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Dog Lover's Diary

We feel the circumstances surrounding our obtaining and publishing the
following manu are bizarre enough to merit special note.

Though it purports to be the diary for one of television's most popular
personalities, though it closely parallels the known facts about her
life and career, though it offers a plausible explanation for her
untimely and grisly demise, we can make absolutely no claims for its

It was not obtained through the usual author or author's agent channels,
but rather, through a non-literary third party, a broker in oddities who
has since left the country.

We confess that the police were singularly disinterested in any new
evidence contained in this manu and foreword. As you may recall,
the case was judged by authorities to be an "accidental death" less than
a week after the tragedy occurred ... and so it stands. Since law
enforcement officials rejected this diary as "pure bunk, fiction from
start to finish." We are publishing it as just that.

We will let you, the reader, decide as to truth and falsehood, accident
and murder.

A Mother's Plea
Dear Harold,

Lord knows, as son-in-law and mother-in-law, the two of us haven't been
exactly close over the years. That awful "bowling establishment" you
insist on operating has been a thorn in my side for a long, long time.
Undoubtedly, our differences will always be too great for anything
remotely resembling mutual respect, but ... I am asking you now to put
aside all your hatred of me, as I am disregarding my contempt for you.

What I have to say to you now is very difficult, not only as a mother,
but as a normal, healthy woman with normal, healthy drives. It is an
admission of failure as a parent. Total failure. I am glad Mr. Oliver is
not alive today to see this letter, to read the horrible truth about his
darling daughter, Polly.

The bound volume I have enclosed with this note is your wife's diary. I
discovered it quite by accident while I was straightening up her
dressing room at the studio. After you have begun reading it, Harold,
you will understand why I swallowed my pride and contacted you.

Never, not in my darkest imaginings, could I have thought my own
daughter capable of such ... such criminal depravity. To be perfectly
honest, Harold, I vomited after reading the first entry. But it does
explain so much: her odd behaviour over the years, her moods, the long
silences, her treatment of you ... you poor, poor man. It even explains
her fantastic success.

You must believe me when I say it was not out of spite that I sent this
to you. I am not interested in rubbing your nose in it. But I knew in my
heart of hearts that you, as a husband. as a man, would want to know.

I can only pray that after reading this revolting confession, you will
for once in your life be enough of a man to do what's absolutely


Mrs. Ginger Oliver

Chapter 1 "Mongrel Love"

October 14, 1966

Dear Diary: I've been looking at your first page for over an hour now.
Such a pretty page with pastel birds and flowers around the edge. Pretty
and so blank, so perfect. I'm afraid to start, afraid I'll make some
awful mistakes right at the beginning and ruin you.

I guess the truth is I don't know how to begin. I have a lot to write, I
know that. A lot better stuff than that icky Jane Hawser. But the
starting is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

It was that icky Jane Hawser who got the rest of the girls in Miss
Meredith's seventh grade class interested in keeping diaries. She
brought hers to school and let us pass it around during the ten-thirty
"Nutrition" break. She has a real beautiful book, sort of
Chinese-looking with a big brass lock.

"A diary is for a girl's innermost secrets," Jane Hawser said. "Things
too wonderful to share."

Which got me to wondering why she let everybody read it. So, I took my
turn flipping through the pages. It was full of stuff about boys mostly.
She's turned thirteen and her Mom lets her date. Even older boys. A lot
of things happen on dates, according to her diary.

I wasn't surprised to find out that she let Billy Rodgers, who's in High
School, touch her between the legs. I was surprised that she'd let
everybody read about it in such detail, though. All that stuff about him
slipping his hand into her panties, his finger going right in her pussy
and coming out all wet. And how her face got real hot and flushed when
he moved his finger around. Right in the balcony of the Meralta Theatre,
too! Then he showed her his parts, how swollen they were. He told her
she'd done it to him. Then, when she touched his thing, he said he loved
her and wanted to marry her.

I guess that's the part she wanted us to especially catch.

I'd never let anybody read my diary. Nobody. What good is a secret if
the whole class is in on it? And besides, the "hot stuff" Jane Hawser
wrote about is pretty tame compared to what I've done. And I'm still
only twelve.

Which brings me to another problem: my Mom. She's an awful snoop, always
going through my things. I've caught her rummaging through my drawers
and searching my purse, for what I can never figure out. Drugs?
Cigarettes? Who knows? She just acts like she's been sleepwalking or
something and says, "Oh, goodness me! Now what was I looking for?!"

It's going to be hard to keep her from finding this diary. And I know
she'd break it open so she could read it. God! I haven't even written
anything secret yet, and my hands are shaking. If she ever found out
some of the things I like to do, she'd kill me! I mean it. No, actually,
what she'd do would be to tell my Pop ... and let him kill me. Oooh,
somehow, that makes it even more exciting, more dangerous.

I guess if I'm going to start, I should start right at the very
beginning. The first time. That was when I was just a kid. Nine years
old. With Fluffy.

Poor old horny Fluffy was a funny mixture of dogs, dachshund and poodle.
He had very short legs and was long in the body. His fur was curly like
a poodle's and sort of a dingy beige ... on a poodle it would've been
called Champagne. He was so cute as a puppy but he grew up ugly.
Mentally, he never grew up. But I loved him anyway. He slept at the foot
of my bed and followed me everywhere.

I got him as an eighth birthday present and by the time I was nine,
Fluffy was as big as he was going to get in the height department. I
didn't care. I wasn't very big either and it made him easier to play

Fluffy was always getting into something smelly ... rolling in garbage
or mud or on a dead cat. It was my job to keep him from messing up the
wall-to-wall carpet, which meant doggy baths sometimes twice a week. It
was at one of these scrub sessions that I discovered how much my Fluffy
was growing in another department.

I remember real well: he'd gotten into some green paint that'd been left
open in the garage and it'd taken three washes and rinses to get it out.
He was sitting up in the tub, all dripping wet, his long tongue lolling
out, his brown eyes bright and deliriously happy despite his damp

Like Mom insisted, I was only wearing my white panties, so I wouldn't
mess up my good clothes. I'd just let the water out. As the water-line
dropped and the dirty scum, sort of a greenish-grey, ran down the drain,
I was shocked to see a strange thing on the end of Fluffy's wee-wee.

I leaned over the hair-littered tub for a better look. This "new" thing
was red, long and shiny and wet looking, but a different kind of wet
than from water. More like greasy. It seemed to be growing out of the
end of his wee-wee. It was pointed at the end and kind of slid in and
out of the hairy wee-wee holder as he breathed.

I wasn't scared or anything like that. I was just curious about Fluffy's
"new development." I touched it just under the needle tip with the bar
of soap. Instantly the red thing surged out from the furry sheath,
drooping slightly. I jumped back, but when nothing happened I reached
out and touched it again. Fluffy licked my face with his hot slobbery
tongue. It was definitely a "thank you" lick. I remember how funny, how
tingly it felt, just then, to have his tongue touch my lips.

I rubbed harder with the soap and the red thing grew longer and harder
so it didn't droop at all but stood out straight and pointy. At the time
I was pretty dumb. I didn't even know that it was his cock I was fooling
with. Anyway, I worked up a good, thick lather on the underside of his
cock, and I was amazed and delighted to see the silly effect it was
having on him. His hips began to snap spastically and his eyes
half-closed and his upper lip drew back from his teeth, just like when I
itched him in a real good spot. He started to breathe funny, too. Like
wheezing almost and he grunted every now and then. He licked me again
and kept licking me on the mouth. He bathed my lips in his hot, doggy
drool, pushing them apart in his eagerness. I opened my mouth a little
and Fluffy ran his bristly lips across mine. Our tongues touched and my
mouth was full of his doggy taste. I squirmed. A tingle raced from the
tip of my tongue to the fork between my legs. The sensation was new and

Dropping the bar of soap, I carefully reached out and took the swollen
length of Fluffy's wee-wee in my hot little hand. It was red hot and
very slippery. It felt delicious! Even then, though no one had told me,
in the back of my mind I knew I was doing something very bad, a no-no,
but that made it much, much better.

I felt a flush creep up in my cheeks as I slipped the dog cock in and
out of my closed fist, and Fluffy began whimpering softly as he snapped
his hips into the tight ring. He stood up in the tub to get a better
angle and began slipping and scrambling on the wet porcelain.

I reached out with my free hand and grabbed him and hugged his wet body
to me. His curly fur tickled my naked chest: my little pink nipples
puckered and stiffened like they never had before. I pressed my face
into his damp neck and worked his dick harder. My fist traveled up and
down the length of his cock, milking it cruelly. As it slogged in and
out of my hand the sound of the dog's breathing grew more and more

I slid my hand up between his rear legs and as I played with his cock, I
groped for his bulging brown nuts. They'd always fascinated me, but I
never knew exactly what they were for. They were upright against the
base of his rear end, hard and hot and more than a handful for me. I
squeezed them gently and Fluffy's hips went into overdrive, flipping
wildly. I pushed away from him, my own breathing ragged. my little
bee-sting titties covered with loose dog fur, and looked under his
heaving belly.

The slimy tool in my hand jerked, a ripple of feeling raced from root to
tip, bringing with it a fountain of creamy yellowish white stuff that
spurted from the tip and flopped to the floor of the tub. It kept on
shooting and shooting and I was scared for a second that he was peeing,
but it didn't look like pee-pee. It was so hot and thick and some of it
got on my hand as I held him. When the stuff stopped coming out, Fluffy
stopped jerking around. I let him go and sat down on the sopping wet
bathroom rug. I looked at the gooey gob of his squirt on my middle
finger. It glistened in the soft light. I looked at the quickly
disappearing length of Fluffy's cock. Its pointy nozzle held a similar
blob of creamy stuff. I raised my finger to my nose and sniffed the
smell of doggy come. It was marvelous. Musky and sweet like perfume and
nasty, too. Real nasty. I opened my lips, moistening them with my
pointed tongue. Then Mom called from the hallway right outside the door,
and asked me what was taking so long and how I shouldn't have the door

I lunged for the faucet and rinsed off my finger and sent the slimy
stuff swirling down the drain. I had a towel around my happy mongrel
before Mom opened the door.

After that, almost every time Fluffy got a bath, I gave him a good rub,
too. Every time Mom wasn't around. Sometimes late at night he'd hop up
into bed with me ... also a no-no ... and I'd make the red thing come
out by pinching the tip of the hairy sheath or by bouncing his balls in
my palm. It got so I didn't have to do hardly anything to get him "in
the mood" for a cock rub.

It took a long time for Fluffy and me to graduate to better things. It
was a Sunday morning and I was ten. Mom and Pop always did the weekly
grocery shopping on Sundays and Mom always tried to drag me along. I
remember I pretended to be fast asleep when she shook me. I refused to
budge even when Mom threatened me with an ice water drenching. I felt so
warm and cosy and it was pure joy to ignore Mom's shrill orders. I only
stirred from the comfort of my little bed when I heard the station wagon
pull out of the driveway.

If things went as usual, I had two whole hours alone in the house. I
liked being alone. Well, not completely alone. I threw back the covers
and Fluffy jumped up on the bed. He licked my face and wagged his long,
curly tail. I pushed him away and got out of bed. I was wearing my long
flannel nightgown. I walked over to the closet and opened it. Fluffy
hopped down from the bed and followed me over to the closet.

"Nope," I said out loud. I wasn't ready to get dressed yet. I yanked the
nightie up over my head and admired myself in the full-length mirror.

My body was really changing. I didn't have any boobies to brag about
yet, but there were plump humps of flesh under my rosy nipples. And
between my legs, over the pudgy mound of my wee-wee, there grew a downy
spring of golden hairs. Just a few, but I was very proud of them. They
formed a little bridge across the fat lips of my pussy.

I bent down to pick up my nightie and got a cold, wet surprise. "Fluffy,
you bad dog!" I scolded, touching myself on the poop-hole where he had
poked me with his nose.

Fluffy scooted under the bed quickly, ears back, hind legs flattened out
frog-style, as he scrambled for cover. His wet, black nose peeped out
from between the fringe of the bedspread.

"Oh, come on, Fluffy," I said. "I'm not going to hit you ..."

The little dog came part way out from under the bed. I could hear his
mil thumping wildly. "Come on, you silly," I coaxed.

Fluffy bounded out. I patted him on the head. What he'd done hadn't
really hurt anyway. It sort of tingled. "Let's go get something to eat,"
I told him.

The two of us ran downstairs to the kitchen. I felt wonderfully naughty
running around the house naked. I always imagined the gas man or the
mail man accidentally looking in the window and seeing me naked. I
imagined them getting a big red hard-on like Fluffy, too.

I poured myself a big mug of milk and mixed in some chocolate powder
with a tablespoon. Fluffy sat up and started to beg.

"Oh, alright, Fluffy, you can have a cookie," I said, reaching for the
box of dog biscuits. I stood there with my hand on my bare hip. "First,
you've got to do a trick. Roll over!"

Fluffy dropped to his stomach and started to roll over. I squatted down
and caught him by the paws just as he turned on his back "Stay!" I said.

I held him there a minute and looked at his cock and balls. His big
brown eyes twinkled. Like magic his red dick began to slip out of its
holder. Letting go of a paw, I grabbed the slippery shaft and slapped it
gently against his belly. He kicked his back legs real jerky-like and
his cock got hard fast.

"Good boy," I said, straightening up. I reached for the mug of milk and
sat down at the kitchen table. Fluffy just stayed there on his back,
cock stiff and ready, hoping I'd come back and finish the job But I
didn't. I sipped my milk and slouched down in the chair.

Suddenly the look on his face and his big red dick hanging out seemed
very funny to me and I choked on a swallow of milk, spitting it up.
Then, the mug tipped and wave of brown fluid ran down over my soft belly
and into the fork of my legs. "Eeeeeek!" I squealed at the shock of it.

Poor Fluffy, thinking he'd done something wrong again, slinked over to
me. He started licking the sweet drink off the floor, then he licked my
foot. I sat there and watched him. He licked my ankle. It felt good.
Real good. His tongue was so hot and wet. He worked up inside of my legs
in long sloppy strokes that made me shiver. Hot and cold tingles raced
up my thighs. His tongue reminded me of his dick ... red and slippery.

It pushed into the meat of my legs and bathed them with slobber. It
tickled something awful but I didn't make him stop. His whiskers brushed
my inner thighs and I opened them a little for him. Whatever it was that
he was doing to me, I didn't want him to stop. That familiar
cock-pulling flush crept up into my cheeks. I opened my legs a bit more,
raising them up on tiptoe. Fluffy's moist tongue lashed over my soft
thighs, searching for the sticky splotches of chocolate milk.

I felt very weak. It was almost like I was suffocating. I looked at the
wet nose sniffing my thighs. I looked from the nose to the chocolate
drenched lips of my pussy. I knew I could stop it anytime I wanted. I
was sure of it. The space between his nose and my cunt dwindled.

When the cold nose touched my pink buzzer, I threw my thighs wide apart.
A shower of sparks blossomed over my mound and I felt a rush of juice
escape from my pussy. "Oh, Fluffy!" I moaned, pursing my lips.

Fluffy's thick tongue rasped over my pussy cleft. His bristling lips
pressed up into the silky fork of my crotch. He snorted into my crack,
sniffing out the keen, musky odour of my sex. He loved it more than the
milk. His tongue began to work wildly up and down my cleft, driving the
fat outer lips apart and sliding in between the thinner but slicker
inner ones. I gripped him by the ears and pulled him down hard on my
little mound. I felt his teeth against my soft sex flesh and I bucked my
butt up from the chair into my doggy's flailing tongue.

"Oh! Good doggy, such a good doggy. Oh! OH!"

I first coaxed, then screeched as Fluffy found the stinky opening to my
pussy. As he flipped the end of his tongue into me, I froze on the
plastic seat of the kitchen chair, my round little buns sticky with

Fluffy made little yipping sounds as my pussy delivered another rush of
juice into his mouth. He worried my hole like a well-aged bone. Farther
and farther the dog tongue slipped up me, in and out, in and out. I
could feel my tight little tube parting under the jabbing, stabbing
tongue tip. I watched as the pressure of the churning tongue forced the
tight lips in on one another. They glistened with the combination of
cunt juice and slobber.

Then, I wasn't in control any more. Limp with excitement, panting with
sex heat, I began to have my first orgasm. I lifted my feet from the
floor, tipping my box so he could get in deeper. I felt the tip of his
tongue deep in my pussy, pushing the slick walls apart, then ripples of
joy raced up over my belly, washing my budding tits with tingling

Somehow I slipped to the floor. Fluffy stopped working at my twitching
pussy and began licking my lips, his tongue all stinky with my cunt
smell. I felt red hot tip of his dick poking around between my legs. It
rubbed against my mound and set off another flurry of thrills. At the
touch of the loose and fuck-ready opening, Fluffy went crazy trying to
buck his way into that tight little box. Again and again, his hot meat
slammed into my soft inner thighs and ass-cheeks.

It was so slippery and yummy feeling I could hardly stand it. I wanted
to take it in my mouth and suck it hard. I pushed the humping dog off me
and got on my belly on the cold linoleum. I scooted in under his chest,
facing the quivering red bulb. Fluffy put his front paws on my shoulders
and stood on his hind legs as I got into an elbow-knee, all fours
position. Then I took his hard, slimy cock in my fist and squeezed it. A
big gob of his cream oozed from the slit in the head of his cock. My
mouth filled with hot slobber. Cheeks burning up. I lowered my head and
licked the sticky stuff from his dick. It was musky, sweet and nasty and
one ladle wasn't enough. I had to have more.

I opened my lips and let the red bulb slip between them. Its searing
heat hit my tongue, the wonderful-awful doggy taste, and before I knew
it I was stuffing the whole thing down my throat. Greedily gobbling
every inch of dog cock Fluffy could flip my way.

And snap was just what he was doing. As soon as my lips closed around
his dick, his little doggy butt went nuts. He made his dick go way far
into my throat and bang against the back where I swallow. It hurt a
little but not enough to make me stop sucking.

His cock was so slippery that it practically flew down my throat. I
clamped my lips down on it to slow it down and Fluffy started whining
and yipping real anxiously. I sucked him even harder, pumping my head up
and down, making his cock go in and out faster and faster. Then he
shuddered all over and suddenly my mouth was full of his hot stuff.

It gushed all down my throat so sweet and sticky and I kept on sucking
and swallowing, sipping it out of the end of his dick like a vanilla
malted through a straw. Red hot vanilla malted.

Things were pretty noisy what with Fluffy yelping and me slurping and
gurgling his spurt but not so noisy that I didn't hear the front door
open on the other side of the house.

I panicked. I tore the still oozing dog cock from my mouth, threw the
humping mutt off me; and raced upstairs, diving back in bed.

Seconds later, Mom stuck her head in the door and said, "We drove all
the way to the store before I realised I'd forgotten the shopping list.
Get dressed and come along with us ..."

By way of an answer, I pulled the sheet up over my head. My mouth was
full of the gummy flavour of Fluffy's come, my thighs trembled and my
mound still dripped from the passion of his tongue. It seemed like it
took ages for her to find the list and get out of the house. I just lay
there in bed and waited and heard the car door slam and the sound of one
angry Pop gunning the engine then roaring off down the street.

"Fluffy," I called, my heart beating way up under my chin. I had a
terrible aching between my legs. It hurt so good I could hardly stand
it. My whole pussy was wide open, all swollen and gushing juice. It was
kind of scary ... I was afraid it'd stay like that, but the thrills and
chills I got when I touched it were wonderful I guess deep down I didn't
really care.

"Fluffy!!" I called a second time I was answered by a weak thumping from
under the bed. "Come out, you silly!" I cried, slapping the bed.

The thumping got real wild and then I heard him scooting under the bed
and before I knew it he was up on the sheet beside me, all crazy happy,
licking my face and squirming.

I licked his tongue back and the wave of pleasure it gave me lifted off
the top of my head and sent my pussy juicing up a storm. "Oh. Fluffy!" I
cooed, sliding my hand in under his hairy belly to grip the end of his
wee-wee holder. I gave the sticky end of it a tender squeeze and long,
slow pull, just the way he liked it.

His tongue slid into my mouth and I sucked it, chewed it eagerly, as I
had his cock earlier. In seconds my Fluffy was ready for another come
session. His slimy cock was hard and hot in my palm. I wrung it
hungrily, my palm aching where the bulb nestled in it. Fluffy grunted
and started to shift his hips. He was a horny little dog alright.

And I was a horny little girl, too. I rolled him on his back and popped
his dick in my mouth again. It was even better the second time! Better
knowing the gooey delight that waited inside the slick red tube. He
squirmed and flipped his ass as I puffed over his stiff cock, licking it
with my tongue, making my lips dive way down over it to the mouth of his
furry sheath.

My eyeballs were on fire ... I could hardly breathe ... my pussy was
slobbering slick stuff all over the sheets. I took his dick from my lips
and laid back on the bed, opening my thighs as wide as they would go.

Fluffy rolled over and was back rooting in my dewy slot in a flash.

I groaned and rocked my butt as his tongue rasped my buzzer. He was
crazy for my pussy, scratching the sheets right under my butt like he
was after a mouse in the garden. I held him by the ears, and guided his
long tongue over my fuck-ready cunt.

His hot, sticky cock slapped against my knee and I knew I had to have it
inside my pussy, had to have his tiny dog butt driving it in and out,
had to have his creamy stuff squirting inside me. I pulled him up onto
my tits.

He breathed pussy fumes right in my face and slurped me on the mouth.
His cock, once again, poked my soft inner thighs, nudged my mound,
setting off the sky rockets in pussy.

"Oh, Fluffy," I whined. "Make me a baby!!" I raised my thighs from the
sheets, lifting my knees up to my tits. With trembling hands I reached
under my own dripping crack and gripped the nozzle of his slimy
dick-meat. I fitted the spear point between my quaking pussy lips, and
came at the touch of his blazing cock to the entrance to my hole.

Fluffy felt hot, tight pussy about the tip of his prick and like a furry
little machine, he started flipping his hips. His cock snapped into my
juicy twat.

Ooooh, it stung so bad at first! I almost made him stop. But then, when
he got going good, and when things got good and slippery down there,
nothing could've made me stop him.

His cock surged up my tube, pushing back the tight wrinkles, the slick
folds, ironing out my bumps and valleys. I don't know which felt better;
the wild forward lunges when his dick would slip to the back of my
pussy, the hairy sheath nuzzling against my buzzer; or the frantic
back-thrusts, when the friction of dog cock dragging over slippery
folds, slippery folds sucking at dog cock, would almost make me black
out with ecstasy.

I locked my thighs around his humping middle and let him ride, ride,
ride. He loved every second of it too. I could tell by the way he
drooled on my tits, by the way he kept speeding up his screwing. His
cock flew in and out of me, churning my pussy stuff into a froth, making
me quiver and moan and bite his jowls. Then it really happened.

The other times with his tongue and the tip of his dick were nothing
compared to the thing that grabbed me by the pussy at that moment. My
whole mind kind of exploded. Everything went white, then black and
crazy, unbelievable joy took over my entire body. Everything, mind,
mouth, tits, belly, pussy, butt-hole, legs, came at once. Whining like a
bitch in heat, I flipped my juicy little ass to meet his cock thrusts,
meeting him fuck for fuck. And it kept on happening!

My pussy started shivering around his plunging cock, and then it kind of
flexed, opened then closed squeezing, milking Fluffy's flying dick.

I must've hurt him a little because he yelped the first time my cunt
clamped down. He was ready for the second spasm. His ass flipped extra
hard driving stiff cock through the slippery fist of my orgasming cunt.

I had to have him squirt. I needed the hot waves of doggy come washing
up inside me. I slid my hand down through his fur, around his thigh, and
took hold of his heavy balls.

"Oooh, baby." I moaned into an ear covered with my slobber. "Come on,
sweetheart. Give it to me, lover. Let me have it." As I flipped my butt
to meet his cock stab, I tenderly twisted the silky slick bag in my
palm, wringing the fat balls inside.

Fluffy's ass went crazy, his cock slid in and out of me in fantastic
triple time strokes, and I felt the sizzling rush of his come spurt up
my pussy.

"Ohh ... Uhhh ... Yesssssss!" I cried, my cunt suddenly making
squishy-squishy noises about his lunging prick.

His sticky stuff flew up me as he came. It flew way up inside my tube
and made me come again, come right along with him.

I couldn't believe it was happening to me. Something so absolutely
wonderful. For a long time after he finished fucking me, even after his
cock had gone limp and slipped out of my box, I made him lie there
between my legs. Such a sweet doggy, such a marvelously warm and happy

Fluffy and I had at lot of fun times together. He was my first lover and
maybe my best. If he'd lived longer, I'm sure he would've been the very
best. But ... he got into something on one of his nightly runs and it
made him real sick and he died. I was very sad when it happened. He was
such a good doggy. And then Mom and Pop said couldn't have another dog
because Fluffy was too messy, and that a girl of eleven should be
thinking about boys and not dogs.

I was heartbroken for months, just moping around the house, until the
Baxters moved in next door.

Chapter 1 "The Dog Sitter"

November 1, 1966

Anyway, when the Verduccis sold their house next door and moved to
Oregon, we got some new neighbours, the Baxters. Right from the minute
they pulled up out front. I knew I was going to like them. For out
thing, they weren't dried up old prunes like the Verduccis. Mr. Baxter,
or Wally as he liked to he called, was about twenty-five and his wife,
Lenore, was a couple of years younger. He was tall and tanned, blond and
good-looking, a skier. Lenore was a very petite woman with long,
straight brown hair that fell down to her plump little butt. She had a
round face and a pretty smile. The other thing about the Baxters, the
thing that really made my mind up about them, was the third member of
the family. He was riding in the back seat of their sports car: a huge,
rust and black coloured German Shepherd.

I know it sounds funny when I say this, but just looking at his big,
lolling red tongue from all the way across the lawn gave me the damp
drawers and bad.

He jumped out of the car and bounded up to the front porch of his new
home. Under the thick black coat, his muscles were powerful and fluid. I
think it a love at first sight. Not like with poor Fluffy. He was a dear
doggy, but not much to look at. The big Shepherd hiked his leg to
dribble pee on the shrubbery and I got a peek at some immense balls and
a regular cucumber of a cock sheath. I knew right then I had to have
some of that thing.

To break the ice, I cooked a batch of chocolate chip cookies and got a
big soup bone from the corner store and took everything over to the new
neighbours. My arms were pretty full so I rang the doorbell with my
elbow. Right away the big dog started barking, deep, and scary. When the
door opened, he jumped out and lunged at me. His muzzle and mask were a
red-rust as were his forelegs and chest. He was a real handsome animal,
but the look in his yellow eyes was enough to petrify me. I stood there,
frozen, looking at Wally kind of desperately.

Before he could grab the dog's collar the Shepherd was nuzzling his wet
nose in under my short skirt. Sniffing and snorting right at my pussy!
He knew what he wanted alright. His snorts sent waves of excitement
rippling up over my belly.

Then Wally caught hold of his choke collar and said, "Sit! Sit, Romeo!"
The dog dropped back on his haunches, thick tail wagging, long tongue
lolling, eyes smiling at me.

"Wow, I'm sorry about that," Wally apologised. "We're used to country
living where we don't have to keep such close tabs on him."

I told the tall man not to worry, that I liked dogs. I gave him the
cookies and he thanked me and asked me in. The house was in an uproar,
boxes and packing stuff everywhere. They were a real nice couple, so
happy. I asked them if it was OK if I gave Romeo the bone I'd brought
and they said sure.

I took him out in the back yard. He came right along like a good dog.
Mostly because he knew he was going to get the big juicy bone I was
holding. Like I said, he was real big, even for a Shepherd. He must've
weighed a hundred pounds. I told him "Sit!" and was kind of surprised
when her actually obeyed me. He plopped right down on the grass, tail
swishing, tongue drooling so nice, red sloppy. I gave him the bone and
watched him gnaw on it eagerly for a bit, then Lenore called me back the

She told me I had a way with dogs, that Romeo wouldn't obey just
anybody. That made me feel real good. She seemed very pleased that Romeo
and I had made friends, I liked her. She wasn't much taller than me, but
she had a very sexy body. She was wearing pair of corduroy overalls that
made her round butt stick out and her waist look impossibly small.

Then Wally came in with a glass of milk and we ate my cookies and
talked. He was a public relations man with the phone company and Lenore
is an artist's model, part-time. When he let Romeo back in the house,
the dog came right over and laid down next to my feet.

