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This is a book I found online and thought I'd share
Doggie Farm
Chapter 1

Toni Baline stared out of the open French windows of the second floor
guest bedroom and shielded her eyes with her hand to survey the green
blanket of sweet-smelling manicured grass and linear hedges. They were
flanking the cobblestone path leading from the breakfast patio to the
kidney-shaped swimming pool whose cement rim ribboned out into the
gently rolling hillocks beyond. The palatial house, situated in the
lush, green hills bordering the western edge of Jameston, Alabama,
caught the morning and noon sun, but had a cooler late afternoon and
evening, thanks to the willow trees surrounding the pillared three-story
home. From her outlook, Toni watched the slow, methodical movements of
the two young Black maids now clearing the afternoon's tea cups and
silver service from the patio table and replacing the soiled linen with
freshly starched checkered ones. In the far distance the unexpected
sound of puppy barks, echoing from the hills to the right, ruptured the
sticky, cloying Alabama afternoon, the sole imperfection of what
otherwise would have been a perfect movie set.

Seventeen year old Toni Baline could not rid herself of the feeling that
she was in a fantasy land, a dreamland of opulent make-believe. She
studied her boy friend who stood on the opposite side of the bed
watching as he removed his sweat stained shirt and trousers to reveal
his lanky frame, a tender emotion of deep affection filling her. They
were the luckiest people on earth, she reasoned incredulously as she
turned from the window to unzip and step out of her sun-dress. Here they
were, two unmarried seventeen year olds, living together under her
relatives' roof ... and nobody cared or ridiculed!

"Yeah, just about perfect, isn't it?" Jeff answered her unspoken
thoughts, the warm smile brightening his sharp-angled, boyish features
meant to reassure her that he was as ebullient over spending the summer
at Toni's aunt's and uncle's home as she was. "It doesn't even feel like
work when you have somebody bringing you mint juleps and iced tea every
hour." He laughed to himself. "Never thought I'd dig cleaning out dog

"Or me doing housework. You know how Mama used to yell and scream,
calling me lazy when she'd ask me to lift a dust rag at home. But God!
It makes a difference when you're dusting nineteenth century mahogany
instead of twentieth century plywood ..."

"Now don't be so hard on your parents, Toni. They can't help it if
they're not as rich as Uncle Milt and Aunt Claudia. Remember," he
cautioned, waving his finger in the air, "It was your aunt's money and
land that Milt inherited. Bet he didn't have a dime until he met her."
His eyes locked on the honey-haired girl, sensing the deep foreboding
and moodiness brooding there. For all her fine qualities, Toni still
possessed that old Southern trait of lusting after the leisure in life.
"Come on, Baby," he assuaged, "Some day we'll have a spread like this.
Lots of land ... servants ... nothing for you to do but lie in the sun
and stay beautiful for me." He stood awkwardly running his hands through
his own long, chestnut hair, his shorts, one covering his nakedness.

Damn, what a fine scene it would be if he could take Toni off and elope
against her parent's wishes, and against their wishes it would be! Her
parents would never consent to their marriage, and with due cause. How
could he support their daughter? God, just the thought of it was a joke
... and yet. Damn it, he'd give anything to have that happen and,
hopefully, spending the summer here with her gorgeous relatives, he just
might find a way. Hell, he was most twenty, wasn't he? Time to start
thinking about settling down and raising a family, and what better
introduction could there be to marriage than playing house? But Jesus,
if her parents ever found out that he was staying at her aunt and
uncle's house, sleeping in her bed ... oh, boy, the fireworks would put
the 200th Fourth of July to shame!

But he couldn't help himself ... he'd loved her from the first moment
that day he'd seen her on the beach, reminding him of a golden Venus in
her tiny white bikini ... just as she did at that very second, her wispy
nylon panties and abundantly filled bra enhancing the curvaceous
loveliness of her golden-tanned satiny-skinned body.

"... Why do you think they're being so generous with us?" Toni asked, a
quizzical look clouding her perfect features as she turned and walked to
her vanity for the skin moisturiser that hopefully would turn today's
pink sunburn into tomorrow's deeper tan.

Jeff swallowed tightly, his discerning eyes automatically fixing on the
provocative rippling movement of her curvaceous young hips and perfectly
ovaled buttocks, the length of her blonde silken hair falling to the
middle of her back, her slender waspish waist and long, shapely legs. He
felt a stirring inside his shorts and mentally berated himself for
harbouring such thoughts when they'd already made love once today.

"Don't know ... maybe they've always wanted to have children of their
own," he guessed, moving around the bed toward her. "l can't understand
why your parents are dead-set against them having you stay for the
summer." He wanted to make an addendum to that statement, including
himself, but knew that was already a sore subject with Toni's parents
who loathed the thought of their only child leaving home for a summer
... not to mention how they would respond if they knew she'd brought him
along with her. "Just be glad we're together."

Toni turned to face her boyfriend. He opened his arms and she quickly
drifted into them, as if welcoming the security of their strength. "Oh,
if Daddy ever finds out ..."

She looked up into his face and he saw the tiny amber lights sparkling
it the depth of her green and sometimes greyish-hued eyes ... then he
heard her almost inaudible gasp of arousal as she felt the urgent throb
of his swelling cock against the softness of her belly.

"Oh Jeff, sometimes I feel so guilty lying to my parents like that," she
cooed in her ultra-feminine Southern drawl, her warm, soft loveliness
seeming to melt into his virile, lanky body. She raised her sensuous,
almost quivering lips and he kissed them tenderly. "I--I love you so

"And I love you, too, Baby," he replied, letting his hands possessively
massage the intoxicating mounds of her buttocks inside her soft nylon
pants, while his ever-hardening penis jerked slightly against the soft,
silken flesh of her belly. He tried to concentrate on the immediate
urgency for words to quell her fears of familial reprisal, but his
mounting desire for her was making that next to impossible; anyway, he
didn't want lo give her the slightest inkling that he did not trust her
benevolent relatives. He couldn't reason why Uncle Milt had so kindly
taken him into his home, wined and dined him, and paid him ridiculously
high wages just for feeding his fifteen show dogs twice a day. Toni ...
now that was another matter; she was a blood relative. But then to
promise him immunity against Toni parents' wrath ... that was a horse of
another colour.

"Darling ... Oh Jeff, let's get into bed," Toni whispered against his
cheek, the sweet warmth of her breath interrupting his train of thought
and inciting him as always. "I--I want you now Baby."

"Mmmm, isn't that going to be a little rough on your sunburn?" he said
concernedly while he unfastened her bra and smoothed his hands beneath
to cup the lavish dunes of buoyant, pink-nippled flesh, their tiny buds
like little marbles burrowing into the palms of his hands. Christ, she
was a lovely little creature ... if only she would let herself go ...
try to shake off that damned guilt her parents had shackled her with ...
but he could wait ... damn, yes, he'd wait forever.

Toni loved the warm, rippling sensations the closeness of Jeff's
masculinity and the caressing of his hot, gentle hands on her naked
breasts, sent coursing through her belly. From the very first time it
had been the same, and he had been the first boy to possess her ... that
night, one of so many beautiful nights. But he was hardly a man at
twenty; yet anything but a boy. He was her lover! That's what he was ...
her lover, and soon, she felt certain, that he would find the secret of
really fulfilling her budding young sexuality.

She thought these things as she pressed her desire-aroused flesh with
unstained innocence needfully against his, her mind desperately trying
to blot out the unwarranted circumstances of guilt. Of course, Jeff was
right. If they were truly in love, marriage should be no issue. In
another month they would go back to Mobile, she to her parent's house
and he to school, and nobody would be the wiser for it. After all, they
weren't doing anything here they hadn't ready done.

No, she was acting like a child ... anything but a mature seventeen year
old ... and her sweet, roughly-handsome boy friend deserved so much
more. God, how she loved him! To make him happy was all that she dreamed
of. If ... if only she knew more of the secret, intimate ways ...
perhaps then she could do them for him! Why didn't he show her? Ask her?
Force her? Anything!

"Oh Jeff," Toni whispered as he gently rolled her thin, almost
transparent panties down over her hips to fall in a silken pile at her
feet, then drew her naked young body back on top of him while he lowered
himself onto the bed.

"Huh ... ?" he prodded with a grinning hiss.

"Oh, Jeff. You're such neat guy!" she gasped kissing him hungrily and
writhing her moistened vagina downward against the length of the hard
throbbing cock inside his shorts. "You're the neatest guy I ever went
out with."

He twisted his mouth free, still grinning, making the cleft in his chin
appear all the deeper ... and sexier. "But the question still is, "how
do you want to get fucked?"

"Oh ... oh you!" Toni tutted, the sudden wild sensations racing through
her belly and loins at the wickedly lewd sound of his use of the
forbidden four-letter word making her forget all else but his presence
and the delicious feel of his hard, virile cock nestled in the soft,
smooth flesh of her lower belly and sparsely-haired young pubic mound.
Sensuously, she squirmed her hips and buttocks in an effort to work the
long, cloth-hampered shape of hardened flesh up between the pouting lips
of her slowly moistening cunt. "Anyway ... do it anyway you want! Make
me happy! Oh, please don't stop until ..."

"Until what?" he questioned, puzzled.

Frustrated, Toni felt her cheeks blushing and stammered ... "Oh ... just
hurry. Just get naked!"

* * *

Uncle Milt adjusted the volumes on little video machine and chuckled as
with open lewdness he rubbed the swollen heavy member bulging the front
of his lounging pajamas. He lay relaxed, sipping a Tom Collins with a
mint leaf floating in its froth, his red-headed, ivory-skinned wife
beside him on the over-sized pillows strewn over the wall-to-wall carpet
of his entertainment room. Like her husband, she wore only the sheerest
and skimpiest clothing, choosing a black lace negligee for the evening's
entertainment. Her exquisite, statuesque body was sensuously visible
through the diaphanous fabric which, like Claudia herself had spent many
a voyeuristic evening before the well hidden video screen of the room
they lovingly called "the romper room". Her lipstick smeared lips
twitched with excitement as she watched and listened to the intimate
bedroom performance unfolding before her, while she gently stroked the
great head of the prize-winning stud German Shepherd lying on the floor
beside her. Like her husband, Claudia was revelling in the act of
playing voyeur to their newly acquired guests' lovemaking.

"What an ass!" the powerfully built, grey-haired man hissed
licentiously. "I have to hand it to you, Claudia. You weren't kidding
when you said that scrawny kid would turn into a real looker. She's got
it all, and that dumb ass boy friend of hers can't turn it on." He gave
his thick cock an extra pull. You ever see prettier boobs, or a smoother
pair of thighs?" He stared for a moment and then shook his head
incredulously. "'Enough to make your mouth water."

"No kidding!" his majestically beautiful wife exclaimed with a sensual
titter of her own. "Milt, I haven't seen you this hot after anything for
a long time. Sure it doesn't bother you that it's your flesh-and-blood
you're after?"

Milt rolled his head to gaze over at his voluptuous and rich mate,
noting with an appraising lecherous eye the white, smooth flesh of one
naked raised leg bent at the knee, and the full, rounded shapeliness of
its firm thigh. The enticing display sent a ripple of lust from his
groin to his belly and he felt his heavy cock lurch inside the robe.
Hell, even at thirty-eight she could still put women half her age to
shame with that body, he realised and on top of that she knew how to use
it. They were the couple el perfecto, all right; one as lecherous as the
other, with no holds barred. That meant extra-marital sex and anything
in between.

* * *

... Not to mention their dog-loving clientele for whom they sired and
raised specially trained German Shepherd with talents many humans didn't
possess. If those parties weren't enough to keep her from masturbating,
she always had the never-absent sire, Paps by her side, the dog that had
initiated the idea of breeding and training dogs for lonely women and
swinging parties.

* * *

"Don't tell me that sexy young body doesn't turn you on, Baby," Milt
taunted pointing to his cock-free hand to the video screen. "You haven't
taken your eyes off that screen for a second."

For a moment, Claudia didn't answer, not that his remark bothered her in
the least, their shared understanding of varied sexual pleasure was too
profound for such nonsense. The fact of the matter was that though that
breathtaking niece ... who at that present moment was gasping
passionately over the speaker system as her young boy friend wormed his
surprisingly thick, lengthy cock into her nakedly open little pussy ...
had inspired lascivious sensations down inside her own cunt at the mere
sight of her delicious nakedness, it was the long-haired, youthful boy
friend she couldn't keep her eyes from.

"She's yours for now, Baby," Claudia only replied as she continued to
fondle and pet Paps' gallant-looking head. "It's that kid's long cock
I'm interested in for now." With that, she raised her head, fluffing up
the pillow beneath to better watch the erotically piquing intimacy
taking place on the screen before them. "My God, you have to admit he's
hung like a bull!" she exclaimed, her breath catching in her throat
jealously as a low, deep-throated groan came over the sound system and
she could see the full, blood-inflated head of the young boy's cock
working sensuously at the thin, hair-lined pussy lips of his widespread
girl friend.

* * *

In the bedroom, Toni gasped as the huge, excitedly pulsing tip
penetrated the tight elasticised mouth of her pink cunt, visibly
stretching the small, visibly quivering opening as it wormed its way
into her with the help of Jeff's guiding hand.

"Ohhhhhh, God, darling ... IT'S SO BIG ... OHHHHHH," Toni's whimpering,
almost breathless voice came with clarity through the speaker to the
pair of lecherous voyeurs watching lustfully from their position on the
floor. "Oh ... OHHH PLEEEZ ... NOT TOO FAST, BABY ... IT HURTS YET ..."

"The little cunt hasn't seen anything!" Milt rasped goatishly. "Wait
till she gets a few inches of this baby crammed up into that little

Claudia was too mesmerised by the lust-arousing scene to drag her eyes
from the screen, but she knew her husband had grasped his own massive
cock and was stroking it, and then, subconsciously, she was aware of her
slender hands arousing her own slowly swelling breasts, plucking at
their hardened ruby-like nipples through the diaphanous film of her
negligee while tiny butterfly-like sensations began to run rampant in
her loins and belly. Beside her, Paps had gotten to his feet and was
whining and staring at her because of the loss of her petting hand, but
she temporarily paid him no heed.

God, there was something about that Jeff that drove her crazy! His cock
alone would normally be enough ... the young virile length and thickness
of it, but there was more about him that seemed to kindle deeper
sensations of desire than she'd known since she'd met Milt at a singles
party. His roughly handsome face perhaps ... or was it the lankiness of
him, as her brother had been ... Yes, that was it! God, he even
resembled her brother in his younger incestuous years. That was the crux
of it all! He was the image of her brother ... the first male she had
ever made love to, a night she could recall vividly after all these
years; she had been fourteen at the time, but there had been many
occasions ... then he had fallen in love with some blonde bitch and that
put an end to her incestuous career ... just as the little niece of
Milt's had done with this beautiful boy.

The hand that wielded the power belonged to her, Claudia! She was going
to possess him, body and soul, and the young blonde intruder could do
nothing about it! Oh, she was going to suffer for all the unhappiness
and suffering she had caused!

Beside her and salaciously stroking his endowment of heavy-lengthened
cock, Milt Baline gaped with licentiously glued eyes at the erotically
enchanting spectacle of the young woman's naked loveliness. The fact
that she was his niece only added to the mounting lust in his fired and
lecherous loins ... watching the changing expressions of momentary
enchantment to sudden twinges of pain as the young boy's wetly
glistening shaft of hot, hard flesh was forced deeper into her, inciting
envious, sadistic spasms to charge through his gut ... staring eagerly
at her wide-spread, full rounded young thighs ... the delicious cleft to
her white, untanned ass ... the rippling delight of her firmly jutting
breasts as she worked passionately to accept him ... Christ, if only
sister Margaret could see her only angelic child now!

He'd taken one look at her graduation picture she'd so lovingly sent in
the mail, and he knew he'd have to have her. It hadn't taken much to get
Margaret to agree to let him keep the little honey for the summer
offering her a job swiping the dust cloth over the furniture and making
beds. His only living relative, Margaret was not stupid enough to spy a
potential inheritance, and she'd all but paid him to take little Toni
for the summer.

Milt grinned confidently, indulging himself in the luxury of power for a
moment. Claudia's brainstorm of raising and breeding animals for the
horny, lonely old women who couldn't find gigolos to fuck them, was
making them a goddamned mint! At ten thousand a cunt-licking dog, they
had one hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of bark and fur out
there in the kennels now, and with the right training there was no end
to the possibilities. All it took to keep the operation going was a
couple of 'willing' females to break in those doggies and man, he could
retire ... that's where sweet-ass little niece came in, along with the
servants he'd bought on the side. Which reminded him ...

"Where the hell is that black bitch?" he spat at his wife, rolling his
head toward her and lifting it from the pillow.

"She should be here at seven," Claudia answered.

"Let's get her over here before this thing shatters, heh?" Milt cut her

Claudia tittered lightly, a warm, desirous sensation washing through her
as she trained her view on the erect, thick and long object her husband
of fifteen years was referring to. He still held it salaciously in his
hand while he worked the foreskin up and down to cover then reveal its
moistly swollen head. And what a magnificent cock it was, she mused
sensuously. God, she had all she could do to keep from pouncing on it
right then with her own building passion firing her, but experience had
taught her the ecstatic advantages of letting him navigate the course of
events they would follow. She said, "Don't get upset. Shirley will be
bringing her along shortly ... as soon as she gets all nice and fragrant
for you. Just sit back and watch your prize niece. That daring Jeff does
things to me."

The fat man responded with an obscene little laugh, picturing the
teenage girl and her boy friend in the act of intimate sex, while Paps
lay his great head on the pillow, nuzzling his nose against his mistress
soft hip meaningfully with a tiny whimpering sound.

"Looks as if Pap's impatient too," Milt said, grinning.

Claudia stroked the animal's head affectionately and cooed down at him.
"Don't worry Darling. You'll have your own private party. Right now,
we've got to break in your son. There are some things in life he has to

Chapter 2

"Ohhhhhh ... ohhhhhh Goddd!" Toni moaned into the pleasure-slackened
face of her young desire-incited boy friend as he continued to fill her
with slow, long thrusts ... rhythmic plunges that fucked into her tight,
yielding vagina to greater and greater depths, until at last she felt
the smooth spongy tip brush at her cervix and his full, sperm-filled
balls slap resounding into the soft sensitive crevices separating the
widespread cheeks of her naked buttocks. The pain-pleasure left her
breathless ... somewhere between purgatory and heaven, she thought
wildly! Oh yes ... yes, maybe this was the night! Oh, God, it was so
beautiful ... so beautiful! And she groaned from deep in her throat with
the bliss that was overwhelmingly intoxicating her.

At first, from her tiny whining gasps, Jeff feared that he'd hurt her,
but then when she begin to writhe and squirm beneath him aggressively
and he knew different. Her deliciously clasping young cunt, as if of its
own unconscious volition, initiated a voracious muscular squeezing along
the full length of his deeply fucking cock, her hard little nipples
gouging sensuously into his chest. Her warm, lovely belly pressured
hotly upward against him while her thighs clamped and released at his
waist as she worked her now hungrily accepting young pussy up and down
the full hardness of his driving cock, helping to establish the tempo of
their fucking.

"Oh Jeff ... darling ... don't ever stop," she murmured as his now
aching rod of desire-hardened flesh soared into her moistly secreting
cuntal sheath and her head began to flail excitedly from side to side.
He saw the tiny teeth marks appear on her lovely ripe lower lips where
she'd nibbled at it; then, she was sucking and biting at his tongue and
forcing her own into his mouth and almost wantonly, gasping warm, sweet
breath into his throat.

