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The Straying Wife

Chapter 1

Nichole Parker's facial features alone were, in themselves, enough to
excite most men. It was a thin, heart shaped face framed by long black
hair that bobbed over her forehead. Her nose was long and delicate,
thin as porcelain, and tipped upward, revealing her flaring nostrils.
Her eyes were set wide apart and slightly tilted and her gaze was
direct, frank, unabashed. Her chin could be described as pert, her
mouth fleshy and broad, revealing dazzling white teeth whenever she

All of her teeth were capped and paid for by Web Hardman.

Hardman, dressed m his habitual trademark of all gray, stood behind her
chair at that moment. Both he and Nichole were looking at a wall and a
white projection screen that was silently and electrically lowering
itself into position. It was lowering into position at Web's command.
In another few seconds, he would flick a switch, and a panel in the
opposite wall would slide open and a projectionist lens would focus
itself. Web would turn a dial, the lights would lower, and a movie, in
color, would be seen on the screen.

But, first, he had some other things on his mind. He wasn't worried
about security; he had plenty of that. All the servants in the house
could be trusted. He went to his ornately carved desk---imported from
Italy and once was used by none other than the Medicis---and took
something from the drawer.

Semi-concealing it in his hand, he walked back to Nichole and stood in
front of her, a knowing smile playing on his lips. Nichole sat, cool
and poised, an attractive young woman in a slinky dress that exposed
her long slender legs and most of her firm young thighs.

Web took her in for a moment, took m her beauty and her voluptuous
body. Just turned twenty one, she was in the prime of her life. Her
waist was long and thin, gradually tapering up into her rib cage then
blossoming (there was no other word) into large, ripely jutting breasts
... big as musk-melons, with provocative little shadows like half-
moons, under them. Her hips were wide and liquid, telling you by the
way she moved and walked that she had nothing on underneath other than
panties. At the moment Web stood looking down at her, she didn't even
wear panties.

Web knew this. Nichole never came to his home wearing any underwear.
The young girl shuddered to think what he would do to her if she were
to be so careless.

He stood smiling down at her, his face tanned, his features
distinguished. His tan hid an alcoholic flush, for Web Hardman drank
hard and long, and Nichole was truly afraid of him when he drank. Once
past a certain point, he was capable of anything.

At the moment, he had yet to have a drink. It was still early
afternoon. He looked down at Nichole sitting so sensually poised in the
big leather chair and spoke quietly, with an easy authority, for he was
used to being obeyed. "Pull your dress up."

Nichole obeyed immediately, hiking her dress high, almost exposing the
"V" of softly curling pubic hair that was half-buried up between her

"Pull it all the way up."

His voice was still quiet, and Nichole again obeyed, pulling the dress
up so that it was around her waist, completely exposing the softly
fleshed flanks of her naked buttocks and her pubic hair. She sat,
feeling the cool leather against her warm skin, staring up at Web with
an attentive expression on her pert, Gaelic-looking face.

The middle-aged financier pointed with one long manicured finger. "Put
one leg over the arm of the chair."

Nichole only hesitated a second, blinking, before she obeyed, swinging
one long leg up and over the arm of the chair. With a barely audible
sigh, she sunk back in the chair, her eyes almost glassy, looking up at
Web with an expectant, almost depraved expression on her face.

Web looked down at her so obscenely posed. He saw her strong curving
thigh and the smooth, milky white inside of it, and his eyes raced down
to her loins with its sparse black pubic hair. He took in her roundly
panting mound of Venus and the way her fluted vaginal lips---ragged and
flushing under her pubic hair---were beginning to swell and form
themselves in a lust-pucker already. Her entire cuntal slit was
exposed, allowing a tantalizing glimpse of the pink lining of her pussy
walls that were already beginning to glint with the hot moisture of
sexual excitement. Near her mound of Venus, at the top of her slit,
bulged the nub of her clitoris.

Web liked Nichole. Over the years, he had trained the young girl well,
and she had been a good pupil, learning rapidly and eagerly. She knew
that she would be well rewarded for whatever task he put her to.
Besides, she had learned the joys of being bound, being subjected to
humiliation, being forced to do lewd almost unspeakable acts with him
or whomever he designated. Further, she had learned to submit her will
to his and let him do what he wished. She learned the rewards in
increased sensuality and molten, shattering, orgasms, and in the
financial rewards he so lavishly bestowed after his whim was satisfied.
She knew how to please him, and now she lounged back in the chair,
jutting out her mound of Venus, acting sluttish, enjoying her lewd
actions. Many a time he had reduced her to a verbal admittance of being
nothing more than a whore, and she had to admit she enjoyed it herself.
A wanton smile was on her beautiful face as he looked down at her
nakedly exposed cunt, and he nodded. "Good. Now, the other leg."

Nichole obeyed immediately, swinging the knee over the opposite arm of
the chair and letting her buttocks come to the edge of the cushion. She
glanced down and saw with delight how her wide-spread and eagerly
quivering little cunt glinted and glistened from moist excitement. More
than anything, she wanted to reach down with her fingers and caress her
wetly heated vagina---perhaps he would order her to do that---and
assuage the itching hunger that was growing there. She wanted to rub
her hands over her pussy and tease her clitoris, and then finger fuck
herself into oblivion. But she didn't dare; not without Web telling her
to do it.

He held his hand forward, revealing the thing he had taken out of the
drawer and kept half-concealed from her. At first glance, she thought
it was a new dildoe; it was made of plastic, was white, long, and
thick, like a penis. Nichole looked puzzled. "What is it?"

Web pushed a button on the bottom of it and the thing leaped to life in
his hand, vibrating noiselessly. He pushed another button and it began
sliding back and forth, like a white, rigidly erect penis in a sheath.

Nichole groaned and let her head roll back, her eyes half-closed. A
lewd smile was on her lips.

