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Wild For Horses by Author Unknown

Chapter 1

"Tanya! Come and set the table for dinner!"

"All right Mom, be there in one second!" Tanya called back.

She was sitting in her room in the middle of her pink shag carpet,
looking through one of her horse books. Tanya loved horses. More than
anything else.

Of course she had hardly ever even been near a real one.

She had seen them as a little girl, in the circus.

And she had seen them on TV and in the movies.

But she had never even ridden a real horse.

The idea of being on top of all that power and that brute animal force
was thrilling to her. And scary too. So she collected books about

Lying on her stomach on the floor, the pretty, pert sixteen year old
made a pretty picture. She had lush thick dark hair that glinted with

And she had firm, taut white little buttocks that looked like little
hillocks now, round and jutting out of her blue panties, as she lay on
her stomach.

She was wearing nothing else but a blue t-shirt.

She spread her legs wide on the carpet while she looked through her
picture books.

One arm wormed under her body, between her round little hills that were
her breasts.

She let one hand slide down into her panties.

Suddenly, her fingers were sliding up and down in a wet canal.

She closed her eyes and thought of riding a horse.

The big black stallion that she had a photograph of, with his front
legs rearing up in the air. Her fingers slid into her honey pot and
brushed her clit.

"Oooooh, down boy!" she moaned to herself while she writhed.

Just then Jason stuck his head in the door.

"Hey, Mom said for you to come and set the table!"

He looked down at his younger sister. And saw what she was doing.

"Jesus Christ! You're disgusting!" he told her.

Jason, who was seventeen, laughed at his little sister.

Lying on the floor, writhing on her belly, it was all too clear she was
playing with her own cunt. And only sixteen years old. Jason thought of
himself as very mature and sophisticated. Tanya looked up at him

She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and scrambled up to her feet.

"How dare you come in here and spy on me!" she screamed.

"The door was practically wide open," he told her leaning against the

"Are you going to wash your hands before you go set the table?"

"Oh shut up! Wouldn't you like to know!" she spat at him.

She pulled on her blue jeans and brushed past him.

"I know you're not getting any of this good stuff," she said coyly.

She slid her wet, cunty fingers across his cheek as she passed.

And she went downstairs to the dining room, stopping in the bathroom
along the way to wash her fingers off. Damn that miserable brother,

He thought he was so tough and old. But she knew that he had his eye on
one of her best girlfriends, Ramona. Tanya knew that Jason would give
anything to get into Ramona's panties. But Tanya also knew that Ramona
didn't give a shit about Jason.

Tanya thought it was funny. She went into the kitchen.

Her mother said, "Well, it's about time. I called you three times."

"Sorry Mom. I was doing my homework," Tanya said.

She took out the silverware and got some dishes.

"Hmmm, homework, my foot. You were probably looking at your horses."

Tanya smiled at her mother and went in to the dining room.

She said, "Mom, have you thought about it anymore?"

"Thought about what?" called her mother, stirring the stew.

"About my party. For my birthday! Did you talk to Daddy?"

"Tanya, I thought we already discussed that. You definitely cannot have
a riding party for your birthday. It's much too expensive."

Shit, Tanya murmured under her breath. She wanted a riding party for
her birthday more than anything else in the world.

She set the table and went back into the kitchen.

"Oh, Mom, but please! I mean, I'll pay for part of it. I've saved up
twenty dollars. And I'll save up more! I'll pay you back! I mean how
often does a girl have a birthday!"

Her mother, a pretty woman with strawberry blonde hair, laughed.

"Twenty dollars. You have no sense of values when it comes to money, my
girl. A riding party for all your girlfriends could cost up to five
hundred dollars. Absolutely not."

She handed her young daughter bread and butter to put on the table.

"But what if I just invited a couple of girls. Just Ramona and Sally!"

Tanya was wailing like a little girl much younger than her age.

"I said the subject is closed. Next thing you'll be wanting a horse.
Now, I don't want to hear about this anymore!" And her mother turned

Tears came to Tanya's eyes. Having a riding party, getting on top of a
real horse for the first time in her life, was her cherished dream. She
resolved to approach her father once more on the subject.

After dinner, Mrs. Flowers had a meeting to go to of the Ladies
Downtown Beautification Association. She left instructions for Tanya to
clean up.

Her friend Ramona was coming over so they could do homework together.

Tanya wanted to get the dishes done quickly so she could talk to her
father before Ramona came over. But there were an awful lot of dishes.

Jason was watching her fill the sink with a taunting look on his face.

"Jason, do the dishes for me tonight!" Tanya asked him.

"Shit, no! It's not my night to do the dishes!" he said.

"Come on - I'll do them for you on one of your nights, when you have a
date or something," she said. "If you ever have a date with anybody,"
she added.

Jason blushed and said, "Fuck you," and crossed his arms.

"Jason! Please! It's really important! Look, I'll try to get you a date
with Ramona if you do the dishes for me tonight!" she pleaded.

Now Jason was interested. "Really?" he said.

"Yes! I promise! And you know how good I am at convincing people."

"All right. It's a deal. Tell her I'll take her anywhere she wants to
go in town."

He gladly picked up the sponge and wrapped a dish towel around his

Singing to herself, Tanya went off to find her father.

He wasn't her real father. He was her step-father.

Her mother had married him only two months ago.

Tanya's real father, an Army lieutenant, was killed many years ago, in
war maneuvers in Germany, when Tanya was only two years old and Jason
was three.

Loretta Jacobs had raised her two little children alone.

For many years she couldn't even look at another man.

Her husband had been the only man in her life and it took many years to
get over the memory of him. But then, last year, she had met Burton

The handsome, powerfully attractive young architect had wooed and won
the pretty Loretta Jacobs. And Loretta herself felt it was all too long

She knew her two unruly children needed a father.

She thought that Burton, with his powerful manner and forceful
personality, would be able to bring her two children into hand.

Tanya found Burton in the den, reading the evening paper.

"Burton," she said. Neither she nor Jason called him Dad. It just
didn't feel comfortable. They were too old for that.

Burton looked up. "Yes, Tanya. What is it?" he asked her.

Just then the doorbell rang. "Oh shit," she said, "That's probably

Burton grinned behind his newspaper at the way his new young daughter

But officially, he reprimanded her. "Don't talk that way," he said.

"Yes, Burton." She ran off to answer the door.

But she found Jason had beaten her to it. He was talking to Ramona at
the doorway. "That sure is a cute little apron thing you've got on
there, Jason."

Ramona was referring to the dish towel Jason had wrapped around his

Jason blushed, and he pulled the dish towel off and went away muttering

"That's the last time I do the dishes for her," he was saying.

Both girls looked at each other and giggled.

Ramona had her school books under her arm. Tanya took her by the arm.

"Come on, put your books in here. I told Jason if he did the dishes for
me tonight, I'd get you to go out on a date with him," she confided.

"Oh really? Gee, thanks a lot. I suppose I don't get any say in the

Ramona, a pretty, pert blonde crossed her legs as she sat on the arm of
a chair.

She lit a cigarette. Her parents didn't care if she smoked.

Tanya wasn't allowed to smoke. She closed the door to her room.

Then she took a puff on Ramona's cigarette. "Mmmm," she breathed the
smoke out.

"Look," she added. "Why don't you give Jason a try. He's absolutely
pining for you. Think of it this way. You'll be doing a horny boy a

Ramona giggled. "What is it - National Take a Horny Boy out for a Ride
in His Car Week?" She laughed again. "Nothing doing. You know I only go
for older guys, Tanya."

"Well, Jason is seventeen. He's a year older than we are. Plus you said
yourself he's cute. You've got to admit he is." She pressed her point.

Ramona tapped her cigarette in Tanya's gold cup for cheerleading.

"I said he was kind of cute. But I can't stand going out with boys who
have no experience. You know, that kind of thing really disgusts me.
When they don't know whether to put their fingers up your panties or
kiss you on the cheek goodnight. And they're afraid to do one and
awkward about doing the other. They make me too jumpy."

Tanya looked at her friend enviously.

Ramona had a lot more experience than she.

Tanya's parents still wouldn't let her go out on a date alone with a

She wasn't allowed to drive around in a boy's car, and if she went to a
party, she had to leave her parents the phone number where she would
be, and she had to be home by midnight. But she agreed with Ramona, as
if she had as much experience.

"I know what you mean. But how can a guy get experience if an
experienced woman won't let him try her out. I mean - shouldn't we
experienced women try to help out all the green guys we can? Otherwise,
some dumb innocent little girl who's just as dumb as the guy might get
her hands on him, and then he'd never know what's what."

Ramona laughed. "You should be on the debating team, not on the
cheerleaders. I swear, Tanya. You could convince a horse to walk on two

"Does that mean that you'll do it!!!" Tanya said.

All in all, she did love her older brother. And she did really want to
see him happy, and get his first hot date with Ramona. Plus she knew
then that he would owe her a favor.

"I'll think about it!" Ramona only promised.

"Good, that means it's settled. Oh, speaking of horses, that reminds
me, I want you to come and help me convince Burton to convince my
mother to let me have a riding party for my birthday. Come on." Tanya
put out Ramona's cigarette.

"Are you still trying to get them to let you do that? I swear, I don't
know what it is about you and horses, Tanya," Ramona said.

She picked up the framed picture of Trigger, Tanya's favorite horse.

"I mean, I'd much rather think about going riding on some mature man.
Like that hunky stepfather of yours. I think he's groovy. So handsome."

Ramona's eyes went all dreamy as she looked at the horse and thought
about Burton Reynolds.

"But just look at the power of the horse," said Tanya grabbing the
picture ... "Look at the horse's legs, at his neck. You know a horse
could knock you down and kill you with just one of his hoofs!" Tanya
said, thrilled.

"Mmmmm?" said Ramona vaguely. "So what?" she added unimpressed.

"And when you go riding, you feel all that power between your legs,
while the stallion's black mane whips in your face and he carries you
along like you're flying!"

Tanya waxed eloquent, thinking of riding a horse.

Ramona only laughed and teasingly pulled her hair.

"What an imagination. You've never even ridden a horse."

"I know! But I've imagined the whole thing so many times. That's why
we've got to convince him. Come on, he's in the study, reading the

The two young, nubile sixteen year old girls went into the study.

"Good evening, Ramona, how are you?" handsome Burton Reynolds asked his
daughter's young friend. He folded up his evening paper and took out a

Tanya sat down on one arm of his armchair.

Ramona cuddled up on the other arm. Her chest was heaving.

Proximity to this handsome older man always made her get breathless.

"Well, girls, how's tricks?" Burton asked them.

Ramona licked her lips. Tanya said: "Oh Burton!" Then she added, "How
was your day at the office?"

"All right. Lots of work. We got a big new project, to do the new
library downtown."

Ramona said, "How fascinating!" She had large breasts and they extended
now a good ways out of her tight red t-shirt. She crossed her legs.

"Are you interested in architecture, Ramona?"

"Oh yes, very much, Mr. Reynolds," said Ramona.

He looked up at his daughter's friend. Then he looked at his daughter.
What a fine-looking pair of girls, he was thinking. In his younger
days, he would have stopped at nothing to get them. But now, he was a
settled married man in love with his wife.

"Burton, you know I've saved up some money. And I could make more. I
could get a job," Tanya was saying. She put her arm around her

"A job? I think that would be an excellent idea. But I'm surprised
Tanya. I've never heard you be interested in working before."

He was glad to hear his step-daughter taking a more practical view of

He thought Loretta had badly spoiled her daughter.

"Well, you know, I was thinking, if I was making some money on my own,
I could pay for some things myself. I mean I know you and Mom aren't
always going to pay for me. I just thought I should start taking on
some responsibilities myself."

"I couldn't agree with you more, Tanya. You know, girls, I started
working when I was twelve years old. Both my parents died when I was
very young and I lived in an orphanage. I had to start taking care of
myself right away."

"Oh you poor thing, Mr. Reynolds. You mean you didn't have any mother
to take care of you?" She leaned over the arm of the chair.

Her big round mounds of cleavage could be clearly seen.

Burton patted Ramona's firm bottom. She was just a kid after all.

"Nope. I had nobody to take care of me but myself. But sometimes I
think it's better that way. A lot of kids I see growing up nowadays
expect to have the world handed to them on a silver platter. A bunch of
spoiled brats if you ask me."

"Then you'll let me get a job if I find one!" Tanya said. Impetuously,
she leaned over her stepfather and threw her arms around him. She
planted a wet kiss on his cheek. She and her stepfather were unusually

Tanya really did need the authoritative influence of an older man. And,
though he did think she was somewhat spoiled, Burton really liked her.

"Of course honey. If you find a suitable job, that is."

"Well, Burton, you see, I was thinking, if I did find a job, it would
take me a while to save up some money. But then I could pay you and Mom
back. For my party I mean."

"What's this?" he said. He turned to his daughter.

"For my riding party. You know how much I want to take some
girlfriends, just one or two, and go horseback riding in the country
for my birthday. Mom says it would be too expensive, but if I was
making some money of my own, then I could pay you back."

Ramona leaned across Burton and tapped her friend's arm. Her big tits
rubbed against Burton's chest.

"I know of a riding stable in the country. My cousin works there. He
says that it's not too expensive to rent horses for the day," she said.

"You see!" said Tanya, turning to her stepfather.

"Well, I don't know, Tanya. I thought we already discussed all that,"
Burton said. "According to your mother, you've never even been riding.
I don't think you understand how dangerous it is. And your girlfriends
too, I'm sure, don't have much experience with horses. One of you girls
could get hurt, and then the parents would hold us responsible."

"Oh, I've been riding, Mr. Reynolds," said Ramona.

"You have! I didn't know that! You never told me!" said Tanya.

"Oh yeah, my cousin took me once. But I didn't like it."

"What was it like!" the eager Tanya said.

The arm of the chair ran right between her legs and she gripped the

"Well the horse was big and smelly and I almost fell off. And I was
sore as a dog by the end of the day." She took out a cigarette.

"You don't mind if I smoke, do you, Mr. Reynolds?" she asked

"Do your parents know you smoke, Ramona?"

"Yes, my mother knows. She doesn't mind."

Ramona's father was dead. She held a match to her cigarette.

"Why don't you call me Burton, Ramona," Burton said. "After all, you're
a good friend of Tanya's." He put his arm around her.

She snuggled closer to him, on the arm of the chair.

"So can I, Burton? Can I? Can I?" Tanya pressed.

"Well, if Ramona says she knows a place that's not too expensive, and
if you're serious about getting yourself an after-school job and paying
us back, well ... I don't see why not!" he said after a moment's

Tanya jumped up and clapped her hands. "Yay! Yay! I'm going to tell

She ran out of the room, leaving Ramona alone with Burton.

"Tanya's such a sweet girl. Rather innocent, but I'm really very fond
of her, Burton," Ramona said, as if she were much older than her

She turned around on the arm of the chair so that now she was facing

Burton was thinking - I know this kind of girl. She's probably a real
slut. She's got hot pants and she'll put out for nothing.

He was thinking that he really wasn't too happy about Tanya hanging out
with her so much. He knew her mother, who catted around quite a lot.

In fact Burton had ended up in a hotel room with Ramona's mother one
time, back in the days when he was going to single bars and being a
carefree bachelor.

Ramona slid back and forth on the arm of his chair. Her crotch tight
jeans clearly delineated every curve of her body from her hips down,
even down to the two little curves of her sex.

He stared directly between her thighs quite frankly.

"Like what you see, Mr. Reynolds? she asked him.

She spread her thighs open even wider and pushed her crotch back and

A slut is a slut, he thought. He put his finger to his mouth and wet

Then staring the brazen girl right in the eye, he put his wet finger to
the furrow between the two sides of her sex and rubbed against her

Ramona was electrified. Her heart almost stopped beating.

She couldn't believe this was really happening.

But she tried to act cool and sophisticated.

"Hey," she said running her fingers through his hair, "I'll give you a
blow job anytime you want, Mr. Reynolds. I mean, Burton. Just let me

Just then Tanya came running back into the room.

"Jason says he knows that they need a new girl down at the Burger Joint
to work behind the counter! I'm going to call them in the morning! So
it's all settled!"

Burton had removed his finger from the furrow at the crotch of Ramona's
jeans when his stepdaughter came running in. And Ramona turned around
again coolly on the arm of the chair. She puffed her cigarette and said

But her pulse, the blood in many parts of her body, was racing.

Burton laughed at his charming, youthful stepdaughter. He tousled her
hair as she stood beside him.

"Come on, Ramona, let's go do our homework now! Oh! I'm so excited I
don't know if I'll be able to think! You've got to tell me all about
this ranch where your cousin works." She was dragging Ramona away into
her room.

"It's not a ranch. It's a stable," Ramona was saying.

But at the door to the den she turned around saying, "Wait a second. I
forgot my cigarettes!" Alone in the den again with Burton, she
scribbled her number down on a slip of paper. She said to him, "You
know I'm not just a kid. I wasn't kidding. I think I could show you a
real good time, sugar."

And she slipped her number into the pocket of his shirt and left.

Burton sat grinning in his leather armchair at the forwardness of his
stepdaughter's girlfriend. He was glad that Tanya wasn't like that.

Tanya was still a kid. But some girls grew up too fast.

He was going to take the number out of his shirt pocket and crumple it
up and throw it away, but staring at it, he recalled Monica, Ramona's

She had been another hot one. So hot. And slutty.

It had been a drunken night with her, that he hardly remembered.

But he did remember that he and another friend of his had taken Monica
Flapper up to a hotel room with one of her girlfriends.

And the two girls had shown the guys an incredible time.

Very kinky sex, they had gotten into. The two girls went down on each
other, and then they let the men fuck them together. That is, Monica,
Ramona's mother had wanted both Burton and the other man to fuck her at
the same time.

Burton shifted uneasily in his chair. His hard cock was ripping at his
pants. He put his hand on it and massaged it.

How good it would be to have that slutty sixteen year old get down on
her knees in front of him and take out his cock and put her mouth on

He rubbed his finger back and forth across her number.

As a joke, he would hold onto the number.

Maybe some night when Loretta was out of the house, or away on one of
her trips. His wife was a lawyer and she often had to go out of town.
It would be fun, just as a joke, to have a young girl again. And he
could make sure she kept her mouth shut. He wasn't afraid of that.

In Tanya's room, both girls were having lots of trouble concentrating.
But for different reasons. Tanya was thinking about horses.

"Just think! It's really going to happen! I'm going to ride on a

"Ummhhmm," Ramona said dreamily. She was thinking about riding on a
different kind of mount. They were both sitting on the floor.

"Is it hard? Is it really hard? Were you real scared?" Tanya asked.

"Oh no, honey, I won't be scared at all. And I bet it's real hard!"

Tanya looked at her friend. "I don't care. I bet I can do it!"

"Mmmmhmmm, I bet I can too!" Ramona said. "Look, I don't think I can
study tonight. I just can't concentrate. I'm going home!

