Sara has a surprise for Natasha, and Mike
Mike went into work on Monday trying to tell himself it hadn’t all been a dream on Friday afternoon. Even his wildest fantasies - and he’d had plenty of them - had never run as far as being seduced in a few minutes by a gorgeous teen gymnast and fucking her five times in one afternoon.

He’d replayed every second of it many times over the weekend, and now he opened the door into his secretaries’ office with some trepidation, in case it hadn’t really happened after all; or perhaps Sara wasn’t quite the extraordinary ultra-sexy girl he was remembering.

There she was though.

“Hi,” the young blonde was grinning her wide smile at him, looking fabulous, sliding her thighs off the edge of Natasha’s desk where the two sixteen-year-olds had evidently been chatting.

“Morning, Morning,” Mike was playing it safe, but the little sexbomb came and grabbed him, wrapped her arms round his chest and pulled him into a quick kiss.

“Natasha knows,” she said cheerfully, “she looked in and saw us going at it like rabbits.”

Mike glanced anxiously at the beautiful young brunette, who was looking shy and a bit embarrassed. She smiled but didn’t say anything.

“Okay, I’ll catch up with you in bit,” he smiled back at the two of them, extricated himself from Sara’s embrace and went through into his own office. His mind was in a whirl with the contact and the two girls who were in fact scarily real.

Somehow he managed to deal with his emails and make a few calls, before Sara came through with a coffee, closing the door behind her. She put it on the desk and took a couple of steps back.

“You’ve got a minute to drink it,” she smiled at him, “while I take off my clothes.”

Mike took his first sip as the confident little sexpot undid her trainers and pulled them off with her socks. His second sip as she pulled off her mini to reveal her gorgeous ass, his third as she pulled off her tee...then he put the mug down to start ripping off his own clothes.

In a moment he was on the floor with her naked, tanned-blonde body, again. Her strong, energetic, tanned-all-over body. His rock-hard cock was easing into her and her hands were urging him on as the sensations flooded over him, again.

Her fragrance, her sounds, the feel of her as she writhed and gasped happily, were all real. The grip of her creamy pussy was real too, and soon he was cumming euphorically with her again as she thrust up against him. He spurted deep into her amazing young body, over and over, until he was spent.

Sara’s energy was barely dented.

“Fancy a deal?” she smiled up at him.

“A deal?” Mike panted.


“Yes?” Oh My God.

“If you want to pay for them, I’ll take her shopping for some new clothes over lunch,” she grinned.

The very idea started to get him going again, but before his cock could finish rising his phone went. He had to pull out of Sara and answer it.

It was a customer, and Mike had to try and concentrate and sound like the managing director of a hi-tech smart fabrics startup, while standing in the nude with a slippery penis, ogling a naked teenager. Who was teasing him, dipping her fingers into her wet pussy and sucking them, stroking up her strong thighs that felt so incredible...

“Yes, yes,” he hadn’t really heard, “look let me get our production manager to give you a call Brian. I’ll have a word and make sure he pulls out all the stops. Yes okay, absolutely, not at all, my pleasure, bye.”


“Yes okay,” he couldn’t possibly resist Sara dressing Natasha. The unassertive slender beauty would be overwhelmed by Sara and end up in...well he didn’t need to imagine it did he? He could wait and see.

Abandoning all caution he gave Sara his bank card and code and told her to take a long lunch and get what she needed from a cash machine. She was wilful and a bit wild, but he trusted her somehow.

While the girls were out Mike dropped in on his managers to show his face and to ask his production manager to call the customer, feeling he’d been neglecting things. They were happy to see him but he didn’t get the feeling they’d been exactly waiting for him. Also he had a feeling there was a bit less deference in their attitude than there used to be.

As he got back to his office he was reflecting that of course his two nubile secretaries would be the talk of the factory, and alongside the jealousy would be the view that he was being self-indulgent and not doing his job properly.

As was the case, he had to admit. They couldn’t do a secretary’s job, he’d achieved nothing on Friday afternoon, and he’d risked alienating a key customer this morning by offensively not listening to him.

He mused about the options, until the girls came back in and the place came back to life. He heard Sara’s uninhibited clear voice and Natasha’s quieter, slightly deeper and huskier tones mixed together with the rustling of bags in their office.

They sounded like friends now. Mike almost went through but made himself wait. In a minute Sara came in, a big smile on her gorgeous face.