Web smiled back and stepped closer, between her wide-spread legs.
"Battery operated," he said as he held the vibrating sliding end on the
inside of one sleek thigh, near her wetly gaping vagina. Nichole moaned
again as she felt the pleasurable sensation. The vibrator was warm and
rigid---just like a cock! "I took the liberty of having it filled with
warm oil," Web explained.

"I love it," Nichole admitted thickly. And she did! She wasn't talking
just to please Web although it did, indeed, please him. The handsome
millionaire had been such an evil influence on Nichole's life that she
now looked at depravity as a way of life. Web was right and his
pleasure was her task. If she submitted herself to his will, submerged
her ego and allowed her lewdness and natural depravity to take over,
her task would be full of an intense and searing pleasure seldom, if
ever, experienced by other women.

She knew the vibrator was for her to use as Web handed it to her and
stood back, leaning against the desk. His arms were folded, his eyes
glittering, his hips twitching, as he watched Nichole turn the vibrator
on and let it slide all over her stomach and down into her pubic hair.

Web observed it all with a detached, almost cynical look. He watched
the way a scientist might observe an experiment he had set up or the
way am amateur horticulturist might check the soil and temperature of
his rare orchids. It was a thing that Interested him, more than a
hobby, more than a profession. With Web Hardman, sex was a way of life.
He was a unique and fortunate man, for he was born wealthy and had
grown up expecting the best that money could buy. He was educated
abroad and was really much more European than American.

The last descendant of a rich old family, he was the sum result of
almost incestuous in-breeding. Keenly intelligent, he had been, from
childhood, too intense and too interested in sensuality and those
pleasures which are forbidden by most societies. With endless wealth at
his command, a keen mind, a vivid imagination, Web Hardman was soon
tasting pleasures that most men only dream of.

Nor was he superficial about it. He pursued his activities with a
scientist's passion. He was clever and covered up his illegal
activities; he kept records in writing, on tape, and on film. Soon, he
had amassed a considerable library of rather interesting pornography,
some of which had enough overtones of sadism to excite the Marquis de
Sade. Soon, he treated people---especially women---like a scientist
would treat a laboratory rat: with objectivity and dispassion. His
thrill, his satisfaction, was in proving his theory: that any woman
could be reduced to a base, unthinking carnality in a matter of days.
Sometimes, in a matter of hours. His theory held that women were the
true pornographers, that their instinct and natural desire was obscene
and that they understood and loved depravity. He felt that there were
no depths of wantonness to which a woman would not sink if conditions
were right; and it thrilled and excited him to see his theory being
borne out, being lived out again and again, right in front of him.

Nichole was a most willing pupil. At first, because of her upbringing
and pride, she had been extremely difficult. But he had broken her. He
had broken her so completely that he was about to lose interest in her.
The challenge was gone; Nichole would willingly do anything he wished.
She had been under his influence about a year. In one year, she went
from an innocent young girl with ideals and aspirations to an eager
little slut who had performed every known sexual depravity. Nichole now
knew that she would never again enjoy what is commonly known as "normal
sex." She knew she could never be happy married to one man; never,
unless he allowed her to have orgies.

Now, she lay back in the leather chair with her dress pulled high,
revealing her ripely expectant loins. Naked from the waist down, she
sprawled, her legs slung over the thick arms of the chair and she let
her head loll back, her mouth slack and laxly open. The delicate
fingers of her free hand slid down and tangled in her pubic hair. Her
hips were slowly undulating and pumping in an obscene manner as her
free hand slid down on either side of the moist, pulpy lips of her
hotly twitching vagina. Using thumb and forefingers, she impatiently
spread her lust-swollen pussy lips and revealed the moistly pink inner
walls of her cunt. Below her thinly bearded vaginal mouth, her white
buttocks met in a deep tight crevice.

Web watched as her sensual young body shuddered in obscene delight and
her hips twisted and thrust forward so that her ripely fleshed buttocks
ballooned on the edge of the chair. Her head lowered so that she had to
look down at her eagerly writhing loins between breasts that jutted up
in front of her like snowy twin peaks. Her wetly quivering cunt was
tilted up high as she ran the long thick vibrator up and down the slit,
pausing to let it shudder over her erect little clitoris as her eyelids
fluttered and she gasped for breath. Already, her pleasure was wracking
her body with its intensity.

Quietly, Web Hardman circled around her as she wantonly slumped in the
chair, sluttish in her pose with her legs thrown wide over the arms of
the chair. Her nakedly quivering cunt was gaping open as she guided the
rapidly thrusting mechanical penis in and around her vaginal cavity.
She was moaning continuously now. The gray-haired older man walked
behind the chair and, leaning over it, reached down and began
unbuttoning the front of her dress.

He slowly pulled the bodice open, revealing her large, firmly upthrust
breasts that were spilling out of a flimsy half-bra. He knew that
Nichole was justifiably proud of her huge, but perfectly proportioned
breasts. The night he had broken her, the night she had reveled in
depravities and lewd behavior, the night she had admitted her inherent
wantonness and submitted her will to his, that wonderful night had
begun when he had her strip to the waist. Then, his bodyguard and his
chauffeur had seized her and forced her arms back. A pole, a broom
handle, was run long-ways between her back and her arms. Then Nichole's
hands were forced forward again, and she had watched as her wrists were
tightly and brutally tied together in front of her waist. The pole
across her back, locking her elbows in place, had forced her arms and
shoulders back ... and thrust out her nakedly quivering breasts.

She had been forced to stand in front of a mirror and stare at herself
before, at a signal from Web, his men began caressing and putting their
wetly open mouths on those out-thrust, defenseless breasts.

That night had been the beginning for Nichole. She was too thrilled and
excited to resist as she watched in the mirror. Ever since that night
Web had been able to bring her to an orgasm, just by exciting and
fondling her breasts.

