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please do not make a comment about how weak the end was already well aware just couldn't end it like i wanted
It was four day after the night I spent with Mr. Clearwater. I had music blasting my ears as I laid on the couch waiting for Sherry to come home. My music was the only thing to help to keep my mind calm lately. It was Saturday and Sherry was with Ashley shopping for my birthday. Fifteen in three days and I still felt it was a miracle to reach that. I looked back at my passed birthdays and felt a shudder run through my body. The door opened and Mr. Clearwater walked in and I flipped off the radio.
“How can you think with that music so loud?” He asked as I got to my feet and followed him into the kitchen. “That’s the point of it.” I said as I leaned up against the bar. “Is Sherry here I got half an hour before I need to be back at work and I was hope to get some time with her.” I laughed at how he said that. “Sorry I’m keeping her to busy from you but no she not. She with Ashley and I don’t expect her home for another two hours.” He looked like a sad puppy and my mind thought back to the night I spent with him.
“If you want I can step in.” I felt nervous as he looked up and then I felt his hands under my arms as he lifted me on the counter. My crutches fall to the ground and he looked into my eyes. “Are you sure?” I smiled and nodded. “I love Sherry and I love have sex with her but I know she want to have me and you one time and I won’t mind it but I want to make sure that I can handle it and I did like when I was with you.” He smiled and leaned in and kissed me as I felt his hand pulling my short and panties off. I pushed up so he could and then I watched as he pulled down his pant and stepped in between my legs.
He was still kissing me when I felt him push slowly into me and held it there well I got use to his size. As he pulled back I wrapped my hands around his shoulder feeling the power in him. I was moaning so hard that I was barely able to breathe. When I felt him cum I cried out as my orgasm flood his groin. “You’re a squirter like Sherry.” He said as he pulled out. Then he lower himself between my legs and I groan when I felt his tongue against my clit.
I recognized Sherry style the moment he stated worked me to my second orgasm and I grabbed his hair holding him to my pussy. He kept going and I was soon reaching my third and it was by far the hardest I had yet. I fall back on the bar and was panting like crazy when he stood up and licked his lips. “I do love a squirter. You ok.” I could only nodded as he reached down and picked up my crutches and then helped me to my feet and even slid my panties and short back on before kissing me. “Thank for that I know how Sherry got so good now.” He laughed as he walked out of the house.
I walked over and looked outside see the reporters circling. I watched as Mr. Clearwater car pulled out and then disappeared down the road. I was just about to pull away when a black SUV pulled up into the driveway and two men in suits and a woman in a dress suit go out and started for the door. I had just opened it when they reached the door. “Miss. Miller I’m Agent Falcon of the FBI.” He held up a badge and I stepped back and they walk in. “Can I offer you something to drink?” They shook their heads as I walked over to the couch and sat down.
“Miss Miller we are here about your foster father Mike Castile. Is this him?” He asked as showing me a folder with his picture paper clipped to the front. “Yes what is this about?” He nodded then handed the folder to the women. “Your foster father real name is Doug Fontana he was a low level enforcer for a New York drug cartel that we have been trying to build a case against for years. Do you know how we can find him?” I was taken aback by this and shook my head. “Trust me if I know he would be in jail right now.”
I could see unease in his eyes and my gut told me that I was about to get pissed. “Miss Miller when your foster father is arrested or found we intend to give him immunity for his testimony in making the case against the cartel.” I felt my jaw drop as I rose to my feet getting in the guys face. “Your tell me that you going to let him get away with beating and raping me, taking my ability to have children, and for put me in this fucking crutches. Then you have the fucking balls to come up in here and tell me this to my face.” I was lived and when the other man grabbed my shoulder I jerked away.
“Don’t fucking touch me and GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS HOUSE NOW!” I watched as they got up and walked to the door before they left Agent Falcon turned back. “I understand that this may upset you but the drug cartel needs to be stopped.” I looked over at him and spit on the floor. “Go fuck yourselves.” I said and they left. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Mr. Clearwater. “Becky is something the matter I just about to pull in at the station?” I took a breath. “You told me that if I felt like that again to call you well after what just happen I feel like it again can you come back.” He said he was turning around now.