"Wow, Polly," Wally said. "You've got an admirer there." Then he winked
at Lenore and said, "Better watch him close, Polly. He's a foxy old

For some reason that made Lenore mad and she told him to be quiet. He
ignored her and said, "Come ski season, we're going to be driving up to
our cabin on weekends. We can't take Romeo with us. How'd you like to
dog sit for us? We'd pay you, just like for a baby ..."

I leaned down and scratched that big bear-head nuzzling against my calf.
"Sure, sounds OK to me," I said, barely able to restrain my glee.

Then the doorbell rang and it was the moving men, so Lenore had to go
out front and Wally had to take Romeo, and put him in the backyard. I
was sitting there in the living room, surrounded by half-empty boxes of
kitchen stuff, books, papers. I just happened to glance at a cardboard
box balanced on the edge of a dining room chair. I had papers and stuff
in it, a real jumble of things, and on top were some photographs. They
weren't the usual kind of photos, the kind that you get back from the
drugstore. They had funny pointed ends on them. They were polaroids,
like on television. I'd never seen one up close so I grabbed the top
picture and took a peek.

Did the top of my head ever come unglued!!! It was sort of a "family"
photo, but not the kind you find next to the fourth of July picnic group
picture in the family album. It was a picture of Lenore and Romeo.
Lenore was stark naked, kneeling on a double bed with a quilted
bedspread, her firm tits hanging down, her round butt facing the camera,
her face twisting around over her shoulder to look into the lens. The
look on her face was crazy, half-agony, half-ecstasy; her tongue hung
out and her eyes were slitted.

Up on the bed with her was Romeo. He was fucking the hell out of her.
His jaws were holding her by the back of her neck, his forelegs were
locked about her chest and his cock was caught in the act of slipping
back between the swollen folds of her pussy. There was no mistaking it.
That dog cock was all glistening with cunt juice, sliding right up her
hairy little cunt.

The photo was powerful stuff. It made my mouth go all drooly and my
heart pound. It took no great leap of the imagination to put myself in
that picture, to put me under the slimy, red hot nozzle of Romeo's big
cock. I stuffed the picture inside my blouse when I heard the back door

I told Wally I had to go home. It wasn't easy talking to him. Not
because I'd stolen the picture and felt guilty about it ... because I
didn't ... but because without a doubt he was the weirdest man I'd ever
met. He liked to take snapshots of his pretty little wife being screwed
by the family pooch. I wondered what he did with the photographs, and I
also wondered, not without a lot of heart thumping, if he'd like to take
a picture of Romeo and me.

As I said goodbye, the Baxters were arm in arm on the front lawn, happy
as larks. It gave me a funny feeling to see them so normal when I knew
the sick truth about their love life. Then I took the stolen photo,
marched straight into the upstairs bathroom, and while drooling over it,
I finger-fucked myself until I came, biting the hem of my skirt to keep
from crying out.

Let me tell you, by the time ski season rolled around, I'd worn out that
sexy picture. I'd also been sneaking over to the Baxter back yard and
giving Romeo little taste treats on the sly ... to cement our
friendship. And I'd learned a little trick, quite by accident. I call it
the "Nasty Panty" trick. Everybody knows that dogs love smelly things,
right? Well, what's smellier than a teenage girl's pair of week-old
panties? Not much, and that's for sure.

Anyway, this one time Mom had put all my clothes in the washing machine
and I didn't have any clean underwear left, so I rooted down in the
laundry bag and found a pair of very soiled undies. I gritted my teeth
and put the crusty things on and then forgot about them and went over to
see my Romeo.

It's hard keeping my hands, and mouth, off him. Just the sight of his
furry sheath was enough to send my pussy into fits.

I guess all the finger-fucking with his picture had something to do with
it. I'd trained myself to get wet whenever I looked at his heavy pod.
Anyway, I always waited until the Baxters left the house before I went
over ... just in case things got out control.

This particular day I knew right away something was different. Romeo
bounded up to me and kind of whined through his nose like a steam
whistle. I didn't realise that I was up wind from him. My pussy started
juicing almost instantly and I guess the heat and moisture released the
well-aged stink in the crotch of my underwear. It drove old Romeo
bananas. He jumped up and put his heavy paws on my shoulders and licked
my face. I always liked the feel of his hot, doggy tongue on my mouth
and that day, for some reason, it was especially sloppy.

After taking a quick look to make sure no one was hanging over the
fence, watching us, I let him slip his tongue in my mouth. He really
started whining then and I could feel his ass starting to flip. He got
off me and I got a glimpse of the biggest chunk of dog dick a girl could
ask for, hard, red and slimy. Then his nose was rooting in under my
skirt, mashing up against my clit, snorting over the dewy slot of my
pussy. His tongue lapped at my thighs and sent tingles flying up over my
tits. So hot and wet! And he was after the source of the stinky stink.
Snuffling and whining, he bathed the nasty crotch of my panties in hot
slobber. I came right there, standing up in full view of my folk's
upstairs bedroom window.

When it was over, I got really scared. I was afraid someone might've
seen the big dog licking in under my dress, and me standing there
bow-legged, knees shaking, letting him slurp my pussy. Poor Romeo got
left hanging that afternoon, but it wouldn't always be like that ... not
if I had anything to do with it.

So having learned what made the Shepherd's cock come to attention every
time I brought a goodie over to him. I slipped on a real stinky pair of
panties. I was training him real good, only neither of us were aware of
it. Pretty soon, nasty undies or not, every time he saw me he sprung a
boner of sorts.

Wally noticed what was going on, I'm sure, but he didn't ever make a
joke about it or draw Lenore's attention to the miraculous event that
occurred whenever I walked into the room.

The only time he came close to mentioning it was the evening the two of
them were leaving for their cabin, leaving me in charge of my Romeo.
Lenore was out of the room and Wally came over and put his arm around
me, real fatherly. He smiled at his panting dog and hugged me a little.
Then he said. "You treat him right, Polly, and he'll treat you right."

That's all he said. Maybe I just imagined the meaning behind his words.
I don't know. But they sure made my pulse rate skyrocket and my face

When the Baxters finally left, I went back over to our house and told
Mom that I was going to sleep over at the Baxters and watch the place
while they were away. She said I could watch just as good from our
house. I told her I'd promised them and made a little scene and she gave
in. After all those weeks of waiting for a chance at Romeo, I would've
made a real big scene to get my way.

I went upstairs and dug out my special pair of panties. Super-stinkies!
The one I'd been saving for three weeks. I pulled them on and grabbed my
pillow and ran over to my new lover's house.

Was my head ever spinning! Romeo came up as I opened the front door, his
tongue hanging out, a happy dog. I locked the door and chained it and
when I turned around, I got a wonderful surprise. A hot, horny dog nose
right on the cunt!

"Ooh, Romeo," I crooned, stroking his soft pointed ears. I opened my
legs and let him shove his nose way in between my thighs. He snorted hot
air into the nasty crotch band, through it and into the folds of my
juicy twat. Then he burrowed down further and snuffled at my asshole.
Talk about thrills!!! His big doggy head was mostly hidden under my
skirt and his slippery jowls were dragging over my thighs. "Ooooh, SO
good!" I groaned as his tongue lapped as my fork.

He was slobbering up a storm. After three, butt-hole to clit slurps, my
panties were covered with hot drool, actually soaked through and stuck
to my aroused little pussy. He kept whining and grunting, making my fat
lips vibrate from the blasts of scorching hot air. I leaned way over his
broad back and slid my hands through his dense, silky fur. He smelled so
doggy good, so wonderfully woodsy. My hands slid under his well-sprung
ribcage, meeting around the base of his hairy cock pod.

Incredible waves of joy lashed over my cunt as he slid his tongue in
under my crotch-strap, as my trembling fingers closed around the slimy,
red hot shaft of his cock.

God! He was SO BIG! It was scary holding so much cock in my little hand.
Scary and fabulous. I gave his slippery pud a long, loving squeeze and
was rewarded by the touch of his tongue tip at the entrance to my pussy.

The soft, hot-buttered velvet feel of my cunt drove the animal crazy. He
started growling and nibbling at the crotch-strap like he was after
fleas. The touch of his teeth so close to my juicy little sex hole made
my knees go to rubber. I pushed up off him and rolled the sopping
panties down my quivering thighs.

"That's better, isn't it, Romeo?", I said, holding onto his neck as he
began licking my split in earnest. I had to bite my lips to keep from
screaming. Such a hot, wide tongue he had! So sloppy wet! It lambasted
my turgid cunt, mashing over my buzzer and fuck-mouth, making the juice
gush from deep inside me. In seconds he had my whole pussy swollen,
sagging open, tight little hole slick and ready for a big meal of his
dog dick.

But we were right by the front door ... if anyone should knock ... my
Mom! I scooted forward, sliding hot pussy up Romeo's soft muzzle, over
his forehead and down his wide back. I headed back for the bedroom and I
didn't have to call the horny hound. He was after me like a bullet,
scaring me by snarling and baring his fangs and nipping me on the legs
and naked buns. As I ran to the bedroom, for a second, I was really
afraid that I'd started something I couldn't control. He was a powerful
animal! He could tear me to shreds in his passion!

I jumped up on the bed as I rolled over, Romeo landed beside me. His
tongue washed my face in hot, cunt-stinky slobber. I tried to hang on to
his neck, but he jerked his head away.

GOD!! He dove into my naked pussy, sliding his tongue up and down my
puffy slot. I gripped my knees and lifted my thighs, spreading them as
far as they'd go, letting him eat every square inch of my cunt. The
Baxters had trained him well. He knew right where to go. I stiffened as
his long tongue lurched up my tube, shoving back the walls, sending mind
numbing waves of pleasure up my spine.

"YES!" I cried, whimpered, pleaded, as the big dog gobbled my cunt,
spearing my hole in lunge after powerful lunge. His bristly lips were
grinding into my buzzer and ZOWIE! I was coming. I threw my legs about
his strong neck and rode the wildly stabbing tongue, snapping my hips
into his thrusts. Such a horrible little slut I was! So eager for the
feel of dog face against my sex! For dog tongue deep and flapping inside

When the tidal waves turned to ripples and my cunt stopped milking his
tongue, I eased my cunt from around his tool. We parted company with a
loud smacking sound that made my asshole flex.

I could see by the look in his sexy yellow eyes that he wanted to fuck
me. But I had plans for that long slimy joint of his. Plans I'd dreamed
about for weeks and weeks.

I reached under his belly and took hold of the searing red bulb.
Automatically, the big dog rolled on his side, drooling dewlaps
grinning, giving me complete access to his wonderful length of meat.
Lenore must've liked to suck his cock, too. She sure had him trained

I couldn't stand just looking at that greasy red pole, the way it kind
of slid in and out of its sheath. I threw my mouth down on it, sucking
the slippery bulb way back in my throat, back past the root of my tongue
into my gullet. His hips started rocking and flipping. He knew just how
to make a girl feel wanted. His tool plunged in and out of my lips,
stretching them out painfully from the girth at its base. My mouth
repeatedly bumped into the furry pod as I took every throat splitting
inch of cock he had to give.

The sweet doggy taste of his dick flooded my skull, making a river of
juice and drool belch from my pussy as my sex muscles began to contract
and convulse. Then it happened. Incredible sticky waves of hot come
spurted from his cock, filling my mouth, my throat, choking me in dog
chowder. I swallowed and swallowed and could not keep up with the
pulsing tide. Long gobs of doggy squirt flew from my nose, burning the
hell out of my sinuses. It was all I could do to keep from barfing.
Romeo's ass went nuts, shoving cock in and out of my face in a greasy

Then, as quickly as it began, it was over. I licked the gooey strands
up, cleaning up every speck of his gummy stuff. I sucked his cock clean,
and kept right on sucking until it was hard as a tree limb and just as

What I needed was some of that stiff meat up my pussy. Just like in the
candid photograph. And the big Shepherd must have had E.S.P. or
something because he knew exactly what I wanted.

I let his long, needle nosed cock slide from between my lips and gave
his shiny black balls a tender squeeze.

He was up on his feet in a flash, back at my cunt, growling and whining,
lapping up an electric storm. I held my legs apart, as before, and let
him go to town, burrowing his tongue deep up my pussy, snorting hot
blasts of air into clit and pisser.

Every hair on my pussy was plastered down by his sticky slobber. And the
rasping, grinding pressure of his tongue made my pussy lips see-saw over
one another.

Somehow I got on my belly. Romeo never broke stride. He kept up the
lickety-split action like some kind of machine. Only then, he was
licking my cunt from behind. Cunt and asshole in long hot slurps that
made me chew the sheets.

Suddenly, I felt the warm, wonderful weight of his hairy body on my back
and I stuck my ass up in the air, giving him all the hot access he could

I felt the spear-point slap against my cunt. He'd missed on the first
lunge, animal hips too eager, snapping too soon. His hot cock nudged
against the slick lips of my pussy and my face burned with fuck-need.

The next thrust was too high. It struck me between cunt and asshole, a
stinging, wrenching blow. I yelped in pain, my whole body pitched
forward on my face from the shock of impact. The tip of his cock kind of
bent then slipped down, right down in the pocket.

As soon as I felt the bulb at the entrance to my pussy, I flipped my ass
up, driving the huge thing past straining cunt-mouth and in the depths
of my tube. I wanted to make sure he wouldn't slip out.

His slipping out was something I had nothing to worry about. When his
dick-head popped into the slippery confines of my pussy, he went
berserk. His hips flipped twice and I stifled my scream of pain by
ramming more sheet in my mouth. His huge dog cock spitted me, filled me
to the splitting point. I couldn't believe anything could be so long and
thick. His jaws clamped on my neck. Just like in the photo, and his
forelegs, locked about my chest, holding me at the right angle for his
maximum pleasure.

Trapped like that, held spitted on the cock of a great, hairy, snarling
beast, I felt no more lust, no more pain, only pure and simple terror.
My cunt squeezed at his gross shaft and he started to screw me. Slow at
first. Dragging his cock out a millimetre at a time, drawing my tightly
stretched cunt-lips far from my mound, making the tube suck at his
deeply buried bulb. My guts felt like they were being torn out. Then he
was pushing it back in, driving my swollen cunt in on itself, shoving
every inch of cock back in me until the fuzzy sheath nuzzled against my
pussy's entrance.

Gradually he picked up speed. His drool was running down the outside of
my throat and the bed started squeaking as he flipped his hips faster.
My cunt tightened up, then went all sloppy. I could feel wave after wave
of hot juice burbling out over his plunging shaft, easing the way for
the next twat-busting lunge. Faster and faster. And suddenly I was
lifting my ass to meet his wild thrusts, relishing the squishy impact of
dog dick sliding home. There was a bee buzzing in my skull and the
droning got louder and louder and my mound was on fire, a liquid,
coruscating blaze that engulfed cunt, ass, belly, everything.

"YES! YES! YESSSSSS!" I cried into the covers, humping like a bitch in
heat, giving the big Shepherd all the pussy he could handle.

The feel of his hairy body on my back, the fuzz rasping over my asshole,
the plunging cock churning up my folds, working my pussy into an
absolute come-dither, was too much. I whinnied and wailed, pounded the
bed with my fists, as the heat of my orgasm washed over my mound.

Romeo could sense what's happening and he needed no E.S.P. to do so. My
cunt was milking his cock like crazy ... long sexy pulls that grew
stronger and stronger until he was yelping and whining and fucking me so
hard that the bed's headboard was bashing into the wall.

It wasn't surprising that in the midst of the squirming, quaking melee I
missed the sound of the back door being opened. The stabbing dog cock
was making me come over and over, like a record with a scratch,
gibbering the same delirious three note melody into the rumpled covers.
But even with my face buried in the bedspread, my mind melting like a
Fudgsicle in Death Valley, I could not miss the flash.

The whole darn room exploded in white light and I jerked my head up from
the bed in panic. Romeo was pod deep in my cunt and driving like a long
haul trucker. I snapped my head around, and through the haze of
come-frenzy I saw Wally Baxter and his lovely wife Lenore. Then the
camera he was holding flashed again. Another golden memory of sodomies
past. I tried to shake the humping beast off my ass, but it was
impossible. We were locked together until doggy come time.

"Oh, God!!" I bawled in shame and fear, unable to restrain the raising
of my sloppy buns to meet the wonderful cock thrusts Romeo was
force-feeding my gushing pussy.

"What did I tell you honey?" Wally laughed. cocking his polaroid for
another candid shot. "The little cunt couldn't wait a minute to get all
that pooch-prick up her muff."

"Uh-huh," Lenore said, looking at me and Romeo with a funny, far off
gaze in her eyes.

Wally leaned down and took a close up of my puffy cunt gobbling dog
dick. It was then I noticed his zipper was undone and his cock, a thick
pink banana with a red mushroom cap, was sticking out of his fly. I
groaned as I saw his hand drop down to his own pud, shoving a tight fist
down over straining shaft. "She's a tight little fuck, isn't she, boy?"
he said to the drooling, humping dog. His hand flew up and down the
stiff bone of his dick, making white stuff ooze from the strangulated

"Hey! Lenore! What're you doing?" he asked, looking up at his wife.

Lenore said nothing, but was unzipping the front of her jeans and taking
off her blouse.

"Ohh-wee, baby!!!" Wally claimed. "Are we gonna have us a time. Wait'll
I get another roll of film!!" He rushed from the room, hard cock bobbing

But Lenore had no intention of waiting. I watched, grunting and groaning
under the lunges of the big dog, coming still with every cunt bottoming
thrust. Coming apart at the seems.

The small woman stripped of her bra, letting her heavy, mocha tipped
tits fall free. Then she rolled her bikini panties down over her slim
thighs, exposing a super hairy bush of brown fuzz. She walked over to
the bed and patted her dog.

I couldn't believe this was happening. Not to me. The fucking. The
insane, drawn out orgasm. And now ... this lovely woman climbing up on
the bed, squirming her way in between me and the head board, opening her
naked thighs right under my face. I was inches away from that brown
bush. I could see the fat pink slit underneath the fuzz and I could
smell the foxy, woman scent of her cunt.

She gave me a little time for further thought. Gripping me by the hair,
she lifted my face and scooted her ass in under it. When she had my
mouth where she wanted it, she spread her thighs so wide that her knees
touched the bedspread. And then she pulled my mouth down.

I fought at first, straining against the hand that caught my hair, but
it was useless. She had all the leverage. I suddenly found myself
nuzzling my mouth into the juicy lips of another woman's pussy. The
powerful lunges Romeo was giving me from behind sent my mouth sliding
across the funky folds, making them pucker and pout, making them part,
exposing the deep red and slippery gash of her tube.

The stink, the feel, the mind-boggling orgasm I was having, all played a
part in my undoing. I found myself licking, sucking, CHEWING on the
hairy lips of Lenore's pussy. I buried myself in her folds. Finding her
buzzer was easy as pie. It stuck out from the apex of her slit like a
little flagpole. I sucked at it in a frenzy, delighting in the way it
made her round butt lift off the bed, made her knees flap against the

Then the flashbulbs started popping again, and Wally was whispering in
my ear, telling me how fantastic I looked, what a great fuck and suck I
was giving. The whole time he was jerking off. I could hear the rustle
of his trousers and the growing passion creep into his voice.

Things were getting hotter and hotter. The bed sounded as if it was
going to collapse. I had Lenore's pussy slopping wet with my drool, and
it'd stopped melting like cunt and started smelling like my slobber so I
drove deeper, down into her juicy hole for some of the real stuff. She
gripped my head with both hands, hauling me down harder making my tongue
surge deeper.

And then the bed groaned as yet another body climbed aboard. It was
Wally. Wally without any clothes on. Wally with an immense, congested,
up-curving erection. "Got the camera set on a tripod ... automatic
shutter," he said huskily, hunkering down in front of his wife so she
could suck on his cock.

And suck she did, taking the whole swollen thing down her throat, making
her cheeks puff in and out as she sucked it.

"Is everybody ready?" Wally yelped, leaning over and smacking the
wheezing Romeo on the ass.

At the sting of the blow the dog butt leaped, his nuts flexed, and my
cunt washed by the thick waves of his spurt. Somewhere above my joy, a
flashbulb exploded.

I felt Lenore's pussy tighten about my tongue and looked up to see Wally
dragging his slobbery, oozing cock from her face. Another flash.

He stuffed his cock into the sloppy morass of Lenore's pubes, right
under my nose. And it began squirting. Long, agonisingly slow pulses of
sperm oozed from his slit. Flash. It squirted down in the hot, sloppy
red valley of her cunt, down over my lips and then I was lapping it up,
taking up every milky drop, eating it faster than he could unload it,
working my way up the hairy cleft to clamp my lips around the shooting
dick head to suck. Flash! To suck. Flash! SUCK!!!

When it was finally all over, I felt like an over-cooked noodle. My poor
little pussy was bright red from all the abuse heaped on it by Romeo's
great cock. My face was all gooey with male and female juice. And with
dog juice, too. Lenore and I took a long hot bath together and she and I
talked about what had happened.

I guess after, the fuck fever had left the Baxters, they were afraid I
might tell my folks, and my folks might go to the police. Doing what
they've done to a young girl like me was real dangerous. I told Lenore
not to worry, that the last people in the world I'd tell would be my
folks. And besides, I said, feeling for her wonderful pussy in under the
soapy suds, I had a great time. I never realised that two girl could
have so much fun together. She actually blushed when I said that and I
knew I'd said exactly the right thing.

When she reached under water to diddle my pussy, I didn't stop her.
After all I wanted to stay on the good side of her, so I could keep
seeing Romeo. Anyway, it did feel nice. She had very soft, very skilful
hands. Before I knew it I was shuddering against her soapy tits, coming
around her plunging, doubled fingers.

All four of us had some fun times together, in every combination you
could imagine. Unfortunately Wally decided to quit his position with the
phone company and take an offer he got with some advertising agency in
Hollywood. So our little fuck-fests came to an end after about a year.
The Baxters promised to keep in touch with me and send me photos and
things. Wally said after I graduated high school he could help me get a
job modeling in Hollywood. He said that I had a perfect ingenue face and
figure. My Mom's ears really perked up at the mention of Hollywood ...
if the dear thing only knew!

Chapter 3 "Pyjama Party"

May 31, 1968

Dear Diary: I feel kind of guilty about not having written in you for so
long. I think the guilt was actually keeping me from picking you up.
Anyway, I made up my mind that the time spaces between the entries don't
matter ... when I have some to write, I'll write it. Right? Right.

I certainly do have something to write about today. Last night I went to
a slumber party over at Jane Hawser's house.

Yeah, I know, I wrote all those catty things about her before and made
out like she was the worst enemy I had in the world, but ...

I guess I was kind of jealous of the way the other girls clustered
around her, like she was a princess or something. And they'd all known
her since grammar school and, as a newcomer, I didn't think I stood a
chance of breaking through the ice and being her friend.

It probably never would've happened if by accident we hadn't been seated
across from each other in Mr. Langevin's California History class.
Things just naturally got warmer between us and by the end of the term I
was one of Jane's biggest fans.

She was a real smart girl, pretty and smart. But she had the kind of
prematurely shapely body and cute, round face that would go to seed
after her glands got going. She was blonde, with china blue eyes, nice,
firm titties, a high waist and plump ass. Like I said, she wasn't
stupid, so she knew her nubile good looks were going to fade along with
her teens ... just like her Mom's had done. She was determined to make
the best of her "good years," as she called them. By best, she meant
getting in all the hot sex she could manage with as many handsome boys
as she could interest. She had her pick of the crop, actually, and from
the things she said and wrote in her diary she worked them over pretty

My Mom thought my friendship with Jane was the best thing that had
happened to me since the training bra had come off. She wanted me to be
"popular" just like Jane. Of course, she hadn't the faintest idea what
kind of nitty gritty pussy shaking and cock sucking it took to keep a
half dozen teenage boys on a string. In her heyday, all she had to do
was let Buster cop a little feel, some boob-in-bra, or a touch of thigh,
and she had him cold ... or, actually, hot. Well, you couldn't explain
something like that to your mother, for Christ's sake.

So, when Jane invited me to a slumber party at her folks' house, my Mom
was all for it. Of course, I didn't mention that Jane's folks were going
to be away for the night, or that Jane, liberated female that she was,
had invited Merrilee Bozwell, the first coloured person to ever attend
Langousta High School. Not that my Mom was prejudiced or anything like
that ... she was a stone-ass bigot.

I'd never been to Jane's house before, so I was kind of nervous about
being clumsy, knocking things over, stuff like that. I wasn't nervous
about Merrilee. We'd met the first day she came to school and liked each
other right off. She had a great smile and a beautiful brown body that
would not quit. She walked like a cat, long legs, firm, heart-shaped
ass, and a pair of tits that turned up, jutting at an incredibly tasty
angle like a couple of Hershey's kisses.

Pop let me off at the door and before he drove away he told me to be a
good girl. I intended to be very, very good. When I knocked on the door,
I got my first big surprise of the evening. A dog barked on the other
side of the door. A big dog. His voice was low and powerful, confident.
It made my cunt tingle.

It'd been quite awhile since I'd had any dog dick inside me, long enough
so the mere thought of it set my pussy juicing.

The door opened and Jane was standing there in a sexy little pink shorty
nightie. It was completely transparent and I could see her dark red
nipples brushing against the fabric. She wore matching panties but they,
too, were see-through. I never realised she had so much curly hair on
her pussy!

"Come on in, Polly," she said, smiling at the way I was gawking at her
twat. "We sort of started without you."

I followed her inside, wondering where the dog was. I didn't, have long
to wonder. He was sitting at attention right by the entrance to the
front hallway. He was a big, sleek, black Doberman with devil ears and a
finely chiseled muzzle, touches of rust at his eyebrows and under his
brown eyes. He was the scariest dog I think I'd ever seen. Something
about the way his muscles quivered under the short, silky coat, like he
was barely in control of himself, barely able to contain the violence he
craved to do to every living thing in sight. He was like a time-bomb
sitting there on the shag carpet.

"Hey, don't you like dogs?" Jane asked with a smirk. She leaned down and
petted--pounded, really--on the dog's huge sloping skull. His jaws
opened, tongue falling out, drooling as he grinned, his devil ears going
flat against his head.

"Sure, I love dogs," I said, letting the inbred nitwit sniff the back of
my hand. His little pig eyes blinked and then he gave my hand a big wet
slurp. His large, fan-like tongue slavering over my fingers sent a
flurry of thrills racing to the fork of my legs. "Nice doggy," I said.

"Hey, he likes you!" she exclaimed, pointing down under his shiny black
belly at the inky pod that dangled there. Inky pod and lewdly arching
hot pink prick.

I must've blushed all over. Jane started laughing that husky laugh of
hers and her titties jiggled under the nightie. Then she said the others
were waiting and took me by the arm and the dog by the choke collar and
led us into the Hawser's sunken living room.

It was super-posh with a fireplace and deep shag rug, lots of pillows
and things on the floor.

I was a little surprised to see that "the others" were only two.
Merrilee Bozwell, of course, and Judy Sternovsky, a tall, willowy red
head with the palest, freckled skin I'd ever seen. I was also surprised
to see what they were doing ... to each other.

Merrilee was laying on the rug on her back, completely nude, her silky
thighs spread far apart. Kneeling over her, on all fours, was a stark
naked Judy, whose long red hair had fallen down over her face, whose
face was buried in the Brillo pad of Merrilee's snatch. Judy's skin was
a mind-boggling contrast to Merrilee's. The white chick was eating pussy
like a champ, too. I could see her pale pink tongue dipping in between
the kinky fuzz-covered, chocolate lips of Merrilee's pussy, sliding
right up her cunt. Her boobs were bigger than I'd thought, and they
swung about lazily as she gobbled black cunt. Merrilee wasn't just
laying there, either. Judy's firm buns were right over her brown face
and she was holding them apart with her long fingers, lifting her head
from the rug, snaking her red tongue slip into the hot slot surrounded
by copper-coloured pubes. I could see her button nose bumping into the
pale puckered hole of Judy's ass.

"See ... we started without you," Jane said, grinning.

The sounds, as well as the sights, in the living room were real
exciting. The two cunt-sucking teenagers had long since forgotten their
table manners. It was wet and sloppy, with much lip smacking and cunt

"Why don't you take your clothes off and get comfortable?" my hostess
asked, her blue eyes roving over my body, making my skin prickle.

The wonderful-nasty stink of cunts-in-heat overpowered the wood smoke
smell of the fire raging in the fireplace. My cheeks burned like
kindling. When I spoke, it was only with the greatest difficulty. "You
do it," I said, moving closer to Jane.

She just smiled and, like it was the most natural thing in the world,
reached up and squeezed my tits. Let me tell you, I nearly came right
then. She knew just how hard to squash them. Then she leaned up close,
making her tits brush mine and kissed me on the mouth. Our tongues
touched and waves of delight rushed to my clit. Her hands slid down over
my blouse, undoing the buttons, peeling it off my shoulders. Then ms bra
fluttered to the rug and her nails were scratching at my nipples,
raising them expertly.

