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this is one of my stories, i have a few more but i want to get peoples reactions before i post or create anymore
‘My father warned me not to come here you know,’ Leslie said to her friend Becky as she walked towards the bar. The place had a terrible reputation and was well known as a hangout for a local biker gang. But it wasn’t as if they had any real choice in the matter. Becky’s car was sitting a quarter of a mile down the road, it was getting darker by the minute and this was the only place open for miles around.

‘All we’re gonna do is go in, use the phone to call my dad and then leave. It’ll be fine,’ Becky whispered to Leslie as they walked through the door.

Looking around the bar Leslie now knew why her father had warned her against the place. There were more then twenty fully-grown men all sitting around tables drinking. None of them looked like they had showered for a week. As Leslie and Becky walked across the room, there was a sudden hush in the room and all the men’s eyes were on them.

‘Do you young ladies need anything?’ asked the barman, giving them the once over.

Both girls were looking around them, trying to physically make themselves smaller.

The barman asked again, ‘what do you gals need?’

One of the men sitting at the table closest to the girls yelled out, ‘maybe they’re too young to know what they want!’

The man sitting next to him then yelled out, ‘yeah, maybe we should give it to ‘em!’

At that the whole bar erupted in laughter, until the barman barked for everyone to shut up and asked the girls a third time what they wanted.

‘We just need to use the phone,’ Becky finally squeaked out, ‘my car broke down about a quarter of a mile up the road, and so I need to call my dad to come and get us.’

A large aggressive looking man got up from the shadows and walked up to the girls and said, ‘there’s no need to call your dad, my boys can fix any motor trouble, ain’t that right lads.’ All the men behind him yelled in agreement. ‘I’m Trevor by the way, so why don’t you lovely ladies sit and relax while I send a couple of my guys to get your car.’

‘Err, no thanks mister, my dad will come and get us,’ Becky whispered.

‘What’s the matter girlie, you don’t trust us,’ one customer yelled.

The other customers heckled in agreement.

Trevor grabbed Becky’s arm abruptly and said, ‘just give me the keys. I did say we’d fix the car for you.’ With that, he grabbed the keys from her hand and threw them across the room to one of the smallest customers there. ‘Now why don’t you sit down and relax.’

Trevor walked over to the man with the keys and told him to get the car. When the man hesitated for a second, Trevor grabbed him by the hair and literally stood him up. Leslie thought the man’s hair was being ripped out by the roots.

‘I told you to go get the fucking car, now go,’ Trevor roared and threw the smaller man forward. The man stumbled out of the bar.

Leslie and Becky looked at each other quickly and glanced around the bar. There was a small table to their left with none of the bikers sitting at it. The two girls quickly moved towards it and sat down.

Trevor, obviously the leader, walked over to the girls and was quickly joined by most of the other bikers in the bar.

‘So, what do you lovely ladies want to drink,’ sneered Trevor, taking a seat whilst looking both the girls up and down, drinking them in with his eyes.

‘Oh, err, nothing, thanks,’ Becky replied.

‘When the boss offers you bitches a fucking drink, you fucking take it,’ roared another man, leaning over, right in Becky’s face.

‘Get these girls a beer,’ said Trevor, a new edge to his voice.

The barman asked the girls their ages.

’17,’ Becky answered.

’16,’ Leslie answered.

‘Shit,’ the barman said, ‘I’m gonna lose my liquor license for this.’ He then opened two Budweiser’s and handed them across the bar to Trevor.

‘Here,’ Trevor said gruffly as he sat the beer down in front of the girls. ‘Drink’ them,’ he demanded.

Neither girl moved.

‘He said, fucking drink the fucking beer bitch,’ the man from before snarled as he grabbed Leslie by the hair and pulled her head back.

‘Billy, give the girls a chance to drink it first,’ sneered Trevor, still eyeing up the girls.

Both girls grabbed the bottles in front of them and took a small sip.

‘What the fuck was that,’ the man named Billy said, grabbing Becky’s bottle. He guzzled it down.

‘Give the girl another beer,’ Trevor ordered in an aggressive tone. When he gave that new beer to Becky he ordered her to drink it down quick and not to stop until it was empty.