He saw the thin film of sweat beading on her forehead beneath the
entangled halo of honey-hued hair, and the way her neck was straining,
low hums of erotic abandon beginning to gurgle from deep in her throat
against his lips. Damn ... damn ... he'd never seen his proud little
girl friend really let herself go this way! The erotic sight of her
enchantingly naked body writhing and bucking in feverishly rising heat
spurred him lasciviously on. She was his now ... all his to fuck and
suck when and however he chose!

Toni cried out beneath him, twisting suddenly to escape the abrupt,
unexpected pain as he slipped his hands beneath the firm white cheeks of
her smooth rounded buttocks and pulled her nakedly open loins up tighter
to him, fucking into her defencelessly young pussy with a new unleashed
savagery. The vicious smacking of his heavy, semen-bloated balls against
her tiny puckered anus and the smooth, softly yielding crevice between
her upturned buttocks echoed lewdly throughout the small room.

"Aaaaggghhh ... ohhhhhh ... ohhh ... don't, don't hurt me, Lover ...
please ...?" she choked brokenly.

But he hardly heard her guttural, animalistic plea and ignoringly
plunged harder and deeper in his mounting passion screwing his leanly
driving pelvis tighter into her soft, responsive cunt, grinding the
flaccidly cringing flesh sadistically with his excitedly working
fingers. Then to his surprise, with a low passionate groan coming from
deep in her chest, she began to arch her hips up to him, meeting his
brutal lunges with sudden violent up-thrusts of her own. Her eyes
glowing now with unrestrained passion, she suddenly raised them both
inches off the bed in wild, untamed cadence with her incessant moans
beneath his nakedly pounding body, opening and closing her legs high up
around his waist, slaving her heated young pussy up and down his
lust-hardened cock in an obscenely working rhythm she could no longer
seem to control.

Furiously, Jeff fucked into her, cupping her nakedly trembling loins
tighter and tighter against his pelvis and feeling her draw back her
thighs until she was almost bent double and her knees touched her
pain-swollen breasts, causing the moist, clasping hole of her tightly
milking cunt to blossom open even further in reception to his pistoning
cock tunnelling ever deeper inside her.

Toni tossed her head in mesmerised, unequivocal bliss, the momentary
twinges of pain she had known quickly giving way to the pleasure he was
bringing her rapture-filled body, her smooth, firm thighs and buttocks
on either side of his virile, thick cock quivering and twitching
spasmodically in unleashed ecstasy, her tongue slithering hotly in and
out of his sucking mouth in a simulation of oral fucking.

There had never been anything--any time like this before for her! Never,
never! Oh yes, this was it ... the time she'd been waiting for! "Ohhh
... harder, Darling! Harder!" she urged, her voice coursed with an
overwhelming, salacious appetite that had to be satisfied. "Oh please,
Lover. Harrrder!"

Jeff gaped down at her in unbelieving astonishment, her almost frenzied,
licentious performance firing him wildly. He'd reached the point of
losing control over his climax. A half-dozen times he'd barely been able
to force it back, and he knew he could never do it again! He stared
downward at where his lead-hard cock was plunging furiously in and out
of her now almost drenched little pussy, concentrating on the feel of
the tight, pink folds of raw flesh clasping and clinging to his
rampaging cock he was thrusting with jack-hammer force into her. Oh,
Christ, it was too much!

In one last desperate effort, he attempted to step up the pace and
deepen his lunges as she writhed frantic under him, grinding up and down
his almost bursting cock with incredulous fury, her long, beautifully
tapered legs uncontrollably jerking, her toes curled under as she drew
her soft, tanned thighs back higher. Below, the smooth, satiny flesh of
her inner cuntal walls began to milk the life from her young,
hard-driving boy friend's throbbing shaft of lust-hardened cock flesh.

Insanely, Jeff pounded, fucked, and poked in one last futile effort,
pressing his hands behind her knees and forcing them back until her head
was framed by them, lifting the plane of her naked cunt higher and more
widely open to his almost inhuman battering of her helplessly exposed

"Ohhhhhh ... ohhhhhh ... that's it, Darling! That's it!" Toni cried, her
mouth loose, her eyes rolling insanely in her lovely head. "Don't stop!
My God, don't stop, darling!" she gasped, her angelic face bearing only
the slightest resemblance to the girl he knew and loved, her wild
passion warping her features into a sensuously depraved mask of obscene
lust. "Ohhhhhh ... don't ever stop, Jeff honey ... no! Harder! Do it
harder! Fuck me, my darling ... fuck me!"

Jeff's senses were a swilling mass of confused lust, and he needed only
to hear the lewd four-letter word tumble wantonly from her lips to peak
him! Whatever else she had said he hardly heard, but it didn't matter!
He was there and couldn't hold back! His aching, screaming cock was
going to shatter into a billion pieces any second! His balls would
explode like an over-inflated balloon, splattering the walls of the
room! He wanted to wail out as he ground hard and deep into her
rhythmically sucking young cunt in his effort to penetrate the furthest
sanctuary of her deliciously grinding belly! He watched her breasts
heave and quiver beneath his brutal pommelling ... even saw their tiny
pink nipples expand as she flailed her head madly from side to side ...
and then it tripped! It was coming ... like gushers of oil unleashed
from the bowels of the earth ... and there was no capping it.

An odd expression contorted Toni's delicate features. She felt the
jerking and expanding of his heavy, sperm-laden cock and realised its
meaning. He was going to come and ... and leave her this way again.

"No! No! Please no! God, darling not yet! Don't come yet!" she begged,
jamming her nibbling cunt tightly up against the thundering, pulsating
rod of hard flesh as if to try and stop it. "Oh my God! Don't leave me
this way, Darling!"

He wanted to hold back for her ... tried, but it was too late! The hot
stream had already begun to charge the length of his cock, his throbbing
balls pumping sporadically I like some well-tooled mechanism extricating
the juice from the earth's entrails. He ... she ... both felt it spurt
into her, he from the tip of his expanding cock ... she, as the
blood-inflated head expanded and contracted, squirting its thick, hot
sperm like a jet of scalding cream against the walls her desperately
clasping cunt!

Toni screamed again and again: "No! Not yet!" But her young boy friend
was too far above her at that moment, and though he heard her cries. He
knew he could do nothing but revel in the delight his hot, thick semen
racing the distance of his cock, its stimulating ecstasy wracking his
lanky, young frame as it spurted far up into her soft, quivering belly.
It jerked and spewed in unending spasms inside her, while she ground her
cruelly unsatiated loins frantically up against its buried depths,
inciting rather than stopping it!

And then, it was done ...!

Unashamedly, Toni whimpered out in her desperate frustration as he drew
the slowly deflating shaft of useless male flesh out of her
sperm-flooded pussy and fell back upon his buttocks in confused disgust
with himself, his cheeks flushed, his mouth slack.

"D-Damnit, Baby, I-I'm sorry ... honest to God I am ... but I just
couldn't hold back any longer." he whined weakly, hardly able to look
Toni in the eye for fear of reprisal.

Toni said nothing as she fought to regain control of her ragged emotions
and quell the raging inferno of sensations that were tingling wildly in
her unfulfilled loins and belly. Dear God, she had to try to understand.
IN all truth, she knew that he had done his best ... and was it his
fault she was some kind of sex freak? Her darling ... she looked at him
sitting here so dejected and ashamed, blaming himself for what was her
inadequacy and a warm feeling of compassionate love for him surged
through her. He would be perfect if only it weren't for that one little
thing ... but how little was it really? She closed her eyes tight and
pretended those wanton sensations racing through her loins were wicked
and evil, the devil's footprints.

* * *

Milt Baline slapped his knee and guffawed lecherously over his niece's
misery as he watched it over the video screen. "That dumb punk kid of a
boy friend can't do it for her. What she needs is a cock stuffed into
that frustrated little pussy of hers--MY COCK!"

The red-headed vixen beside him hungrily ogled her husband's thick,
heavily veined organ he had continuously stroked throughout the young
couple's love-making sequence, their own act of voyeurism doing as much
to stimulate her lust as the actual performance itself. Her belly and
loins churned with sensual frustrations that she had helped awaken with
an unashamed finger teasing warmly between her excitedly flushed
cunt-lips, gently tweaking her ever hardening clitoris while she watched
the desirable young Jeff try to satisfy that little blonde bitch with
his husky young cock. God, she couldn't imagine coming any less than a
half-dozen times with that virile rod of youthful cock flesh fucking
into her ... and how she wished she had him right on top of her at that
moment, with his proud little blonde honey forced to stand and watch!

"Where the hell is that goddamned black bitch?" Milt snarled, bolting
from the pillows to his feet and stripping away his lounging pajamas.
"The Sybils are coming to buy Cesar tomorrow and if he doesn't get one
more lesson in, he isn't going to know a cunt from an ass hole. Ring the
servant's quarters and tell her to get her ass up here; I can't afford
to let an untrained dog be sold or it'll ruin my reputation as a

Acquiescingly, Claudia stared at her naked husband with his thick, hairy
chest and broad shoulders. Few men of his age had kept themselves in
such trim shape, she reflected for the millionth time, letting her eyes
trail down over his powerful physique, actually appreciating the slight
overhang of his belly above the menacing wagon-tongue like cock poling
out from his uncovered loins.

Yes, she could have been happy with him alone if things had been
different, if he'd chosen to do anything else rather than play gentleman
farmer out here on this old family plantation she'd inherited from her
parents. But he'd been both ambitious and a profligate and she had
frowned on neither characteristic, knowing that's what it took to make
money in this evil world. Now, it their new dog-breeding and training
business they were joining forces, combining their talents to make a
small fortune. Best of all, it gave her an outlet to indulge in her own
insatiable cravings at will, but she still could enjoy the sadistic
pleasure of his ravishing cock when they both so chose, that act made
more enticing by the extra-curricular activities they engaged in ...
like the one coming up.

"I'll call Diana on the intercom," she said, petting Paps' noble head
beside her while she watched Milt walk toward their corner bar. Then in
an aside, "You know, I really hate to sell Paps. What do you say we keep
Paps and sell Samson instead. One more lesson and he'll be ready for any

"Anything you want, lover. Buzz that idiot Jeff and have him bring in
Samson and put Paps in your bedroom for later tonight," he winked.

Toni Baline lay quietly in her young boy friend's arms as he slept away
his self-disgust. The immediacy of her desire had gradually dwindled,
but the basic sensations still quavered in her belly and loins. God,
there had to be something wrong with her! She had been almost on the
brink of ultimate ecstasy ... whatever that was ... and suddenly it had
been as if she were forsaken! Yet, she knew that Jeff would never
knowingly forsake her ... he loved her as she loved him.

For a guilty moment she thought of her parents, their closely knitted
family, the security of Mobile, the swing on the back porch overlooking
the garden, but prudently, she put it from her. She'd made her choice to
defy them and stay with Jeff and she wasn't sorry. The almost-man who
slept with her. God, how she loved him ... And he wasn't to blame; it
was her fault; she was too young, didn't know enough about sex yet,
except that she loved it! Another time ... perhaps, the very next time
he could make her come, too. She could only hope, she reasoned ... just
as the intercom buzzed.

Tutting annoyingly, Toni reached over her sleeping boy friend and
pressed the button. "Yes, can I help you?"

A sugar-sweet voice answered. "Yes, this is Aunt Claudia, darling. Could
you have Jeff go out to the kennels and bring in Samson." She demanded
rather than asked. And then, "I know you two are sleeping, but I just
have to pet that darling dog," she purred wickedly.

"Yes, Aunt Claudia, "I'll tell Jeff right away." The honey-blonde
reluctant shook Jeff's sweaty shoulder. "Jeff, Jeff wake up! It's Aunt
Claudia and she has an errand for you. Quick!"

"Huh? Wh-What?"

"Come on, Jeff hurry up before they get mad at us!"

"What the hell do they need a dog for at this hour?" he groaned, shaking
his head to spring open his eyes and, reaching down to poke his legs
into his Levis, muttered muffled obscenities to himself. Never would he
understand rich people.

Chapter 3

On the cobblestone path connecting the security-tight servants' quarters
with the plantation home of the Baline's, young Diana Williams' blood
temporarily turned cold, which was natural enough, she reasoned, having
no certain idea of what was to be expected of her. At that moment, she
was thankful for the two joints of fine-grade Columbian marijuana that
the Baline's so generously kept available for their servants. Not that
the Baline's weren't good to their help otherwise. Man, if it hadn't
been for them, she thought, mentally counting off the paces to hedge
where she turned right onto the breakfast patio, she would still be
working the streets for that creep Eduardo who'd made the final
arrangement for her permanent assignment with the Baline's. Had she
known she had been sold body and soul, her reaction might not have been
so effusively ebullient.

Her platform shoes struck echoes into the night as she struggled over
the uneven pavement, then paused at the door and rang the buzzer. No one
entered the Baline's home without first announcing ... that included
guests as well. And if her guess was right, she would be something less
than an honoured guest at this private party. Sharon, the other servant
who shared her cabin quarters had hinted at the Baline's freakish sexual
activities, and so it was with a combination of fear and excitement that
she, Diana, rang the buzzer.

The door opened before Diana had time to collect her wayward thoughts.

"What's the matter, Diana dear?" asked her female slave master. "You
seem surprised to see me," she added with a seductive smile, her
dark-eyes glittering rapaciously as she closed the door and slipped her
arm around the shapely girl's slender waist, walking her slowly into the
room toward the pillow covered floor. I thought that after our little
romp in the garden yesterday you would be dying to see me."

"Oh, yes, yes, I am happy to see you," Diana replied in partial truth
remembering the statuesque vixen's ardent love-making, the vivid
recollection, along with her caressing hand at her waist and tummy,
adding to the tingling sensations that had begun in her loins. "Is
mister Baline here, too?" she asked, trying to figure out what lurid and
lustful scene the Baline's had planned for her initiation. In the two
months she'd been with them, her only encounter had been with Claudia in
the garden ... and that was a damned tempting appetiser!

Guiding her by the arm, Claudia walked the black servant into the romper
room where Mr. Baline lay sprawled out on the oversized pillows, a loose
hanging smoking jacket embroidered in rich burgundies and deep purples
covering his otherwise naked body.

"Hello, Baby," the big man greeted without getting up, his smile still
prevalent as his flinty eyes raked lecherously over her young body.
Then, he raised a small glass to his mouth and downed it with one gulp.
"Could we get you a drink?"

"N-No thanks," Diana said, pleased yet at the same time, a bit too
frightened by the awesome sight of him then, felt her pulse quicken as
she realised he was about to relax his upthrust knee bracing his foot
against the carpet ... and when he did, she gasped out, the sight of his
massive, hardened cock sending a mixture of apprehensive chills and
aroused excitement up her back. "Goddd!" she exclaimed.

Milt chuckled licentiously and gazed down at the jutting hunk of flesh
with pride. "Like it, Sugar?"

"G-Goddd!" Diana repeated as Claudia tittered lewdly beside her. "I've
never seen anything like it ... even on the streets, and out there, man,
you see it all!"

Again, Milt made an amused chortling sound and moved toward them,
stopping not inches in front of Diana. "Maybe you better get acquainted
with it, Sugar," he half-hissed, his eyes gleaming salaciously. "Let's
take it in that hot little hand of yours and get the feel of things,

There was little in the vast realm of sex that Diana had not sampled in
her life, but in the beginning it had been out of necessity and with
unwanting bitterness; only with time and experience had she begun to
know desire, as she did at that very moment, yet even as her young
sensual appetite was mounting, so was her apprehension ...

The buzzer sounded on the patio, and with a wicked smile Claudia
swooshed through the room, her transparent negligee billowing in the
breeze. She knew it would be that darling Jeff with the prize-winning
Sampson in brace, a thrilling combination of manhood she'd be hard put
to choose between, should the diabolic decision ever present itself. She
would control herself ... this time.

"Make it snappy, Baby," she heard her husband call out. "This cock of
mine is ready to burst if it doesn't get some attention real fast, and I
don't want you to miss the show."

As Claudia rushed to the door to bend to her knees and kiss the freshly
combed German shepherd on the nose, then slip a five dollar bill into
the saucer-eyed Jeff's hand, Diana was reaching similar peaks of
astonishment from her straight-forward view of Mr. Baline wickedly
enticing shaft of hard, purple-headed flesh poling out of his powerful
hairy loins, and the huge balls that swung between his muscular legs,
were a source of astonishment too, though she didn't know whether she
could take it. Lord, what did they expect to do to her between them?

"Well," the big man snapped sharply, jarring her from her stoned
mesmerisation. "Let's get with it, before I get mad."

Hesitantly, Diana reached out and gently curled her small palm and
slender fingers a far as they could go around the hot, heavy-veined
organ, hearing the big man's grunt of lust at the contact, and sensing
wilder sensations of erotic excitement charging through her own belly
and dampening loins. Automatically, she began to stroke the heavy outer
layer of skin back and forth to his obscene pelvic movements, fascinated
as the thick foreskin slid back to reveal its moistened, velvety glans.

"Uunnnggghhh," she heard his licentious grunts of pleasure to her
soft-hand manipulation for a moment a deep fear rose to her clammy
forehead. What would the mistress think if she saw her touching the
master? But soon her fears were extinguished as rapidly s they'd flamed,
for at that moment she was conscious of the mistress behind her and her
fingers raising the back of her dress and crawling teasingly up her
thighs toward her pantyless buttocks.

Knowing what was expected of her, Diana slowly let her thighs open as
she continued to stroke Milt's hugely pulsating cock, feeling his wife's
long slender fingers exploring from the rear between her leg with
feminine gentleness the flushing hair-lined lips of her pussy. She
tauntingly, with the expertise of another woman, traced the already
tingling little slit backward through the smooth cleft of her trembling
buttocks to the tiny recessed hole of her slightly puckered anus ...
there to massage and prod skilfully, until she couldn't hold back the
gasp of excitement that burst from her lips.

"Mmmm ... I can see where this is going to be a fantastic training
session," Claudia purred, while she continued to teasingly taunt the
girl's tiny trembling rectum, tenderly slipping a gentle finger part way
into the spongy, clutching channel and raising another protesting little
groan from Diana's lips.

"Yeah," Milt rasped hotly. "You are a luscious little bitch, Baby. Now
get on your knees and show us your worth. I wanna find out if you were
worth what I paid for you. Let's see how you can suck cock ... and give
it a good tongue job first."

The electric like shock of sensation that raced through Diana was not
entirely excitement; a portion of it was still caused by her awe of the
huge, brutal organ, but already she knew better than to hesitate and
reluctantly began to lower herself off of Mrs. Baline's probing finger,
realising as she reached her knees that her dress was being lifted over
her head and she was being stripped by the mistress of the house!

"Christ, she is a fucking doll, isn't she? You were right, Baby. You
know how to pick 'em, all right." Diana heard Milt exclaim above her as
she came mouth-level with his thrusting cock that she still held in her
small ebony hand, the proximity of the fiery bulbous-head with its
slitted tip and the tiny drops of lubricating fluid seeping from it
suddenly eradicating all else from her partially-drugged mind.

It wasn't the first cock she'd sucked but it was the biggest, Diana
thought, moving close and flicking out her tiny tongue to, of her own
volition, lick away the small white beads of moisture seeping from it,
immediately tasting the male's pungency and feeling new, increased
desire rising in her feverish young belly and loins. Excitedly, she
began to lick and swirl her tongue around the velvety head while Milt
groaned with rapidly building excitement from above, teasing her
tongue-tip into his tiny split, then raising the length of it with her
hand at the massive base to stab and taunt its visibly throbbing

Subconsciously, her other small, girlish hand went between his thighs to
cup his sperm-bloated balls tenderly, while her tongue trailed moistly
down his cock's heavy under-vein to its hair-hidden base, then back up
as she opened her mouth wide and slipped her soft, tongue-moistened lips
over the ponderous head, taking as much as she could of his cock flesh
into the hot, saliva filled cavern of her mouth.

"Unnnnggggh, Christ!" Milt gasped appreciatively. "This girl's got an
educated tongue!"