"Yeah, me too. We can study together in home room in the morning. I
can't wait! I wonder if I can get that job!" Tanya hugged her knees.

"I wonder," said Ramona kissing her friend goodbye.

After Ramona left, Tanya tried studying some more. But she just
couldn't keep her mind on her work. She kept glancing up to her little
bedside table and, more specifically, to the little gold drawer in the
table. Finally she got up and went over to the drawer.

She was about to open it when Jason stuck his head in her room again.

"So what happened? Is it on? Will she go out with me?"

Tanya whirled around and closed the drawer.

"She just about said yes. Give me one more day to work on her. Anyway,
where are you going to take her? For a walk on Main Street?"

"No, I'm gonna ask Burton if I can use the car. I'd take her to the
movies, or something. I know how to treat a girl right," he said.

"Burton and Mom won't let you use the car at night. You've only got a
temporary license," Tanya taunted her older brother. She stuck out her

"Well, we can go to the movies in the afternoon."

"Look, get out of here, and don't come in without knocking again! I'm
doing the best I can for you!" and she threw a pillow at him.

He ducked and closed the door. The pillow hit the door.

Tanya went up to her bedroom door and locked it now, while she was
thinking of it. She was a very absent-minded, dreamy girl most times.
But this time she wanted to make absolutely sure of her privacy.

She lit a candle on her bureau, turned out her light, and took off her
jeans and her blouse.

She began caressing herself. Her round, nubile tits were full and
fitted well into the palms of her hands. She hefted her little breasts
a couple of times.

"Faster, Trigger! Faster!" she spoke to an imaginary horse.

She bent over as if she were leaning against a horse's neck. She
imagined the feel of the black mane flowing against her chest, and the
feel of the power of the horse between her thighs.

"I said faster! Faster! Faster! Carry me off like the wind!"

With her eyes closed, she reached for the little gold knob of the
drawer. She pulled the drawer open. Her fingers felt inside. She pulled
out her secret treasure, a black leather riding crop!

The riding crop had a thick leather handle. She had bought it in a
riding store one day with her allowance, in preparation for the day
when she would really ride a horse!

But in the meantime, she had found other uses for it. She pulled her
knees up to her chest and spread them wide apart. A wet stain spread
across the crotch of her blue panties. She stuck one finger down into
her panties and stirred the wet flesh.

"Mmmmm, Trigger, take me on! Take me off! Ride!"

She took the riding crop and began bouncing on the bed, striking
herself with the whip on her thighs. Her thighs grew hot and red as she
slapped herself. Her fingers wiggled deeper and deeper into her cunt.

"Faster! Faster! Take me off like the wind!"

She pulled the blue crotch of her panties aside. Her thighs were on
fire from the repeated whippings. She turned the handle around and
pushed it into the wet meat of her beaver!

"Faster Trigger! Faster!" the moaning girl cried aloud.

Just then there was a knocking on her door.

"Tanya, is that you? Are you in there?" said Burton. He tried the door
but it was locked. He waited for her answer.

"Yes, Burton, I'm in here, I just want some privacy for a while, I want
to be alone, to think about things," the panting girl tried to contain
herself while she talked to her stepfather. Sweat was dripping down her

Her pussy flesh tingled and she gritted her teeth as she pushed the
thick whip handle in and out. It felt so good! So fucking good!

"Okay, honey, I just wanted to say goodnight."

"Goodnight, Burton! And thank you for being so understanding!"

"Don't mention it. Goodnight!" he said and left her door.

She waited until she heard his footsteps go down the hall. Then slowly
she started to let herself get heated up by the repeated slow, long
drawing in and out of the whip handle up her cunt.

She had never fucked a boy in her life. But you could not say that she
was a virgin. Ever since she had bought this riding crop, mere
masturbation with her fingers did not satisfy her. No, she had to have
the big thick stick pushing in and out of her.

She allowed herself to slip back into her fantasy once more.

"And then he takes me out into the field! We are alone. There's nobody!
Except for me and my horse. I bring him to a slow halt and I dismount
him." She pulled the big stick in and out slowly.

"I brush his flanks, I stroke the sweat off him. I feel his pulsing
blood coursing through his muscles, through his body. He pushes his
muzzle into my hair, and I stroke his head and look into his big bright

She was pushing the big stick in and out even faster now!

The teenaged girl on the bed was impaling her cunt on a thick riding
crop handle, pushing it into the wet meat of her pussy behind her wet

She was squatting on the bed, holding the stick with her feet, and
going up and down on it, with that curious agility that the young have!

And all the while she was thinking of horses!

"And then I mount him again and he takes me off galloping, faster than
the wind! Over the fields, answering only my commands! I am the only
person who can mount him!"

Her pussy spasmed around the big stick and her juices suddenly flowed.
Her whole cunt and her whole body were quivering. She collapsed
backwards on the bed, in a pool of sweat. She let the thick stick rest
in her pussy.

Later, when she felt like it again, she would go through it all again.
Sometimes she masturbated all night long, again and again, coming and

And she woke up in the morning tired, and looked pale and wan in home
room class.

Chapter 2

A few days later, Loretta Reynolds had to leave town to go to a
convention in another city. She was giving a paper about women's rights
and the law.

Burton took his new wife out to the airport and kissed her goodbye.

"Are you sure you'll be all right, honey? You and the kids? I left you
lots of frozen hamburger patties in the freezer. All you have to do is
take them out and cook them. And there are plenty of frozen vegetables
and lots of salad."

Burton smiled and put his arm around his wife. "Don't worry about us.
We'll be fine. In fact, I'm looking forward to spending some time alone
with the kids. We haven't really spent much time alone together."

"I just hope they won't be too much for you. Oh - don't forget to make
them take their vitamins. And don't forget to pick up your suit at the

He laughed and pulled her close to him. He loved the smell of her
fragrance - it was the perfume she used.

"Don't worry!" he said nibbling her car. "Don't forget that I'm an old
bachelor man. I'm used to keeping house for myself," he said to her.

She sighed. She let herself be held against his lean hard body. She was
so lucky, after all those years of living alone, to find a good strong
man who was at the same time, tough and macho, and yet who didn't try
to restrict her freedom. He knew how important her career was to her.

She said, "Ohhhh, I'm going to miss you, though."

He said, "I'll miss you too." He held her tight.

She rubbed her groin against his groin. "Especially at night," she
added with a laugh.

"Ummmhmmm," he said. They had had an especially good hot night of
lovemaking the night before. That was one thing he liked about her
going away.

It made their sex life very erotic - the night before she went away on
one of her trips, and the night she came back. Absence from each other
was good for a marriage.

"Flight Number 216 leaving for Miami is now boarding."

"Oh, honey, that's me. Goodbye now!" She kissed her brawny husband

He watched her firm buttocks twitching in her shapely skirt as she
walked away.

What a wife, he was thinking. But when he turned away he was thinking
of something else. He could feel the rustle of that number - of that
teenager - in his pocket.

When he got out to his car in the parking lot, Loretta's plane was
taking off. Silently he said goodbye to her and then went to a
telephone booth. It was five o'clock on a Friday night. The kids
wouldn't be home from school for another hour.

Jason had football practice, and Tanya had cheerleading practice.

Extra-curricular activities, what a wonderful thing, he was thinking as
he listened to the phone ringing in Ramona's house. He hoped to God she
had her own phone. But then it was very unlikely, even if her mother
did answer the phone, that she would recognize Burton Reynolds's voice.
That incident with her was over a year ago. And it had only happened
once. And a lot of men must call up Ramona.

"Hello?" said a girlish voice, a little high.

"Hello, Ramona, this is Burton Reynolds," Burton said in his deep
masculine voice. He lit a cigarette in the phone booth. "I've got an
hour. I'd like to come over. Maybe I could take you for a drive," he
told her.

Ramona's breath was taken away. For a second she forgot to act
sophisticated and cool. "Burton! Oh! I-I didn't expect you to call! I
mean so soon!"

He didn't laugh or even respond. He just said coolly, "Perhaps you've
changed your mind? I'm sorry - I took your offer seriously."

"Oh no! I mean! Yes! I was serious! I mean I am!"

The poor girl sounded very flustered. And she sounded exactly like what
she was - nothing but an infatuated high school girl without much
experience with men. For Ramona let on as if she had a lot more
experience than she really had.

"Well, come on right over, Burton," she said collecting herself.

He said, "Um, er, is your mother home?"

She laughed now, feeling more in control of herself.

"No, Mom's not here for the evening. We can take as long as you like."

He said, "I'll be right there. See you." He hung up.

Driving over in his car, he told himself he was acting crazy.
Jeopardizing everything, his new life, his new marriage, his social
position in the community, to get it on with a girl who was underage!
But he didn't care. There was still a lot of the rake in him.

After all, it was this girl who had come on to him, not the other way
around. And if she was willing, as far as he was concerned, then she
wasn't underage.

Ramona lived on the other side of the tracks in town. Literally. A
railroad line cut the town in two. She lived in a small, somewhat
dilapidated house alone with her mother.

Burton pulled the car up under a tree so it couldn't be seen from the

Ramona heard his car pull up and she came out on the front porch to
greet him.

"Hi there!" she pulled her long blonde hair nervously.

"Hello, Ramona," he said coolly jumping out of his car.

They went into the small frame house together.

It was one of those houses that were put up by the thousands at one
point. It had two bedrooms and a living room, and everything looked as
if it had been made pre-fab, which it had. The taste was somewhat

Ramona led her beau into the living room. She made him sit down on the
couch. "Can I fix you a drink?" she asked.

She was feeling somewhat self-conscious about herself. She knew her
body was shown off to its best in her pretty yellow dress. And she was
wearing her new yellow summer heels. She hoped she looked grown-up.

"Do you know how to fix a drink?" he asked her.

"Of course I do. I fix drinks all the time for my mother's dates," she
started to say, and then she tried to stop herself. She knew how naive
she sounded.

He only laughed. "Okay, I'll have a gin and tonic. You do have gin and

"Sure!" She moved across the room haughtily.

But one of her heels caught in the thick shag rug and she almost

"Oh!" she cried out catching onto the counter.

Burton laughed. She blushed looking at him over her shoulder.

"It's these shoes," she told him. "I just got them, they're new, and
I'm not used to walking on them." She righted herself and fixed the

He noticed that she was also wearing make-up. She had done her eyes and
lips and was wearing blush-on.

He didn't like it. He took the drink from her. "Thanks."

She sat down uncertainty beside him. He put his arm around her. She
sighed. She started stroking his thighs. They were so thick.

He said, "And is the dress and make-up new too?

She felt her hair self-consciously. "Yes, do you like it?"

He said, "You didn't put that stuff on just for me, did you?"

"No! Of course not! Well, yes. Don't you like it?

He said, "It's all right. But that's not the way I want you to look. It
doesn't turn me on. At all." He sipped his drink confidently.

She stood up, quite embarrassed and feeling insecure.

"Oh, well, I can change! I don't have to wear these things. It's just
that I thought you would like ... I mean, I thought they make me look
more grown up."

"That's just it," he told her. "They do make you look more grown up. I
want you to look young. To look your age. I want to look at you, while
I'm fucking you and think, I'm fucking a slut of a teenager!" he said.

His words went straight to her pussy which started to throb. Her breath
and voice came out strangely.

"All right! What should I put on?" she asked him.

He said, "Put on - the shortest little pair of cut-off shorts you have,
and a pair of really tiny little panties. And a t-shirt. Don't wear a

"All right!" she said jumping up happily.

But she couldn't resist jumping on his lap and giving him a kiss.

Burton sat there, unmoved by this teenage assault. He felt the girl
pressing her lips up against his. He felt her hot tongue plunging into
his mouth. He opened his lips a little bit and let her tongue assault
him. But as far as he was concerned, this was all teen-stuff.

Gently he pushed her off him. "I don't want to kiss you, Ramona," he
told her. "I only want to fuck you. But first I want you to give me a
blow job."

She stared at him, her heart pounding. His words thrilled her to the
very core. Although she had seen the parade of men going into and out
of her mother's bedroom all her life, and seeing adults doing most
everything together, she had never really had a lover of her own. Of
course many of her mother's lovers were starting to come on to her,
trying to corner her in her bedroom and feel her up. But she never let
them. They didn't appeal to her.

But now, Burton Reynolds, looking like a hunky movie star, wanted her!
Really wanted her! He seemed so confident, cool and mature. And he knew
exactly what he wanted. And he was using those dirty words with her.
The whole thing excited her more than she had ever been excited in her
young life. She laughed and dashed off to her bedroom to change her

"And bring your clothes out here!" he called after her. "I want to see
you change in front of me!" He leaned back on the couch and sipped his

He felt happy. Now, that he was married and could still fool around on
the side, he had everything a virile man could want out of life.

Ramona came back into the living room with a pair of blue jean shorts
that were cut off and ragged, and a pink t-shirt to wear. She put these
things down on the coffee table. Then she slipped out of her yellow
high heeled shoes.

Her pretty little toes were painted red. Her toes looked like ripe
round candies. She wiggled them in the thick shag carpet. She turned
around so her back was to him, and lifted her long blonde hair. She
unzipped the back of her dress.

"Will you help me?" she said in a helpless feminine voice that she had
learned from her mother. He leaned forward and pulled her zipper down.

"Thanks!" she said breathlessly. She stepped out of her dress. She was
wearing a white slip underneath. She stepped out of that too.

Now she had her back to him and she was wearing nothing but a pair of
tiny blue panties and a white bra. Self-consciously, her hands went
behind her to unhook her bra. Her boobs fell out, suddenly released.

She reached behind her to feel for her t-shirt, giving him a prime view
of her big, plump, firm tits, though still she didn't turn all the way

For some reason, at this moment that she had been longing for, she felt
shy and self-conscious. She slipped the t-shirt over her head and
pulled it down.

But still he had seen those big, plump, ripe fruit.

"Mmmmmm," he said as his prick stiffened in his pants. He unzipped his
fly and pulled the long hardening rod out and began to play with it.

Ramona was unconscious of what he was doing. Now she was trying to pull
the tight short shorts up over her thighs and hips.

He watched her pert buttocks twitch back and forth while she tried to
pull the tight denim up over her ass and close the zipper.

Then it was done. She turned around. And saw his cock. It was a long
spear of a shaft, sticking out between his fingers. He adjusted his
pants so that his big red balls rode clear outside his fly.

"Now, that's better," he said looking at her.

She looked exactly like what she was - a slut of a teenager. Her tits
bobbed prettily beneath the thin t-shirt.

He said, "Go down on it. Eat my cock." He held it out to her.

Ramona was trembling. She talked like she had done this stuff before.
But she never had. Never before in her life. She had only seen her
mother doing it.

She pushed the coffee table aside and knelt between his knees. She took
his stick in her hand. He grinned and closed his eyes. "Put your mouth
on it. Go down on it."

She opened her mouth and put his dick inside. Then she closed her mouth
and pushed her head down on his tool, as she had seen her mother do.
She could feel the throbbing of his penis in her mouth!

Her heart was beating fast! She couldn't believe this was really
happening! Not with Burton Reynolds - the good-looking man who was
Tanya's stepfather!

She opened her eyes to look up at him. She seemed to be doing a good
job. His eyes were closed and he was smiling.

He opened his eyes. "What are you looking at?" he asked her.

He loved the way she looked, all cute and pert, her blonde hair falling
all over her shoulders, with his big cock in her mouth like a lollipop.

"Lick up and down it," he told her, his nostrils flaring.

She took it out and began licking it. She had never seen a cock with a
head as big as his. She nuzzled the big wet head of his dick in her
mouth. Then with her tongue she began licking up his throbbing shaft.

"Now stuff it back in your throat, honey, all the way down your mouth!"

She smiled. She loved doing this to him. She loved turning him on.

She knew that he was getting turned on. For his cock was getting bigger
and harder in her mouth with every move her tongue made.

She shoved the big head of his penis down her mouth. And she gagged.
She came up coughing and choking.

"Not that way," he said looking at her funny. "Have you ever done this

She blushed and looked away. She couldn't lie.

"Well, no. Not exactly. I mean I've seen it done thousands of times!"

"Thousands of times? Well, seeing it isn't doing it. Now let me tell
you how to do it. Keep your tongue against the bottom of your mouth,
and breathe in. When you breathe in, push my cock in as far as it can
go. When you exhale, let up on it a little bit, let it come out. That's
how you deep throat. Think you got it?"

She nodded eagerly. She opened her mouth wide and stuck his dick in.
She breathed in and his penis slid way down her throat.

He groaned and gripped his balls. "That's it, honey."

She saw what he was doing and she moved his hands away. Now she was
fondling his balls with her own slender hands. She exhaled and let his
cock come half way out her mouth.

"That's right! That's right!" He reached for her big, firm boobs. He
pulled her t-shirt up so her melons were naked. They were full heavy
weights in the palms of his hands.

"Mmmm," he sighed. "So good, so good!"

Ramona felt so happy. She was finally getting cock, giving head.

And it wasn't to one of her mother's bums - it was to this good-looking
mature man! Now she allowed herself to get really into it.

With Burton squeezing her boobs, her pussy began to tingle. She
squatted on the floor and pulled one of his legs between her legs. Then
she started rising up and down on his leg, giving her pussy something
to rub against. She couldn't wait until he started playing with her

"Okay, that's enough," he told her. "Anymore and I would come. Stand

She stood up. His cock was throbbing hot. Her lips were swollen and

He said, "Stand up here on the couch. I want to eat your sweet hot
pussy now."

She climbed up on the couch uncertainly. She had never done this before
either - let a man eat out her cunt. Of course, she sure had dreamed
about it a lot. But now that it was actually happening, like before,
she was a little shy and afraid. Somehow it wasn't happening the way
she had always imagined it.

She always thought she'd be desperately in love with some man, who'd be
desperately in love with her. First they'd just kiss a lot, and fool
around. And gradually, when they both realized how much they loved each
other, he would take her in his arms in bed, and then ... they would do
all this stuff.

Now, this man was pulling her fly down, while she stood above him on
the couch. He was feeling into her pussy crack while she still had her
jeans on.

"Mmmmm," he was saying. "This is going to be good!"

She licked her lips nervously. "What do I do?"

"Nothing. You just stand there. And spread your legs good and wide.
Don't tell me you've never done this before either?"

She looked away and shook her head. She knew she was coming off like an
awful fool, after all her big talk and manner and bragging.

If any of her girlfriends ever knew that most of what she bragged about
doing was pure bullshit ... Now he was biting through the denim.

He had got the zipper down and he was working her shorts down over her

"Nice big hips, I like that!" he was saying.

He got her shorts off one leg. They hung around the ankle of the other.
Now he pulled her cunt down to his face. She was still wearing panties.

"Burton!" She laughed nervously. "What are you doing?"