I slid my hands around her plump buns, digging the firm curvature, then
down lower, in between them. My fingers met super-sopping cunt-strap.
She was hot-to-trot!

Even as I shoved the sloppy band aside and traced slow circles around
the juicy folds of her fuck mouth, she was removing my skirt. Then
rolling my panties down over my thighs. She cupped my downy mound in her
hand and we hugged each other, sucking tongues, mashing our tits
together. For a hot and delicious eternity we clung on each other,
feeling pussy. When Jane finally pushed back, her face was all rosy at
the cheeks and my fingers were slick with her juice.

"Ooooh, baby," she cooed, making her nipples graze mine, sending the
fire engines roaring down to my clit. "I always figured you were hiding
something under that calm exterior. Still waters run deep. Huh?"

By way of answer, I gave her buns a squeeze.

"Oooh--yes!" she cried, lowering her head to lick at my tits.

But something else was licking me, too. Right where my fingertips were
grinding into her slick slot. Then Jane felt it, too, and looked around.

"Hey, Buckwheat! Ooh, such a good doggy. Did Mommy forget you?" she said
in the mushy mouth tones of a true dog nut. She looked at me and smiled
craftily. "How'd you like some of that animal up your cunt?" She gave my
clit a flick.

"Oooooh!" I moaned involuntarily, grinding my muff into her hot little
palm. "Yes!"

"I thought so. You look like the kind of a chick who'd get off behind
some slimy dog dick," she said. "How 'bout it, Buckwheat? Wanna fuck

The Doberman, trained to the sound of the word, began whining and
jumping about nervously, his big, hard cock dribbling into the rug. He
started to bark excitedly and the noise interrupted the black-white
lesbian action in front of the fireplace.

Merrilee let her face fall from between the slobbery white buns. Her
mouth and cheeks were slick with Judy's cunt goo. Her eyes were wide
with fear. "Oooh-wee, Jane! I thought you were gonna take him outside.
He doesn't bite, does he?"

Judy, her green eyes shot with red from the stinging spray of cunt
nectar, looked up from the ebony snatch and started picking woolly
peppercorn pubes from between her teeth. "He's a good doggy," she said
grinning at Jane.

Our hostess let go of me and patted her stud on the back. "You shouldn't
be afraid of dogs, Merrilee," she chided. "It's like being superstitious

Merrilee licked her fat lips, propping herself up on a slim elbow. " ...
And eating barbecued ribs ... shuffling the feet ... saying 'Yow-sah!'
to every white man you meet," she said, somewhat irritated. "Don't you
tell me how to act, Jane Hawser. Don't you dare tell me being afraid of
that monster dog of yours makes me a stupid nigger!"

"I didn't say that ..." Jane protested.

"Shit if that wasn't what you were getting at!" Merrilee cried. "I can't
help it if I don't like dogs. And I sure don't like them the way you

"Aw, Merrilee, you just never gave ol' Buckwheat a chance to show what
he can do ..."

"An' I never will!!!"

This made Jane angry. "You're gonna be a cunt-lapper all your miserable
life?!" she demanded. "Is that all the meat you want shoved up your
tight little pussy ... a lezzie's puny little tongue?!!! Christ, You are
a stupid nigger!"

Merrilee let her head fall back to the rug. Her silky-straightened,
shoulder-length hair coiled about her brown face. "Yo is da boss,
ma'am," she said snottily.

Jane's face purpled with rage. "Hold that black bitch!" she shrieked at

The red head instantly sat back, pinning Merrilee's head to the carpet
with her sloppy cunt. The long black legs flailed on the floor in vain
as Judy gleefully ground her buns over the captive girl's face. "Ooh! Do
I ever have her!" she cried.

"Come, Buckwheat!" Jane ordered. The black dog sprang to obey her,
following at precisely the correct "Heel" distance, nose an inch behind
her left hand.

Jane leaned down to speak to the frantic Negress, while I circled around
the front to get a peek at her flopping butt, the wide open, deep red
gash of her cunt, the kinky nest of her pubes above the fiery folds.

"You're afraid of everything, Merrilee," Jane said. "Afraid to be black.
afraid to be white. Afraid to date white boys or black boys. Afraid to
do anything but nibble on a little clit. Nice, safe pussy sucking,
right?" She didn't wait for an answer, not that she could've understood
one from under the dewy folds of Judy's pussy. "Well, you're gonna break
out of your shell, darlin', and you're gonna do it tonight."

Jane reached out and stroked the angry morass of puckering sex below the
Brillo pad. Merrilee stiffened at the feel of fingers on her pussy. "You
got so much to give, if you'd just let yourself go ..." Jane said.

The pert blonde paused to sniff the fingertips that'd massaged the black
girl's snatch. Her nose wrinkled up and her eyes twinkled. She held the
stinky fingers up for me to smell. My first whiff of black pussy! Ooh!
It was dank and murky stuff, foxy and funky with a tinge of butt, but
mostly it was raw musk. It singed the inside of my nose and made my
mouth fill with slobber. I started to go down on my knees between the
slim thighs. I wanted that funky stuff all over my face. I wanted to
bathe in it.

Jane stopped me with a hand on my bare shoulder. She shook her head.
Though my lips ached to feel that Brillo pad I stopped. It was her
house. Her party.

She saw the disappointment in my eyes and said, "Why don't you see how
Buckwheat takes to a whiff of this?" She waved her shining fingers in
the air.

I just looked at her stupidly.

"Go ahead, watch his cock," she said, making the dog sit.

I knelt down on the rug; my eyes glued to the heavy pod swinging under
Buckwheat's muscular belly. There was a gob of creamy stuff clinging to
the dense fur around the pod's tip. I moved in closer, his doggy scent
filling my nostrils, making my already aroused pussy quiver in
anticipation. Behind the long sheath hung a pair of huge, black balls.
They hung in a dully shining sack of glove-soft black leather. I
couldn't stop myself from fondling them.

"Hey! Polly! Cut that out!" Jane cried. "This is an experiment. You're
gonna interfere with the reliability of our results if you keep that

I gave his balls a last, long, loving squeeze. Their heft made my palms
ache. More creamy fluid joined the dollop at the pod-tip. My mouth

"Here, boy," Jane said. "Get a whiff of this!" She shoved the stinky
fingers in Buckwheat's face. He inhaled noisily and began almost
instantly to drool. "How's he doin'?" she cried.

"Uh ..." I said. all tongue-tied, "something's happening alright. His
cock is so big! SO JUICY!! Wow ..."

"Yeah ... go on." she ordered.

"Uh .. it kind of goes in and out of the pod, real jerky like. Jesus,
it's slimy! It's getting harder and harder. Must be eight inches long
and some stuff is oozing out the tip ..."

"Go on!" she cried, waving the fingers around under the dog's nose.

"Mmmmphhhl ..." I said, trying to talk around a throat full of slippery
dog cock. I just couldn't take it any longer. I put my lips to the
slick, fat bulb and let it slide into my mouth. The taste of his come,
the pre-spurt drizzlies, racked my senses.

"Judy!" Jane yelled. "Look at her suck that dog dick!! God! She's
getting every inch of it!"

"Go get 'em, Polly!" Judy rooted, shaking her cheeks into Merrilee's

I sucked that Doberman's cock until it stuck out hard and straight,
pumping my mouth down over its fragrant, naturally juicy length. Jane's
hand pounding on my shoulder was the only thing that kept me from
continuing until I got a hot meal of dog chowder.

"Stop! Come on, Polly," she said, dragging me off the happy pooch's
prick. "Help me with Merrilee."

The three of us leaned over the black girl's crotch. Sensing what was
about to happen, Merrilee clamped her thighs together. Jane and I puffed
and panted, hauling them apart, then sitting on her knees, trapping them
against the rug. We could hear her whimpering into the folds of Judy's
cunt. The weepy vibrations must've been a real thrill for the red head
because she closed her eyes and started dragging her twat back and forth
over the black girl's nose.

When the hot chocolate donut was held wide open, Jane called Buckwheat
over. She didn't have to explain what she wanted. One sniff at the fat
folds, at the deep red lining of her sex, and the Doberman was
slobbering all over the captive girl's pussy.

Not even the grinding pressure of Judy's buns could contain the squeal
of delight that flew from Merrilee's lips. God! How I envied her!
Buckwheat was bathing her gash in his hot drool; the broad tongue was
mashing into clit and pisser, spreading the lips apart, and delving into
the entrance to her cunt.

At the first taste of the "real thing," juice hot from the source,
Buckwheat started yelping and the muscles in his back were jerking and
his cock was sliding in and out of its pod and his paws were digging at
the shag carpet right under her brown buns, as if he were trying to bore
deeper, trying to get his whole body inside her.

"Oh!" Judy cried, her big tits swaying pendulously, her muff pumping
into Merrilee's face. The sight of that big, hungry animal eating pussy
was enough to send her cunt into spasm.

The noise of hot twat sliding against black lips suddenly grew louder,
grew incredibly sloppy sounding, like a hog-at-trough. And Judy leaned
down and pressed her face into the Brillo pad, her tongue lashing,
competing with Buckwheat's for the flavour of negroid snatch.

The sight of the two tongues, one human, one animal, intertwining
amongst the juicy folds of a black cunt was enough to make me come on
the spot. Crazy with fuck frenzy, I started sliding my gushing pussy up
and down the slim black thigh, rubbing my clit against the silky skin.

And the doubled tongues were doing serious damage to Merrilee's libido.
Her buns began shifting on the rug, lifting to tip her cunt at a steeper
angle, so Mr. Doglips could stuff more hot tongue down her box.

"How's that?! How's that?!" Jane hollered to the trembling black chick,
her own doubled fingers flying up inside the leg band of her panties,
flying right up her curly twat.

The brown buns began to shake righteously, jiggling like Jell-o on a
plate, twisting and turning to meet the flipping tongue.

Then Judy kind of went limp and collapsed. She was moaning and groaning,
and all of a sudden she was rolling off Merrilee's face. And what a face
it was! Drenched in shiny, musky juice, pubes glued to lips and nose,
nostrils flaring, gooey mouth open and panting, eyes wide with the

Merrilee looked down at the animal gorging itself on her sex juice and
whinnied. She couldn't keep her hips from working, from snapping into
the dog's dewy muzzle. She was a goner.

"Ooh! Uhh! Get IT, Lover!" she cried, scooting forward to give him even
better access. Jane winked at me and took her fingers from her cunt. She
leaned in under the Doberman's heaving belly and I did the same. I
watched her open her pouty lips and snake her tongue about the slimy
nozzle of Buckwheat's cock, making a pebbly ring of it, sliding the ring
up and down his shaft.

I scooted in and popped a soft black ball into my mouth, nursing on it
tenderly, relishing the feel of his sex ligaments twitching under the
grip of Jane's tongue.

Then the little blonde had had enough dick. She nudged me and we both
rolled away from the humping girl and feasting dog. Merrilee was
thrashing about on the rug like a Holy Roller on S.T.P.

"She's ready now," Jane wheezed in my ear. The two of us separated the
delirious duo. Jane grabbing the choke collar, while I held Merrilee's
head down.

"Oof! Uhh ... off!" the black chick groaned as dog tongue and snatch
parted company. She flipped her hips madly in the general direction of
dog face, cunt gushing juice and pedigreed slobber.

"Stay!!!" Jane commanded the squirming, whining, snapping animal. Then
she rushed to my side. Together we turned the beautiful girl on her
belly, then made her stick her ass up in the air. It was so round and
perfect, her mound so sweet and funky, that neither of us could keep our
fingers out of it. Jane and I kissed deeply over the girl's jutting ass,
our fingers meeting at the entrance to her cunt, our fingers diving into
the slick tube together, our hearts pounding in unison as Merrilee's ass
began to snap, fucking our digits, as her cries of pleasure were muffled
by the great swatch of shag carpet she was sucking so passionately.

But Jane knew she couldn't control the horny beast very long in his
present frame of mind. Even when not sexually aroused, his attention
span was a record for the hundred yard dash.

"Up, boy! UP!" she cried, dragging our fingers from the hot tube.

"MMMMMPPHLLKKK!" Merrilee bellowed into the deep pile as the hot, furry
weight of the dog landed on her back, as the slimy but scorching length
of his pud scraped over her juicy folds.

The brown girl started to get up. She lifted her head and there was
terror in her eyes. I wondered if I looked like that the first time with
Romeo when he chased me into the bedroom, nipping at my bare ass? Jane
moved like lightning, straddling the girl's neck and dropping the whole
weight of her body down. Merrilee's face plummeted back to the carpet.

"Put it in!" Jane shrieked, riding the bucking, frantic body of the
naked chick. "Quick!"

I squirmed in under the silky brown belly, in under the tangled, jungle
fork of her thighs and reached up, groping. The feel of drizzling dog
dick lanced through my palm, setting my lips a-jibbering and my cunt
a-sputtering. I yanked on the slimy thing with one hand, while holding
the dripping folds open with the other. It was delicious! I crammed the
first three, slope-headed, needle-nosed, red hot inches of Buckwheat's
pizzle into her gash.

And the whole house of cards came down!! Sleek dog hips whipped nine
inches of aroused choad into the tight, fuzzy twat; brown thighs
quivered, locking about my neck, holding me trapped, gazing up at dog
pecker delving into Brillo pad; hot, firm brown tits dropped on my
loins, pinning me with wonderfully taut nipples. Then the entire shebang
started rolling.

Brown hips flipped back into vicious, doggy lunges, making tight pussy
slide, squeaking up around the slimy dick. What I needed was windshield
wipers! Every time ol' Buckwheat would give Merrilee what for, a spray
of hot stuff, a combination of soul sauce and dog dribblings, would fly
right in my face. It was crazy the way her fat cunt-lips would suck and
murmur as she gobbled his wildly lunging cock. I could've watched the
action all night, but about then Merrilee shifted into second gear.

I guess she felt the pubes scratching her tits, or maybe she got a whiff
of my stink, anyway, the next thing I knew there were a pair of hungry,
horny, lips mumbling sweet nothings into my slot. I screamed when she
slipped her tongue up my cunt, screamed and threw my thighs wide open.

After that, I couldn't watch the hot, dog dicking going on just above my
nose so dispassionately ... because the more intense meat the Doberman
slung Merrilee's way, the more crazy, flapping tongue she slung mine. I
was rooting the big dog on, snapping my hips up into the black chick's
face, twiddling with her little brown clit, squeezing Buckwheat's balls,
and in general, having the screw of a lifetime.

The skilful teenager brought me off twice in quick succession. My juice
was bubbling down the crack of my ass and my thighs were clamped about
her neck. The third time was longer in coming. She did it that way on
purpose, teasing me with puny, darting flicks instead of deep,
soul-stirring stabs.

I was determined to speed things up. I arched my head up into the
spritzing, squishy danger zone, feeling the crisp peppercorn pubes on my
lips and tongue, seeing wild bestiality up as close as you can without
taking a dog dick in the eyeball. The smell of bitch-in-heat and oozing
canine cock surges of joy straight to the clit Merrilee was sucking so
avidly. I whimpered. I wailed. I watched Doberman dick slide into red
tube, rocking, socking, whipping, flipping. I buried my face in Brillo
pad, and popped the brown love nodule into my mouth, sucking it, lashing
my tongue over hot, fucking folds and glistening dog shaft.

Then someone took my hand. I could barely see around the black blur that
was Buckwheat's bobbing pod. I had a vision of white thighs and
dewy-damp curly cunt and then my fingertips were plunged into searing
hot slot. I gave Jane the hand job of her life while I stared at her
upside down.

The fuck-crazed bitch was in under her dog's belly, facing his stub of a
tail. I wailed into Merrilee's fountaining fork when I saw Jane grip
Buckwheat's flexing thighs, when I saw her drag herself up, up past the
uptight ball bag, up to face his puckering, hissing bunghole.

Her blue eyes were wild, nostrils flared, lips protruding stretching for
the nasty sphincter.

It was like in slow-motion the way her pointed tongue slid out,
glistening, dripping with slobber, her face swinging right into his ass.
Her eyes made closed the instant before tongue made contact. I remember
wondering what kind of thoughts were going through her diseased little
mind in that glorious, debased fraction of a second.

Then, literally, all hell broke loose. The feel of tongue, hot and
squirmy, high in his ass, was just what the Doberman needed to get over
the hump. His hips moved at blinding speed, bashing cock to the greedy
brown cunt, as the thick spurt burbled up his tubules. Merrilee shrieked
her joy into my open gash; her box was flooded with dog sperm, hot and
sticky; her own cunt milking and sucking up a come-frenzy. She went at
me with such a fury, suck a flurry of tube splitting tongue stabs, that
I nearly fainted. I came all over her face, every which way. I guess my
head hit the floor because one second I was licking clit and the next I
was flat on my back with a ringing in my ears and then the rain started.
A wonderful, sizzling hot rain of sex juice, sperm and cunt slop, long
ropy strands flying from the slogging cock on the back-thrusts, spewing
from the overflowing pussy on the lunges ... they splattered over my
forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, lips, tongue throat, chin, and I just kept
on coming and coming and coming and coming!

It was Jane who broke the panting, groaning, growling, gagging interlude
that followed all the orgasming. She said:

"Hey, girls, I got a great idea ..."

It was a great idea and it wasn't the only one she had that night. She
kept us up until dawn with crazy couplings, enema bags, more stuff than
I ever even imagined. She was quite a little hostess, alright, and I was
proud as punch that she was my friend.

Chapter 4 "Girl's Best Friend"

September 17, 1970

Dear Diary: Sweet sixteen! Thought I'd never make it, but here I am. I
have to thank Tara for it too. "Tara" is the name Jane Hawser's taken;
it came to her on a boss D.M.T. trip. She's about the hippest girl at
Langousta High.

Merrilee's now going out with ... and going down on ... white boys and
having the time of her life. All it took was a little nudge in the right
direction. Oh, also, she got a dog of her own ... a monster German
Shepherd, all glands and hormones, a real lover-boy.

And speaking about boys ... Tara told me what she thought my trouble
was. Yes, fear of boys. She psychoanalysed me and figured it all out.
She said I was avoiding the problem by doing it with dogs, that
basically, I was scared of making honest, human contact. I said she was
wrong, that I just didn't like playing all the cutesy games we girls
were supposed to play before we got some of the old porker. She said
that was a "rationalisation."

I guess what made me come around to her way of thinking was all the
hassle Mom was putting me through. She figured that if the guys weren't
pounding on the front door with their tongues hanging out at all hours
of the day and night, I was a social failure. Mom couldn't stand the
idea of me being something like that.

Oh, it wasn't that I didn't get lots of offers ... in front of my
locket', on the gym field, in the auditorium ... or that guys didn't
follow me around. Jeez! A girl can't grow some tits and fill out on the
bottom without some goons making a big deal over it. Not that I didn't
like my new attributes, but some of the creeps I caught sniffing my
bicycle seat! God! Take that gross Harold Himmler, for instance. Thinks
he is absolute primo-grade shit. His dad is a big real estate broker,
handles the new development over by the creek, lots of money. He is the
big athlete, all 280 pounds of him. Super Jock! Looks like a cube,
Neanderthal skull, shaves his head down to this stupid eighth inch
Marine regulation length. Walks around school growling at everybody.
Anyway, he decided that I was going to be his girlfriend. Just like
that. "Me, Throwback, you, Polly."

I would've done something really dumb, like spit in his ugly face, if it
hadn't been for Tara. She really straightened me out.

"How're we gonna get to be cheerleaders, if you go spitting on the
team's star line-backer?" she asked.

This was the first time she'd ever mentioned cheerleaders.

"Sure, Polly. It's the American Dream. Every girl wants to be a
cheerleader. It comes with the muff ..."

Hey, well at first I thought she was putting me on, that she'd had a
micro-dot for lunch and she was just tripping. I was wrong ... she was
dead serious.

"Look, Polly, you wanna be a model, right?" she said. "And we both know
you got what it takes, looks-wise, but that isn't enough. You got to
learn how to handle men. They're not much different than dogs, very dumb
dogs. It's men who're gonna try and get control of you, who're gonna
want to run your life. You have to get on top and stay there."

Tara's bloodshot eyes glared at me, burned right into my soul. And I
knew she was right. Manipulation was the name of the game. It sounds
cold and calculating when I write it down, but if it's either them or
you on the end of the string ... better it be them.

"You need to be a cheerleader, Polly," Tara continued. "It will get you
out in front of lots of people, stage experience, and maybe, if the
Langousta team wins All-City, you'll get some exposure in the papers

Her eyes, the pupils mere pinheads, gleamed dully. "And speaking of
exposure, lover, imagine yourself out there in front of the bleachers,
doing high kicks in see-through panties!"

She had to say no more. The two of us signed up to try out for
cheerleader. My Mom, of course, was over-joyed. To her it was another
example of the wonderful influence that sweet Jane Hawser had on me. Mom
began to push and nag like she'd never done before. Always giving me
"good advice," like it was her that was doing everything, like she could
maybe do it a hundred percent better. I started hating her guts. Not
only for the tips on how to be a great cheerleader, but for the
encouragement she gave Harold Himmler.

I started dating the glandular freak right after Tara and I hatched out
plans. She said it would be a good idea if one of us was going out with
the team's big star, that would cinch the cheer-leading spots for us, as
well as give me needed experience in paper training a pubescent male. So
the next time he cornered me in front of my locker and asked me out, I
accepted. If I was afraid of him before ... because of his huge bulk and
little pig eyes ... the look on his face after I took him up on the
offer, that shocked, gleeful grin, cured me. He was a total bozo,
proverbial putty in my hands. I made up my mind right then that I'd
never let him even touch me, that I'd give him terminal blue balls
before I let him have a piece of my ass.

After the hysterical fit, an Oscar winning performance, I threw in the
back of his woody when he tried to get his finger wet, he was completely
cowed, a stuttering, blushing lummox.

Mom really laid it on heavy every time the clod came over, telling him
how much I liked him ... complete garbage, of course, but she felt she
had to gaff my "catch" for me, even though it was obviously gut-hooked.
I couldn't stand to listen to her sucking up to the cretin, puffing tip
his already bloated ego. After every session with Mom, it took me a half
hour of cold shoulder, sarcastic comment and debasing commands to get
things back to normal between us.

Tara and I did get the cheerleader jobs, of course. I never realised how
much "practice" went into doing a few rah-rahs. Neither did Harold. It
was great. I hardly had to spend any time with him at all.

I'll describe the last session, so what I mean is perfectly clear.

After supper, Harold came by to pick me up. Pop left the room when Mom
started in with the "Why, Harold!" bit. It made him as sick as it made
me. And old pea brain standing there, toeing the rug, basking in the
toothy admiration of a fifty-five-year-old woman! It never failed to get
his juices flowing.

On the way out to the woody, he got so overwrought that he actually put
his arm around my shoulder!

"Watch it, moron!" I snapped, shrugging his hand off, and swishing my
butt extra nice as I moved ahead of him.

"Uh ... Pol ... hey, I'm sorry," he blubbered.

Keep them groveling, that's my motto. Off their toes and on their knees.
All the way to the practice room, a sound proof room in the home of one
of the woman gym coaches, I gave the guy the silent treatment. It was a
kick seeing his huge hands strangling the steering wheel in impotent
fury. This cat was a killer on the football field. They called him the
"Monster Man" because he took such satisfaction out of breaking bones.
And I had him chewing his lips and sniveling like a four-year-old.

I was sitting next to him in my cheerleader outfit, super short pleated
skirt, tight sweater that emphasised my firm tits and narrow waist, a
teenage queen. I couldn't help but rub his nose in it. When he stopped
the car in front of Miss Kundard's house, I threw my arms around his
neck and gave him a big, wet kiss on the cheek. He was totally stunned,
blushing up a storm. Then I let my hand slide down over his mammoth
chest, down to the bulging crotch of his levis.

I'll say one thing about Weird Harold, he does have a big dick. And
after all the deprivation therapy I'd been giving him, it was easy as
pie getting a rise out of him. I kind of squeezed his entire lump once
and BOING! His fire-hose stiffened and sprang half way down his thigh.

"Oh, Harold!" I breathed huskily, giving it a pinch at the bloated head.
"It's SO BIG!"

"Pol ... darling ... uh ..." he groaned, making a clumsy attempt to get
his hands in under the short skirt.

That was the signal to split the scene. "Oh, I'm late!" I exclaimed,
pushing away from him and sliding out the door.

"B-b-but, Pol ..." he whined helplessly, his cock pulsing against his

"After practice ... lover," I promised, blowing him a kiss, knowing full
well that after practice ['d be far too exhausted ... and satisfied ...
to want to have anything to do with the ass-hole.

I worked the same sadistic scam on him week after week until I could
hardly keep a straight face when it came to the "SO BIG" part. But the
nitwit never questioned me, never dared accuse me of prick-teasing him.
He took all his violence out on the field, snapping collarbones,
wrenching backs, handing out concussions right and left.

It would've really driven him nuts if he'd ever seen what kind of
"practice sessions" went on in Miss Kunard's sound proof room.

After I blew the bozo a kiss, I went up to the front door and rang the
bell. As usual, the door opened as if by a ghost and I slipped in.
Behind the door was Miss Kunard, our gym coach, five-foot-five inches of
cunt-licking lesbian. She was wearing her silver whistle on a leather
thong around her neck ... and that was all.

"Hi, Polly," she said, closing the door and sliding into my arms. Her
body was warm and soft and sweetly perfumed. She kissed me and her
blonde moustache tickled my nose. It wasn't a heavy growth, just enough
to be interesting.

I put a hand to her big, fluffy bush and gave the hot gash a rub with my
palm. Miss Kunard opened her rather short thighs for me and I really
massaged her whole crotch, digging the feel of her dense, womanly fur,
and the slick stuff slipping from between her pendulous cunt-lips.

"Ooh, stop!" she said, drawing back. "Stop or I'll rape you right here

Having had the pleasure of being raped by Miss Kunard and her magic
dildo before, that sounded fine to me.

"... No! Really, dear. The others are already here and we've got things
planned," she said, giving her whistle a toot. "Come on, it's a
surprise!" she said, leading me into her living room.

From the piles of clothes strewn over the rug, the couch, the armchair,
panties, bras, skirts and sweaters, I figured the fun had already begun.

"That's it, Polly, get down to basics," Miss Kunard said, watching me
peel off my sweater. The dyke sure liked young meat. Her eyes
practically bugged out as I rolled my panties down over my thighs.

"Is your mouth watering, Miss Kunard.?" I asked, spreading my legs and
giving her a full view of my plump, downy little mound.

"You are a cool little bitch," she said, smarting from my words, words
that got to the nitty gritty, that got to the source of the power I had,
we all had, all of us light young things had, over her. For a bull dyke,
she had the tastiest job imaginable ... the care and training of a half
dozen of Langousta High's most delectable cunts ... and we used her
weakness like a blunt instrument to club her into meek, servile

For the privilege of watching us frolic in the nude. and the pleasure of
occasionally dining on fresh pussy. it was her job to provide us with
new and demented thrills. She, with her dark brown nipples, her slightly
sagging tits, her mammoth bush and faint moustache, would orchestrate
the orgies, directing the action with her silver whistle.

I followed the rotating cheeks of her thirty-eight year old ass over to
the door to the "practice room." She wasn't bad looking from behind. She
wore her light brown hair in a short, mannish shag and the tuff of fuzz
between her buns was really kind of cute.

She opened the door and immediately started blowing the hell out of her
whistle. "Girls! Stop it this instant!" she ranted, making the whistle
do a nerve-racking "TWEEEEET!"

I looked in and saw the tangle of slim legs, silky bodies, firm titties,
moist snatches and wagging tongues. They were having a real suck
session. There was Twinky Blair, the tanned, sun-bleached blonde, surfer
chick; and Pam Rumfurd with her auburn pony tail and bubble gum pink
nipples and slit; and Sueann Tsin, a slanty-eyed, black-nippled,
half-oriental with ivory skin and just a hint of downy black pubic fuzz;
and Rhoda Lugo with her super long, super thick brown hair and her super
ample body; and, between the slim, white thighs of Rhoda Lugo, face
gooey with Lugo-juice, my friend and fellow pervert, Jane "Tara" Hawser.

"Hi, Polly!" she exclaimed, giving the Lugo slot, hot and puffy pink
under the dense brown bush, a loving slurp.

"Alright girls," Miss Kunard said, lezzie eyes eating up all the tender
flesh. "Let's do our warm ups."

