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Looking up from my computer, I realized I was alone in the office once again. There was a deadline looming, and I’d been working my ass off. But judging by the empty desks all around me, I seemed to be the only one willing to put in the extra hours to complete the project. I suppose it was my own problem. I wasn’t your average paper pusher by any stretch of the imagination. With my long, tousled blonde hair, blue eyes, and slim hourglass figure, it’s easy to say that I’ve never been taken seriously at any job I’ve held. In a corporate world of men in suits, I stuck out like a sore thumb, and my colleagues never let me forget it. As a result, I frequently ended up working harder than all of them combined, struggling to prove my value as an employee, not just as a piece of ass. All I wanted was to be respected.

My watch beeped, indicating it was now 1:00AM. I yawned, and reluctantly gathered my things to leave. I pulled on my high heels that I’d stored under my desk, and I walked out of the office, locking it as I left. Halfway, to my car, I realized I’d forgotten my blazer jacket. But carrying my box full of files, and juggling my car keys, I decided it wasn’t worth the extra trip to go back. I quickened my pace, motivated by the cool breeze biting at the bare skin revealed by my lacy tanktop. In the darkness, I blushed, glad that no one around to see my nipples harden in the cold.

When I finally reached my car, parked a few spots away from the nearest streetlight, I sighed in relief. There was something slightly creepy about walking alone in an empty parking lot in the dark hours of the night. I propped the files against my car, and fumbled for the keys. In the shadows, it was difficult to find what I was looking for. Finally, I had the keys in hand, and reached to unlock the door to the backseat. It was a struggle to simultaneously open the door and balance the files against my hip, but somehow, I managed. With the door open, I bent over to set the heavy box in the back seat. I congratulated myself on managing to make it this far without dropping them, and I ducked back outside the car, pulling my skirt back into place.

When I turned to open the driver side door, my hand brushed against something. I glanced to my left and screamed when I saw the outline of a large man in the shadows. Quickly, I tried to open the door, but he grabbed my wrist, and pushed me up against the car. My keys dropped, and I struggled to move under his weight, screaming louder this time.

Suddenly, a second pair of hands reached around from my right and pressed a large piece of duct tape across my lips. I tried, in vain, to scream, but it just sounded like muffled moaning. I continued struggling, but I could barely move. I felt the second pair of hands brush against the bare skin of my calves, and I froze. Duct tape was wrapped tightly around them, binding my legs together. Tears were running down my face, and I kept screaming from behind the tape covering my mouth.

I felt laughter, and warm breath against my neck.

“You know, all that moaning is really turning me on, baby. Your coworkers said you were a frigid ice queen, but the way you’re carrying on, I think you’re enjoying this.”

Panic rose in my chest. How did he know my coworkers?

“That’s right, honey, I was hired by a few of your office mates to show you your place. They’re sick of you walking around in your skirts and heels, impressing the boss, and never giving any of them the time of day.”

He laughed again. “Looks like you should have just had dinner with one of the poor bastards. Would have been easier on you. But not as fun for me, that’s for sure. And I’m going to have fun with you, bitch, you can count on that”

Suddenly, he pulled my wrists behind my back, and they too were secured with duct tape. A blindfold was tied roughly over my eyes, and he opened the door to the backseat, shoving me in onto the floor. A blanket was tossed over me, and the door was closed. He got into the front seat and started the car, and I heard the passenger door open. The second assailant got in, and I was surprised to hear a woman’s voice when she spoke to him as he started the car.

“Mmm, baby, this is going to be so fun. Our last projects haven’t been nearly as sexy. Do we have to give her back?”

Although I couldn’t see her, her voice was sweet and velvet smooth, and sounded like it belonged to a gorgeous face. I shuddered to think of a woman being so enthusiastic about kidnapping another woman.

The man answered swiftly. “Of course we have to give her back. We don’t get paid if we keep the bitch. But don’t worry, baby, you’ll get all the time in the world to play with our new toy. In the meantime, you know what to do.”

Something sharp entered my thigh, and at once, I started to feel drowsy.
The woman’s whispered voice was the last thing I heard before I passed out. “I can't wait til I have you between my legs, begging to be allowed to lick my pussy."