She felt uncomfortable because she knew her panties were wet and
stinking, because she was so excited. She didn't know that a man liked

He was sniffing at the crotch of her panties, pulling it into his mouth
to taste the taste of her cunt, and pushing his tongue through the thin
nylon fabric.

"Mmmmmm, good hot pussy." Suddenly his tongue wormed around the edge of
her panties and into her furry muff. She felt his tongue hit the wet
surface of her pulsing pussy lips. She gripped his hair to keep her
head about her.

"Oh!" she gasped once, closing her eyes and reeling.

"Feel good?" he said with a snarling laugh. He tore her panties down
off her completely now.

The girl was holding on to his hair, with her eyes closed, and her legs
spread wide apart. Her blonde pussy fur was wet around the edges. Her
cunt lips were quivering with anticipation.

She was so hot that she did something without thinking. She split her
meat open with her fingers and shoved it against Burton's open lips. He
grinned and pressed his tongue in her open slit.

"Oooooh," she said closing her eyes. She had never had a tongue in her
cunt before! And she was loving it! She writhed with her muff against
his face!

One of her boobs was dangling below her raised t-shirt, the other was
encased inside the tight t-shirt. She put her hands on his shoulders
and she writhed.

Her cunt was sweet and moist and hot - sexy.

He loved flicking the tip of his tongue against her love button.

"Ooooh, I like the way you do me!" she said through gritted teeth.

He split her meat open with his fingers again and plunged his tongue
inside. He looked up to watch her close her eyes in ecstasy.

"That's enough!" he said hauling her off him.

"Ohhhhh," she pouted, though she loved to see his wet lips.

She stuck out her tongue and he kissed her, rubbing the wetness of her
cunt meat against her own lips. He pulled her onto his lap on top of

He guided his penis and it slid right up her cunt.

She'd never fucked a guy before, but like Tanya, she wasn't exactly a
virgin. Her own pokings and probings in her own pussy had dispensed
with her cherry.

Burton was glad. He didn't like blood. He smiled as his dong slid right
up her pussy. He watched her eyes melt into blue puddles as his cock
slid in her.

She was on top of him, on his lap, and it was up to her to go up and
down. She tried bouncing up and down on top of him. But she wasn't very
good at it. She didn't know how to establish a good rhythm and keep it
up. He shook his head at her ruefully.

"And I thought you were - Miss Experience," he said.

She said, "I can't help it! Come on, fuck me!"

"Yes Ma'am! he said slipping her underneath him. Now he was on top of
her, stretched out on the couch. He slid his cock into her pussy. She
raised one leg over the back of the couch and her other leg stretched
out on the coffee table.

The little sixteen year old slut was totally open to him. Totally
trusting. Her cunt was wet and hot and inviting. And she was spreading
her virgin thighs wide.

He grabbed her big boobs in his hand and he began rubbing them.

"Ohhhh, do it to me, Burton! Do it to me!" the hot slut cried.

He kept sinking his cock in and sliding it back out only to sink it
back in again, slowly establishing a steady pounding rhythm. One time
when he had slid it out, he didn't slide it back in again. He just kept
the head of his penis pushing between her pussy lips.

She opened her eyes. "Come on! What are you waiting for?"

She was breathless with the anticipation of his next plunge.

He grinned. "I want to see you beg me for it!"

"Come on Burton! Don't kid around! I want it! Give it to me! Do it to
me! Please!" she begged, putting her arms around his waist and pulling
her cunt up around his thick pole. He grinned and bit into her soft tit

"That's all I wanted to hear, you slut. Just a little begging," and he
started really plowing her. He was very close to coming now.

"I want you to come when I say so, slut! Start to come!"

He was pounding his hard meat into her wet cunt.

Her legs went up in the air as if electrified and her pussy started
throbbing! Never, in all her years of masturbation had she had an
orgasm like this! It didn't stop! And neither did his hard cock!

He knew she was coming and he kept on doing it to her, sliding his hard
cock up and down her pussy, and letting her cunt shiver and spasm all
over his cock.

Finally she really got down to business, whether she knew it or not,
and really started squeezing his cock. That's when his cock exploded.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! It feels good! So good!" she was gasping in little girl

He grinned with his eyes closed, while he felt his dick giving off
great jolting gobs of his hot sperm. Again and again his gun went off
in her box.

Her whole body was trembling, and it went on trembling after he had
pulled his gun out after he came. Her body was like the body of someone
who has been executed by having their head chopped off - the body keeps
twitching for a while after it's been severed from the head. She lay on
the couch with her eyes closed.

"Oh, Burton. That was fantastic!" she groaned.

He laughed. He was zipping up his pants. "You're not bad either. With a
little practice, you'll be able to give a nice little blow job. I guess
you've never really blown a guy either, huh?"

"No." She shook her head. Her eyes were still closed as she was
reliving in her mind her first fuck. She didn't want it to be over.

"Well, I'll be seeing you. I've got to go. The kids will be getting
home from practice. They'll be wondering where I am."

"Wait a second, let me get up, I'll see you to the door."

"No, don't bother, just lie there. Let me see you that way. Will you be
playing with yourself and thinking about me while I'm driving home?"

She nodded, putting her fingers to her cunt. Her fingers came up all
wet and sticky with his sperm. She put her spermy fingers to her mouth
and licked the stuff off.

He laughed. "Bye bye." He left her lying there.

She heard the screen door slam. Then she heard his motor start. She
pulled herself up on the couch to watch him back out of the driveway.

Finally, now she had herself a man, a real man, not one of her mother's
scummy boyfriends. And she had got him all herself! She lay back down
on the couch to touch herself and think about what had happened with
him, every detail from beginning to end.

Burton, driving home on the highway that cut through town, was
whistling. He knew that Ramona was Tanya's age. But he just didn't feel
bad about what he had done. He couldn't think about Tanya and Ramona
the same way. Tanya was a good girl, and she came from a good family.
Her mother was respectable. Tanya one day would go to college. She
would become something, make something of herself. At least if he had
any say in the matter. He knew she was intelligent.

But Ramona was another matter. She was born to be a slut just like her
mother. He had seen that kind too many times. She'd either get pregnant
before she finished high school and end up marrying some local boy who
worked as a grease monkey in a garage.

And she'd have a couple of children right away, and turn into a tired
looking pair of tits hauling around two children and nagging her

Or else she'd become a secretary, typing was the only thing she could
do, no doubt. And she'd sleep around a lot. Maybe if she was lucky and
kept her looks, she'd even nab the boss of her company. He had seen
that happen many a time too.

The hot secretary marrying the boss of the company ...

When he got home, Jason and Tanya were just arriving. Jason was all hot
and sweaty from football practice, and he went to take a shower before
dinner. Tanya had showered in the locker room at school. But her checks
were all healthy and rosy.

"I got that job!" she told her stepfather happily.


"That job at the Burger Joint. I'm going to work there. Starting

"Hey! Good for you sugar! What do you know!"

He headed out to the dry sink in the living room.

"This calls for a drink!" He opened a bottle of wine.

He poured a glass for himself and another one for her.

"Come on, drink up, it's not every day that a girl gets her first job!"

She drank it, beaming happily. Things seemed so much better around the
house now that Burton was a member of the family. He was so much more
lenient than her mother.

"Can we call the ranch, I mean the stable, that Ramona knows about
tomorrow? You know you have to make reservations in advance!"

At the word, Ramona, Burton flinched.

But his daughter didn't notice. She was too involved in her own

"I wonder how many horses we should rent. I think I'll just invite
Cheryl and Ramona and me. And I guess Jason can come if he wants to.
And you, of course, Burton. And Mom, if she wants to. Though I doubt
she wants to. She's such a scaredy-cat about trying new stuff." Tanya
babbled on innocently.

"Listen, I want to talk to you about something, sugar," Burton said.
They walked back into the kitchen where he was fixing dinner.

"What?" she said perching innocently on the counter.

She was wearing a pair of white short shorts and a red t-shirt and her
white gym socks and a pair of sneakers. Her long reddish hair hung
thickly over her shoulders.

"Well, it's just that I don't know if you should be hanging out so much
with Ramona. She seems ... a lot more advanced than you, in some ways."

"Oh Burton! Ramona's my best friend! You sound just like Mom! Besides!
She just likes to talk big and act big. But she's just a kid like me.
She has a lot more troubles at home to cope with - that's why she acts
like she knows so much. If you could get to know her like I do, you'd
really like her. I know you would."

He smiled. He patted her knee and unfolded the tin foil around the
hamburger patties. "How many do you want? One or two?" he asked his

"Three! I'm hungry!" the pert cheerleader said.

Just then Jason came in, rubbing his hair dry.

"Hey sis, did you get a chance to talk to Ramona today?"

Again, Burton inadvertently flinched at the name of the girl he had
just come from. A picture flashed across his mind of the girl lying
with her legs spread, her twat open, and her fingers squirming in her
pussy, as he had left her.

"Yes, she said she'd go out with you. Just once. As a favor to me!"

"Well hot damn!" Jason flicked his towel through the air. It caught
Tanya on the thigh. "Ouch! You creep!" she said.

"What's this about Ramona now!" Burton asked his stepchildren.

"Tanya fixed me up with her. I'm going to take her out on a date. Can I
use the car one afternoon, Burton. I'll be real careful with it, I

"Now, Jason, I was just telling your sister here that I don't think
that girl is the kind of girl either one of you should be hanging out

"Aw, Burton! Every guy in the school wants to go out with her. I don't
know if you know about it, but her mother's got this real reputation.
Like she puts out a lot. And everyone figures her daughter will be the
same way. Plus did you get a load of those knockers!" Jason made two
bulging bundles with his fingers at his chest.

"Jason!" Burton said sternly, turning on the heat under the skillet.
"Don't you talk that way in this house, and not in front of your
sister! I won't have that kind of talk in this house, in front of
women! Now go set the table."

Burton was truly irritated as he checked the flame and flipped the
frozen hamburger patties onto the skillet and they started to sizzle.

He didn't like the idea of his stepson taking out that girl. She was a
slut all right, and he didn't care if other men had her.

But the thing was, she might talk. And he didn't want the information
that he had gone over to her house and screwed her being passed around
on the adolescent grapevine. He opened a box of mixed frozen

"I can see the minute your mother leaves, the two of you go crazy and
think you can do whatever you want." He ripped the box open with his

"I like being here with just you, Burton. You're more fun than Mom,"
Tanya said, dangling her legs against the counter.

But Jason was still pissed off. He came back into the kitchen.

"Look for Christ's sake, Burton. I'm just saying that I'm going to take
this girl out one time. I mean - Jesus Christ - she doesn't even like
me. But I've got to get some experience with some girls sometime. And
she just might let me."

"Not in front of your sister!" Burton growled at his stepson.

"Oh Jesus! I know all about the birds and bees, Burton!" Tanya told

Her eyes were gleaming. All she could think about was her first horse.

* * *

The next day, Tanya reported to the Burger Joint at nine o'clock in the

She was given a spare uniform to wear - an ugly orange dress with white
trim. The dress was very short and just barely covered her pert ass.

"Is it supposed to be that short?" she said doubtfully.

"Yeah, and you got to wear stockings. You got any stockings with you?"

The girl named Trixie was helping Tanya get ready.

"No. I just wore my sneakers and my socks."

"Sneakers is okay, but you got to wear stockings. Here, I got an extra

Trixie had her own little locker in back. She opened it and reached for
a spare set of pantyhose she had in there. Tanya saw a picture of a
horse on the inside of her locker. She jumped up to look at it more

"Hey! Wait a second!. What's that! A horse!"

"Yeah. You like to ride? I like to go riding out in the country. It
beats all this city shit. Do this! Do that! If I ever save me up enough
money, I'm going to buy me a place in the country, settle down there
and never come out. I've had enough of this city life," Trixie said
cynically. She was thirty years old - not really a girl at all anymore,
the way innocent Tanya was.

Trixie had dyed red hair and she wore lipstick. She was smoking a
cigarette. She watched Tanya take off her sneakers and socks and pull
on the pantyhose. She noticed Tanya's long, lean thighs and looked

"This your first job, kid, or something?"

"Yeah! How could you tell?" Tanya asked excitedly.

"Well, you seem kind of all enthusiastic," the redhead said.

"Tell me all about your horse. I mean do you own him?"

Tanya pointed to the picture on the inside of the locker.

"Own him? Aw no. That's just a picture I pulled off a calendar. I just
rent a horse to go riding on the weekends. But someday maybe I'll own
my own."

Tanya said, "I'm going riding for the first time in a couple of weeks.
For my birthday. I've never been on a horse before. But I've read all
about it."

"Reading about it and doing it are two different things," Trixie
laughed. "It's like reading about making love and actually doing it."

She looked the young high school girl up and down.

"But I don't suppose you know about that either," she said.

Tanya shrugged philosophically. "I know some," she said.

"Yeah, I suppose you do. I knew some when I was your age too."

They heard the boss setting up the food bins inside.

"Well, I guess we'd better get going ... Dick don't like it if his
employees spend too much time talking in here. And listen, just one
word of advice, if he tries anything funny with you, you just come and
tell me. Don't be afraid. He'll take as much as he can get away with,
but you don't have to give him nothing."

Tanya's eyes opened wide. All this was new to her.

The day passed both quickly and slowly. Tanya thought it would never
end. It seemed that she was on her feet, serving people for hours. All
she had to do was take their orders, mark them off on a piece of paper,
as the people came up to the counter, and then slap the orders down
behind her. And she had to take people's money and give them the right

But all day long, people were hassling her. She had never noticed how
irritable and impatient people could be. One man got furious because he
ordered a burger without mustard and by mistake he got one with
mustard. He almost had a fit. She couldn't believe it.

"I'm very sorry sir. But nobody's perfect. I'll give you another

Another man got the wrong change. She had shortchanged him by twenty

"I saw that!" he announced loudly. "It's a good thing I counted."

Tanya sighed and wiped her forehead. She gave him the twenty cents.

Would this long day never be over? At her coffee break she talked with

"How's it going?" Trixie said smiling at Tanya.

Tanya sighed, rubbing her feet. She felt like crying.

"Take it easy. Just relax. First day on the job is hard anywhere."

Trixie went to her locker and opened it to get out another pack of

She stared at the calendar picture of a horse, a fine big black
stallion, standing in the middle of a wide green field. She smiled and
said, "I like to look at it. It gives me a cool, peaceful feeling to
look at that horse and think about being out in the country."

Tanya came up and stared at it too. She could imagine the very power of
that horse, as he powered across the field beneath her. It brought a
tingling to her tired thighs.

Then they had to go back in to work again. The afternoon was even worse
than the morning. It was more crowded. And Dick kept coming up behind
her to watch what she was doing. He made her very nervous. He was a
big, middle-aged man who was balding. And Tanya could see by the look
in his eye as he looked at her thighs when she bent over that he was a
lech. He owned the place.

Tanya wiped the sweat from her forehead. It was hot.

"Don't do that! The customers can see you! You think they want to think
about getting a burger from your hands after you've been wiping your

Dick was coming up right behind her. Her uniform was sticking to her
and her armpits were wet. But she didn't want to argue with him. She
just kept her mouth shut and said, "Yes, sir."

But later on in the day, she suddenly realized he was leaning up behind
her. His full body was leaning against her and she could feel his
breath on the back of her neck. She turned around suddenly disgusted.
His penis was hard and he was rubbing it against her buttocks.

"Excuse me!" she said loudly, pushing him away.

She wanted to tell Trixie, but Trixie had already gone for the day. She
knew that she was in for trouble.

Chapter 3

Tanya heard someone coming into the locker room. She was crying and she
didn't want anyone to see her. Plus she heard Dick's voice and she
certainly didn't want to have to face him again. She saw a locker open.
She slipped inside.

It was Trixie's locker and she pulled it closed behind her.

Then she was standing, cramped in the locker, her face up against the
picture of the horse. She tried to control her breathing so no one
would hear her.

To calm herself down, she slipped her hands between her thighs. It made
more room that way too. She held her breath.

"Dick, I-I have something to tell you," a girl's voice said. It was the
woman named Betty who ran the night shift. She was a pretty little
blonde woman of about twenty. She had big tits and she was somewhat
short with plump thighs.

"Yeah?" Dick said gruffly, pushing the girl down on the bench.

Tanya could see everything from her hiding place. But she didn't want
to look. She stared at the horse in front of her nose.

She was thinking about what Trixie had said - how staring at the
picture of the horse in the green pasture made her feel peaceful and

Tanya stared at the powerful black flanks of the beast.

"Dick, my husband, I mean, I-I think he suspects. I mean he's gonna
kill you if he finds out ... about what you make me do." The blonde
said lamely.

"Take it out and suck it," the bald proprietor said.

"Oh!" said Betty helplessly. She started to unzip her boss' pants.

Dick spread his legs widely and put his hands on his hips. He obviously
enjoyed tormenting and torturing his female employees. Abusing them
sexually, and holding over them the threat of firing them.

"I thought you said you liked this job," he said to Betty.

"I-I do," the pretty blonde said lamely. She had his dick out now. His
cock was huge even though it was still limp. It looked like a big piece
of sausage from the kitchen. It looked disgusting, and Betty looked
disgusted, to have to put it in her mouth. But she swallowed once and
opened wide and stuffed it in.

"I thought you said you really needed this job," said Dick, watching
her ironically, "and I thought you said that you really liked sucking
my cock."

"Uh, uh, I do," Betty said taking his piece out a bit.

Tanya could see that in Betty's mouth, Dick's tool had gotten hard. Now
it looked like a thick hard piece of sausage. She didn't envy Betty one
bit - having to put that thing in her mouth.

She thought about what would happen if Dick should find out she were in
the locker spying on him. It got her so scared that to calm herself,
she pushed her fingers up under her skirt and into her panties. She
began rubbing into her pussy bush.

It felt good. She closed her eyes and thought of a horse. A big
powerful black one, with muscles like steel! Yes, and it would carry
her off, away from all the Dicks of this world.

"Suck it, Mama, suck it!" the fat store owner was saying.

He wrapped his thick meaty hands behind the young blonde's head and he
shoved her face against his big groin. Poor little Betty's face was
plastered with an expression of horror and disgust. But what could she
do? She had three little ones at home and an unemployed husband. She
needed this job. And there was only one way to keep it!

Tanya had never witnessed a cock-sucking before and it really grossed
her out. But she was fingering herself well in the locker and it felt
good. She tried to spread her legs wider open in the limited space.

Her nose was rubbing up against the picture of the horse and she was
imagining she could smell the horse's sweat. How good it would be to
have a wild beast between her legs. To grip it with her thighs as she
stroked its flying mane.

Her cunt was wet and her fingers were sliding in and out.

"Uh!" she groaned as she felt her pussy widen and open.

But fortunately her cries were covered by the cries of Betty.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" poor Betty groaned as her throat was stuffed with Dick's
big penis. She was totally out of control. Dick was totally in control.