The "warm ups" were our single concession to the needs of an aging
homophile. They consisted of doing toe touches with our legs spread as
wide as they'd go while the coach watched from behind. She got a real
charge out of the six puckering ass-holes, the six damp muffs bobbing up
and down, one-two-three-four.

Then she blew her whistle again. "That's fine, girls," she said. "Now
line up and I've got a big surprise for you."

We lined up, but not without copping a few quick feels off each other. I
loved the way Sueann's ass felt, a real baby soft butt.

"Keep the groping to a minimum!" she ordered. "Now, when I introduce our
special guest to you, I want you to STAY IN LINE! No rushing him, no
trying to get a few feels before the others. We're going to play this
game by the rules." She gave Tara a castigating look. "Hear that,
Hawser?" she asked.

Tara grinned impishly. I could see what the teacher couldn't. Tara's
hand was snuggled in between Rhoda's round cheeks; her paired fingers
were doing a hell of a job of muff diving.

"Girls ..." Miss Kunard said, "meet Tobor." She opened the back door of
the room and in bounded the biggest, most beautiful dog I ever saw. It
took a three second blast of the whistle to restore order to the

He was a Great Dane, a huge, drooling monster of a dog. His coat was a
sleek grey, shiny, silky like, a two hundred pound silver fox. God! Was
he ever gorgeous! He was all legs and jowls, a regular horse of a dog.
And every one of us girls were leaning down, trying for a look at his
parts, cooing to him, blowing kisses.

"Here, Tobor! Come on, boy ..." Tara shouted, waving her sloppy-wet,
curly muff about under his nose.

The poor thing snorted, its immense nose spraying slobber every which
way. It looked very confused.

"Now that'll be enough, Hawser!" the coach said, clapping her hands for
attention, making her boobs flop all over her chest. "You all know how
we play the game. Our honoured guest has his choice of the first
partner. After a delightful, three minute interval, at the sound of my
whistle, the partners will change. On and on, until we all are quite
satisfied. Right?"

"RIGHT!" came the deafening reply.

"No coaxing, now Lugo!" the dyke warned, releasing Tobor's collar.

At first the great hound didn't know what to do. Everybody was so
excited. He trotted back and forth on his big, soft pads, snuffing along
the floor, looking worried. Then he lifted his leg ... and pissed all
over Miss Kunard's water bed, a splattering, hissing stream that pooled
right in the bed's sagging centre.

"God! He could do that on me, anytime!" Twinky cried, fingering herself.
Her straight blonde bush was shining with her own fragrant lubricant.

Pam Rumfurd, who was the closest chick to the hosing, squealed, "What a
pud! What a pud!"

Then the big fellow lowered his leg and paused with much groaning to
scratch his fleas. After sniffing his foot, he scrambled to his feet and
inspected the troops.

Poor little Sueann got a hot, wet dog nose right on the hairless cunt.
We all laughed at the way her knees knocked together when the animal
snorted and gave her juicy slot a long lick. His tongue was immense and
pretty doggone wonderful from the way the slender oriental began
whimpering and snapping her silky buns.

Then he moved on, leaving her to bite a finger, and flip her hips into
thin air. She looked on the verge of tears.

The laugh was on Twinky, then. The dog shoved his soft muzzle in between
her thighs and she whinnied ecstatically. She lifted her leg and gave
him all the room he needed for a full tour of the grounds. The hot funk
really started flowing when dog tongue lapped at her hole, boring up and
in for a deep taste. Her baby blue eyes popped way open and her mouth
gaped. Tobor knew how to handle himself, alright. His jowls flapped as
he stuffed hot tongue up Twinky's snatch. It was more tongue than the
surfer girl had ever had. She didn't know whether to hump or cry. so she
did both at once.

When her hand dropped to caress the nice doggy's ears, he drew back,
snorting long streamers of juice all over the floor.

"Don't touch!" Miss Kunard warmed, as Twinky began to go after the horny
stud, to drag him back to the funky trough.

Tobor ambled in my direction. My heart was bashing against my chest. Oh,
I loved him so! I thought about that big horse of an animal up on my
back, his long thick choad slamming up me, and my cunt just went all
mushy. I could feel the trickles of juice running down the inside of my
thighs. And my pussy was SO HOT! Like a little oven, an oven made for
baking dog cock.

I felt a ripple of joy surge over my belly as he stopped short right in
front of me. Head cocked to one side, drool splattering all over, he
looked up at me with his soft brown eyes. And something wonderful

Maybe it was like Lenore Baxter said and I just had a way with dogs,
maybe my pussy had some kind of special power.

"God!" Tara cried as the front paws landed on my shoulders, knocking me
to my knees. "Look at his cock!!"

That was all I could do! No sooner than my knees hit the floor, than his
slimy hot cock was slapping me in the face. I ignored Miss Kunard and
her stopwatch, the five other giddy girls, and got down to brass tacks.
With two hands I held the squirming pooch prick still and stuffed the
flaring, enraged cap in my mouth. It was the biggest hunk of cock I'd
ever tried to suck and my jaws started aching instantly. I could barely
get even the head of it in my mouth. Ooh, but it was tasty. Such blazing
heat! Such a juicy boy he was! And those horse haunches began snapping.
And I couldn't control his flipping cock, there was just too much of it
and he was too damn strong. His dick-head bashed into my mouth, doing
its best to ram a new opening to the outside world, through the back of
my skull. Don't get me wrong, I do love doggy dick and a little pain
never hurt anybody, but Tobor, from that angle was just too damn much.

I kind of collapsed and let the monster sprawl all over me. He rooted
around in my forks, whining and nasalising his lust. Then his tongue
found my opening and hot tongue lanced up my cunt. I came right then. No
bull-shit. Just mind-rattling squirm time in Tobor's face.

Somehow we got turned around and I found myself looking up at all that
lean red meat of his. I took hold of the nozzle and gave his cock a
home. It was so much better upside down. His dick flew easily down my
throat, and I could handle almost all of it without gagging. It did kind
of hurt when the needle nose bumped way down my gullet where I swallow,
but the taste and the smell and the feel of his dick lunging in and out
of my mouth was so fantastic that I didn't give a damn.

The other girls were pressed in close, digging the hot action, shouting
encouragement to me. Then the old bull-dyke gave me the one minute

I didn't have much time, but I was determined to get the Dane's cherry.
I gave up his gorgeous cock and removed my shivering forks from under
his hot tongue. I got on my belly and then up on all fours in under him.

At the feel of silky back against his belly, and velvety cunt lips in
the vicinity of his stiff pod, Tobor locked his forelegs about my chest,
cutting off my wind, filling me with the kind of wonderful fear I
thought I'd never feel again. God! He was so powerful!!! I could feel
his ass shifting, as he tried to find my slot, probing with sizzling tip
of his cock in among my tender folds. He grew more and more frantic, his
legs hurting me as they twisted my body about to suit his whim. Then, it
happened. I guess it was inevitable considering the fact that I was not
allowed to use hands to guide him in.

His oozing cock, slippery with my slobber and natural lubricant slid
down the crack in my ass and came to an abrupt halt in the pouty floral
adornment of my ass-hole.

"OH! NOOOOO!" I cried, as the needle nosed dick neatly, and with no
effort, punctured my pore. It slid in, searing my tube, stopping at the
point where the cap began to flare out.

I won't name names but somebody over thirty gave Tobor a slap on the

All of a sudden I was taking ass-splitting lunges and squealing my head
off. God, could that big bastard throw a mean screw! He was pod deep in
my ass after the second thrust and hauling back with his forelegs,
dragging me into his ass flips. My poor little ass-hole stretched like
taffy to accommodate the heavy choad. And then the pain sort of faded
and it wasn't half bad.

That dog loved the feel of tight hole around his cock alright, and he
gave me the ass fuck of a life time, shaking up my cookies but good. His
pecker kept flying through my ass-hole faster and faster and it was so
slick and hot I started coming again even though he wasn't touching my
cunt, It was the pressure, I guess. Anyway, I had a tiger on my back and
my cunt started squirming and my ass-hole, too, kind of squeezing the
long cock as it slid past.

Then old cunt face started blowing her whistle and shouting, "Times up!
Times up" as if Tobor gave a shit.

The girls were spellbound watching all that red dog dick flip up my
pore. The top of my head was coming off and Tara was yelling something
about Harold, about what if Harold knew who his rival was, who was
getting all the jelly-roll. Lord! That made my orgasm better.

It took all six of them to drag the humping Dane off my buns. I kept
telling them it's OK, that I liked it, but they were real freaked out,
afraid that he might rip me apart on the inside. His cock made a loud
pop as it left my ass-hole. It was all I could do to just sit on the
floor, pre-come leaking from my abused pore, my pore flexing like a
banshee, my hips still jerking about wildly, my bowels still burning
from the friction of his cock.

The intense corn-hole scene had sent the other girl's libido into outer
space. The coach could no more control them than she could control
herself. While I writhed, scooting across the floor on a wonderfully
aching pore, the orgy began in earnest.

Pam and Rhoda crawling under Tobor's belly with open, drooling mouths.
Twinky was assaulting dog dick head on. Little Sueann had plopped
herself down in an armchair, hung her slim legs over the arms, holding
her juicy, red-lipped cunt open, for the Dane to lick. The dog waded
into her tight twat, tongue tip searching for and finding the source of
her mysterious, bitter herb and musk tasting pussy slop. The girl
wriggled in joy as hot tongue surged up her tube and her soft buns leapt
up from the chair seat to greet the quickening, deepening lunges.

Tara was trying in vain to impale herself on the stick hard, but
frantically wagging grey tail. She was standing on one foot, thighs
spread, the other foot braced against the inside of her wobbling knee.
She'd get the thick tail tip aimed tight ... it would've been hard to
miss those drooping, swollen fuck-ready lips, even in the dark ... and
Tobor would remember that he was one happy dog and the tail would squirt
out of the slot.

Pam and Rhoda were making sloppy sounds in under Tobor's belly, their
butts bobbing, sticking up in the air. They were licking dog cock from
either side, tongues lashing over one another, while Twinky sucked and
puffed over the juicy red bulb.

Miss Kunard was in a perfect fuck-dither, head snapping from upturned
buns and dewy pink twats to dog-lips slobbering over an ecstatic girl's
widely spread and flexing pussy to the mind-boggling sight of a nubile
teenager trying to fuck herself with a dog's wagging tail. As a very
distraught Tara tossed Tobor's tail away in disgust, our dear coach
kneeled down and helped herself to a hot meal of Rhoda Lugo's furry
little cunt.

Rhoda shrieked in delight as the lesbian instructress slid five inches
of well-trained tongue up her pussy from behind. The brown tressed
beauty flipped her ass into Miss Kunard's face, making the eager dyke's
nose grind into her nasty little bung-hole.

"Jesus!" Tara cried, yanking at her hair, eyes crazed. Then a glimmer of
inspiration lit her face and she threw herself on the big dog's smooth,
furry back. She straddled his back, locking her bare and juicing fork
onto his backbone, his quivering, jerking musculature. She rode that
animal's silky back like a rodeo cowboy, one hand in the air. Her hot
slot slid up and down the smooth fur, leaving behind a snail's trail of
woman goo, and she was whooping and hollering and coming all over him.

Even Miss Kunard looked up from her teen meat feast to see what was

Things were moving right along for us girls ... I'd come, Tara'd come,
little Sueann had come for about five minutes straight, Rhoda'd come in
the coach's mouth, and Pam, who was licking dog dick and fingering
Twinky, was on the verge of some heavy squirming ... as was the
cock-sucking surfer girl. Things didn't seem so good for Tobor ... it
worried me, too .. like maybe the big fella had prostate trouble or

Tara was thinking the same thing as she swung her loose and very red
cunt off the dog's back. "Hey, girls!" she yelled. "I got a great idea!"

Everybody but the cunt sucking coach looked up.

"Let's give this doggy some lesbo twat! Who knows, maybe it'll be the
first real male meat she's had up that hairy thing!"

She had to say no more. It was pile-on-the-coach time.

"Girls! Girls! Dear God, NOOOOO!" she wailed as we forcibly hauled her
off Rhoda's cunt, as we dragged her to her feet. "TWEEEEET" she blew on
the silver whistle

That gave us all a big fat laugh.

Pam and Sueann pushed the armchair over so the long flat back of it was
sticking up, so the seat was facing the floor.

"Girls, enough is enough," she said, trying to fake us out with her
stern teacher voice. She broke down again when we grabbed her wrists and
pulled her, belly down on the back of the chair. Her ass stuck way up in
the air, her legs dangling between the chair legs, her face going all
purple from the blood rushing to it.

While Pam, Rhonda, Sueann and Twinky held the terrified teacher pinned
to the overturned chair, Tara and I led the panting dog up the garden
path. All we had to do was point him in the general direction. Once his
nose caught her cunt stench there was no holding him back.

I kind of felt a little sorry for old Miss Kunard. When Tobor leapt up
on her back, she started blowing her whistle in short, panicked bursts.

The big fellow's hairy haunches were snapping, flipping right into her
big womanly buns. His long dong was going every which way, between her
ass-cheeks, in under her belly, everywhere but the right place.

I ducked in under heaving dog chest and flailing coach legs, took a
handful of educator muff, split it with my fingers, then I took hold of
Tobor's slimy fire-hose.

"Give it to her!" Tara shouted gleefully.

I shoved needle nose into creamy pink gash and jumped for cover.


Tobor hurled himself onto her, driving even the wide pod tip into her
uptilted cunt, force-feeding every millimetre of his cock into her. The
coach just stiffened, her face turning purple.

"Look at that!" Pam cried, as dog hips shot back, drawing with them a
horribly engorged prick, the distended, sucking lips of Miss Kunard's
pussy, and probably the largest hair-pie in Taxco.

"Twee ... t!" the lesbo blew weakly as Tobor, eyes on the prize, jowls
drooling all over her back, began humping her in earnest ... long, cunt
rending ass flips that wrung quarts of hot lubricant from her box. His
lips were drawn back from his fangs, his soft brown eyes were closed. He
was snorting like a steam engine, pumping like a jack-hammer.

Then Miss Kunard's mouth fell open. The silver whistle stuck to her
lower lip for an instant, then fell away. "Oh, ahhh! OOOH, LOVER!!!" she
cried, lifting her soft ass into the dog's dick flips.

The smell in the room was bad, let me tell you. And I mean bad.
Thirty-eight year old pussy, once it gets in motion, sure doesn't smell
like anything human. More like wombat cunt, or tapir twat.

I was content to let things just grind on out to the finish, Tobor
whining and screwing, Miss Kunard shaking her ass and screwing right
back. But, of course, Tara had to get her little pink tongue into
things. She and Twinky crept in behind the dog's jabbing butt, and the
two of them shoved their hot tongues right up the flexing ass-hole

Talk about instant action! That doggy jerked like he'd gotten ten
thousand volts. And hot flop was spurting all over the place, actually
flying out of her tube from the powerful pressure behind the squirts.
Coach had her cheek pressed to the vinyl back of the chair; her face was
deep purple; her ass feinting and flipping, tube milking hot doggy come
as she orgasmed.

The two of them screwed righteously for some time after their orgasms
stopped. Miss Kunard's muff completely covered in sperm. It looked like
someone had dumped a 16-ounce container of Elmer's Glue-all down her ass

When we finally dragged the happy dog off her, she just laid there on
the chair, ass sticking up, goo running down the back of her thighs, for
the longest time. We got kind of worried and helped her to her feet. She
could barely stand and I swear, at first anyway, her eyeballs were

"T-thank you girls," she said in a voice that was a frail, quaking,
breaking whisper.

We knew she didn't mean, thank you for helping her off the chair.

After a group shower and feel-a-thon, it was time to go home. Weird
Harold was sitting outside in the woody.

"Hi, Poll, how'd it go?" he asked, sliding a gorilla arm about my neck.
I could see by the tent pole in his pants that he'd remembered my little
promise about "later." I wondered if it was the same hard-on as before.

"Oooh, baby ..." he crooned in my ear, his animal paws slipping down to
cup my tits.

"Hey! Cut it out!" I cried, shoving him off me. I pointed at the large
lump in his crotch. "Is that all you think about?"

He crossed his legs trying to hide the erection, his face blushing.

"You've got a one track mind, Himmler! You're sick, sick, sick. I don't
think I want to know you any more ..."

"Wow, Pol ... I'm sorry," the big turkey blubbered. "I know you're not
that kind of a girl ..."

At that very instant my asshole kind of twitched and I was bathed in
warm memories of stabbing dog dick, dick pounding on my sphincter. I
thought: "If you only knew, you big tub of guts!!!"

I had to turn away to repress the bubbling rush of giggles I felt rising
from my soul. "And don't you forget it, Harold!" I warned him. "Take me

"Monster Man" cranked up the Ford and eased out into the street, meek as
a lamb. To make him feel even worse about his base desires, I didn't
deny him the ritual peck on the cheek at my front door.

"Oh, wow" the caveman gushed, rushing away from me to hide his tears,
his shame.

Damn! Was that ever a kick in the ass!

Chapter 5 "Wedding Night Blues"

June 9, 1971

Dear Diary: Do I ever have some hot news to write about!! No longer am I
Miss Polly Oliver! It's Mrs. Harold Himmler from now on, or at least for
the time being. And, even bigger news, Wally Baxter called from Los
Angeles and said he may have something for me!!!

Well, first things first. How'd I ever get hitched up with old Weird
Harold? It wasn't easy, really. As you probably gathered, he and I had a
pretty strange relationship. But that was only because I couldn't stand
the sight of him.

Anyway, it seemed the worse I treated him, the better football he
played. Last season, his final season as a senior, he went absolutely
wild on the playing field. God! Could that dude ever break bones! I
swear, you could hear the knees knocking together in the offensive
back-field all the way up in the stands when Weird Harold took the
field. There was talk about outlawing him because of unsportsman-like
conduct, but then he got nominated for All-City, All-League,
All-National teams and the protests kind of blew away. His last home
game he fractured a line judge's spine when he disagreed with a close
call. The local paper, the 'Langousta Times-Crier', said the judge
deserved what he got.

It was kind of sickening watching the big ape go berserk for old
Langousta High, knowing as I did, what a total wimp he was off the
field. It was pathetic, too, how pleased he was that college and pro
scouts were calling him up all the time, trying to get him to sign up. I
never even paid his career the slightest bit of attention, not until the
night the Rams made him a solid offer.

Talk about keyed up! Old Harold was really feeling his oats after the
big phone call, let me tell you. We'd had this date to go to the
Drive-In and when I saw him like that, right away I told him I had a
headache and didn't want to go.

That brought the moron down in a hurry. I let him wheedle and whine for
fifteen minutes straight before I consented to accompany him. Mom said
for us to have a good time. What a laugh! The Drive-In was playing a
double bill of "Deep Throat" and a real sleeper, "Teen-Meat Orgies."
Just Mom's cup of tea.

Well, Linda was just starting to do her thing when Harold, unable to
control his joy any longer, burst out and told me about the Rams. I sat
there and stared at him like he was an insect. But, for once he was
oblivious. Bouncing up and down on the seat like a ten-year-old kid.

I got this urge, you know, to really lay it on him, make him push a
pizza around the parking lot with his nose or something. "That's
wonderful, Harold!" I cried in my best Annette Funicello voice, scooting
over next to him in the seat.

The bozo was so goofy he didn't even notice. He acted like it was only
natural that I'd warm up to him, the soon to be famous football star.
Dog-shit! I nuzzled my tits up against his huge chest and nibbled at his
hairy ear lobe.

"Oooh! That Linda sure can suck!" I groaned in his ear.

"Uhh ... yeah," he said, looking up at the screen and seeing it for the
first time. Moist lips were diving down over arching pink cock.

I squeezed his tit muscles. "Hey, Harold ... how'd ... how'd you like me
to do that to you?"

"Huh?" he said, totally stunned, his ears burning red against my lips.

I groped his coiled fire-hose of a cock.

"Ooh ..." he groaned.

"Wouldn't you like me to suck it a little bit?" I cooed.

"Uhh ... gee, Pol ..." he said, knowing full well that he was treading
on uncertain ground, that my mercurial temperament could, at any second,
turn cold and unwilling. "Do you really want to?"

I kneaded his prick into life. It surged down his pants-leg and throbbed
against his thigh.

"You don't want me to see it!" I pouted, letting go of his huge

"Uhh ... no, that's not it at all, Pol," he stammered, clawing at his
fly with both hands. "Here ... see!"

He yanked the stiff joint from his crotch, waving it about for me to
see. Goddamn! Was he ever hung! Like a gorilla for real. The head looked
like a boa constrictor's, wide and flat and oozing creamy stuff from the
slot. His shaft was pink and thick and unused looking, like a baby's,
only huge and swollen. The up-curving shaft stuck lewdly from his fly;
the hot bulb bobbed an inch or two from the steering wheel's horn
button. It made my jaws ache just to look at that thing.

"Can I touch it?" I asked in the husky tones of Annette.

"Wow, sure, Pol!" he exclaimed, kind of scooting over closer to me.

I reached out and took it in my hand. The bozo shut his pig eyes and
clenched his teeth. "It's so hot!" I squealed in delight, giving it a
quick flip through my fist.

"Ooh, God!" Harold moaned, unable to keep his hips from shifting.

I worked my thumb over the velvety folds of his nerve bundle, making him
really start to squirm. "Do you like that?" I asked in mock

"Wow, YES!" he cried.

I gave him a few more long, wringing strokes. By the time I was done, I
had the cretin wheezing and his pre-come was dribbling down over the
back of my hand.

"I've never done this before ..." I lied apologetically, "so if I do
something wrong, you'll tell me, won't you?"

Harold, his beetle brow sweating, upper lip curled back from his teeth,
nostrils flared, just nodded vigorously. His big paw of a hand came down
on the back of my head and pressed hard, forcing my mouth in the general
direction of his cock-head. That pissed me off no end, so after making a
big deal of moaning and groaning while I brushed his velvety dome
against my lips, I opened my mouth, took his prick cap inside and bit
down on it hard. I mean chomped!

You should've seen that ape sit up straight! Like someone had slipped
him an electric enema. His pig eyes were clamped shut and his face was
all screwed up with pain but he didn't dare complain for fear I'd change
my mind and let go of his tumescent dick.

"Does that hurt?" I asked through clenched teeth, shaking my head like
terrier with a rat!

He couldn't speak. He just shook his head "no." His hands were
strangling the steering wheel.

His pre-come didn't taste too bad, not as good as doggy spunk, but I'd
had worse from Wally Baxter. I decided to get the show on the road. I
let go of his dick head and looked up at the screen, sliding the shaft
through both my hands. "Let's see ... uhh, yeah," I said, pretending to
take a lesson from the ascended mistress of cock-sucking. "Well, here
goes nothing ..." I said.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let my drooling tongue lash
over his pud-cap and nerve bundle, lubricating the way for my throat.
Then I took him in. And I mean TOOK. Like a pro, a fifty-year-old
hooker. I shoved the head past the back of my tongue and swallowed him
whole. My lips dove down over his shaft, clear to the coarse hairs at
the gross root. I didn't gag once!!

Then I let it all slide out from between my tightly closed lips. "How
was that?" I asked breathlessly.

"Ohgodohgodohgod ..." Harold mumbled. Before he could collect his
thoughts. I swallowed him again, twisting throat about his shaft, making
tongue vibrate against his balls.

His orgasm was on its way. I could feel the tell-tale shifting motion of
his nuts, the flexing of his dick tendons. Giving him one more juicy
thrust for good measure, I tore his already wriggling cock from my mouth
and held it aimed straight up.

"Uhnff! Uhnff!" Harold snorted, eyes shut, hips snapping, cock spitting
white strands of splooie almost high enough to touch the head-liner.

That goon could really send up a gusher! Hot sperm flopped all over his
original equipment wood steering wheel and dash board, obliterating the
odometer, the speedometer, the oil pressure and generator gauges. Long,
ropy streamers of the stuff clung to the windshield and turn signal
lever, to the knobs on the radio and the rear view mirror.

Weird Harold snuffled and quivered for the longest time, deep in a
joyous swoon. When he finally came around and looked at the awful mess
he'd made of his car's interior, and his still flexing cock in my hot
little hand, he moaned and mumbled something I couldn't quite make out.
"How's that, Harold?" I said loudly.

"M-marry me, Pol. Please!" he croaked, flinching like a gutless puppy.

"Let me think about it," I said, surprising myself even more than poor
Weird Harold. "Why don't you mop up this ... mess? I have to go to the
ladies' room," I informed him, showing him a glistening gob of pearly
squirt nestled between my first and second knuckles. I held my hand far
away from my body as I slid out of the car, as if the goop were
something not only perfectly hideous, but alive as well.

I didn't give him my answer that night. I had to talk to Tara first. I
stalled the bozo without any trouble, changing the subject and
stimulating his interest at the same time by asking him how I compared
to Linda Lovelace.

The dumb asshole really started blushing then, but he had the gall to
ask: "Wow, how was it for you, Pol?"

"I nearly puked," I told him. "Don't you ever wash that thing?"

That put the bastard in his place.

Tara and I had our pow-wow the next morning before school. I told her
what'd happened and when she stopped laughing she said, "Marry the

I figured my old pal had been hitting the aerosol spray for breakfast.
"You're not serious," I said.

"Shit, yes, I am!" she exclaimed. Her blue eyes looked more alive than
they had in weeks. The freon propelled aerosol shortening she'd been
snorting really put a glaze on her peepers. I swear you could fry fish
on her corneas.

"What're your plans for the future?" she demanded.

"You know ... modeling, Hollywood," I told her.

"And what's a little marriage to a rich real estate broker's son gonna
hurt any of that? Huh? You tell me."

"God!" I said, "You are serious!"

"Sure!" Tara put an arm around my shoulders. "Think about it, Polly. All
his daddy's money ... and when you get the itch to move on, guess what?"


"Yasss, yasss, and alimony, baby," she chortled. "It can't hurt your
career to be momentarily married to a great violent bullock of a
football star ... not with the TV coverage he's going to be getting in
the fall ... Monday Night Football, Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford ..."

"Jesus! But I'd have to sleep with it!!" I cried, shaking my fists in
her face.

That seemed to take some of the wind out of her sails. Then she was
beaming again. "According to state law, sweet-cheeks, you'd only have to
do it once ..."

Suddenly it didn't seem so bad. I mean, it didn't seem good, but the
idea didn't make me gag like at first. I looked at Tara and grinned,
"I'll ask the folks."

I needn't write anything about how my Mom felt about the proposal. I
think the shock of it was what killed my Pop. He was too stunned to even
put up a show of protest.

So, Dear Diary, I guess I was destined to be a teenage bride. The Bride
of Frankenstein. Weird Harold and I had one hell of a wedding, though.
His dad got a special deal on the upper floor of a funeral home over on
Ardmore, the Little Chapel of the Burnished Prawn. What with all the
limousines pulling up in front, it looked like a Mafia chieftain had
bitten his last linguini. The booze and food were great. Jack-in-the-Box
did the catering, along with Cut-Rate Likkers.

My Mom ran around like a chicken with its head chopped off, shouting,
"Isn't it wonderful? I'm so happy!" to no one in particular. My Pop
stood in a corner, getting stiff-ass drunk, his face kind of olive
green. Mr. Himmler, the land baron, was a squat barrel of a man in an
orange and blue plaid sports coat, maroon bell-bottom slacks, white
leather shoes with lots of tiny pin holes in them. For a wedding present
he gave us a five bedroom, split level home over in the creek
development. Mrs. Himmler looked like the mummy unwrapped. Pasty pale
face, hideous auburn flip wig. The only time a life-like expression came
over her sour puss was when her hubby jumped up on the buffet banquet
table, and started singing "Zip-a-dee-doo-dah" while dancing and making
his toupee swivel round and round on his head. The expression was one of
pure horror.

About half way through the actual ceremony, the L.S.D. tab I'd taken for
a pick-me-up started letting-me-down. And I began to get antsy about the
'culmination of the contract', or in plain English, Harold's big pud in
my twat. I'd told myself long ago that I'd never let him get a piece of
my ass and I hated like hell to go back on that solemn promise. I
remember looking up at the giant asshole as he mumbled the sacred oath.
He looked like a cartoon gorilla in that tuxedo, all sloppy drunk and it
was barely one in the afternoon.

While the ceremony was interrupted briefly for my Mom to rush in and mop
up my husband-to-be's drooling chin ("Isn't it wonderful?"), I looked
back to my bride's maid for moral support.