Now he helped them free of the almost transparent half-bra and saw the
firm way they quivered and jellied on her breast. Her head was wedged
against the back of the chair and her chin was pushed into her chest as
she looked between her now naked breasts to see the big white plastic
prick vibrating between her legs. Web saw her wide-spread cuntal lips
as she ran her thumb over her clitoris and as the mechanical cock
quivered its way deeper into her wildly pulsing pussy. Her young body
was wantonly shuddering with pleasure as the vibration tantalized and
enflamed her sense.

"You have lovely breasts, my dear," he said, leaning over the back of
the chair and cupping their fleshy fullness m his manicured hands.

Nichole opened her smoky eyes halfway and saw his fingers caressing her
already distended nipples. "Thank you," she murmured thickly. With her
hands, she began rapidly pumping the vibrator in and out of her moistly
clasping pussy, the lewd parody of fucking increasing the feeling of
pleasure. She closed her eyes, as his pinching fingers and the vibrator
aroused her to where she wanted to scream her lust out. Her
voluptuously round body was suddenly out of control. She had learned to
give in to her lust without a reservation. Web liked that and ... so
did she. There was something so thrilling and enjoyable in acting lewd,
acting like a slut, not caring what people might think. Then, too, Web
had taught her the naughty and thrilling delights of being an
exhibitionist. He had forced her to be an exhibitionist and know the
thrill that so intensified the orgasm.

He looked down at her writhing obscenely in the chair. "Too bad I don't
have someone here to bite and suck on your breasts, Nichole."

In answer, Nichole let her head thrash from side to side and a low moan
of frustration trembled from her lips as she increased the tempo of her
hips pumping up against the vibrator.

Web smiled down at her, taking his hands away. He had set her up. He
had suggested a pleasure, and she had groaned like a Pavlovian dog at
the idea. With no more than a suggestion on his part, he would watch
her debase herself further.

"Of course," he said, his voice light and cool. "You could lick and
suck them."

Nichole broke her mounting rhythm as she heard his words and wasn't
sure she understood. "W ... what?"

"I said you could, in your present position, excite yourself by licking
and sucking them yourself. They're right in front of your mouth." He
paused to walk around the chair. "You could lick them and you could
suck them and I," he announced clearly, "could watch you do it."

Web moved around the chair for a better view, his mouth half-open in
eager anticipation. Even as he watched, Nichole pulled the vibrator out
of her cunt and held it hard on her clitoris, her eyes were closed and
her face contorted by the hot passion that she was feeling. Web watched
her hips and tautly rippling belly roll and undulate while her moistly
glistening cunt-lips twitched and gaped as the vibrator quivered and
thrust against her clitoris. With her free hand, she cupped one snowy
breast and tilted it toward her mouth, the nipple caught between her
fingers. Her tongue snaked out, red and wet, and the soft, velvet-
smooth tip rimmed around the erect little nipple. Then, as Web watched,
she opened her mouth wide, taking the whole nipple in. Her wetly
ovalled lips closed over the berry-like nipple, and her cheeks hollowed
as she sucked with a sex-crazed fervency.

Web felt himself being aroused as he watched. Nichole was doing exactly
as he asked, and her obscene self-excitement was having its effect. She
hooked her legs even tighter over the arms of the chair, jutting her
hips and naked groin outward and upward even more, spreading the lips
of her wetly trembling cunt as she ran the vibrating plastic cock up
and down and in and out of her with a hypnotic rhythm.

With a groan, the young girl let her heavy breast fall from her mouth.
She was gasping for air, panting with lewd passion, and her ripely
quivering breast was wet and glistening with her saliva. She opened her
fevered eyes a slit and her free hand groped for her other breast. It
trembled under her grasp as she cupped her fingers on it and pulled it
toward her mouth, her fingers depressed in the softly yielding flesh so
that the nipple stood out all the more. Her tongue lashed out at the
nipple, and Web watched it grow even more taut as she rimmed the nipple
then let the flat wet tongue engulf it. With mouth wide open, she put
the pinkly puckered little nipple in her mouth and, closing her eyes,
looked ecstatically happy. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, white her
hips roiled slowly and lewdly causing her buttocks to lift clear of the
leather seat. Her twin asscheeks twitched and contracted so that Web
could see her tightly puckered anus and the shining moistness from her
cunt trickling down the deep crevice.

Web went behind his desk to the small console board, dimmed the lights,
and punched a button. Still pictures suddenly appeared on the movie
screen. They were shots of Nichole. She was wearing black boots that
came to her knees, a flimsy black G-string, and a tight half-bra that
only served to hold her big, fully rounded breasts erect; her nipples
stuck out, free, taut, enticing. The G-string barely covered her
sparse, pubic hair and completely exposed her nakedly white buttocks.
The still pictures were in color and changed, with a "click-click"

Nichole opened her eyes and looked up at the screen to see a montage of
herself in various suggestive and obscene poses: a close-up of her with
a huge glistening cock wedged between her tightly compressed breasts.
Then she was on her knees in another picture with her legs spread wide
apart showing a man crouched before her; his face was buried in her
cuntal crevice. Another naked man knelt behind her and pressed his
whitely massive cock against her young buttocks; he had reached around
and cupped her breasts while she turned her head and had her little red
tongue in his mouth. The pictures came one after another, quickly,
seemingly endless with Nichole lewdly kneeling over a naked man, with
Nichole sucking a cum-covered penis while being fucked dog fashion,
with Nichole obscene and obedient, doing whatever Web wanted.


The shamelessly aroused girl collapsed in the chair, her face twisted
by the near orgasm that was writhing, smoky and aching, through every
nerve in her young body. She lay, panting, her eyes closed.