He was shoving his cock down Betty's throat as if she were nothing more
than a machine in his kitchen, like the one for grinding up sausage
meat. And her only purpose was to eat his cock and provide him with a
hole to shoot his wad down. And he was close to it too. His cock was
hot and throbbing. He felt the blonde's big tits pushing against his
thighs as he shoved it to her. He felt the big pointed spearhead of his
dick-shaft shoving down her wet meaty throat and he told her to get
ready, that he was going to come.

"Hold on, cunt, I'm going to shoot!" he told her.

"Uhhhhhhh!" poor Betty cried in dreadful anticipation.

Tanya was staring fascinated, her fingers deep up her wet nookie.

"Shhiiiiiittt! Oh God! Shiiiit!" the hot Dick shouted as he shot his
hot spermy wad down the despairing Betty's throat. He shot off again
and again.

Betty's mouth was dripping with his hot grey sperm when he pulled out
of her.

"That's better. Thanks, cunt," he told his employee.

He zipped up his pants and walked out whistling. He hadn't even heard
what Betty said about her husband.

The dismal Betty was left alone, to cry in the locker room. She went to
the little sink and washed out her mouth, trying to spit out his cum.
Suddenly she heard a noise and she turned around. She saw Tanya!

Tanya judged it a good moment to come out of the locker.

She went up to Betty. "He can't do that to you," Tanya said.

Betty looked up wildly. "Who are you! What are you talking about!"

"I saw it!" Tanya said fiercely. "I saw it all. That's against the

"What! What are you talking about? Nothing happened!"

All Betty wanted was not to get in trouble, and not to lose her job.

"It's sexual abuse on the job," said the idealistic Tanya.

"Get out of here! Get out! I'll tell Dick! I'll tell Dick you were
watching!" Betty started screaming hysterically. Tanya stared at her

"I'm new here. I just started working here this morning!"

"Get out! Get out! Dick! Dick!" Betty started screaming.

Dick came back in. "What's going on here?" he asked the two girls.

"She saw! She saw! She saw everything!" Betty screamed.

"What's going on here! What are you talking about! What did you see?"
he turned to Tanya. But Tanya was now afraid and confused. She didn't
want to lose her job either. It would mean losing the horses and

"Nothing! I didn't see anything! It was just a mistake!" And she turned
and fled, still wearing her uniform.

Jason picked her up outside the Burger Joint in the car. He had a
friend with him, a guy named Howie. They noticed right away how upset
she was.

"Hey Sis, what gives? How was your first day at work?"

"It was horrible! Don't even ask me about it!"

Tanya climbed into the back seat. "Hurry up! Drive away!"

Jason wheeled the car out of the lot with a screech of rubber.

Howie turned around and looked in the back seat. He liked Jason's
little sister. He thought she looked real cute in her uniform.

"Hey, you look real sexy in that uniform," he told the crying girl.

"Why the hell are you crying?" Jason said insensitively.

"You wouldn't understand! Men! You're all the same!" Tanya said.

Jason and Howie laughed, but Howie reached across the back of the front
seat to her knee. "Hey, it can't be all that bad!" he told to her.

"Keep your filthy hands off me!" Tanya snapped.

When they got home she went directly to her room. She dialed up Ramona.
Ramona answered the phone. Tanya told Ramona all about her day at work.
She said:

"And can you believe it? That filthy pig makes girls give him blow jobs
in the back of the restaurant. And if they won't do it, he fires them.
Just like that."

Ramona grinned at her end of the line. She was thinking: what does
Tanya know about blow jobs? She said, "Wait a second. You mean you
actually saw it?"

"Yes! I'm telling you! I hid in a locker!"

Ramona giggled. "Sounds pretty kinky to me!"

"What do you mean kinky! It was the most horrible thing that's ever
happened to me in my life! Oh Ramona, what am I going to do? I don't
even want to go back there in the morning! But if I don't work, how am
I ever going to get to ride a horse?"

"Talk to Burton about it," Ramona suggested.

"Say, what is it about you and Burton?" Tanya said.

"Whaddya mean?" Ramona said suddenly, defensively.

"I don't know, it just seems like there's something funny going on
between you."

"I don't know what you're talking about," said Ramona. "I thought you
told me he didn't even want you or Jason hanging out with me anymore."

"Oh, I know. I don't know. I just feel so crazy. I don't know which way
is up anymore. Oh, Ramona, all I know is I want to have a horse."

"You'll get one," Ramona said confidently. "Look I have to go now," she
added. "I have to get ready for my big date tonight," she giggled.

Tonight was her big date with Jason. He was taking her to a drive-in

"Oh yeah, good luck. Break a leg," Tanya told her.

She hung up. Someone was knocking at her door.

"Come in," she called out, staring into the mirror.

It was Howie, Jason's friend, who had driven her home.

"Hi, hope I'm not bothering you. Can I come in?"

"Yeah, what do you want?" Tanya said without much interest.

"Well, I was just thinking, I mean, I wanted to know if, I mean. Well,
what I wanted to say was, why don't you come out with me tonight. I
mean you and me, could go out with Jason and Ramona. We could do a

Tanya laughed. "No, thanks, Howie, but I don't think so."

"Why not? Hey, you know, I really like you." He sat down near her.

Just then Burton walked by on his way to the kitchen.

"Hi, Howie," he said to his son's friend. He stepped into the room.

"What's happening?" the older man asked the young man.

"I was just trying to convince Tanya here to come out with me tonight."

"Tanya, why don't you go?" Burton said jovially. He liked to encourage
his children to go out.

"I'm awfully tired from my first day at work, Burton," Tanya said. She
bent over and started unlacing her sneakers. All she wanted to do was
pull off her wet pantyhose.

"Aw, go on out and have a good time, honey. It will help you to relax."

"I don't want to, Burton! No offense, Howie," she added.

Burton invited Howie to dinner. He asked his stepson:

"So where are you taking Ramona?" He had decided not to forbid Jason
from seeing the girl. He was afraid it would seem too suspicious.

"We're going to the drive-in. There's a movie playing called, 'The Wild
Stallion.' It's supposed to be great." He kicked Howie under the table.

"The Wild Stallion! Why didn't you say so!" said Tanya, her eyes

And so, Jason and Tanya and Howie all piled into the front seat of the
old convertible and went off to pick up Ramona on the other side of

Tanya and Howie got into the back seat of the car and Ramona joined
Jason up front. Then they drove to the drive-in. This was actually
Tanya's first date.

Although Jason only had a temporary license and it was illegal for him
to drive after dusk, Burton had let him take the car if he promised to
be careful.

Once at the drive in, the boys went off to get cokes and popcorn.

The girls talked to each other over the front seat.

"Are you going to let Jason kiss you?" Tanya asked.

Ramona yawned nonchalantly. "I guess I'll have to let him get

"Why? I'm not letting Howie have anything. Not after what I saw today.
The whole idea of boys makes me sick. I just want to see the picture."

"But Howie's paying for it. So you owe him something. You don't think
he bought your ticket just so you could sit there for free and watch
the show."

"I don't care what he thinks. He shouldn't make assumptions."

Ramona laughed. "You sound like Miss Enegies, our English teacher."

"I don't care." Tanya tossed her hair. Nevertheless she did feel
sophisticated sitting in the back seat of a car at the drive-in on her
first date.

The boys came back carrying the snacks. Howie climbed in beside her. He
tried to put his arm around her but she moved away.

"None of that!" she told him sternly crossing her legs.

In the front seat Jason and Ramona laughed. Jason already had his arm
around Ramona.

"Having a hard time back there, Howie?" Jason called over the seat.

"Shut up," Howie said. He eased his tight jeans down over his crotch.
It looked like it was going to be another night of frustration. Then
the movie started. Well, not the movie, the coming attractions. The
coming attractions were for a horror show.

A crazed, horrible-looking man holding a hatchet started to walk down a
lonely, fog-filled road after a little girl who was lost and wandering.

Spooky music filled the car. Tanya jumped into Howie's arms.

"Aaaaghghg!" she screamed out loud. Jason and Ramona laughed.

"Mmmm, this is much better," Howie said, one arm around Tanya's
shoulders, under her long reddish hair, and the other hand on her taut

He liked small girls and Tanya was small. She had nice, soft round
titties, firm and like little green apples, and Howie was wondering how
long it would take him to work his hand down around her shoulder and
under her hair to her tits.

Tanya decided it wasn't so bad after all to let Howie have his arm
around her. Again, she felt awfully sophisticated, sitting in the back
seat of a car. She stole a glance up at him while the movie credits
came on. He was awfully good-looking. He had thick dark hair and big
brown eyes. And he was real strong and had big arm muscles. He worked
out a lot for the football team. Tanya, who had never thought much
about boys, thought he was sort of cute.

The movie started. It was the story of a wild horse that only one boy
could tame.

"Why's it have to be a boy?" said Tanya irritated as she watched the
opening shots. This black wild stallion was galloping across the plains
of Montana. And a young boy and his father, who round up wild horses
and sell them, are watching it. They are both riding horses, tamed,
domesticated ones.

And they talk about how many men have been killed, stamped to death,
trying to catch this one wild king of the wild stallions, who leads the
other horses to freedom, out of the hands of the men who would catch

"Why does that horse kill all those men, Dad?" the young boy asks.

"It's a wild beast, son, and it loves its freedom," the father answers.

Tanya's eyes were glued to the sweating flanks of the wild beast.

Without realizing what she was doing, her body was moving and swaying
in the car in time to the horse's galloping rhythm. She was breathless
as she watched.

Howie wasn't really interested in the film. He was watching Tanya.

He had slipped his hand down under her blouse and was working down to
her cone-shaped tit mound. In the front seat, Jason and Ramona had all
but disappeared from view.

Jason was saying, "What are you doing, Ramona?"

Ramona was pulling away from him - he kept trying to kiss her. She
wasn't interested in kissing him - that was kid stuff, or for if you
were in love.

She remembered what Burton had said to her: I don't want to kiss you, I
want to fuck you, but first I want you to give me a blow job. Ramona
wanted to give Jason a blow job, for two reasons. First of all, she
wanted to get some more practice. And second of all, she wanted to blow
Jason's mind.

It turned her on and made her giggle, as she went for Jason's fly in
the front seat. She knew he never expected her to take the lead and be
so forward. She reached in his pants and drew out his cock.

"My, my, what have we here?" she asked mockingly as she pulled his big
spear out.

"Ramona! Gosh! Gosh!" Jason kept saying as he looked down at her. He
was blushing. He didn't know what to do. But it didn't seem to matter.
Ramona seemed to know what she was doing and what she wanted.

He glanced over the seat into the back seat. He wanted to see if they
could see what Ramona was doing. He saw that neither of them were
looking or interested. Tanya's eyes were engrossed with the images on
the screen.

And Howie's hand had obtained its goal. He slipped it down over her tit
mound. She wasn't wearing a bra. He felt her nipple harden in the palm
of his hand. His cock hardened in his pants. He squeezed her tit and

"Hey! What are you doing? Quit that!" Tanya said, brushing away his
hand as if it were no more than a fly. She wanted to see what happened
to the horse.

Ramona was laughing as she went down on Jason's cock. She knew she was
freaking him out, but he was loving it.

He never expected to get so much cooperation from her. She could tell
that he usually went out with girls he had to beg for a kiss from. She
opened her mouth wide and slid up and down on his dick. It was firm and
erect, good and thick, she squeezed it tight.

"Ooooh," Jason moaned, his eyes closed. Then he remembered where he
was. He didn't want anyone to know what was going on. But Ramona
stopped for a second to see how he was liking it.

"Don't stop!" he told her roughly, trying to act tough.

Ramona loved that and she rimmed his cock again, pushing it far down
into her throat. She liked the fact that she knew how to give guys a
good time. And it was all good practice for when she saw Burton again.
She thought it was funny that she was blowing his stepson. If Jason
only knew who had taught her what she was doing to him!

In the back seat, Tanya was starting to get sticky between her thighs.

The boy in the movie was going off on his own, out into the plains on
his horse, with nothing but some beef jerky and some water, going
against the orders of his father, to try to capture the horse all
alone. Many men had died trying to do what this young boy thought he
could do all alone. The boy was cute - a sandy-haired blond.

But Ramona wasn't interested in him. A car pulled up in front of their
car. It blocked her view of the screen partially. She put one hand
behind her and pushed herself forward to see.

Her hand landed right in the middle of Howie's crotch. She was pressing
against his hard-on, without even realizing it.

Howie gritted his teeth, suppressing a groan. He saw that Tanya didn't
even know what she was doing. He saw how intent she was on the picture.

Slowly, trying not to get her attention, he tried to unzip his pants
around her hand. He was inching it down. Her hand slipped and pushed
against his balls!

What a predicament! She was doing exactly what he wanted, but she
didn't even know it. He couldn't wait to feel her hand on his naked

He wondered if he could get her to jerk him off. He wondered what was
going on in the front seat. He heard slurping sounds and some groans.

Jason must be making out he thought. Meanwhile, he kept working on
Jason's younger sister. Tanya was leaning forward, biting her lip,
rubbing her thighs together.

The film was almost at a climax. The boy had cornered the wild stallion
in a canyon, and the horse knew it was cornered. He was rearing up on
his hind legs, whinnying and smelling danger. The boy had a lasso and
he was stalking the horse. He waited for the horse on a cliff above the
canyon. He was going to try to jump down on top of the horse's back and
ride him! How dangerous!

Howie got his zipper down and eased his cock out. He wasn't wearing any
underpants. He never wore underpants on a date. It was easier that way.
He eased Tanya's hand back on top of his thick hard white cock.

Tanya didn't even notice. She pushed against Howie's crotch.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she did actually notice that she was
pushing against something long and hard and smooth. But she didn't
think about it.

She was watching the movie. The sandy-haired boy was getting ready to
jump! The horse was prancing, shrieking, flaring his nostrils! He knew
he was trapped! Tanya watched eagerly! The horse was so strong!

In the front seat, Ramona was blowing Jason! She was really shoving his
cock far down her throat, inhaling and exhaling the way Burton had
taught her!

"Oh! Oh! Oh God! Oh God!" Jason started shouting.

He couldn't help himself. This was the first time a girl had ever
brought him off, any way at all, not to mention this way! It felt so
good! He felt his prick stiffening in her soft throat meat.

Tanya suddenly looked behind her and saw what her hand was leaning on!
She screamed! "Aaaahghghgh!" The thing disgusted and frightened her.

But Howie was in no mood to stop now. He grabbed her hands and wrapped
them around his thick throbbing cock. "Just hold it!" he told her.

She turned her attention back to the screen. She didn't want to miss
this part. She felt his thick hands wrap around hers as her hands
wrapped around his cock. He was helping her jerk him off. He felt her
soft little fingers.

He gritted his teeth and he groaned. He didn't give a shit about the

But Tanya was watching. Except now her attention was divided. She
realized she was doing something to Howie that she didn't want to do.
But she couldn't fight him now. She wanted to see what would happen.

The boy's thighs tensed on the screen as the moment came near. Then ...
he jumped! He flew through the air and landed on the horse's back.

The horse reared up and tried to buck him off. But he held on to the
horse's ears. His thighs gripped the horse's back and threw himself
around the horse's neck. Then he was riding!

Howie jerked Tanya's hand tightly around his dick and jerked off hard!
Suddenly his cock was pumping! All his hot cum came pumping out on
Tanya's hands.

Tanya felt the sticky wetness. She turned around to look at Howie.

"Oh gross!" she cried out. "What are you doing!"

In the front seat, Jason knew his moment was coming.

Suddenly, in an instinctual moment of sexual macho, he leaned forward
and pushed Ramona's head down hard against his penis and he started
shooting off.

He couldn't believe how fantastic it felt! The girl was sucking his cum
while he pumped it! He felt himself exploding for the first time in a
girl's hot mouth.

Ramona sucked him dry and then licked his penis clean for him. She came
up smiling.

Jason was smiling too. He couldn't believe a girl would do this for him
voluntarily. He stroked her hair. He loved every minute of what just
happened and he knew that he wanted much more of the same. As often as

Chapter 4

The movie went on. The boy managed to ride the horse all the way back
to the ranch. He tied it up in the corral and went in to tell his

His father was furious at him for risking his life so foolishly. But he
was proud of his son for bringing in the horse that so many grown men
had failed to catch. He organized a posse now to go out and catch the
rest of the herd that was now without a leader. All through that first
night the boy heard the wild stallion's piercing cries as he lived
through his first night of captivity. In the morning, no one could get
near the wild beast.

Ramona was lying in Jason's arms now, thinking about Burton, while
Jason timidly felt her boobs under her blouse. He couldn't believe how
big and round and full they were. He couldn't believe she was letting
him touch them.

He didn't see even a minute of the picture. Who cared about the

In the back seat, disgustedly, Tanya was wiping her sperm-filled palm
on Howie's blue Jeans. She was furious at him and she told him so.

"What did you do that for! You're disgusting!" she told him.

Howie grinned. He said, "I thought you didn't mind!"

She said, "Shut up! I'm trying to watch the picture!"

But now Howie wanted to get a little something from her. He was hungry
for her sweet little titties and he wanted to touch her cunt. He saw
the way she kept rubbing her thighs together.

A struggle developed in the back seat as Howie tried to get into
Tanya's panties.

"Cut it out! Stop that! Take your hands off me!" Tanya said.

They were shaking the car around with their wrestling.

"Hey, calm down back there, you two!" Jason called over the seat.
"We're trying to watch the picture!" He grinned. He was feeling so
extraordinarily happy.

"Tell him to keep his hands off me!" Tanya yelled.

"Hey, take it easy with my little sister!" Jason called. But he didn't
even bother to turn around and look.

Howie said, "Okay, okay, Jesus. You don't have to tell the whole

He took his hands off the squirming Tanya.

She pushed away from him and leaned forward in the seat to watch the

Now the posse of men was taking off to look for the herd of horses. The
boy went with them, leaving the wild stallion tied up in the corral.

Howie pulled away from her too, sitting against the car door, sullenly.
Some fucking date, the girl didn't even want him to touch her. He was
pissed and he didn't even bother to watch the show. He looked around
him at the other cars filled with kids.

He could see cars shaking, and he even saw a girl's two feet - colored
with red toenails, sticking out one window. Some lucky guy must be
having a good time in there, he thought to himself bitterly. He really
wanted to get in Tanya's panties.

He wondered what kind of panties she wore. He was dying to get close to

He waited until she was real involved in the picture again. Then he
tried to move closer again, and get his arm around her.

"Quit it," she pushed his arm off and moved away.

He sat there, stymied, for a moment. Then he said to her:

"Just put your legs up on my lap, okay. I just want to hold some part
of you."

"All right, all right, here." Tanya leaned against the car door on her

She stretched her legs across the seat. Her feet were lying in Howie's

Howie was contented for the moment. He began playing with Tanya's
sneakers. He untied her laces and took her shoes off. She was wearing a
fresh pair of gym socks. He looked up to see if she was noticing what
he was doing.