The lewd wink Tara gave me helped get me past the official mumbo jumbo.
Then it was time for more drinky-poo, and scads of Jack Tacos and onion
rings, and then the wedding pictures. I didn't get a chance to talk to
her until most of the guests had staggered out, stumbled into their
cars, and roared off towards the nearest freeway on-ramp.

"You look great!" Tara cried, real tears running down her apple cheeks.
It was hard as hell taking a piss in that wedding gown, let me tell you.
"Uh-huh," I said, trying to keep my veil dry.

"I got a present for you," she said, taking a brown paper wrapped box
from behind her back. "Hey, you didn't have to ..." I said.

"Oh, yes I did!" she protested. "After all, I got you into this mess

"What?" I asked, not understanding what that had to do with a wedding

"You'll see," she said, handing the box to me. When I started to rip off
the paper, she said: "No! Wait till later. Wait until tonight, just
before you go to bed ..."

I still didn't see what the big deal was, but I agreed to do as she

Harold's dad got us a special deal on a honeymoon suite, too. A whole
weekend at the Bide-a-Wee Motel in the magnificent foothills overlooking
Interstate Super-highway 5. Just the sight of the diamond-tufted, Magic
Fingers equipped, circular bed sent me into hysterics. When I saw the
mirror on the ceiling I started bawling like a baby.

Harold didn't know what to do. He was two-thirds zonko on all the Jack
Colas and Creme de Menthes he'd guzzled. He kind of stuttered and rushed
to the door, then rushed back, then back to the door. "Hey, don't cry,
Pol," he finally said. "I'll be real gentle with you ..."

God, did I ever wish I was some place else when that creep sat down on
the bed next to me and put his ape arm around my shoulder.

"Don't be nervous, Pol," he whined through his nose.

The asshole had the biggest boner of his life stretching the hell out of
his rent-a-tux. I wanted to die. I wanted to scream. I wanted to puke.

And I jumped up from the bed and ran into the bathroom and did just

"Are you alright?" Harold asked, a safe distance away.

I could hear his fly unzip and the rustling of his shirt tails as he
whipped his eager cock. "I'm fine now." I said, lying. "Uh ... could you
hand me that present from Tara."

I was just playing for time, hoping that the cretin would pass out
before it was put-out time. He handed me the box and I closed the door
and locked it without thanking him.

Here I was, a girl who'd gladly let dogs of all sizes and breeds unload
their ducts in my cunt, actually physically sick at the thought of
letting my husband do the same thing. If he really was a gorilla, I
thought I could've actually enjoyed it. Maybe I could close my eyes and

Even to me it sounded horribly pathetic. I took my anger and frustration
out on brown wrapping paper. When I saw the illustration on the box, my
heart skipped a beat. When I read the garish, red and blue label, I
could've jumped for joy. Tara, my savior!!! And I understood what she'd
meant by saying it was her fault, implying she had a duty to me. A duty
to save my sweet little cunt!!!

I tore open the box, and there in all its life-like, hair rimmed, flesh
coloured, vinyl glory was the 'Phony-gina'. Satisfaction guaranteed or
triple your money back. Lordy, lordy, lordy. I picked the thing up and
was amazed at the silky, real skin texture of the lips and tube, the
crispness of the swatch of Dynel pubes.

"Come on out, Pol. I'm already in bed," Harold called.

"Just a second, honey," I said, reading the operating instructions
frantically. The artificial cunt sort of hung in this harness thing
right over your mound. It fit real snug up against the lips of your twat
so there was no tell-tale gap. I ran the sink's hot water tap and, when
the steam was really billowing, following the instructions, I filled the
hollow plastic pussy lips and the double walled cunt tube with hot
water. There was this little bulb thing that got taped to your armpit.
It made the whole thing tighten and flex. like a real twat, and it also
controlled the flow of a special 'Phony-gina lubri-cunt' that was
included in the package.

The only thing I worried about was the angle of the tube. I'd seen lots
of pussies up close, and explored them with various long, wiggling parts
of my anatomy, and the tangent this fake cunt took was absolutely out of
the question. It sort of snaked up over the top of my mound, over my
tummy, angling in the direction of the ceiling. I tightened up the clear
plastic straps and prayed to God that Harold knew as much about cunt as
I knew about Quantum Mechanics.

I slipped into my rose pink peignoir, my Mom's wedding present, and
checked myself out in the bathroom mirror. The "Phony-gina" bulged out
between my thighs more like a false cock than a pussy. No matter how
much I hunched over it looked pretty damn obvious.

"Ohh, Harold-lover," I called in my best imitation of Sandra Dee,
aroused-but-frightened. "Are the lighty-poos on?"

"Yeah. Do you want me to turn them off or something?" he asked, puzzled.
Then it sank in to his thick skull ... all the Doris Day movies he'd
seen as a pre-teenager ... "Wifely Modesty", it was called. The shy
bride baring for the first time to any man her nubile and willing body.
Ho-hum. "Wow, just a sec, Pol. I'll hit the switch," he shouted,
bounding from the bed.

Then the springs creaked again and he asked meekly, "I can leave the
night light on, can't I?"

"Is it very small?" I asked crankily.

"Oh, yes!"

"Alright. Are you ready?"

"OH, YES!"

"Here I come," I said, hitting the switch on the bathroom light and then
opening the door. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the dark.

"Do you want some help?" he asked, the bed creaking.

"No! Stay there, I'll come to you," Sandra Dee cooed. By squinting, I
could make out the outline of the bed. I could just see his face sort of
grinning at me from the pillow, and then things got better and I saw the
great tent his cock was pitching in the centre of the round bed. Ham
actress that I am, I played the scene to the hilt.

"Hey! Who's that in bed with you?" I demanded.

"Huh?" Harold said. "Oh! Just a friend."

"Show me," I said, walking to the side of the bed.

Harold peeled back the covers and unveiled his mammoth organ. He laughed
a moronic, heh-heh-heh laugh.

"Ohh, darling!" I gushed. "You'll kill me with that thing!"


I slipped under the covers beside him, my skin crawling at the touch of
his clammy body next to mine.

"Aren't you going to take off that thing?" he asked, turning on his
side, his big gorilla hand sliding to squash my tit.

"Ooh, not tonight. It's too soon," I cooed, pretending to enjoy his
clumsy nipple twiddling. That explanation, 'Wifely Modesty', seemed to
satisfy him again. I had a real winner there.

"God, I love you so!!" he half-coughed, half-grunted, his hands trying
to shove my tits in under my armpits.

"I'm so glad," I said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster under
the circumstances, and re-routed his paws to the artificial part of my

That really gave the bozo a charge. His hands struggled to get in under
the nightie, ripped it in the process, and then I felt his fingernails
on my naked thigh.

"You're so beautiful!" he cried, squirming in closer to me so that his
big, hot pud-cap nudged my kneecap. "Oooh!" he whimpered as I took hold
of his cock. "I washed it," he said contritely.

"Uh-huh," I said non-committally, having no intention of bringing my
mouth anywhere near it ever again.

His hand slid over more and then, blissfully, I couldn't feel it any
more. I could sort of vaguely feel the weight of it, but there was no
sensation of being mauled.

"Oh, golly!" he croaked, his pud doing push-ups in my palm.

I guessed he'd got a feel of that wonderful imitation pubic fuzz. I gave
the bulb a quick nudge. Under his untrained, inexperienced fingertips,
'my' clitoris swelled up like a pencil stub.

"Goll-ee!" he exclaimed, running his finger down the steam heated
crevasse. "It's so hot!"

I nudged the bulb again and rewarded his spatulate finger tip with a
trickle of 'Lubri-cunt'. I nearly cracked up laughing right then from
the way he sucked in his breath at the feel of the warm, perfumed
safflower oil.

His finger squirmed lower, pushing aside the swelling vinyl cunt-lips,
searching for 'my' hole. When he was in the general area. I let out a
real crazy, wild woman moan, flipped my hips, and gave the bulb a hard

"Oh, baby ..." Harold nasalised, as the plastic opening puffed out,
enabling him to cram a finger inside the slippery, hot tube.

This was the touchy moment. If he didn't realise anything was wrong now,
he never would. God! Only a complete nitwit would believe a chick's cunt
felt like that!

"It's so tight!" the complete nitwit groaned, jerking his finger around.

His prick was oozing all over my thighs and I figured it was time to get
the show on the road. Time to consummate the marriage. I started
groaning and moaning like a collie in heat, making his finger flying and
out of my 'cunt'.

"Oh. I knew you'd be like this," Harold whined, a peculiar cringing tone
to his voice.

Then he startled the shit out of me by ducking his head in under the
covers and heading right for the sloppy vinyl cunt. He must've got the
idea from a--as he called them--"Prono Flick." I was scared his hands
would rub over the straps and he'd catch on to the game, so I locked my
thighs shut, stiffened up like a board, and told him that I wasn't ready
for anything so risque as cunt-lapping, that he had to realise I had
feelings, too, that it'd take time for me to really loosen up to him.
The cretin swallowed the bull-shit instead of the plastic cunt, and came
out from under the covers. I got him all wheezing again with a few quick
pud tugs and some absolutely wacko whinnying.

"It won't hurt. I promise," he said, lurching into the saddle of my

I felt like saying: "You're damn right! I won't feel a thing!" But I
kept my trap shut. I was just glad he wasn't grinding that fire-hose
into my real cunt. Jesus! The weight alone was enough to kill. He kept
groaning, "Oh, baby ... Oh, baby ..." over and over like a stuck record,
his hand fumbling, trying to stuff cock head in the slick hole.

The idiot couldn't manage it, so I reached in between my buns and gave
his crank a yank in the right direction. He sucked in air between his
clenched teeth when his pud-cap made contact with steam heated orifice.
It must've been a real thrill for him. He was so excited he could barely
get his hips going. I felt sort of embarrassed for him. It was weird
laying there with the old thighs spread, having some gorilla trying to
hump you when you can't feel a thing. I decided to really lay it on him,
make him squirt pronto.

"GOD! Take me!" I shrieked, spreading my thighs so far apart that my
knees touched the bed. "Fuck me good!"

Harold's butt started grinding then, and he was really panting up a
storm, screwing the hell out of that 'Phony-gina'. I was kind of scared
that it wouldn't hold up under the kind of wild rutting abuse he was
heaping on it, but actually I had nothing to fear. Later, when I re-read
the guarantee, I saw that the same model was used in bovine artificial

I egged Harold on, talking dirty to him, telling him how great his pud
felt, how it was ironing out all my wrinkles, trash like that. He was
huffing and puffing like he was going to bust a gut and I was giving the
control bulb these frantic squeezes, so the cunt swelled and shrank,
fluttered, like a real cunt about to orgasm.

"HUMP ME!!" I screamed, throwing my thighs around his waist and mashing
the bulb as hard as I could between my arm and the side of my chest. I
could feel the whole unit sort of jerk every time I hit the bulb and I
prayed it-wouldn't split a seam and send hot water all over the bed.

Those powerful, vise-like pulses were the last straw as far as Harold's
will power was concerned. He snorted and snuffed, pumping and pawing the
sheets, as he unloaded his balls into the artificial cunt.

"OH!" I cried. "OHHHHH! YES! GIVE IT TO ME!!"

I couldn't help but think what a kick Tara would've got if she could've
watched my performance. It was a good thing it was real dark in the room
so I didn't have to keep a straight face when I told him how great it
was. He sort of moaned, real satisfied like, and rolled over. He was
asleep and snoring almost instantly. I slipped out of bed and into the
bathroom where I removed the wonderful device. I didn't throw it away,
even though I knew that I could beg off screwing him indefinitely with
excuses about: being sore, not to mention the usual headache, backache,
and nausea, because it held such happy memories for me.

Some wedding night, huh?

The really great thing happened a few weeks later, when Wally called me
up and told me his company was going to be looking for a very special
girl about the time I graduated. It was a job in TV, doing commercials.
He said he was sure I'd get the job if I'd come down and give it a try.
I told him I'd be there with bells on.

He was kind of surprised about my marriage and asked if I was sure my
hubby would approve.

I laid it right on the line to old Wally, told him Harold could shove it
to his ass if he didn't like it, that I'd divorce him so fast his head
would swim.

Then we said goodbye and the really hard part started. The waiting until

Chapter 6 "Gourmet Pooch"

August 23, 1972

Dear Diary: Gosh, I don't know where to begin. Things have been jumping
since I graduated in June. All my dreams are coming true! Whoa, slow
down girl ... calm yourself or the story will never get told. From the
beginning, and cool ...

Weird Harold was really freaked when I told him about Hollywood and the
commercial try-out. He "put his foot down" and said no wife of his was
going to get involved with all those L.A. faggots. I said that was fine
with me and that he'd hear from my lawyer in the morning. Old Groveling
Bear shit his pants when I started packing. He got really mealy mouthed,
whining and whimpering about how he didn't mean it and not to leave him.

Asshole! To teach him a lesson he'd never forget, I told him when I got
back from my screen test I wanted permanent separate bedrooms. That
really got him good. Of course, we already had separate beds. I made
sure they were installed in our new house before I set foot in the
place. Anyway, Harold stopped sniveling and went into a sulk. I loved
his sulks. They meant he'd keep out of sight and out of mind.

Not that he'd been around enough lately to cramp my style. The giant
turkey himself was in L.A. more than he was in Langousta, what with his
big negotiations with the Rams For some reason the talks had bogged down
after he got out of high school. Something about his not being "vicious"
enough on the field. I guess they expected him to cannibalise his
victims or something.

Pop was in the hospital, undergoing exploratory surgery, but Mom
insisted that she be allowed to accompany me to the screen test. I was
so stunned by her callousness that I didn't tell her to go fuck herself,
like I should've. All the way down on the plane I had to listen to her
detailed instructions on the proper carriage, smile, and table manners
of a successful model ... things she knew absolutely nothing about. When
I put on the stereo earphones to block her harping, nagging chatter, she
assaulted every passenger in earshot, telling them about me, about how
wonderful I was, about my big break in commercials. If her safety belt
had been six inches longer, I would've strangled her with it.

Wally Baxter and Lenore were waiting for us at L.A. International. They
totally ignored my Mom and rushed up to me giving me big sexy hugs.
Wally had lost some hair. He had deep widow's peaks but I kind of liked
them. He was super tan as usual and when he squeezed me I could feel
something hot and hard pulse under his Bermudas right against my mound.
Lenore hadn't cut her hair, I was glad to see that. And she'd gotten if
anything a little bigger in the tit department. Later, she told me it
was from the pill. She was wearing a loosely weaved knit top and I could
see the large mocha-coloured nipples I'd loved to suck on as a kid. They
brought a lump to my throat, let me tell you.

"This is how you dress for work?" I asked the beaming ad. man.

"Hey, Polly, things are casual down here," he said, stroking the
wrinkles out of his Arnold Palmer style knit golf shirt.

"Especially when you're on unemployment," Lenore said shrewishly.

Wally gave her a look that was intended to kill. "Yeah, I got the sack,"
he confessed to me. "But that's got nothing to do with this deal I
called you down about ..."

On the way to the studio, Lenore was saddled with Mom in the back seat,
while Wally explained things to me in the front. It seemed this
nationally known, canned dog food company had commissioned Wally's
agency to do a customer survey to find out who was buying their products
and to direct a new ad campaign towards them. Wally got hold of the
results before the dog food people, put two and two together and called
me. I wasn't too clear on what the "two and two" were, or how he decided
that I'd be what they'd want, but it was a little late to be suspicious
... we were pulling up at the security gate of Sokolow Studios, a huge,
block-long complex of beige stucco, aircraft hangar looking buildings
somewhere east of Western Avenue.

Wally explained to the uniformed guard who we were and what we were
there for. After a short phone call and a check of a list on a clipboard
the sentry waved us past. After a bit of driving around, we found "Sound
Studio D," which was where the tests were being held.

Once we were inside the monstrous cave of a building, Mom went nuts with
her helpful hints and keen insights. Lenore, with keen insight of her
own, dragged Mom off to the water cooler and stuffed a Thorazine down
her throat.

Wally introduced me to Major Scampi, agent for the company and director
of the screen tests. Major was his first name, not a military rank. He
was sitting in a director's chair. He wore a pair of those funny riding
pants with the over-sized thighs, knee high boots, a Venetian gondolier
T-shirt ... large red and white stripes ... and a dark blue beret. When
he stood up to kiss my hand, I saw how short he was. He had a hump on
his back, too.

"Charmed, charmed, my dear," Scampi said, patting my hand. His brown bug
eyes kind of rolled over me, starting at my cunt and stopping at the
firm peaks of my tits. "Show her to wardrobe, won't you, Wally-baby? The
other girls are already there."

Wally ushered me to the costume room. A dried-up old bag handed me a
string bikini that looked like three knots in a piece of drapery sash.
It was opaque and white and the kind of thing that could get a girl
arrested up in Langousta. What the hell, I thought. When in Babylon ...

The dressing room was crowded with girls in their late teens, blondes,
redheads, brunettes. Girls with one other thing in common, aside from
their ages ... They were SEX-Y! I'd never seen such oodles of smooth
baby fat, high, round buns, downy, fragrant muffs ... not even in my
cheer-leading days back at old Langousta. Every one of these girls was a
silky smooth, stone soul fox. I tell you, it brought out the dyke in me.
I must've been gawking pretty openly because the girl on my left, a
tall, big-breasted blonde with a beauty parlour natural paused in
rolling her tiny, white cunt cover, the string bikini bottom. over her
abundant. black snatch.

"This is your first time, huh, baby?" she asked, putting a hand on her
jutting hipbone. She had a pair of hips that would not quit, shaped like
a lyre, sleek and curvy.

"Uh ... yes," I managed to say, staring at her swaying, pink tipped

She stretched her arms up over he head--just for me--and the droppy tips
of her soft tits lifted, arching magnificently. "You'll get used to all
this, sister ..." she said, indicating the plethora of pulchritude.

The word "sister" sent chills up my spine.

"... It's the out there you got to worry about," she continued. "Those
goddamn mutts!" She turned her luscious back on me to display a double
row of teeth marks in her plump right buttock. "I was here yesterday.
Got those beauties from the sponsor's registered trade mark, Chef Fido,
right in the middle of the screen test. That black sonofabitch attacked
me without warning ... goddamn psychopath! I was bending down, reaching
for his dish, saying my one big line, and the next thing I knew the
girl, key grip and cameraman were trying to get his jaws off my
ass. My agent threw a shit fit, of course. and he bullied Scampi into
re-shooting my test today with a different Chef Fido. It's a hell of a
way to make a living, sister."

I made sympathetic noises while I got undressed.

"Hey, you got a nice little muff there," the blonde said, bending down
to adjust her sandals and letting her nose just graze my fuzz.

That shook me up good. It was all I could do to keep from grabbing her
by the ears and dragging her face into my box. "Are all the chicks here
switch hitters?" I asked.

She looked at me aghast. "Switch? Christ, no. We're all straight ...
straight homos," she said with a laugh. "Come on, lets get this thing
over with ..."

Well, at least, I figured I had one thing up on most of the chicks ... I
wasn't scared of dogs. As we filed out of the dressing room, we were
each given a slip of paper with our one big line on it. God! You
should've heard all those half nude cuties mumbling the words, trying
different versions, different inflections out on the insipid phrase.

The line was: "Chef Fido's Gourmet Pooch is doggy dee-lishus!"

A chick in glasses made us go single file through a door marked "Make
Up," where a natty little twerp dusted our tits and asses with
anti-shine powder and sent us on our way. Another line formed at the
entrance to the actual filming area. Wally and Lenore waved at me and
held up crossed fingers as they dragged my tranquillised Mom into the
studio. Was Mom ever wasted!

I could hear this wild, nervous barking coming from the studio. Despite
my non-fear of dogs, the crazy, in-bred savagery in the yapping made me
jumpy. And Major Scampi's voice, a high pitched shriek, shouting
instructions at the girls being tested didn't help at all. The distance
between me and the door way dwindled and then, way too soon to suit me,
Big Blondie said, "Well, here goes nothing, sister ..." and undulated
into the studio.

I peered around the doorway and saw giant, expensive looking cameras, a
maze of overhanging lights, and a set made to look like the average
kitchen in an average $75,000 house. Big Blondie was consulting with
Scampi, taking her stage directions. Over in the corner, sitting on a
purple velvet throw cushion was a black poodle. No ordinary poodle,
either. For one thing he was a giant. Must've stood 30 inches tall at
the shoulder. For another thing, he was wearing a huge, white chef's
hat. He was trimmed in the usual poodle lion style, only on him it was
really effective. I mean that dog had muscles and then some.

He took one look at Big Blondie and started in with the howling.
"WOO-WOO-WOO-WOORAHH!" he articulated most distinctly.

Major Scampi looked like he was about at his wits end, what with the
dog's baleful outbursts and the unprofessional efforts of the assorted

"No, goddamnit, you stupid cunt," he snarled, "you've got it
ass-backwards! Bend over and then reach for the can ...

When she'd gotten the little choreography bit together, the dog handler,
who looked exactly like Mr. Clean, earring and all, brought Chef Fido
over. The introductions were brief and to the point. Mr. Clean slipped
the choke chain off the big dog, and the big dog went for Blondie's
throat. End of screen test.

After the agent was dragged away, screaming lawsuit, it was my turn. I
figured the vibes were so bad I didn't stand a chance so I just kind of
relaxed and, as Tara would've said, "fluxed with the flux and flowed
with the flow."

"Alright, honey-buns, get that keester over here "Scampi growled.

I'd watched Blondie go through the routine so many times I knew it by
heart already. But Scampi felt he had to go over everything with me,
step by step, so I humoured him. We did a quick run-through without Chef
Fido and I amazed the director by being letter perfect.

"Alright!" he exclaimed, turning to the dog trainer. "Come on, you nelly
... get that black turd over here ... and keep the fucking choke chain
on him this time!"

Scampi looked up at me and grinned this big, phony grin. "Heh-heh-heh,"
he said, "you aren't afraid of doggies, are you? Heh-heh."

"No," I answered matter-of-factly, watching Mr. Clean give commands to
the huge poodle.

In psychology class, Mr. van Demis taught us about Pavlov and how he
taught dogs to drool at the sound of a dinner bell. Mr. van Demis didn't
say a word about girls teaching themselves to drool at the sight of a
dog. Lordy. Did I ever have an urge to bend over and take a long, loving
look at Chef Fido's monster parts! In his white hat, he was about the
sexiest thing on four legs. I mean it. He had this glistening black nose
and a pair of black eyes that sparkled underneath his curly bangs. God,
it was his tongue, though, that made my pussy pucker up. It was long and
creamy pink and covered with the tastiest bumps and ridges. I could
imagine that thing drilling into my cunt, his sweet drool easing the
way. Suddenly I got scared that my twat would give me away, you know,
start gushing lubricant and stain the white bikini. It felt so wet down

"Miss ... uhh?" Scampi said, faltering. "Oliver ... "I prompted. "Polly

"Yeah, meet Chef Fido ... Let him sniff your hand, honey."

I was prepared to let him sniff more than that, for as long as he
wanted. Mr. Clean gave the dog slack and, nails screeching on the
linoleum, Chef Fido lunged at me.

"Hole-ee-shit!" Scampi cried. "Would you look at that!"

I held my hand right in front of my cunt and the sweet dog bathed it in
his hot drool. Ooh. he was a darling. I could tell from the way his
nostrils flared that it wasn't just my hand he was sniffing, either. His
pom-pom of a tail was wagging and his eyes were twinkling.

"Ooh, what a good boy you are!" I cooed to him.

"WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-RAHH !" he howled, raising his muzzle skyward.

"He just wants some love, that's all," I said to Scampi, kneeling down
and pressing my thighs against his super-silky and super-dense curls. I
rubbed his ears real good and he sat down, plopped right down on the
linoleum and bathed in the attention I lavished on him.

"Goddamn! That's a happy dog!" Scampi said. "That's the way Chef Fido's
supposed to look. Let's do a take before he changes his mind. Places!
Places everybody! This is a take. Camera!"

Everyone froze in their assigned positions.

"Action!" Scampi cried.

Let me tell you, I was walking on air as I strutted through the sliding
glass doors at the back of the kitchen set. I let it all hang out. Not
lewdly, mind you, but very young, demure, new-at-all-this-sex-stuff but
loving every minute of it ... the kind of tight, tender thing that would
drive a paedophile into a deep coma.

One of the camera men groaned out loud, but Scampi made the "keep
rolling" sign and strangled his megaphone, glaring daggers at the

Chef Fido was supposed to be responding to the ultra-high frequency
whistle commands of Mr. Clean. I couldn't tell if he really was or not.
Everything just seemed to come together. It was like the happy poodle
could read my mind.

I walked over to the long, ceramic tile counter, stood on tiptoes to
open a high cupboard--while an overhead camera leered down the front of
my tiny bikini top--and selected a can of Gourmet Pooch. The label read:
"Canard a l'orange aux cerises."

Pausing to smile lovingly at the be-hatted poodle who was sitting calmly
and wagging his tail, waiting patiently in front of his cut crystal food
dish, I inserted the wide, flat can in the electric can opener and zip!
Off with its top! Then I picked up the sterling silver tablespoon from
the counter and dipped it into the wonderfully aromatic contents of the
tin. The smell actually made my mouth water.

Following the stage directions, I left the can on the counter top and
leaned down towards the dish. I could feel the floor camera zoom in on
my cleavage. God! I didn't realise the incredible strain that was put on
the flimsy top when I reached up sideways and over my head for the can.
My nipples stuck out of the postage stamp cups like gumdrops under saran

I got hold of the can without having a tit burst free, and dumped the
rich, golden brown sauce, crisp bits of duck skin, strips of boiled duck
meat, and bright red cherries into Chef Fido's crystal dish.

The dog looked up at me with eyes full of something more than love or
hunger for food. His nose was maybe six inches from my already aroused
pussy. I wasn't worried, though. To the folks at home, the deliriously
happy dog face caught in the overhead camera would seem full of
adoration, not carnal desire.

His ears twitched ever so slightly as the whistled command to eat was
repeated a third time. Then he dove into the food with a vigor that was
truly amazing.

I held the can, with the gold and green label showing, just below my
jutting tits. And, following the with undisguised relish, I
sniffed it deeply, then, as if I could not control myself, deny myself a
little naughtiness. I dipped a long nailed fingertip in the can, picking
up a dollop of orange sauce and using the moist tip of my tongue,
licking it into my mouth.

"Chef Fido's Gourmet Pooch is doggy deelishus!" I exclaimed, giving my
stiff finger a last wet lick.

"Cut!" Scampi shouted.

The overhead camera man was staring down at Chef Fido and me, mumbling,
"Oh Jesus, oh Jesus ..."

I looked down at the smiling dog and nearly swooned. He had the biggest,
most gorgeous erection I'd ever seen! His cock was about the size of a
two hundred pound black man's, only glistening and juicy, and a deep
pink like his tongue. The head on it was shaped just like a human pud,
cap, nerve bundle, and all, except it had that fantastic 'skinned' look,
that savage, raw meat style that I'd grown so accustomed to.

I reached out and rubbed his curly chest, my palm aching, temples
throbbing, unable to resist the temptation to touch his hard cock. As my
hand slid lower, Mr. Clean came up with the choke chain.

"Oh, crap!" he said upon seeing the engorged tool of his charge. He
glared at me, his shaved head glowing red in embarrassment.

"Ha-ha-ha," Scampi laughed, pointing at the blushing man. "Jealous ...
jealous ..." he chided the trainer.

Then the hunchback turned to the line of fidgeting girls still waiting
for their big chance. "Send those prick teasers home. We've found our
little dog lover," he said, grinning at him.

Wally and Lenore rushed up and congratulated me. Mom was passed out in
her seat.

"What'd I tell you, Scampi?" Wally said, wringing his hand. "Great
little actress, huh?"

Scampi winced at the pressure applied to his hand. "Yeah, I got to hand
it to you, Baxter. This little muff's really got it." He gave my bottom
a friendly squeeze. "Shall we talk turkey?"

I just looked blank, so Wally explained that it was time to negotiate a
contract and offered to be my agent. Of course I took him up on it. I
mean after all, I owed him a lot.

We signed a standard five commercial deal, with royalties and
everything, and an option to renew if the campaign was a success. I left
the studio a very happy, very wealthy girl.

"Wow, Wally," I said once we were back in his car. "That sure is some
crazy dog food ..."

Wally smiled at me. "You haven't seen anything yet. Wait 'til you taste
their rack of lamb persillade or the pigeon farci bohemienne, and then
talk to me about crazy ..."

"Hey, I really don't get it," I told him. "I mean, I can understand the
skimpy bikini ... sex sells things ... but haute cuisine dog food?"