After a moment she took a deep shuddering breath and opened her eyes to
see the pictures were off the screen. Web was leaning against the desk
again, his arms folded over his chest. He was tall and gray, in his
middle forties and habitually wore all gray, like a trademark. Gray
suit, shirt, tie. Even, sometimes, gray patent leather shoes. He was
looking at her with a faint, ironic, grin on his thin lips. Nichole
simply stared at him as she sprawled obscenely, her beautiful wetly
firm breasts heaving, the vibrating mechanical penis buzzing forgotten
in her hand.

"You know, Nichole, I'm getting bored with you."

The words were spoken so quietly. almost casually, yet they struck
terror in her heart. She looked at him showing her fear. What would he
do with her? What would she do if he threw her out? Where would she go?
Tears, real tears, welled like glistening slivers in her eyes. "Why?"
she asked, shaking her head. "I try. I try to please you."

Web became preoccupied with a mote or speck on the cuff of his
expensive coat; he carefully picked it off with thumb and forefinger
and let it drop into an ashtray on the desk. "I know. I know. You'll do
anything I ask, won't you?"

"Anything," Nichole said the word carefully, feeling the lewd thrill
that such an admittance gave her. She would, literally, do anything he

"That's the trouble," he went on, going behind the desk and sitting
down, joining the tips of his fingers together in front of him like a
cathedral. "That's the trouble. I know you'll do anything l want.
There's no challenge left and I'm bored." His forehead became wrinkled.
"I'm bored, Nichole."

Still slumped obscenely in her chair, the young girl shook her head and
bit her lip. "But ... l try!" was all she could think of saying.

Tapping his fingers, Wed nodded, looking off. Nichole dreaded the next
few minutes, dreaded hearing the words. She knew there had been other
girls. Beautiful girls! She had seen then in movies that Web would run
for her and his guests; beautiful girls who performed obscenities for
Web just like she did. These girls she saw were no longer around, and
Web would never say what had happened to them.

He had Nichole addicted in a subtle way. She was used to and keyed to a
life of orgies and money. She was hooked on jetting to England for a
week, then a ski weekend at Squaw Valley, then catching a new show
opening on Broadway. She now needed the excitement of being near famous
people and speaking with them. Once, she had met a famous comedian who
liked her so much they had sex together. She was used to and, in a
sense, needed the clothes and champagne that Web bought. He was more
than generous, he was lavish in his style of living. So long as she had
that, so long as she felt she was part of his entourage, she felt her
life had some meaning. And excitement! "Excitement" meant places,
seeing people, being conscious that she was at the hub of things, that
she was where the action was, that she was envied and photographed.
"Excitement" was something she had now come to need. Web Hardman being
bored with her meant banishment. She would eventually have to get a job
somewhere and read in the paper about the "Jet Set" and their
adventures. No, Nichole didn't want the terrible gray obscurity that
would come if Web cast her off like an old unwanted item of clothing.

Web, with the timing of a master-actor, cleared his throat and said,
"Of course, there is something."


"He concealed his smile. "It might just work."

Nichole slid out of the leather chair, kneeling on the floor, her dress
sliding up over her nakedly exposed young loins. "What, Web? I'll do
it! You know that! I'll do anything you want me to do!"

Web cocked his head to one side. "Would you betray a friend for me?"

"What?" Nichole looked distressed.

"Would you betray a friend? Would you bring me a new girl?"

"Yes!" Nichole leaped at the idea.

Web held up a finger. "It can't be just anyone. It must be a good
friend and she must be attractive. I don't want you hiring any

"I won't, I won't."

"This little exercise is as much for you as it is for me. Think of it.
A complete betrayal. I want you to seduce a friend until she's just as
depraved as you are now." He got to his feet and pointed to the chair
behind her with one long thin finger. "In a matter of weeks or days, I
want a friend of yours in that chair using that vibrator the way you
just did."

Nichole jumped. The plastic vibrator was buzzing still in her hand. She
shut it off. "Yes! I'll do it!"

"And it will excite you, won't it?"

"Yes! Oh, yes!"

"You'll enjoy it, won't you?"


"Very well. Who will it be?"

"Huh? What? Who?"

Web strode around the desk and looked down at her as she subserviently
knelt in front of him. She was afraid of his tall figure towering over
her. Her mind raced for a name. It couldn't be anyone. It had to be
someone special or he wouldn't be pleased at all and, above all, she
had to please him. Her hand brushed across her forehead. Who? Who? Her
face suddenly lighted up. "I know," she cried.


"Kim. Kim Stewart. She lives in Carmel." Web nodded. Kim Stewart. Fine.
Kim Stewart is it."

Chapter 2

Carmel. The name conjures up a particular image. It is, quite simply, a
tourist town on the coast of central California. It is that, and much
more. Carmel: playground for the rich and the rich-retired. A quaint
little town, once a village, now grown, yet still having many
attributes of a village with no sidewalks, trees growing in the middle
of a street, no street addresses or street lights. There are still many
board-and-bat cottages built back in the days when it was truly a
village and an artist's colony.

Carmel happens to be set down on a peninsula, at the mouth of a fertile
valley, at a piece of coastline that is unique in the world and
breathtakingly dramatic. A melding of sky, sea, mountains, and river-
mouth delta land. Carmel is like a jewel nestled in a belly-dancer's
navel. The Carmel River empties into the sea, and the deep royal blue
of the Pacific crashes wedding-cake white waves on hoary rocks that
stand off shore like prehistoric reminders of another time. The St.
Lucia mountain range seems to rush---to plunge down into the Pacific as
the dramatic end to the land, to America. Carmel is part of the
peninsula that juts out into the Pacific and holds two other towns, or
communities: Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach.

Pacific Grove is a quiet area of families and retired couples of modest
means. It is a religious town and it is one of the few islands of
abstinence, a dry town and proud of the fact. Consequently, Pacific
Grovians have to drive outside of the city limits to package stores and
is literally ringed with liquor stores. At night, the people drink at
home, quietly, behind drawn shades.