I walked over to the wall and leaned against it as I felt my emotion spinning. I slid down it until I was on the ground and buried my face in my hands as my tears started to fall. Why after everything I have been through was this happening. I slammed my head against the well several times. When Mr. Clearwater got home he found me sitting there crying. Ashley and Sherry walked in also and they all found me like that. “Becky what is the matter when I left early you were fine why did you say you felt like taking your life again?” Mr. Clearwater said and I heard Ashley and Becky gasp.
I looked up at him. “He’s going to get away with what he did to me.” I said and wrapped my arms around him and cried into his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me. “What do you mean we’re going to find him?” I shook my head and felt him tight his hold. “After you left the FBI showed up tell me that he was some kind of enforcer for a drug cartel and in exchange for his testimony they were going to give him immunity for what he did to me.” The only sound in the living room was my crying then he pulled me up into his arms and carried me over to the couch and laid me down on it.
He walked into the kitchen and Sherry walked over to me. “I can’t believe this. Did you know anything about this Ashley?” She asked turning towards her. “I don’t even know what going on what do you mean drug cartel.” I slowly stopped crying and shrugged then we all jumped when we heard Mr. Clearwater’s screaming in the kitchen. “They had no fucking right to show up here. They should have come to the office first and I'll be damn if I let this go without a fight. I don’t give a damn about no cartel. Let him off for what he did to a little girl is bull shit.”
We were all staring at the kitchen door when he walked out and god damn I had never see him so mad before. “They are at the station now and I head back to handle this.” He placed his hand on the side of my cheek. “I will do everything I can to make sure that asshole pays for what he’s done.” He walked out and I laid my head down. “Will this nightmare ever end?” I didn’t eat anything that night and even refused to going to bed. Mr. Clearwater got home around three and near jumped out of his skin when he found me sitting alone in the living room in the dark.
“I made a call to the Governor and left a massage about this with him. If I can get him on our side we may have a shot also I screamed at Agent Falcon about coming to you without coming to me first.” I just nodded and he walked into the kitchen. “Can’t sleep either?” I didn’t even know Sherry was still up. “I can’t sleep with her just sitting there. Why after everything she been through did this have to happen. I want to help her but there’s nothing I can do or say that can and I worried that she might…” She let her sentence go but I know what she was talking about. The thought was still bouncing around in my head not matter what I did to stop it. It wasn’t fair that he was going to walk after everything he did.
“I’m doing everything I can but as of yet nothing new is happening. The FBI wants his testimony and they feel that the only way to get it is to give him immunity in this case.” I heard a stool move. “Has she eaten anything?”
“No she just been sitting there even after it got dark she wouldn’t even get up and turn the light on. Dad, she’s scaring me. Do you think she can handle this if he does get off?” A tear rolled down my face as I listen but I just couldn’t react. “I really don’t know about that honey. She will never feel safe with him out there and the FBI is going to make this all disappear I fear. They move him and give him a new name and identity so even we won’t know who he is.”
It was then that I finally managed to decide. I slowly got up and walked to Mr. Clearwater room and walked over to his bedside table and opened it. Lying on towel was his backup gun and I reached out and grabbed it. I walked over to his dresser and opened his second drawer down and pulled out his key to unlock the trigger. I slid the key into the lock and it clicked and fell to the floor. I walked over to his bed and seat on the edge and just started at it.
“Becky put the gun down please.” I looked up and saw Mr. Clearwater standing at the door with his arm held out in front of him. I could barely see Sherry behind him. “Why even if he gets away with it he won’t stop he’ll never stop come for me?” I looked back at the gun and saw a tear fall onto it. “He won’t stop until he kills me and Sherry why shouldn’t I just end it with me at less she would be safe from him?” I pushed the safety up until it was armed. “And how will this make her feel? She loves you and I love you but if you do this you going to hurt her more please Becky I know this is hard but you got to put the gun down.”