"Look, Polly, it has to do with the survey my ex-employers did for
Gourmet Pooch's parent company, Philo Phoods Ltd, but the real news
flash has been in the papers for months. Who do you think actually eats
all those tons of Puppy Nuggets, Dog Burgers, Bowser Banquet ... ?"

"Oh," I said, seeing the light. "You mean dog food is really for people.
I read those articles about the old folks on Social Security ..."

"Sure you did. So did the directors of Philo Phoods. That's why they got
us to do a consumer research project, to see if it was only old folks
... to get a line on their market.

"We found out that just about everybody, age and race and location-wise,
dips into the liver and kidney now and then. So, to put a collar on the
market, Philo came out with the dog food to end all dog food ... Gourmet

"Gee, but how can they sell it so cheap?"

Wally chuckled. "There's more than one way to skin a cat. How the hell
is a dog supposed to know if he's getting sliced breast of duck, or
restructured vegetable protein? And even if some low life human could
tell the difference, in order to complain to the authorities, he'd have
to admit that he habitually ate dog food ... not likely.

"Besides, Philo's chemists are damn good. They could make shit taste
like pumpkin pie if they got the go-ahead. You tasted that sauce. It
must be ninety percent alcohol. One can will really make things mellow,

"It was real tasty, alright," I said. Then I asked, "But exactly how do
I fit in?"

Wally looked at me strangely, kind of like he was looking into me. It
was a look that brought back childhood memories of flashbulbs and doggy
breath. He seemed to shiver, shaking off whatever lewd thoughts had
flooded his mind. "You are a swell looking piece of ass, Polly," he said
enthusiastically. "You look like the girl-next-door should've looked ...
all tits and ass and seething with hormones. Hot-to-trot, but sincere.
The kind of wholesome, decent kid who'd throw everything she's got into
a fuck, a suck, a hand-job. The kind of kid nine-tenths of our market
would mortgage their homes to get their paws, male and female, on. On
top of that, you got this rapport with dogs, a closeness the audience
can actually see ... in your eyes, nose, the quiver of your lower lip.
You don't have to go down on Chef Fido in front of the camera for all
the viewers ... give their diseased little minds a subtle hint and let
them do the rest. Same thing with the little taste of Gourmet Pooch you
took. You do it in a naughty, provocative way, like it's sex ... not
only are you giving the paedophiles a great show of tongue, but you're
showing them that you're one of them, that sleek, foxy young broads eat
dog food, too. That it's sexy to eat dog food ..."

"Wow, that's really something!" I exclaimed. My head was spinning.

When we got to the Baxters' house out in San Fernando Valley, the first
thing I did was call home. Harold listened silently to my great news,
interjecting an occasional "Uh-huh." When I finished, he said in a flat
voice, "Your father's dead."

I went totally hysterical, dropped the phone, started screaming. Wally
picked up the receiver and talked to Harold while Lenore tried to
comfort me. Mom was coming up from the Thorazine, blinking her eyes.

"Pop is dead!" I shrieked at her.

"Oh, really?" she said smiling. "That's wonderful, dear. Now about your
first day at the studio ... if I were you, I'd wear that green velvet
jumpsuit ..."

I couldn't believe it. On and on and on the old bat jabbered. At first I
thought it was the after effect of the drug, that she was still
disoriented, but no ... later, when I told her we had to fly up and make
funeral arrangements, she said for me to go ahead, that someone had to
stay down here and look out after my interests ... that she didn't mind.

Wally and Lenore really were towers of strength. Wally stayed with Mom
and Lenore flew up with me to help. It was a good thing, too, because
Harold was still sulking and was no help at all.

We got Pop in the ground and then flew back to L.A. for my first filming
date. Harold informed me at the airport that he, too, would be in L.A.,
closing his deal with the Rams. Lenore reluctantly gave him her phone
number. On the plane, she turned to me and said, "Poor darling, he must
have an awful lot of money ..."

I explained the way our marriage was run, told her about the wedding
night, the whole thing. I had her in stitches all the way to L.A.

The only words my Mom uttered concerning Pop's funeral were "How was it,
darling?" She didn't wait for an answer, but started telling me about
various producers and agencies she'd been contacting, all the important
people she'd met, people who could further my career.

Wally sighed and shook his head exasperatedly. I couldn't wait to get in
front of the cameras again. I was even more anxious to see my co-star,
Chef Fido. The Baxters were between dogs ... I forgot to mention that.
Dear Romeo had passed away and they were still recovering from the loss.
So, anyway, it'd been quite awhile since I'd had some dog stick, and I
was determined to get my hands on that poodle's pud.

When we walked onto the sound stage, Chef Fido gave me his
"WOO-WOO-WOO-WOO-RAHH!" greeting and dragged his cursing trainer over to
us. The big bozo couldn't control the animal any more.

Chef Fido jumped up on me, put his paws on my shoulders and washed my
face in hot, doggy drool. Something pendulous and furry brushed my
knuckles. His pod! I scratched his shoulder blades vigorously,
delighting in the soft feel of his coat.

"Do I have time to take him for a walk"" I asked my grinning director.

"Sure, honey-buns," Scampi said, his eyes telling me that he understood,
that he knew exactly what I craved so desperately. "Take your time ...
we still got scenery to set up."

I took the chain from the unhappy trainer and led the poodle off into
the darkness of the sound stage. "Easy, lover," I cooed, trying to make
my voice calm as he began licking the back of my calf. He was one horny
doggy, alright. The touch of sizzling tongue on my thigh sent my cunt
into a shuddering fit.

There just didn't seem to be any place private to take him and I was
ready to go down on all fours in the parking lot when I saw the "Ladies"
sign on a dingy door. Chef Fido kept nuzzling under my short skirt,
rubbing his wet nose over my thighs and sniffing at my ass crack. It was
driving me out of my mind. I pounded on the door and when there was no
answer opened it.

Not exactly the Ritz. A single bowl, a gritty sink, one bare light bulb.
I made Chef Fido come in with me and closed the door, locking it with
the little metal hook.

"Just a second, darling," I begged him, trying to struggle out of my
coat and keep his flea-nibbling lips off the crotch of my panties I
threw my coat on the floor and put a shoe up on the toilet seat. God,
was he ever hungry for my pussy! Snuffling and whining, the big dog
mashed his muzzle into my mound. The flurries of joy he gave me with his
nose made a deluge of slick cunt-stuff seep from my slit.

The rush of fragrant moisture really sand-bagged him. He started whining
and yowling and his tongue kept flipping in and out of his mouth in
these frantic, darting lunges. He rained the brief tongue touches on the
spreading stain of lubricant welling from my hole. Every touch fanned
the flames licking up from my swollen, dewy fuck-mouth, licking over my
belly and tits.

I struggled to roll down my sopping panties, got them only part way down
before Chef Fido's snorting nose surged between cunt-strap and cunt, wet
nylon and wetter flesh.

"Ooooh!" I cried to the grubby walls, to the bare, yellow bulb. His
tongue lashed over my folds, sucking up the gushing juice and plastering
my fuzz to pussy-lips and ass-cheeks with his doggy drool. My hips
started grinding, powered by a need of their own.

The smell in the tiny room was dank and feral ... of hot, musky cunt and
the ripe compost heap of doggy desire. I let the big dog eat me, let him
thrust his long, wonderful tongue into my hole. His soft curls brushed
the inside of my thighs, tickling, teasing, even as his powerful tongue
flew up my tube.

Then I started to slip off the seat. My knees were all rubbery and I
knew I had to have his cock in me. I tore my panties from my thighs and
sat on the toilet seat, spreading myself, slouching way down and holding
my thighs apart for him.

Chef Fido was an old hand at the quickie in the Ladies Room. He gave my
ass and cunt one last slurp and jumped up, putting his forepaws on my
shoulders and his muscular body between my thighs.

I felt his red hot meat graze my folds and I came. Came! Blubbering and
moaning into his curly dewlaps, while his hips shifted, while slimy
dick-head rooted around in the top of my slot, searching, searching for
the opening. With trembling fingers I took hold of his mammoth choad. It
was so slick! So searing hot! I guided it lower and he growled at me as
his cock strained to bend. He growled and showed me his fangs and I felt
the wonderful terror, the marvelous cringing heebie-jeebies. God! What
an animal! I raised my knees higher, whimpering in my supplication, in
my heat.

"GRRRRRR-ROWW!" he snapped at my throat as his cock-head slid into the

His hips began jerking, began stuffing dog dick in and out, and his jaws
closed about my neck, feet shifting to get the most advantageous angle.

Then, with bristly lips and needle fangs against my Adam's apple, he
began to screw me. He pulled no punches, gave no quarter. My body was
his to use to abuse and he sensed it, he reveled in it. His strong hips
drove his cock deep in my cunt, driving back my folds, making me shudder
with ecstasy. I could feel the white hot head of his cock pulsing,
throbbing against the back wall of my cunt. I locked my thighs about his
silky back and let him ride me. I must've come a half dozen times before
I felt him stiffen.

Then he was roaring his fury at my throat, his hips pumping, thrusting
cock turning my pussy juice into a fine lather.

I could feel his thick cock pulse against the tightly stretched tube of
my cunt; I could feel the gobs and gobs of dog squirt flying up his
dick. My cunt went into terminal spasm at the first feel of molten come
splattering over its walls. I came and came, even as he did, my sweaty
little buns flipping up from the seat to greet his insane lunges.

As his orgasm faded, so did his savagery. Chef Fido released my throat
and gave me a wonderful face washing. We had to wait until his hard-on
went down to get disengaged, so I just sat there and enjoyed hot tongue
and doggy drool all over my face, and the feel of his ribcage between my

"All better?" Scampi asked with a feral grin as we returned to the set.

"All better," I said.

"Damn but he's a happy dog!" the director said.

Chef Fido wagged his pompom tail and said "WOO-WOO-WOO--WOO-RAHH!"

Chapter 7 "Animal Circus"

February, 1973

Dear Diary: It seems like a million years have gone by since I last
picked you up ... but it's only been six months. The most marvelous six
months of my life.

First of all, the Gourmet Pooch commercials got a fantastic reception.
After some trial runs in Baltimore and Portland, Philo Phoods decided to
give them to all the networks for prime time viewing. And then the magic
started happening. Variety raved over Chef Fido and me, saying: 'Beauty
and the Beast ... Boffo!' Advertising Weekly called the commercials
'masterpieces of advertising art ... mouth-watering on all levels ...'
And the plaudits weren't just from the trade papers, either. Mr. and
Mrs. America had taken us into their dog food gobbling hearts. Philo
Phoods had to hire five clerks just to sort the fan mail. My face and
body were suddenly plastered over the glossy front pages of the movie
magazines and the decidedly un-glossy front pages of the cheap,
exploitation tabloids. I had offers up the ass ... offers of marriage,
of co-habitation, of one-nighters, of movie contracts, of other
commercials. The S.P.C.A. wanted me to host a show on dog abuse. The New
York Times asked me to do a nationally syndicated pet advice column. I
found myself, at age 19, standing at the end of the rainbow ... I was a
hot property.

I moved out of Langousta in September and bought a little fifteen room,
split level house in the Valley. Unfortunately. Harold decided to pull
up stakes and come along too. God, what an insect he is! He rationalised
his tagging along on my bikini strings by saying he thought he stood a
better chance of closing the Ram deal if he lived down here. I told him
he was full of crap. That if the bozos wanted him, they'd sign him. What
the hell difference did it make where he lived off season? I told him I
thought they were just stringing him along, waiting to see what the next
crop of college prospects looked like. Maybe I shouldn't have said it.
He took it real hard ... mostly because he knew it was the truth. Jesus!
He was in no shape to play any kind of football ... all he did was lay
around the house and mope. He was fifty pounds overweight and looked
like hell. It made me want to puke to look at him.

I already had an attorney draw up plans for a divorce, but I was waiting
until the right time, career-wise, to spring them. According to Wally,
an ill-timed divorce has been the downfall of many an aspiring star.

Mom, too, was a real pain in the ass. She was living with us at the
Valley house, spending her days on the telephone, bothering agents and
producers, fucking with the minds of writers and costume designers. Her
nights were the time when she really "took care of business," cornering
executives in posh restaurants, directors in hotel lobbies, always "for
her baby," always push, push, push. I guess Hollywood is full of cruddy
hangers-on like Mom. The people Wally and I do business with just laugh
her off, so, so far, she hasn't hurt me. So far.

I just have to write down something about the bash Major Scampi threw
last weekend to celebrate the completion of another series of one minute
spots for Philo. Even by Babylon standards, it was a humdinger. I swear
Scampi must've gone down Sunset Strip with a dust pan to get his guests.
Transvestites, hookers, speed-freaks, transvestite-hookers,
speed-freak-transvestite-hookers, not to mention the business riff-raff
... the swish execs, dominant dactylos, paedophile producers, the gamut
of Tinseltown dementia. And to top it all off, he invited Harold and

I nearly haemorrhaged when I heard they were coming, but Scampi gave me
that phony grin of his and said, "Heh-heh-heh, ree-lax, honey-buns. I
got something for everybody."

That's what bothered me.

Scampi's pad was up in the Hollywood Hills, in a very exclusive, very
secluded section. It was perched on the top of a super-steep hill, and
the ascent was made via private elevator. As Chef Fido and I rode up in
the glass box, the wonderful, twinkling carpet of lights that is
Tinseltown spread out before us, lights only slightly dulled by the
encroaching ocean fog.

"That's all ours, darling," I said to the big dog. He gave my bare knee
a sloppy, hot lick. Scampi's butler, a six-foot-six-inch black Jamaican,
answered the gigantic double front doors in sequined, day-glo orange
leotards and a black, gum rubber tu-tu. I could see it was going to be
Mom's kind of party.

The Chef and I waded into the melee in progress in Scampi's living room.
Two Western Avenue hookers were having a fight to the death with La
Cross enema bottles, while the mob thronged and circled, placing bets,
shouting encouragement.

More rushed up to me towing an Emmy award winning writer along by his
spiked choke collar. Chef Fido growled at the canine impersonator. "God!
Isn't this just bizarre?" she gushed at me, yanking the writer's chain,
causing the chrome spikes to gouge deeply into his throat and his face
from the neck up to turn a purplish grey.

"I mean, have you ever seen anything so ... so bizarre?" she repeated,
gesturing about with super-exaggerated shock.

Obviously, the word "bizarre" was going to be her word for the entire
evening. She probably picked it up from some of the servants. I wondered
how many times I was going to have to hear it? At one party a few weeks
back, she picked up the word "outstanding" from an Air Force first
lieutenant, a fighter pilot loaded on fresh plasma. She repeated the
moronic word over 1,300 times in a four hour period.

"No, Mother," I said, trying to get her nails out of my shoulders.

"This is the famous Mr. Weakwill, dear. You know, last year's Emmy for
writing 'Thunder in My Guts'?"

"... uh, that's Wheatfield," the nude, runtish and bespeckled man
corrected meekly.

Mom jerked his chain so hard that her puka shell necklace broke. Mr.
Wheatfield dropped to his knees and made a gargling sound, his tongue
swelling alarmingly.

"That's a good boy. Do find every one of them, won't you?" Mom said to
the groveling man. "And don't drool on them so ..."

Then she smiled at me and batted her oversized false eye lashes. "Mr.
Weakwill says he might be able to cook something real special up for
you, sweetheart. Emmy material ..."

I excused myself quickly, before she could work the magic word into the
conversation. I had to say hello to my host.

"Hey, sugar tits," Scampi shouted. "Glad you could make it!" He was
dressed in a satyr costume that would not quit. I couldn't figure out
what they did with his feet to make them end in the dainty cloven
hooves. Or with his legs either, for that matter. From the waist down,
including dick and balls, Major Scampi was a he-goat. And he was naked
except for the shaggy coat of wool on his thighs and impossibly slender
legs. "You like it! I can tell." he said, pirouetting, making lewd
pelvic thrusts at his guests.

"Hey, everybody!" he shouted over the din. "Beauty and the Beast are
here!!" Then to the blindfolded servant standing by the projection
booth: "Asshole!! Get in there and kill the lights! It's show time,
kiddies! For the first time anywhere! You low life scum are going to see
Beauty and the Beast in their latest effort for good old Philo Phoods."

The far wall, made of oak panels, hexagons within hexagons, split right
down the middle: the two sections rolling back on teflon bearings to
reveal a glittering white movie screen.

About this time, Weird Harold made his presence known.

"Hey, Pol!" he said, waddling over to me. He was wearing a huge,
tent-like Hawaiian shirt--fuchsia palm trees against turquoise sky--and
bermuda shorts. He seemed very excited.

"Do I ever have some great news!" he cried, manifesting his latest form
of nervous tick ... the rubbing of the side of his index finger back and
forth over the ball of his thumb ... with both hands.

"Really?" I said, giving the tub of guts ninety-eight cents worth of my
million dollar smile.

"Yeah. I talked to my dad," he said, "and he thinks the bowling alley
idea is great ..."

The bowling alley idea was Harold's alternative No. 57 to professional

"... He said he'd front me the capital I need to get things started.
"We're in business, baby!" he said, opening his bloated arms, actually
expecting me to rush to him, to congratulate him.

I just stood there and stared. I couldn't believe the asshole. "We're in
business ..." What kind of crap was that? The swollen turd thought he
was going to take me away from all this? That my career was some female
whim, some interim income while he got his bowling alley together? Male
chauvinist insect! He said that to me ... a woman making almost a
million dollars a year.

I looked at his fatness and his puffy arms and remembered what a holy
terror he'd been ... the delight he'd taken in mayhem and physical
violence ... somewhere under all that flab 'Monster Man' still lurked.
The idea seemed very funny to me and I began laughing at him. He was
shocked at first, stood there frozen with arms still outstretched, then,
very slowly he let them drop to his sides. Something hard and metallic
glinted in his pig eyes and then the lights went out.

A square of light cut through the gloom, illuminating the screen, and
then the show began.

All the street trash, the trade folk, the hangers-on groaned in unison
as the first few feet of film rolled by. Even I had to admit it, the
opening was a real barn burner. Somewhere in the dark Scampi was
grinning like a friend ... probably already had his cock up somebody's
... anybody's something.

The opening shot was an overhead view of me in a sunken tile bath tub.
It was one of those vaseline on the lens, romantic shots. The colour of
the tiles was chosen to match the colour of my nipples, rosy pink. I was
laying on my back in the tub, my head tilted up into the camera, eyes
closed rapturously. The water effect was really dynamite. It looked like
steamy hot water and bubble bath but actually it'd been some kind of
special glycerine solution. It made my legs and arms and hips and tits
look so slick, so fantastically firm yet malleable. And the little
icebergs of bubble suds drifted about my slippery contours, now hiding,
now revealing the faintest hint of rose pink at my tits, rose pink under
white froth, a suggestion enhanced by the hue of the surrounding tile. A
long, tanned thigh slid in and out of the water, bubble continents
shift. Oh, something dark there between glistening forks. Something
tangled and mysterious; something slicker and hotter than the steamy
fluid engulfing it.

"Ooooh," the audience sighed as one person, all barriers of social
class, degrees of dementia, perversion, inversion forgotten as my
co-star entered from screen right.

He was stunning in his dense black fur against the pink tiles. He wasn't
wearing the chef's hat.

I still had my eyes closed. The heat of the fluid had brought the rose
to my cheeks as well. My right hand dipped into the water, disappearing
under bubble bergs, to where? The studs refused to tell, but suddenly my
right breast, slick and shining, flattened, pushed up so lazily, so
sexily. My mouth parted ever so slightly. Did a sigh escape? Suddenly I
was aware of the lush, romantic background music, violins and violas. My
bubbly, slippery hand crept from the water to the tub rim, to rest palm
down fingers splayed.

As Chef Fido's muzzle moved towards my hand, the overhead camera, in a
series of mind-rattling jump cuts, closed in on us, framing the
glistening fingers and the wet dog nose.

Again the audience groaned en masse. Music crescendoed. Extreme close up
shot from the front floor camera giving almost clinical detail ol'
Fido's tongue, huge slab of juicy pink meat studded with ropy blue veins
and taste bud gooseflesh, surging from drooling black dog-lips, bright
whiskers, curly furred muzzle, sliding between my index and middle
fingers to lick the bubbly miniature crotch.

My exclamation of surprise, and uninhibited delight, my husky "Ohhhhh!"
was underscored by two dozen violins playing the same staccato note an
octave lower. The sound leapt from the screen, my open, moist mouth, and
sent shivers up every spine in the room.

Again, Chef Fido caressed my fingers. The overhead camera had panned
back to give a view of the delirious dog's face as he lapped. Black eyes
glimmered, shimmered beneath long black lashes and a mop of silky curls.
God! It looked like there were tears welling up in them, tears of joy!!

Then I spoke my first lines ... breathy and tender: "Ooooh, is my big
strong boy hungry?" I turned my palm face up. Jump cut zoom to juicy
pink fan lashing over the soft hollow.

"Ummmm, yes you are," I said, rising to sit up in the tub.

The front camera moving in for a discreet medium close up, showing all
of my tits but the nipples, showing black dog face, huge in my small
hands, showing dog tongue flipping out to lick up the front of my long,
slender throat.

"Oooh," I moaned. "Just a second, boy."

The camera framed Chef Fido's face as I rose from the water, droplets
tinkling. Did his shining eyes move up and down? Were they travelling
over my slick and naked flesh? What kind of hunger did they really
reveal? The implication of the single, almost subliminal sequence was

Then the camera cut to dog's eye level following his curly head and my
bare legs into the kitchen. The only sound was the noise of wet feet and
doggy toenails on linoleum.

Cut to shot from behind of me reaching for a cupboard door above the
counter. Again discreet, showing bare, supple back down to the crack in
my ass, a back whose only adornment was a tuft of frothy studs nestled
on one slim shoulder.

Cut to my rosy checked face. "Only the very best for my strong boy," I
said, beaming down into the lens.

Extreme close up of can label: 'Chef Fido's Gourmet Pooch Coquilles St.
Jacques meridionale'.

Cut to Fido's mouth, black lips dewy with drool, long tongue lolling,
while the sound of an electric can opener is heard.

Then, hair streaming about my face, the screen shows me leaning down to
pour the food into the dog's dish. My arms and hair are the only things
covering my nude body.

Cut to Fido gobbling the shell-fish like a maniac, wolfing the food down
and slavering all over the empty bowl.

Cut to shot of me from the nipples up. The label faces the audience. I
look into the nearly empty can. My mouth moves. The tip of my tongue
visible between my white teeth. Again the crazy, jump cut zoom to fill
the screen with green and yellow can and my long nailed fingertip
delving inside, coming up with a great gob of Gourmet Pooch. The extreme
close up follows my fingertip and its golden burden to my pursed lips.
Maroon painted fingernail slides into puckered lips. My tongue tip is
visible lashing around and around between finger and lips, as the digit
slips into my mouth to the third joint. Music comes up as I withdraw my
finger slowly to reveal vanished dog food and a finger shiny slick with
my slobber.

"OH!" I exclaimed, my startled face filling the screen, mouth agape,
tongue pillowing my fingertip. My eyes suddenly have gone all soft and
dreamy. To erase any doubt as to what has just transpired, my husky
murmur fills the room: "Ooooooh, darling!" The words cutting through the
thick air like a machete through mozzarella, cleaving it in twain,
mirror halves of waxy white sphere falling away from the partition of
cold steel with a hiss, the hiss of a hundred and fifty near-orgasmic
Los Angelinos sucking air through clenched teeth.

While the audience is still whimpering, the camera cuts to the final
shot, the denouement. Chef Fido is in his white hat and I am hugging
him. We are framed from the neck up, our heads ear to ear. "Chef Fido's
Gourmet Pooch is what he wants," I coo to the camera.

Fido turns his head and gives me a long, wet lick from chin to temple,
radiating insane joy.

"Ooooh!" I cry, shuddering as the shot fades out.

When the lights in the room came up, they showed that the commercial's
effect had been too much for some of the guests. About half of the
overpowered ones were diving into the huge buffet hand over fist,
gorging themselves on chunks of pheasant, double handfuls of broccoli in
Hollandaise sauce, their mouths shining with grease and studded with
capers. The other half were overcome by another hunger. Cocks and cunts
were thrusting all across the room, cocks into cunts, cunts into cunts,
cocks into anything. One Public Relations man, torn between conflicting
desires, was busy screwing a roast duckling.

"Something for everybody," Scampi said right in my ear, his mouth full
of spinach and bacon salad. He pointed towards the buffet table and my
blimp of a husband.

Harold was leading the glutton brigade, shoving and pushing his way past
the riff-raff to get at whatever exotic dish caught his fancy. He mowed
down the opposition and waded into a huge bowl of tabouli, an
Afghanistani cracked wheat salad made of bulgur wheat, chopped parsley
and green pepper, minced green onion and fresh mint with a dressing of
olive oil, lemon juice and salt. When a Sunset Strip fringe freak tried
to elbow his way between tabouli bowl and Harold, my husband hit him in
the face with a fist full of salad. The kernels of cracked wheat sprayed
all over the room, along with the unfortunate fellow's front teeth.

Scampi's finger pointed at the other side of the room, where my Mom was
in seventh heaven. She'd found and cornered one of Tinseltown's biggest
producers, a bondage nut. The poor man had gotten himself hog-tied early
in the evening and his Mistress had split, leaving him gagged and bound
in a corner like the dirty laundry. Even for a stone masochist, Mom was
a bit much. I could see him wince and struggle frantically with his
bonds every time her mouth formed the word "bizarre."

"What I got for you, honey-buns," Scampi said, "is something extra
special. Come on."

I followed the short, hunch-backed satyr through the munching,
fornicating throng. He led me to a long hallway, past door after locked
door. Finally, he stopped and turned to me, reaching into the wool on
his hip. From a hidden pocket he produced a single key which he handed
to me.

"This is the only key to the door," he promised. "Once you lock that
door behind you, you won't be disturbed." He gave my ass a very
un-fatherly squeeze. "Have fun, sugar tits," he said.

I watched him canter down the hallway, waiting until he disappeared
around the corner before fitting key to lock. I wondered what he had
planned for me. He knew all too well of my fatal attraction for man's
best friend. My hands were shaking so I could hardly get the damn door

I forced myself to calm down and, holding my breath, turned the knob. I
slipped in and locked the door behind me without turning on the lights.
Then I inhaled. Ooof! The smell of something sharp and sulphuric filled
the room. It was a stench, under-pinned by an animal odour, also
unfamiliar, but definitely male.

I leaned against the door, trying to make my eyes adjust to the dark. A
sound came from my left. A rustling sound and the sharp click of cloven
hooves. Jesus!

There in the dark, with the stink of sulphur burning my nostrils, with
the grating hoof sound echoing in my skull, I could think of only one
thing. It filled my mind like a geyser of lava, roasting my brain,
turning grey matter to the consistency of melted cheese. The Devil! My
fingers clawed at the door knob ... I cursed Scampi and his demented
jokes ... and then I froze. A pair of golden eyes glared at me from the
dark, caught in the narrow beam of light shining through the keyhole.
God forgive all my sins! The pupils were black rectangles!!! The inhuman
... no, UNEARTHLY shape of those baleful pupils made me weak with
terror. My teeth chattered. My mouth went dry.

Something hard, rough and dismayingly hornlike brushed my inner thigh,
sending shudders rippling over my body.

I thought, No, don't be stupid. How could Scampi do a thing like this?
Even Scampi wouldn't be able to summon the Devil as a party guest.

Then the brimstone stench wafted up stronger and something hot, raspy
and very real touched my knee. The yellow eyes were on a level with my
cunt. Either the Devil was kneeling, or he was mighty short. I had
bedded down with enough lower creatures to recognise the feel of an
animal head burrowing between my thighs. And that's exactly what was

Hot, slobbering, bristling lips, flat front teeth, and wet nose nudged
at my cunt, the horns pushing my mini-skirt all out of shape.

I slapped at the wall, trying to desperately for the light switch.

The griding front teeth found my panties, and began to my astonishment
and delight, to nibble the hot crotch. I could feel the horns grazing my
inner thighs and the gnashing teeth were actually tearing my panties,
actually shredding them, and I could hear the sound of masticating jaws.
He was eating the panties right off me. The feeling was insane, and
very, very exciting. Whatever stinking beast was attacking me, Devil or
not, he was getting my juices going.

When my crotch hung in long tatters, plastered against my thighs by his
copious drool, he stopped eating fabric and turned his attention to the
source of the musky flow. His tongue so scratchy and un-doglike, rasped
up between the lips of cunt, making ecstatic contact with my erect clit.

I cried out and parted my thighs for him. The strange, flat fronted
teeth, teeth of a herbivore, nibbled at the puffy lips of my twat, tip
searching for and finding the pulsing hole.