Most of the people who live in Carmel and Pebble Beach regard Pacific
Grove as a quiet place and seldom go there.

At the entrance to the peninsula sits Monterey with its harbor and
fishing fleets and Cannery Row of John Steinbeck fame. Cannery Row is
nothing more than a tourist place now with only one cannery operating
and the rest of the canneries and warehouses housing craft shops and
clothing stores.

Hippies, with a record store, a health food shop and a leather craft
shop, have made a foothold on one end of Cannery Row.

Hippies are seen in Monterey and Pacific Grove and Carmel. They are a
problem because Carmel lies between San Francisco and Big Sur. It is an
attractive stop-over point for hitch-hikers and a problem to the city

There are no hippies in Pebble Beach. It is more a community than a
town. Here, in breath-taking loveliness, behind walls and gates that
are guarded, live the very rich. Here is the famous Del Monte Lodge
where only the wealthy and famous can afford to stay. Here is the
world-famous seaside links of Pebble Beach, scene of the glamorous Bing
Crosby Clambake once a year. Here are movie stars and society matrons,
all with an elegance and fresh clean good looks that go with the
peninsula. Here, on any day, one is apt to see a blonde with that
scrubbed, spanking-clean, mint-mouthed smile and dazzling white
turtleneck sweater and slacks striding through the Beach Club or to
Club Nineteen or seen walking down the fairway, following some golfers.

Here, at Pebble Beach, behind guarded gates, the beautiful, talented,
and rich people gather to play and party, and some of them stay to

Pebble Beach has its own security force which guards the gates,
charging admission to tourists who look respectable and patrolling the
roads that cut through the forests and parallel golf courses. They
patrol past the gates with gravel roads that twist and lead up to grand
homes. Most of the elegant houses are hidden from sight by shrubbery
and fences, for residents of Pebble Beach pay well for beauty and

There are famous admirals, generals, movie stars, and business men
living there. By and large, far and away, you couldn't find a group
with more character. There were a few; those that had inherited their
money and couldn't handle it. There were those that came from old
money, had a good family name yet suffered the inevitable consequences
of too much in-breeding that bordered on the incestuous. Such a person
was Web Hardman. His home at Pebble Beach was one of the best. Hidden
from the road, it commanded a sweeping view of the Pacific, had a
private beach and was ringed on the land side by a high cyclone fence
that spawned barbed wire at the top. The gate was opened
electronically, but only after a visitor had obeyed an amplified voice
command and stepped up to a pillar where a television camera scanned

Such precautions were not out of the ordinary in Pebble Beach, for it
was expected that people valued their privacy and the security patrol
was there to reinforce it.

Web Hardman seldom went out and played a very respectable and passive
part in the peninsula's social life. No one, outside of a trusted few,
ever suspected what went on in his house. Lights late at night, parties
and music, were far from uncommon at Pebble Beach, and the security
patrol's principle problem at night was seeing that tipsy drivers got
safely home. Whenever Web's name was mentioned in the Peninsula's
paper, The Monterey Herald, he was described as, "One of the coast's
most eligible bachelors." Web did his best to keep his name and picture
out of the paper.

Carmel is a tourist and retirement center. It also has a population of
young people, many of whom work in its stores and shops. They are
usually young, intelligent, ambitious, and attractive. They are the
type of people concerned with where they live, concerned about
beautiful surroundings. They are usually ambitious people, eager to get
ahead, drawing some sort of identity from waiting on or associating
with the rich.

Unlike Pacific Grove, Carmel is far from dry and it harbors some of the
best bars on the peninsula. The Red Lion, a facsimile of an English
pub; Su Vecimo with its Mexican motif; La Playa with its casual
elegance and thick adobe walls; El Matador with its austere, regal,
bullfight atmosphere. On any weekend, the mentioned bars---and more---
swing late, crowded with attractive couples. One such couple sat in a
comer of El Matador, drinking Irish coffees and gazing soulfully into
each other's eyes. They had that sad, tender, troubled look that
soulful lovers sometimes wear. The man, rugged, tall, and good looking,
was obviously containing his anger and disappointment. He will be
leaving the next day for the jungles and rain forests of South America
where he will engineer a camp and build a bridge. His wife looked at
him bravely, holding back her tears. She must, for they both know that
others in the bar are looking at them, the males especially. Men always
look at her. She had a wild mane of naturally red hair it frames her
face in an untamed flame-licking way. Her skin was that creamy white
that so often goes with red hair and her eyes are a vivid blue and set
wide apart. Her mouth is large, almost but not quite too large and her
wetly glistening lips are full-formed. Her profile was pure and clean
and made one think of the poets in Ireland and the misty isles and a
natural kind of majesty and royalty. If her face and hair weren't
enough, there was her body. God must have been in a wild and ecstatic
mood when he created her. Most women would give a fortune to have her
body. Tall, with sensually flaring hips and long elegant thighs, she
possessed a slim waist that rose to two perfectly round breasts that
bulged excitingly beneath the soft sweater she was wearing. She leaned
forward and put her elbows on the table as she looked wistfully at her
husband, and every man could see that she wasn't wearing a brassiere by
the molten, rubbery way her breasts moved. Those breasts, those two
firmly jutting mounds of flesh with their nipples straining and
pointing through the wool, were real! They were almost---not quite---
too big for her slim build.

