A group of teenage cheerleaders are caught vandalising their rival's school and are humiliated in the worst way at a pep rally
Best Pep Rally Ever

This story involves teenage sex, humiliation, stripping, forced public nudity, head and vagina shaving, public shaming, accidental shitting and rape. There’s even a big fight at the end of the story. If these things bother you please stop reading now. Everything here is the copyright of the author.

By: Mr. Mongo

There has been a great rivalry between the working poor community of Barack Obama High School and the wealthy neighboring school Kennedy High School since the 1960’s. This rivalry has result in pretty vicious fights among football fans and silly pranks pulled by the wealthy cheerleader squad. Barack Obama high school usually got the shit end of the stick when it came to being pranked costing their taxpayers hundred of thousands of dollars every year adding to their burden. But this year the school installed a new state of the art security system thanks to a grant from the homeland security fund. It was not put in to keep harmful individuals from injuring the students but to keep those crazy rich bitches from Kennedy high school from doing something messed up the school this year.

The cheerleaders from Kennedy High have made many attempts to break into the school each thwarted by their security system. Until one of the cheerleaders made the ultimate sacrifice for her school she fucked an Obama High janitor so he would rig a window in an empty classroom so it could not close or alert security that it cannot close.

Late at night twelve members of the Kennedy High cheerleader squad brave enough to go on this “commando style raid” made their way through the open window. As they all made their way into the school they were also followed in by their coach Mrs. Krinkle a tall woman in her early 40’s with an athletic build she is attractive but makes no attempts at wearing make up depending on her natural charms. She has short dark brown hair and is dressed in a red sweatshirt and red sweat pants. The second adult that came through the window was a woman the exact opposite of the coach her name was Mrs. Johnstone she is in her late thirties and is holding on to her good looks with all she’s got she looks like she could fit in with the cast from the show House Wives of Orange County. She has a slender build with full double D breasts bought for her by her first husband she is wearing a black turtleneck shirt and black jeans doing her best to look like one of those commandos she sees on all those action films her husband likes to watch. She is the mother of the cheerleader team captain who has come along with her mother’s insistence. Mrs. Johnstone was the team captain class of 88’ but still full of school sprit. The last of the adults is Mrs. Jones her daughter Shelly is also a member of the Kennedy High cheerleader squad she came along only because she had mini van they could use that night to get the girls and their bags of spray paint to Obama High. Mrs. Jones is a chubby short woman with reddish brown hair more at home baking cookies than going on impromptu commando style raids.

The 12 cheerleaders were all physically fit with tight athletic bodies and pert breasts. Except for Mrs. Johnstone’s daughter Nina who like her mom has a large set of fake boobs giving her more of a porn star look. Mrs. Jones daughter is a red headed thick girl with a well-developed body with large natural breasts named Trish. The littlest of the cheerleaders is Tammy Hsu she is 17 years old Chinese American young woman but has the body of 12-year-old girl with the exception of a big black bush covered in long straight shiny black pubic hair. She is usually the top of their human pyramids and just loves to be tossed into the air by her bigger teammates. Shelly Mrs. Jones daughter is a well-developed thick girl with pretty red hair and ample breasts and the best ass on the team. She is usually at the bottom of their team’s pyramids.

“How long do you think we have to wait before the students are in their classes?” Asked a bored Mrs. Johnstone.

Coach Krinkle just rolls her eyes and whispers. “They will all be in their classes by 7:00 am. When they are in their classes we are going to spray paint Kennedy rules everywhere we can get it to stick. They will be too busy at their pep rally when we strike.

Coach Krinkle addresses the rest of the cheerleaders to go over the plan one more time before they carry out their mission. “Okay we have gone over this several times so we all know what we have to do. I want you to stray away from any large entrances that’s where the security guards seem to be stationed. Make sure not to run it will catch the attention of security guards monitoring the security cameras. We can pull this off if we can keep our wits about us.”

“What do we do if we are caught?” a cheerleader in the room asked sounding a little worried.

“Well if they sound an alarm then run for it try to make your way to a window so you can jump out.” Said the coach confidently.

“If they catch you go with them peacefully they can’t hit you legally if you do not resist. All they can do is hold us until the police show up. They will just make us pay for the vandalism but my husband can afford it so don’t any of you worry your pretty little heads about it.” Mrs. Johnstone said with a smile.

“I think this whole thing is a bunch of foolishness what if one of these girls gets hurt or beat up by a security guard? Said Mrs. Jones in a hushed worried tone.

All the girls just giggled at Mrs. Jones shaking their heads. Just then coach Krinkle looks at her watch and says. “Its quarter after seven lets get up to the second floor and give this shit hole a new paint job. Remember girls don’t run take your time.”

The cheerleaders began spraying the lockers and walls in graffiti doing their best to move slowly as they did there dirty work but one girl let the excitement get the better of her. She began jumping up and down when she finished writing Kennedy High Rules across a long row of lockers.

A board security officer who is monitoring video cameras looks up from his porno mag just in time to catch the Kennedy High cheerleader jumping up and down. His eyes then started switching to other monitors on his stand he is shocked to see other cheerleaders vandalizing the school. The security guards presses the emergency lock down button causing all windows and doors in the build to close and lock. Pressing the switch also lets off a loud beeping alarm.

Principal Major runs into the security room right as the doors are starting to close and yells out. “Please tell me ain’t a school shooter!”

“No, it’s a bunch of Kennedy High cheerleaders vandalizing the lockers. Don’t worry they ain’t going nowhere we got the place locked down and security at all the doors.” Said the security guard proudly with a wink.

“Send your men in to round them up then.” Said Principal Major.