I leaned over the hot, rank-smelling body and felt coarse fur, bony
backbone, deep ribcage, long straining neck, protuberant shoulder-blades
and hipbones.

The scratchy tongue bored up into my tube and I screamed as the crazy
tool waggled inside me, scraping slick folds and tight convolutions,
making me fall into an orgasmic fit.

I pressed my face into the gritty hair moaning and running my lips over
his backbone. He was so hungry! His tongue uncoiled inside me like one
of those New Year's party favours, the whistle, that when blown, makes a
long paper tube unwind, shooting out with a green feather on the end,
announcing with sound and colour, "WHOOPEE!"

He "whoopeed" up me so many times that I slobbered all over his knobby
spine, chewing on his hairs.

Then, my groping hand hit the switch and the small room was filled with
light. I blinked down at the furry creature eagerly tonguing my snatch;
its horned head buried under my skirt.

God! A real goat! His grey back was all matted from my drool. His party
favour tongue driving my cunt to the brink of madness time and again.

"Ooh, baby!" I crooned to the sexy animal, letting myself slip, back
against the door, to the floor. He tried to maintain his penetration,
but couldn't. I looked at my snatch, absolutely ravaged, panties
shredded, cunt rasped tender and raw from his long cat's tongue. Then I
looked under his shaggy belly. God, everything I had heard about goats
was true ... and then some!

Mr. Billy had the largest, hardest piece of cock for his size that I'd
ever seen. It was deep red, needle-snouted, and up-curving from his
gross, matted pod. And the balls! Sweet Lord! They hung down a foot from
his body in a super smooth black sack, great bloated orbs the size of

I slid a hand under his belly, whispering words of love and took hold of
his juicy cock. Automatically his narrow hips began to flip, thrusting
the slippery pud through my fist. It widened out at the base like a cone
and as I let the blazing head pass through my palm I felt the evil barb
at the helmet brim, the hook of sinew and gristle that would hold his
spurting dick deep in even the most recalcitrant she-goat.

I was no recalcitrant she-goat. I wanted to feel his slimy joint deep in
my cunt. I rolled to my stomach, kneeling, and stuck my ass up in the
air, waggling it, spreading my legs, pleading with the horned creature
to mount me, to take my fuck-ready twat.

I looked around my ass just as he sniffed my butt-hole, snorting deeply.
Then his tongue uncoiled and rasped over the wrinkled skin of my
sphincter, sending waves of excitement over my mound.

"Yes! Yes!" I whimpered, reaching back and spreading my tight buns for
him, making my ass-hole open with a smack.

Goat tongue bored up my ass seesawing over the tender opening, making my
thighs tremble and my cunt rumble in anticipation. I wept from the
intense pressure, from the friction of sandpaper tongue on smooth
bunghole, from my need for his cock. After a wonderful, agonising,
nerve-rattling eternity, I felt sharp hooves on my back, coarse goat
hair rasping over my buns.

He was mounting me! I thrust my hand under my cunt, groping for and
finding the needle nozzle of his cock-head. His hips began pumping once,
driving slimy shaft through my clenched fist. All I had to do was move
my fist until it covered my swollen, drooping cunt. Hot goat pecker made
contact with my tube, plunging past the sloppy fuck-mouth, and I let go,
jerking my hand away as the feel of hot twat about his cock sent Mr.
Billy into a veritable fucking rage.

One second he just had his dick tip in me, the hot nose-cone was searing
my opening; the next, he was pod deep in me, his blazing prick head
battering my diaphragm, the thick base stretching my cunt-lips to the
splitting point.

God! Could that little grey goat ever screw! His ass moved so fast and
so hard that before I knew it I was humped right into the door. My head
bumped into the solid wood every time his cock flipped. My cunt was
blubbering and gushing about his speed-ball cock and then, I was coming

My pussy clamped down on the flying dick and milked it hard. And even as
the wings of Joy lifted me, hot goat spurt gushed into my quivering box.
And then did he ever go berserk! I thought he was going to drive me
right through the door with his terrific lunges.

The flurry stopped as suddenly as it began and the he-goat was panting,
leaning heavily on my back. I tried to shift his weight and got a
delicious and terrifying surprise. His cock, thanks to the barb at the
head was buried root deep in my cunt and wouldn't budge an inch. My tube
squirmed about the still stone-hard shaft and goat-boy got the
impression that I wanted to escape. An impression that stimulated his
already inflamed libido.

Before I knew it, hot and horny goat cock was pumping away again,
churning up my juice. It was wonderful the way his ass snapped, sending
every inch of his choad flying into me and jerking out, over and over
and over. And then I squealed and my cunt started tugging at his
dick-head and his big balls flexed and goat come gushed into my box,
flooding it, overflowing it, joining the gummy, coagulating stream that
hung between my thighs.

Over and over again we enacted the ritual ... wheezing goat and
whimpering woman, both fucking up a storm as orgasm lashed their senses
... lust fading slightly as come-joy ended, woman shifting gooey
buttocks, making fear noises, trying to shake the barbed prick loose
from the folds of her cunt ... goat feeling squirming meat about his
cock, instantly in the mood ... wheezing goat and whimpering woman
grinding out a wild two-step on the floor.

I lost count of his squirtings, of my own convulsive climaxes. They all
blended into a long fuck frenzy that lasted until dawn. Before the night
was over, I got his cock so tired that it went limp enough for me to get
the barb out of my folds. I rolled on my back, and after sucking him
hard, took his rank, sheep-dip, body between my thighs, his dick into my
floppy loose cunt, Missionary style, locking my legs about his back,
riding his tube-steak into the sunrise.

I've heard stories about how tough goat meat is. Let me tell you, by the
time I got done fucking that horny little bastard, he was so tender even
his goddamn hooves would melt in your mouth.

Chapter 8 "Polly's Wild Safari"

January 15, 1974

Dear Diary: I just re-read the last entry in this book. It's hard to
believe that I wrote it almost a year ago. When a person is busy, time
just seems to slip away. And God knows, I've been a busy girl.

The semi-nude, wet-look commercial I described last time really took TV
land by storm. After the first nation-wide network screening, people all
over the country were flooding their local stations with phone calls,
demanding to be told the time and date of the next showing, asking if
super 8 millimetre copies could be purchased for home users. There were
of course the usual hysterical protest from strict religious sects,
moral cranks, and the editorial department of TV GUIDE (See: "An
In-Depth Analysis--Why Bestiality Sells Us Dog Food," in the December
13, 1973 issue).

Certain unmentionable TV comedians and late night talk show hosts made
the ya-hoos belly laugh with jokes about me and the Chef ... but when
the two of us appeared on their shows, and they had to confront us face
to face, we ripped them apart with our sincere
love-for-the-weaker-and-endangered-species, ecological horse shit. The
ones who tried to make funnies after we made our appeal for humanity to
lower forms of life found themselves on the short end of the rating
stick. The people were behind us, rooting for us, even though they
hadn't the faintest idea what we were really about. To some it was
obviously the dog food munching kinship, to others the animal sex ...
but for some reason, their numbers expanded to include folks who'd never
tried Chef Fido's Gourmet Pooch, who'd never sampled the delights of a
Doberman on the waterbed. The time was ripe for us, that was the only
way to explain it. Like it'd been for Frank Sinatra, the Beatles. The
papers actually started calling it 'Fidomania', and me, 'Fido's girl'.

The sales of Gourmet Pooch quintupled during the first eight weeks after
the release of what the trade papers called 'The Wet-look Trilogy,'
three one minute spots on the same general theme: bath tub, beauty and
bowser. In fact, by the following May, Philo Phoods was unable to keep
up with the demand. They converted some of their other food plants,
their 'Chilli Bonanza' and 'Beef Strudel', human food processing centres
over to Gourmet Pooch, but that was just a drop in the bucket as far as
picking up the supply. In the end, they had to build an entire new Chef
Fido Food Complex outside Rock Ridge, Iowa. Covering a solid square mile
of America's heartland, the new plant has the capability to turn out ten
thousand cans of paella valenciana every six minutes, eight thousand
cans of gnocci alia romana every two minutes.

I signed an agreement with Philo that stated should I ever decide to
star in a major TV series, they would have the privilege of sponsoring
me. For the right to continue our highly profitable relationship, they
paid me three million dollars. Of course I didn't see a fourth of the
money, what with taxes, legal fees, agent's fees, but, still, it was a
lot of money for doing absolutely nothing.

Philo Phoods wasn't the only one throwing up new buildings. Weird Harold
actually conned his father into giving him all the money he needed to
put up the Sunray Bowl near the beach in Santa Monica. Typically, he
picked the wrong side of Pico Boulevard to build on and, instead of
getting the keen, clean, lowbrow, nouveau riche clientele of Palisades
attorneys and Olympic Avenue fabric merchants in their maroon double
knit trousers and white shoes, he was shocked to discover that most of
his business was coming from dope pedlars, hookers, and bevies of
switchblade toting teenagers. Oh, he made money alright, but he was
constantly in trouble with the Vice Squad. I mean, he didn't encourage
the pill pushing and cunt hustling ... not old Weird Harold ... but he
couldn't really come down heavy on the local players without cutting his
own throat. He kept saying all this stuff about how he could clean up on
the bowling business if he could get rid of the Sunray's bad reputation.
"After all," he'd say, mostly for his own benefit, "it's the only forty
lane alley north of Lincoln Boulevard."

Yes, he and I are still living together, man and wife in name only. He
has a room close to the kitchen. I have a room close to the little zoo
I've managed to collect over the months. Most of the animals were gifts
from admirers. Anyway, Harold and I pass each other in the hallways now
and again. He's absolutely sure "things will work out between us if we
just give them some time." And he goes into a rage every time the word
"divorce" comes up in our brief conversations. He really freaks me out
sometimes. I think, when the time is right for cutting the big blob
loose, I'll let someone else break it to him, like the 6 O'Clock News,
while I am safe some place far away.

Mom, unfortunately, is still living with us, still pushy, pushy, all for
her little girl. She can't abide Harold's new enterprise ... all of a
sudden, bowling is too declasse for her, and she thinks that the Sunray
could somehow hurt my career by getting me associated with "human
garbage," as she calls Harold's bowling buffs. I don't think there's a
restaurant or bar in Hollywood that will admit her any more. Secretaries
at all the big media corporations are wise to her voice and hang up on
her automatically. And still she persists. She waits outside the bars
for the chance to collar a network big wig, outside Western Avenue
massage parlours to tug on the coat-tails of TV station managers, vice
presidents, camera men, for God's sake.

I don't understand it. She can't think that I need to pester the
ass-holes for anything ... I mean I could have whatever they have to
give by making one phone call. Ever since I started in on the new TV
series for Philo, she's gotten so much worse. I think she thinks that
she's useless, that now that I have everything she can't give me the
next best thing ... a righteous pain in the ass. I swear to God if she
slips any further downhill, I'm going to have to take some kind of
drastic action.

Anyway, I mentioned the TV show, so the cat's out of the bag. We've been
filming for about six weeks now on location in Zaire, Ecuador, and
Tasmania. The format of the show, on the surface, is your typical Sunday
early evening, 'Nature and Ecology' sop ... right down to the disclaimer
at the end of the show stating that "not all the scenes were shot in the
sequence shown in the program, but they do reflect generally accepted
scientific facts about the lives of the animals depicted ..." Which
means we catch the wild animals in metal nets from helicopters, drug the
living shit out of them, and when they show signs of coming around, we
toss them out in front of our cameras and let them strut their stuff.

What makes us different from our competitors? Well, first of all,
there's little old me. No, they don't let me go around in the swamps of
New Guinea with just a gob of soap suds on my shoulder. I wear safari
clothes ... a khaki, short-sleeved shirt, unbuttoned to the navel, and
with no bra, of course ... and a pair of super tight khaki shorts, so
tight, in fact, that one of the film processing boys claimed, using a
magnifying glass on the publicity stills, he count every hair on my
pussy. So much for Dr Marlin Perkins and Bill Burrud.

Philo Phoods gave me a lot of static about the role Chef Fido was to
play in the show. They, of course, wanted their trademark right up
front, my co-star on every fucking program. I put my foot down. I was
goddamn sick of being called "Fido's Girl," even if it had made me a
millionaire several times over. My fan mail and movie magazine coverage
was living proof that by myself I had enough sex appeal and audience
drawing power to carry the emcee spot. I didn't need the black turd any
more. My plan was to use a different animal co-host each week, depending
on the exotic country the show was about ... that way, by showing a new
animal face each week, I would remain the show's undisputed star. Under
duress I finally agreed to do the Chef Fido Gourmet Pooch commercial
spots with Fido, but with the stipulation that the impression be given
that I was the dog's supreme mistress ... he would always be sitting in
a servile position at my feet when I stood, and when I sat, he would be
laying on his belly. There would be no more nudie scenes in bath tubs,
showers or swimming pools. All the ads would be filmed on the same set
as was used for our show openings and closings, a rough and ready
den-cum-library with knotty pine walls, a big leather armchair, and oak
trees visible outside the single, large window. Chef Fido would be
treated no differently than any of the other animals on the show ... not
that that was any worse than I'd treated him before ... but I felt it
was important to convey a feeling of equality among the guest stars. Why
should a black poodle be given special attention over, for instance, an

Aside from what I've mentioned so far, the other thing that set us apart
from the run-of-the-mill nature show was our content. We didn't pull any
punches ... none of that pussy footing around the North Woods in
shoe-shoes, using radio receivers to locate radio-transmitter tagged
badgers deep in their winter hibernation. "Little is known about the
winter sleeping habits of our friend, the badger. To find out more,
scientists from Langston Institute of Hibbing, Minnesota devised an
ingenious plan using new and sophisticated electronic tagging techniques
and the badger's natural weakness for Heath Bars. We'll show you the
amazing results of their research after these few words from Industrial
Indemnity ...": no sir! We knew what the folks at home wanted and we
gave it to them. When we did a show on the sex habits of the American
bison there was none of this radio collar bull-shit. We used choppers to
herd the buffalo into steel pens where we gassed the hell out of them.
Then our crew separated the males from the females and, after some
discussion, we picked our stars using a bull dozer to load them on the
back of a pair of flat bed trucks. We drove the groggy creatures out to
our super scenic location and injected them with powerful sex hormone
stimulants, then dumped them off the trucks onto what the
euphemistically termed their "bison boudoir." While the two monstrous
creatures fucked the living daylights out of each other, with full
colour and stereophonic sound, yours truly circled the juicy thrusting,
bending low with hand held microphone, showing a bit of bare titty,
while rattling off the standard Nature show mumbo gumbo about wild
instincts and the danger of man's encroachment on nature's domain.

Hey, the entire crew from continuity girl to make up man to executive
producer knew we had a winner going for us. We were tapping the id
wishes of millions of normal, healthy city bred Americans. People who
know next to shit about Nature or her wild creatures, people whose
perverse and grotesque imaginings invented a world of happy mice, ducks
who wore gloves and sailor suits, baby elephants who flew by flapping
their ears, insects who tap danced. In a word, anthropomorphism, or the
giving of human qualities to the inhuman, animate or inanimate. Well,
goddamnit, if a woodpecker can read a Sunday paper, why doesn't he ever
get horny, why doesn't he go down to Chirp City and knock off a piece of
fallen sparrow? Huh? The answer, of course, is that in the tiny, vodka
soaked minds of Rand Corporation nitwits he does! Everybody knows
animals have no shame. They do it right in the open, in the daylight.
Squishy-squishy and hot flop all over the dichondra. Only trouble is,
thanks to freeways and neon lights and The Jefferson Airplane, all our
wonderful, uninhibited, singing, dancing, FUCKING wild creatures are
getting creamed, rubbed out, decimated.

But why the long face, America? Think you'll never see the mating lunge
of the white rhino? Wrong! Think you'll never witness incest among
juvenile baboons? Not so! Think the foreplay of jaguar is something
they'll never show on TV? Again, wrong! It's all coming right into your
living room this fall on 'Polly's Wild Safari'.

Our preview showings of the first program, 'The Mystery of Baboon
Mountain', in selected cities across the country resulted in riots,
pandemonium, and civil disobedience, so all of us, from the lowliest
electronics technician to Major Scampi himself, sat down and talked out
the re-editing. Mostly, we toned down the orgasm sequences, cut out the
slow motion, psychedelic come puddle scene altogether, and inserted more
bare boobs shots of me. Also, the sound man re-mixed the main sound
track, bringing up my voice and lowering the grunting, juicy, humping
sounds of the baboons. When we re-showed the program to different test
audiences of the same cross sectional make-up in the same cities, we got
the kind of response figures we'd hoped for. Nothing even bordering on
destruction of private property, just sweaty palms and upper lips,
spontaneous erections and, in some cases, ejaculations, as well as much
knee crossing, seat dampening, and a new record for trips to the theatre

Philo Phoods was so sure that we had the number one show of the season
that even before the first network airing, they went into major
production of Polly's Wild Safari dolls, bumper stickers that read: 'I'm
a WILD one!' and a line of snazzy, complicated parlour games based on
each installment of the program ('The Secret of Rhino Ravine Game'). The
Polly dolls were constructed under the supervision of a clinical
psychologist, a Freudian, and the matching animal dolls ... white rhino,
baboon, tapir, etc .... under the expert eye of the head curator of the
Copenhagen Zoo. In all, pre-premiere expenses for the exploitation
products alone, ran over ten million dollars.

Regardless of the crass, mercenary side of the TV thing, I've got to
admit that it had its romantic side, too. I got to meet a lot of new and
exotic creatures. Of course, I always found the time to sneak off into
the bush with the male co-host of the week and do a little in-depth
research. Not that I fucked all the animals that wanted me. Take that
gruesome white rhino, for instance. Have you ever seen a rhino with a
hard-on? No, I guess not. Well, anyway, it's enough to make a girl give
up the fast life and join a convent. A yard and a half of tube-steak as
big around as a fifty-year-old spruce packed in its own armour plated
pod. No, thanks. Pain, as you may have gathered, Dear Diary, in
moderation is fine by me, but not suicide.

And, of course, yours truly fell head over heels in love during the
shooting of the first episode. 'The Mystery of Baboon Mountain'. It had
to happen, I suppose. Me being more than a little naive about the ways
of baboons and very vulnerable. We called him Nordbert and he was a
full-fledged adult male, Papio hamadryas, or sacred baboon. We found
Nordbert and his entourage of thirty wives, juvenile males, and
nurslings deep in the mountain jungles of East Africa. From the first
time I saw him, through binoculars, I think I knew I was in love.

For a baboon, he was quite large, weighing about a hundred and fifty
pounds and standing three feet tall at the shoulder. He had this
incredible mane of long, frizzy hair ... hair banded in tiny bars of
black and white, that from a distance made him look merely grey ... His
hair parted in the middle of his sloping forehead, very close to the
prominent brow ridge, and fell, merging with the fur on his narrow
shoulders. When the darling was angry, which was most of the time, he'd
ruffle out his mane, making it stick straight out like a crazy thing,
making him look three times as large as life. He'd also open his long,
narrow snout, so much like a dog's, and show razor sharp ivory daggers
curving up from upper and lower jaws. Did he ever have some lethal
looking canines!

Like I was saying, the first time I saw him, he was busy dominating his
tribe like a little Hitler. All of the lesser baboons would flee
shrieking their heads off when he lumbered towards them with his
swaggering, all fours gait. From what I understand, baboons go into heat
all the time, so old Nordbert was used to getting ape pussy whenever he
felt like ripping a piece off. Hey, I got to say something about ape
pussy ... I mean what it looks like. Glue a pink vinyl inner-tube about
a foot in diameter to your ass, then soak it in a tub of clarified
butter, and you got yourself some ape pussy. Anyway, while I was
watching, Old Nordbert decided it was time for a little fucky.

The females, no matter how swollen up in heat they were, would only
offer their juicy twats to him under what looked like threats of instant
death. In order to screw them, first he had to corner and catch them. He
was a sneaky bastard, alright. He had his eye on a small, newly ripe
female eating from a bundle of green grass she'd collected. The ape girl
had this dreamy far off look in her eyes as she munched contentedly.

Nordbert circled around the far side of the boulder against which she
was leaning ... and like a frizzy grey skyrocket, he came hurling up
over the top of the rock to land, snarling and showing his fangs, on all

Not realising she was trapped, the female's head snapped back and forth,
desperately searching for an exit. Nordbert didn't give her long to
look. He gave her a back-handed cuff with his right hand that sent her
screaming, smashing into the rock. No sooner than she'd ricocheted off
the boulder she was dropping into the servile, present twat position;
all fours, with juicy pink inner-tube ass held high in the air.

Nordbert climbed into position behind her and I got a dizzying, split
second view of his entire cock. It was pale pink, shaped like a human
prick except for the skinned alive look ... it had a bloated bulb at the
end and tapered out towards the base. It was a very straight cock,
jutting out like a ruler from the dense overlay of fine hairs on his
squat looking dick sheath.

I'll say one thing for baboons, when it comes to screwing, they don't
screw around. Nordbert took hold of the nervous filly's fur with both
hands and sort of waded into her cunt. No feel around for the hole first
... not that he really had to with an inner-tube for a target. Anyway, I
could tell when he made contact because the female started screaming her
head off, looking over her shoulder at him with this panicked expression
on her face.

Old Nordbert couldn't have given less of a shit about his momentary
partner's comfort or feelings. His low-slung baboon ass was rocking back
and forth with the kind of smooth, rhythmic grace that can get a girl
squishy in no time. I could see the pink stump of his dick punching into
the ape cunt. His hips moved like they were on ball bearings ... I mean
this old ape obviously had fucked a few thousand pussies in his time and
he knew how to treat them good.

Suddenly his snout was all wrinkled up and he was showing his fangs
again. I guess it was come time because his dick really started flying
... I could see practically the whole length of it sliding into the
cowering female's twat.

And then she let out a screech that set my teeth on edge and somehow
broke free of the big ape's grip. Squealing and shrieking her terror,
the young female bolted for the top of the boulder. A long, gooey trail
of baboon sperm and fear inspired piss gushed from her behind as she
made brief contact with boulder top and bounded away.

Nordbert was really mad. His thick cock belched ape come every place but
the place he'd intended to deposit it. Howling, he scrambled after her,
kill-rage in his tiny, close set, pig eyes.

What a stud!

Our first face-to-face encounter was not so dramatic. As usual, the crew
had stormed into the baboon stronghold in their gas masks, tossing
knock-out grenades left and right. When they dragged our hero out from
under the heap of snoring apes he was about as randy as a sack of
ready-mix concrete. There was a big stink between the Philo zoologists
and Scampi about whether to shoot up the apes with sex hormones. It
seems that apes, according to the zoologists, are pretty much always
hot-to-trot. Scampi was adamant. He said this location shooting was
eating the hell out of his production budget and that he wasn't going to
take any chances about blowing a crucial fuck sequence. As long as he
had the glandular go-go juice for these living compost heaps, he'd be
damned if he wasn't going to shoot them up with it.

For the opening and closing of the show, we had to film a live and
non-stupefied baboon making ga-ga and goo-goo in my arms. Not easy. We
decided that the best bet would be to shoot the fuck sequence first and
try and exhaust the horny devil into the proper state of mind.

After injecting Nordbert with the concentrated hormone extracts, we
turned him loose on a half-dozen nubile females and rolled the cameras.
It was like letting a fox loose in the chicken shed. He went on the
wildest fuck rampage imaginable, howling, baring his teeth, leaping from
presenting female to presenting female. shoving sloppy pud into them,
coming, leaping to the next one even before he finished squirting.
Jesus! Did the ape come fly! And the sound track was really insane. Six
orgasmic female baboons screaming their heads off every time he'd ram it
to them, every time he'd send hot monkey spunk up their tubes, every
time he'd whip his cock out. And Nordbert was bellowing, grunting,
growling, frothing at the mouth in his fuck fury.

The zoo boys kept saying they'd told Scampi so, but the hunchback kept
on grinning, digging the action no end. And the camera kept rolling,
taking it all in.

Things, fuck-wise, sort of wound down after a couple of hours. Nordbert
was mounting the oblivious, glazed eyed females haphazardly, humping
thin air half the time. Finally, he stopped flipping his hips and sat
down. Even when the crew members walked up in their special padded
protective suits to herd away the catatonic females, Nordbert didn't
move. Had he been in his right mind, the king ape never would've allowed
such a thing. he would've torn the crew apart, protective suits and all,
before he'd have let his wives be stolen from him.

The zoo boys lifted the unprotesting Nordbert onto a litter and carried
him to the mobile den-cum-library set. After the make up boys were done
touching up his mane, he was placed on an ottoman at my feet.

"Let's make this a quick one, guys," Scampi told the crew. "No re-takes.
When this bastard snaps out of it, all hell's gonna break loose."

The cameras rolled and I leaned down to pat Nordbert's head, allowing
the front of my khaki shirt to fall open and exposing all but the
nipples of both boobs. Then I rattled off the standard, Jane Goodall
garbage about patterns of dominance in baboon tribes. The whole time I
was smiling, showing tit, stroking the fierce animal, my pussy was
juicing up a storm. Watching the king ape at work had given me the sex
chucks and bad. The hot, musky stink wafted up from my damp crotch. I
could smell it. By the mischievous looks on the faces of the camera men
and light crew, they could smell it. I wondered why the hell my tasty
little twat wasn't getting through to lover boy? Was he too tired? Too
zonked to recognise hot pussy when it was waved under his nose?

The opening and closing scenes were shot without incident. Nordbert
remained in his awake but detached state. I was despondent. It was plain
as day to every member of the crew that I'd been coming on to Nordbert
and that he wasn't having any of it. That just didn't happen to Polly
Oliver. When she had wet pants, all of God's creatures with the
equipment got boners.

I was sulking in my mobile, Winnebago dressing room, when one of the zoo
boys knocked on the door. I didn't want to see anybody but he refused to
go away.

"Hey, Polly, it isn't your fault," he said, smiling.

"Oh, shut up!" I snapped.

"Really," he continued. "Baboons have good noses but as far as sex goes
... they rely on sight. The sight of those big swollen cunts ..."

"Huh?" I said.

"Yeah, like I said, it wasn't your fault. If you want to interest
Nordbert, you've got to have a bright pink ass. I brought some things
maybe you could use ..."

My heart soared. After the sweet, zoo boy explained what I had to do, he
split. I tore off my clothes and, bending over and sticking my ass up
next to the mirror, I took the day-glo paint and sex scent compound he'd
worked up, and painted a huge pink circle on my ass. I covered my buns
and downy fuzz and my swollen cunt lips. Then I waggled my bullseye butt
in the mirror, ready for baboon.

I put on a robe and opened the door of the Winnebago. The go-fer I
hailed over to me started to grin when I told him I wanted Nordbert
brought to my dressing room and pronto. He grinned but he sure knew how
to shake his tail. He was back with another odd job boy and they were
carrying a litter in which sat the still-groggy, King of Baboon

"That'll be all for now boys," I said when they deposited him in the
centre of my bedroom. "I'll call you when I want you to take him back."

The two youths left, but not without much eyeball rolling and tongue
waggling at each other. I knew they'd give their right nuts for the
chance to watch the show, but I needed room to work.

As soon as the door closed behind them, I got down on all fours in front
of Nordbert. He didn't seem to even know I was in the room with him, or,
for that matter, that he was not in a room and not up among the outcrops
he called home.

"I bet the King of Baboon Mountain never had a blow job," I said to the
blinking, hairy ape. His lion-head cocked to one side as if he heard a
noise in the distance.

With lungs burning up with passion, I crawled in between the baboon's
forelegs on my belly. At the feel of my head squirming between his legs,
he sat back on his haunches, evidently thinking I was a submissive
female come to groom him. I pressed in further, brushing aside the long
coat of creamy coloured belly fur aside with my nose to get at his
compact pod and balls.

When I saw his parts, a hot rush of cunt juice burbled up from my hole
and rolled down the inside of my thighs. He was so magnificent! His
balls and sheath were covered with the densest, softest fur. At the top
of his ball pouch there was a hole, a hole rimmed by a hairless circle
of pink flesh.

I squirmed closer and saw, to my delight, lurking just on the other side
of the opening, the fat juicy head of his cock. Without hesitating, I
pressed my lips to the orifice, lashing my tongue around and around the
bald band of skin. The flavour of ape cock exploded high in my sinuses,
ravaged my taste buds. It was sharp and rank, like a steaming compost
heap, with a biting edge of chlorine.