She had two black moles---beauty marks---on her face: one on her cheek
and one on the side of her chin. She wore only a little makeup and she
didn't even need that. Her eyelashes were unusually long, and her
generously fun lips seemed always to be wet, to have a sheen to them.
Her smoky, startlingly blue eyes had a hot provocative look to them.
That look was always getting her in trouble because men misread her

This attractive redhead, this girl who reminded men of Raquel Welch,
was Kim Stewart! She sat staring at her husband, Hank Stewart,
engineer, husband, a scion to a Pebble Beach fortune. He was cut off
from that because he eloped with Kim. Kim had worked as a waitress in a
local restaurant, The Butcher Shop, when she had met Hank. He had swept
her off her feet, rushing her beyond her belief. Within two weeks of
meeting, they were married and Kim was walking about a quarter of an
inch off the ground when their world came crashing down.

First it had been his family. They didn't approve. They were proud and
powerful people. They were lofty and the family tree went back to New
England and the Mayflower. She was coldly ignored, and Hank was told in
formal and frosty terms that he was being cut off from any funds. This,
in itself, wasn't too much of a blow. Hank had money of his own and a
profession: engineering. He opened a small office in Monterey, and they
rented a one-bedroom cottage in Carmel near the beach. They were happy
with chilly night walks on the beach and hurrying home to a bright fire
and hot toddies. They would sit by the fire, listening to the waves
crashing on the beach and feeling the warm glow of the fire. Hank
reassured Kim that in time, his parents would come around. "They'll see
what kind of a person you really are."

Although she didn't say so, Kim was determined to show them by example
what kind of a person she was. They would see that they were wrong,
that she was an asset to their family even if her parents were poor and
she had to work for a living. They would see Hank happy, and they would
realize they were wrong. Kim vowed to lead a life that would be beyond

And that vow led to and helped sharpen their real problem. Despite her
looks, Kim was not sensual. In fact, she was exactly the opposite. She
felt her body was too well-endowed, that it was too shapely and
provocative and as a result, she went to great lengths to hide it. And,
the more she tried to hide it the more she called attention to it. Even
her walk got her into trouble because it was a liquid thing that made
the bottoms of her buttocks twitch in a way that made men grit their
teeth. Kim was aware of her walk and when she tried to slow it down,
repress it, keep it subdued, she only succeeded in making it slow and
slinky. It was the same walk used by a stripper who stalks across the
stage and removes the last tantalizing shred of clothing and stands
magnificently naked except for a trivial G-string, sheer black
stockings, and high heels. Kim walked with that breath-taking
expectation of something lewd happening.

Hank compounded the problem. Although from a proper WASP (White, Anglo
Saxon, Protestant) family, he was more Latin in bed than anything. In
fact, when he had too much to drink, he was positively brutal and lewd
in bed.

Kim wasn't sensual or didn't think she was. She had been raised in a
strictly religious home and sex was always something dirty and sinful
to her. On top of her natural reticence, there was her determination to
show his family that she was worthy. She kept imagining the day when
they would finally invite Hank and her to their house. When that day
came, Kim was going to be able to look Hank's mother in the eye, and
Mrs. Stewart was going to see that Kim was a decent girl, not some
cheap slot. His mother was going to see it in her face because Kim was
determined to live that way.

She knew Hank was frustrated, but she felt he would understand. She
felt that deep down he didn't want her to behave in a lewd way. Not
really! If she behaved in that way he would eventually lose respect for
her. No, Kim was firm and stuck to her guns.

The situation worsened with the coming of the South American job. It
was a big job and an important one and Hank felt he was lucky to have
landed it. The rain forests of the upper Amazon basin was no place for
a bride. It was a wilderness, and none of the men were taking their
wives. Besides, there would be no time for women, only time for carving
a camp out of the jungle and building a bridge.

At first, Hank wasn't going to take the job. Then he began to feel that
time apart might help their marriage. He had never dreamed that his
wife would be such a cold fish in bed. Everything about her led one to
believe the opposite. Kim would let him have sex with her while she lay
underneath him, stiff and unresponsive eager to have it over.

Now, tonight, while Nichole was in the Pebble Beach home of Web Hardman
and uttering Kim Stewart's name, she was having a farewell drink with
Hank. He would be leaving early in the morning and she wouldn't see him
again for six months. Half a year! Hank was being polite and grim and,
to Kim's concern, he was drinking too much.

So far, their parting had been tender. They left the Matador late,
saying good bye to domino playing friends at the bar. Hank shook hands
with the bartender and told him to keep an eye on Kim. He was polite
and careful, the way he always got when drunk. Kim knew---and dreaded--
-what the next step would be.

Hank drove home along Scenic Avenue, above the beach of white sand that
seemed almost to glow in the moonlight. Long white breakers came out of
the night and broke on the shore. Far out at sea, mysterious off-shore
lights winked and moved steadily along. Hank didn't have much to say on
the drive home. Nor did he say anything when they went to the bedroom
and Kim fled into the bathroom, closing the door and changing into her
negligee. Hank slumped down on the bottom of the bed, staring at the
floor, his lower lips thrust petulantly out. She, Kim, carried the
modesty thing just a little too far to suit him. She wouldn't wear a
brassiere because she thought the undergarment made her breasts stick
out too much. As a result, her taut little nipples poked against her
sweaters and blouses and drove men nuts.

He clenched his fists as he thought of her getting up in the Matador
and slinking to the ladies room with every stud in the place drooling
and looking at him with that "You-sure-are-getting-yours" kind of
envious look. And watching her come back to the table with that wild
hair and cool look and her hips twitching and her breasts cargo-
shifting, rubbing together, under the sweater. It's a wonder she wasn't

A drunken leer came across his face, and he gunned at the closed
bathroom door. Rape! She was carrying it just a bit far, changing in
there. After all, it wasn't against the law for a husband and wife to
be naked together. He snorted, realizing how long it had been and
knowing that she was shortly to come through the bathroom door clad in
an ultra-respectable nightie---probably something made out of flannel
and real itsy-poo.

He was right. Seeing things distorted through a prism of too much
Scotch, he lurched to his feet as she came into the room. To him it
seemed she was playing the little girl with an ugly nightie up to her
Adam's apple, wearing a gown with ribbons and bows on it and only her
bare toes peeking out from underneath.