“Wake up, slut!”

The voice echoed in the room, as if ten people were shouting at me at once. My head throbbed, and I reluctantly opened my eyes. I was greeted with the image of a naked woman, tied to a metal table on the ceiling. Remembering what had happened, I tried desperately to get up, but my hands and feet were tied down to something. I looked again at the ceiling, and realized I was looking at a mirror. In horror, I realized I was the woman spread out and tied naked to the table. I screamed, and the sound was no longer muffled by tape.

“Where am I? What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

The loud voice spoke again, and I could now see the speaker in the wall that it was coming from. “You’re perfectly safe. And as I told you before, you’re going to be taught your proper place in life. If you cooperate, this will be easier. But if you want us to have more fun, feel free to struggle. “

I pulled hard at the ties on my wrists. “You sick pig! I’m sure as hell not going to make this easier on you. You’re going to fucking let me go!”

Laughter boomed over the speaker. “Let you go? No. But yes, there will be fucking. So shut your mouth, and enjoy the show, bitch. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to put you out of your misery in a few hours.”

With that, the mirrored image I was staring at disappeared, and was replaced with video of a girl secured on all fours in a cage, with a collar around her neck. She stared at the camera lustfully, and seemed to be whispering something over and over. The volume was suddenly turned up, and I could hear her saying, “Please, fuck me! It’s been days, I need to feel your hard cock in my pussy! Fuck me, I’m begging you!”

On the screen, a tall muscular man walked into the room, and my breath caught. There was nothing gorgeous about his face, but the way he moved sent shivers down my spine. It was the slow confident gait of a predator on the hunt. He was dressed simply in a business suit, and there was a noticeable bulge against the fabric between his legs.

“You know you’re not supposed to speak before spoken to, slut. If I want to fuck you, I will. Since you’ve disobeyed, I’m not going to. Instead, Diana will teach you some manners.”

Just then, a tall woman with long black hair entered the picture. Diana, I assumed. She wore a black bra, and a skirt that left little to the imagination. Her full lips were pursed in a way that was both sexy and stern. She was holding a leather leash in her well-manicured fingers, and she dangled it loosely in front of the cage.

“So you want to be fucked, you little slut?”

The girl whimpered pathetically from behind the metal bars. “I do. Please, Mistress, I’m begging you. I can’t take it anymore!”

Diana smiled ferociously and bent over the cage, sticking her finger through the bars. “Suck my finger, slut. Show me how you’d suck the Master’s long hard cock.”

I cringed at the depravity of the situation, but felt an odd sensation spreading through my body as I watched the collared girl wrap her lips around Diana’s finger. The sensation grew as the girl greedily sucked and licked the finger, her brown eyes full of lustful desperation.

Diana suddenly withdrew her finger. “No, I don’t think that’s right at all. You’ll have to show me what else you can do with that mouth, you useless whore.”

The girl nearly cried. “Anything, Mistress, I’m sorry for disappointing you”

Diana stood up, and unlocked the cage. At once the girl padded out on her hands and knees, with her head lowered. Diana knelt down and secured the leash to the collar around the girl’s neck. As she stood up, Diana viciously tugged on the leash, pulling the girl’s head upwards.

“Now, tell me what a good little slut you are, and I might let you prove that your tight cunt deserves to be pounded by the Master’s cock”

The girl looked into Diana’s eyes. “I am a good little slut. My pussy is aching to be filled, Mistress!”

Diana pulled once more on the leash and walked the girl towards a chair in the corner. She sat heavily against the leather, and spread her legs wide. “Now, my little fuck toy, I want you to take off my panties.”

The girl reached her hands up to move the skirt away, and Diana yanked roughly on the leash while slapping the girl’s hand away. “You stupid slut, you know how you’re supposed to take them off.”

The tall man was suddenly standing behind the girl, grabbing her wrists, then holding them up behind her back. He locked eyes with Diana and smiled. “You heard what she said, slut, use that mouth the way we taught you.”

