The long waited part 3. Hope you like reading it as much as I did typing it. Comments are welcomed!!!!!!! And thank you to those who voted for the first two stories!
I wake up and smile at my daughter still sleeping peacefully. I decide to wake her in the best way possible. I carefully sit up and move down the bed so that I am face to face with her sweet pussy. I gently spread her legs and lean in and place a kiss on her pussy lips. Then I lick up the slit. I continue to do this until she has an orgasm.

“Good morning sweetie. Did you sleep well?”

“Morning Mistress. Yes I did.”

“I am glad you had a good sleep because you have a long day a head. Let’s go down and have some breakfast so that we have energy for the day.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good.” I walk and she crawls downstairs for breakfast. Then we head into the living room. Our doberman Max was sleeping in his bed in the corner of the room. He woke up as we entered the room. I sit down on the couch.

“Come here and lick my pussy slave.”

“Yes Mistress”

While Sophie ate my pussy I beckoned Max over. He came over and started to sniff Sophie’s ass. Then he licked her. Sophie jumped at the feeling of his tongue on her pussy. She stopped licking me and looked up at me with a confused look in her eyes.

“Did I say you could stop licking me?”

“No Mistress.”

“Then get back to it!”

“Yes Mistress.”

She went back to licking me. Max had not stopped licking her. She began to shake and moan. I knew she was about to have an orgasm and so was I. In no time we were both shook and moaned through our orgasms. Then Max mounted Sophie and hit home on his first thrust into her pussy.

“Mommy, please! Make him stop! Please!”
“What did you call me? Mommy? Is that what I just heard you say?” I say to her.

“Yes Mistress. I did, but I didn’t mean to. Please stop Max. Please!”

“I most certainly will not. You know not to call me ‘Mommy’. Max is going to fuck you and your going to keel there and like it.”

She screamed as Max’s knot was pushed deep into her pussy. Soon Max was cumming deep in her. Then after about 20 minutes he pulled out of her with a loud squishy pop and went to his bed to clean himself up. Sophie collapsed as soon as Max pulled out and lay on her side. I push her on to her back and spread her legs and dive in. I lick, slurp and drank most of Max’s cum. With the treatment my little slut was receiving she exploded into a body shaking orgasm.

“So honey what did you think of your first cock hmmm?”

“Well… It did hurt at first, but then it felt incredible. I didn’t like when the bigger part was put into me. That really hurt.”

“The ‘bigger’ part is called the knot and in time you will like the feeling. Now follow me on your knees. We are going for a swim.”

We leave in the country so our neighbours are each a field away from our home so when Sophie and I go swimming in our pool we go skinny-dipping. We swim for a while. Then I swim up behind her and reach around her and massage her tits; pulling and teasing her nipple; squeezing and pinching them. She moans and purrs. I turn her and put her left tit in my mouth and suck, bite, lick and kiss it. I switch to her right and give it the same treatment. I lift her up on the edge of the pool and get in between her legs. I lick, kiss and bite her inner thigh, edging closer and closer to her lovely treasure. I lick her outer lips; sucking them, nibbling and chewing them. I lick long strokes up and down her slit. She moans, as she gets wetter and wetter. I put one finger in then two, …three, ….four and finally my whole hand is inside her. I start of slowly and then gradually increase the speed. I suck on her little button; flick my tongue over it; chewing on it. Her hips are bucking wildly. I stop my actions and yank my hand from her pussy.

“If you want to cum you worthless slut make me cum first by doing the same actions I did on you but don’t stop until I cum.”

“Yes Mistress.” She heavily breaths

She gets back in the pool. She start with my breast, rubbing them, pinching them, twisting them. She then licks them, sucks them,and bites them. I get up on the side of the pool and spread my legs. She licks and bites my inner thighs. She licks and sucks my outer lips. She licks long strokes up my slit. I am moaning; my hips are bucking; I am soo close to cumming. Then she starts to put her fingers in. One....Two......Three....Four....and then her thumb is added to her fingers. God I love the feeling of being full. She starts her strokes slow then faster and faster. She licks, sucks and chews on my clit. I explode with and epic orgasm.

"Honey that was amazing. Get up here so I can give you your well earned orgasm."

She eagerly gets up on to the side of the pool and lies down with her legs spread wide.

"Do you want mom to put her hand in your pussy hon?"

"Yes please Mistress!"

I put each finger into her drooling pussy one by one until my hand is in her. I move my hand in and out of her pussy at a fast rate, while I suck, lick and chew on her clit. She moans loudly, her hips buck wildly.

"OHHHHHHH FUCCCCKKK YESSSSS!!!!!!!!" She screams as her orgasm crashes through her.

"MMM ..... Thank you Mistress for a wonderful orgasm."

"Your welcome baby."
(To be continued?)


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Very hot story. I wish it was true. I hope you write more.

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My first fuck was when I was 3. 12
By my drunk dad

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great story, keep em comming

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Fuck. You. Ni the. Pussy

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Fuck. You. Ni the. Pussy

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