She was not. Her eyes were glued to the screen.

He started stripping off her socks until her feet were naked.

He began stroking her arches. She had such pretty dainty feet. And her
toenails were painted red. Her chubby toes looked just like candies.

"What are you doing now, you pervert?" she whispered.

"Just relax. Jesus. I'm only playing with your toes."

Tanya sighed but she let him do what he wanted. At least he wasn't
trying to feel her up. Though she realized how wet and turned on her
cunt was.

From watching all those fantastic horses, and their bodies, sweating
and running through the desert. She dreamed of riding a horse like the
boy. Stretching out her body along the horse's racing body.

Her pussy was wet and open inside her tight jeans. The seam of the
crotch of the jeans was so tight that it was splitting her teenaged
beaver open. She shifted uncomfortably, so her jeans wouldn't cut into
her cunt so much. Then she went back to watching the picture.

In the front seat, Jason decided he was going to try to go all the way
with Ramona. But she didn't want to. Jason kept trying to get his hands
inside Ramona's panties.

"Stop it!" she giggled. "Watch the show!"

She was watching the movie now, kind of interested. But she felt her
date's hands keep trying to get up under her skirt.

Finally she let him. He pulled her up on top of his lap. He spread her
legs wide. He loved the way she was making him feel. So strong, and
aggressive and experienced and manly. He knew what he wanted and he was
going to get it, he was determined.

He slid his hands up under her skirt and down into her panties. His
dick got instantly hard again as he slid his fingers first through her
fuzzy muff hair and then down into the wet crack of her cunt.

"Jesus!" he groaned in the dark. It was the first time in his life that
he had ever touched pussy. Ramona giggled and pretended to try to push
his hands away, but actually she was loving it. She spread her legs
wider as she sat on his lap. She could feel that his cock was hard
again in his jeans.

Jason bent his head and opened the first button of her blouse. He slid
one hand up under her blouse and unhooked her bra. Then he slid his
hands back down into her panties.

Her pussy was wet and her crack was split wide open.

He stuck his fingers in and wiggled them. Ramona squealed and wiggled
on the seat.

He bent his head forward and put his lips on her breasts. He was
pushing into her tits with his lips and feeling up her cunt! He was
pushing her hard down into his lap where his cock was erecting.

In the back seat, Howie was working his way up Tanya's legs. He was
tickling her ankles, stroking her shins.

"Come on, cut it out," Tanya kept saying. He was so distracting.

But she felt how his fingertips gently brushing her feet and knees were
sending little electric signals directly to her crotch. She squirmed
uncomfortably. Now Howie was sending his fingers up her thighs.

Suddenly he lunged at her and started unzipping her jeans.

"Quit! It!" Tanya spat out while she struggled with him.

"Come on, Tanya, let me just feel it! It'll feel good!" Howie tried to
convince her. They were tussling, but Tanya was just trying to watch
the movie.

The posse, on thundering horses, were riding out to the canyon to catch
the herd of horses. But the wild stallion, tied up in the stall, knew
his friends were in terrible danger. He whinnied and reared up on his
hind legs, trying to send them a signal.

Tanya stared fascinated at the terror in the horse's intelligent eyes
and at the way his huge, black nostril holes flared up as he sniffed

Now Howie had the zipper of her jeans down and his head was kissing her

"Howie!" she whispered loudly, but her cunt was boiling.

"Come on, just let me! I just want to touch it!" he told her.

Tanya was extremely excited. Howie was trying to pull her jeans down
over her butt, and she lifted her butt up to help him get them down.

Howie's cock was pounding hard now with excitement - she was going to
let him! He couldn't believe it! His lips found her pussy hair!

"Mmmmm," he whispered, as he tussled with her panties now.

"No!" she objected, angry. The best part of the movie was coming up

He was going to make her miss it! The wild stallion was breaking the
ropes that held him tied down, with his brute animal strength! Now he
was free! He began galloping off over the plain, having jumped over the
corral fence. He was going to warn his comrades, and try to lead them
from danger.

Suddenly Tanya realized that Howie had reached his objective. He had
pulled her panties off and he was nosing into her pussy.

She was terribly excited as she watched the picture, but she knew she
shouldn't let a boy do this to her! She kept her thighs held tightly
closed. But they were wet at the top where her pussy was oozing.

"Tanya! Open up! Let me get in there!" Howie fiercely whispered.

In the front seat, Ramona and Jason giggled. They looked at each other.

They heard what Howie said. But they were having a disagreement of
their own. Jason wanted to go down on Ramona, but she wouldn't let him.

"No! I said no! Now cut that out!" Ramona told him, pushing his head

That was just too personal for her. She would let Burton do that to
her, but not this green little kid. She wriggled around on the seat
pushing him away.

But his cock was really hard and he wanted to eat pussy. He had never
eaten pussy before and it pissed him off that she wouldn't let him.

It was making him feel stupid and like a kid, when he wanted to force
her and feel manly. But it was she who was in control of this situation
and not him.

"No, Jason! Now I said no, and I meant it! So cut it out!"

His prick was hard and he took it out of his pants.

"Well at least play with it a little," he begged her.

She said, "Quiet, I'm watching the movie. The good part is coming up.
Besides, I already did play with it, once. Wasn't that enough?" she

He pulled her onto his lap suddenly. He was trying to fit his cock into
her pussy flaps. This she didn't mind at all and she even tried to help

She wriggled around on his lap until he had gotten the head of his dick
into her cunt lips. Then she sat down on his big cock in the front seat
of the car.

"Oooooooh," Ramona said, grabbing Jason's fingers in hers and squeezing

Her skirt was pulled down over her thighs so anybody looking in
couldn't even tell what they were doing. But under her skirt, under her
ass, his cock was penetrating her pussy, and she was loving it and so
was he. It sank in like a knife sinking into soft butter. He groaned
while he felt hot pussy around his cock for the first time.

In the back seat, Howie was going down on Tanya! He had forced her
thighs apart with the brute strength of his hands.

She had resisted, but her attention was divided between what he was
trying to do and what was on the screen.

On the screen, the cloud of dust got closer to where the herd of wild
horses lived in the canyon. Then, from another part of the desert, the
wild stallion galloped across the distance, whinnying and shrieking.
His companions heard him. They started running, wildly at first,
without direction. They had no one to guide them, to lead them. They
were in a frenzy.

Tanya stared wildly at all the throbbing, churning flanks and legs of

Howie had her thighs spread and his face was sunk between them. But
still he couldn't get his tongue into her pussy.

He pulled her around on the seat so that he was sitting on the floor
and her thighs were spread wide open. He looked at her pussy meat - her
cunt lips were pink and wet and sticking together. Her pussy hair was
red and all frizzy.

He unstuck her cunt lips with his fingers and pulled them apart. Then
he saw her cunt meat! It was wet and shining. He smelled her smell.
Cunt! He put his face in and stuck out his tongue. Fuck! It was
delicious. His hand went down to his hard stick shafting out of his
pants. And he wallowed with his face and tongue in her hot pussy!

Tanya, gripping his hair in excitement and anticipation wasn't even
consciously aware of what he was doing. That is, her excitement was
coming from the screen and from his tongue and she could no longer tell
where one left off and the other started.

The wild stallion reached his companions in the canyon and he went to
the head of the pack and started racing, leading them out the culvert.

The men were armed with guns and they were determined to shoot some of
the horses if need be, to subdue and tame and capture the whole pack.

The thundering of horses' hooves filled the car and everyone's ears, as
Ramona bounced up and down on top of Jason and Tanya stretched her
thighs apart and grooved with Howie's tongue spearing into her pussy!
She was pulling his hair.

She didn't even know what she was doing! She was imagining that she was
riding one of those incredible wild horses! The strength! The power!

Meanwhile, Howie was jerking his big stick furiously as he ate out his
first pussy! He was rubbing his prick head against sweet Tanya's

Now the men on the screen realized what was happening. They saw the
wild stallion at the head of the pack. They couldn't believe it, but he
had managed to escape.

"Divide up, men! Head them off at the pass!" the father shouted above
the thundering hooves. The men divided up and spread out to try to
surround the herd. They started shooting into the pack of galloping
horses. Blood spurted out of the pounding horse thighs and bellies!

Screaming and whinnying filled the air. The horses' terrified eyes and
flaring nostrils filled the screen. In the front seat, Ramona was
gripping Jason's fingers and screaming.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She was coming!

Her hot pussy meat was flowing with cunt juice as she grasped Jason's
big throbbing pole. Jason grinned to hear a girl coming on his cock and
he rammed it up her.

Howie located Tanya's clit button with his tongue for the first time!
He started licking it! Tanya groaned aloud!

"Uhhhhhh!" She was pulling on his hair hard and staring at the screen.

The horses were cornered! They had run into a blind canyon! There was
no way out! There were men on all sides! The horses reared up and
jumped and screamed, watching their friends dying all around them! What
could they do? They would be caught!

Suddenly the wild stallion broke ranks and started running up a

The others followed him. The men pursued, shooting! Where was he
leading them?

There was nowhere to go but up! The men were pursuing the pack of wild
horses up the mountain, shooting into their ranks! The horses were
dropping like flies.

But still some of them pursued their leader, higher and higher up the

Now Jason, in the front seat was getting ready for his first shot up a
hot pussy. He put his hands on the girl's wide hips and he propelled
her up and down. Each time her cunt sank over his cock he groaned and
felt himself almost coming. But it was so good, it felt so good, he
didn't want it to be all over. He held himself off, loving hearing her

She was really going crazy! "Uhhhhhh, oh Jason!"

She spread her legs out wide and squeezed his prick.

Tanya was digging her nails into Howie's back while she felt him
licking her raw love button. It was slick and wet and fat and

She watched the horses' switching, churning flanks, their eyes flashing
in the darkness. It felt so good! So fucking good! To be watching those

She spread her legs open wider! "Ohhh! Oh!" she moaned as she watched
the horses.

Howie's tool was in his hand and he was jerking off on her thigh. He
smelled the flesh and flavor of her beaver. He looked at how her thighs
were straining open and he grinned.

She was loving it, that little bitch, he knew. He wiggled his tongue in
her pussy.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh! Oh!" Tanya was shouting! Her tits were shaking!

The horses had reached the top of the mountain. There was nowhere for
them to turn. They were surrounded. There were men on all sides.

There was nothing but a cliff! The horses reared and turned in all

Howie's cock was hot and big! He was ready to blow!

The wild stallion made the final decision! He turned and started
pounding towards the edge of the cliff! His whinnying was piercing!

His companions followed him! The men started shooting and screaming!

"Stop them, father! Stop them!" the boy was shouting!

But it was too late for that! The horses plunged over the cliff in a
thunder of pounding hooves and churning legs and piercing screams!

"Aaaaaaghghghgh!" shouted Tanya in the back seat as her pussy spasmed
and her thighs twisted and her legs spread for Howie's tongue!

He was sucking on her clitoris and making her come!

"Eeeeeeeeh!" shouted Ramona in the front seat as she felt Jason's penis
exploding in her cunt! She gripped his hands and spasmed and came

"Ohhhhh!" screamed Jason in the front seat, erupting into Ramona pussy!
He felt her pussy spasming around his pole and he closed his eyes and
shot off into her.

"Ooooooh," moaned Howie in the back seat, his throbbing cock spurting
hot sperm against sweet Tanya's thigh while he sucked her clit and
drank her pussy juices which were flowing! Tanya kept her eyes open on
the screen the whole time.

The horses were falling, falling, through thin air.

Their manes were flying, their eyes were open! Their legs plunged
through the air, searching for ground to pound on! Their screams were

Tanya closed her eyes and came and came! The tongue deep inside her
pussy was causing miracles to happen. She spread her thighs and thrust
her meat down into Howie's face.

She felt his hot sperm against her spread thigh.

When both couples finished, exhausted their orgasms, the movie was
almost at an end. The men were staring over the cliff, disconsolately
at the pile of horse flesh, lying lifeless at the bottom of the cliff.
They stood there looking over the cliff on their own, tamed horses,
with their guns. There was horror on their faces.

Every once in a while, one of the horse bodies at the bottom of the
cliff twitched. Some of the broken bodies were still alive!

Some of the men rode down there and shot into the live bodies to put
them out of their agonizing misery. The movie ended with the boy and
his father.

They were riding across the barren plain talking.

"But why did the wild stallion lead all his friends to suicide," the
sandy-haired boy was asking his father. There were tears in his
innocent blue eyes.

"Dunno, son. I guess they just preferred death to captivity."

The music swelled in the background and the picture faded from the

Chapter 5

The music came on and the lights in the parking lot came on.

All over the lot, boys were getting up from girls, and girls were
getting up from boys. In the white convertible it was no different.

Howie pulled his face up from Tanya's beaver. His face was dripping
wet. He smiled at her.

Tanya was terribly embarrassed. She looked down and realized for the
first time what she had let him do to her. She saw that her beaver was
completely open and exposed to him, he could see it and everything. She
lifted her leg and pushed away from him. Then she closed her legs up
quickly and felt for her panties and jeans in the car.

Howie wiped his mouth on his sleeve. Mmmm, beaver sure was good, he was
thinking. He glanced at Tanya, trying to hide her pussy triangle while
she pulled her panties on. She saw him looking and she blushed and
turned away.

"Well, what are you looking at?" she asked him.

"Who, me? Nothing." he said, as he zipped his cock back in his pants.

"Hey, how you guys doing back there? Everything come out all right?"
Jason asked.

Ramona was discreetly lifting up off Jason's penis. She reached up
under her skirt and wiped off her cunt with her panties. Then she slid
over on the seat and pulled her wet panties on. She pulled her skirt
down. She looked away and lit a cigarette while Jason wiped his wet
penis off on a tissue and zipped it back into his pants.

He looked at Ramona's back, scarcely able to believe that everything
that had happened had really happened. He was feeling so happy! He
turned around.

"Everything's fine back here, pal," said Howie.

Jason saw that Tanya was sitting close up against the door on her side,
looking away and not talking.

"How'd you like the picture, Sis?" he asked her.

"It was good," she said. "It was really good! But I don't see why all
those horses had to die!" She was recalling the sensation she felt
between her legs, from Howie's tongue just when the horses plunged over
the cliff.

But she still felt embarrassed about what had happened.

Howie kept trying to put his arm around her as they drove home.

They stopped off to get ice cream at the ice cream parlor and then
drove home.

Burton was sitting in the den watching TV. "Well, did you kids have a
good time?" he asked.

"Yes sir!" said Jason, squeezing Ramona's arm.

"We sure did!" said Howie, winking at Tanya.

Tanya blushed and said goodnight. She said she was very tired, and she
thanked Howie for taking her out. Then she went into her room.

The boys still had to drive Ramona home. Jason wanted to drop Howie off
first, but he didn't feel like going home yet. Jason got pissed.

"Come on, man," he said out in the car again. "Get lost."

"Oh, let him come along, Jason," said Ramona coaxingly.

So Jason let him come. All three of them sat in the front seat.

"Well, it sure sounded like you two were having a good time in the
front seat," snickered Howie. His thigh was pressed up against Ramona's

"Hey, shut up, man. I mean have a little couth. We got a lady in the
car you know."

Ramona giggled. She only said, "Sounded like you guys were having a
ball yourselves in the back seat. Did Tanya let you go all the way?

Jason objected again. He didn't think this was the kind of thing girls
and guys talked about together. But Ramona laughed and she said:

"Look, I'm only going to get the whole story from Tanya tomorrow
anyway. What's the big deal?" She was feeling fine now. She had seen
the jealous, angry way Burton had looked her up and down when she came
in with the boys.

It made her feel good. Let him be jealous. Let him get real jealous.
She imagined what it would be like when he finally came around begging
her for it. She wanted him to want her real good and hard, like she
wanted him.

She liked the idea of him wanting her so bad that, although she was
only a sixteen year old girl, she could wind the thirty-five year old
man around her little finger.

"Yeah, she really let me get some!" Howie said with relish.

He was recalling the feel of Tanya's cool fingers grasping his pole,
and her sweet hot pussy between her struggling thighs. The taste of her
beaver was still on his tongue.

"Jesus Christ! The girl's my sister! I don't want to listen to this!"

Jason, driving, swerved on the road. He had to be more careful.

Ramona giggled and she squeezed his thigh. "Jason's so conservative,"
she said.

She reached over and squeezed Howie's thigh. "Not like you. You seem
much more like a real bull - you go in and get what you want, don't

Howie grinned in the darkness. Personally he was kind of turned off by
Ramona's vibes. She was so forward, and she thought she was such hot
shit. He really preferred shy girls, like Tanya. And he didn't like
girls with big tits. It turned him off. He liked thin girls with small
firm titties like Tanya. But he didn't say anything. He just let Ramona
feel his thigh. He was feeling too fine to object to anything.

Jason said, "Hey - what are you trying to say? That I don't go in and
take what I want? I got what I wanted from you tonight, didn't I?"

Ramona and Howie laughed. Jason sounded so defensive.

"You got whatever I decided to give you, Jason, that's not the same
thing as a man taking what he wants from a girl, and making her
understand that things are going to go his way!" Ramona thought of
Burton's strong arms. She wished she were going to see him tonight. But
she had to play it cool.

"Oh yeah? And what do you know about men! You're just a kid yourself,
like us. You're younger than us! I bet you haven't had half as much as
experience as you make out like you had!" Jason stared at her and saw
she was squeezing Howie's thigh.

"Hey, cut that out!" he said, his hands wobbling on the steering wheel.
"You keep your hands off my girl! He shouted at Howie."

"Howie! I'm not your girl!" Ramona turned to him and smiled.

"Yes you are! After tonight ...?" Jason was furious.

Ramona ran her fingers through his hair smiling.

"Jason! Tonight didn't mean anything! Just because we did some things
... that doesn't mean ...!" She shook her head and looked at Howie.

He at least seemed to understand. He was holding her hand and squeezing

"I mean, I bet Howie here doesn't think that your sister Tanya belongs
to him just because they did some stuff together tonight! Jason, you're
so foolish!"

"I am not foolish! I think, if that's your attitude that you're
disgusting! Burton was right about you! You really are the wrong kind
of girl!"

Ramona sighed and stared out the window. If Jason only knew how Burton
was speaking from experience. She almost had an urge to tell him how
she had given her very first blow job to none other than his
stepfather, and that his stepfather had loved it!

"And leave my sister out of this! If that's how you feel, Howie
Manilow, then you can get out of this car this minute! I'm not driving
you home, or anywhere!"

Jason suddenly felt very loyal to his sister. He felt he had to protect
her honor. He braked the car. They came to a sudden stop. They were out
on the shoulder of Interstate 41. It was a clear night and the moon and
stars were shining in the sky.

"What a lovely night it is," Ramona breathed looking above her.

Howie was waiting somewhat uncomfortably. Was Jason really serious.