“Hi, sorry we’re late,” she grinned, with no trace of apology in her voice, “we had to get a few different things.” She was coming over to him. Mike was kissed on the mouth and had her sexy little hand run lightly over his ear and through his hair. It was affectionate, if not exactly deferential.

She was heading back to the door. “Come on Tashie,” she called, “come and show him.” She went half-way through the open door and re-emerged pulling Natasha, who was transformed with a floaty little miniskirt, flared and very short, and a new blouse.

The blouse was a bit translucent, so he could see the outline of her ribcage and tiny waist. It overhung the ends of her shoulders, and was open several buttons, showing her bra, which was part of the ensemble and meant to be on show; deep pink, and a bit lacy.

Her legs looked delicious, with just enough muscle to make them slender and not skinny.

Natasha was elfin, really: very lightweight, yet not bony. Athletic, in a sense, but she might only weigh forty kilos by the look of her. She was incredibly feminine, with the big eyes, long hair and this very delicate body. Perhaps three inches taller than Sara, who was only about five foot two, but Sara was a lot stronger.

All in all, it was a perfect outfit for the lissom beauty, but one that surely she would only have dared to wear around town with Sara alongside to look after her.

“Isn’t she gorgeous?” Sara was sharing her with him, grey eyes shining with mischief and fun.

“Absolutely,” replied Mike, drinking in the double vision of loveliness before him. There was a moment’s silence, then Natasha asked “Coffee?” and went off to make it with Sara.

They came back a few minutes later holding three coffees. Sara made towards the coffee table, looking at Mike. “Shall we have it here?” she asked, and Mike duly went and sat in the easy chair, trying, for once, not to look up their skirts as they sat opposite on the little sofa.

Sara opened her legs though, revealing her little white panties. “Like a perv?” she invited with a giggle. “Go on Tashie, give him a little too.” She pulled Natasha’s thigh across, and Natasha meekly let her legs be opened to reveal matching deep pink panties at the top of her delectable thighs. Sara left her sexy little hand on Natasha’s leg, while Natasha blushed furiously.

Mike blushed too, but couldn’t tear his eyes away.

All through the coffee, and then for the rest of the day, Sara was constantly touching her now scantily clad fellow teen, with a hand on her arm, her leg, or even her slim, delectable ass. Natasha didn’t reciprocate, but didn’t seem to mind either - or at least not enough to make a fuss about it.

Half-way through the afternoon Sara came into his office on her own. She stroked his hair and neck.

“Not just now,” Mike managed to say, “we need to be a bit subtle. People are noticing. And Natasha isn’t ideal for fending people off.” Even as he spoke he heard his sales manager asking Natasha if he was free, and in a moment Dave was in the office, his eyes scanning Sara’s generously exposed thighs as she stood next to his desk in her mini.

“Got a minute Mike?” Dave asked, and Mike was relieved when Sara pretended to have just been given a task and went out as though to get started on it.

Sara came back in at the end of the afternoon, and when everyone else had gone she took off her clothes again and pulled him into another long fuck session. For an hour and a half Mike fucked the potent, highly-sexed little body that had the most amazing girl inside it.

As before she wanted to do it all over the factory, wandering around naked and picking inappropriate places to fuck, like the boardroom and warehouse, arousing him over and over.

The riskier it was, the more she liked it, as far as Mike could see. He had to refuse to do it in the foyer, where any passer-by could have seen them, getting her to compromise on reception with the door open, and refuse to open the side door into the car park too.

Finally after four long fucks she’d had enough and he ran her back to her home, feeling almost too exhausted to drive while the effervescent youngster’s energy levels seemed merely to have dropped to normal.

“Thank you,” she gave him her wide, naughty smile as she got out, “looking forward to tomorrow.”

What did THAT mean?

So when Mike walked up to Natasha’s office door on Tuesday morning he was expectant; but he was distracted by a notice on it: “Meeting In Progress”.

He tried to think. What meeting? He couldn’t remember one. Had he got so disorientated?

Well he had been pretty much in a daze; he was half an hour late, even, having overslept with fatigue, but hopefully it wasn’t going to be a huge gaffe that would be embarrassing or even costly.

Natasha’s office was empty. Preoccupied with the meeting Mike went through and opened the door into his own office, and saw a naked girl on the floor.

In steps his senses caught up with the picture before him...

Two naked teenage girls in fact.

Potent, blonde little Sara on her side, facing him, grinning her confident, wide smile.

Slender, beautiful brunette Natasha lying in front of her, on her back, looking away. Natasha was spreadeagle, her delicate wrists and ankles tied with fabric trim to the legs of his desk and the coffee table.