“There’s fifteen of them all together I only got six security officers they are going to need help and all the teachers are locked in their classrooms with their students. Should I call 911?” The security officer said in a worried voice.

“For god sakes don’t call 911 they will get off with a slap on the wrist we need to handle this in house. Mr. Roll has a tenth grade gym class right now with at least thirty boys and the gym does not lock down. Call him on the P.A. system let him know where the cheerleaders are and send them in. I am sure they can’t out run a bunch of pissed off fifteen year olds.”

“Attention faculty and students do not be alarmed there is a lock down in progress some cheerleaders from Kennedy High School are vandalizing the school. We are sending Mr. Roll and his students to detain the vandals. Attention Mr. Roll you are to take your gym class to the second floor nears the library to capture and detain the cheerleaders.” Said the security officer calmly into the P.A. system.

His next P.A. announcement was to the Kennedy high cheerleaders. “Attention Kennedy high vandals! Surrender now and we will go easy on you! You run and we will be as rough as we like!” The students locked in their classes began cheering all around the school when they heard that.

“I hope those boys get a handful when they catch those crazy bitches! They have been damaging this school for far too long. That tradition of theirs is ending today god damn it!” Said the principal angrily.

Mr. Roll turns to his gym class and says. “You heard him get your asses out their and catch those little bitches!” One boy raises his hand and says. “Can we grab their tits and stuff?” Mr. Roll looks at his class and says. “Don’t let me see you do it. I’ll be walking up there when you catch them. Now get going!”

The class storm out of the gym hooting and hollering like a pack of wild Indians. Every boy there knew he was going to get his hands on some hot cheerleader and there is nothing she can do to stop him from doing it. Their speed is fueled by youthful exuberance and hormones nothing is going to stop this horde of pimply-faced fifteen year olds from catching their prey.

“All the doors are fucking locked somehow. Everyone run down to the room we got in the building at lets see if we can get out there!” Said Mrs. Krinkle with eyes the size of saucers.

“Didn’t you here that announcement they are sending an entire gym class up here. If we go to the office they will be more lenient with us. If that gym class gets us no telling what those boys will do to us.” Said Mrs. Johnstone in a worried voice while holding daughter Shelly’s hand.

After hearing what Mrs. Johnstone had said there grew a worried murmur among the cheerleaders. Each one of them had the look of fear in their eyes. One cute sixteen-year-old girl named Amber with a slender build and blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail raised her hand nervously and says. “Mrs. Krinkle, I have to pee!”

“Amber I don’t have time for this! If we go down this hallway we will make it to the office so we can turn ourselves in. Lets go, we got to get there for those little punks get here first. Go, go, go, go! Yells Mrs. Krinkle then blows her whistle and the cheerleaders take off running down the hall.

Just as the last girl disappears down the hall the first of the teenagers from Mr. Roll’s gym class make it the cross section of the hallway. The guys were trying to figure out where they went. The P.A. bellowed out the voice of the security guard screamed out “they made a right down the hallway, get em’!” The rest of the boys caught up just in time to see the faster boys turn down the hall. Every time they pass a classroom full of trapped kids and teachers they can here everyone whistling and cheering them on. Each kid from the gym class heard this would make them scream like a lunatic while giving a fist pump in the air. The whole thing is starting to gain the excitement of a sporting event.

“Where the fuck is that office they’ll be on us in a minute!” Yelled an olive skin Italian girl named Cheryl with a thick build, wavy black hair, and large natural breasts. She new for certain if those boys catch her they will find some reason to grab her tits.

“Do you want off the team Cheryl!” Yelled Mrs. Krinkle sternly at the girl as they were running for their lives down the hallway.

With the front doors in their sights they knew the offices were off to their right. The could see two laughing security guards standing in front of the glass doors each holding a big can of mace at the ready.

Just as the cheerleaders stopped to look at the laughing security guards. Amber asks. ‘Do you think they’ll mace us Mrs. Krinkle” Just as the Amber asked the question one of the boys from the gym class tackles her to the floor causing all the cheerleaders to start screaming and Amber to piss everywhere.

“Holy shit! Leave her there nothing we can do for her” Screamed Mrs. Krinkle.

As the cheerleaders took off to the office some looked over their shoulders at their downed friend only to see three or four boys wrestling around with her then one boy held his arm up over his head over his head holding a their team mates ripped off red panties as she lays there screaming in a pool of her own piss. He was hollering like an Indian who just cut a scalp off a cowboy. The others boys could clearly be seen laughing as they groped at her breasts and vagina. Her small firm breasts are currently the playthings of Mr. Roll’s gym class while her nicely manicured landing strip bush is also being attended to by one boy while another spit on her clit then gave it a good rubbing. Her screams could be heard throughout the school causing cheers from the closed off classrooms who could see what was happening.

The rest of the gym class pass Amber and the boys wresting around on the floor covered in her piss with their eyes on the prize when they saw the cheerleaders heading to the office their screaming and hollering got even worse.

Mrs. Krinkle and the cheerleaders make it to the office only to find to their horror the office door is locked. The office staff and a visiting mother who came to pick up her sick daughter stand there with shocked looks on their faces when they see panicked looks on the cheerleader’s faces as they bang and kick at the door. The security guards on the front doors just stand there laughing at their plight.

“I can’t get the door to open I don’t know how to work the locks, sorry.” Said the mother who was only there to get her sick daughter. You could tell the mother was holding back her laughter at the situation.