Becky raised the bottle to her lips and closed her eyes. Swallowing as quickly as she could, she felt the cold beer pouring down her throat. Several times she was afraid she would gag but she managed to finish it.

‘Jesus fuck,’ Billy said. ‘What a fucking bitch, you sure your only 17?’

Becky looked at Leslie helplessly.

‘Now you,’ Trevor said to Leslie. ‘Drink it down.’

Leslie took the bottle to her lips and swallowed a few hard times. She took the bottle away to take a breath.

With that, Trevor erupted. ‘Fucking bitch. I fucking told you to drink it.’

Trevor grabbed Leslie by the arm and pulled her away from the table. Becky tried to jump up but felt several strong hands hold her down.

‘You stupid bitch, when I fucking tell you to do something, you fucking do it,’ Trevor roared.

Leslie had started to cry with fear.

‘Stop that fucking crying or I’ll give you something to fucking cry about bitch,’ Trevor snarled. ‘Just shut the fuck up.’

With that, and without warning Trevor reached down and with both hands ripped open Leslie’s blouse. The suddenness of his action caught her completely off guard and she stood there motionless. He then pulled out a switch knife and with precision cut off her bra, leaving the bra to fall to the ground, exposing her young pert breasts. Leslie screamed and tried to cover herself.

‘I told you to shut the fuck up bitch,’ Trevor yelled and slapped her sharply across the face, ‘if you don’t fucking shut up I swear I’ll fucking kill you.’

The force of Trevor’s blow had knocked Leslie to the ground where she lay half-sobbing, attempting to cover herself.

Again Becky tried to stand but was again forced back down into her seat. ‘Just relax and enjoy bitch,’ Billy whispered in her ear. She felt his hands slowly running down her blouse and over her breasts while other hands held her arms down to the table.

‘Get the fuck up bitch’ Trevor demanded and extended his hand. Leslie lay there staring at his hand. Reaching down, he grabbed her and pulled her to her feet in one motion. He immediately bent her arms back and forced her to her knees. Becky watched from across the room as the man quickly unzipped his fly and pulled his penis from his pants. It was huge, ten inches long and nearly as thick as her wrist and only semi-erect.

‘Put it in your mouth bitch,’ Trevor demanded as he slapped Leslie on the cheek with his penis. ‘Open your fuckin' mouth.’

Leslie had jerked her boyfriend off once in the back seat of his car and then he had tried to get her to suck his cock but she had said no. Now, sobbing, she closed her eyes and slowly opened her mouth wide, hoping to avoid contact with the thing now sliding in over her lips.

‘Not so fuckin’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ wide bitch, I want to feel your lips around my cock,’ Trevor snarled as he grabbed the back of her head and slammed it against his crotch, sending his monster sized cock to the back of her throat. Leslie gagged violently but the man held her head in place. ‘And don’t fuckin’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ bite either or I’ll fuckin’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ kill you.’

By now half of the men there had gathered around the two figures and had taken hold of Leslie’s arms while the man continued to force her head back and forth over his cock while it started to become thicker and longer. Becky watched in terror from her seat across the room, almost not conscious of Billy’s hands removing her tank top along with her bra and pinching, squeezing and pulling at her breasts, for once cursing the fact that her breasts were larger then average.

“That’s it sweet-cheeks, suck on it. You’re doing’ good,” Trevor told Leslie, looking down at her head while it went back and forth over his monster cock.

Leslie felt hands squeezing and pinching her breasts as the man continued pounding her mouth with his cock, while other hands roamed further down to massage her crotch through her jeans.

Leslie could feel the weight of his fleshy meat on her tongue. Her jaw began to ache from keeping them so wide around his three-inch thick cock and the smell of the man’s crotch was almost overwhelming. Suddenly, Trevor’s cock tensed and he stopped thrusting it into her mouth and let it slip from her lips.

Now that it was out of her mouth, Leslie could see that Trevor’s penis had grown to 15 inches, and the head looked swollen and purple and was the size of an orange.

“Take her pants off,” he demanded of the others.

Leslie felt herself violently taken and stripped. She screamed in protest but that didn’t help, as she soon stood naked in front of the men, trying to cover herself up.

