded. He held her imploring gaze, trembling with the need to feel her velvety walls convulse on his thick, hard cock and milk the cum from his balls.

"I want to be with you, Cari," he said huskily. "I want you to be my wife."

"Yes," she moaned as he thrust into her deeply several times before pulling back again. "I want to be your wife."

She watched as a bead of sweat hung from his chin before falling onto her lips. Her tongue darted out to taste the salt.

"I want to make babies with you," he continued, teasing her with his slow, shallow strokes.

"Yes," she said. "AJ, I want you to fill me up with your cum and make my belly swell with your baby."

Her thighs were quivering with the intensity of her desire and she clamped them more tightly against his hips. "Fuck me, AJ," she begged. "Make me cum."

He pushed into her as deeply as he could, losing himself in the sensations of her warm, drenched pussy clamping down on his tumescent prick as he sawed in and out of her, his tempo increasing until he was slamming into her, bottoming out in her tight cunt with each hard stroke. Cari's panted as her orgasm built deep in her womb. Her body tensed in anticipation of her release.

AJ felt her begin to shake, her fingers digging painfully into his clenching buttocks. His testicles tensed, drawing up as he neared his own climax. He pistoned into her welcoming body driven by a primal urge to make her completely his.

"AJ," she groaned loudly. "Oh, fuck ... AJ!"

He felt the spasms rippling through the walls of her vagina as she flooded his straining penis with her cum. His balls released a torrent of semen and his pulsating cock pumped one thick rope after another into his sister, washing her cervix with his sperm.

"Oh, god," he moaned against her silky hair as he flexed inside her still convulsing pussy. "I've never cum that hard before."

Cari held his trembling body tightly, reveling in the feel of his weight pressing her into the mattress. "I love you, AJ."

"I know," he said softly, kissing her tenderly. "I love you, too, Cari."

He rolled onto his side, still holding her close. Cari kissed his smooth chest, her fingertip circling the small, hard nub of his nipple. She felt his limp, wet cock twitch against her thigh.

"Are you really sure you want to be with me forever, AJ?" she asked a little tremulously.

"Cari, I've known it has to be you since I was eleven," he said with a certainty that made her smile.

Her hand slid down over his firm abdomen as she urged him onto his back. He growled low in his throat as her lips followed the trail her hand had lightly blazed. She raised her head to look at him as her fingers closed around his rapidly stiffening penis.

"I've always known it was going to be you," she said.

She ran her tongue from the base of his erection to the tip, swirling the tip around the spongy, mushroom like head before taking it into her mouth and closing her lips around his shaft. She groaned as the flavor of their combined juices teased her taste buds. His sharply indrawn breath hissed through his clenched teeth as she began to move up and down on his straining cock.

With one hand she cupped his balls, gently rolling them, with the other she pumped his thick rod in time with the motion of her head. His fingers tangled in her long hair as hips began to pump. Cari sucked and laved the head of his turgid penis with her tongue.

"Cari, " he moaned as she worked his swelling cock expertly. "God, it feels so good. So good."

She increased her tempo as his breathing grew ragged, squeezing his rigid member at its base and pulling up as she milked his balls for the cum she craved. AJ's hips bucked wildly as she sucked, her head moving quickly up and down. As she pushed down, taking him as far into her mouth as she could, his cock pulsed sending the first eruption of semen directly into her throat.

Cari sucked and swallowed as he continued to spew his cum into her mouth. He grunted loudly as each hot, salty strand blasted from the tip of his throbbing cock. Cari delved the tip of her tongue into the opening of his urethra to get the last, pearly drop before sliding up along the length of his trembling body to share his taste with him in a long, deeply satisfying kiss.

"Okay," she said as she settled into his arms. "Let's do it."

"Yeah?" he asked happily.

"Yeah," she answered dreamily. "Let's get married and make a baby."


"You shouldn't be doing that," AJ said sternly, lifting his very pregnant wife down from the step ladder. "Just sit down and let me unpack."

Cari laughed as she pulled his face down to kiss him. "I'm being careful."

"Not careful enough," he said gruffly. "Sit down and relax for a while. We're meeting mom and dad for dinner in an hour and there isn't anything here that isn't going to wait until tomorrow."

"I can think of a few things," Cari said tugging on his shirt as she stepped backwards toward the sofa.

AJ looked around the bright living room of their first home together. The first place they'd live as husband and wife. The house he'd bring Cari and their son home to in another month or so.

"What can't wait?" he asked, grinning down at his insatiable wife.

"Me," she whispered breathlessly against his lips.

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"A Family Thing - Part 4" - Seventeen Year Old Incest-Bred Sister, Carissa "Cari" Morgan and Her Seventeen Year Old (Ten Months Younger) Incest-Bred Brother Andrew "AJ" Cole Morgan Jr (Children of Their Sixty-two Year Old Father/Grandfather, Andrew Cole Morgan Sr and Thirty-seven Year OldMother/Sister, Olivia "Liv" Morgan).

The kids, AJ (Andrew Cole Morgan Jr) and ten-month older sister, Cari (Carissa Morgan) are now aware as their mother Olivia recognized her two seventeen-year old children/siblings might be in love with each other and asked her daughter Cari as to who her boyfriend is; Cari admitted that her lover and love of her life is her brother AJ. The kids' parents accepted and allowed their love affair to go forward. Cari is now eight months pregnant awaiting the birth of their first incestually-bred child; they have confessed to each other they want more babies!

The author must give us three more Parts of Cari and AJ's three blood-kin children! Bravo Story!

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