Sara’s right hand was on Natasha’s bush, her little fingers stroking the exposed clit, which was sticking up, and glistening. “Morning,” said Sara, her face alight with fun and excitement, “we’re getting to know each other a bit.”

Mike had to sit on the edge of his desk for a moment, trying to work out what was going on, and why Natasha’s was tied up. Or tied down, was it?

Sara looked up at him, her shape incredible as her profile rose over her sexy hip, down to her neat little waist and then up to her broad, straight shoulders; her pert little tits sticking straight out. Flat tummy, even on her side. She rolled over onto Natasha’s slim body, straddling one lithe, beautiful thigh, and rubbed her self up and down a little.

Mike just gawped as Sara sat up and slid her hand down over Natasha’s bushy but neat little mound, leaving her thumb on her clit. Natasha’s pelvis rose off the floor and she groaned; Mike realised Sara’s fingertips had gone into her pussy. Jesus H Christ. His cock was hard as a rock.

He went back and locked the outer door, thinking this was some kind of ‘Meeting in Progress’. Sara! He’d have to think of a better word than minx.

Back in his office Mike’s mind reeled again at what he was seeing. He had to make an effort. He knelt down next to the girls, noting that Natasha still hadn’t looked his way.

“So,” he said, looking at Sara, “what’s going on? Does she fancy you? Is she into this…?” he wasn’t sure how to describe it.

Anyway surely Natasha was too innocent?

Sara moved her hand over Natasha’s clit and gave it a squeeze with her thumb and finger, bringing another moan from the helpless beauty. “What do you think?” the blonde said with a wicked grin on her face, “though I did have to sort of insist we made a start.”

God! What did she mean, ‘insist’? He looked around.

He spotted Natasha’s skirt over beyond the coffee table; her blouse in the other corner; bra near the door; shoes and socks under the coffee table, and panties next to them under the easy chair.

He forced his mind to put the pieces into place. It looked like Sara had chased her delicate fellow teen round the offices, overpowered her, stripped her one garment at a time, pulled her shoes and socks off, and her panties, and tied her up completely naked and exposed.

Natasha wasn’t screaming though. She looked closer to cumming, if anything.

“Natasha,” he said, “look at me.”

Seeming accustomed to being obedient, Natasha slowly rolled her head over and looked at him. Well, she wasn’t crying, at least.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, trying to interpret the expression on her face. It was flushed: embarrassed, guilty and excited all at once. Humiliated too. Definitely excited though.

“Yes, it’s okay,” she said, then gasped - whatever else she was going to say was lost as Sara pushed fingers into her pussy and worked some naughty magic there. Natasha’s lithe body jerked into an arch and writhed while she groaned in helpless pleasure. Sara’s hand followed her pussy up, down and side to side, then pulled away. Natasha sagged back, still just short of an orgasm.

“So are you going to just perv us with your clothes on?” Sara challenged him, still grinning.

“Alright,” Mike hadn’t been sure if he was supposed to join in or what. He quickly peeled off his clothes, wondering if it had been a good idea after all to go all weekend without a wank – for the first time since he was about 9 years old, probably. Now he felt close to just cumming all over the carpet. Or all over Natasha and Sara.

Sara had moved her attention to Natasha’s tits, which were lovely teen cones. An easy B-cup, and looking more than that on her narrow frame; high on her chest too, and very firm. They were topped with delicious large nipples, deep pink, and erect under Sara’s ministrations. Lovely and sensitive, he could see and hear.

Sara stroked over them with her fingertips, then leaned in to suck the nipples, blew on them, and spent the next minute gently licking them and blowing on the whole breast. Natasha was gasping and groaning.

“She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, doesn’t she?” Sara giggled, “But she loves it. Loves being chased and caught, don’t you?”

Natasha just looked back at her with her huge green eyes. She didn’t say anything, but the enormous pupils gave the answer.

Sara shifted around to be kneeling over her sexed-up victim, facing away from Mike. She looked at him and wagged her fabulously shaped, tanned, potent ass at him.

Oh! Mike knelt and offered up his throbbing cock to her labia, and as before all thick eight inches sank fluidly in. The amazing feel of the gymnast’s strong, eager pussy enveloped him.

“Mmmmm yes!” murmured the little blonde sexpot, thrusting back a little as he started to fuck her. Mike surveyed her tapered back, the broad shoulders, the flawless tanned-blonde young skin and her long, thick wavy hair, while he worked on not cumming instantly.