Just as the mother finished talking the boys made it to the frightened cheerleaders. The teens started getting the cheerleaders holding them against the wall. The cheerleaders did their best to keep the guys from grabbing their breasts or putting their hands up their short cheerleader skirts but there was just too many of them. Poor Cheryl got it the worst they were all groping at her breasts then pinching the hell out of her stiff nipples the size of gumdrops. She started waving her arms around then one boy who was pissed he could not grab a booby grabbed her by the arm then looked down and saw how hairy her forearm is. He started pinching at her long forearm hair and pulled on it while yelling.

“If this bitch’s forearms were any hairier she would look like a she was wearing a sweater!’

The security staff, the trapped mother, office staff, and all the boys in the gym class started laughing. Some boy reached up pulling her thong down and yells out.

“You shave your bikini line but leave all that fur on your forearms? I thought you rich bitches could afford laser hair removal?” Cheryl just hung her head and cried while some of her own team mates snickered at her making it even worse.

“Look at those boys going for the goods. They already got one girls panties off! Serves those little cunts right. Ha, Ha, Ha, the cheerleader coach just smacked the shit out of that little guy after he got his hand down the front of her pants!” Said the principle as he watched Mr. Roll’s class “handle” the situation laughing the whole time.

“Alright we got them just hold them against the walls boys, let the security officers put the flex cuffs on them. Mr. Roll please retrieve those silver manual hair trimmers the football team used last year to shave their heads for charity last year. Once security gets them cuffed up take them back to the gym and wait for further instructions. You boys had your fun please do not lay another hand on our guests.” Said the principal into the P.A. system

The gym class takes them back to the gym and form a circle around them. The cheerleaders sit on the floor with their hands fastened behind their backs sobbing away as the boys mock and tease them.

“Don’t worry girls they are holding us here until the cops can pick us up.” Said Mrs. Krinkle trying to sound confident.

“What do you think they are going to do with those hair clippers Mrs. Krinkle?” Tammy Hsu asked while trying not to cry.

“I told you we should not have done this. Some boy slid his hand down the front of my jeans and pulled out some of my pubic hair. Why do I always listen to you I am always the one who gets into trouble!” Said Mrs. Jones with a pouty quivering under lip.

“Don’t worry my husband makes donations each year to both towns police departments. Just one call and he’ll straighten things out. Hell those boys just about raped us so I am sure we can get off on having to pay any damages once the judge see the security tapes.

“When those assholes put my panties back on they put them on wrong way on purpose!” Said Amber crying her eyes out.

Some of the cheerleaders giggled when they hear that.

“Alright I want you girls to go to the store and pick a couple bags of disposable razors and cans of shaving cream OK. When you get back head back to the football field we are going to have our pep rally a few hours early today. Laughed Principal Major giving the Obama High Cheerleaders a wink. The girls all covered their mouths as they giggled.

The Obama high cheerleaders took off running out the door sounding just as loud and excited as Mr. Roll’s gym class. Principal looks at the security monitor that shows the Kennedy High cheerleaders while rubbing his crotch he says to the security guard. “Those girls are going to remember this day for the rest of their lives.”

“Students and faculty, I would like to inform you that the Kennedy high cheerleaders have been captured and are being held in the gym. We will be having our pep rally a few hours early today. We need members of the marching band and football team to assemble to their dressing rooms and get into uniform then go to the football field. Once they are ready we will be releasing the students to the pep rally. You do not want to miss this pep rally it is one you will never forget!” Laughed principal Major.

Mr. Roll and one of his students are retrieve from the manual clippers from the shoe box he stashed them in last year. Mr. Roll hold one up in the air and tests it out while laughing.

“Mr. Roll, what are we going to be doing with these things?” Asked the student.

“I guess we are going to be giving those girls a haircut.” Mr. Roll said to the student shrugging his shoulders.

Just as they came out of the gym’s office they see the cheerleaders and his students are gone. They could here everyone being let out of their classes as they make their way to the football field to see the best pep rally that Barack Obama High School has ever seen. The students and teachers seem to be charged up excited over the events that went on during the day. No one knows what is about to happen all they know its going to be fun. Students are getting their cell phones and digital cameras ready for the big event. They even saw the audiovisual nerds walk by carrying video and sound equipment like how they do for all the sporting events and pep rallies.

When Mr. Roll gets to the football field he makes his way through the crowd the students who seem to be almost in frenzy in anticipation of what the principal and the cheerleaders might do to the Kennedy High cheerleaders. The male students are screaming all types of profanity and pornographic suggestions. Mr. Roll was surprised by the female students were just as bad as the guys most of the boys were demanding the cheerleaders to be raped right there on the spot. Just about all the students have some form of digital recording device. Mr. Roll found his students with arms interlocked to form a protective ring around the Kennedy cheerleaders doing their best to hold back the wild crowd. The Kennedy High cheerleaders are huddled together in a mass with their backs towards the crowd with their heads down trying to hide their fear and embarrassment. Principal Major stands next to the Kennedy High cheerleader coach Mrs. Krinkle he is holding a mike. Obama High cheerleaders and their coach are holding several shopping bags over their heads and screaming “whooooo!” Just then the principal holds the mike to his lips and puts his arm around the Mrs. Krinkle shoulder and pulls the nervous looking woman closer to him she has her hands still tied behind her back. She is as white as a ghost but she is doing her best to look brave.

“Now Mrs. Krinkle what possessed you to sneak into our school and do so much damage. Every time your students pull pranks like that it costs our taxpayers so much in repair bills. Did you know that?” Asked the principal as he talked into the mike.

He holds the mike in front of Mrs. Krinkle’s mouth.

“I did not know that, I am very sorry.” She says with a nervous laugh.

