this is my first sex story so if u like it tell me
As I woke up i realized i wasent in my room but I did reconize it i was in Alex Russo's room from wizards of Waverly place. I also feel diffrent my close are a LIttle tight so i look down im wearing a tight tang top and the tightest yoga pants you could find.And I have breasts about a 44c there not to big not to small the perfect size tits so i get up and walk over to the mirror and i scream HOLY SHIT I TURNED INTO ALEX. well if this is a dream its going to be the best dream ever with no hesitation I rip off every peice of clothing I have on and start massaging my tits. Oh my god it felt so good I didnt think it would feel this good I start moving my right hand down towards my already soaking wet pussy and start massaging my clit with my right hand and massaging my tit with the left. It felt so good I almost fell over so I walked over to the bed still massaging my tit and clit and jump onto my bed as I did that I saw a long stick with a bulb at the end it was my wand and I got a idea and I grabbed the wand and got on my knees and started rubbing it around my ass still rubbing my clit and as soon ass i start pushing the bulb into my ass i have a massive orgasm all over the bed it felt soo good I never new being a girl could be this much fun. But I have just started i start ramming the wand in and out of my pretty perfectly round ass and it felt so good I had to start fingering my self. But as soon as I got 1 finger in my soaking wet pussy I hear a moan coming from the closet so I get up stumble a little from the pleasure in my ass wand sticking half in half out of my ass as i walked it felt so good I almost fell over in pure pleasure but I get to my closet and open and there is harper Alex's best friend butt naked with to my suprise a dildo in her ass another in her pussy and one on her 10 inch dick fully erect. OH MY FUCKING GOD HARPER YOU GOT A HUGE DICK I said. Alex whats wrong with you you now im a Hermaphrodite.

Oh well um i just forgot and its a little suprising to see you naked in my closet when you could just be doing what you are doing in my bed with me so i can watch as I mastrabate to.

Oh ok well last time I mastrabated in hear you put a spell on me to puting me in a constant orgasmic state god now that was a weird week at school harper said.

well I was just mad that you didnt invite me to mastrabate with you thats all i said

well then lets get to buisness then harper said.

we sat down on alex's I was now riding my wand and harper was riding the dildo in her ass she had one hand on her dick and one hand on the dildo in her pussy and was screaming im going to cum im going to cum. i said im cumming to im cumming to and all of the sudden i felt a hot squirt in my ass and started screaming MY WAND IS CUMMING IN MY ASS MY WAND IS CUMMING IN MY ASS. And harper was not even listening ass she let a load all over my bed and all over me it was in my hair on my pussy on my chest and everywhere you could think of. I never thought someone could cum that much my entire bed was soaked but that dident stop us i started fingering my pussy and harper said alex why did u us the spell fuck me harder it puts a self moving dildo in ur pussy so i slowly took the wand out of my ass moaning loud enough that everyone in new york could hear and said the spell and to my suprise a 12 inch dildo apeared at the entrance to my pussy and slowly went in i got on my knees and put my wand back in my ass and started pumping it in and out of my ass and put harpers half erect cum covered dick in my mouth and harper started saying alex wat are you doing we never did this but she stoped in mid sentence moaning ass her 10 inch dick started to grow in my mouth it felt so wrong but so right at the same time.

it didn't take long before she let another huge load in my mouth it felt so nice and warm I couldn't take it all so it started coming out my nose but i didn't care when she finally stopped we passed out me with her cock still half way in my mouth. when i woke up sitting in a pile of dried cum i took off all of the blanket and sheets and handed them to harper to wash them as she had already took her shower and gotten ready for school so I walked out of my room completely naked not thinking of it and saw justin and max staring at me completely covered in dry cum i just laughed and walked into the bathroom started my shower and got in. when I got to school I saw so many hot student i started getting hot and felt my panties getting wet i couldn't help myself i hid behind the lockers and put my finger in my pussy and then i noticed i was moaning and everyone was staring at me but i didnt care i was having to much fun when i orgasmed with my skirt around my knees all over the cotton panties i forgot to move down. Man this is the most fun i have ever had. but then the bell rang and i had to take my cum covered panties off but i didnt care i went to alex's locker and put them in there and headed to class.
to be continued

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2013-02-19 22:48:54
this wass fuckin stupid l have read way better

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2012-11-23 15:10:45
Dis was fucking shity man :-S

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2012-06-07 19:15:14
is the person who woke up in alex's body a boy or a girl because if it was a boy i think it would get a bigger, more dramatic reaction. out of pure curiosity where is alex's personality. other then that its a good story

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2012-01-09 23:51:46
Do one of Alex counjouring 2 penises and charming them to f her but get rid of the afro watever it is really gay

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2012-01-02 23:53:52
it was a good first story for an author. it had a few mistakes but its all good. the story was very nice overall :)

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