"I told you," Claudia said excitedly, watching with lurid, glittering
eyes the luscious teen-aged black girl's obscene sucking of her
husband's long, thick cock, her own need mounting and continually piqued
by Sampson's whining and constantly nuzzling nose in the folds of her
silken negligee where it covered her own rapidly awakening pussy. "And
God, Milt, this beautiful young animal ... he's beside himself ... along
with his mistress now ... Please, let's all get down on the floor."

Diana hardly knew what was taking place, except that suddenly Milt was
lying on his back and she was between his hairy wide-spread thighs
hungrily sucking on his massive cock and not wanting to relinquish it
for anything in the world. One of the ways the Balines kept their
domestic help in tip-top willing condition was to restrict sex; except
for designated times such as now, when Diana, deprived, except for
yesterday's foray with Claudia herself, would have done anything to come
other than by her own fingers.

Perhaps it was the unbelievable size of it ... or simply her own
degenerate young lust, whichever, she didn't care ... that he let her
suck the hot male come from the huge shaft of his excitedly throbbing
cock was all that mattered.

Milt groaned and raised up to watch the little bitch's firmly dancing
tits as her bobbing head worked up and down and he began a slow
undulation with his hips, sliding his thick, inflamed cock in and out of
her mouth mercilessly with a lewd, moist sucking sound resounding
throughout the room. Christ, the young black cunt was revelling in it!
And Claudia was getting more up-tight every second just standing there
and wanting for instruction. She'd tossed her negligee to one side and
was gaping enviously, fingering hungrily her own gaping, flooding cunt
while Sampson whimpered and sniffed at it tensely. He couldn't blame the
handsome brute; when all was said and done it was still the most
delicious pussy of them all, and she knew damned well that he loved it.

And what a lucky animal Sampson was! Christ, how many animals got to eat
raw hamburger and steak every day, then fuck the most beautiful woman in
the world! Man, it was a beautiful arrangement for everybody!

But even with the dogs, it was wise to keep an ambitious woman like
Claudia in tow, he thought nebulously, watching the lascivious puffing
of the girl's ebony cheeks as her head bobbed rhythmically on the end of
his cock. Sadistically then, the thrust the throbbing shaft upward
between her ovaled clasping lips. He wound his hand in her tight, kinky
hair and grinned as he continued to jerk his pelvis upward, forcing his
heavy cock mercilessly into her trapped sweet face, while she whimpered
in sudden submission down between his legs. Maybe it was time to give
her a little stimulant ... help her faith in mankind, he decided, the
idea sending a charge of additional sadistically inspired lust into his
groin and gut.

"Now, Sampson! Take her! Now!" he ordered, anxious to see if the dog
would obey orders, and ignoring his wife's expression of disappointment.
"Move, dog, move!"

Claudia didn't try to hide her feelings. God almighty, she was about
ready to go out of her mind with her own desire after provoking it the
entire evening long, and here he had taken away her last vestige of
satisfaction ... except her own hand! God, was that all he expected her
to get tonight ... and if he did, why didn't he say so? Even that was at
least a form of release. As for this little black bitch, the sexy
teenaged vixen, she'd take care of her ... no, she'd let the master of
the house do that, the naked, red-haired woman planned, while she
jealously watched the young German Shepherd, Sampson, moved up behind
Diana's firm, rounded young buttocks with inquisitive, trained instinct

Diana choked back a frightened gasp, the blood suddenly icing in her
veins as she felt something wet and cold prodding back between her
nakedly exposed buttocks!

God, what was it? But before she could reason, she felt it moving
downward toward the tight and completely defenceless mouth of her openly
raised cuntal lips.

She stiffened and jerked at the spasmodic cold and wet probing touches
against her sensitive young cunt, but when the great animal growled its
warning, she realised it was his nose!

Oh God! What was he trying to do? Her young brain whirled frantically!
He was sniffing at her as if she were another animal ... a female dog
bitch on heat! Oh ... oh God, no, they weren't going to ... to use her,
too, for a dog trainer! Her mind went berserk and she moaned with rising
trepidation around the big man's huge cock in her mouth as Sampson's
cold, searching nose abruptly slipped upwards from her cunt and rubbed
wetly against her tiny, cringing anus!

There was no need for further questions, for a split second later they
were answered when his long tongue snaked out and licked hotly up and
down the nakedly spread crevice surrounding her snug little rectum, the
tip burrowing slightly into the exposed buttocks uncontrollably at the
taunting and heard the brute's warning growl. A frightened tremor passed
over her as she realised that to move and displease him could be
dangerous ... she didn't know that the growl meant only that he was

Again, the length of long moist flesh touched her there, and she felt
him beginning to lap greedily at the partially opened, tight slit
between her thighs. He ran his tongue fluidly over her genitals, from
the tightly puckered little anus to lave the fluted pink edges of her
hair-fringed pussy, reaching to the tiny pulsing bud of her clitoris!
Then, his lingual member had opened her loins wide, spreading through
her rawly sensitive cuntal flesh like a honed blade through warm butter!
It licked on relentlessly between her open, defenceless thighs, pausing
only occasionally to lunge in a hungry curl up into the involuntarily
dilating channel of her cunt.

God, she'd certainly been anything but a chaste, maudlin virgin in her
young lifetime, but this ... this obscene taunting of her naked genitals
by a dog was even beneath her dignity ... ! No ... no, they wouldn't be
so cruel as to make her ... not really do it all the way with an animal.

She groaned deep in her throat as Sampson's relentlessly probing tongue
shot up the moist channel of her cunt as if trained to the act ... raced
up inside her like a squirming little reptile, wickedly ravaging her
helplessly exposed cunt lips.

And then, in spite of her trembling fear, uncomprehensible, wild
galvanic sensations burst inside her and she found herself humming and
purring frantically around Milt's heavy cock sunk deeply in her throat.

The big man had known it would happen and he grinned evilly down at her
licentiously slaving head. When it came to pussy, especially black
pussy, Sampson was a master; none of the girls who'd trained him could
resist his animal lovemaking for long. The Sybils would get their money
worth, all right. Suddenly a foreboding thought struck Mr. Baline
between the eyes; except for his wife, Sampson had only made it with
black women. What if the dog should develop one of those strange phobias
and not become aroused with white women? No ... his rational mind
dismissed the irksome thought as quickly as it had conjured it,
returning his attention to the lewd scene taking place before him. He
watched as Sampson was firing Diana like a boiler, while she sucked
Milt, himself, to please herself, again running her tongue whoringly
around and around his throbbing cock head, flicking its tip teasingly
into the tiny slit to send powerful salacious sensations charging
through his groin and into his belly.

Diana couldn't deny the growing delicious thrill of the brutish handsome
man's cock in her mouth.

Sampson, behind her, his tongue lashing beautifully up through the open
slit of her tight young cunt all the way up to her rectum in
unbelievable delight, was introducing her to a world of enchantingly
obscene rapture the likes of which she had never found even on the
streets. Within her loins was building an insane pressure that could
mean only one thing ... wild flying ecstasy!

Then suddenly, dream-like through the drugged haze of her passion, the
young, slavishly kneeling girl felt the great dog mount her, his soft
furry body humping excitedly in toward her trembling buttocks, his
forelegs clutching at her waist in the manner of a human male. The
beast's tormenting tongue had inflamed her pussy to the point where she
welcomed any penetrating object that could soothe it and from the corner
of her eye she caught the entire reflection of their lewdly coupling
threesome in the full length wall mirror; the lascivious sight of the
magnificent animal mounting the obscenely spread moons of her soft,
brown buttocks, plus the lurid image of Milt lying on his back with his
legs spread lewdly apart and his long, thick cock protruding stump-like
from her ovally sucking mouth, sent wild and lustful sensations of
carnal passion spiralling through her.

She saw the reflection of Sampson's glistening corally-tipped penis
shoot forth from its long sheath, moist and hard, the tapered end
slipping and dancing like a pointed scarlet candle in the damp slit of
her nakedly exposed cunt, and she felt his strong animal body jerk
against her in first futile effort to penetrate her cunt with the thick
bevelled shaft of sexually excited flesh.

"Help him! Help him! He needs cooperation from his female lovers. He's a
gentle animal, not a brute. Don't be frightened!" Claudia ordered,
watching enviously from her standing position, her index finger
caressing her own excitedly erect clitoris between the moist, hair-lined
lips of her seething cunt.

With an unrestrained moan as the husband and wife watched in eager lust
at the performance of their prize dog, Diana shifted her lush round
buttocks in a desperate searching effort to capture the dog's
lengthening cock, the raging tension within her reaching the wanton
stage. God, she had to have the long glistening phallus up inside her
before she lost her mind in her rapidly mounting need! She reached back
between her thighs, grasping the lust-hardened animal cock and causing
Sampson to half-growl and half-whimper, as she guided the pointed tip of
his cock to the now hungrily sucking mouth of her excitedly flushed
pussy, splitting her young passage wider and wider as he ground his long
throbbing length up inside her pulsating channel.

Claudia watched in avaricious fascination at her prize dog's
performance, as she gaped sordidly as the thick scarlet cock slithered
forward with a moistly audible sound until it was sunk up inside the
young trembling girl to its hilt. She grinned in lewd, ecstatic delight,
as her Sampson's soft sperm-filled balls smacked hard up into the softly
curling pubic hair between the kneeling girl's thighs. Oh, it was going
to break her heart to sell that animal!

"Oh ... oh, my God!" Diana blurted unintelligibly around Milt's
throbbing cock in her mouth, her passion glazed eyes wide as the beast
began to fuck into her savagely from behind. "Ungh ... unghh ...
ungghhh!" she grunted in vehement disbelief, while her buttocks of their
own accord, began to meet Sampson's vicious long strokes plunging deep
into the rising heat of her belly.

Milt watched through lustful eyes as Diana's soft, red mouth clasped
greedily around his heavily growing cock fucking upwards into her face.
The thin, tensile rim of her lips clung to it avidly, pink inner-flesh
extracting each time he pulled out. He grinned lecherously as he fucked
her mouth and watched her desire-contorted face suck and lick his
hardened cock while his wife's young German Shepherd stud, Sampson,
skewered obscenely into her young pussy from behind. She'd taken both
hands to cup and squeeze his semen bloated balls and he could see his
thick, white secretions dribbling from the corners of her mouth in tiny
obscene rivulets, a masochistic little sparkle beginning to gleam in her
befogged eyes.

Fuck, it was time to bring Claudia into the scene now! He'd made her
wait long enough. "Come on, Baby," he motioned to the red-haired beauty
who was gaping at their shared rapture enviously. "Let's get that sweet
cunt of yours down here where I can lick it!"

She did and eagerly, straddling his receptive face until her flushed and
pink, open pussy was directly above his mouth. He clutched at the full
rounded moons of her buttocks, drawing her moist, hair-lined cuntal slit
down to him and thrusting his hot tongue deep up into her clasping cunt,
feeling the velvety flesh open and close in a lewd sucking movement of
its own as she groaned out her passion into the heated room surround

In less than a minute, Claudia had come twice and was moving toward her
third orgasmic release from the magnificent licking tongue of her
husband. God, she'd been made to wait too long and now she had no
control whatever ... but it had been worth it! Yes ... yes ... yessss!
Ohhhh ... this was it! She couldn't stand any more ... and she was ...
was commmiiiinnnnggg!

Diana was lost in the heat of her own ungovernable lust ... entirely
unaware that Mrs. Baline had briefly straddled her husband's face, and
just as unaware when the statuesque woman crawled off him and collapsed
beside them ... lost to every sense of her surroundings, conscious only
of the increased vigour in the splendid animal thrusts pounding from
behind up into the deepest parts of her wide stretched young cunt, and
the naked loins of the man crushing up tighter and tighter against her
cock-impaled face. She could feel the penis that was stiffly poling into
her mouth begin tensing in forceful jerking movements and the presence
of a hand behind her head gripping hard. His hairy pelvis closed in on
her until she felt certain that he was trying to drive his cock down her
throat to meet the German Shepherd's fucking far up into her belly, and
that exaggerated thought alone drove her on wildly!

God, she wanted it to explode in her mouth ... to swallow his come and
feel it dribble down her throat ... then she sensed it swelling
convulsively and sucked with renewed madness.

Then it burst!

She heard him curse crudely, while his cock gushed forth thick, hot jets
of the white, pungent liquid far back into her throat, her pale young
cheeks ballooning and contracting as she swallowed desperately in tiny
gulps, fastening her lips tightly around the jerking organ, not wanting
to loose the tiniest drop of the precious male fluid. Still, she felt
the thin rivulets oozing from the corners of her mouth while the big man
seemed to go limp beneath her, his shrinking cock slithering lifelessly
from her still voraciously sucking mouth ...

Both Claudia and the spent big man gaped in lecherous fascination,
reading the wanton expression on the young girl's face when she raised
it from his loins, thin, sticky strings of his sperm stretching from her
tender lips to his now flaccid cock.

Abruptly, they saw her mouth gasp open in a choking wail as she began to
toss her head from side to side frantically, her kinky hair whipping
about her face. She was in the beginning paroxysm of orgasm, both
realised, gaping in lewd captivation at the wildly insane screwing of
her soft, brown buttocks back against the desperately humping dog like a
rutting young bitch on heat.

Sampson panted heavily and his tongue hung loosely from his mouth as he
fucked into the beautiful waving ass from behind, saliva dripping from
it onto the coated film of sweat covering the hollow of her smooth,
brown waist. Again, she wailed like a dying banshee, ramming backward
onto the animal-cock deliriously, just as he jerked forward and his
lengthy, lust-thickened cock began the obvious spitting of its animal
sperm with hard, bullet-like spurts deep into her hungrily milking young

Simultaneously, Diana's rounded quivering buttocks started hollowing and
tensing uncontrollably, indicating to the wide-eyed watching couple the
climatic upheaval within her youthful heaving belly, and a thick, white
combination of human-animal come seeped from the blood flushed lips of
her throbbing pussy that was squeezing and milking ravenously at the
still hot fucking dog-cock. Thin, lewd trickles of the hot viscid fluid
ran in obscene little streams down the straining brown columns of her
soft inner thighs. Her entire backside glistened nakedly in the light,
displaying sweat and sperm soaked pubic hair and open pink vaginal flesh
as she pitched forward onto her face exhausted, the deflated penis of
the great dog slipping wetly from her ravaged passage. His bulbous cock
jerked lewdly between his hind-legs and more of his watery semen spurted
from the scarlet tip onto her battered ass-cheeks ... and then he
stepped over her prostrate body to stand nobly above her ... as if in
earned conquest of her battered young body ...

Chapter 4

A morbid feeling of aloneness crept over Toni Baline as she watched her
boy friend Jeff head down the dirt trodden path to the kennels over the
hills, far enough away from the palatial stretch of lawn bordering the
swimming pool and patio for no one to see. But what could she do about
Aunt Claudia's oversight decision to make use of Jeff's young
muscularity as chief dog trainer? He was being paid, handsomely at that,
and besides, wasn't she, Toni herself the one who'd suggested Jeff join
her at her summertime employment?

Still, there was something in Aunt Claudia glittering eyes when she'd
announced her decision at the breakfast table; an most lewd tone of
voice, that had upset Toni, but she hadn't let on to Jeff who was angry
enough in his own right at the 'undressing' way in which Uncle Milt kept
staring at the deeply plunging cleavage of Toni's mature breasts.
Neither felt justified in making accusations against the others obvious
sexual opportunities with the Balines--not when Jeff had told her that
Aunt Claudia had met him at the door last night wearing nothing but the
skimpiest of negligees ... and kissing the dog, too?

NO, Toni must hide her suspicions and unprotesting go about her
household duties, ever conscious of Uncle Milt's ever present flinty
eyes raking over her. Suspicions roused, Toni knew there was nothing she
could do about it and decided to keep her uneasy feelings to herself,
secretly watching out the window to see her boy friend lolling down the
path, pausing every few yards to stop to admire a flowering bush or
exchange a twitter of laughter over some personal joke.

That's when Toni began to cry. The frustration of last night's
unfulfilled lovemaking combined with Aunt Claudia's flirtations had left
her nerves jammed on edge of nervous anticipation. Besides the obvious
sexual ploys that she suspected her aunt and uncle of indulging in,
there was another mystery. Who were the buyers of these expensive
animals anyway? Certainly they were all well bred. But none of them were
entered in dog shows, nor did the Balines advertise.

If she dared she would have phoned her father and asked to come home.
But that would be childish, and would only serve to cement their idea
that she had no business trying to seek employment from her kinky
relations. For Aunt Claudia and Uncle Milt's swinging social appetite
had aroused many a related imagination at Thanksgiving and Christmas
family get-togethers.

Oh, it was I too confusing ... too terribly, terribly confusing and her
head was beginning to pound in frustration. She had to get a hold of
herself and quit pouting, just because her boy friend was going to spend
so much time with her sexy aunt. Perhaps this was already going to be
the test of their love for each other. More: for their tolerance of each
other. There was no turning back ... no Daddy to cry for help this time
... only the handsome young boy whom she loved so much ... and together
they would work it out. Yes! They would, by God; she felt confident of
it, but she must do her part too ... and at that moment, her end was the
cleaning and straightening up of the house.

She would think no more of her gloomy disposition, she vowed ... but
only of the brighter side, such as the fact that at least she was with
Jeff and that they could be alone together at night to make beautiful
love ... and perhaps that very night to come it would happen ... that
moment of splendour she had almost reached not so many hours before ...!

* * *

Claudia ran her hand over one of the fully mature German Shepherd's
sleek coat as she quietly watched Jeff spoon out generous gobs of raw
meat, ground to their liking, into the separate dog dishes. She decided
that she liked the way his long, chestnut hair hung down over the crisp
white short-sleeved shirt she insisted he wear as part of the domestic's
laundered uniform. She studied his handsome face, intriguing eyes and
wide, honest mouth, and at that moment, she knew he would possess him
one way or another, no matter what tantrums her pompous little niece
threw herself into.

Jeff went about his veterinary tasks with enthusiasm, the anger he had
felt when he left Toni quite diminished, his faith in their future
warmly inspired by the morning sun and sweet smell of the rich greenery
of the Alabama estate. When he was finished glopping the raw dinner into
the dishes he stood back, watching the eagerly wagging tails of the
fourteen dogs waiting for the signal to indulge. More polite and better
trained than some of his fraternity brothers, he remarked to the
seductive dog trainer.

"Wow! How do you get those beasts to behave so well, Aunt Claudia? You
must be one heck of a trainer."

"Yes, Jeff I am. That's because I give my animals the best of tender
loving care."

"Oh," he managed, forcing himself to ignore the seductiveness in her
words, concentrating on the eager dogs instead.

When her power-hungry fantasies had been satisfied, she shot a smug
smirk toward Jeff who stood above her, hands on his slender hips,
Claudia gave the command and the fourteen dogs raced for their
individual dishes, then sat back on their haunches to daintily nibble at
the food. Jeff shook his head in sheer amazement. "Damn," he muttered
under his breath, admiring the sleek self-sure animals with manners akin
to human.

"I love them all. Sometimes I come out here and lay in the grass and
play with them all one at a time. They're such devoted animals, you
know," she said with a twinkle in her devilish eyes. "I take off all of
my clothes and soak in the sunshine. It makes me feel so healthy and
alive." She gave her shoulder a seductive shrug. "It's so peaceful and
green out here," she continued, watching the young boy with an obvious
expression of awe on his rugged handsome face. And with that brief
warning, she stood up, unzipped her sun dress and wiggled out of it,
knowing that he was gaping at her as she stood in her black bikini
panties and wispy bra ... shocked, no doubt, but certainly stimulated
too by her unexpected actions ... unless he was a hell of a lot less man
than she'd watched on the video machine the night before.