"Come on, I'm waiting. Get out of this car!" said Jason to his best

"Oh Jason, be serious, we're not going to leave Howie out here. And if
that's the way you feel then I should get out of the car myself. Come
on, let me out!"

She started to try to climb out over Howie but Jason pulled her back

"Sit down, Ramona! Come on, sit down! I don't want you to leave. Come

She sat back down in the car and all three were silent.

"Want to smoke some grass?" Howie asked in the silence.

Howie and Ramona had both smoked before, but Jason never had. He knew
his mother and his stepfather would really kill him if they ever knew
that he was fooling around with any drugs. But he felt so miserable
now, and he had been feeling so great before! He took the joint and
tried inhaling.

But he was also a young man who was on the football team and he had
never even smoked any cigarettes. It was against the coach's rules. So
he didn't know how to inhale. Ramona and Howie tried to instruct him.

"Keep your lips slightly open. And try to draw in some air when you
inhale," Ramona leaned over and explained to him while he smoked. He
took in too much smoke and started coughing.

"Like this," said Howie taking the joint from him. Howie inhaled
expertly. He held the breath in his lungs for a while.

"See - try to hold it in your lungs for as long as you can, then let it
out slowly, like he's doing," Ramona said. They watched the blue smoke
pour out of Howie's nostrils.

"You can tell if you really inhaled if it comes out your nose," said

Suddenly his head started to reel. That last toke really gave him a

"I don't need you to tell me," Jason said indignantly.

Ramona puffed and got a hit too. It made all parts of her body go
tingly. Her very fingertips tingled, and all the skin covering her body
felt like thousands of tiny fingertips. Her senses long to be touched.
She longed to be touched all over. She passed the joint to Jason. Then
suddenly, she and Howie were kissing!

Howie had his arms around her and was pressing her tits to his chest.

"Hey! What the hell do you two think you're doing!"

Jason was jealous and he was pissed as hell. Why the fuck did Howie
have to come along and fuck everything up? He pulled Ramona out of his
friend's arms.

She now lay across Jason's lap. "Mmmm, Jason," she said. "Kiss me.
Let's fuck again." She was wrapping her fingers around his neck and
pressing against him.

Jason blushed. "I don't like the way you talk. I'm taking you home," he
told her.

She and Howie were giggling and laughing and very high.

Jason wasn't high at all. He started up the car.

"Or why don't we have a threesome. A menage a trois?" Ramona was

She and Howie burst into meaningless laughter.

"Yeah, come on Jason. Don't be so uptight," said Howie.

"I have to bring this car back in half an hour, or Burton will be
pissed as hell. I'm not even supposed to be driving after dark!" he

"I'm not even supposed to be driving after dark!" Ramona mimicked him.
"Oh, Jason," she turned to him scornfully in the car. "You'll never be
a man, like your father." The words came out before she realized it.

"What the hell are you talking about you didn't even know my father."

"I mean your stepfather!" she said, making things even worse.

"What do you know about Burton?" He was coming to the turnoff to her

"It's just that he's my idea of a real man. A mature man. You guys are
just kids to me. You don't know really what you want, and you're too
shy to really try and get it. I want a real man, that's all." She
tossed her long blonde hair.

Jason pulled up in front of the house where she lived with her mother.

"Well, here you are. Thanks a lot for this lovely evening, Ramona," he
told her frostily. "I'm just sorry that you don't feel the same way
about me, that I feel about you. Or that I felt, should I say. I used
to think you were a nice girl. But now I know all the rumors are true.
Well, goodnight."

He turned his face away when she tried to kiss him goodnight. But he
felt like crying for the first time since he was a little boy.

Ramona climbed out over Howie. "Well at least will you give a girl a
kiss goodnight?" she asked him standing prettily beside the car on the

"Sure thing. Sure I will," said the stoned Howie.

He leaned out of the car and pressed his lips against hers.

She tongued him out for a moment, feverishly, just because she
desperately needed at that moment to feel the power she had over a man.
She left him breathless and she knew it.

The headlights of the car lit up her entrance into her house. Both boys
sat stunned for a second. Then Howie said:

"Wow! What a girl!" He looked over at Jason.

"She ain't shit," Jason said unkindly and he backed the car up.

He dropped Howie off at his house and then he drove home.

Burton was sitting up waiting for him.

"You're a little late son, I told you to be back by ten."

"Sorry, Burton, but I didn't know what time it was."

"Are you all right? You look a little sick or something."

"Naw, I just, had sort of a fight with Ramona on the way home. With her
and Howie. You know, I guess you're right about her. She really isn't
my type of girl."

Jason said goodnight and he went off to bed.

Burton sat up for a while smoking his pipe. He was thinking of his
pimply stepson, sitting in the front seat of the car at the drive-in
with the delicious, luscious teenaged Ramona. That girl was prime beef,
sirloin steak, wasted on that boy.

Surely Ramona must know that. He'd seen the teasing way she'd flaunted
her body, clinging to Jason's arm, when they'd stopped by earlier in
the evening.

He knew that she was just trying to make him jealous. It was absurd,
ridiculous - the whole thing - Burton Reynolds, a mature, grown man of
thirty-five, an architect and established member of the community and a
taxpayer, being jealous of his seventeen year old stepson, and all
because of a luscious sixteen year old vixen?

He picked up the phone and dialed her number. It was late but he didn't
care. He didn't care one bit. He'd been drinking all night and his
blood was boiling. He wanted that little vixen. He wanted to fuck her
cunt. He wanted to feel her all over, like a man feels a woman. He
wanted to make her say she didn't care about his son.

"Hello?" Ramona answered the phone. Her mother was having one of her
drunken parties and there were men and women lying all over the floor.

Nobody else had even heard the phone. Her face lit up.

"Burton!" she exclaimed, then spoke lower. "Yes, you want to see me?
You want to come over? Yes! I'd love to. But, well, mother has some
people over. Yes. Okay, I could go for a ride."

"And wash out your pussy, honey, wash it out real good. Cause old
Burton don't like to touch no used goods," he drawled at her wolfishly.

Once again, her blood was set running by his vulgarity, though at the
same time she felt she ought to be offended. But it just turned her on.

"Yes, okay, sugar. I sure will." She hung up excitedly and went to take
a shower. She stepped over many bodies. Many men tried to grab her and
make her join in their orgy. Finally she got to the bathroom and locked
the door and turned on the water.

Driving over in the very same car that his son had used earlier in the
evening, a cigarette firmly ensconced between his thin lips, Burton
Reynolds was thinking:

No, it's her ass I want. I want to shove it in her ass.

He was thinking how he wanted to prove to this little wench that he was
the only man she could ever want. And that if she wanted him, she had
better prove it.

He didn't want her going out with Jason or any other boys anymore. He
wanted her to sit at home and wait for him to bring his cock to her.
But of course, these were all very drunken thoughts.

And added to the recipe was the phone call he had earlier from his
wife. Loretta was coming home the next day from Miami. Her paper at the
convention had been a big success. He told her he couldn't wait for her
to come home. But the truth was, something had happened to him while
she was away.

Suddenly, he felt old as he realized all the responsibilities he had. A
wife and kids, a house and mortgage. He didn't have his freedom

And when he looked at a sweet young piece of ass like Ramona, he missed
his freedom, he sorely missed it. He stomped on the gas pedal and sped
through the night.

He arrived at her house and heard the sounds of the drunken party going
on inside. He honked the horn twice. Ramona came out on the porch. He
opened the door and she hopped in the car. He drove off.

In the car, she had tried to snuggle up against him. But there was
something so cold, and fierce and violent about him tonight. He didn't
even touch her. Finally she had moved away.

When she asked him, "Where are we going?" he had said nothing.

He took her directly to the motel down the road. He went in to
register. Ramona stroked her blonde hair nervously.

Now she knew. This sleazy hotel. She was only wearing white short
shorts and a pink tube top and her white sandals. She knew that if
anybody caught him registering in the motel with her, he would get in a
lot of trouble for corrupting the morals of a minor. The idea only
excited her even more.

She was intoxicated with fear and excitement. That she could drive a
mature man to such violent passions, where he would risk everything -
his home life and family, made her feel important!

He came back out to the car with the motel key. They drove to number
17, a tacky white door. He parked and they went inside. Inside he
turned on the light. It was nothing more than a naked, glaring light

"Take your clothes off," he told her as he started to unbutton his

"Wait, Burton, come here and hold me a little bit or something. I feet
so nervous."

She was speaking truthfully. She had never been in a motel room with a
man before.

"Take your clothes off," he repeated staring at her. He was looking at
the shape of her tits protruding from her tube top, and the curve of
her buttocks under her short white short shorts.

Trembling, nervous, she obeyed him. He went and locked the motel door.
When he turned around, the pretty sixteen year old was naked, but she
was sitting on the bed, holding a sheet up to cover her body. She was
really feeling ill at ease.

He threw off his shirt and kicked off his pants, and shoes. He was
standing in his stockinged feet. His penis was stiff and hard. He
walked up the bed and pulled the sheet away from her. His nostrils
flared as he looked at her pink, plump juicy nakedness.

Her chest was heaving, she was panting with excitement.

He just grabbed her and turned her over on her stomach.

"Wh-what are you doing?" she gasped breathlessly.

"Get up on your hands and knees." He was behind her.

"Wh-what are you going to do to me!" she whimpered as she did what he

He didn't answer her. He just smeared some spit on the head of his cock
and he reached for her ass cheeks. His finger located the firm pink
hole of her anus.

He was fingering into her ass hole between her ripe plump ass cheeks.

"Burton! No! Please don't! Stop it!"

"Shut up now!" he whispered fiercely as he plunged his cock in her ass.

"Oh!" She gasped out in pain as she felt her back door plunged into.

He said between gritted teeth, "Let me in girl, let me in!"

"Oh! Oh no! Don't! Oh! You're hurting me!"

She reared up on her knees, but he held her firmly around the waist.

He slipped one hand between her legs and started fingering her cunt.

Now her cries of resistance turned to moans of liquid love.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Oh! What are you doing to me!"

"I'm fucking your back door, and you're going to let me. Because I'm a
man and you know it. And I'm going to take you any way I like. And
you're going to let me. And when I get through you're going to beg for
more. Because I'm going to do things that no one's ever done to you
before. And I'm going to do it in a way no one's ever going to do it to
you again. Open up your sweet ass to me, cunt. And let me in!"

He plunged his throbbing rod up between her ass cheeks.

Her pussy was like a pool of juice between his big fingers.

And now her ass was starting to get wet too.

Suddenly she fell forward on her hands and knees again.

She was loving it - loving getting it up the ass, loving getting
fingered, loving whatever he did to her. Because he was doing it, and
he knew what he was doing.

He slid his big rod in and out of her oozing ass crack. It was so tight
and hot, tighter even than her sixteen year old pussy!

He slid his fingers out of her cunt and held them up in the air. They
were dripping with thick white pussy cream.

The little cunt had already come! He leaned over and put his fingers in
front of her mouth. "Lick it off," he told her. She opened her eyes.

She took his fingers in her mouth and she licked off the cream from her
own cunt that his fingers had dug out of her. He watched her sucking
his fingers and he grinned.

"I'd like to see you getting fucked by two men at once," he told as he
ground his thick dick up her ass hole. "One in your ass - and one in
your mouth. Yeah, you'd look real good getting fucked like that!" He
slammed into her.

"Uh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh!" she writhed and moaned.

"I'd like to see you eating black cock! I'd like to see you getting
fucked by a nigger!" He was plunging in and out of her and watching her
sixteen year old body writhe and twist. Her ass cheeks were so pert and

Her big melons swung and bounced as she took his cock in her ass!

She turned to stare at him and her face was all contorted with
pleasure! Her long blonde hair fell down her back wildly!

"Yow!!" he suddenly groaned as he plunged his dick down her ass cheeks
and she squeezed him! Suddenly he couldn't contain himself any longer
and he felt as if he were plunging through outer space as his cock
jacked off again and again, deep in the inner space of her hot white

Chapter 6

Loretta Reynolds came home from her convention cheery and happy.

Her paper on women's rights had been so well received and she had had
such a good time that her whole outlook on life was revived.

Sitting around the kitchen table with her children and her husband that
night, she asked them what they had been doing and how they had gotten
along during her absence.

Jason said "Fine," somewhat unenthusiastically.

His mother noticed that something seemed to be troubling him.

"Darling, what's wrong?" she asked her oldest child.

"Aw, nothing Mom," said Jason looking away from her.

"Jason went out on a date with Ramona but it wasn't entirely
successful," Burton filled in, holding his wife's hand and squeezing

"Oh, poor baby," said Loretta, shaking back her strawberry blonde hair.
She sighed. "Everybody has a few bad dates in their life. It's not the
end of the world. Besides, I always told you, you and Tanya both, that
I never liked that girl."

"How about you, Honey," she turned to her daughter. "Anything
interesting happen while I was away? How's school?" she smiled at

Tanya said, "Aw, school's okay. I got a job, you know."

"A job?" Loretta looked at her husband in surprise.

"Yeah, at the Burger Joint. But it only lasted one day."

"Oh. What happened?" Loretta asked, interested.

Tanya blushed. "The pig who runs that place tried to come on to me. I
quit. I couldn't stand it. I felt so terrible. I wanted to make that
money so bad!"

"Well," said Loretta cheerfully. "It seems like a lot of things have
happened while I've been away. And here I've been thinking that you
guys couldn't get along without me. How wrong I was. I bet you didn't
even notice I was gone."

All the members of her family protested that that wasn't true.

"We did miss you Mom! We really did!" said Tanya.

"Anyway," Loretta said, "I'm glad to hear my children are maturing.
Going out on dates and getting jobs on their own. Burton, I'm sure you
must be behind all these changes." She looked at her handsome husband

She squeezed her thighs together under the table. She couldn't wait
until later when she and Burton would get in bed.

"Anyway," she added significantly, "I've been doing some thinking and
going through some changes of my own, while I was away. And I've
decided that a certain young lady who lives in this house and has a
birthday coming up in two weeks should get what she wants. In fact I
was thinking we could all use a vacation."

Tanya looked up expectantly when her mother said those words. Her eyes
were shining and her breath was hesitant.

"So," Loretta went up with a smile in her eyes, "I've made reservations
for all of us to go to a dude ranch in the mountains."

"Oh Mom!" Tanya cried out, throwing her arms around her mother.

"Honey, are you sure we can afford it!" Burton asked.

"Wow! A dude ranch! Just like real cowboys!" Jason said.

Loretta laughed. "Just wait. I haven't told you the best part. At this
convention I was awarded a ten thousand dollar prize as the First Lady
Lawyer of the Year. So our vacation is all paid for. We're leaving next

Burton looked somewhat disturbed. "I don't know if I'll be able to get
away honey, you know," he told her. "We have some important plans for
the new library project to draw up next week, and I can't just leave my

Loretta said, "Oh come on, that office can run without you. Let
somebody else draw up the plans for once." She was not terribly

Burton gave his wife a look which meant, we will discuss it later.

The two kids went to bed that night full of happy dreams. Especially
Tanya. Finally now, her dreams would be fulfilled.

She would finally find out what it was like to have a horse between her

That night, in the master bedroom, husband and wife had an awkward

"Look, I know you don't think much of my career to start with, but this
now ... expecting me to just take off on a minute's notice, just
because you won some money."

Loretta sighed. "Burton, you know that's not true - I do think very
highly of your career. But I just thought that for once, since we have
the money, we could all take a vacation together, like a real family.
We never did have our honeymoon."

Burton shook his head and sat down on the bed.

Loretta was in a silky off-white negligee, brushing her strawberry
blonde hair at the make-up table. This wasn't exactly how she imagined
her first night in the bedroom with her husband after she had been away
for a week. Not having an argument.

"Look, honey," she said to him, going over and sitting down beside him,
and running her long fingers through his silky black hair, "let's not
argue tonight. We can talk about this in the morning. There are a lot
of other things I'd rather be doing right now." Her fingers started
stroking his shoulders. "Did you miss me?"

"Of course I missed you." he turned to her with a smile.

He pushed her hair out of her face and then suddenly his lips dropped
to her breasts. He pushed the silk of her negligee aside and fervently
began licking and pulling on her nipples with his tongue and lips.
Instantly she got hot.

"Oh darling!" She got up on the bed and spread her legs.

The silky negligee scooped between her legs, folding in silky folds.

She leaned forward and parted his terry cloth robe. She bent forward
and gently extracted his penis and balls from between his legs.

Then, breathing heavily, lightly kissing them, holding and caressing
them, she began to lightly pass her tongue over the flesh of his

She could feel his cock stiffen in her hands.

She looked up in delight. Every night in Miami she had masturbated
thinking about him. Since she had married him, she felt like a new
woman. He made her feel so young, though she was a couple of years
older than he was.

Burton turned on the bed to face his wife.

He slipped off his robe and parted her legs. He loved to watch her
bending over him like a willing servant, licking his balls, servicing
his cock. He watched his rod stiffen under her tongue.

Her butt was high in the air. He could smell how her sex was blooming.

Then he reached for her. He pulled her butt around to him.

He lifted up the fragrant hem of her negligee and he stuck his face
underneath it. Now he was under her negligee, seeing the world through
the silk of her nightie.

Her crotch hair bloomed out at him like a strange, exotic flower. He
could smell the erotic odor of her cunt quite clearly. He saw her cunt
lips were hot and wet and he knew she wanted him.

Grasping each other by the waist, they rolled over, and over on top of
each other on their big double bed and when they stopped rolling, his
lips were glued to her open wet cunt and her mouth was securely
fastened down around his rod.

She was sucking and licking him, taking him into her mouth.

And he was licking and spearing her cunt, penetrating her with his

They hadn't even kissed, except to kiss hello in front of the kids. But
this kiss, to the genitals, was their real hello, their real embrace.

"Oh honey!" Loretta breathed, "I missed you so much!"

She licked up the side of his penis shaft and ended by going down over
the top.

He tasted his wife's cunt meat again and remembered this was what he
loved her for. Her cunt tasted so succulent, so hot and fresh.

On the outside, she looked like a very proper lady, a lady lawyer who
never even took a shit. She was very intimidating and she looked as if
she were all business.

But when she spread her legs and when he put his tongue into her cunt
hole and felt how she shivered and tasted how her cunt juice flowed, it
gave him an incredible feeling of power and security. Because he knew
she was in love with him.

He knew that no man had ever made her feel as good as he made her feel.
And it gave him power to think that what his tongue was doing to her
pussy hole was the best thing in the world to her. He speared her cunt
flesh again.

She moaned. "Ohhhhh, that feels so good!" and she shook.

He sucked and sucked and sucked her out until she came on his tongue
and his tongue was coated with her thick white pussy cream.

His hot cock was throbbing and trembling in her mouth. But he didn't
want to blow his wad in her mouth. No, he wanted to fuck her. He pulled
her around under him on the bed.

"What are you going to do to me now?" she smiled happily.