Then the dick head inside the pouch began to move. What a thrill to feel
the juicy thing nudge against my tongue, my lips, as it peeped out into
the world. Not that I let it see the light of day. No sooner than it
emerged from hairy cocoon, still limp and tentative, than I gobbled it
into my mouth, sucking it, relishing the slick, skinned meat feel of
sloping head as it passed over my tongue, as it grazed the roof of my

"Ummmmm," I hummed about the rapidly stiffening shaft, my head bobbing,
forcing lips up and down the slimy rod.

Oooh, he loved every minute of it! I could tell by the way he put his
hand to the back of my head, clutching my hair, and began jerking my
face, my lips, faster and faster.

The sugar-sweet taste of his pre-come filled my mouth and he was holding
my head in both hands using my mouth and throat brutally, as he'd used
the tender cunts of his submissive ape wives. He thrust his cock into me
in lightning quick jabs, his hips rolling in that fluid, rhythmic
fashion that had turned me on so much before. If I got excited watching
his ass move through binoculars, imagine what being on the sucking end
did to me! I gobbled his cock greedily, loving the skull rattling impact
of super straight ape cock bashing into the back of my throat.

The more I blew him, the more he seemed to snap out of his fuck daze.
Suddenly his hands left my hair and began exploring the strange,
short-haired creature giving him the time of his life. I shrugged out of
the robe and gave him a real treat. Hairless pussy! By ape standards,
anyway. Ohh! That devil knew just how to handle a female. His hands
roamed all over my back, delighting in the feel of my soft skin. They
slipped down to grope my ass-cheeks, and he leaned forward, stuffing
even more of his cock down my throat. He twiddled my ass-hole
inquisitively with a fingertip, then sniffed the finger. The hormone
extract hit him right where he lived. Before I knew it, I had a
thrusting digit up ass-hole and cunt simultaneously. Could that primate
ever throw a mean finger fuck!!! Not only did he know how to twist his
fingers to wring out maximum satisfaction from a tight tube, but he put
his face right down close to his work and slurped up the juicy fruit of
his efforts with a hungry and hot tongue.

When I came the first time, my ass and cunt clamped down on his plunging
fingers, making him snort in surprise. Then he was surprising me,
flooding my mouth, throat with his gummy ape squirt. I swallowed every
precious drop, taking his furious lunges between my tightly clamped
lips. He really gave a girl a king-sized serving, too. It was all I
could do to keep up with the spurting flow.

To my delight, after the last bubble of nut milk passed from his dick
head to my tongue, his cock remained hard as an iron bar. I had big
plans for that joint of his.

I squirmed free of his hands, trying to get turned around in proper
presenting position, but old Nordbert thought I was trying to escape. He
went ape-shit with his snarling, snapping show of fangs. He scared me
shit-less. I kind of went limp while he walked on my back, and then,
very slowly, I lifted my day-glo buns in the air.

Nordbert took one look at the pink bullseye, one whiff of the hormone
concentrate, and howling like a banshee, began mounting me. Now I knew
why the females screamed when Old Nordbert climbed into the saddle. He
was a real monster. Clawing at your sides, fangs buried in the back your
neck, Jesus! I started screaming, too. That wonderful fuck-terror
flooded me as ape yanked my ass towards his thrusting cock, impaling me
on the slimy helmet on the first try.

Did he ever sock it to me!!! Maybe ape cunt feels different, looser or
something, anyway, he went utterly berserk. Those smooth hips started
shoving hot ape cock up my snatch faster than I ever believed possible.
He had me coming all over myself in a matter of seconds.

I flipped my ass back into his thrusts, making the delicious friction of
cock against slick cunt folds, even more tasty. I was shrieking my joy
into the shag carpet, the wildly humping ape on my back, my cunt
sucking, milking his plunging prick, when he started to come a second
time. Hot primate spunk gushed up my tubes, spurted out over the inside
of my thighs in long, sticky strands.

Then, Nordbert ripped his cock from my convulsing hole, leapt from my
gooey buns to the back of the leather armchair. Roaring and howling like
a maniac, his cock dribbling sperm like a leaky water faucet, he flailed
his long arms in the air ... the ape triumphant.

Chapter 8 "Kong"

June 27, 1975

Dear Diary, America didn't let us down. After the first episode of
'Polly's Wild Safari' aired last fall, she embraced us with open arms,
just like we knew in our hearts she would, just like all the research
boys with their computer print-outs predicted. After the third
installment, we were the undisputed ratings leader for all networks in
all time slots. Philo Phoods dumped all the 'Polly' products on the
market and sat back, chuckling, while our audience gobbled them up.

Even the prissy-ass bastards at TV GUIDE couldn't knock that kind of
instant success. The tone of their articles shifted after the first
Neilsen figures came out, from sneering contempt at "exploitation at the
lowest level conceivable" to "phenomenal success, no doubt due to the
complete integrity of everyone involved."

Wally and the staff felt that being on top of the heap, TV-wise, was
just a start, that I should branch out into other areas of the
entertainment business. So, yours truly is on her way to becoming a
movie star. That's right!! I signed a ten year, ten picture contract
with Sokolow Studios for more money than some countries take in, as
gross national products. Right now, we're doing three re-makes of the
old 'Sheena of the Jungle' series ... only updated and sexed up so
they're barely recognisable. The first picture, 'Sheena vs the Mafia',
is due to be released in September.

That's all of the mediocre news. I'll hurry through the bad stuff and
then go on to what I'm absolutely itching to write about ... the really
fantastic news.

First, about Harold. Last time I wrote about how he was always talking
about doing something to get rid of the bowling alley's bad reputation
around town. Well, the bozo's actually gone out and done it ... in his
own inimitable, ass-hole fashion, of course. Three days ago he held this
press conference, at which he told the national media boys what kind of
royal screwing he was taking at the hands of the Vice Squad.

Ho hum, right? Sour grapes from a well-known loser-about-town, right?
Yeah, well, that's the way I had it figured, too. When he first told me
about the conference--the night before it was to be given--I freaked
out, hollered I'd divorce him if he didn't call it off. I shouldn't have
put it like that. He started breaking the furniture into kindling with
his bare hands, then said he'd do the same to me if I ever mentioned the
word again. Hey, like I said, he scared me. And I don't mean the kind of
scared like I get under the flipping ass of a Great Dane, or a snow
leopard. I wouldn't mind dying in the grip of an oversexed orang-utan
... but getting hit by a garbage truck would be preferable to having
Harold strangle me. Anyway, I told him I was joking about the divorce
and made him describe the hot scoop he was going to give the media.
After he told me the lightweight, whining scam he was going to lay on
them, I relaxed. He sounded like your garden variety L.A. kook with an
axe to grind. I was sure the reporters would laugh him off. Sure they
wouldn't bother doing the routine check on who his wife was ... There
was no connection between me and Harold outside the files in Sacramento
... I'd used my maiden name exclusively ever since I came to Hollywood.

And they did laugh him off ... up to a point. Up to the point when the
big lummox stopped sniveling and started naming names and dates and
large sums of money paid out the Vice Squad for "protection" by his
clientele. He even had the bastards' badge numbers! The newsmen swarmed
over him, then.

Was I ever mad?! Ooh-wee! I was on the phone to Wally instantly, trying
to figure out an angle, a quickie way out of the marriage. There was no
time for the legal way of cutting him loose, even though I had great
grounds--the contract had never been consummated--because the reporters
would be digging for 'background' information within the hour. The trip
Wally laid on me was so obvious, so perfectly simple, that it had to

My agent and savior made a couple of long distance phone calls, withdrew
a large sum of money from the corporation account, and took the next jet
to Sacramento and, thirty minutes later, a private plane to Langousta.
The genius got right to the root of the problem. There were only two
copies of the certificate--I had the original in a safe deposit box--one
was in Sacramento and the other was in the court house in Langousta. He
bribed two very willing, very underpaid civil servants--one in each
city--and with his own eyes saw the documents burn to ashes. To make
absolutely sure, he visited the local paper and 'borrowed' the bound
volume of back issues that contained the paper's only copy of the
article they did on our wedding ceremony. After razor-blading out the
entire 'Social Whirl' page, and burning it, he returned the book to the
city editor, who in turn returned it to the dusty shelf.

Ooh, Harold-baby, what you don't know!!! We were never married, Monster
Man. You don't have to worry about a divorce any more. Ha, ha, ha.

Discretion being what it is, I've decided to break the news to him
gently and from afar. I fly to Tanzania next week for some location work
on the second Sheena film, and while I am safe in the bosom of Mother
Africa, I've made plans for Wally to sell the house, the cars, the
furnishings right out from under Weird Harold. I thought about sending
him a xerox copy of this book, but that would be too much ... even
Africa wouldn't be safe if I did that.

The other bad news is about Mom. She's real gone and done it this time.
She's gone off the deep end. When the hot-shot network producers and the
movie barons took to taking their bodyguards along with them wherever
they went ... for the sole purpose of driving her away ... when the
police began following her to the supermarket in a prowl car to make
sure she didn't bother anybody ... well, she just flipped. Somehow she
got hold of some dynamite and wire and stuff and ... yes, she made a
goddamn bomb!! As if that wasn't enough, she then acquired an illegal
and very definitely stolen U.S. Army ordinance automatic rifle. In broad
daylight, on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, at gunpoint, she
commandeered the limousine of Latham Bernooli, and kidnapped the
made-for-TV-movie czar.

She forced the driver and bodyguards to get out of the car on the
Hollywood Freeway and made Bernooli drive her away. Then she directed
him to a hideaway she'd rented in Malibu Canyon. After tying him up and
threatening him with the bomb and machine gun, trying to get him to
offer me a twenty year contract ... and succeeding, she called a local
radio talk show and made her demands ... Either I was to be made queen
of the U.S.A. or she would blow up Latham Bernooli ...

Luckily for everybody concerned, one of Wally's staff was listening to
the show while driving to work and she alerted him to the probability
that the mad bomber was my Mom. According to the radio reports, she wore
a Frankenstein mask during the actual abduction so the driver and
bodyguard were unable to give police a clue to her identity. There were
some pretty tense minutes, trying to get to Mom before the police, but
Wally came through again. The bomb was wired improperly so it would
detonate when Mom pushed the plunger as our 'Safari' troops charged
through the door. Mom calmed down after the doctor sedated her. And
Bernooli was unhurt, if a bit ruffled. To smooth things out, I had to
agree to appear in one of his incredibly dull pictures ... with the
stipulation, of course, that final approval be left up to me.

The bomb lady was never found. Bernooli was unable to help police,
insisting that he had been blindfolded the whole time, despite eye
witnesses who swore they saw him drive the limousine away. The cops
chalked it up to either a movie-land publicity stunt that went haywire,
or the Mafia boys throwing a scare into one of their turkeys. Either
way, it was none of their business.

Mom was very lucid after the episode. I mean if you didn't know what
she'd done, you'd never suspect her of anything of the sort, not in a
million years. Regardless, the whole damn thing came too close to
wrecking my career and the careers of hundreds of tag-along idiots who
depend on me. I am a big business now, a goddamn corporation in my own
right, and no one, not even my own Mom can he allowed to hurt me.

I've made plans, through Wally and a doctor Major Scampi suggested, for
Mom to be put out to pasture. I should've done it long ago, I guess, but
I didn't have the stomach for it. Not that it's some shambles of an old
folks home ... no way. I've seen pictures of it and read the brochures.
It's ultra modern, tucked away in a secluded mountain valley in the
Sierra, and it has the tightest security system available outside a
federal prison. I was assured ... in writing ... that my Mom would never
again set foot on Hollywood Boulevard, not in this life.

Wow, it seems like everything's coming together at once, doesn't it?
Real neat. The same day old Harold gets the bad news, the same day the
house is to he sold and its contents auctioned, I have arranged for Mom
to he whisked away. No big deal, no hubbub ... the sanatorium orderlies,
dressed in business suits will drive up to the house in an unmarked,
late model sedan and inform her that I've been slightly hurt in an
accident at the Studio and that I am asking for her.

Once they get her in the car, they will gas her senseless and she'll
wake in padded cell. Like I said.

The only thing is, the nitwit has been doing a lot of heavy rummaging
around down at the studio ... just like the old days, looking for God
knows what. I guess I'll have to keep this thing under lock and key
until she's safely tucked away.

So! On to the good news I'm in love! No! I really mean it this time. All
the other male animals in my life, the wild and wonderful affairs I've
had with creatures in every possible ecological niche, pale beside the
nova heat of my first true love. I'm serious. Never have I had the kind
of rapport with another animal ... and I don't just mean we come at the
some instant, though we do ... I mean, he can read my thoughts and I can
read his. Whenever he lumbers into the room, my legs go to rubber, my
cunt starts juicing and puckering, my tits ache at the nipples and my
palms begin to itch. And I know I affect him in the same way. It's
easier to tell with him because he doesn't wear pants. His gross pink
cock shoots out of his furry black pouch and aches upward in a lewd

His name is Kong and he's a hundred and ninety pound, coal black,
Central African, mountain gorilla. We met during the shooting of 'Sheena
vs the Mafia'. He was my animal co-star and what with all the times we
were thrown together on the set, and in my dressing-room when it was too
rainy to film, things sort of happened between us.

I think he knew I had the hots for him from the first moment he set his
big brown eyes on me. I have to hand it to him, he played it pretty cool
for those first few days ... not letting on that I turned him on, too.

But when 'it' happened, there was absolutely no stopping us. We'd
finished shooting for the day and I was back in my Winnebago dressing
room, trying to shower the accumulated grit off my tits. I heard the
door open and shouted over the roar of the hot spray: "Who's there?"

When no one answered, I figured that whoever it was had heard the shower
and decided to come back later when I was finished. I went back to
lathering my glistening body unaware that I was being observed.

Kong, the wily devil, had slipped away from the animal compound after
bending the steel bars of his cage, and crept over to my Winnebago. He
peeked through the crack in the bathroom door, watching with growing
excitement while I made frothy suds slop all over my cunt.

I should say that it was not unheard of for the widow of a local
tribesman to take in a baby male gorilla for companionship, especially
if the couple had been childless. According to the native bearers, often
as not. when little gorilla ceases to be a baby, he is taken into the
cold marriage bed as a husband, and is trained in the arts of love,
African Style. It is said, by the bearers, that such a gorilla, though
he be returned to the wild to take a mate of his own species, will
always prefer to mate with a human if given half the chance.

Well, standing there in the nude in my shower, I was giving the big
brute more than half a chance. He took it, too.

I didn't see the door opening behind me, but the cool breeze on my back
sent a shiver up my spine. At first I thought it was one of the gofer
boys, stage-struck and deep in pubescent 'crush' going for broke. It
wouldn't be the first time.

But when there was no nervous giggle betraying his presence, I got the
distinct impression that the intruder was not only no boy, but no human
as well. There was something ominous about the shape of the thing as I
tried to make it out using the corners of my eyes. Ominous.

"Whoever you are, go away!" I said, my voice a shrill squeak.

Something moved behind me and I whirled around ... coming face to face
with almost two hundred pounds of gorilla. The scream I let out in that
instant would've done Fay Wray proud.

Not that a gorilla's face doesn't have its nice points, once you get
used to it, but I wasn't used to it, yet. I screamed right into his
face, making him wince at the sharp sound.

His head with its giant sloping brow sat on the powerful shoulders with
the barest hint of a neck beneath. It looked like an ebony, over-sized
football balanced on a kick-off tee. His huge brown eyes, set too close
together to appear really humanoid, were slightly bloodshot, but still
bright and alert. His nose was the most startling thing about his face.
It was shiny and black and sort of melted looking with great soft holes
for nostrils that covered most of the lower half of his head. The fur
was sparse around his eyes and nose, but the rest of his head was all
shaggy like a fat man with a beard and long hair. His chin wasn't much
to brag about, mostly hidden as it was by the bristly overhang of his
immense upper lip. His ridiculously tiny and shell-like black ears were
hidden very high up on the sides of the sloping dome, at a level well
above his beetling brows.

He raised his massive, fur-coat arms and put a black skinned finger on
my right nipple. A delicious shudder raced from my blushing nubbin
straight to my clit.

"No!" I said, pointing to the open door. "Get out of here!"

The gorilla smirked at me, making his upper lip puff in and out.

"What do you want with me?!" I cried, trying to cover myself.

I squirmed aside as the big beast reached out for me. He put his right
hand up and cupped some of the hot water from the shower nozzle. It
seemed to fascinate him. He was so enraptured by the hot, steamy,
tingling spritzing that he didn't even seem to notice that his arm was
getting soaked.

I figured the time was right to make a break for it. I was wrong. Even
as I tried to slip around his brooding bulk, his other arm swung up and
smacked palm down against the shower stall, trapping me between the
solid wall and solid gorilla.

The water rushed down on us, spraying all over the floor as Kong moved
into the shower with me. He put his other hand to the wall and I was
bracketed by shaggy arms. I stopped trying to cover myself and put my
hands to his bald, black lit muscles. and pushed. I never felt so
helpless in me entire life. It was like trying to hold back an

"OH, GOD!" I cried, gargling the hot water, as the smooth skin of his
ape chest slid over my bare tits. Then the silky, hairy lower body
touched me, pushing me, pinning me to the slippery wall gently.

His huge primate face loomed in front of me, was it smiling? I made one
last futile attempt to wriggle free and ended up getting my arms pinned
to my thighs. Gorilla mouth moved close to mine, water droplets clinging
to the coarse whiskers.

Then he kissed me! I swear to God. Like he'd been doing it all his life.
His thin lips puckered up and he mashed them down hard on mine.

What thoughts were going through my head when the ape lips parted and an
immense, red gorilla tongue surged into my mouth? First, despite my
orientation, sexually, fear and loathing ... gorillas never, never brush
their teeth ... then, as the choking mouthful began to slide in and out,
as the pebbly upper surface rasped the roof of my mouth, as the hot flow
of his animal juice rushed down my throat, I began to warm up to him.

It was hard work sucking on his tongue. Not that he wasn't the perfect
gentleman about it, but there was just so damn much of it! It slipped
all the way down the back of my throat to the little valve thingee that
lets me swallow, slipped all that way filling my throat to the splitting
point with red hot meat. His jaws were gaping open, turned sideways
about three inches from my open, aching mouth ... he wasn't even giving
me all of it! He waggled his tongue, long distance, the pointed tip
tickling the little swallower valve, making me wish for the first time
in my life that I'd been born something other than human.

He drew his tongue back a bit and put his hot mouth on my face. His lips
encompassed my chin, cheek and nose as he gave me a loud, smacking kiss.

And his big hands weren't idle either. I shivered time and again as they
traced crazy patterns down the soapy sides of my ribcage. He seemed to
delight in the way I shuddered against him, responding to his every

Then his hand picked up the soap. He paused in his deep tongue fucking
of my throat to examine the sweet smelling bar. After deciding that it
was not good to eat, he began to mimic the action he'd seen me make
earlier. He rubbed the bar of soap against his barrel chest. When the
white froth appeared, he sort of chirped with joy and really went to
town with the soap. In a matter of seconds, he had his entire front
side, from neck to toes, glistening in bubbly suds. He looked so funny I
couldn't help but laugh. Imagine a man in a floor length black bear coat
who's just fallen into an open vat of tapioca pudding.

Then he pressed his sudsy self up against me again, and suddenly there
was nothing to laugh about. It felt so absolutely breathtaking I could
barely stand it. Super soft fur, slick with suds, rubbing over the
entire front of my body, my tits mashed into his chest, his belly ground
into mine, his groin rotated slowly around mine, soapy fur on the soft
parts!!! I was ready for more of whatever he had in mind instantly.

What with his crotch rubbing up against my mound, it didn't take too
great of an imagination to figure out just what it was that he was
after. Something very stiff and very long nudged my right hand. Also it
was sizzling hot.

When I took the head of his slippery dick in my palm, Kong made these
whistling, cooing noises, nuzzling his mouth into my nose, eyes, ears.
He was such a tender, loving creature underneath the layers of muscle
... Lord, it made my heart ache with joy.

I took his up-curving pud between my hands and rolled my palms together,
rolling the gross cock head back and forth vigorously ... a trick I'd
picked up from old Nordbert. The slick head and shaft twisted about
deliciously in my grip. And he adored it, too, I could tell from the way
he began to lick my nose and eyes and flip his hips, ever so gently.

His huge hands squirmed around behind me and worked their way between my
buns and the wall until he clasped a firm cheek in either hand. Oooh, it
felt so wonderful to be held by him. Even as I held his primate pride in
my small hands! His fingertips searched for and found the juicy entrance
to my cunt.

Talk about talented! That Kong knew exactly what and when to diddle. He
traced light delicate circles around and around my ass-hole with one
fingertip while teasing the entrance to my cunt with the other. He'd
slip just the tip of his wide, spatulate finger in my hole and corkscrew
it back and forth, pausing to first sniff, then lick the funk from his
black pad.

He had my cunt fountaining and my ass-hole doing pucker ups ... and he
knew I wanted more, so much more. I'd given up the cock rolling in
favour of some one-handed tip to root stroking while I fondled his
immense, fur covered ball pouch with the other hand. He took it all in
stride, leaning back like a stone Watts player to check out my small
white fist pumping up and down his hard meat.

He winced again, and kind of hunched down, and like a burst fire
hydrant, his cock started gushing quarts of boiling spurt. It shot
straight up in the air, spiralling in great gooey comets of white high
over our heads. I held my mouth open and closed my eyes. The hot, sticky
rain of gorilla sperm fell on me, coating my hair, my eyes, my cheeks,
my nose, filling my mouth and re-filling it as I swallowed again and
again. I looked up at the flat features of the ape stud whose cock I
held. He was blinking at my tongue gyrations and come slurping lip work
in awe. The geysers still exploded from his dick slot, only with less
pressure behind them. I dropped to my knees and took the oozing choad in
my mouth, sucking the last few cup-fulls of ism straight from the
faucet. It was delicious stuff ... by far the best, human or animal that
I'd ever had the privilege of sampling ... tasted like banana-creme pie
only tangier, with a touch of the old compost heap. I slurped and
slobbered all over his huge, dome of a pud-cap, pumping up and down the
shaft with my fist, kneading his ball pouch with my other hand.

The big brute loved the attention I was giving his cock, leaning down to
peer at my lips as they drove down over the skinned head.

I'll say one thing for gorillas ... once they get the old bone up, it
takes some real doing to get it down again. Even right after the heavy
session it showed no sign of the slightest softening. I blew him until
my lips felt like a pair of buttermilk pancakes, letting him use my head
like a cunt, guiding it with his hands so his cock head could slide way
back in my throat. He seemed to sense that I was tiring of the game and
lifted me up from the shower floor ... right into his arms. I dangled
there, deliriously happy, nuzzling into the soft fur of his thick neck,
while he twiddled and probed between my legs, searching for and finding
my juicy hole.

I threw my legs apart and let him do as he pleased, watching with rising
excitement as the shaggy wrist twisted and turned, as the black finger
came back from my slot shiny with my foxy cunt nectar. Oooooh, he was
such a darling! He had me humping and shaking my ass, making my cunt
dive down around his finger ... even while he still held me high in the

When a gorilla decides a girl has had enough foreplay and is ready for
the old pink banana, he lets her know alright! Kong kind of started
grunting in his deep, basso profundo voice of his and then he took his
finger from my cunt. No matter how lasciviously I writhed in his arms,
no matter how much funky juice I scooped up and rubbed into his
cavernous nostrils, he would not change his mind.

He turned me around, facing into the stinging spray of the shower,
handling me like I was some kind of a doll instead of a hundred and ten
pound human being. He made me straddle his shaggy thighs, backwards,
with my knees on the outside of his, with my cunt rubbing up against the
slippery shaft of his dick. I was afraid for a second that he was going
to let me fall ... but I was wrong. Whoever the lucky black bitch was
that trained my gorilla lover, she did a righteous job on his fucking

He held me by the waist with both hands, the long fingers locking around
my middle like a living belt. Then he tilted his hips back, getting his
cock head squarely in my pocket.

Ooooooh! The feel of red hot ape dick nudging into the entrance of your
cunt is a thrill no real honest-to-God woman should do without.

The powerful fingers tightened about my waist, lifting me up and onto
the stiff bulb. I started to scream again as the gorilla let my own
weight drive his cock into my tube. The immense head of it pushed back
my folds as they had never been pushed, stretched my tube like nothing
before. I felt my cunt muscles strain to stop the progress of the
tube-splitting pud-cap, strain to lock about the head in a strangle

"Uuuuuhhhhh! UUUHHHH!" I wailed, struggling against the steely fingers
that held me, that began to tug ever so gently, to draw my tearing
cunt-mouth down over the gruesome shaft.

"OH! GOD!! GOD!!!" I bawled as my cunt sphincter began to flutter, as
the pressure of my own weight and the gradually increasing pull of ape
hands, broke the power of my pussy grip. Slowly but surely, his entire
cock was sliding into me, mining me for any other creature. It was like
being a virgin all over again.

The tight tube about his cock must've given old Kong near terminal
thrills from the way he started gasping for air, grunting, and licking
up, and down my spine.

Finally, after the incredibly painful ride down his dick shaft, my pussy
lips touched the base of his wide cock, nestled in the dense fur of his
ball pouch. At the first feel of ape hairs against clit, cunt-lips,
ass-hole, I started to come like never before.

The tickling spray of water across my stiff nipples couldn't put out the
skyrockets that were ripping my mind apart. My cunt clamped down on the
base of his cock and began quivering and flexing, spasming and quaking
like there would be no tomorrow.

Kong's mighty hands lifted me, breaking even the convulsive, sucking
grip of my cunt mouth in its come throes. Using me like a toy, he lifted
and lowered my trembling tube up and down his cock. The friction was
insane! Hot ape meat slithered over my tumescent folds, dragging out my
coming to the point of pain, to the point where I began to grope
frantically between my own sloppy buns for his upright balls ...
Something had to happen. He HAD to come or I would die there, impaled on
his long cock.

I mauled his nut-sack, delighting in the way it made him stiffen and use
me faster, harder, my cunt bashing into his sopping wet bag.

"GGGGGRRRROOOOORRR!!!" he bellowed, jerking me up and down like an old
fashioned butter churn. My pussy flew up and down his pole as quarts of
his sperm washed the walls of my torn tube, soothing it in sticky heat,
creamy radiance.

I began jerking my hips, making him take even faster, cunt pumping and
sucking, teasing the come from his orgasming dick. He came and came
until the gummy stuff not only hung in long yo-yo-ing gobs from my twat
and inner thighs, but pooled in great, sticky puddles under his feet.

We stayed in the shower until we were both totally fucked out, until I
looked like a prune and he looked like he'd been drowned for about a
week. Then we hopped out and dried off.

As it turned out, we had a lot in common aside from the fantastic sex
thing. During the whole time we were on location in Tanzania, we were
inseparable. Every night my gorilla would quietly bend his bars apart
and sneak into the Winnebago; just before dawn he'd reluctantly go back,
get in his cage and re-bend the bars. We had some wonderful times out
there in the bush, too.

Even with our incredible 'rapport' I had trouble convincing Scampi and
the bozos at Sokolow Studios that Kong was the fella to be my leading
man in all three of the Sheena flicks. I had even more trouble getting
them to agree to my taking the gorilla home with me like one of the
family. In the end I put my foot down, and insurance or not, Kong came

I am going to miss my big black baby. He's going to be flying out to the
African filming site a day or two early to get used to the climate. The
company veterinarian advised me to do it, said it would be easier on him
in the long run. Stupid doctors! I'll be without the light of my life
for two whole days ... Ooooh! Kong, you bad, bad boy you'd better stop

On second thought, I'll stop writing this, and let you, my darling
primate, go right ahead.

* * *

So ends the last entry in the diary of Polly Oliver. She was found dead
two days later by a janitor at Sokolow Studios. The following is a
newspaper account of her tragic demise.

From the Langousta Times-Crier, page one headline story.


Dateline Hollywood. Tragedy has struck in Tinseltown! The Grim Reaper
had taken one of Hollywood's brightest stars, Langousta's own, Polly

The Emmy-winning actress' mangled body was found in her dressing room at
Sokolow Studios by a janitor.

Police are now surmising that she was attacked by Kong, a 19O pound,
Mountain Gorilla, her co-star in the as yet unreleased film, 'Sheena vs
the Mafia,' who shared an adjoining dressing-room.'

The killer ape is now the target of the most massive man-hunt ever
staged by Los Angeles Police.

"We'll get the bastard!" declared Chief of Police Buttram Wankie. "Make
a goddamn rug out of him!!"

Miss Oliver's husband and mother, both residents of the San Fernando
Valley, were too grief-stricken to answer reporters' questions.

As many Langoustans will remember, Polly Oliver's career in show
business started right here in the Brewster Elementary School Follies of
1965 ...

The End

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