Jeff stood with his hands thrust nervously into his Levi pockets; he
shuffled his feet and pretended to be fixated on one of the German
Shepherd's sleek mannerisms.

"There, now I feel more like myself," Claudia said, twirling with
statuesque elegance to show of her ivory-skinned body, the black wispy
panties and bra adding a provocative note of sensuality to an otherwise
well-outlined image.

Jeff swallowed tightly, watching her glide over to a weeping willow tree
on the other side of the kennel's exercise run, and lie down on the
grass like a forest-land nymph. Goddamn! He had to put this beautiful
siren straight before things went any further ... and there was no
longer any doubt in his mind what she had clicking in that brain of hers
... only this time she'd picked the wrong guy! He was damned near a
married man, and he loved her niece!

"Well, darting, aren't you going to join me?" she flirtatiously pouted
with a beautiful smile. And then more concernedly: "Do I shock you or
just turn you on?"

There was no doubt at all! She really was trying to seduce him. Jeff
felt his face flushing even under his tanned cheeks, aware suddenly that
his cock was half-hard inside his pants, adding to his reasons for
standing there without moving; one step in either direction and that
prick of his would stick straight out and that would be nothing short of
humiliating! He clenched his fists inside his pockets and fumbled
around, trying to make it look as though it was his hands making that
huge bulge in the centre of his pants. Simply staring at her, he tried
to think of what to say that could possibly end this incredible

Her little giggle surprised him ... frightened him, too, as he watched
her crook her finger toward him. Sensing his reticence, she rose to her
feet and languorously strolled to his side and drew him to her. She
eased close to him then, her whole ravishing length of hot female body
pressing tightly and hotly to him, her erect pointed breasts flattening
against his lower chest as her arms snaked around his neck and pelvis
ground snugly into his.

Startled, Jeff could neither breathe nor speak. Automatically, his hands
closed on the velvety soft, jellied flesh at the small of her back,
feeling the muscles ripple lightly beneath as a little tremor passed
over her and her warm, moist lips planted themselves openly upon his

Eventually, she said; "How does that strike you for starters?"

Jeff raised his head, half-gasping in confusion, but still holding her.
"I-I .... damn, Mrs. Baline ... I-I don't know what you're trying to do
... but--but you've got the wrong man ...!" he awkwardly stammered,
feeling his hardening cock stirring responsively to the barely
perceptive undulating motion of her pelvis and full, rounded thighs.

She tittered lightly, then kissed him on the nose before backing out of
his arms. "Really, Jeff dear, I wasn't of the opinion that you have much
of a bargaining point," she said with cold matter of factness. "You were
hired to take on chores here." Jeff gaped after her, his flustered brain
rapidly becoming intoxicated on the lithe suppleness of her sensuous
body, enhanced by her aristocratic walk. He could feel his cock stirring
into a state of unwanted, embarrassing rigidity and when he stared back
over her shoulder he saw that her dark, glittering eyes locked on it in
amused delight.

"Has Toni been satisfying that of late?" she taunted.

Jeff sensed his face flushing again. He cleared his throat and tried:
"Look, Mrs. Baline ... let's get this straight."

"Call me Claudia, when we're like this ... and leave off the Aunt," she
said, tilting her beautiful head cutely as she folded down onto the
grass once more."

"All right then, Claudia. You know I love Toni very much. Gosh, I want
to marry her," he managed, sounding very much to himself like a pleading

"That's noble of you, Jeff," she replied motherly. "But you're not
married, yet, dear, and a young man like yourself needs a good education
in sexual matters before he takes on a woman ... that is, if he's going
to keep her happy and at home ... in his bed." She broke into a slow

She couldn't have made it more plain how she spelled it out for him,
Jeff realised, his guts knotting hollowly at her veiled, obvious
insinuation ... and the absolute insane part of it was that she was
anything but hard to take! Christ, she was breathtaking ... and here she
was trying to coerce him ... into fucking her! What the hell else?

"l do shock you, don't I?" she said rather than asked, "And you're
wondering about my husband, too ... but don't. We have a rare
understanding that permits these little affairs though I don't like
having to beg this way; but sometimes a woman, a sensuous woman like
myself does have to resort to desperate measures to get what, or whom
she wants."

She slipped her arm around his neck, her thigh and hip pressuring down
meaningfully onto his still half-erect cock. "So let's just forget
relatives, shall we, lover?"

Jeff could hardly do much else, he thought wildly, the way she was
intentionally squirming down into his hardening cock, the weight and
pressure of her softly rounded curves inescapably increasing his
excitement at an alarming rate! Unwittingly, he had realised that he had
moved his hand to her waist and was caressing her smooth, satin-like
skin and was slowly stroking upward over her trembling nakedness toward
her breasts.

"Hmmmmm ..." she cooed responsively to his touch. "Ohhhh ... God, that's
better, Love," she hissed, straightening up and reaching behind her to
unhook her bra, then sensuously slipping both garments off before laying
warmly back against him. "There ... that's even better."

"Shit!" Jeff gasped as the large, full mounds of creamy flesh burst into
view, their ripe ruby nipples pointing upward at him and swelling into
palpitating hardness before his eyes. Oh, Christ, what the hell was he
doing? My God, Toni ... his wonderful Toni ... but to think of her while
lying here with a naked woman beside him seemed almost sacrilegious!

He forced her out of his mind and clutched one breast excitedly in his
hand, the feel of its soft warm resilience causing his cock to jerk
uncontrollably as she writhed erotically against it, and there went his
last token of resistance. Whatever the hell was to come, let it! He had
to fuck this wildly sensuous woman! With his other hand, he drew her
head down to him as he lay back and glued his mouth to hers, thrusting
his tongue between her smooth, moist lips beyond the barrier of her
white, even teeth and into the warm wet cavern of her mouth.

She accepted it with a caress from her own, a hot and liquid caress then
she began to nibble and suck erotically! He felt her lush body quivering
to his kneading and massing of her breast and she whimpered, forcing her
tiny tongue into his mouth as she pressed the freshly trembling mound
against his manipulating hand. Abruptly, she was on her feet and pulling
him down on top of her as she lay on her back spread-eagled. "Fuck me
now, baby," she hissed.

Jeff brain reeled as she muttered for him to undress. He could hardly
believe what was taking place. It had all happened too fast and too
compellingly for him to comprehend, though in the maze of lust-building
excitement, he'd convinced himself that it was all right.

Hungrily, he drank in her naked curves, unaware of her one hand raising
to the secreted button of his Levis; he was too busy watching her
salacious writhing movements that were sending ripples of hot desire
charging through him ... obscene actions as she lay stretched out in
anticipation before him. He'd already discovered the breathtaking
firmness of her high-set, jutting breasts and now he was staring at the
provocative arch of her ivory-pure hips that led downward to long, fully
rounded tapering thighs. Between them, spread invitingly, he could see
clearly through the haematin-coloured pubic curls covering her loins ...
see the delicate pink lips of her cuntal slit, her excitement obvious in
the first tiny drops of dewy moisture glistening there!

"Damn!" he gasped. "You're a beautiful woman." He stared down at her,
and after he spoke, he saw the effect of his words as she made a little
mewing sound, her hips undulating as if of their own volition, her
sparkling dark eyes seeming to gaze slightly.

"Now!" she choked. "Please hurry, I need you ..."

Jeff began pulling at his clothing as she watched, refusing to let his
young girl friend enter his mind, removing everything, before dropping
his shorts that were trying desperately to contain the now rock-hardened
bulge of his cock. he saw her raise up on her elbow, her eyes fixed upon
his loins when he made the unveiling.

"Oh God!" he gasped breathily at the hardened rigidity of it standing
out from his lean, hairy groin. She stared at the throbbing,
blood-inflated head, her tiny pink tongue tracing her arched lip-line
passionately. "God! It's more beautiful than I thought it would be!" she
gasped, confusing him entirely. "Oh, Brother bring it to me," she
whimpered, moving to the edge of the smoothed down grass to meet it as
he approached and stood naked before and above her.

A compulsory spasm of delightful tremors coursed over and through him as
she gently let his cock rest in the palm of her hand, slowly encircling
her fingers around its thickness and sliding the heavy outer skin to and
along her, her other hand moving between his thighs to encompass his
balls tenderly, then ... then ... he saw her tiny wet tongue dart out to
lick at the tiny split of its glans and catch the wet drops of secretion
that had seeped out in his mouthing desire. He groaned again as she drew
it gently toward her, opening her lipstick-rimmed lips and sucking it
slowly but continuously into the hot, moist shelter of her mouth, her
tongue instigating a slow, smooth, swirling motion as she kept drawing
it in ... in ... in ... until he gaped in disbelief as almost all of the
entire thick shaft of cock-flesh disappeared between her sucking lips
into her mouth and throat! Finally, she withdrew her head in a slow and
delicious drawing sequence, then, rolled back onto the grass, her arms
and luscious legs open to him.

"Oh, God, Brother ... Lover ... I want you to fuck me to death with that
young cock!' she breathed up at him.

"Shit!" Jeff blurted, all else unimportant, measured against this
fantastic moment, the lewd word 'fuck', tumbling beautifully from her
lips exciting him further. He climbed down eagerly, half on top of her,
his hand smoothing salaciously over her enticing flesh from her hips to
her breasts, kneading, cupping, massaging, his mouth finding her
hungrily, his tongue exploring the still poignant taste of his own cock
there, and adding to his mounting passion.

"You're going to be my baby," she whispered. "Would you like that,

Jeff heard her words and accepted them lightly. "Right now, all I want
is you," he hissed down at her, smoothing his hand over the warm, soft
skin of her flattened belly, and below to her silky hair-covered mound
that swelled into the sensitive, flushed and fleshy lips of her cunt. He
traced his finger along the pink, hair-lined lips between her firmly
rounded thighs to the soft warm crevice of her buttocks and she gasped
upward into his face continuously from the sensations it obviously set
off inside her, her hot breath like some rare perfume that he couldn't
get enough of.

He ground his hard, ever-growing cock against her naked hip while he
caressed and taunted the moist secret parts of her voluptuously curved
body, even as his brain whirled with the incredibleness of the act.
Lying there beside her under that cooling willow tree, making love to
her in the most lascivious manner, he couldn't help but wonder what Mr.
Baline would really say should he stroll though the hills at that
moment. Yet, at the moment, he didn't give much of a damn. He had to
fuck her ... the beautiful, enchanting creature ... and she'd actually
sucked his cock! God, he'd heard plenty about these husband-wife
understandings, the swap-arounds; who hadn't these days? But he'd always
have his doubts about such an arrangement working out. Her baby, she'd

"Ohhhhhh!" She had his cock in her hand, and now her mouth was clinging
to his, sucking and nibbling at his tongue is she tried to manoeuvre him
between her opened thighs, wanting his cock inside her warm moist cunt!

He responded, rolling over and cradling himself between her legs,
forcing his hand beneath her shoulders and running them down the soft
curves of her back and hips, the idea suddenly striking him that she
must be at least twice his age, but damn, he'd never know it to look at
her, or feel the firmness of her luscious body. Anyway, that thought
only seemed to add to his lust as he traced the raised ridges of her
spine and felt the licentious undulating of her soft flesh against his
own in a lust provoking rhythm. The sinews of her muscles rippled
lightly under the ivory-white skin, indicating the hidden strength in
her lithe body. The tenseness of the cords in her thighs pressed against
the outside of his hips and he couldn't help but wonder how they would
grip about him once he'd sunk his now throbbing cock deep inside her
hot, white belly.

"Oh ... God, yes, fuck me ... yes!" she moaned. "Do it, fuck me until
I'm crazy! Sink that beautiful cock of yours up into my cunt until I
lose my mind!"

He forced his hands further down beneath her, cupping the fullness of
her smooth, white buttocks in their palms and drawing her moist loins up
tighter against his. He wedged his cock into the partially opened slit
of her cunt, moving it back and forth, up and down until it was well
insinuated within her deep damp pink slit separating her softly
hair-lined cuntal lips, and began a pressurising, upward fucking motion,
sensing the velvety, raw flesh growing more wet with every passing
second. Her smoothly rounded buttocks began an urgent rotation, grinding
her impassioned genitals against his loins, while the bulbous head of
his cock gently massaged the erect bud of her clitoris, and she gasped
through her teeth at him.

"l ... I can't stand it any longer, Baby! I-I've got to have it fucking
up inside me! NOW ... fuck me now, Brother John! Hurry!"

Her legs scissored out wide on either side of his body, their strong
calves situating themselves against the backs of his thighs as she tried
to force him tighter into her.

He kissed her hungrily and lowered his hand, guiding his aching cock
downward between her hot moist cunt lips. She trembled all over and
whimpered out as her pelvis lurched upward at him, the damply open mouth
of her cunt desperately seeking the blood-filled, lust-inflamed head of
his shaft of hardened young flesh.

Jeff grunted in his own salacious passion, feeling the soft, warm hairs
of her cunt grazing his cock from her sensuous movements, and he knew
that trying to hold back was an impossibility for him any longer. He
sucked in his breath and thrust his hips forward, feeling the lubricous,
nibbling mouth of her vaginal passage accepting him, immediately
absorbing his prick in the hot moist channel right up into her belly
with a wet little sucking sound, her cuntal muscles seeking to work
around the hard, fleshly length of his wildly throbbing cock.

Oh, Christ! he thought! He'd never had anything like this, even at
fraternity parties. Her cunt sheath was milking his cock like a warm,
butter-filled hand!

"Oooohhhhh ... aaaahhhhh ..." she moaned and crooned as he felt her
entire insides flowering open to receive him deep beyond the secret
crevices of her womb. She began to groan and murmur incoherently while
he started to fuck viciously into her, gritting his teeth in his own
driving lust. Her body followed his pace, lurching in wild, abandoned
jerks beneath him.

"Oooooh, God ... ohhh ... sooo good ... just like it used to be, John
... like that!" she gasped as if in anguish, her arms wrapped tightly
around his neck, pulling his lean chest down snug against the soft
whiteness of her breasts.

Jeff plunged his long, hardened cock up and up, deeper and deeper into
the warm, moist channel of her cunt, sensing the whole of her inner
belly opening receptively to his furious ravaging. Her voluptuous body
spasmed and twisted, while she moaned ceaselessly, her face contorted in
ecstatic rapture. He watched her mouth move with spasmodic, little
tremors as her nostrils flared in untamed, animalish desire that had
seized hold of her whole being as though it were writhing in the throes
of a convulsion. Her forehead was suddenly coated with a film of
glistening sweat that had broken out beneath her flame red hair. It was
as if nothing could prevent her wild race for fulfilment now and Jeff
fucked like an insane man to attain that goal for both of them.

"Oh, ohhhh, God, yessss! Do something! Shove your fingers in my ass!
Hurry, do it!" she ordered whimperingly as he slid his strong, giant
hands under the wildly pumping cheeks of her buttocks and cupped them
tightly raising them up off the grass for greater access to her open and
hungrily clasping loins. Then, he reached further between the hotly
undulating spheres as he continued his fucking into the liquid depths of
her hotly drenched cunt. He stretched the crevice of her ass wide,
searching with the tip of his middle finger for her anus ... until he
found it.

A tiny rivulet of warm moisture had dribbled down the smooth, widespread
cleft from where his throbbing cock was pistoning sleekly in and out of
her. It dampened the tightly puckering hole, lubricating it sufficiently
for his experimental probes, then, he pushed hard, feeling it give
almost reluctantly, until suddenly the tight elastic sphincter ring
opened before his pressure and his finger popped smoothly inside the
warm, rubbery channel and slid into her to the first knuckle joint. Her
body jerked forward beneath him while she gasped out her pain.

"Ohhhhh ... ohhhh Goddd! It hurts, John, baby ..."

It confused Jeff that she kept calling him by the wrong name, but he
dismissed the misnomer, thrusting his finger again, to the second joint
this time. Her legs jerked out spasmodically, her legs in the air above
them, her toes curling together erotically.

"Aaaggghhh ... Oh yessss!" she groaned again, and in spite of the
obvious pain, he felt her suddenly begin screwing her rectum crazily
back onto his finger until it was stuck to the very palm of his hand,
and he began to jiggle it wildly, gyrating it around deep inside the
fleshy depths of her velvety rectum.

He ground down into her with all the strength of his hips and thighs,
feeling the hot, raw flesh of her cunt clasping and unclasping like a
saliva-filled mouth around his bursting cock.

He fucked into her from the tips of his toes, ramming the last fraction
of cock to thunder up her passion-dilated hole, raising a new ecstatic
wail from her lips as he maintained the same rhythm with his pumping
finger sunk deep in her back passage. Her nostrils flared again and her
eyes, open wide now, stared glassily and unseeing up into his face, a
feral, unsatiated desire burning blissfully in them.

"Aaaauuuggghhh ... Goddd!" she grunted as he butted her rhythmically
undulating loins in perfect cadence of finger and cock that were dually
ravishing her genitals, a masochistic pleasure filling her from her cunt
to the top of her head. Her arms that had been wrapped tightly around
his neck with her long nails digging frantically into the lean hard
flesh of his back, slithered downward and dug painfully into the taut,
thrusting buttocks as they pounded demonically, driving his beautiful
cock into the seething core of her needy body.

Moist, fleshy smacking noises resounded throughout the hills with every
lunge he made into her, while his hotly worming finger skewered into her
tight clasping anus with unceasing fury. Her skin was greasy with the
sweat from the wanton gyrations of her ravenous body and her head
flailed uncontrollably on the grass beneath her. Her mouth had fallen
slack in blissful salacity; she had become something most inhuman as she
twisted and churned, spreading her legs wide apart and jerking her knees
back to her shoulders, egging him on.

"Ohhhhh ... ooohhh ... deeper, baby! Harder! Fuck me harder ... harder,
John!" she commanded, her climax obviously near while Jeff breathed a
silent prayer for gratitude.

He was damned near destroyed, he realised, pulling his finger from the
rubbery rectum of the red-headed vixen; then she swung her strong,
smooth thighs upward and wound them possessively around his back, waving
her ass wantonly from side to side and spiralling her clasping cunt up
and down insanely on his plunging and hotly expanding cock.

"Ohhhhh ... ohhhh ... yesss, I'm cummmmiiiinnnggg!" she suddenly cried
out with a gasp of intense passion, locking her ankles in a death-like
grip high up behind his labouring back. At the same time, her arms
tightly engulfed his neck, her open mouth smashing against his own, her
body arching as she held to him, not moving, but quivering and jerking
around him in a pulsating rhythm that spewed her orgasmic fluid out
around his hardened cock and down the widespread crevice of her gyrating
buttocks, soaking his balls as they slapped hard against her tiny
puckered anus.

The wildness of her climax triggered his own, and he gripped the cheeks
of her ass, squeezing with crushing strength, feeling her cringe as
great gasps of passion began choking from his throat.

"Oh ... unnnggghhh dammmmnnn!" he bluffed, suddenly increasing the
viscousness of his stroke, his pelvis slapping brutally against the
ragged pink flanges of her cunt, his throbbing cock driving deep into
the fullest hidden recesses of her quivering belly.

He felt himself coming and threw his hands down behind her knees,
forcing them back higher around her head, grinding as far into her open
and yielding cunt as he could, raising groans of over passion from her
lips still locked tightly to his. He gasped into the moistness of her
mouth, felt the explosion at his loins, heard her whimpering cry of
orgasmic delight once more as she tightened her arms around his neck,
and then with a deep, soul-shattering groan, he shot into her, squirting
his hot thick sperm into the warm depths of her delicious trembling

And then, came the end ... there was no more ... except the creeping
remorse for his infidelity ... and he collapsed, rolling off of her onto
his back with a deep bitter sigh of exhaustion. He heard her long breath
of release, then felt her move beside him and realised she was getting
up off the grass. He looked up at her in all of her enchanting
nakedness, surprised at the austere expression that had returned to her
beautiful face.