“You don’t believe that lie Mrs. Krinkle you are even laughing at such bullshit!” Said the principal bringing the mike back to his lips.

“I truly believe what I said I just laugh when I am scared, I am sorry Mr. Major.” Mrs. Krinkle says into the mike now looking scared as the crowd is now really screaming for her ass to be thrown to the crowd.

“ I don’t believe you and they certainly don’t believe Mr. Krinkle. You know what they say Mrs. Krinkle paybacks are a bitch? Said the principal as he pushes her so she would land flat on her stomach.

Two football players run up to Mrs. Krinkle each holding a pair of scissors one boy cuts her bindings then pulls her arms over head to put on new flex cuffs. The second football player begins to quickly cut away at her red jogging pants pulling the remnants away from her franticly kicking legs. The guy with the flex cuffs starts cutting away at her red top exposing her black bra.

“Any last words Mrs. Krinkle before the boys strip you bare and throw you to the crowd? The principal says to Mrs. Krinkle while smirking.

“You can’t do this to us! Its illegal! Screamed the half naked Mrs. Krinkle.

“But it’s ok to deface our school? Isn’t that illegal?” Said the principal in a mocking manner.

“Fuck you needle dick!” Screamed Mrs. Krinkle to the principal.

“Ok boys, stand her up and get that bra and panties off her be as rough as you like!” Said the principal to the two football players standing next to Mrs. Krinkle.

One football player grabs the front of Mrs. Krinkle’s bra ripping it from her chest causing her to stumble a little bit. The only thing that kept her from falling over was the other football player holding on to her panties. The football player holding on to her panties starts to try to rip them off of her but the material is too strong for him so he simply slams her to the ground knocking the wind out of her yanking the panties off her body. The crowd goes nuts while the cheerleaders start screaming at what the football players have done to their coach then hiding their faces not wanting to see what is going to happen next.

“Pick that bitch up and give her to the crowd. Lets see what they do to her.” Said the principal pointing to the crowd.

One football player makes Mrs. Krinkle stand up by grabbing on to her short dark brown hair and lifts her up. The two football players grab hold of her then they lift her up and toss her over Mr. Roll’s students arms and a mass of arms grab a hold of her to pull her into the crowd. The scene looked like something out of a zombie movie.

Some of the guys in the crowd started pulling out their erect penises while others used their cameras or phones to get the best video they ever took in their lives. One teen pulled Mrs. Krinkle head down to put his cock into her mouth but right before he reaches her lips another bigger student jumps forward jamming his cock into her mouth almost causing the other guy to accidentally cornhole the cock blocker. On of the audiovisual guys with a camera runs up behind Mrs. Krinkle to slip is hard on into her hairy brown pussy and films himself going in and out of cunt while doing an imitation of a 70’s porn sound track with a lot of base. His sound man puts his fur covered mike into Mrs. Krinkle’s face. As soon as one teen got off another one would penetrated her mouth, vagina, and ass. Some female in the crowd put her face into Mrs. Krinkle’s face as she was being face fucked by some large dicked math major and asks Mrs. Krinkle a question.

“Are you getting fucked Mrs. Krinkle? Are you getting fucked? Does it hurt?”

Mrs. Krinkle looks over at her as the math major keeps thrusting back and forth in Mrs. Krinkle’s mouth making a sickening snorting and fart like sounds as he does it coming from her mouth and nose. Mrs. Krinkle just nods her head yes at the young lady who asked her the question then looks back down. The girl pats Mrs. Krinkle on the ass and leans over to say to her.

‘Tastes like teen spirit I bet?” The girl says with a laugh as she pats Mrs. Krinkle on the ass again.

“Becky get away from her before someone cums in your face on accident!” Said the Principal into the mike looking out for one his student’s safety and shaking his head.

“She’s had enough bring her back and don’t be afraid to break some heads to get her back.” The principal said into the mike.

Five football players run into the crowd to retrieve Mrs. Krinkle. As they come up to her one boy pulls his cock out of her mouth while another just finishes off into her ass as the football players reach her causing the crowd to boo them.

“I bet that ain’t one of your proudest moments is it Mrs. Krinkle? Now bring up that rich bitch lets see what she has to offer the crowd! Two cheerleaders walk over to Mrs. Johnstone each grabs her by the arm, wrestling her somewhat to get her to move towards the principal. “Boys strip the bitch lets see those store bought titties look like. All your husbands money could not stop what the crowd is going to do to you.”

Two football players pick up the scissors to cut away the tight fitting black commando style clothing from her body. Each team member would make a cut into her clothing then rub their hands against her smooth warm flesh enjoying all those expensive skin treatments she bought on her husband’s credit card. Mrs. Johnstone did not put up a fight like Mrs. Krinkle did she just laid there with her eyes closed holding her breath waiting for them to finish their cutting. She knew the second they are done she would be fed to the crowd she shuttered as she caught herself being a little excited about it. Her husband has money but has a small dick she at least will get her plumbing seen to by the teens in the crowd. The two football players began mashing her breasts together as she struggled and screamed for help. One football player began rubbing her clit fast and hard to get her ready for the horde of teens waiting impatiently for the spoiled rich bitch to play with. Once she stopped screaming then started to breath heavily the football player reached down to feel to see if she was wet. He was surprised to see her bush hair was long dyed blond but had a quarter inch of dark brown roots. He rubbed his fingers through her bush the same way a man would rub a little kid’s head leaving her pubic hair looking like a straw colored birds nest bird’s nest. The first player nodded to the second so they hoisted her up and threw her over Mr. Roll’s students interlocked arms.