It didn’t help that when he moved his gaze off Sara it fell on Natasha’s beautiful young face gazing unfocussed up at him. A desperate face, because Sara was supporting herself on one hand, keeping the other hand free to piston two little fingers in and out of the bound beauty’s pussy and rub her thumb over her clit.

Mike couldn’t last long.

Luckily nor could Sara last, and when he started cumming in less than a minute she started too, and he shared yet another amazing orgasm with the astonishing teen, pumping his sperm again and again into her depths.

He wound down and eased out of her.

“Whew,” Sara gasped as she lay down next to Natasha. She grinned up at him and he plopped onto the sofa.

“So,” Sara smiled at her lissom victim, “did you want to try some cock yet Tashie?”

Natasha shook her head. “Not yet. You know...”

“You’re a virgin aren’t you?” Sara made it sound just very slightly like a fault.

The young brunette nodded. “Yes,” she murmured, in her surprisingly deep voice with the throaty timbre to it that made Mike almost shiver with desire.

“You don’t have your hymen though,” Sara was sliding fingers in, grinning.

“No,” gasped Natasha.

Sara started to pump and Natasha started to jerk in her bonds as an orgasm overtook her. It was ultra erotic, the two teen secretaries having sex in front of him, with Natasha clearly much more highly sexed than she’d been letting on. He absently took hold of his slippery cock.

“Vibe?” Sara asked her slender prey.

“I stole my sister’s” Natasha confessed. “I left her money for it though.”

“Mmmm, that’s my kind of bad girl,” giggled Sara.

Mike watched, riveted, as Sara started to kiss her way down Natasha’s olive-skinned body, making a slight smacking sound with her lips each time. The kisses were slow and lingering, and had a mounting effect on her captive.

Natasha gasped and writhed, groaning ever more loudly as Sara homed in on her pussy. When she arrived Mike could see she was limiting what she did, because Natasha was on the brink again already.

Sara played with her victim for several minutes, making Natasha jerk and gasp all the time, then finally put her mouth firmly over the swollen clit and slid three little fingers into her. Natasha erupted, arching off the floor and visibly shuddering as the climax enveloped her for quite a few earth-shaking seconds.

For a couple of minutes the two nude teens lay on the floor of his office, Sara stroking lightly over Natasha’s stunning, slim body while the trembling faded.

“We were thinking,” Sara said to Mike, “you know, whether Tashie would’ve liked Mickey Jackson, my coach? You remember? We know she liked Martine.” She nudged Natasha and they both grinned at each other, “and you almost fancied Mickey didn’t you?”

“He was the nicest,” agreed Natasha, “I didn’t have him much ‘cos I was doing track, 800 metres, not gym or diving or trampoline like you, but he just seemed so…you know…not trying to take anything. He wasn’t trying to get something off me like most of them, staring at me and calling me Miss World and the other stuff…” she trailed off.

“So we were thinking,” repeated Sara, Mike knowing exactly who had been doing this thinking, “whether Tashie should give it a bit of a trial, you know, with a man, in controlled circumstances.”

Mike’s eyebrows went up. “Controlled circumstances?”

“That’s right,” continued Sara, not to be drawn, “a man who’s got a nice body and isn’t too hairy. Not too big. And nice looking. And not macho, like a sweet guy.

"'Cos after all, she didn’t want to do anything with me either, until I, you know, insisted. So she ought to find out, but in a way where she feels super safe even being so stunning but weak as a kitten.

“Cos she’s had a bit of an off-putting thing, at school, with some boys hassling her and saying things, like they’re going to fuck her, even though they weren’t really they were just being stupid but it scared her and put her off.”

What was coming? “OK,” he said, “and having found this lucky guy, how are you planning to control the circumstances?”

She grinned at both of them.

“So…” prompted Mike.

“It’s a control thing, and a trust thing. Tashie needs to have control, so that the macho male thing is really, really off the agenda.”

It occurred to Mike that perhaps Sara had indeed spent more time with adults than most girls her age. “And…” he tried again.

“So we want to tie you up,” she said, the twinkle brighter than ever in her irresistible grey eyes, “then Tashie can do whatever she wants. And I can show her what Martine showed me.”

Mike tried not to react for a moment. She was quite right - it would represent a lot of trust. At the same time, it would be beyond fabulous. But did he, a 52-year-old inventor and factory owner, want to be the helpless subject of two teen girls?

“OK,” he said. How could he resist, seriously, with Natasha on offer? “But after hours, when everyone’s gone.”


Continued in Chapter 4:

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