She spread her legs wide, making a v-shape for him to fall into. She
put her fingers to her cunt and held it open.

He directed his cock to her open hole. Then he slid in and lay on top
of her.

They both groaned at the tight wet contact.

He started poling into her slow and easy, establishing a nice steady

Loretta was groaning underneath him, stretching out her toes.

"Oh darling! Darling! I can't wait! I can't wait!"

He grinned to see his beautiful wife on the verge of coming.

She crossed her legs above his back and held on tight to him.

He rammed his cock into her soft wet tight cunt and suddenly he was
exploding. His stream of hot cum spurted out into her hot wet twat and
she squeezed him.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she was gasping as they came together.

Later as he was drifting happily off to sleep, his arm, around her, she
interrupted his thoughts and said to him drowsily, "We'll be able to do
this every night on our vacation in the mountains."

He woke up instantly. "I am not going to the mountains with you and the
children and that's that!" He turned away from her and closed his eyes.

The fact that she made more money than him had always been a sore point
between them. Loretta always said she didn't see what difference it

But she was a woman and she couldn't understand.

She couldn't understand how important this library project was to him
and his career. And she couldn't understand why it pissed him off that
she should just summarily make this decision without him - that they
were going on vacation.

So, what happened was, Loretta and the kids made plans to go up to the
Catskills alone, without Burton. He agreed to come up and join them for
the weekend.

He even said he would try and see if he could get a three-day weekend.

Jason was sad his stepfather wasn't coming. He really enjoyed spending
time with the older man. He wasn't so enthusiastic about going off with
just a couple of girls - seeing as they were his sister and his mother.

But Tanya was in seventh heaven. She wanted to bring all her horse
books. She wanted to go out and buy a complete leather riding suit.

"Honey, I am not investing that kind of money for a sport you've never
tried before. Maybe you'll hate it. Maybe you'll find out you don't
really like horses."

"Mom!" Tanya protested as if that were impossible.

"I just don't understand what it is about Tanya and horses," Loretta
confided to Burton on the eve of their departure to the country.

"Didn't you ever have a crush on horses when you were a girl?" he asked

"No," she said, "I only wanted to be a lawyer. And get married. Those
were my two dreams. And then I got married, and had two children and
forgot all about being a lawyer for a while. Until my husband died. And
I realized I'd have to support these two kids myself. But it just
doesn't seem healthy to me. I mean Tanya's at the age when she should
be thinking about boys, and she doesn't seem to be."

Burton said, "No, for a young girl like her to be thinking about horses
is very natural at that age. The horse is the girl's naive symbol for
virility, and strength. She just can't recognize yet that the real
focus of her imagination is on the male organ. She can't face it maybe.
So she focuses instead on horses."

Loretta smiled. "Do you think so? I guess you're right. You say she did
have a date while I was away. With that nice boy Howie. I wonder how
that went?"

"The kids all went to a drive-in together. I guess they did some
necking. What are drive-ins for after all. And they saw a movie about a
horse. That's mainly what Tanya talked about afterwards." Burton
smiled. He had a real fondness for his stepdaughter.

Loretta pursed her lips. "Jason still seems to be brooding about that
awful girl. It seems she jilted him for some one else. I wish we could
protect the kids from all these traumas of the heart. But I guess we

"Nope. We can't. Now spread your legs honey, and let me go down on you
one more time. I'm going to be awful lonely here in the house all alone
again this week."

And Burton ate out his wife one more time before she left for the
country the next morning. But he wasn't really sorry to see them go.

Tanya could hardly keep still or keep quiet all the way up to the ranch
in the Catskills. The first horse she saw, in a field by the side of
the road, practically made her come in her panties. She was lying in
the back of the station wagon in her shorts. Jason was sitting up front
with his mother.

Stretched out in the back of the wagon, looking at pictures of horses
from her books, Tanya had finally grown silent. She was thinking about
many things.

She was thinking about that strange night at the drive-in. And about
what Howie had done to her. She never really talked about it with
Ramona. For some reason - probably because of what Ramona had done to

Tanya was working her finger discretely into the crotch of her panties
while she looked through her horse books. Then suddenly she looked up.

She saw it, the first white horse. It was grazing in a field, and it
seemed to be looking straight at her. As the car went by, the horse
suddenly whinnied.

Then it started to tear across the field, flying faster than the wind.

Tanya's finger was on her clit. "I saw him first! I saw him!" she

She and Jason had a bet out whoever saw a white horse first had to do
whatever the other one wanted for one whole hour. And Tanya had won.

"I saw him at the same time! I was just about to say so," Jason

But Loretta overruled her children's argument.

"Tanya called it out first so she wins."

Loretta was at the wheel of the car, thinking how lovely it was to be
out in the country. She hoped her children wouldn't do too much
fighting this week.

"Okay, you're my slave for an hour. Come back here and give me a back
rub!" Tanya commanded her brother.

With a sullen look on his face, he climbed over the seats to the back
of the station wagon, over their luggage.

He sat down on Tanya's firm tushie, on her white short shorts, and
began to rub her stiff neck and shoulders. He thought he detected a
strange odor back here.

Tanya turned her head to one side and closed her eyes, dreaming
thoughts of horses.

He looked his younger sister up and down. He noticed how her firm
little boobs were pushed out from under her body while she lay on her
stomach. He looked behind him. He saw how her legs were spread open.

Her tight little short shorts barely covered her firm little ass

He saw several hairs of her pussy patch sticking out of the elastic of
her panties. Now he knew what that smell was. It reminded him of the
odor of Ramona.

He had never smelled that smell - the smell of stimulated pussy -
before that night, or since then either. The smell of his sister's wet
pussy so near him made his head reel. He still hadn't recovered from
that night with Ramona.

She had jilted him and broken his adolescent heart. She was his first
lover, but that was all over.

His cock stiffened in his shorts. It was lying right on top of Tanya's
ass crack.

How good it would be, he thought, while he massaged her, to take his
cock out and slip it in her pussy. His cock stiffened at the very

He wondered if Tanya would mind, or if she would let him.

If their mother wasn't there, of course, he meant.

Tanya felt the added weight of his stiff prong lying on her ass. She
opened her eyes and glanced upwards. Jason didn't look at her.

It was only when she was about to close her eyes again that she caught
a glimpse of the added weight. She was looking at the tip of the head
of his prick, pushing out of the leg of his pants. It took her breath
away to look at it.

Suddenly, for some reason, she wanted to touch it. Mostly she just
thought that it would be real funny.

If Jason was supposed to be her slave for an hour, he would have to let
her do this, do whatever she wanted. He wouldn't be able to protest or
say anything.

Especially with Mom in the car. She stretched out her hand.

It took Jason a second to realize what she was doing. To understand
that it wasn't an accidental touch - she was intending to do it! For
her hand curved around the big ball of the head of his cock and began
cuddling and cradling and squeezing it.

His cock grew even longer. It really stuck out of the leg of his shorts

Jason's breath was coming in pants now as he looked down at his little

His fingers were barely moving at all on her shoulders.

She stared right back at him with a wicked grin on her face and said,
"Jason, keep massaging me! Mom! He's not massaging me! And I won the

"You'd better pay up to your sister!"' Loretta called backwards through
the car. "Nobody likes somebody who doesn't pay up on their bets!"

Jason, staring as if hypnotized at his sister, began massaging her neck
and shoulders again, and she continued squeezing and touching his cock.

Then silently, holding her finger to her mouth to indicate to him to
keep quiet, she rolled over underneath him, so he was sitting on her

Now it was easier for her to get at his stiff penis. She grasped it
with her two hands. She remembered how Howie had used her hands to jerk
himself off. She began pulling her brother's pud.

She wanted to watch him come, wanted to see how he pulled it off,
without making a sound, practically in front of their mother.

"Ohh," he groaned gently. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

Tanya was laughing quietly. She looked at how the skin of his penis
went up and down, and she was amazed to see how hard his cock was.

Squeezing it as hard as she could, it still felt like a stiff rod right
down to the core. He moved up on her slightly. His knees were spread

"Looks like we're almost there, kids, we're coming to that turn in the
road!" Loretta called out to her children in the back of the car.

Tanya smiled and whispered, "We're almost there, Jason!"

Agony, or ecstasy, was written across Jason's face. His face was all
contorted as he tried to surrender himself to the pleasure of his
stiffening, bursting penis, while not making a sound.

Suddenly he exhaled with a big, "Uhhhhhhh!"

He prick was juicing, pumping up hot cum like an spouting oil rig.

"Yuck!" Tanya said out loud. She was gripping his pole in her hand, but
his spunk was pumping out all over her blouse and her hands were sticky
with it.

"Here we are, kids! Everybody out!" Loretta sang.

She pulled the car into the lot. To one side was a large corral.

Tanya wiped her hands on Jason's shorts and she dabbed at her blouse
with a kleenex. Jason was busy quickly tucking his shrinking cock back
into his fruit-of-the-loom.

Then they both jumped out the back of the car.

"What's that stain on your blouse, Tanya?" Loretta asked.

"Oh, I must have spilled some orange juice from the thermos on me."

Loretta sighed. Sometimes, she made the mistake of thinking that her
children were almost fully grown adults. No, they were still children.

She went up to the office to tell them they had arrived.

The kids ran to the corral and jumped up on the fence.

A young cowboy was taking a pretty mare through her paces in the

The beautiful mountains ringed the height on which the ranch was
located. The air was clear, it was a beautiful day. Tanya was
intoxicated by the air and the day and the horses.

"Look at her, Jason! Isn't she a beauty!" Tanya glowed.

The brown mare's hide rippled in the sun like a pond of water. She was
a proud beast and she pranced and trotted on command, and sailed over
the fences in graceful jumps carrying the man on her back.

Tanya couldn't wait to get up on a horse for her very first time.

Jason stared at the horses in some kind of awe and wonder.

The experience he had just had in the car had intoxicated him too.

His cock was still throbbing with the eroticism of the hand job his
sister had just given him. Standing close to her, feeling her body
respond to the jumping of the horses, he was suddenly looking forward
very much to this stay at the ranch.

Maybe he could make his sister give him much, much more.

Chapter 7

Tanya and Jason got up early the next morning and had a big breakfast
at the main ranch house. Then they reported to the stables for their
first riding lesson.

They were to be taken out on an easy trail by the young cowboy they had
seen the first day riding the beautiful dark mare.

The cowboy's name was Bill and he had sandy-colored hair and blue eyes.
He reminded Tanya immediately of the boy in the picture she had seen at
the drive-in, "The Wild Stallion." And immediately she liked him.

He said, "Up you go now," and he made a stirrup with his hands.

Tanya put her boot in his hands and he hoisted her up.

She squeezed her thighs together around the horse's back in

She never realized it would be so high up here! The ground seemed far
below! And she had to spread her legs so wide!

She never imagined that a horse's back could be so thick. Now she
understood why, in cowboy movies, cowboys walk bowlegged.

She thought her legs would be permanently parted open at the end of the

"It's great up here, Jason!" she called to her brother

Jason didn't want Bill to have to help him up on the horse and he
managed to climb up himself. It was his first time on a horse too.

He spread his knees and gripped the saddle.

Bill showed them how to hold the reins loosely. And he showed them how,
if you pulled on the reins one way, the horse would turn, and if you
pulled the reins the other way, the horse would turn the other way.

He gave each of their horses some sugar from the palm of his hand.

Tanya was riding a mare named Betsy. And Jason was on a stallion named
Mick. Both of them, according to Bill, were very docile animals.

"There's really not much more to it, except just getting used to the
feel of riding, and learning not to lose your head. Your horse has to
learn to trust you. You have to earn his trust. You have to show him
that you're in control."

Bill swung his thick leg into the stirrup and his other leg over the
back of the horse. Tanya admired his thick leather riding pants with a

She wished she could have a pair of riding pants like that.

With a "whup!" Bill started his horse trotting slowly.

They rode around in a circle around the corral a few times, just to get
the feel of it. Tanya hated riding around the corral. She felt as if
she were in kindergarten.

Then Bill leaned over and opened the fence, and they rode out in single
file, with Bill in the lead. He was taking them through some gentle,
sloping forest trails to a spot where there was a lake where they would
have a picnic.

Tanya was very curious about Bill and she chattered and asked him lots
of questions.

"Are you married? How old are you? Did you grow up around here?"

He told her he wasn't married, he was twenty years old, and he was from
around here. He didn't mind the chattering girl. He had dealt with
plenty like her.

The fresh country air and the physical pleasure of riding along atop a
striding horse seemed to intoxicate the budding sixteen year old.

Her cheeks took on a rosy color in the sun and her eyes sparkled.

She kept stroking the hide of her beast, wishing she were more advanced
and could have a powerful stallion to gallop on and jump over fences

"How long will it take before I can learn to jump and gallop?" she
asked him.

"Oh, I don't know, that depends on how much you practice. Riding a
horse is just like anything else. Takes practice. And then you got to
see if you got any horse-sense."

"Horse-sense?" she asked him tossing her long red hair.

"Yep. Horse sense. Some people are born with it and some people never
have it as long as they live. It means having a feeling for horses, for
how they think and how they react. You got to learn to think the way a
horse thinks."

Tanya said coyly, "I've been crazy about horses ever since I was a
little girl. I've always wanted to have one of my own, so I could go
riding, but my mother was always afraid to let me. She was afraid I'd
get hurt or something."

The two of them had trotted along ahead, and Jason was lingering

He was letting his horse amble down the daisy-strewn path, while his
head was in the clouds. As the horse moved, his hips swayed back and
forth in the saddle.

He was day-dreaming, fantasizing. He was recalling what it was like to
be sucked off by Ramona. He was remembering the thundering of horse's
hooves on the screen right when he blasted off into her sweet mouth.

He was thinking about how he tried to get down into her muff with his
fingers. But she wouldn't let him. He'd never actually touched pussy.
He'd only gotten into her muff fur.

Then he remembered the end: When she'd sat down on his lap and his cock
had gone right up her.

His prick stiffened in the saddle as he recalled the tight wet feeling
of her cunt. Fuck - that was so good! Ever since then, he could hardly
think of anything else.

But he also remembered the harsh words she said later in the car with
Howie. About wanting to have Howie too - have both of them at the same
time. And how she had been touching Howie while telling him she wasn't
his girl.

He couldn't figure it all out. It was too much for his adolescent

But all he know now was that he was out in the country, in the midst of
all this fragrant foliage, under the hot sun, on top of a swaying

And his sister had reached up to take his penis in her hands yesterday
in the car, and, she had brought him off. The feel of his hot sperm
lying in the palm of her hand while she squeezed his throbbing dick -

The young boy sighed and he leaned forward on the saddle slightly, to
rub his cock against the leather. The horse swayed on.

Bill looked back for Jason. "Hey, sit up in the saddle!" he called out.

They walked on for hours, picking their way through the forest.

Tanya kept pressing Bill for more information about himself. But he
didn't say much, so gradually she started telling him all about

"Did you ever see a picture called, 'The Wild Stallion'? It's all about
this horse who wants to be free ..." she rattled on.

Bill chewed on a piece of grass reflectively.

He glanced at Tanya from time to time. He was wondering if she was a

Her breasts jutted out of the clean white shirt she was wearing. And
her blue jeans fitted her crotch and hips and legs very tightly.

He saw the way that, sometimes, especially when she was talking about
horses, that she slid her crotch back and forth in the saddle.

He thought about what he would find if he pulled her to the ground and
opened up those tight jeans of hers. He thought of her lying underneath
him, with her legs raised and spread wide, her cunt wet and open to
him. While he fingered her and prepared her to take his piece for the
very first time.

He moved uncomfortably in the saddle. He looked up at the sun. It was
almost directly overhead now. It was almost time for lunch.

They came to the lake and dismounted their horses.

Bill showed them how to take care of their horses first, before taking
care of themselves. They gave their horses water, and patted and talked
to them.

Then Bill spread out a blanket on a flat piece of ground and got down
the lunch that had been packed for them by the ranch cook.

Tanya opened up the basket and spread out some cold chicken and bread
and cheese and cold apple juice. It was a real feast and everyone was

Bill sat off to one side smoking a cigarette watching the two kids.

There seemed to be some kind of minor flirtation going on between them.
He could recognize that kind of thing easily. The way Tanya let her
fingertips linger just ever so much longer than necessary on her
brother's hand when she passed him a piece of cold chicken, and the way
she let her ankle touch his as she casually stretched out her legs.

She had taken off her boots and thick socks to air out her feet.

Jason was hot and wanted to go swimming. Bill said they could.

Jason and Tanya had both packed bathing suits in their saddle bags.

The two youngsters scampered behind trees to change into their suits.

Bill had no intention of going swimming. He hadn't packed along a suit
and anyway he didn't like swimming in bathing suits. He only liked
swimming in the nude. So he lay down in the shade and he pulled his
cowboy hat down over his eyes.

But he kept one eye out on the kids in the lake to make sure they
didn't drown. Tanya's lithe body, her two pert little boobs and her two
round ass mounds bobbed and floated on the take.

"Jason, stop it!" Tanya's voice floated out over the lake.

The two kids were surfacing and diving between each other's legs.

Then Tanya came running up over the spongy bed of the forest, to the
blanket where Bill lay. He stared up at her gleaming, dripping body.

She was drying her face and then she looked down at him. She glanced at
his crotch, and wondered what kind of equipment he had. His blue jeans
were tight and pulled in that area.

Then Jason came running up to the blanket dripping wet too.

Bill pulled the big Stetson back over his face.

Jason's body was tight and hard, and lithe also.

The two kids stretched out to dry in the sun.

Bill got up and said he was going for a walk.

The truth of the matter was, he got a hard-on and he wanted to walk off
into the woods and jerk it off. Since the two kids were out of the
water now, he could do so. He left them both lying on the blanket,
their bodies drying in the sun.

Once he was out of sight, Jason opened one eye.

Tanya was stretched out and her hand was near his waist.

Her eyes were closed. He stared at the water spilling drops down her
firm, tanned thigh and his dick got hard. He wanted to shove it up her
pussy meat.

"Touch it again, Tanya," he told her forcefully.

She giggled. "Not here, silly," she said to him.

"Yes, here. Why not? Bill can't see us. Anyway, he wouldn't give a
shit. Come on before he gets back. Touch it. Look at it. Look how big
and hard it is."

Tanya couldn't resist opening her eyes to look.

His big, wet, gleaming prick head was pushing out of his swimming

It looked delicious. She felt a desire to put her mouth on the big
piece. But she didn't dare. Instead she only touched it.

Jason shivered. "I want to put it in you," he said.

He reached for her but she moved away. "No!" she said.

"Come on, I won't shoot off. I promise. I just want to put it in."

He grabbed her by the hook on the bra of her bikini and pulled her

He said, "Have you ever tried it before? You'll really like it."

"No, Jason, no, I just don't think I want to. I don't think we should."