On her knees, the girl bent forward, nudging the skirt away with her nose. She hesitantly thrust her head further between Diana’s legs and struggled to grasp the lace panties in her teeth. As she pulled back one side and then the next, the strange sensation in my body grew once more. I closed my eyes and tried to will the feeling away.

When I opened them, the panties were around Diana’s ankles, and the girl’s head was nestled tightly between Diana’s legs. The camera zoomed, and I watched as the girl’s tongue lapped at the shaved pussy with long strokes. I’d never watched porn in my life, and I’d certainly never seen a woman lick another woman’s pussy. I imagined the taste, and immediately felt sick at the thought. However, the strange sensation spread once more.

The man standing behind the girl bent forward and kissed Diana as the girl continued to work away. The girl’s tongue circled rapidly around Diana’s clitoris, and suddenly, the woman’s hips bucked forward forcefully. The girl tried to pull away, but Diana held the leash taught, and the man held her head from behind, pinning her lips to the trembling pussy.

Diana looked down at the girl “Oh you are a good little slut. You like eating my pussy, don’t you, you dirty girl?”

The girl, face full of wet pussy, couldn’t answer.

“What do you think, Master, does this little whore deserve to suck your cock?”

The man responded by dropping the girl’s wrists, unzipping his pants and freeing the huge bulge that had been growing steadily between his legs. At the sight of his hard thick cock in his hand, my breath caught. It was at least 10 inches long, and as thick as three of my fingers. I’d never seen a cock like that in my life.

“You have three seconds to have my cock in your mouth, my little fuck toy”

Diana dropped the leash, and the girl turned quickly towards the man, wrapping her lips softly around the head of his dick. She looked up, expectantly, towards the man, and he grabbed a handful of her hair, forcing his throbbing cock deeper into her mouth. “Mmm yeah, that’s it you useless slut, show me what you’re good for. Show me how badly you want my cock.”

The girl moved her lips steadily up and down the shaft, in time with her hand that was also wrapped around the giant cock. She moaned loudly, and her other hand began to drift towards her own pussy. Diana caught this movement, and grabbed the girl’s arm before a single finger could touch her glistening hole.

“Master, look at this stupid slut, she was trying to please herself while she had your cock in her mouth, as if that wasn’t already pleasure enough.”

The man thrust his cock deeper into the girl’s mouth, allowing his balls to slap heavily against her chin. “And I was about to fuck you too. You greedy slut, your pussy doesn’t deserve my cock.”

He began to fuck her mouth harder and faster than before. The girl choked several times, and struggled weakly against the large hands holding her head securely in place. The man closed his eyes and suddenly stopped the motion, locked deep in her throat. “Fuck yeah, swallow that cum you little slut.”

After a moment, he pulled his cock out of her mouth, allowing the last few jets of cum to splatter against her cheek. “You missed some, you bitch.”

Diana reached down and wiped the cum off the girl’s face with two fingers. “Clean it off my fingers, slut.”

The girl eagerly sucked the man’s cum off Diana’s fingers. Afterwards, she licked her lips. “Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Master. Please, will you fuck me now?”

The man laughed and walked away. The girl’s face fell. Diana pulled on the leash, and led the girl back to the cage on her hands and knees. She removed the leash and locked the door once more. Walking away, Diana addressed the girl. “Maybe if you’re a good little slut, he’ll fuck you tomorrow. Don’t you dare touch yourself either. You know what will happen if you do.”

With that, the video ended, and the mirrored image returned. Staring up at the ceiling, I was shocked to see a large wet spot between my legs. I was ashamed to admit how horny I suddenly felt; how much I wondered what that huge cock would feel like in my own pussy. Quickly, I reminded myself of the situation, and tried to suppress the thoughts of being fucked senselessly. It was wrong. It was just so wrong.

The man’s voice echoed suddenly, this time from across the room, and not on the loud speaker as before. “What did you think of that, slut?”

Ripped from my silent turmoil, I responded quickly. “I.. It was disgusting. Terrible.”

His hand touched my thigh, and I moaned inadvertently.

He lifted his hand and chuckled to himself. “If it was so terrible, why are you moaning, my pet?”

Caught in my own lie, I offered no reply.