The students grabbed her so quickly she did not have to worry about an impact on the grassy field. The teen males were fighting and jockeying for position one boy bent her over forcing his cock into her mouth. “Suck it, Suck it you stupid bitch!” the boy yelled at the spoiled rich bitch. Mrs. Johnstone began sucking like her life depended on it. Another boy runs up bends Mrs. Johnstone over then grabs her by one ankle lifting her leg high in the air then inserts his penis into her wet vagina. A third teen ran up but was too late for her cunt so he pushed the guy who was pounding her pussy over so he could put his cock up her ass. Mrs. Johnstone kept looking back over to her daughter Nina and could not believe the bitch was looking over at her and giggling. If she had her way the cunt would be right here with her mother getting stuffed worse than thanksgiving turkey. After several groups of young men had their way with Mrs. Johnstone the principal ordered a group of football players to bring her back to the circle of students. The football players had to grab her by the hair to avoid touching her cum covered body.

“We have one more adult who should have known better to vandalize our school. The fat housewife bitch drove the vandals here to our school. At any point she could have turned the car around or simply say no. So for that she will be punished for the damages she helped cause. So who better to punish her but the children of the tax payers who will be handed the bill for the damages they caused for their own entertainment.” Said Mr. Major sternly to the crowd who showed their approval by cheering.

Mrs. Jones is not as pretty as the first two women who were punished before her so the football players went a little quicker than they were with them. Once they got her clothes cut away they stand her up revealing her nakedness to the entire student body. She hangs her head in constantly saying to herself. “Oh my, Oh my this isn’t happening to me.” Her large saggy breasts and rolls of fat were met shouts of “Try jenny Craig, Bitch!” “Look at all them rolls of fat!” “Who wants to play hungry, hungry, hippo?” One of the football player steps up and yells to the crowd. “Common she ain’t that bad look at that bright red muff of hers its kinda a cute!” Then the crowd began chanting “Give us fire crotch, give us fire crotch!”

“Without further a due we give you Mrs. Jones! Ok boys throw the bitch in lets see what happens!” Said a giggling principal

The two football players who cut her clothes did their best to get the tubby Mrs. Jones over the intertwined arms of Mr. Roll’s students but could not get her over without the fear of dropping her fat ass on one of the tenth graders. Two more football players came running up as well as one of Obama High chubbier cheerleaders ran up to assist them. They managed to toss her over the 10th grade boys’ arms. With a loud thump she landed ass first on the grass of the football field causing her rolls of fat and floppy titties to jiggle to the laughter of the crowd. She was embarrassed that none of the teen boys made an attempt to catch her or at least made slowed her fall. There was no rush to ravish her female parts. Boys who were too weak or little to get a piece of the pretty women had to settle for the tubby Mrs. Jones. She was set upon by the by the scrawny, weak, and the mentally slow essentially the bottom feeders of the school. Each of the boys began pumping away as the crowd of teens began cheering. She was scared out of her mind hearing what the crowd was yelling for and what the geeks should do to her. They wanted to see her ripped apart. They wanted to see her fucked to death. One of the geeks who was ram rodding her ass had a dick as big around as a wiffle ball bat it felt to her. When he pulled his thick cock out quickly to cum on her Mrs. Jones began to shit like she never did before with when every turd that popped out her ass landed in the shocked geeks pants that were pulled down to his ankles causing him to scream and the crowd to roar with laughter with everyone pinching their noses and pointing at Mrs. Jones.

“Go get that cow out of there before she shits on someone else’s pants! Quit your screaming Kevin you big baby! Just shake the shit out of your pants! Most of it landed in your boxers anyways. Just ditch your drawers and go commando.” Said principal Major while rolling his eyes.

The football team members had little trouble bring back the embarrassed Mrs. Jones. They run her to the other two-defiled women who have now sitting on the ground doing their best to cover up their breasts and pussies.

“I shit…in front…of…everyone of them! What are they going to do to our girls?” Asked Mrs. Jones.

“I promises it will not be as bad your punishment ladies but just as humiliating. We punish our kids if they vandalize that’s why you never had your school damaged except for some minor tp’ing of the trees in front of the your school. Nothing too damaging or long lasting I assure you. I attribute this to proper parenting and a healthy respect for authority something your children are lacking in.” Said the principal to the three women.

The Obama High School cheerleaders half of them were holding a silver pair of manual hair trimmers in their hands the others buckets of freezing cold water. Each of the bucket girls made their way to the three woman commanding them to stand up. Once the three women stood up the members of the marching band began playing the stars and stripes forever right when the cold water was thrown on them from the buckets the three women screamed in unison. Goose bumps welled up from their skin causing them to shiver uncontrollably causing Mrs. Krinkle to involuntarily piss on her own feet.

“Cold ain’t it? I bet that woke you up! I am sorry but the girls wanted you clean before they give you a haircut none of them wanted the first time they touched a man’s cum be from your naked asses.” Said the principal as the crowd was yelling, “Shave, shave, shave, lets see some balled headed bitches!”

“You ain’t shaving my head god damn it” Screamed Mrs. Krinkle

“You fucked us half to death isn’t that enough?” Begged Mrs. Johnstone

“Oh my, oh my, this can’t be happening.” Said in a panic by Mrs. Jones as she was rubbing her sore asshole.

“We are making up for every bad thing your students have done to us for the past 50 years. I am sorry you and your cheerleaders are the ones being punished for the acts of others but it has to be harsh to help deter further pranks and acts of vandalism against us. Besides you are not innocents in this.” The principal sounded like a father scolding his own children when speaking to the three women.

“Submit to the head and pussy shaving and we will spare your cheerleaders playtime with the crowd.” Said Lindsey Rackle the head of Obama High cheerleaders.