"Well? Don't just lie there and nap, Jeff. You have to shampoo Poker and
manicure his nails. Mrs. Everett is coming to pick him up later this
afternoon. You're still a hired worker, you know."

With that, she left him standing open-mouthed and exhausted after her as
she picked up her bra and panties and casually slipped them on.

"We still have another training session left for Poker and he has to be
in prime condition for that."

That comment confused the young man even more. What the hell was going
on around here with raising dogs and feeding them raw meat ...
shampooing and polishing their nails? Christ, what were these dogs
intended to do, anyway? They were better dressed in their velvet and
rhinestone collars than he'd been on many dates.

Chapter 5

Toni Baline stood at her window lookout for two aching hours, watching
the gardener clipping the hedges and pulling weeds from the peony beds,
and wondering how long it took for one lesson in feeding dogs. In truth,
she had her suspicions; still, elusive, brooding day dreams that crept
into her conscious mind every time she thought those ominous feelings
were beaten, kept her rivetted to that window.

Finally, she went about her household duties with a lackadaisical
attitude, bored by the prospect of cleaning someone else's dirty house.
But she forced herself; there were other far more pleasant things she'd
prefer to spend her time on and the little tingle in her belly at the
memory of Jeff's kiss kept her working with fervour. Perhaps they could
spend the afternoon alone in bed ... that is, if he ever came back from
his walk with Aunt Claudia. Toni smiled as she entered thoughts of what
their own exciting little bed-party to come promised ... if kisses
didn't lie.

Lord ... getting to be just a little bit horny, wasn't she? Toni
reprimanded herself lightly, not at all ashamed of her desire for her
virile young boy friend. In fact, she was secretly pleased with the
erotic passion he could arouse in her with a simple kiss, or his gentle
hand touching her breast or thigh, being that her sheltering parents had
her almost believing that sex was the basest of animal instincts and no
religious girl ever indulged. God, how wrong they were ...!

She entered the library, the room where Uncle Milt did most of his
thinking over business matters, Toni guessed. The awesome mahogany desk
flanked by a leather executive chair and two smaller ones at each side,
sat empty and lifeless, giving a purposeless aura to the room that made
Toni shudder as if she were walking into a dark attic. Had it not been
for Aunt Claudia's insistence that Toni give the first floor of the
house a good cleaning, she wouldn't have walked in that room knowing
that Uncle Milt intimated that the room was 'off limits' by keeping the
heavy sliding doors closed at all times.

Toni tip-toed inside, dust cloth in one hand and a can of Endust in the
other, her eyes roving over the endless rows of hardcover books lining
the impressive mahogany shelves, wondering if Uncle Milt really had read
all those editions, or if perhaps he had bought them by the pound and
lined them up on his shelves for the sake of impression alone. People
with money did weird things like that, she knew. Maybe some day she and
Jeff would have a house like this ... Oh God, there she went again,
jugging the 'ifs' and confusing herself again.

To take her mind off of the ominous feelings and suspicions that had
haunted her since Jeff pranced off for the kennels with Aunt Claudia,
Toni set down her can of Endust on the desk and topped it with the dust
cloth, then ran her fingers down the first row of books studying the
titles. Surprised to see that most of the volumes were of legal content,
she passed off the search for good leisure reading material and lazily
helped herself to the comfort of Uncle Milt's executive chair that
swallowed up her tiny frame in its generosity.

Playfully, she kicked her legs to the side and swirled, making a
complete circle. Ohhh, how great it would be to have a room like that,
filled with your personal matters ... somewhere where you could feel
important and be important. The feel of the heavy mahogany and soft
leather bolstered the confidence in her imagination, and she leaned
forward, placing both elbows on the desk while studying the official
looking desk calendar opened to Saturday, July 1. "Mrs. Everett" it
read, and below it "Poker".

So Uncle Milt had a legitimate business with these dogs after all,
thought Toni, satisfied. Maybe he wasn't the crook her parents made him
out to be. To prove her admiration true, she picked up one of the
manilla folders neatly stacked at the side opposite her cleaning
apparatus and opened it up. And sat up straight!

Inside, next to a typed letter, was a photograph of Poker, the German
Shepherd Jeff was to manicure and shampoo that very day. But he wasn't
alone in the photograph, for there was Sharon, one of the Black servant
girls, and Milt! All having sex together! Toni shuddered, gagged and
threw it down, her mouth slack-jawed. Oh, God! She closed her eyes
tight, then slowly opened them to study the picture again. Sure enough,
there was Uncle Milt lying on the floor with Sharon's mouth swallowing
his huge cock, while Poker mounted her from behind. This couldn't be
real this had to be some kind of joke. In hopes of cleansing the
reality, Toni opened up another folder and opened it to see a matching
picture, only this time it was Diana with Samson.

With trembling legs, Toni got to her feet and stumbled toward the door.
Oh God, did Jeff know about this? Did he know how perverted her aunt and
uncle were ... did he care? Oh, Lord, what other perversions had they
been accomplices to? She had to know. Slowly, with chin high, she walked
back to the desk and opened up the folder again, her curiosity
overshadowing her reasoning and read the letter in Samson's file. It was
addressed to Mrs. Sybil, guaranteeing her that Samson had been well
trained in the art of making love to mature human females and, should
she be displeased with his demeanour in any way, the Balines would be
pleased to either give a demonstration or trade him in for another

A hollowness crept into Toni's belly at the sound of footsteps in the
hallway! Too late to get out unseen, she slapped the folder shut and was
grasping toward her dust cloth when Uncle Milt stepped through the
sliding doors, a look of astonished anger on his face.

"Who told you to come in here?" he demanded, all handsomeness gone from
his face now as he stood rigidly confronting his niece who could only
blurt out "Oh ... oh, Uncle Milt ... I ... was only going to clean."

"And who told you to do that?"

"N ... Nobody ... but I thought I should since ..."

"Since you wanted to snoop in my office and find out about kinky Uncle
Milt, is that it? Find out if all those stories that clap-trap mother of
yours has been telling the relatives is true, heh?" He grinned lewdly to
himself and finished off the rest of his drink that he held in his hand.
"Okay, you wanna see what Uncle Milt does for a living? You might as
well know, because it's gonna help in the days to come, little girl."

Toni watched saucer-eyed as her uncle retraced his steps, going back to
the sliding door and closing it, then bolting it on the inside! A new
tightness constricted her belly, and her wide green eyes followed his
broad back until he was facing her again. He was still half-grinning
when he set about making himself another drink from the bar in the
corner, near the potted palms.

Once again, Toni felt the icing of her bloodstream. "What do you mean,
Uncle Milt? You ... you mean ..." She couldn't speak ... only stood
there petrified gaping at him, while he continued to grin at her.

"Would you like a drink to brace your nerves, Baby?" he invited calmly,
leaning forward on the bar, his glass in hand.

Numbly, Toni shook her head in the negative, struggling for the proper
words that might help improve her situation. "What did you want to show

"I don't think I have to ... you already know." His eyes fell on the
disarrayed folders. "You've already seen those pictures ... and the
letters ... what's left to tell?"

Toni felt as if her legs were made of stone, immobile, and she stood
there awe-stricken as his massiveness closed in on her, his empty hand
reaching out to take her small, trembling one inside it possessively. He
went on, his handsome face beaming down at her. "We sell dogs to women
who need to get fucked. We train our dogs to fuck and suck women, is
that clear? Nobody gets hurt and everybody wins in the end. We make good
money and they get their rocks off. Does that make sense, little girl?"
He stood now with one alligator shoe on the leather chair, hands crossed
over his knee.

"Oh, my God ... that's ... that's awful!" Toni gasped in horror at the
shocking filth spewing from his half-grinning lips, not only his use of
the lewd words, but the shameful, graphic meaning behind them. Now she
knew why Diana and Sharon never left the premises.

"And as for you, my cute little niece, I've watched you and that
candy-ass boyfriend of you making love ... or try to ... too bad he
can't make you come!" Gingerly, he set his glass down on the desk top
and sprung his hand out to catch her tiny one.

Desperately, she tried to jerk her hand free as tears of shame and rage
streamed down her cheeks, but his huge, powerful hand was like a vise
clutching at her own. She struggled with him, knocking the glass from
the desk to spill onto the carpet, even knowing it was useless as she
remembered the locked door, but in her panic she could think of nothing
else but being free of his bestial touch, and abruptly, she sank her
sharp teeth into the hairy flesh of his imprisoning hand.

"You little cunt!" Milt roared, jerking his hand away to brutally grasp
her arm, then with the other open one he slapped her hard, knocking her
backward and down onto the desk. She started to get up again, but as she
did, he raised his hand once more, and she decided against it, slumping
helplessly and burying her sobbing face in her hand. "Okay ... that's
better Baby," he said, breathing heavily as he examined the teeth marks
she'd left in his flesh. He'd caught her just in time, before she could
break the skin with those white little fangs of hers. Still, it hurt
like hell. She'd pay for it!

"Now, let's get back to business, okay?" he shook his hand in the air to
ease the pain. "We can either be friends, which'll make it easier on you
... or enemies, and I'll rape you! It's up to you, Doll. If you're not
nice to me, you'll end up like Diana and Sharon in those pictures ...
fucked by a dog. Now which'll it be? Me or the dogs ...?"

Toni's head swam from the force of his stinging blow, but the terrifying
repugnance his loathsome proposition sent nauseously sweeping through
her was far more staggering than if he had beat her senseless! She could
only gape up at him in sickened panic!

"No ... you wouldn't do that to me! I'm your niece! That's ... that's
incest!" she sobbed. "Oh, please let me go, just let me go home and I
won't tell anybody ..."

"It's too late for that, honey," Milt replied with a leer. "It boils
down to this ... if that punk boy friend of yours can fuck my wife, then
I can fuck you ... and that's exactly what I intend to do."

"He didn't ... Jeff would never make love to anybody but me!" she
wailed, staring at him in further confusion at his night-marish

"Oh, yeah? It's time you grow up, little one. What do you think they've
been doing out there near the kennels all this time? Pickin' daisies?
Boy," he said, scratching his head, "you're as lame as your mother."

Toni had closed her ears to his disrespectful talk. Somehow, if what he
said was true about Jeff and Aunt Claudia, she felt certain that Claudia
had coerced Jeff into the horrible act. How, she had no idea but he
would have an explanation, and she had to keep the faith ... they loved
each other too much!

"Where do you think you're going?" he questioned, his hand gripped her
upper arm as she started to rise from the desk.

"Never mind ... I ... I just have to get out ..."

"No you won't!" he hissed through clenched jaws, his flinty eyes raking
over her hungrily. "Now, you sit right here while I make us both a nice
soothing drink, then we'll discuss the situation sensibly, eh?"

Toni leaned slowly back against the desk, but rigidly so, the idea of
something to brace her nerves not exactly repulsive to her.

Milt grinned, patted her on the knee and walked to the portable bar.
"You're really in love with that punk, aren't you?" Toni nodded her
head, unable to speak. Uncle Milt chuckled, while a nervous trembling
ripple over took Toni's nerve-wracked young body. Dear Lord, what was
going to happen now? She hadn't time to reason it out before Milt was
coming back carrying two glasses of a milkish appearing concoction ...

"Absinthe, Baby ... great for what ails you," he said, handing one to
her and dropping down beside her on the desk. "So cheers," he said in a
raised toast.

Toni nodded, half responding, then lifted the glass to her lips, tasting
carefully and finding its liquorice flavour pleasing, taking a second,
deeper draught that immediately began to warm her stomach. She sensed
his big arm moving up behind her and she twisted around to distract him
and said: "I really am in love with Jeff, Uncle Milt. I want to marry
him some day, but Mom and Dad don't think I'm old enough."

Wheels turned in the lecherous man's head. "They don't know he's here,
do they?" he asked in a mellifluous voice, that took her off guard for a
reckless moment.

"No, they don't, and if they did I would be in trouble. Man, they'd
never let us see each other again."

The big man smiled. "Sounds as if I win, sweetheart. Here it is; either
you let me fuck you, or I'll phone your mother and tell her about Jeff.
Simple as that. Because if your boy friend can fuck my wife, I see no
reason why you and I should be left out in the cold."

"Oh ... please ... oh, Uncle Milt!" she whimpered. How can you even
think of such a horrible thing? Have you no morals?" Dear God, she
couldn't, she just couldn't submit her body to her uncle. Suddenly she
tilted the glass to her lips and drained it, holding to the top of the
desk, then abruptly tried to gain her feet once more.

"You're a lovely young creature, Toni. I hate to see you waste your life
on that creep, Jeff," he spoke softly. "What you need is a man with
maturity and money, a man like me!" Milt said, his own drink warming him
into a mellow mood that made him momentarily feel as charming as he did
lecherous. Nevertheless, the latter emotion, as always predominated, and
he smiled while the licentious gleam fanned in his eyes.

A helpless tremor shot through Toni as she felt his hand move brazenly
to the bowl of her tense belly, smoothing suggestively before flipping
around her waist while he inched closer to her, until his big, handsome
face was mere inches from her own. But what amazed her more was that the
touch of his hand and its generating warmth through the material of her
dress sent a strange, unwanted thrill spiralling upward along her spine.
She fought it; she couldn't ignore the fact that she was definitely a
girl in love ... and even though Jeff, for whatever reasons, had
violated their promises, she had no intentions of doing the same. Beside
this was her uncle, her own flesh-and-blood!

"Stop! Oh, please, just stop!" she insisted emphatically, writhing from
his grasp and gaining her feet unsteadily. "No matter what Jeff has done
I'm not going to do the same. Now, just let me go."

Milt arose beside her, his features set in a determined expression. "You
make it hard, Toni ... but only for yourself and that gook you're in
love with. I told you how it was going to be ... willingly, or
unwillingly ... but fuck all the way! It's going to happen, little girl,
but how is still your choice!"

Toni stiffened as if she'd been submerged in ice-water the shocking fact
that there was no escape finally reaching her! This was her uncle and he
was going to rape her! Her lovely little mouth fell loosely open and her
striking eyes widened in utter disbelief again his blatant use of the
evil word knifing into her as she at last began to sense the measure of
her helplessness against him. She sensed his hands wrapping around her
waist again and the strength of his powerful arms slowly but surely
drawing her tight against him, those same hands moving blatantly down to
encompass the round, full spheres of her buttocks. She felt the blood
rushing to her face in the shame of his caress becoming intimate with
her fear-cringing body!

"S-Stop! Oh, God, stop! I'll call my parents right now and tell them
you've raped me!"

"You do that little Bitch, and that'll be the end of you and lover boy.
Now let's get comfy over here on the sofa and see what happens," he
hissed down into her face as he picked her up in his strong arms and
carried her kicking body to the sofa and plunked her down. There, he
held her secure with the force of his body.

She could only gape across the inches upward into his face as his strong
hands massaged and stroked her soft, sensuous young buttock pressing her
tighter against the terrible rising bulge at his loins, while his words
and promise taunted her brain in unavoidable desire.

Feebly, she struggled in his arms, as if to satisfy her own conscience,
but in actuality she was helpless against his great strength, and slowly
he lowered his head until his lips completely engulfed her soft, moist
mouth, his hot tongue worming wetly between her teeth into the vainly
resisting cavern beyond. He held her close his large, hotly massaging
hands ever-moving as they pressed into the round cheeks of her lush
young buttocks to force his pelvis tighter against him, his height
placing the throbbing bulge of his cock hard against the soft giving
flesh of her belly, and an ungovernable tremor tippled over her.

God! Something unfathomable was happening inside her! She was actually
experiencing little tremulous sensations of unwanted excitement to
counteract those of shame and repulsion at his forced assault on her
body, and although she offered limited spasmodic resistance, her mouth
opened willingly to the pillage of his lewdly working tongue, and she
relaxed against him as he drew her back down on the couch, his large
right hand completely engulfing her full, erecting throbbing breast,
sending further electric-like tingles soaring licentiously through her!

"Ohhhh ... ohhhhh Uncle Milt!" she groaned, flustered, and he smiled
arrogantly above her.

"Can't help yourself, can you baby?" he taunted lewdly, his hands roving
her exploringly. "It's the drink I gave you ... it turns you on, little
girl. And I promise you, you'll love your Uncle Milt all the more when
I'm through with you," he said, leaning above her and teasing at her
beautiful young face, using his tongue while she half-whimpered beneath

His words, his evil words, ricocheted against the walls of her stupefied
brain as she tried to decipher their meaning. She was beset with
overwhelming, unknown sensations. His hand, his tongue, his whole
massive body was setting her aflame with desire she had never remotely
dreamed of! Never ... never before ... even with Jeff, had she ever felt
so overcome with raw lustful craving!

And then, his huge hot hand was on her leg ... her thigh ... the soft,
tingling inner flesh of her thigh ... and she wanted it there! Oh Jeff,
darling, forgive me ... but it's so warm and big and gentle ... moving
upward ... always upward ... toward it!

"You beautiful little bitch!" Milt hissed down at her where she lay,
receptive at last beside him, while his hungry, always working hand
smoothed up and down the satiny flesh of her quivering leg, enjoying the
feel of the flesh just before it ceded to the hot smooth nakedness of
her velvety and vibrant thighs. He let it brush several times to the
very peak, knowing it would instigate the sensation of contact as it
pressed against the white, nylon strip of her panties, hiding her soft
sensitive cunt ... and it did, he was certain by her quivering action.

Toni groaned and responded spasmodically to each pressured touch against
her now tingling cunt, her mind desperately fighting and losing the
battle over her emotions.

But ... when he reached for the button of her blouse and undid them
rapidly, Toni sat up to remove the garment herself, then unhooked her
bra straps, removed it and tossed it to the coffee table with her other
garments. He pulled skirt over her hips, then tossed it to the floor ...
Then, she lay back down again. She was completely naked all of her
loveliness exposed to her uncle, and he drank in her beauty with lewd

Toni felt little spasms of erotic electricity surge through her as her
uncle's avid hands closed over her breasts. He gasped aloud with delight
as he felt their velvety-skinned pliancy, and his fingers kneaded and
massaged them caressingly. After a few moments she felt him rolling the
sensitive erect cones of her pink, distended nipples between his
fingers, tweaking them and bringing them to full arousal.

Maddeningly, then his mouth followed moistly to encompass one of her
berry-like tits. He sucked at it, flicking and rolling it with his fiery
tongue causing her to moan with ecstatic delight as racing sensations
flashed in her body.

Below, her hips began an involuntary, slowly grinding movement against
the cushions of the couch ... but disappointingly his hands and mouth
left her. Vaguely, she was aware that he was stripping off his own
clothing. She kept her eyes tightly clenched shut, not wanting to look
... to acknowledge the shame of her nakedness ... or his either.

His voice came floating down to her where she lay on the couch. "Open
your eyes, little girl! I want you to look at what I've got for you ...
something you haven't had for while ... or ever!"

Her eyes fluttered open, slowly, and she saw him standing beside the
couch looking down at her. He was naked. She saw his trim, muscular
body, his lewd smile of triumph. Then, as her eyes swept down his body
reluctantly, they came to rest on the thick, hardened shaft of his cock,
which stood out long and pulsating from his powerfully muscular loins.

God! It was gigantic, even bigger than she'd imagined from the
photographs. Her quickly indrawn breath strangled in her throat.
Somehow, she couldn't visualise that monstrous thing buried to the root
in the soft fleshiness of her cunt, a quivering fear charged through
her. She couldn't possibly take all of that ... without its splitting
her apart!

Uncle Milt enjoyed her look of surprise and horror. Taking hold, of his
throbbing cock's shaft, he stroked the heavy foreskin back obscenely, a
lewdly salacious smile splitting his lips.

"How do you like it, Baby?" he asked. "Bigger than that tiny prick of

"Oh, God ... I-I can't look! Toni closed her eyes again.