“Please mister, just let us go,” Becky pleaded, “we won’t tell anyone what happened. Just don’t hurt us.”

Trevor glared over at her and smiled wickedly, “ain’t nobody gonna get hurt. We’re just havin’ fun. And don’t worry melons, you’ll soon be joining in the fun.”

The man’s words hit her like rocks.

Leslie was easily picked up and carried to a nearby table where she was laid spread-eagle. Her arms and legs were held outstretched and she felt hands roaming across her entire body. Her breasts and nipples were pinched and roughly squeezed as she felt a new sensation. Hands were roaming between her legs moving up to her crotch. Rough fingers were rubbing her young, virgin, shaven fanny.

She glanced down and saw Trevor step between her legs. Feeling the head of his cock against the lips of her fanny she began to scream but the sound was quickly choked off by a hand over her mouth. She tried to bite but was unsuccessful.

Trevor pressed the head of his cock against her and quickly forced himself into her to the hilt. The hand across her mouth held back her scream of agony. Trevor began plunging himself into her with such force, Leslie thought she would be torn in two. Each movement was a mix of horror and pain to her. After about a minute, Trevor tensed and moaned and Leslie felt him contract within her. She then felt a gush of hot liquid enter her.

No sooner had Trevor withdrawn from her, and then another man took his place between Leslie’s legs. Again, she felt a massive cock shoved roughly into her, plunging itself deeper into her with each thrust.

At almost the same time, another man climbed onto the table and knelt over her chest, his nine inch swollen cock aiming straight for her face. He forced himself into her mouth, causing her to gag. Leslie tried to move her head away to one side and then another, but his large rough hands kept her motionless.

The second man between her legs spent himself and was replaced by yet another man. The burning Leslie had felt when Trevor first forced himself into her, was being replaced by a sore ache, and the dryness was quickly being replaced by a squishy, moist feeling.

Suddenly, the man at her chest tensed and grabbed her head tightly, holding her roughly in place. She felt the man’s huge cock spasm as the man pushed deeply into her mouth, forcing himself down her tight throat. As the man pulled back, she felt another spasm and a thick salty fluid was forced down the back of her throat. Again she gagged but the man kept plunging himself in and out of her mouth and down her throat. Finally, he withdrew and wiped the head of cock across her face, leaving a large blob of sperm on her cheek. Leslie began to choke uncontrollably and found herself falling faint while the man between her legs kept thrusting his cock deep into her.

‘Sorry guys,’ said the man at Leslie’s chest with a grin on his face, ‘I thought she needed a drink.’

The men in the bar laughed with him.

The bars attention now turned to Becky, who sat sobbing. Billy and two other men had stayed with her. The two men had held down Becky’s arms, whilst watching the others fuck Leslie while their cocks grew hard under their trousers. Billy had stood behind her, continually pinching, squeezed and pulled Becky’s breasts until they ached to the touch. She could also feel the heat of his smooth, bare cock rubbing against her naked back.

Trevor slowly walked up to Becky and grabbed her hair at the back of her head, pulling her up to her feet. Kissing her, he plunged his thick tongue deep into her mouth, his other hand at the small of her back pulling her in close to him so that she could feel his once again erected penis against her stomach.

The taste of stale beer and cigarette smoke made her choke, but Trevor held her head firm against his, while other hands pulled at her sweat-pants and panties, revealing her also shaven fanny. Becky tried to kick Trevor, only to have the air knocked out of her by a fist to her abdomen. She dropped to her knees.

Kneeling there naked, trying to catch her breath, she was aware of at least eight men standing around her, most of them with their cocks standing out straight. Billy gabbed her arms and pulled them tight behind her back, as Trevor stood there and shoved his swollen cock in her face.

‘Open your fucking mouth bitch,’ Billy whispered in her ear, ‘the boss wants to give you a drink.’

Becky held her mouth firmly shut not wanting Trevor’s cock in her mouth. Billy then reached round and held her nose so that she couldn’t breathe. She lasted less then twenty seconds before she had to open her mouth to take a breath, but when she did Trevor roughly shoved his fully erected 15 inch cock into her mouth and down her throat, causing her to gag. Her eyes bulged wide open from the force of Trevor’s thrust.

