His eyes slowly opened as the light began to leak through the blinds and creep across the floor toward the bed, she was still caught up in his arms. They were both lying on their sides, her head resting on his right bicep. She stirred as he caressed the contours of her body, his hand moved slowly from the small of her back over her plump round ass.

She rolled onto her back, still immersed in sleep, purring. His cock throbbed as her lips parted slightly and he climbed onto his knees, straddled her face and let his balls rest gently on her forehead. A glistening bead of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his dick, catching a glimmer of light as the blinds cast a two toned shadow across her face and breasts. Her eyes fluttered open and her eyes brightened as they adjusted to the soft radiance of the morning sun and focused on his thickness dangling just inches above her face.

"Good morning, kitten."
She smiled as she licked the saline nectar that was beginning to flow from the ample, round head of his cock.
"Mmmm, hi baby!", she whispered as she tasted his silky cum.

Her mouth was watering and the warm wetness between her legs caused her to squirm as he leaned forward slightly, resting his palms on either side of her soft, succulent body. His shaft brushed lightly against the tip of her nose as he arched his back, preparing to invade her lush, sultry mouth.

She yawned and stretched as he slid his cock past her velvety lips and down the length of her smooth tongue. Her head tilted back as she accepted his entire length and thickness and began to suck greedily. His balls swelled with the hot, creamy milk that she craved, her carnal addiction. Her hand stroked her juicy pussy as she thought of him shooting his thick, hot load down her throat.

Her warm, inviting mouth provided an intimate refuge for him and she was eager to take in every inch he was willing to give her. She could taste his heartbeat and she whimpered desperately as she plunged her fingers into her overheated pussy.

His hands enveloped her breasts, her rock hard nipples pressing into his palms as a muffled moan struggled to escape her lips. He was becoming more aggressive now, thrusting deeply. She gagged as his big, fleshy cock invaded her throat and thick saliva and tears ran down her cheeks.

His breathing was heavy, accelerating. She could feel his fevered cock throbbing more quickly, his balls were heavy as they slapped her face. He started to pulse and soon she was hungrily gulping, trying her best to swallow every drop of his hot cum but she felt it fill her mouth and flow past her lips.

She yawned and stretched, the sheet slipped down exposing her breasts.
"Mmmm...morning, Daddy!"
"Hungry?", he asked?
"Yes Daddy! Kitten is very, very hungry!"

Her mind raced, what did he have in mind?
"Daddy has a surprise for kitten."
He stood up, took her hand and helped her out of bed. She immediately wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. She rested her head against his chest and listened to his heartbeat. He spanked her ass and she pulled away from him to rub it.
"Ow Daddy!"
He laughed, took her hand and led her to the kitchen.

On the table was a bowl of strawberries, a banana, a bowl of whip cream and a small bowl of chocolate. Her collar, blindfold and black steel handcuffs were laid out neatly in front of her chair.

He sat her down, took the handcuffs off the table and secured her wrists together behind her chair back. He rubbed her shoulders gently, causing goosebumps to rise on her tender skin. He fastened her jeweled velvet collar around her throat and secured her hair in a ponytail. She settled in to her chair as he reached for the blindfold and slid it over her eyes, she felt his hot breath on her neck as he bent down to kiss her on the cheek.

He poured her a glass of juice and put a straw in it before arranging his chair in front of hers and sitting down, placing his hands on her thighs. He reached out and grasped her neck firmly but gently, and leaned forward to kiss her juicy lips.

Leaning back in his chair, he took a few moments to look her over. He enjoyed seeing her helpless, totally at his mercy, waiting to be fed like a hungry kitten. He peeled the banana and pressed it to her cheek, traced her jawline with it and slowly moved it down, caressing her neck. He held it between her tits.

"No biting kitten, I want you to suck on this banana. Pretend it's my hard cock that you're so hungry for, later you'll get the real thing."
She moaned, "Yes Daddy."
"Open wide kitten."

She immediately opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. He slowly slid the banana in, not stopping until she gagged slightly and closed her lips around the cool yellow shaft. He drew it back out of her mouth, it glistened with her saliva and thick strings of her spit trailed from her lips to the tip of the sweet fruit.

He teased her nipples with the wet banana; swirling it in circles around the left one, then the right as she began to breathe a little harder. He dipped the tip of the banana in chocolate and put it to her lips, letting the chocolate drip from her chin onto her chest. She opened her mouth, swirling her tongue around the chocolate covered banana. She sucked and slurped up the sticky sweetness and giggled as she felt it running down her neck, she visualized her breasts streaked with chocolate.