Mrs. Johnstone and Mrs. Jones looked over at their crying freighted daughters then hung their heads down and slowly walked over to the giggling Barack Obama High School cheerleaders who waving the silver manual hair trimmers at them. The cheerleaders began lifting the women’s hair and began working the manual shears letting their hair to fall to the grass below. Once the two women were reduced to stubble the cheerleaders demanded they stand up. When each woman stood up the cheerleaders kneeled down to work on their bushes.

“You need to touch up your roots honey!” Said the cheerleader getting to shear off Mrs. Johnstone’s bush.

The Obama high cheerleader began pulling at Mrs. Johnstone’s bush as she worked the manual hair trimmers in an upward motion allowing her pubic hair to fall to ground. Once she was reduced to stubble in the front her crotch the cheerleader orders her to turn around bend over and spread them cheeks wide. The girl began trimming the little hairs around the bottom of her vagina and her anus. All that was left was a little dark brown stubble.

The cheerleader trimming up Mrs. Jones just shook her head she could not believe she got stuck with the red-bushed hungry hippo. Well at least she got a little bush that’s a plus she guessed. Every time she made a pass across her little bush she would collect the pubes holding them up to let the bright red hair fall to the ground like hairy red rain. Once her asshole and pussy was reduced to stubble she stood up telling the plump woman to kneel down. She began removing her hair that was missed the first time as quickly as she could while the crowd was chanting fire crotch.

The coach of the Barack Obama high school cheerleaders Mrs. Major the principal’s wife walked up to her Kennedy high rival. Mrs. Major was a tiny woman in her late thirties with a gymnasts build. She was spinning her trimmers around on her finger then whistles for the Kennedy high coach to come to her. Mrs. Krinkle let out a few curse as she walked over to her counter part.

“Don’t you wanted to keep your girls from getting raped by the crowd Mrs. Krinkle? I’d throw myself in front of a bus to keep my girls from such humiliation.” She said while shaking her head in disgust.

“Fuck em’, I got fucked why not them they are the ones who fucked this prank up. They should have taste to strangers’ cocks like I did! God damn it!” Mrs. Krinkle said stomping her foot.

The Kennedy high cheerleaders all gasped when they heard her scream that. Mrs. Major just shook her head at the bitch that is about to get the best grooming she ever had. When She was done with Mrs. Krinkle’s head and cunt they put the three woman together while several of the Obama high cheerleaders reached into the shopping bags to pull out a can of shaving cream. Several loud shhhhhh sounds could be heard as the girls were spraying shaving cream on the three women’s heads and pussies. The crowd began going wild as the cheerleaders began smearing the shaving cream on them. Once the girls with the shaving cream finished their work each woman had a girl at her crotch shaving away their pussy stubble and two girls making their heads smooth as a baby’s ass.

“Okay ladies stand in front of my students and wave! Show them what a good haircut our cheerleaders gave you. Remember to hold your heads high and thank our girls for their good work.” Said Principal Major to the three baldheaded smooth bitches.

The three women began thanking all the cheerleaders who shaved them so smooth. The cheerleaders responded my covering their mouths as they giggled at the naked smooth women in front of them. The three women then turned to the crowd as it was cheering their Asses off and began waving at them like some home coming queens on a float.

“Okay, now that’s over lets bring our attention to the Kennedy high cheerleaders. Lets give them a round of applause!” Said the principal as he waves at the Kennedy high cheerleaders.

The worried cheerleaders began whimpering thinking they are going to be fed to the crowd like their three chaperones. Just as they were about to panic the Obama high cheerleaders strutted up to their opposites with big old shit eating grins on their faces.

“Okay here are your choices. A- you can keep your clothes. But you get fed to the crowd who will tear them off you then fuck you anyways. B- you give us all your uniforms and we shave you like the adults from your school and be saved from the crowd. Well what is it what do you bitches want to do?” Asked Lindsey Rackle the Obama high cheerleaders captain.

The Kennedy high school cheerleaders answered her question by removing their uniforms then handing them to the Obama high cheerleaders standing with a smirk on their faces in front of them. Each time a Obama high cheerleader received a full Kennedy high cheerleaders full uniform including the girl’s red thong and matching red bra they would hold their trophy high into the air for the crowd to see and cheer at. Once all 12 of the Kennedy high cheerleaders were as naked as the day they were born the crowd began demanding the naked girls to be given to them. Every naked cheerleader began balling their eyes out pleading with the Obama high cheerleaders not to feed them to the crowd. The clothed cheerleaders all began pretending to think about then team captain Lindsey looks over to them and says.

“We will let you blow our football team and the boys in the marching band before you get your new haircuts to keep you in the protective circle of Mr. Roll’s gym class if swallow every load blown into your mouths. Can you live with that or should we throw you to the student body?”

“We will suck their cocks! Fuck! We will suck cocks!” Said Mrs. Johnstone’s daughter Nina said with her head held down so no one could see her blush.

The marching band started playing a burlesque style strip tease sounding tune as the cheerleaders lined up to blow the football team including the kid in the mascot costume and the mentally slow towel boy. The audiovisual guys began looking for the best spot to set up their cameras to get the full effect of the cheerleaders’ humiliation. The crowd began making catcalls at the naked cheerleaders as they sucked like their lives depended on it. Every once in a while you would see a football player shiver then you would see a coughing or gagging naked cheerleader. The finished football player would step back and give the next guy in line a high five and a smack on the bare ass when he dropped his pants then the naked girl would latch on and start sucking away. Once the entire team of boys in the marching band started lining up. They looked silly standing there bare assed in half of their uniforms while the naked cheerleaders chugged away at the band geeks as the football team and the crowd chanted. “Chug, chug, chug!” over and over as the naked girls milked the band boy’s sexual organs. One girl from the marching band raised her hand and said.