Essentially, he was right. The negligee was demure and she did have a
polite smile on her face, hoping he would respond in kind. She yawned
in front of him as he stood swaying before her, breathing heavily
through his nose. "We'd better get to bed. We've got to be up early, so
you can catch that plane," she said, trying to calm him.

"Nuts. Bull! The hell with the plane," he growled as he lurched toward
her. His big hands seized her by the shoulders.

"Hank! You're hurting me!"

"So what? Take it off, baby!"

"Hank, stop this instant!"

Her tone only served to annoy him. He was too far gone in alcohol and
frustration to bother to listen. He saw her walking, slinky and sexy, a
real prick-tease, across the floor of the Matador with her ripely
rounded buttocks twitching and her big beautiful breasts shifting,
quivering and wiggling under her sweater. He saw all the bar-rail studs
looking at her with one thing on their minds. Mentally they had all
fucked her ... and what was there for him---her husband? Now, this ...
this Shirley Temple nightie! He hooked his fingers in the collar of the
gown and pulled, tearing the negligee down the front to her slender,
ripely flaring hips. He caught glimpses of her voluptuously naked flesh
beneath; her protruding musk-melon breasts so round and full, so
quivering with softness and fleshy promise; her firm stomach that was
curved out of ivory in subtle undulations and the "V" of her lush pubic
mound. Everything---her stomach, her sleek young thighs that were as
smooth and warm as a baby's skin---everything seemed to swoop and rush
head-long to her loins where her plumply rounded mound of Venus was
licked with a tongue of softly curling flame from her sparse red pubic

The drunken engineer's breath came faster as he lurched after her. Kim
backed against the wall, her hands and arms trying to hide her breasts
that jellied in fright and her naked loins. "Hank, don't you dare!"

He grabbed her wrist and yanked her arm to one side with a brutal ease
and her firm young breasts leaped free and quivered m front of his face
and he half grunted, half-growled as be stared at her softly fleshed
globes. Consistent with her flame-tousled complexion, her nipples were
the palest of pink, delicate and finely formed.

It was with an animal savagery that he stepped forward and locked one
burly arm around the terrified young wife's slender waist and squeezed,
forcing her to bend over backward. Kim tried to protest, but his other
hand was clamped over her mouth with a sudden force ... and her head
was forced back to where it crashed against the wall, causing her to
see stars. She was pinned between his hard body and the wall, bent over
backward from the waist while her lovely harvest moon breasts were
nakedly free and tilting up to where his hot, moistly hungry mouth
ravished them. He was close to going berserk as he greedily licked the
distended little nipples. Clamping his voracious mouth over them he
sucked hard and then bit down on them, feeling their berry-like buds
respond, grow taut and buffeted as he rolled them around with his
tongue and teeth.

The red-headed wife struggled with all her might, but her frantic
squirming seemed only to excite the drunken engineer to more brutality
and worsen her position. His powerful hips were being savagely ground
into hers, and she could feel the growing hardness of his long thick
cock under his pants. Her head was forced back and the negligee had
slipped down, exposing her smoothly rounded feminine shoulders and
breasts and at the same time, effectively pinning her arms at her
sides. Kim's breasts were completely naked now and tilted toward the
ceiling; they moistly glistened in the bedroom lamplight ... wettened
with hot saliva as his hungrily sucking mouth darted from one nipple to
the other.

Finally the struggling young girl was able to turn her head to one
side, freeing her mouth. "Hank, stop, it's me, Kim!" She knew he was
drunk and didn't know what he was doing; she had to bring him to his
senses! "It's me, Kim!"

"KIM!" He roared out her name and let go of her, stepping back and
standing in a savage semi-crouch, looking at her and letting out a wild
laugh, a laugh utterly devoid of humor and full of violence and ugly

Kim stood against the wall completely naked to her waist, her twin
fleshy moons heaving for breath. She tried not to move ... not to
startle him. My God, he was beyond reason! His eyes were glassy and
wild, glazed over with lust and alcohol. She had to get through to him.
"Hank, wait a minute. Take it easy. It's me, Kim." She spoke softly, as
if to a child or a growling dog she was trying to reassure. "It's Kim.
Your wife. Remember? Take it easy. Wait a min---"

She never got a chance to finish her sentence, for she screamed,
involuntarily, as he brutally seized her by the wrist and, with a
strength she never dreamed he possessed, pulled her to him and then
snapped her out, across the room, hurtling toward the bed. He snapped
her with an incredible strength, tossed her as if she were a child on
the end of snap-the-whip; she literally flew through the air until her
knees hit the edge of the bed, and momentum flung her forward ---down
on her face and stomach to the mattress.

She bounced up from the sudden impact, but the aroused engineer was on
her from the rear, his thumb and fingers clamping themselves on the
back of her neck like steel bands. They hurt a lot, made her cry out
and be afraid to move, as he forced her back face down on the bed. His
other hand groped for the negligee and she felt and heard it rip as he
impatiently clawed at it until he had torn every last shred away. Now
she was pinned helplessly down on the bed, the covers rubbing against
her nipples that were extraordinarily sensitive from his ministrations.
His heavy breathing was a combination of things: alcohol, exertion, and
a growing, yammering, exulting passion. A horny wildness was coursing
through his blood and pounding on the iron-hard, heavily-flanged head
of his cock that throbbed so hard that it ached.

He looked down at his wife, at the hollow of her back and the way it
arched up to where her shoulder blades stuck out like incipient angel's
wings. He stared, almost drooling, at the creamy whiteness of her
flesh, at the fullness of it, especially the wonderfully extravagant
way her ripely full buttocks blossomed into twin mounds of succulent
white flesh that were now, before his eyes, squirming, and undulating
before his eyes.