I know that it was already loaded and I brought it up and held it against my head. “I tried and failed with the razor but this won’t.” I closed my eyes and started to pull the trigger. “If you do this Becky I will just pick the gun up and do myself.” Sherry said and I turned towards her. I saw tears rolling down her face but I could tell she meant what she said. I just stared at her then I dropped the gun and fall sideways on the bed and cried. She come over and seat down beside me and rubbed my head. “I don’t know how hard this is for you and I know that you just want it to end but this is not the way.” Mr. Clearwater walked over and picked the gun up and relocked the trigger. Then he placed it in his drawer and locked it too. He walked over and seat down next to us and rubbed my back.
“Becky, please don’t do this to me again. I can’t lose you and Sherry. I love both of you girls and am glad to have you as my daughters.” I looked up at him as he said that. “You are just as much a daughter as Sherry is and I know if you do manage to kill yourself she will be next.” I wiped my face and set up. “I’m sorry it just so much happening and I can’t think. The emotions are just so crazy and hard that I just want peace and quiet.” I threw myself at him and held on tight as he hugged me back. Then I felt Sherry wrap her arms around us and we just seat like that for a moment.
I found myself waking on Mr. Clearwater bed. Voices were coming from the living room. “No offences sir I don’t care right now. I had to talk a fourteen year old girl out of blowing her brain out in my room last night because a bunch of agents told her that the monster that has taken so much from her was going to get away with it all. So I don’t really care.” I set up and looked around and saw that I was alone.
“I understand that this is hard for you Detective, hell it hard for all of us. That young girl is in all our hearts and I working every angle I can to make sure this doesn’t happen.” I pushed to my feet and walked out and into the living room heading for the backyard. “Becky you hungry I can make you something?” I shook my head as I made my way out back. Him and a guy in his forties or fifties followed me out. I lit up a cigarette and sat down in my normal chair.
“Becky this is my boss Chief Staggins.” I said hi but never looked up. “Miss Miller I want to assure that we are doing everything we can to make sure this man pays for what he did to you.” I nodded and after awhile they left. “Maybe when the Governor comes down we sure have him meet her. It may help him to understand what this man has done.” I heard the sounds of glasses being place on the table. “I don’t know if she up for that but maybe it will help. I talk with her and see what she thinks, that is if she will talk.”
“How you daughter holding up I understand that they are really close.” Mr. Clearwater sighed. “I don’t know either to be honest. They are so close that what hurts Becky hurts her. I worried about what Becky might try and I worried that Sherry will follow. I thought about send them both to my mother place up in the mountain but Becky feels safe in this house with the cops and reporters…What if this story was leaked to the press?”
“It could pull a lot of support our way but it would have to be careful how it was done.” They left shortly after that and I walked back inside and sat down on the couch and flipped on the music. I must have falling asleep because the music being cut off woke me. I set up and rubbed my eyes. When I lowered my hand I felt my heart stop. Six people I had never see before was sitting in my living room. “Who are you and what do you want?”
One of the guys held out his hand but I didn’t take it. “It’s not nice not to shake a hand when it being offered.” I laughed “It’s not nice to broke into someone house when they are asleep on the couch.” He laughed and nodded. “Sorry about that I guess your right the name is Salice, we looking for a friend of ours by the name Mike or Doug which one you want to use.” I had a good bet I know who they were.
“Sorry but I can’t help you I wish I could at less if you found him I know that he would not be alive soon after.” He smiled and nodded. “I see you know who we are and why we are looking for him.” I nodded “I think I have an idea but I really don’t know where he is.” He sighed and nodded and I felt hands grab my shoulders pulling me over the back of the couch. “I swear I don’t know.”