"You'll find out soon enough, Toni, because once it's inside of you,
you'll learn to appreciate it."

Almost mesmerised, she watched his slowly working hand. Somehow, she
should have been repulsed by his dirty talk, but the absinthe had
changed every thing evil into beauty and indulgence.

Oh, forgive me, Jeff! I'm doing this for both of us, baby!

Through desire-dimmed eyes, the young niece watched her uncle, as he
settled his body down on the couch beside her, his mouth dropping down
to a quivering swelling breast. She moaned her delight, watching him
take first one, then the other of her sensate nipples into his mouth to
lick and suck. She could have screamed for pure joy, as the surging
waves of sensation washed through her absinthe-drugged body.

Then, his mouth moved lower, leaving moist trail of hot kisses through
the valley between her mounding breasts. Down across her flat belly, his
mouth nibbled, and now he was at her navel, pausing there to dip his
tongue into the tiny hollow, for a moment ... before he moved on down
... lower.

Of course, Toni divined his attention, knew his ultimate goal. Slashing
excitement sliced through her. No one had ever done that to her, not
even Jeff! The thought repulsed her, sickened her. Now she could feel
Uncle Milt's hot breath on the soft curls of her pubic hair, down there
between her open, trembling expectant thighs. Then, she felt his finger
on the soft, fleshy lips of her cunt, spreading her wide open. She
looked down to see that he was feasting his eyes on the pink, moistly
fluted petals of her cunt opening.

Huskily, his voice came up to her. "You know what I'm going to do to you
now, don't you?"

"Yes ..." she whispered. "I-I think I do, but nobody has ever done that
to me before. I-I can't let you do that ... not before Jeff has!"

"That's just the point, Toni. If Jeff had done this to you, you wouldn't
be so fucking frustrated. Maybe when that boy grows up, he'll learn how
to satisfy a woman."

Though she was loathe to admit it, she knew he was right.

"But before I stuff your cunt full of cock ... I'm going to lick you and
suck you, use my tongue on you so you'll be ready for me, Baby. And I'll
make it good for you ... so good! Old Uncle Milt'll be good to you."

His lewd words seemed to make her tremble with burning desire.
Everything was blotted out of her mind now ... except her acceptance of
passion. Nothing else mattered. She was wildly, insanely aroused ... and
all she wanted was sexual satisfaction ... the kind of satisfaction that
could be had in only one way: By laying on your back and letting a man
take charge. Oh, why hadn't Jeff ever acted that way with her?

"Y-Yes, Uncle Milt " she moaned. "I want you ... to ... to do everything
to me."

That was all he needed. She was his, now. His head dropped down between
her widespread thighs, his lips coming down hard on her cuntal mouth,
his tongue darting out into the warm liquid depths of her cuntal portal.

Toni moaned aloud, as his long, hot tongue lashed into her, and she
ground her loins up into his face, harder and harder, wanting more and
more of that beautifully exquisite sensation.

Ohhhhh, it felt so wonderful. Blindly, her hands reached out for his
hair, grasping it, to pull his hungry mouth in tighter to her
lust-soaked loins.

Below, Uncle Milt tongued her cunt, insanely, and his hands came up to
slide over her belly to the full firmness of her breasts, squeezing and
massaging at them brutally, while now, his searching tongue found the
erect, pulsing shaft of her clitoris.

Whining with agony, Toni felt her controls gone. She began to toss her
head from side to side, as she felt him take the tiny, throbbing shaft
of her clitoris between his teeth and hold it tightly while his tongue
vibrated rapidly back and forth directly on the super-sensitive head of
the miniature phallus.

When she was sure that she couldn't stand any more of the agonising
stimulation, a scream building on her lips, he stopped, and his mouth
moved down, once again, the searingly heated mouth of her cunt. His
tongue swirled all around the opening, just inside the velvet-like
interior; then he shifted to a straight in and out motion, simulating
genital intercourse.

As he mouth-fucked her, he listened to her whimpering unintelligible
moans of passion. He wanted her at fever pitch before he shoved his
aching cock into her. She'd remember being fucked by Uncle Milt ...
Goddamn it! I want her coming back for more ... and if she's going to he
a hit at the party tomorrow night when we introduce our dogs to our
clientele, she's going to have to get loosened up.

Dexterously, he slipped his hands beneath her thighs, putting them up
farther until they were draped over his shoulders, and the whole of her
cuntal plane was upturned vulnerably to him, as he continued to thrust
his tongue deep into her heated, lust-throbbing pussy. Her cries of pure
animal desire filled the library. "Ohhhhh! OOOOOOHHHHH!" She felt
herself spring upward toward a soaring organic release.

Oh, it was wonderful, she thought. Oh God, if he licks me any longer
I'll lose my mind. I'll just explode and come ... and come ... and come!

But suddenly, it stopped.

Toni felt instant disappointment and frustration. She looked down to see
him grinning up at her, his lips glistening moistly from her cuntal

"Did you like that, little girl?"

"Oh, y-yes " she panted whimpering. "Oh ... it was so good."

"In case you're wondering why I stopped ... it's because you're ready to
fuck. Hot and ready." He paused, waiting for her expression. "I'm going
to fuck the hell out of you now!"

Following up his words with action, Uncle Milt moved up over her and
reached down to grasp the hardened, elongated flesh of his aching cock,
settling his hips down into the angle of her wide-splayed legs and
guiding the lust-bloated head of his prick to the mouth of her soft
quivering cunt. He leered down at her, as he poised there for a moment,
his face a mask of raw desire. "Okay, Toni, Baby, now we'll see how much
of my cock you can take!"

Powerfully, he flexed his hips and plunged forward to send his outsize
cock sliding hotly far up into the wearing liquid depths of her
trembling, eagerly anticipating cuntal passage.

In seconds, Toni Baline was groaning and squirming her writhing buttocks
around under her uncle's savage pumping cock. Oh, God! Ohhhhhh, my
Godddd!" she cried.

Never had she felt so filled up in her life, and she hated herself for
loving it so, knowing how hurt Jeff would be should he know.

Uncle Milt's cock felt as though it had battered and ripped its way
right through her, without mercy. His thick length was buried deep in
her quivering, white belly, filling her warm, moist cuntal sheath
completely. His hairy loins were pressed in tight to her vulva, as their
pubic bones had smacked together, when he drove into her so deeply with
one smooth, powerful thrust. Every tiny ridge of his cock was impressed
into the searingly abraded walls of her pussy, and now, she could feel
the expanding throb of it deep inside her pussy; then he ground it into
her another fraction of an inch.

"Oh! Oooohhhh! UUUUUUnnngggggghhhhhh!" she grunted, her face a mask of
pain and surprise

"There, Goddamn it! I've got it inside your hot, little cunt, Toni!" he
grated, leering down at her in triumph.

"Auuuggghhh!" she groaned. "I-I think you must have torn me apart."

"Don't be silly. A woman's cunt stretches like you wouldn't believe, and
besides, you loved it when I shoved it in hard like that " He paused.
"Tell me how much you love having your Uncle Milt's cock stuffed in that
young cunt of yours."

"Toni hesitated, not knowing the intention of his question. She bit her
lips and moaned again softly.

"Tell me ... damn it!" he smiled lewdly. "Tell me how much you love it!"

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Yessssss! I-I loved it!" she managed to whine, her neck
muscles straining.

"And you want me to fuck you!"

"Y-Yes! God, yes!" she hissed. Just ... go on ... and d-do it ... to
me!" She was desperate.

"Then beg for it! Beg me to fuck you."

"I-I did it!! ... go ahead ... and d-do it!"

"Not like that, damn it!" he grated, flexing his cock expandingly deep
inside her cuntal sheath. "Say it. Tell me to fuck you!"

"I-I can't do that!"

"Yes, you can! I heard you with Jeff ... damn it," he pressed. He
throbbed his aching cock deeper into her cunt grinding his pelvis hard
against hers, his fingers digging painfully into the soft flesh of her
shoulders. She saw the wild fire in his burning, maddened eyes.

"Oh, my Go-ddd!" Quick tears dimmed her eyes. She didn't want to
surrender totally to him. If she did as he commanded, the last strain of
reservation for what she was doing would be stripped from her. Then,
too, there was the feeling deep within her that she was not only
betraying the man she loved, but somehow, she would never be able to
look her parents in the eye again.

Again, Milt lurched his deeply buried cock inside her tightly clinging
cuntal sheath. "Well?" he demanded.

Suddenly, Toni cast all those fears and thoughts away. "Y-Yes, I want
you to fuck-fuck me!" she spat out.

That's what Uncle Milt wanted to hear! All of her resistance was gone
now. His crookedly lewd grin of absolute victory split his face as he
grunted. "Okay Baby! Here we go ... you're going to get the fuck of your

Leaning down over her, he clamped his moist lips to hers and began to
rock slowly above her, thrusting into her tight, narrow passage with
short, smooth strokes, feeling her vaginal vault widen and stretch
elastically with each delightful prod.

Involuntarily, Toni's body began to react instinctively to his thrusting
plunder of her pulsatingly needful pussy. As lascivious flames of desire
swept through her, there was no further need to resist. She gave herself
over in unconditional surrender, completely, to her need. She was all
his! Now, the only thing that mattered was the slow, pulsating beat of
Uncle Milt's cock in and out of her moist, now wildly clasping cunt.

She moaned in ecstasy and lashed her own tongue with insane abandon up
into his moistly hot mouth, as mewling hums of passion emitted in
never-ending torrents from deep in her chest. Her face was contorted
with her crazed sexual excitement, and she could feel the slippery sweat
break out on the swelling mounds of her breasts and on her forehead,
under disarrayed strands of her lustrous honey-coloured hair.

Uncle Milt slid his hands under her hollowing buttock grasping the
fullness of the soft, smooth globes in either hand, his fingers digging
into the satiny, resilient flesh, until it stood in oozing ridges
through his widespread finger.

Her eyes were closed, and as he began to plunge deeper and more wildly
into the raging inferno of her clasping cunt, she drew her thighs back,
mashing them down hard against her full tits, causing her moistly hot
hole to flower open in lewd invitation to him, to stuff even more of his
massive, hardened cock into her. She writhed and undulated beneath him,
no thoughts in her mind but that of the pleasure she was receiving by
lying under her uncle ... and being fucked against her will. Now, she
wanted to give back as much as she was getting ... and with incessant
moans of agonised ecstasy, she began to fuck back ... countering him
stroke for stroke.

Uncle Milt slaved thrustingly above her, shifting to longer, faster
strokes, his thick length coming out of her clinging cuntal tunnel on
the upstroke until only the lust-inflated cock head remained in her
cuntal mouth, then as he pounded forward, goring deep into her naked,
upturned loins, he could feel the sharp slap of his sperm-laden balls
against the unprotected crevice of her buttocks.

Damn! I'll bet she'd really climb the walls if I give her a double
treat! he thought salaciously. He slid his hand down over the velvety
skin of her grinding buttocks, his finger searching in the smooth,
hairless crease between them for the tiny, puckered ring of her anus;
then leaning up and pulling his lips away from hers, breaking the
tongue-jousting kiss, he smiled down at her with sadistic lewdness,
distorting his ruggedly handsome face. "Now, I'm going to turn you on
like you've never been turned on before!" he chortled.

His finger probed into the elastic ring of her nether opening. Her eyes
flew open in surprise, and she gasped aloud, "Oooooohhhh .... nooo!"

"Oh, yes! I'm going to shove my finger right up your ass!" He pushed in
hard with a sudden motion, the soft, rubbery, fleshy yielding and his
finger going in smoothly to the palm of his hand.

Toni groaned with the pain of it. "Aaaaaaaaaauuuugggghhh!" It was the
final humiliation. "Oh, God, oh God!" she chanted. Desperately, she
tried to writhe her loins away, but she couldn't escape it. Now, he was
twirling his finger in circles inside in the spongy flesh of her rectum;
then, as he listened with sadistic satisfaction, her moans of pain began
to subside, to be replaced with mewls of pleasure, as her rectum became
slowly accustomed to the unnatural invasion.

Hopelessly, she was impaled on the probing finger in her anus and his
hard driving cock in her moistly clinging cunt. With a smile of sweet
triumph, knowing that he had won again, he began moving his finger in
and out of her anal orifice in tempo with his plundering rod of flesh.

Moaning and mewling with pain-pleasure beneath her, Toni began to skewer
herself on his finger sunk deeply in her rectum, squirming and writhing,
now with the doubly building ecstasy of the twin ravishment of her
heated loins. Never would she have believed such depraved lewdness could
bring her so much pleasure.

"Oh God, Uncle Milllt! Shove it in ... deeeeeeper!" she cried.

Never slackening for a moment, Uncle Milt pounded into her with demonic
fury. Then, he slid his other hand around to where his hardened cock
pistoned smoothly in and out of her insanely clasping cuntal sheath. He
felt the soft, fleshy folds of her cuntal lips giving and pulling
resiliently with each stroke.

Using his fingers, Uncle Milt teasingly played with the contracting cunt
lips as his pounding cock slid easily in and out, which brought more
moans of pleasure to her lips, and he felt the voracious sheath of her
cunt milking at the sensitive hardened shaft of his prick ... almost as
though it wanted to swallow him up entirely.

Damn, it wouldn't be long now. He could feel the agonising burn of
impending ejaculation at the very root of his lust-filled cock.

Desperately, he began to increase the speed and the punishing depth of
his buffering, pile-driving lunges, as her body thrashed uncontrollably
beneath him. She was ready to come. He knew it, when she sprayed her
legs even wider and pulled them back against his chest, flattening the
luscious mounds of her alabaster breasts with wanton disregard. With a
hoarse, animal-like grunt, he jerked his finger out of her rectum,
producing a moist hiss and using both hands, now, behind her knees
pressed them back to either side of her shoulders to expose the whole of
her gleaming loins to his inhumanly powerful plunges.

"Oh! Ohhhhhhhhh!" she began to chant beneath him. More! More! Give me
more of your cock! Oh, fuck me hard ... Harder! Deeper!" She heaved and
writhed thrashing up against him, her breasts dancing prettily, the
hardened cones of her nipples digging into his hairy chest

Then explosively, she convulsed in orgasm, her whole body quivering with
the intensity of her release. She screamed, "I'mmmmmm
commmmmmmmmiiiiinnngggggg!" Oh God! Ahhhhhhh!"

Uncle Milt bored into her for all he was worth, wanting her to know she
had really been fucked ... fucked by a man she would ways remember ...
her uncle. Spasmodically, she jerked under him as he continued to pound
deep into her wildly milking cuntal hole. Her breath was uncontrolled,
coming in hissing, short bursts, her head rolling from side to side on
the sofa, her eyes glazed and unseeing, as waves of ecstatic rapture,
known for the first time washed over her.

Suddenly, it was there for him, too. His lustfully throbbing cock
emptied spewingly, his hot, white semen jetting from the top of his cock
to splash deep up into the farthest recesses of her cunt.

"Aaaaggghhh!" he groaned, as her legs were suddenly as limp as those of
a rag doll, splaying out on either side of her panting body obscenely.
She was more satisfied than she'd ever dreamed of being, even with Jeff.

Toni could only turn her head in shame when it was finished. Shame and
incestuous horror.

Chapter 6

It was more anger than guilt that had churned continuously inside Jeff
since his infidelity with Aunt Claudia, not that he hadn't felt a good
measure of remorse at his spineless betrayal of his beloved sweetheart,
but the fact that the red-headed woman treated him like less than a serf
ever since, made his blood hot.

Worse still: in his transgressive wretchedness, he had unwittingly
punished Toni in the chastisement of himself saying little to her since
that romp in the hills one day ago. He'd acted sullen, and above all,
had acted as if making love to dear Toni was the last thing on his mind.
Damn, he wasn't worthy of her devotion and innocent love, and until he
could get his head straight ... muster up the courage to confess the
whole lurid story to her, he wasn't going to degrade her further with

What surprised him most last night, through, was her apparent acceptance
of his evasive reactions in bed to her inviting little caresses, lying
there and asking no question almost as if she understood the anguish
gnawing at him ... as if she had sorrows to match his. And he wasn't
sure he approved of that, either

He stood in the bedroom now drying his water speckled body with a towel.
Christ, tonight was the party, a surprise birthday party for one of the
kennel's clients, and he's spent I afternoon combing out the German
Shepherd hair and shampooing the fully mature animal's coat, making it
slick and satiny. Damn, Claudia had even insisted he polish the dog's
nails and brush his teeth. Man, you would have thought those fucking
dogs were human the way they fussed over them.

"I didn't think I'd ever say this," he addressed his blonde haired
sweetheart sitting on the vanity stool, combing out her long tresses.
"But I'll almost be happy when the summer is over with. Don't ask me why
now ... wait till we're back in Mobile.

Toni merely stared at his reflection in the mirror, her wide green eyes
filling with compassing, her mind ever-conscious of her own shame,
knowing the full extent of his meaning and the burden of unfaithfulness
he was carrying, for God knows, wasn't she suffering the same inner
agony and perhaps even greater, for at least he wasn't of
flesh-and-blood. But maybe tonight at the play something would give them
the distraction from their burdens they sorely needed. Once they were
out of the clutches of her evil relatives they could penitently and
lovingly confess and everything would be all right again ... she was
confident of that.

Jeff was dressed and ready to leave for the kennel before Toni had her
eye make-up on.

"Well, I guess I'd better get down there and comb out that dog again
before he messes up his do! Christ, you'd think they were selling slaves
or something." Toni's mouth dropped open with astonishment and for a
second, she considered telling Jeff about the photographs she'd seen in
Uncle Milt's library, but she dismissed it, keeping the lurid secret to
herself. Jeff was the jealous type, and God only knows what he'd do if
he found out about Uncle Milt raping her.

Jeff shrugged, moving around the bed to the door and Toni bolted to her
et and stood in front of him, raising her lips to be kissed. He did, but
reservedly, then stepped back with a shake of his head, most as if he
were trying to dear his mind.

"Jesus," he said, blinking his eyes. "I feel kind of weird ... kind of
light-headed and woozy."

"You okay?" she questioned anxiously.

"No ... no, I'm all right. Just too much sun, I guess," he answered,
smiling pinchedly. "I'll see you at the party? What role are you going
to play? Cocktail waitress?" she laughed.

Alone, Toni pressed her hand to her own forehead, wondering perhaps if
she, too, were coming down with something. For the past fifteen minutes,
ever since she'd helped herself to the plate of warm brownies on the
kitchen table, she'd been feeling a bit giddy and light headed. an most
euphoric sense of floating, but she'd stubbornly refused to give in to
it. There was too much at stake, for tonight she would actually get to
see what her aunt and uncle did at those swinging parties that had
caused such a stir in the family tree.

* * *

The Baline home was abuzz with caterers, maids, and valets, for tonight
was to be the surprise birthday party for one of the dog trainers' most
influential clients--Harry Weinstein's wife, Margaret. Her present from
her loving husband was none other than the well-trained Poker.

The living room, decorated in crepe paper streamers, was softly lit now
with coloured lights and, in the far corner of the large room, next to
the hallway entrance, a buffet table adorned with freshly cut flowers
and a three-tier birthday cake, sat untouched, waiting for the guests to

Everything had to be perfect for the occasion, for there was money to be
made off those fat old swingers who, once they tasted the delight of
animal tongue, would certainly buy a dog of their own. And if they
weren't fortunate enough to get a taste of that animal love themselves,
there would be plenty of voyeuristic delights to pique the appetite with
Diana, Sharon, and especially the honey-haired Toni to demonstrate.

* * *

Claudia Baline sat on the vanity stool of her luxurious dressing room, a
stiff brush pulling through her thick red hair when she heard Toni's
knock at her door. With a pleased grin, she called out for the girl to
come on in. The note on the kitchen table had made it explicit that Toni
was to check in with the madam of the house before the guests arrived.
At least, thought the scheming aunt, she didn't eat too many of those
hash brownies, or she wouldn't have made it up the stairs. She knew when
she offered her niece some of the warm goodies, that she wouldn't have
the resistance to turn them down. The little girl in Toni was still
there somewhere, hidden under the sexy veneer of a maturing girl.