“It ain’t fair Mr. Major! I’m a lesbian don’t I get a crack at those sluts?

“I will never be accused of discrimination against a gay or trans gendered student. Go ahead young lady pick yourself a winner!’ Said the principal proudly to the gay student.

The crowd goes wild as the chubby lesbian made her way to the still sucking cheerleaders. She steps in front of Tammy Hsu the tiny Asian teen who stared in total shock as the fuggly looking lesbian drops the bottom of her uniform revealing a smelly bushy mess of vagina for the petite little Asian to lick and suck. Tammy resisted until a bigger Obama high cheerleader pushed her face into the band geek’s foul pussy. After a kick to her flat Asian ass she made with the licking of the gay girls piss tasting pussy as the crowd cheered.

Once the final girl served the last of the band geeks the Obama high cheerleader began grooming the naked and humiliated Kennedy cheerleaders so they would match the women who brought them there.

“Once you get these rich suck sluts smooth as a baby’s ass we will be holding them here in the gym until tonight’s game with Kennedy. We will release them during the game no one is to touch them or the football team will beat you half to death without repercussions to them. Got it. We finally got them and I doubt any spoiled wealthy brats will ever think of doing this again.” Said the principal as the crowd begins roaring with excitement and school pride.

“Look how long and straight Tammy Hsu’s pubic hair is! She’s all fur and no tits! How do white guys find those gook sluts so sexy? Said the Obama high cheerleader as she tugged on Tammy’s long pussy hair and laughing in her face.

The naked and shaved women sit defeated on the floor of the gym as Mr. Roll’s students stand watch over them with their arms crossed and giving them a stern look. Occasionally a boy would pull a woman or cheerleader out of the circle to suck their cock to help pass the time.

“The crowd is still too rowdy and the out football team is spoiling for a fight so I guess we are just going to have to let our boys have at it out with the Kennedy team and forget the game. I think the crowd would rather have a fight anyways. Said the principal to Mr. Roll

“How are we going to release these little sluts?” asked Mr. Roll

“When our boys break through the team banner we will wait for them to get halfway down the field then release the Kennedy sluts into the field. This should allow our boys to get in close before the Kennedy boys can get their helmets on. With this distraction the team should be on them before they know what is happening. It’s going to be a fucking bloodbath. Let the crowd in the stands know tonight’s game is free and they should not enter the field unless the Kennedy fans come on to our field.” Instructs the principal.

Mean while in the Kennedy changing room.

“Where the fuck is Krinkle and those air headed cheerleaders of hers we only have half the cheer-squad present. How are we going to get the fans roaring tonight?” Said coach Mc’Grath the Kennedy high football coach.

“Maybe she and the girls are sneaking into the school to do something when everyone is distracted at the game.” Said the Kennedy high quarter back.

The coach and his team start laughing their asses off when they heard that. The towel boy from the Obama team pops his head in to say with a giggle voice you guys can enter your side of the field and keep your helmets off until you here the national anthem. As soon as he left the room the players and the coaches all started mocking how the slow boy talked as they went to take their places on the football field laughing all the way.

At the Barack Obama high school’s end of the field the two of the bigger cheerleaders held a huge paper banner that read Kill Kennedy painted on it. The girls readied for their team to charge through it to enter the field Obama high cheerleaders lined either side of the banner instead of holding pom-poms they held little video cameras each girl hoping to get the best footage of the night.

“Remember girls stay together. There’s safety in numbers we also have Mr. Rolls gym class acting as volunteer body guards they promise to beat the shit out of any one who tries to touch you.” Said Mrs. Major reassuring her cheerleaders before the big fight.

The Obama high cheerleaders could hardly contain themselves as they waited for the song Working Class Hero – sung by Marilyn Manson as the team’s entrance song

Just then their entrance song is heard over the P.A. system and all the girls are as excited as a little kid on Christmas as the fireworks and strobe lights were set off. The Obama high football players were pumped up and spoiling for a fight as they busted fourth from behind the large paper banner with their game faces set to kill. Right behind them was Mr. Roll and his gym class armed with a combination of baseball bats and hockey sticks and the permission to use them. Some of the bigger boys were holding the Kennedy high cheerleaders and their chaperones ready to release them on the field fully naked and freshly shaved once their team crosses the 50-yard line.

The Obama high football team is raging across the field with their helmets secured on their heads making them invulnerable to the Kennedy high football players’ punches or kicks.

“Hey why ain’t those schmucks stopping?” Asked the Kennedy high quarterback sounding a little worried.

“Those punks are just trying to intimidate us like they did last year. They ain’t getting us this year no one flinch don’t even blink. They ain’t going to do shit!” Said their team’s receiver full of fake bravado.

The whole team began laughing at what the receiver said they all stood their ground without their helmets and with their hands on their hips with a smile on their faces.

As the Obama players hit the 50-yard mark Mr. Roll screams out “let the sluts go! Get ready to surround our cheerleaders! Bust anyone who tries to get them in the mouth with a bat once the other fans see that they will think twice about doing it again!”

“What are you?” Yelled Mr. Roll. “Bad Mother fuckers! Bad mother fuckers!” replied the horde of armed fifteen year olds. “Get your butts out there boys and kick some ass!” Screamed Mr. Roll fanatically. His class runs out onto the field and into position around the their cheerleaders screaming louder than the Obama high football team and ready to make some bodies hit the floor.