“Oh I believe you, this is just a massage for the Agent Falcon.” Two guys held me between them and another guy walked in front of me. “Please don’t you want a message passed on I tell him but please don’t do this.” I cried out as the man fist came down hard against my face. I tasted blood in my mouth but he didn’t stop. I not sure how many times he punched me but when he was done I felt my hands being tied behind my back. “Open wide whore and if you bit me I promise I will cut you tits off.” The guy who hit me side as he pulled his dick out of his pants and shoved it down my throat. I felt them pulling my pants off and another dick being shove into me.
My mind shut down as they raped me and the one in my mouth came. Once he pulled out another took his place. The guy behind me pulled out and I screamed into the dick when he shoved full force up my ass. Five of the men cum down my throat well the six shot his load up my ass. When they were done using me Salice bent down to my ear. “Make sure that Agent Falcon knows this was us and also if you even think about testify against me…well let your thoughts ran wild.”
I closed my eyes and waited until I heard them leave. They had untied my hands as they did and I crawled over to my crutches then got dress. I walked outside and got into the back of one of the cop cars. “My god Becky what the hell happened?” One of the cop cars asked as he looked at me. “Just take me to the station.” He nodded and pulled off.
It was my first time inside the Frosten County Police Station and the laid at the front desk show me and walked out to me. “Are you alright ma’am?” I shook my head. “I want to see Agent Falcon please. She took my arm and helped me in back and I saw about twenty cops look up. I say shock on their face but just kept looking for Falcon. We found him and Mr. Clearwater in the Chief office and before the lady could say anything I said. “Salice sends his love.” They turned and I saw Mr. Clearwater jaw drop. “Becky what the hell happened?” I just stared into Agent Falcon eyes. “Thanks for this.”
“I had no idea Salice would came after you.” I spit blood at his feet. “Well you sure as hell didn’t do anything to make sure he didn’t. Don’t even think I stupid enough to testify either he did this just to let you know he here.” Mr. Clearwater grabbed my arm and leaded me away. “How did this guy get in?” I laughed. “Guys you mean six of them.” He walked me into a room and closed the door. He pulled a first aid kit and started cleaning up my face. I jerked when his touched my eye. “He here for Mike and I told him I didn’t know where he was. He said he believed me that this was for Falcon.”
About that time Falcon walked in and Mr. Clearwater broke his nose. “This is on you.” Mr. Clearwater finished cleaning me up then took a seat beside me. “Miss Miller I am sorry that this happened to you. Are you sure that the guy’s name was Salice.” I shrugged “Miss Miller these guys are danger if you give me something I can arrest him.” I turned away and laid my head down. “Telling you anything will get me killed. Don’t you get it this is what he did just to say hi to you if I talk I be died by the end of the week.”
“We can get you into a safe house…” I jumped up and stared into his eyes. “I had three police cars outside my house and reporters, how much safe can it get then that.” He looked at me clearly trying to find a way for me to be safe but I know I would never be safe not if I helped them. I left them standing there and head back outside. “You should have said inside bitch.”
I turned and stared into Mike’s cold eyes before I looked down at the barrel of the gun he held right before the flash of a round being fired filled my vision. Pain unlike any I have felt before ripped through my chest and then nothing.
When I opened my eyes I found myself laying on the ground staring at Mike’s body laying across from me with his eyes open but no life in them. It hurt to turn my head but I need to know what happen and found that Mr. Clearwater had followed me out. He was standing there holding his gun aiming where Mike had once stood with smoke rising from the end. He dropped to his knee beside me and pulled me into his arms screaming for someone to get an ambulance.
“Thank you.” The words were barely above a whisper but he nodded and I felt a wave of tiredness wash over me. Mr. Clearwater face blurred until I felt my eyelids close.
It still hard to believe I survived after all I had been through but here I was five years later watching sherry play with the new dog Mr. Clearwater gave to us. We still lived together and sherry and I are still madly in love with one another. I not sure what the future will hold for me but only time will tell. I was very lucky that the shot passed cleanly through my chest missing my heart and lungs.
The End

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