He said, "Why not? I told you I won't blow off. I just want to stick it
in. I bet you don't know how good it feels. Every girl loves it."

Tanya was staring at the big piece. Jason took it completely out of his
trunks now. She couldn't believe how thick and hard it was, squeezing
it as hard as she could.

She had the same sensation then that she had had on the horse.

The feeling of satisfaction she had to ride with the wide back of the
horse between her legs. Suddenly she wanted to feel the thick rod
sticking up her.

"All right," she suddenly. "But do it quickly!"

Jason's cock was throbbing as he reached for his sister's bikini pants.

He said to her, "Lie down on your back!"

But she said, "No, like this, stick it in from behind."

She wanted to imagine she was riding a horse while he plunged it in

She gave him her ass, as she got on her hands and knees and he pulled
her bikini pants down. She had a line where she was tan. Her back was
berry brown. Her ass cheeks were china white. Her fuzzy little red muff
stuck out below her pert ass cheeks. He saw the oval slit of her pink
cunt and he put his penis to it. Her cunt was instantly wet at his

But Tanya was scared and she whispered to him, "Remember - you promised
not to shoot off!" She gripped the blanket and bit her lip.

Her brother shoved it in. It sank in half way on the first shove.

"Oh!" Tanya's cry escaped her lips involuntarily.

Nothing had prepared her for the way this would feel! Now she really
had a thick beast between her legs.

She found herself squeezing and squeezing, with her thighs and with new
muscles she was just discovering, deep inside her box. It felt good.

She arched her head and shoulders way down and gave him a full, high
view of her ass. It gave him a perfect angle too. He slid his cock
right down her wet pussy.

On the second shove, he slid it all the way in.

"Oh!" Tanya was gripping the blanket and trembling.

She imagined she was riding her horse! The big back of the horse made
her spread her legs wide. She spread her knees farther apart and let
her brother fuck her from behind. His big throbbing dick head imparted
heat to her glowing cunt.

"Oh! Oh-oh!" Tanya cried out again. Nothing had ever felt so good

Jason was in an ecstasy of delight, thrusting his big tool into soft
wet pussy.

He looked down at Tanya's buttocks in gratitude, and he sank his tool
into her again. He grinned as he watched her youthful body strain and

"Oh! Oh! Oh! OH!" Tanya's gasps rang out in the silent forest.

Bill, shaking the last drops of his wad from his dick and strapping it
back in his jeans, heard the young girl's cries. He hoped nothing was

But he was experienced enough to know that there was something fishy-
sounding about those girlish gasps he heard. He strode back through the

And the sight he saw when he reached the clearing smote his eyes.
Although he had been half-expecting it, it was still something to be

That young kid was plugging his little sister!

And the girl actually seemed to be loving it - holding her ass high up
in the air like a whore, and letting him sink it in her!

He watched for a few seconds without making a move. But his cock was
getting big in his leather pants again. Then he strode back over the
ground between them.

The fucking couple didn't even hear him coming. They wore too immersed
in their own groans and cries.

So it wasn't until Bill was standing right in front of them, that Tanya
sensed his presence and she opened her eyes. Her big brown eyes filled
with fear and shame.

The twenty year old cowboy had caught them in the act!

He was towering over her, in front of her, glaring down at her.

She couldn't even see his face, his clear blue eyes, under his Stetson,
because the sun was glaring behind him. But she could sense his
menacing presence.

"Uh!" she groaned as Jason continued to plug her from behind.

He was pretending she was Ramona and he still had his eyes closed. He
didn't even know that Bill had come back into the scene.

There were questions in Tanya's eyes: will you tell? Will you get us
into trouble? Will you fuck me? What will you do? But she couldn't

And it only took a couple of seconds, though it seemed like an

Bill unzipped the fly of his pants and pulled out his big piece. It was
thick and hard. He swung it in front of Tanya's face.

Her eyes grew even bigger as she looked at the menacing thing.

The question was in her eyes again. What do you want me to do?

Jason plugged her again. "Uhhh," she groaned.

"Open your mouth," Bill said in an undertone and he stepped forward.

She opened her mouth, knowing, and not knowing what was to follow.

He guided his hard penis into her mouth and she stared up at him.
Silently he started swiveling his hips back and forth.

Now Tanya understood! She was to let him use her mouth as if it were
her vagina!

Now she was trembling from head to toe. She was frightened. She tried
to glance behind her but she couldn't. Because she had Bill's big piece
in her mouth.

It was only now that Jason sensed that something had changed in the
rhythm of Tanya's firm buttocks slapping backwards against his groin.

And then he saw the tall figure of the cowboy, outlined in the glaring

He looked down at his sister, shocked. And then he saw that she had
taken the cowboy's sex in her mouth and her eyes were closed and she
was sucking it!

Jason put his hands down to his sister's ass to steady himself and he
didn't dare stare into the cowboy's eyes. He just kept slowing pulling
his tool in and out of his sister's hot nookie, watching the way her
body moved to two rhythms as she took it from in front and from behind.
Then he closed his eyes too.

Tanya was thinking about the horses. About how she was riding one big
firm saddle and how she had another big firm piece in her mouth.

She was rocking between the one big piece of the cowboy in front and
her brother's hard firm rod the way she swayed back and forth on her
horse Betsy.

She spread her knees open much wider. She put her hands down to her
open cunt to feel Jason's big bearded pole going in and out of her

Her pussy squeezed and she creamed around it.

She was groaning now. Then she brought her hands up to her face and she
felt the side of the big stick that the cowboy was pushing insistently
farther and farther down her mouth. It was very scary, but still he
kept it gentle.

Suddenly Jason was hot and he was ready to shoot. He couldn't hold off
a second longer and he started to really bugger his little sister.

His hot throbbing rod sank in and she squeezed it and he shot off
inside her. It was slow and gentle, and he shot off again. "Ohhhh," he
groaned. He shot off again. The hot pussy squeezed him and he squirted.

"Ohhhhh," he fell out of her cunt and he rolled backwards on the

Now he was watching what the cowboy was doing to his little sister.

He had pulled her mouth up to fit to his groin better, now that her ass
was not arching backwards to meet Jason's cock, and Bill was holding
Tanya's chin.

"Uh! Uh!" Tanya squealed and squirmed, her panties down around her

Bill was shoving his piece in way too far. She was gagging.

"Uhhhh! Errr!" she tried to break loose.

But the cowboy wouldn't let her. He stared down at her with a smile,
silently watching her and knowing that he could do whatever he wanted.
He had these two kids in his power, and they both knew it. He could get
them in one hell of a lot of trouble.

After all, it would be Jason's sperm they found in Tanya's pussy, and
not his, if he went back to the ranch and told them what had happened.

"Just keep your mouth loose and open, that's it, Tanya, nice and loose,
and open. You don't have to be afraid! It won't hurt. Just suck it

He loved to watch the way his thick piece of meat slid into the young
girl's lips.

His groin hair rubbed against her chin and she squealed and groaned.

The head of his dick was half-way down her throat!

She couldn't stand it anymore! And just when she thought she couldn't
take one more minute, he suddenly tensed and pulled her face flat
against his groin.

Jason watched fascinated as Tanya's whole body jerked and swayed on the
end on Bill's cock-piece. The man was obviously pumping his load down
her throat now.

Tanya felt the hot stream of sperm hit the back of her mouth and she
felt sick and disgusted. But he held her mouth firmly clamped around
his dick.

To avoid choking she had to try to swallow! And swallow she did,
sucking on his cock as if it were a baby's bottle. She sucked down
every last drop of his hot cum.

He pumped it into her tight pretty lips.

When he was through, he released her. She fell backwards, gasping and
gagging, wiping her wet lips. Bill zipped his dick back in his pants.

The only thing that Tanya had to say when she regained her breath was
to turn to her brother accusingly. "You said you wouldn't do it!" she

There was almost hatred in her voice.

"Well, you seemed to like it. And once I started I couldn't stop," he

"You promised!" That's what seemed to make her most angry.

To the cowboy, Bill, she said nothing.

She turned away from the two men, who didn't took at each other.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head and once it was on, unhooked her
wet bikini top underneath the t-shirt and then pulled it out.

Then she slipped her t-shirt down to cover her thighs and she took off
her bikini panties and slid on her real panties and her blue jeans.

Her modesty was somewhat irrelevant at this point, considering what had
just happened, but she was only a sixteen year old girl, and she was
still very modest about exposing herself in front of men. Then she
pulled on her socks and boots.

She didn't look at either man. Jason dressed too, turned away.

They packed up the lunch stuff and the blanket. Then Bill hoisted her
back on her horse and Jason got on his.

They continued riding all afternoon, none of them speaking much. But
now the rosy blush on Tanya's cheeks was not just from the sun.

As she was riding, swaying in the saddle, her crotch was rubbing gently
against the horse's wide back and her legs were spread wide, and she
was remembering the feeling of the big rod making her spread her legs
wide while she took the second man in her mouth.

Everything was so new to her. She couldn't quite understand all that
was happening.

But she knew one thing, she loved the feel of the horse between her

Chapter 8

"How was the riding today, kids?" Loretta asked her children.

She was lying in the sun on a deck chair on the patio outside the main
house, sipping a gin and tonic. The man, Tex, who owned the ranch,
stood at her side.

"Great Mom!" Tanya ran by to go into the house and take a shower.

"Yeah, it was just great!" Jason too seemed to be in a hurry to get

Tex smiled at Mrs. Reynolds after her children had disappeared.

"Your children seemed to have enjoyed their first day on horses."

"Mmmmmm-mmmm," she smiled. She looked up at him ironically.

He sat down on a chaise lounge near her and stroked the little blue
veins in her hands. He said, "I'm going in to see that everything is
ready for dinner. See you later?" He didn't smile. He rarely smiled.

His sun-burnt face looked like it would have cracked if he really tried
to smile.

But the corners of his mouth just turned up ever so slightly.

"Umm-hmmmm," she said and she tickled the palm of his hand.

He left the pretty woman lying in the sun. She closed her eyes and
began dreaming.

She recalled the strange, incredible, unexpected events of the day.

She'd gotten up late, after the kids already left.

There was a pool outside the house and she planned to spend the day
lying beside it, doing absolutely nothing. But soaking up the sunshine.

But when she came out in her black bikini, which showed off her firm,
ample figure she found Tex had other plans for her. He looked her up
and down once.

She could tell the unmistakable signs of appreciation of her shapely

He licked his dry lips. He was wearing his pressed jeans and black
shirt (it seemed he always wore a black, cowboy style shirt) and his
Stetson. And his pointed cowboy boots.

He was holding a thick lasso.

"What are your plans for today, Mrs. Reynolds?" he asked.

But before she had time to answer her he told her, "I'd like to give
you a tour of the ranch. It's a pretty place, and I think you'll enjoy

He didn't give her a choice. "Well, of course, Mr. Babcock."

She hurried into a pair of sandals and slipped a long, sheer loose gown
over her bikini. She slipped on her sunglasses, and followed him.

They walked all over the huge sprawling estate. They walked until
Loretta's feet were quite sore. She was only wearing a thin pair of
leather sandals.

He told her to call him Tex, and she said he could call her Loretta.

"Er, Tex, I can't walk anymore. I'm not used to this kind of exercise."

She was trying to keep up with him as he climbed some rocks.

He laughed at her and pulled her up by the hand.

"City women!" he said contemptuously and he spat on the ground.

But still he continued to hold her hand and he stood behind her and
pressed his body against hers. She was astonished, but she found she
didn't even mind him taking this kind of liberty. She even rather liked

She had been faithful to her husband all the time of their marriage.
But now she found herself strangely turned on by this taciturn, craggy-
faced cowboy. She even let him put his hands on her breasts and squeeze

"My, you sure do take liberties with a lady, Mr. Babcock," she said,
imitating a Western drawl. She stared at him over the scene of green
rolling hills.

He slapped her ass and started walking again.

She had to run to keep up. She was a hot steaming mess when they got
back to the ranch buildings. Although he had touched her and spoken to
her familiarly, he had not made any move to try and take her while they
were out in the lonely woods.

She was hot and perspiring from the heat and from the constant
touching. But she didn't know what this forward man was after.

He was starting to seem not so charming, and rather irritating.

"I think I've had enough for the day," she said stopping in front of
the stables.

"But you haven't seen the stables, yet," he said with his slight smile.

"Some other time," she said haughtily, walking away.

"I said, but you haven't seen the stables yet, lady," he said and he
grabbed her and picked her up and carried her into the horsy-smelling

She was kicking her legs and screaming, "Put me down!"

He just slapped her ass and carried her inside.

When he put her down inside the dark cool stable, she had to blink for
several minutes before she could see. Then she got accustomed to the

She was aware of several large, breathing horses around her.

"Yes, well it's very nice in here. And now I think I'll just ..."

"Stop!" his voice rang out in the darkness.

There was something authoritative about his voice that made her obey.

"Yes?" she said, waiting tentatively to see what he wanted.

"Did I tell you, you could leave?" He seemed even taller in the

"Well," she laughed. "I don't have to do everything you say."

She laughed uneasily. He was approaching. She heard a horse in a stall
stamp its hooves. She moved away. She saw that he was carrying a whip
in his hands.

He moved past her. "Have you ever seen a horse really close up, Mrs.

"No," she said reaching down to massage her sore feet.

He opened one of the stalls. "Come here and look at this beauty."

She hobbled over. Standing there was one of the most beautiful beasts
she had ever seen in her life. Pure black, with a shining coat, the
stallion glared at her.

"Up boy," Tex snapped his whip once in the air.

The powerful beast whinnied and reared up in the air.

"One of the finest animals on the East Coast, Mrs. Reynolds," he said
preferring to call her by her married name and remain formal.

"Yes," she murmured appreciatively, "he's quite a specimen."

She had come up beside him now. She wanted to put her arm around his

But he seemed to have forgotten her. He was very tall.

He turned around slowly and slid his hands down into her gown.

Her nipples rose in the palms of his hands. Again, she didn't know why
she was letting this stranger do this to her. Except that he fascinated

He said, "Have you ever thought about doing it with a horse, Mrs.

"What?" she said, perfectly horrified. "Why no! Of course not!"

He said, "Never thought about the brute force embodied in the penis of
one of these great stallions. Never thought of what it would be like to
feel that animal force inside your frail human body?" He was shoving
his groin up against her.

She could feel how his cock was getting hard.

"N-no," she said nervously. He was squeezing her breasts too hard now.

"Ow!" she said, "you're hurting me!"

But he paid no notice. By twisting her breasts he was forcing her down
to her knees. She knelt in the dirt of the stable, between the black
beast and the strange man.

He wrapped his legs around her thighs and was busy unzipping his fly

"Look at him," he whispered. He was talking about the horse.

She stared into the darkness. She saw something gleaming red under the
horse's belly. She stared again. Was it what she thought? Yes.

"Come closer this way." He dragged her to the side.

He had his own dick out now, in his hand and he was rubbing it in
between her two bulging tits as they popped out of her bikini top.

"Look how big he is, Mrs. Reynolds. Think how big the mare would have
to be to take him. Many a mare has run from this horse in fright."

She was glancing down now at the big penis between her tits and then up
again at the huge, gleaming red horse cock that was powering out of the
horse's hairy penis sheath. Her breath was coming in pants and she
forgot where she was.

He took his whip and snapped it sharply behind her.

"Put it in your mouth, Mrs. Reynolds," he said.

He wasn't even looking at her. He was staring at the underbelly of the

She was frightened. She thought she was with a madman. Her only thought
was to do exactly as he said. But also, her blood was oddly excited. It
was racing.

She put the big cock in her mouth and began sucking on it.

"Imagine you're sucking on the dick of the horse, Mrs. Reynolds," the
man whispered coarsely into the darkness. He kept flicking his whip in
the air.

The horse reared up on his hind legs and whinnied. And his big hard red
cock hypnotized their eyes.

"Think how big it is, you couldn't possibly get it all in your mouth!
But you! Somehow you do! You're holding the penis of a wild beast in
your mouth, Mrs. Reynolds! And you feel all the brute raw strength of
the animal in his tool, which you suck!" He shoved his hard cock down
her open throat. Loretta sucked on it gratefully. The man's talk was
turning her on.

He went on. "And you reach up to touch the beast's big balls!"

He snapped his whip, letting it scrape against her buttocks.

Her hands went up to his basket and she began squeezing his balls.

"You feel the full power of this wild animal above you. And you know at
any moment he could rebel, and stamp you to death with one kick of his

He grabbed her head and shoved it against his meat.

She gulped, and her throat contracted and he shot his wad off down her

She sucked it all down, thinking this was the strangest sexual
experience she had had yet. But now her pussy was pounding. What was he
going to do for her?

He picked her up in his arms and carried her back into his ranch house.

He laid her down on his bed and he spread her legs.

Then, with the smell of the horses and the stables still on his hands,
he gave her his second hard-on of the day, and he stuck it up her cunt.

Loretta, still lazing on the patio as the air got cooler, smiled and
squeezed her thighs together at the recollection of that fuck.

Just then she heard Tanya calling to her from the room.

"Mom! It's Burton. He's on the phone! Come inside!"

Loretta went inside. She sat down on the bed and Tanya handed her the

"Hello, darling. How are you?" she said to her husband.

"Fine. Look, I have good news. I think I can get away earlier than I
expected. It's just so damn lonely around here without you guys. And I
figure why should you be having all the fun while I'm sitting at home
sweltering in the city."

Loretta smiled, bemused. If he only knew how much fun she had been

"That's good, dear," she said to him. "When are you coming."

"I'll be up tomorrow." Then they kissed and said goodbye.

The truth of the matter was that Burton, expecting to get a lot of
Ramona while his family was away, had been sorely disappointed.

Ramona's mother had answered the phone the first time he called her.
She didn't recognize his voice, but she was suspicious.

"Who are you. I heard some older man's been hanging out with my Ramona
and I'm here to tell you that I don't like it! Not one bit!"

Burton thought of hanging up. But he listened.

"So you stay away from here, you hear me! My Ramona's not some kind of
little tart that she can go around with married men who aren't going to
give her nothing!"

And then Ramona's mother had hung up. What had happened was, Ramona had
mentioned to her mother that she had a real mature boyfriend. And then
little by little, Mrs. Flapper had wormed the details out of her
daughter. The fact that he was thirty-five and married.

"He's too old for you, and what you want to be going around with
married men for anyways!" Monica Flapper slapped her daughter's face.

"Well, you go around with them all the time. Maybe I learned to do it
at home!"

Ramona merited another slap for this disrespectful remark. And she was
grounded at home until further notice.

"I suppose you're already giving them some of what they're looking for
too!" her mother screamed at her unreasonably. "That's all they want
men - just one thing! Don't be stupid girl! Don't be like your mother!"

But Burton didn't know about this whole scene.

All he knew was that his one main reason for staying at home had been
swept out from under his feet. So he arranged to take a few days off
from work.

The End

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