He leaned closer towards my face and shouted. “Answer me, slut!

I stared defiantly at the ceiling instead.

Without warning, he suddenly plunged two fingers into my pussy. They slipped in easily, and I couldn’t help but moan again. He withdrew his fingers suddenly and held them over my face.

“I’ll ask you again. If it was so terrible, why are you moaning? Why is your fucking cunt dripping wet? Hmm? Tell me why, you little slut.”

Humiliated, I looked away from his smoldering blue eyes and, once again, refused to answer.

He slapped my face, and held my gripped my jaw with his wet fingers. “You will answer me, you little cunt. That slap is just a taste of what you’ll get if you don’t.”

My cheek throbbed, and I fought back tears. I swallowed hard and decided to reply. “The video was terrible. I don’t know why my... why it’s wet.”

“Say it. Say you don’t know why your pussy is wet.”

His words rippled through me, and my cheeks felt hot beneath his stare. For some reason, I felt compelled to follow his instructions.

I looked away once more. “I don’t know why my pussy is wet.”

He released my jaw. “That’s a good little slut. See how easy it is if you just answer me in the first place? I know why your pussy is wet. It’s wet because it turned you on, watching that girl lick Diana’s wet pussy and suck my hard cock. Isn’t that right, you cunt?”

“…I guess”

He walked to the end of the table, toward my feet, and paused. “You liked watching her being led around on a leash, like a dog. Like the dirty slut she is. You liked seeing her used and abused, begging to be fucked like a whore. Tell me how right I am, you little slut.”

I closed my eyes and whispered my answer, praying he would stop making me answer these questions. “You’re right. I liked it.”

“You liked what, my pet?”

“I liked seeing that girl get treated like a slut.”

He smiled, and rested his hand against my thigh once more. I moaned again.

“Good girl. That’s what I like to hear. You deserve a little reward for your obedience.”

Ashamed, I immediately thought of his cock again. And how it would feel buried deep in my wet pussy. I blushed, and wished I could hide my face from his cruel stare.

“Not so frigid now, are you, my little slut? You look like you’re just dying to have my cock stuck deep inside your wet cunt.”

His fingers brushed against my pussy, and I gasped. He continued to trace his fingers up and down my thighs, occasionally returning to tease my dripping cunt.

“Is that what you want? Do you want me to fuck you?”

He thrust two fingers inside me then, and I moaned my answer.

“That sounds like a yes to me.”

I couldn’t deny that I was more turned on than I’d ever been before this. However, I felt humiliated and ashamed of my own secret desires. This shame seemed to only add to the fires burning in my pussy. I wanted this man to fuck me senseless, and I didn’t care what dirty names he called me while he did it.

The man pulled his fingers from my wet cunt, and held them over my face once more. Leaning in close so that his lips brushed my earlobe, he whispered his next words. “I’ll fuck you on one condition, slut. You’re going to lick your pussy juice off my fingers. Now.”

Feeling his whispered command wash over me, I obediently opened my mouth, as if in a trance. At that moment, I would have done anything to have him ride me until this burning desire ended.

He immediately lowered his fingers just above my lips, forcing me to strain my head forward with the effort of trying to lick them. My tongue was stretched out as far as it would go, but I still couldn’t reach his glistening fingers. I grew frustrated, trying desperately to taste my pussy juice as he instructed. A few more moments passed, but I was unable to stretch far enough to reach his fingers. Laughing, he withdrew his fingers and wiped them on my chest.

“You must have really wanted me to fuck you, you little slut. How naïve of you to believe I’d actually allow you that release so early into our fun. You’re stupider than you look. And by far the easiest woman I’ve ever had to break as well. Most girls last at least the day. It only took one video to make you putty in my hands. I’m going to enjoy you, my pet. You can count on that.”

He turned suddenly and walked away, calling over his shoulder.

“I’ll be back later. But don’t worry; I’ll leave some more videos on for you to watch. I know how much you like them, and I want you good and wet for this evening. Diana is just itching to let you earn your collar and leash like the rest of our fuck toys.”

Staring at the mirror as it began to fade away, I started to cry. I knew my life as I had known it was over forever.

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