"Mmmmm...that's good Daddy!", she squealed."
"I'm glad you like it kitten, want some more?"
"Uh huh, yes Daddy, please!", she nodded enthusiastically.

He slathered the banana in chocolate, then dipped it in the bowl of whip cream. Chocolate and cream dripped on her thighs as he moved the messy treat closer to her body, he pressed it between her tits and began to slide it up and down between them.

"Lower your head kitten, and catch the tip in your mouth.", he ordered.
She opened her mouth to meet the thrusts of the banana, sucking as much chocolate and cream as she could into her mouth as he sloppily fucked her tits.

He suddenly shoved it in her mouth and told her to take a bite. She chewed slowly as he dipped the banana in the chocolate and whip cream again. He smeared it all over her tits before offering her another bite. By the time she had finished her banana her pussy was soaking wet and her breasts, belly and thighs were smudged and streaked with thick, gooey chocolate and cream.

He told her how much he was going to enjoy licking her clean when he was finished feeding her, making her squirm in her seat. He took a plump juicy strawberry from the bowl on the table and slowly slid it up the length of her pussy lips, pushing it gently inside her. He covered it in her juices and rubbed it against her swollen clit.
She gasped and whimpered quietly as he teased her pussy with the strawberry and pouted when he abruptly removed it. He put it to her lips.
"Suck it kitten, lap up every drop of your sweet pre-cum."
She eagerly obeyed.

"Good girl!", he praised.
"Now take a bite."
She chewed the delicious fruit as he chose another, dipped it in chocolate and raised to her lips. He coated them as if he were applying lipstick, then told her to open wide and suck it clean. He slid another in her wet pussy as she gobbled up his second offering. He pressed hard against her clit, she writhed in her chair and moaned loudly as he violated her. He couldn't resist taking a bite this time, her silky nectar made the ripe strawberry much sweeter.

He covered two more strawberries in chocolate and whip cream and touched them to her nipples, she clenched her teeth and shuddered. He offered her one to eat while he bit into the other.

They shared a few more before he decided to move on to the next phase of his plan. He stood up, walked behind her chair and put his hands on her shoulders.
"It's time to get you cleaned up,'re such a messy eater!"

He guided her to her feet, turned her around, pulled her head back sharply by her hair and poured the remaining chocolate all over her breasts. It coated them like shiny liquid latex and ran down her body.

He hooked two fingers into the ring on the front of her collar and led her into the bathroom. He picked her up and sat her down on the counter while he ran a bath, lit a few candles and placed them around the edge of the tub. He walked over to her, spread her legs slightly and began licking the chocolate from her chin. She was almost hyperventilating as he kissed and licked her neck, her shoulder, then moved down to her breasts...he stopped.

"Take a deep breath, kitten."
She was slipping away into the darkness, intoxicated. His voice sounded far away, yet it cut right through her.
"Are you ok?"
She nodded, "Yes Daddy, you just make kitten feel so good I don't think I can take much more!"
"Well we just got started kitten, you better pull yourself together."

He returned to her breasts, lapping up the chocolate and cream with long, sensual strokes of his tongue. He polished them clean and dropped to his knees, continuing to lick and suck her skin. She was trembling as his tongue tickled her belly, his breath was so warm.

He stood up and kissed her, his chocolate flavored tongue explored her mouth and he held her nipples between the first two fingers of each hand, rubbing the tips gently with his thumbs.

He removed her blindfold and stepped back, leaning against the wall. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock and balls through the opening in his briefs, stroking his thick cock a few times before returning to his knees to lick the chocolate off of her thighs. The dark streaks slowly disappeared and his tongue inched dangerously close to her aching pussy. She wanted his tongue inside her, or his cock, his fingers...anything.

Her body was licked clean, but still sticky from his hot tongue bath. He rose to his feet and walked over to the tub to check the water temperature, ignoring her pleading eyes that practically screamed, fuck me! The tub was full and the water very warm, he shut off the faucet and walked over to her. He took her by the hair, close to the scalp at the back of her head and pulled her roughly off the counter onto her feet. He held her close to him and kissed her, his bare cock throbbed against her stomach and the course material of his jeans rubbed her skin. She wrapped her legs around his denim-clad thigh, she rubbed her drenched pussy into him until he pulled away and instructed her to get in the tub.

He held her upper arm firmly as she stepped in and sat down in the warm, soothing water. He unlocked the handcuffs, removed them and tossed them aside. She rubbed her wrists as he knelt beside the tub. He held her gently as he laid her down to wash her hair.
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