* * *

Once inside the room, Toni stopped short, a little gasp emitting from
her when she saw the ravishing, statuesque creature sitting before her
vanity in the ivory splendour of her nakedness From where she stood,
Toni could see her full, thrusting, ruby-nippled breasts reflected in
the mirror, her suggestive half smile, and the dancing lights in her
sparkling eyes.

"Well, come on in dear ... don't just stand there," Claudia said
throatily, wild little sensations of expectancy beginning to tingle
through her loins and belly at her inspired intentions. She turned on
the velvet covered bench, completely facing the approaching, reluctant
girl, noting the near-vacant expression in her pretty eyes that
indicated the effects of the Moroccan hashish she had unwittingly
consumed, and as well, perceiving the teenaged lovely's fixed point of
view on her naked loins. Slowly, she stood, her lecherous smile
broadening slightly. "Why the hesitation, Toni?" she hissed. "Haven't
you seen a naked woman before?"

"I ... I ... of course ... it's just unexpected ..." Toni stammered,
still astonished at what seemed to her to be an apparition of
goddess-like beauty in her bewildering euphoria. "You ... you're really
beautiful, Aunt Claudia," she heard herself say, surprised while she
realised that the words had come from her own lips.

An unanticipated sensation of delight rippled through Claudia at the
younger girl's compliments, and she moved closer to her, placing her
hands on Toni's upper arms. "Thank you, Baby " she partially whispered,
"and I'd bet you are just as beautiful without your clothes on."

Whether it was the delicate, warm touch of the vision's hands, the
alluring fragrance of her enclosing naked curvaceousness, or the
suggestiveness of her sibilant question, Toni wasn't certain in her
drugged mind, but undefinable tiny fermentations had suddenly burst into
being inside her. The apparition seemed to envelope her and she sensed
the slender hands on her breasts, causing an ensemble of mixed emotions
to flutter within her mind and body. She felt as if mesmerised in a
state of delicious intoxication as the exquisite face moved closer to
her and its mouth closed down upon her own, tenderly, moistly, hotly,
and with increasing urgency.

Tom's own mouth felt strangely soft in response, and she sensed her lips
being pressed apart by the vision's sweet-tasting tongue, slipping
between them into her mouth as the statuesque body came hard against her
own, its naked stomach and soft loins beginning an intimate undulating

"You are a darling, Toni. You've always been Milt and my favourite of
the relatives," the throaty voice hissed hotly into her mouth. "And now
I'm going to make you happy."

"Wait ... ohh ..." Toni gasped, slipping even more into the veil of her

Claudia kissed her again and Toni subconsciously met her tongue with her
own as she felt the gentle hands caressing her breasts and moving over
her body eagerly, finally stroking her buttocks and drawing her tightly
against the naked, satiny loveliness.

"I'm going to get you ready for the party now," the smoky voice breathed
and Toni gasped out with wrinkled brow as expert fingers began to move
entrancingly over her, quickly removing her clothing.

A sensation of repugnance filtered through her, yet she couldn't seem to
respond to it. Something horribly fascinating ... strangely forbidden
and terribly confusing was happening to her! And then she was naked, the
cool air bathing her sensuous flesh, bringing her nipples to rigid
hardness as the apparition pressed close to her, massaging its ivory
nakedness against Toni's supple body, their nipples touching, their
breasts flattening against one another's, the thighs meeting as did the
soft, silken thatches of red and honey pubic curls between their legs.

Toni gasped with horror and erotic tremor that rippled over her and
through her struggling, dazed mind, as the woman's lecherously moving
hands caressed her buttocks, spreading them open to tenderly slip
between and stroke her tightly clenched anus lewdly. Again, Toni
trembled, suddenly feeling her aunt's once more grasping her waist, then
her smooth hands slithering down her rounded hips to her tingling, full
thighs as she dropped to her knees before her and began kissing the
sensitive warm flesh of her inner thighs, working slowly upward toward
the sparely curled lips of her strangely tingling pussy!

My God! It struck Toni like a bolt of lightning what was happening
between her spread legs! She gasped out in shame, abruptly twisting free
of her lecherous aunt's obscene grasp.

"What do you think you're doing?" Claudia shot up at the reeling blonde
girl, her eyes suddenly blazing with denied rage. "Come back here ... I
haven't finished with you yet! I'll teach you to take my brother away
from me, you cheating little bitch! I'll teach you to take my lover

* * *

But Toni had no intentions of returning to that room. For one brief and
horrible moment, reality had penetrated her befogged mind, and now, as
she saw her uncle coming out of the bedroom, she raced in panic for the
stairway, completely forgetful of that but that she was stark naked!

Chapter 7

Harry Weinstein grunted out a choke of surprise he licked his finger
dipped in the birthday cake icing and raised his eyes in time to see a
naked young girl bolting down the steps, her honey-blonde hair and
jouncing breasts tearfully panting towards him. The obese man chuckled
wildly, smacking his lips. Man, these Balines gave a party all right,
and for the first time that evening, he hadn't felt regretful about
laying out all that cash for his wife's birthday. Christ, if the blonde
honey was the appetiser ... shit!

He wiped his sticky fingers on his pant legs and headed after the racing
naked beauty, stepping up his pace to a slow jog as he watched her
frantically opening doors, obviously looking for a way out of the house.
Twice, Toni had grabbed at doorknobs only to find out they opened only
closets. He called out to her and, surprisingly, the terror-struck
female stopped in her tracks, then rushed into his arms. Simultaneously,
Uncle Milt pounded down the steps, short of breath and angry at his
niece for causing a scene.

Harry chucked as Toni clung to him with her arms around his neck and he
salaciously began to run his big pudgy hands over the smoothness of her
nakedly trembling buttocks.

"She's high on something," apologised Uncle Milt. "Can't trust these
kids these days." Jealously, he watched his client massage the
resilient, firm buttocks of his niece. "Are any of the guests here yet?"

"Yeah ... in the other room," Harry muffled through smothering kisses on
Toni's soft neck.

Grasping one of Toni arms while the fat man, Harry, held the other, they
walked Toni into the next room where the sound of soft music and hushed
laughs belied the rowdiness of the scene.

It was impossible for Toni in her drugged mental state to comprehend
what was happening to her: yet, brief instants of truth continued to
overwhelm her mind ... until vaguely she came to realise that she had
been drugged ... but worse, that everyone was leering at her.

Oh God ... Oh, dear God! What were they going to do to her now?
Desperately, she tried to struggle to keep her wits against the powerful
effects of the numbing dosage of whatever it was she had taken
unwittingly, aware as she was escorted between them that Uncle Milt's
big hand was thrust between her naked buttocks and thighs, his thick
finger thrust upward into her strangely moist and dilated vaginal
passage, the obscene act causing luridly weird sensations to race
through her loins and belly with every step she took, while the
deceptive man beside her to the right was clutching and squeezing one of
her breasts salaciously, twisting and pinching its tiny hard nipple to
add to her unwanted excitement.

"Ohhh ... ohhh ..." she whimpered out as Milt began to swirl his thick
finger inside her teenaged pussy, hearing both men laugh ... then, they
were stopping before the entrance to the room and again, Toni was not
prepared for what her eyes focussed on.

The maze of naked bodies in the soft light engaged in every form of
obscene coupling and act only faintly registered as she was ushered to
the centre of the room and forced down on some sort of rug, the sounds
of "ohs" and "ahs" and even laughter reaching her ears as if from
another world.

She might have known fear had she been able to analyse her situation,
but she could not, her torpid brain had progressed under the effects of
hashish to where little but instincts registered, and presently she knew
that the stimulating sensation between her legs had ceased and great
disappointment swept over her. She started to cry, and then, recognised
a face. It was Jeff's and he was lying on his back completely stripped,
stretched out on a sofa, a fat woman with great big breasts squatting
over his ... his hardened thing that she was taking up into her cunt ...
and another woman standing beside them as if waiting for her turn, while
Jeff rolled his head back and forth in what she reasoned to be ecstasy.
Toni smiled benevolently, pleased to see him happy.

And then she saw other faces with attached naked bodies that she
recognised, all the Black servants dressed in maid outfits minus the
bottoms, sitting in obscene positions getting their cunts licked, or
sucking cocks.

"Do I get first crack?" Toni nebulously heard Harry question and looked
up at the two men from where she sat on the floor. Both of them were now
naked, their massive cocks jutting out salaciously from their hairy
loins, their heavy balls entirely visible to her from her position ...
and she couldn't resist extending her hand up to touch the nearest sac,
her own instinctive desire piqued by all that had happened to her and
what was going on before her dazed eyes around the room.

Harry gave a start when her fingers tenderly touched the bloated balls,
and lewdly he grabbed hold of his long, thick cock to stroke it. Milt
saw her unexpected movement, too, a jealous surge of lust charging
through him, but he couldn't refuse Harry the first treat. Harry meant
money. "Okay, just make it good."

"Don't worry about that," smacked Harry. "A little ass fuckin' should
please you, heh?"

Their words all sounded like a jumbled conglomeration to Toni who had
reached down between her hot thighs to slip a finger through the silken
blondish hair and separate her moist cunt lips while she continued to
finger the obese man's hairy balls. God, she could never remember being
so excitedly wanting! If ... if ... only she could think straight!

* * *

Jeff gaped upward with befogged eyes at the fat, wildly drunk woman who
was squatting over him, plunging up and down on his cock, her massive
tits hanging and swaying obnoxiously as she worked toward her climax. He
saw that there was another waiting, fingering herself as she watched her
forerunner ... but she wasn't so bad ... somewhere in her fifties, but
slender and maybe with a tight enough cunt to get him off!

Christ, what was it they had fed him, anyway? For certainly, he'd been
drugged, and he couldn't help but wonder if they'd done anything similar
to his Toni. He tossed his head back and forth like a teenaged virgin
striving for her first climax, as the huge woman worked over him
obscenely, her sagging breasts nauseating him, and he closed his eyes to
the sight, straining his loins upward in hope that he could lie to
himself come, and leave her nothing! But his efforts were futile; she
beat him, wailing out her obese ecstasy ... and then the next one
climbed on, ... and that's when he saw Toni in the middle of the floor
on all fours. Harry Weinstein kneeling his way up behind her and between
her spread legs and buttock his long thick cock in his hand while his
beautiful little girl friend waited in obvious excitement ...!

"Down ... flat on your belly, bitch!" Harry ordered Toni who finally
responded once the command was imprinted in her blurred mind, and the
heavy bellied man knelt between her provocatively spread legs, staring
lasciviously at the warm, tanned body beneath him.

He slid his hand along the inner side of her satiny smooth thigh to the
moistened, teenaged lips and then pink slit of her tight young cunt,
tracing the hair-lined separation with a forefinger upward between the
cheeks of her firm, whitely contrasting buttocks, watching the rounded
soft moons arch and fall in growing excitement to his touch. He felt the
desire in his loins growing hotly as he contemplated what he was about
to do to her ... what his fat wife would never let him do to her, and
the reason why he'd bought her that goddamned expensive dog to loosen
her up.

Toni swallowed at the dryness of her throat. Her subservient position
added to her confusion, for she had no idea of what he was going to do
to her ... she was only aware of her lack of control over the
ever-rising passion swirling wildly in her belly below. She sensed him
up over her back, and she squirmed beneath him to the excitement of his
exploring hands little tongues of flames licking salaciously at her
loins and belly, building her desire to greater and greater heights with
every passing moment from the obscene teasing of his probing fingers.

She lay her face against the soft rug and groaned into it, partially
muffling the licentious throaty grunts emitting from between her tightly
clenched teeth. Oh God, his hands ... his hands ...! Her lush, rounded
buttocks hollowed and writhed wantonly beneath their pudgy, relentless
caresses, a sudden urgency of tremors rippling erotically over her
youthful flesh.

She heard his rammish laugh and tried to picture his fat face, but
couldn't. Oh God, why didn't he do it ...? Why didn't he fuck her,
whoever he was instead of taunting her this way? She couldn't resist the
pleasurable thought of his cock slipping into her ...! "Ohh," she moaned
aloud as she felt his thick finger slide up inside her moist, tingling
cunt and she squirmed excitedly down onto it.

Harry gloatingly listened to her whine down into the softness of the
rug, her voice unnatural, thick with desire and ever-mounting

"Aaaahhhhhh ..." she whimpered again, twisting her passion-contorted
face until he could see the effect his teasing hands were having on her,
and then it occurred to him that she had absolutely no idea of what he
intended to do to her, nor the mental capacity or physical power to
fight him in her drugged state. She was completely at his mercy, the
thought sending a wave of sadism charging through his heavy loins.

Toni, her bottom churning incessantly beneath his hands while others had
gathered in a circle around them, to watch the stimulating performance,
made no effort to fight against the lewd, carnal urges racing
uncontrollably through her lust-incited body, while in her numbed mind
she had begun to pray that he would fuck her soon, before his tormenting
ministrations drove her completely mad. But instead, his thick middle
finger continued to surge with relentless force into her cunt and she
froze momentarily, catching her breath when the sensations it caused
finished sky rocketing through her.

"Ohhhhhh ... ooohhh, do it to me ... please, please do it to me?" she
pleaded back at him, trying to twist her neck so that she could watch
his maddening hands working back there between her widespread legs.

"Do what, Baby?" he taunted, grinning down triumphantly at her
lust-contorted young face as she gaped helplessly and glassy-eyed at the
continual growing of his hard, throbbing, thick cock.

"Ohhhhhh ... fuck me!" she moaned, the words tumbling wildly from her
angelic mouth. "Please ... please fuck me now ...?"

Harry began to laugh gleefully as he looked up at the salaciously
twisted face of Milt who stood watching enviously while he stroked his
own rock-hard cock. Harry stared evilly down at her helplessly trembling
back, a thin line of sweat forming on his upper lip. "Lift up your ass,
baby!" he commanded.

Toni realised the order and reacted without hesitation, arching her
buttocks higher, feeling his hands on her hips to guide her to her
knees, manipulating her to his own satisfaction, until she was entirely
raised before him, high and obscenely spread open. She felt the weakness
and trembling in her legs and wished in her drug dazed mind that he
would hurry and fuck her.

Finally, he moved in behind her, spreading her thighs even wider with
his knees, his thick, pulsating cock heaving lustfully as it pointed
itself toward the tiny pinkish ring of her anus so lusciously displayed
to him between the full rounded spheres of her voluptuous ass. Abruptly,
he inched backwards once more, then leaned forward, probing his saliva
dampened tongue upward from the moist, hair fringed edges of her cunt
lips, along the spread, smooth crevice of her smooth, puckered rectum
where he tried to penetrate with its stiffened tip, but the sphincter
was too snug, and instead, he accomplished his main purpose of
lubricating it well.

He raised up, sliding in close to her once more, taunting her excited
cunt with the now violently pulsating head of his foreskin peeled cock,
until her loud audible whimpers from the insinuated tip between her
wide-splayed cunt lips and the teasing her clitoris increased their
nakedly watching audience.

Anticipatingly, Toni began to grind and force her upraised young
buttocks back at him, her moist, quivering young pussy searching
desperately for the pleasure-bringing length of his cock, but as she
continued to whimper and moan, he raised the heavy shaft of hard flesh
until its unseeing eye levelled with her hairless, puckered little anus
that glistened beneath the thin, viscid film of moisture coating her
entire genital area. He might have better prepared it by stretching it
with his finger, the fat man thought, but the pleasures he sought were
better derived unannounced!

The obese rich man doubted that in her drugged condition she realised he
was penetrating her ass hole at first try, without benefit of stretching
it a little with his fingers. And then, she must have sensed its thick
bluntness prodding and working against her tightly stretched anus. He
chuckled lewdly to himself. She would suddenly decide that it was too
big ... they all did at first, and she would judge that with certainty
any second. He continued to grin sadistically as he wormed the tip of
his cock into the resisting little mouth. He could feel his foreskin
being stretched back against his cock shaft painfully, and he gave a
quick thrusting jab until he could feel it slowly welding its way into
her suddenly cringing rectum, until he had popped inside beyond the
elastic little barrier of the now futilely clutching ring of her
sphincter muscles.

It was a full ten seconds of shattering, unexpected pain before Toni
realised what was happening ... that his thick, long cock was grinding
its way up into her tiny naked anal passage brutally ... whipping her
breath away until she choked on the scream that raised into her throat
... her brain reeling in sudden panic ... and then, abruptly, it felt as
if a tree trunk was trying to burst into her belly through her virgin
back hole! She tried to pull away, but he held vise-like to her hips,
while the agonising penetration continued!

"Aaaaaaauuuggghhh! Dear God! ... nnnoooooo ... stop! It hurts!" she

Harry leered excitedly. Of course it hurt ... the stupid little cunt ...
it was supposed to hurt! And he held her in a bear-hug, simply ramming
and thrusting!

"Ohhh, stop, God, please stop!" the nakedly kneeling young girl screamed
back at him through gnashing teeth, while their audience looked on in
excited fascination at the sadistically obscene spectacle of his long,
heavy cock worming its way deeper and deeper into her salaciously
stretched back hole, carnally intoxicated by the knowledge that there
was no way she could escape it ... his thighs thrusting hers forward,
his clenching pudgy hands slipping her lushly spread young buttocks like
an undersized boot back onto his viciously impaling cock.

"Shove back, bitch!" the fat man spat down mercilessly at her nakedly
bending back. "Shove it back before it pisses me off!"

Toni was incapable of thinking in her unbelievable agony, but somehow
she knew that to disobey would only mean further torture. Every way was
pain, pain! Yet she did it ... she pushed back, subconsciously trying to
fart and opening her ass hole that final measure out of abject fear.
Again, she visualised the horrible thing thrust into her tiny anal hole,
stretching her buttocks wider and wider apart until finally she knew she
would split open! But then ... feeling a buttock flattening pressure
back there, she knew it was done ... his brutal cock tunnelled
completely up into her wide stretched little rectum, solid and extremely
painful ... but finally better for there was no more of it to take.

"Ohhh ... ohhh ... ohhh," she gasped realising that she was fucking on
his hugely throbbing cock in her rectum to its hilt, and not daring to
move less the torment tear her wide open inside. Oh God, she couldn't
understand why he had done that to her. Again she gasped, but this time
for breath as momentarily he remained immobile, and the brief respite
was lowing her obscenely stretched channel to become somewhat adjusted
to its invader ... the rigid and ever-growing length of scouring hard
flesh that packed her full!

Harry couldn't contain the lewd groan of lust escaping him as he felt
the warm, soft flesh of her fully flattened buttocks pressing tightly
back against his heavy loins. He thrust forward into the tightly
puckered, obscenely stretched little mouth, simultaneously sliding his
hand down underneath and between her thighs to her opened cuntal slit.
He could feel the moisture from the smooth, fleshy lips seeping
salaciously out to cover the softness of her pubic hair brushing
teasingly against his semen bloated balls as they swung loosely down
between her legs. His eyes locked on his hardened cock vanishing
completely into the tight, ovally stretched opening between the twin
mounds of her buttocks. He grunted again and drew it out slightly,
watching with sadistic fascination the tender pink flesh pulling out
with it and then disappearing back inside with his inwardly jerking
thrust. His breathing increased, incited by the exciting sight, until
once more he began plunging into her ass in a slow tempoed cadence, in
and out, in and out, deep up into the hot clasping channel of her
virgin-stretched rectum!

