Picking up where I left off...
Once again gentle readers I give you a continuation of this apparently popular tale, Thank you for reading. I did in the previous chapter turn Linda into Claire... Not sure how that happened but it did, poor note taking on my part for that I apologize, it happens sometimes. and now I give you another day in the life of our friend Bill.

I really wanted to try anal, but then I thought about it and the idea of my cock covered in shit was suddenly not all that appealing. It didn’t stop me however from fingering her butt for a good three or four minutes. I needed to learn more about it, I did lean over and bite her on the ass that elicited a muffled squeak from her. I retreated back to my room to mull things over.

It was late I’m not sure what time when I felt a warm body join me in bed, the familiar feeling of a warm mouth enveloping my cock. I just sort of let whoever it was go at it, I tried my best not to move and just let her suck. But damn it felt good; I was getting to like getting blowjobs. And considering a few days before the best I had gotten was whatever you want to call that pathetic excuse for head Sara gave me. I groaned as my balls pumped cum into that warm sucking mouth. I was alone for the rest of the night or if someone came in and molested me I wasn’t aware of it. The girls all came in and gave me a kiss before they left that Sunday morning. I hid out in my room finishing up homework that I had been procrastinating about for the last two days.

“Hey Bill?”

I turned to see Claire “Yeah?”

“Wait till next weekend.”



She left and the rest of the day was pretty uneventful, till about dinner time when the phone rang, I was sitting there at the dinner table I don’t know who Mom was talking to,
“I don’t know” she said, “I’ll ask him”

“Bill Its Miss Rodgers Noel’s mom she would like to know if you would watch her girls this week?”

“Um? How long?”

“Till about 9”

“I guess?” I shook my head wondering what the hell was going on.

“Right after school I’ll tell him”

I went to bed early. School started even earlier than I wanted. My School day was pretty uneventful and when Sara dropped me at my house she gave me a little peck on the cheek. I walked the block down the street to the Rodgers house. There was a note addressed to me, and a key.

“The Girls will be home in about an hour make yourself at home”
I did some of my homework, before the front door burst open and three golden haired angels nearly knocked me out of my chair.

“Hello Noel”

“Bill! I didn’t think mom would really get you to watch us”

“I didn’t know you had sisters”

“Oh them Noel said this is Cindy and Nicky, They are twins and annoying really”

“Hi” they chorused.

“Right then you girls have any homework?”

“No” Cindy and Nicky said.

“I do” Noel responded “you can help me with it can’t you?”

“I’ll sure try” She led me back to her bedroom, which was a frightening shade of pink. She peeled out of her clothes and threw on a halter-top and some very loose fitting gym shorts, did this girl have no shame at all. We worked through her homework which took longer than I would have expected but considering she spent every free moment tracing the outline of my cock with the end of her pencil and looking at me like she was a starving wolf, I managed the responsible thing to do pretty well. We finished up and I made microwave dinner little boxes of pasta I don’t know if I’ll ever understand that, but it was pretty okay. I sent the twins to be after their bath and Noel curled up next to me as we watched a little television. I’m not even sure when she did it but she was a crafty little bitch she managed to get my pants open and was fishing my cock out before I was aware of her doing it. “Noel please, what would your mom say?” she bobbed her head up and down on my cock a few times.

“That is a really good question, what would I say?” Ms Rodgers was watching us from behind the couch.

“Oh shit mom” Noel scampered away to her bedroom.

“Come with me young man” Ms Rodgers said, and let me by the cock to her bedroom where she turned and locked the door.

“Well? What have you to say for yourself?”

I was utterly speechless I mean what could I say I was caught. My life was doomed forget any future I had. “I… I…”

“My Daughter was slurping your schlong on the couch and you have nothing to say?” she tugged at my member to emphasize each word. Were you gonna fuck her next?”

“I.. I don’t know” I managed to stumble through the words.

“You don’t know? Do you want to fuck her?”

“I… No?” I denied as best I could

“You are a horrible liar” Bill

“Miss Rodgers… Please”

“I should call the police right now, or maybe I should wait till after I cut your balls off”
At this point I had gone from scared to terrified and I really didn’t know what to say was there anything anyone could say? “Tell me everything.”

So I spilled my guts I regurgitated everything that had happened in the last couple of days including the plot my sister had set into motion and the graphic details of every incident of dick sucking with each girl. “And that’s what happened” I finished.

“Good” she said “I can’t have you lying to me Bill. So long as you tell the truth we will have no problems understood?”