The cheerleaders and their chaperones run onto the field screaming their bald heads off as they make their way to their still clothed cheerleaders who stood there in open disbelief at what they are seeing running at them. A couple of the naked cheerleaders even made an attempt to rip the uniforms of their still clothed team mates wrestling with them on sidelines in an attempt to cover up their nakedness. Some concerned Kennedy fans took off their jackets in an attempt to save some of the girls’ modesty. After three or four good Samaritans got on the field the full Obama high fans started screaming. “Their rushing the field get em’” Yelled the big math major who just about choked Mrs. Krinkle when she blew him.

Just as the Obama high football team made their sucker punches felt on the jaws of the Kennedy players. The Obama high football fans ran screaming across the field trying to get to the shocked Kennedy fans still sitting in their bleachers. Their coaches tried to put up a valiant fight but there were too many of them the last thing they heard before being beaten unconscious by the crowd is “Kennedy sucks balls!” Some of the Kennedy fans who weren’t shitting their pants ran down the bleachers to meet the Obama high fans head on. People on both sides were punching or wrestling away trying to fuck up their rivals.

All the Obama high fans were warned not to touch the naked and shaved cheerleaders but to everyone’s surprise some the Kennedy high school fans got overly excited at the sight of all those naked cheerleaders and they snapped running onto the field tackling them to the ground to fuck the lining out of them. Even the cheerleaders who did not vandalize the school and remained fully clothed and with their intact were getting good from their own fans including a few of their player’s dad’s and brother’s. One fat old fuck made a beeline towards the Obama high school cheerleaders.

“Bobby Reynolds! Activate that fuckers dental plan” Screamed Mr. Roll.

15-year-old Bobby Reynolds screams at the top of his lungs psyching himself up for the strike. The 110-pound sophomore steps up and lets the bat fly striking the older larger man square in side of his jaw. Causing him to spin in place spitting his busted teeth everywhere as he spun to the ground knocking him unconscious. The baseball strike was so fierce and destructive all the people fighting or fucking around them stopped to yell. “DAMN!!!!” then they went back to fucking and fighting. All the cheerleaders cheer and surround Bobby kissing him on his cheeks as he blushes uncontrollably.

Mrs. Krinkle tries to move stealthily away from the action trying to make to one of her school’s busses but as she nears the bus two fat smelly buss drivers catch her.

“How’s it going Mrs. Krinkle? You look ready for action with your new hair-do and what you have on.” Said her school’s buss driver Rusty.

“Nice game ain’t it!” Said Buck the second buss driver from her school.

Both men started licking their lips and looking her up and down. They started slowly walking towards Mrs. Krinkle. Mrs. Krinkle started walking backwards away from the two fat ass bus drivers not liking the vibes she is getting from them.

“You boys were graduates of Obama high aren’t you?” She said sounding disappointed

“We went here when it was still called Lyndon B. Johnson back in the 80’s.” Rusty said with a smile.

“Do you really think the people in your district would lower themselves to our do our dirty ass job driving your brats around? Having them shoot us in the back of the head with spitballs or even hitting with thrown locks from their school lockers everyday. Why don’t you come with us on the buss we will protect you Mrs. Krinkle.” said Buck with a dirty smirk on his face. Mrs. Krinkle turns around and runs back to the field willing to take her chances against the rioting fans then these two horny ogres. Both men do their best to catch her.

“I hate fucking joggers!” Both fat buss drivers wheezed in unison as they give chase to Mrs. Krinkle.

Poor little Tammy Hsu managed to use her slight body frame to slide under the very bottom of the bleachers only run afoul of a scared skunk who douses her bald head with its putrid stink.

Chubby Cheryl lost a few pounds from running from drunk Kennedy football fans until she had to jump into a near by creek in order to give the drunk football fans the slip. She still thanks god that drunken men have a hard time running with exposed erections poking out of their pants.

Little piss pot Amber just calmly walked off the no one even noticed her.

Head Kennedy cheerleader Nina was caught by her school’s audiovisual nerds who made her fuck them for their cameras helping them create most downloaded porn on the internet.

Mrs. Jones daughter Shelly managed to only get fucked once or twice before escaping it happened so fast she really doesn’t remember. What she does remember was being chased down the road by a local news crew wanting to know what she felt of this years riot.

Mrs. Johnstone saw a crowd of horny teenage Kennedy boys heading her way. She simply got on all fours and lifted her ass in the air with a smile on her face remembering back to her teenage years at cheerleader house parties she went to. She was always everyone’s favorite cheerleader.

Mrs. Jones stood there in disbelief, as not one football fan even looked her way not even a slap on the ass.

The other seven naked and bald cheerleaders were getting a real going over by their football teams fan for the first time they had the crowds going wild. The other cheerleaders who did not get stripped, shaved, or fucked got stripped by their own team mates who wanted their clothes to cover up their nakedness.

As for the kids at the Barack Obama high school got to be apart of the best pep rally in their school history. Not too mention adding some of the most down loaded video on the Internet. A night no one involved soon forget.

How’s my writing this my second story ever written? Let me know if you liked it?

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Personally, I feel like I'd have a hard time focusing on fucking those cheerleaders if there is a big ass riot going on around me with people getting probably killed..

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I didn't even get an erection

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interesting. in a good way. perhaps more sex.

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[There has been a great rivalry between the working poor community of Barack Obama High School and the wealthy neighboring school Kennedy High School since the 1960’s.]

[“We went here when it was still called Lyndon B. Johnson back in the 80’s.” Rusty said with a smile.]

Shut up, both of you.

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The bus driver says he was a graduate in the 80's nowhere did I say it was in the 60's

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