Toni dug her nails into her palms, bit at her lower tip, and was dazedly
surprised when the pain lessened, a certain threat of arousal seeming to
weave its way back through her tormented young body ... although it was
still a mixture of hurtful paroxysm blended with weird stimulation. She
felt saturatingly damp between her buttocks and horribly degraded, aware
now of the ring of lewd, contorted faces and licentiously naked bodies
surrounding them ... and some place amongst them, she remembered, was
her own dear Jeff ... and oh God, how he must hate her now!

Oh ... if she could only think straight, but each time she tried to
concentrate her thoughts were shattered by a skin splitting thrust that
jolted her forward ... until abruptly, she realised that her body was
voluntarily shoving back against his every ramming plunge ... thrusting
back onto his fleshy cock melting out the punishment ... aware of a new
masochistic pleasure that was rapidly growing within her. The pain had
become almost insanely erotic, and she was heaving backwards to meet the
forward charge of his loins ... undulating her hips and moving her
buttocks in tiny lewd circles.

Unfathomable excitement surged through her, until she found herself
wanting his huge cock buried deeper and harder up the now voluntarily
accepting channel of her ass, and she reached back between her spread
thighs to scratch gently at his swinging balls, turning her face to one
side so he could see the effect his sodomising cock was now having on

* * *

Jeff knew he was going to lose his mind before the night was over with.
No man could take as much sucking and fucking and ass plunging
fingerings as he'd had. God knows his reasoning power was distorted, but
he was rational enough to realise that his girl friend was being fucked
in the ass by the huge fat man in the centre of the room.

He had nearly lost his mind trying to get off the couch to help her, but
in the stupefied state he was in, he'd been no match for the group of
older women who had him pinned down, laughing gleefully like a swarm of
harpies as they pawed at his genitals and squatted over him to be fucked
and sucked! Helplessly, he'd been forced to give way to their
overpowering number and salacious acts ... until now, nearly drained of
his last ounce of energy, he found consolation in the knowing that Toni
was no longer suffering ... in fact, if anything, she was going wild
there on the rug within the circle of spectators ... giving the audience
an eyeful!

Damn, he deserved what he was getting ... a frustrated hard-on that
wouldn't go down, and a friend's betrayal. He'd earned it, though, after
that bout with Aunt Claudia.

Chapter 8

Kneeling above and behind Toni, Harry continued to watch the reddish
inflamed skin of the young blonde's lascivious stretched anus draw back
and partially out with his cock, clutching it as if the tightly sucking
channel didn't want it to ever come out. At first, the pressure on his
prick had been almost unbearable, but now it was just tight and
exhilarating the type of squeezing delight that promised to draw the
jism out of his balls and to her bowels.

And then, he saw Milt kneeling down in front of her flailing head and
holding to his thick heavy cock, and obscene grin twisting his broad
face. Harry returned the lewd expression with a leer of his own, and the
dog trainer said:

"You've had her to yourself long enough, now it's time we spread her
around a little ... and the place to start is sucking my cock." Milt
reached down and caught his niece's hair, jerking her head erect, her
green eyes popping open widely in surprise. "Come on, let's show
everybody how you love to suck your uncle's cock!"

Toni heard the wave of sudden licentious laughter around her as she
stared at the heavy, now familiar penis thrust forward at her face and
only inches from her saliva moistened lips. Oddly enough, it didn't
frighten her as it might have once, nor did the meaning of his words and
what he expected her to do; the unbelievable erotic sensations that the
charging cock sent through her now hotly accepting back passage was
bringing her, had all but destroyed any measure of moral decency she had
ever known, and a new maddening excitement and desire abruptly sprang to
life inside her!

Slowly, her eyes glazed over smokily and her small hand moved forward to
encircle the husky, spearing rod of rigid flesh, and she felt him writhe
and heard him groan to her touch as she pressed back the foreskin from
the glistening head, exposing its pungent tip. Then, a slight, idiotic
smile curling her lips, she manipulated the thick outer-layer of skin
back and forth, fascinated with the hot feel of it in her dwarfed hand.
She moved her face inward wanting, as if magnetised by the phallic
wonder, until her lips were but a fraction from it! She heard him grunt
once more, while Harry fucked furiously into her rectum from behind,
spurring her on to suck in her breath and flick out her tongue, brining
it into warm wet contact with the soft, rubbery tip! Excitedly, she
swirled her extended tongue around it in moist, experimental slowness,
while the big man twisted and jerked to her taunting until her lips
finally found the little split at its end and wiggled teasingly into it.

Toni tasted for the first time in her young life the pungent tang of the
droplets of male lubricant oozing from it and immediately a new, more
enchanting ripple of pleasure coursed through her. Her teenaged nostrils
flared excitedly while her hand smoothed back over the rock-hard shape
of flesh to its velvety base then downward to his bloated testicles.
Moaning slightly at its hardness she drew her nails gently beneath them
as she had those slapping deliciously down into the moist, open slit of
her cunt, finally weighing them in the small palm of her hand. With her
other hand, she again pressed the heavy foreskin back, exposing the
bulbous head in its sleek nakedness. She moved her face forward, her
moistly parting lips teasingly slipping over and fully encompassing the
smooth, spongy head, letting it glide along the saliva-moistened length
of her tongue as her damp, cylindrical mouth sucked in and absorbed more
and more of it.

Milt grunted lustfully above her blonde head that had begun to move back
and forth over his cock, instigating a pelvic counter-motion of his own,
sliding his thick cock in and out of her angelic, youthful mouth with a
moist sucking sound, guided by his hand entangled in her long hair
behind her head. He watched the puffing and contracting of her young
cheeks as she worked slavishly on the end of his cock while her whole
supple, satiny body quivered on the powerful jolts of his ramming cock
smashing into her tender, plundered rectum from behind, his rising sperm
near-overwhelming him as he began to shove his throbbing prick forward
between her now receptive sucking lips and throat.

Toni couldn't resist the sudden, delicious thrill of a man's cock
fucking her in the mouth and the lewd, lust-inciting realisation that
she was actually sucking it! Her brain reeled in rapture and her body
was alive with sensational bliss, even though she hardly felt human ...
more of a mass of sweating, lust deranged flesh that wanted to be
pervertedly subjugated. She was actually revelling in the lewd
debasement of being sodomised this first time in her life, while she, at
the same time, sucked hungrily on her first male cock! She found her
trembling buttocks greedily now back against the man behind her. The
mounting pressure in her vagina and loins signalled that something was
going to happen soon ... something dynamic and fulfilling deep inside
her beautifully filled young belly.

Harry Weinstein stared at his white, vicious pole disappearing into
young Toni Baline's smoothly gyrating ass with every lunge. It submerged
until not even a fraction of it was left unabsorbed, straining wildly in
the snug, still tightly resilient channel, its spongy head probing deep
into her soft, quivering belly.

His balls throbbed and his cock cavorted as if it were about to burst
each time he rammed into her, while she moaned aloud around Milt's heavy
cock fucking into her mouth, adding to his pleasure with the insane
movements of her ass and the hollowing of her back. God, he couldn't
last any longer.

Toni was lost in the heat of her rising ungovernable passion ... lost to
any sense of her surroundings, conscious only of the increased vigour in
the brutal thrusts pounding from behind into the remotest parts of her
virginal rectum, and the naked loins crushing up tighter and tighter
into her passion contorted face. She sensed that cock that was poling
stiffly into her mouth and throat tensing in forceful trembling spasms,
and the hand behind her head gripping harder. His hairy pelvis closed in
on her until she was certain he was trying to drive his cock all the way
down her throat to meet the one penetrating her far up into her bowels,
and the exaggerated thought alone drove her on wildly.

God, she wanted it to explode in her mouth ... to swallow his come and
feel it dribble down her throat ... then, she sensed it swelling
convulsively and sucked as hard as she could. "Oh, Christ!" Milt
blurted. "Suck it, you hot little cunt. I'm coming!"

It burst, and he swore vilely again, while his cock gushed forth, hot
jetting streams of white pungent liquid far back into her throat, her
young cheeks ballooning and contracting as she swallowed in quick,
hungry little gasps, fastening her lips tightly around the jerking
organ, not wanting to lose the tiniest drop of the precious sperm ...
yet, in spite of her tightly locked lips, she felt thin rivulets oozing
from the corners of her mouth as the big man seemed to collapse before
her, his shrinking penis slithering lifelessly from her still
voraciously sucking mouth ...

At the same time, she was aware of the violently increasing assault on
her wide-split rectum and the near orgasmic sensations screaming up
inside her belly and loins for release. She undulated her smooth young
ass against the driving cock, small pleading mewls of passion emitting
from her throat. She was very close ... almost there ...

"Oh, oh, oh!" she chanted, her hips were forcing themselves back as the
plunging rod hammered insanely into her obscenely stretched back
passage, and she knew that Harry was ready, too! She could hear him
gasping and panting ... faster and faster ... as he forced her thighs so
wide with his knees that she was almost flat on the rug ... but the pain
didn't matter ... nothing mattered except that she reach her climax! In
a minute! It was coming! Soon! And then, she heard the man blurt
something unintelligible and felt his loins jerk convulsively, against
the flatness of her upraised buttocks! He was coming! Oh God, not yet!

"No! Wait, please!" Toni whimpered as his load of hot, swirling sperm
gushed deeply up into her straining bowels and she ground her ass cheeks
tightly back against his pelvis to stop the flow, but her very action
defeated her desperate purpose. The nibbling clasp of her spasming hot
rectum milked it dry and the last drop of his scalding come splashed
deep up inside her rectum and belly ... until he, too, fell away from
her, his limp organ slipping uselessly from her forever stretched anus

Helplessly, as he fucked into Diana's snugly milking cunt from behind,
Jeff gaped at his sweat-glistening girl friend still kneeling on all
fours, incessant whimpers tumbling from her lips in her unfulfilled
need, her buttocks high in the air, her face resting on the rug as she
seemed to wait in desperation for someone to fill her throbbing pussy.

"Damn all of you!" he cried out in his drug induced compassion.
"Somebody fuck her before she loses her mind!"

At that moment, Aunt Claudia, in all of her oiled, shimmering nakedness
walked into the room, Poker the surprise birthday present on a
rhinestone studded velvet leash, his sleek coat glistening from the
several brushings he'd endured that day. It took one second for the
lecherous Claudia to understand what was happening, for she was the
instigator of all this, wasn't she? She stared down hatefully at the
blonde bitch who ran out of her room only a half hour earlier, watching
as Toni screamed out for someone to fuck her.

Aunt Claudia stepped to the centre of the room and surveyed it
majestically. Her eyes fell on Margaret Weinstein who sat on a pile of
pillows on the carpet, a short stubby man working feverishly at her cunt
with his lips.

"Margaret," started Claudia in her mellifluous voice. "Wouldn't it be a
lovely idea if you let your birthday present be shared with this young
girl? Let Poker show you what joy he can bring you, by making love to
this beautiful young girl."

Margaret sat up straight, licking her lips and panting at the man whose
mouth was bringing her to climax. "Huh?" she managed, her impending
climax confusing her mind, only knowing that someone was addressing her.
"Yes? Yes."

"Okay, Poker, she's all yours, Baby. Fuck the lady on the floor!"
Claudia snapped her fingers. Jeff couldn't believe his ears when they
absorbed the evilly grinning woman's words as she watched her command
the dog to fuck his little sweet Toni. "Oh, Christ, what's wrong with
you, bitch?" he wailed, but no one paid him any heed. They were too
absorbed with the vile event about to take place, and as he gaped, Jeff
saw the great animal mount the widespread moons of his young girlfriend,
clambering onto the helplessly wide-spread moons of her white buttocks,
paws wrapping around her waist as if she was a bitch of his own breed.
He could see the glistening, scarlet cock slipping from its huge sheath,
dripping freely while the tapered point jerked and danced in the hot,
damp slit of her cunt as the brute quivered and lurched forward with its
hindquarters, trying to bury the pink lean dog-cock into her hungrily
waiting body.

Sobbing in the inferno of her desire, Toni looked back, willingly
shifting her quaking round ass cheeks in a desperate attempt to capture
the lengthening animal cock, the feral tension within her driving her to
the mind-shattering point. Oh God, she wanted this beautiful long penis
inside of her, no matter who it belonged to, and in that moment, she
loved her aunt and uncle dearly for raising an animal to please her. She
reached back, grasping the moist shaft of his hot, hard animal flesh,
causing Poker to half growl as she guided the pointed pink nozzle toward
the sucking mouth of her desire-flushed cunt ... and immediately he
thrust, rammed, and thrust again, spreading her dilated channel open
wider and wider as with a low throated growl he buried his long, thick
prick deep up into her hot, quivering belly.

"Oh ... oh, my God!" she blurted, her eyes wide and glazed as the beast
fucked into her savagely from behind while she stared over at her boy
friend thrusting his long thick cock into the servant named Diana's pink
cunt. "Oh ... ohhhhh ... ohhhhhhhh!" she grunted in heavenly relief, and
began to move backwards rhythmically to meet Poker's rapid, powerful
strokes plunging deep into her come-hungry belly.

Jeff discovered that he was holding then releasing his breath
spasmodically as he fucked into Diana's tight cunt, gaping at the
massive dog fucking frenziedly between his moaning girl friend's lovely,
trembling buttocks, attempting to skewer her onto the last remaining
inches of the still growing shaft of unbelievably huge glistening cock.
It amazed him that the salacious sight was re-inspiring his own now
thoroughly depraved lust, and suddenly he realised he'd increased the
tempo and length of his own fuck strokes into the kneeling girl, while
he watched the huge beast romping forward, burrowing his giant rod of
animal-flesh deep up into the clasping cunt of his crazily bucking girl
friend. And never in his life would he have believed that the dog he had
spent all afternoon priming and primping, was prepared for the sole
purpose of fucking his sweetheart. The thought was too heavy to
comprehend in his confused mind.

"Christ, I've never seen anything like it!" Jeff heard Harry Weinstein
say. "Damn! I'm going to buy five of those dogs, just so I can turn my
friends onto this. Christ all mighty!"

"You'll never regret it!" blurted the opportunist, Milt Baline. "Makes a
great hit at a party, that's for sure," he grunted clicking off the
dollar signs.

Toni hung as if suspended on an imaginary plane of unbelievable bliss.
At first, the vicious invasion had brought her pain with the
unsuspecting piercing agony of the dog's cock shaft bursting into her,
pressing the velvety, resisting flesh of her tight cuntal channel before
it, until in seconds he had thundered it in its entirety up inside the
warm constricting depths of her passage. Now, as he continued to piston
into the softness of her upthrust loins, she could feel his animal balls
swing heavily in taunting rhythm against the quivering little bud of her
erect clitoris below. She was beautifully impaled to the hilt on his
ever-growing cock and revelling masochistically in its bestial
possession of her greedily devouring cunt.

God, to this moment in her whole teenaged life, she had never been
fucked so fully! If only it would never end! She breathed a deep moan
from her lust-contorted mouth and began to move in tempo backwards to
meet Poker's superb, panting thrusts. His forelegs clung to her rounded
white hips like strong furry arms, and she undulated her body, rotating
her buttocks in lewd concentric circles, abandoning herself to the
fulfilment of the animal-fucking this splendid animal was pounding into
her from behind.

She wished she could see it better, clearer than the mirror of her mind
was affording ... see his magnificent animal cock up close as it
disappeared wetly up inside her pussy, but she had to be content with
visionary pictures, and the mere thought of their unnatural coupling
sent licentious exultation soaring through her maddeningly aroused body.
In the mirror of her mind, she saw her taut breasts dancing and swaying
beneath her writhing, perspiring torso, moving in dancing cadence to the
delightful, rampaging animal cock that continued to grow, grow, grow ...
ever growing inside her cunt passage to her belly. She visualised it
plowing deeper, deeper into the stretched mouth of her clasping cunt
from behind, a relentless streaming rod of shimmering, hard flesh
lunging into her!

She found herself revelling in her act of bestiality, and she ground her
buttocks back excitedly against his hairy, hammering body like any other
animal. It was more rapturous than anything a human male could

To the side, Jeff couldn't hold back his own groans of re-aroused
pleasure as he felt the warm soft flesh of Diana's fully flattened
buttocks pressing tightly against his loins in feverish lunges, while
she hungrily sucked and licked at another woman's undulating genitals,
and he watched the expression of wantonness on his Toni's face to the
fulfilling animal fucking, wondering if she ever got that hot with him.
God, how he wished it was him giving her that fucking instead of that
damned dog. He shook his head foggily and rammed forward to thrust into
Diana's moistly clasping cunt once more, his eyes roving down to fix on
his hardened shaft vanishing into her sucking pink flesh. He moaned
again and watched her pull away; he gaped with bated breath at the
tender coral flesh pulling out with it, then folding back inside once
more. His breathing increased, incited by the lewd scene, and suddenly
she began to squirm and writhe on its lengthy, aching impalement in an
obscene swirling cadence, and he felt the sudden grumbling in his balls
and announcing the beginning of the very, very end, his cock-head
beginning to throb violently, deep inside the warm clutching flesh of
her cunt and belly ...!

In a fleeting glance, Jeff caught sight of Diana's turned face toward
him, and realised that she was in the first throes of her climax, with
his cock jack hammering into her. He choked out a gasping oath and felt
his pumping cock begin to spew its white, hot load deep into her womb in
jets of fiery sperm that splashed obscenely around inside her ... then
Toni raised her head and he saw the full extent of her drug-incited
passion ... her lust-glazed eyes grew round and wide as she suddenly, as
though her open cunt was spread-eagled over a torturing fire, began to
moan: "Ohhhhhhhh ... ohhhhh ... my God ... I-I-I'm commmming!"

She wailed until her voice died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh,
her beautiful young head twisting from side to side, her long
honey-yellow hair flailing wildly as she began the initial
bowel-wrenching spasms of orgasm, screwing her smooth rounded buttocks
back hard onto the thickened, driving animal cock with salacious fury.

Oh, it was heaven for all of them, thought Jeff and, looking at his
young girl friend scream out her climax, he realised that there would
never be jealousy between them ... ever. He watched Poker's long saliva
dripping tongue hang loosely from the mouth of his great head, panting
and dripping wetly onto the satiny tanned flesh of her back while he
fucked into her greedily clasping young pussy with feral viciousness.
Then, Toni screamed once more, slamming her lushly trembling ass back
against the dog-cock with a frantic jerk as simultaneously the beast
thrust forward and his massively swollen cock began to squirt its hot,
animal sperm deep up into her hungrily devouring belly in long, forcible
streams. Again Toni wailed, while her nakedly quivering buttocks began
to contract spasmodically and the thick white combination of
animal-human come nearly exploded back out from the swollen lips of her
teenaged cunt ...

When the evening was finally over, and the last of the satisfied guests
stomped wearily through the door and waited for the valets to drive
their Cadillacs to the front entrance, Toni and Jeff drowsily ascended
the steps to their second story bedroom. They wordlessly communicated
their love, knowing there was no need for guilt or shame. Love would do.

Chapter 9

Toni sat at the patio table in the back yard, overlooking the hillocks
of her inherited property, musing over how long ago it seemed since she
and Jeff had first spent time at their deceased aunt and uncle's dog
breeding farm. And that first party .... oh, what giggles that brought
back to memory.

Times had changed all fight, in every spectrum of her life. She and Jeff
had married the summer following their visit with Uncle Milt and Aunt
Claudia ... the same summer her dear relatives had been killed in a car
crash, leaving the entire property to Toni!

Though they really didn't need the money since Jeff had wisely invested
her inheritance in stocks and bonds, they had kept the kennel going,
still breeding and training dogs for the same purpose as her uncle's.
Now she was the trainer and demonstrator, and every Saturday night the
oil burned late at the palatial Baline residence, while their wealthy
guests oohed and ahhed over the near-human performance of the dogs.

Life is what you make, thought Toni, taking another sip of her mint
julep, watching her virile husband race over the hills with her
favourite of the dogs, Poker Junior. With love, nothing else need

The End

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