Trevor plunged himself again and again into Becky’s mouth and down her throat, his hand on the back of her head, forcing her to take the whole thing. He pumped his loins faster, pressing hard against her soft lips, each time burying the length of his cock all the way to the course hair at its base. Her lips slid over the full length of his thick meaty cock with each forward plunge of his body.

Suddenly, Trevor stopped, crushing his hips into her face until Becky was suffocating and fighting for breath. As she struggled for air, her mouth was flooded with a flowing torrent of a hot thick liquid that choked her and slithered down her throat, forcing her to swallow… or choke.

Now that he had spent himself in her mouth, Trevor slowly slid his deflating cock from her mouth, a thin string of semen connecting the tip of his cock to her lips. He looked down at her and laughed, a cruel and sadistic laugh. He pulled away and the sting broke, disconnecting them.

At that moment Billy pushed her onto her hands and knees, exposing her virginal cunt to the rest of the bar

After only a few seconds her arms were released and she was pushed forward onto all fours. Held there and unable to move, she felt a cock being slammed into her from the rear, again taking her air away from the sudden, intense pain.

At the same time, someone grabbed her hair, pulling her head back until Becky thought her hair would come out by the roots. Someone shoved a cock into her face and across her mouth.

"Fuck her, man, fuck her," someone screamed. And all the men joined in laughter.

Becky tried to put her mind elsewhere and away from what was going on but the hands across her body, the pain from her hair pulling, and the constant slapping of a cock into her were too much to put out. The man fucking her came inside of her and pulled out. Becky felt a sudden coolness where before there was only burning.

The momentary relief was only that though, as she felt a cock now pressed hard against her asshole.

"I'm going to give you something to remember, bitch," a voice said from behind.

"Oh fuck, man, he's gonna fuck her up the ass," another voice chimed in.

"Hold her fucking still," the voice behind her yelled.

Becky found her arms being pulled out from under her and her upper body slammed against the floor. At the same time, the man behind her pressed ever harder against her ass.

"Fuck man, at least make it wet!" a man exclaimed from above her.

"Please no, please," Becky pleaded. Her request was answered with a hard slap on the ass.

"Fuck bitch, just relax and enjoy it," the man behind her said.

With one massive push, Becky felt her sphincter break against the cock's forced entry. She screamed in agony with the sudden invasion. Quickly the man buried himself in her ass. Every move he made caused intense pain and after the initial scream, Becky's mouth was held tightly covered by someone's hand.

The man continued to rock back and forth inside of her, each movement tearing at Becky's insides until the pain intensified beyond belief. Becky felt the man slam hard into her and jerk. His movements stopped and the pain eased for a moment. As the man slowly withdrew, Becky heard the sound of the vacuum that had been created inside of her bowels and she felt his cum slowly ooze out of her ass.

Becky was picked up and carried over to the table and laid down next to her girlfriend who had regained consciousness and was crying quietly. Becky felt that she was in a dreamland, everything now moved in a surreal setting.

She felt one man after another mount her until her entire lower body became numb. Looking to her left she saw that Leslie was living the same fate. She gazed as if in a dream at a man shooting across Leslie's face and then rubbing it into her skin. Leslie's hair lay slicked back from the combination of sweat and sperm that covered it.

Finally, it seemed to be over. The men had stopped assaulting the girls and left them laying on the table alone. Looking next to her, Becky realized that Leslie had lost consciousness and lay limp next to her. She was suddenly tired and unable to move. She closed her eyes and heard voices that seemed to be coming from far away.

"What the fuck we gonna do now?"

"Kill the bitches."

"Fuck, we could keep 'em here for a while."

"Yeah, it'd be a shame to lose good young meat like that!"

"Right, and fuck, we'd end up fucking in prison for the rest of our lives. We fuckin' gotta get rid of them."

Becky found herself drifting into unconsciousness and darkness, unable to concentrate further...


2011-04-12 00:30:25
Yeah, it's one of "your" stories. That I saw first posted in 1992. So you're 20, and you wrote this when you were, what, two? How precocious you were!

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2011-04-11 02:45:42
Good story. I liked it when I read the other times its been posted on other sites. About three years ago.

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2011-04-10 13:09:47
OMG this is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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