“Yes mam”

“So do you want to fuck my Daughter?”

“Um… Yes I guess?”

“Good, you have a girlfriend have you fucked her yet?”

“No… I’m, well I don’t know”

“Not so good with girls yet?” she laughed


“Well then how about we teach you how to woo a girl?”


“Well me of course, I’ll want a good fucking afterwards but so long as you’re agreeable to that, I don’t see why you can’t fuck my girls and you can use my house for whatever, just one other rule. Your not to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to, is that understood?”

“Yes Mam”

“Good because if you do, I will cut your whole package off and feed it to the neighbor hood dogs got it”

“Yes mam”

“Excellent now that we have that out of the way” let us return to the living room shall we? I’ll be along in a moment just going to check on the girls.”

I returned to the living room and sat on the couch.. A few minutes later Miss Rodgers came in and sat next to me, by this time I had recovered my clothes and so was fully dressed and a little bit unsure of what was coming next. “Now we begin” she said.

“Begin what?”

“If I was your girlfriend what would you do first?”

“Um Kiss you?”

“Please do” she smiled I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips. “It’s a wonder you got your girlfriend to get anywhere with a kiss like that now Kiss me like you mean it?” I leaned forward again and kissed her hard this time I parted my lips slightly and gave her my best French kiss technique which was to try and shove my tongue in as deep as it would go. She pushed me back “What are you trying to do?” she asked

“You said … Kiss… I thought…”

“Yes I said kiss, I didn’t say pretend you were a baby bird trying to get a morsel from the back of mother’s throat. Relax and just let your tongue swirl around with mine. Gently now” she grasped me by the back of my head and I tried to do as she suggested. The kiss broke and she said “better, then what?” I leaned in again and this time while I was kissing her I groped her breast. “Bill” she said “slow down getting a woman hot is like building a fire, you have to start slow. Don’t go for the breasts right away. Here kiss me here” she said pointing to the slope of her neck. I leaned in and did as she suggested, “that’s it” she whispered “up and down there, yes that’s nice, now very gently kiss the arm up from the elbow” she sighed “yes slowly all the way up to the wrist. Mmm yes now the other start from the wrist” she was gasping “now lightly brush the breasts with your fingertips” I was very nervously following her instructions as my trembling hands fumbled over her breasts. “Stop” she said I was worried I had done something wrong. “good we will try this again tomorrow” she said as she deftly opened my pants and fished my hard cock from its confines. She stroked it a good three or four times very quickly and well I really couldn’t help myself I was so hot and bothered anyway I exploded right there squirting my hot goo all over her neck and the front of her shirt. She smiled wickedly “Be here tomorrow and we will continue I expect you to start again fresh do every thing that I have taught you. She scooped some of my cum that was pooling near her cleavage onto a fingertip and licked it. “Now run home I’ll see you tomorrow”

I arrived home sure enough and went to my bedroom shaky and nervous. It took me almost an hour to calm down before I could drift off to sleep.

Please vote, thank you for your comments they are for the most part very encouraging and I appreciate and read them all, for those who have PM'd me thanks and those who Emailed me I enjoy our little talks. Please continue to let me know what you think in whatever form makes you comfortable.

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2013-10-24 00:49:36
Everyone has sucked your dick more than the guys in your stories get their own dicks sucked. I see you are leaving some of your personality in the introductions. That's cool but be careful not too become too pretentious and arrogant. The stories are good just let your words do you justice and listen to the feed back. Thanking audiences is always good. Overall I say it's a good story and you write well. Remember there are Joe-schmoes on here too, like me, so don't get too offended. Personally, I don't like too much build up. I mean end result is me cumming, but some people like it. Just always remember that whoever is on here reading it is beatin' it or flickin' that bean, so don't be mean, help them bust and make them feel serene.

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2013-05-08 17:54:08
This guy under my hase mommy trubles

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2012-01-12 22:45:51
No moms!! Please, no moms!!

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2012-01-02 01:24:24
Everything was great until the mom got into the scene. Please leave the moms out!

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2011-12-30 13:30:18
I find myself agreeing with Mucker on this one. When I read I look for believable characters, when I read a series I look for characters that are organic - they change throughout the story because of what happens to, and around them in ways which are consistant with his previous mind frame.

Unlike Mucker, I don't care as much about the mother getting involved in the sexual goings on - not by virtue of the fact that she is at least. The issue arises from why she is. The "why" here doesn't feel believable, it feels like a contrived plot device - which often things are, but that doesn't mean they should feel that way.

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