Making an animal sound in his throat, he lifted her head from the bed,
causing her to arch her back even more. Two tiny dimples appeared in
the middle of her supplely-fleshed ass cheeks.

With his mouth twisted into a drunken shark-like smile, Hank watched as
Kim worked her hands and arms under her and pushed up slightly, taking
some of the pain off her tortured neck. She winced and tried to hold
her head erect as she gasped. "Hank, y ... you ... you are hurting ...

It was a plea, a plea that ended in a squeal because he was hurting
her. His neck hold was pressing against nerves, and she had to have
some relief. She pushed against the bed with her hands and lifted her
torso a little more. In so doing, her breasts were tightly squeezed
between her arms, creating a deep warmly shadowed cleavage.

Hank was looking at the creamy twin cheeks of her buttocks and the
darkly Inviting crevice separating them. Watching them move and form
with Kim's struggles to relieve the neck-pressure, the rapaciously
aroused engineer gloated as he saw her flesh ripple and the buttocks go
firm and full, firm and full! Damn, it was wild to see! Damn! Hadn't he
always wanted to! Damn!

He was wildly drunk and driven by a real whorehouse abandon. He had
always wanted to go to a brothel, he had always wanted to buy the whole
fucking place out and get just drunk enough not to care ... especially
not caring because of the fore-knowledge that none of the prostitutes,
no one in the whorehouse would ever see him again. With all that in
mind, with all those things gong for him plus a pounding all-powerful
horniness; with all those things going for him, he could, just once,
let himself go and do as he damned pleased!

Over his wife's nakedly tormented body, he hooked his hands between her
tightly clenched legs. Holding his fingers stiff, he drove it between
her thighs while he held her pinned in place face down with his iron
grip on her neck.

"Hank, my God! Pleeeeaaaasssseee!"

Alcohol drifted like smoke over his brain, and his temples pounded with
the brutal lust he felt heatedly boding through his body and hammering
in his groin. It was a good whore he had here on the bed and the night
was his. Shit, they didn't even know his name in this cathouse. He
could do as he pleased. Someday, he would confess to Kim that he had
gone to a whorehouse this night, and that he had fucked a prostitute
with wild flame hair who looked just like her. Yes! That was it, this
bitch here looked just like his wife---his cold, frigid wife with about
as much sex drive as a capon chicken!

Somehow that thought was too much for Hank. Here was a common whore who
looked just like Kim and he could do all the things to her he never
dared do with his wife ... and, best of all, he could pretend this slut
was Kim! The thought was delightfully dirty to him and he gave a harsh
laugh. After all, he was paying her well, and he would never see her
again, and he was just drunk enough to do a couple of interesting
things he'd always wanted to try.

He let go of his wife and lurched backward, losing his balance and
staggering back like a punch drunk fighter as he ripped his shirt off,
heedless of the buttons popping on the floor like broken teeth.

Kim spun on the bed to face him, kneeling with arms crossed over her
nakedly full breasts, her long red hair hanging down like dark rich
tongues of flame licking at her shoulders and breasts. Her hair framed
her face in loose natural ringlets which gave her face the bawdy
careless look of a teasing whore. Her arms crossed over her breasts
only drew attention to their fleshy fullness as they swelled firmly to
become tantalizing warm orbs ballooning upward. "My God! Hank, do you
understand me? Kim! I'm Kim! Do you understand? Talk to me!"

She shrank back from him, really afraid now, her neck hurting while her
eyes darted about, looking for an escape. She must get through to him
or get away. He was berserk, wild, not the same man she married!

He tossed his shirt away, breathing loudly through his nose and feeling
his body covered with a hot sexual sweat. He grinned at his wife as he
staggered around taking his pants off. Good! He liked these whores a
little afraid; he liked to see one cowering in fright before him, her
thighs tightly clenched together, her sparse red pubic hair wedged
tight at the "V" of her groin, her breasts all bunched up like white
straining balloons as she tried to hide them. He laughed aloud as he
saw the halos of her nipples peeking like pale pink half-moons over the
edge of her protecting arms.

"Hank, you have to hear me! If you don't stop, I'm going to call for

He paused, blinking, his thumbs hooked in his shorts. What the hell was
this slut saying, what was she getting at? This was his party, he had
paid for it. Wasn't he leaving for South America in the morning? He
sure was, and no one, nobody, not one soul in this whorehouse would
ever see him again. He grinned, bleary-eyed and unfocused, at Kim
nakedly crouched on the bed in front of him. "Tonight's my night to
howl," he said, his words slurred.

"Hank, you don't know what you're saying."

"Sure do. 'Sall fixed with the madam. Don't you ... you worry."

"You've had too much to drink, now come to bed."

He saw Kim brush her hair back behind one creamy shoulder and saw her
ripely full breasts jiggle enticingly as she leaned back and pulled the
covers down, her long slender legs straightening out as she started to
lie down. She smiled tolerantly and sweetly, and she urged him to bed.
"Come, darling, you need some sleep."

She misunderstood his grin, thinking she had finally gotten through to
him and that he understood her. The young wife had no way of knowing
that all Hank saw was a wildly sensual looking chippie inviting him to
bed. He yanked his underwear down, having some difficulty pulling it
over his huge, throbbingly erect penis.

Kim suddenly was frightened as she looked at his massive hardness. She
had never before, in their short marriage life, gotten such a good look
at it. Always, before, she had seen it while he was changing clothes or
coming from the shower, and then it had always been limp and hanging.
She always insisted that all lights be out, that the room be in total
darkness before they made love. Those nights they had grappled and
groped in pitch black darkness, and she had been forced to feel his
heatedly pulsating shaft with her hand; she would feel it and recoil
from its size and heat and hardness. She would feel it between her legs
crudely pushing and hurting, into her tightly stretched little vagina
like a thick club, a coarse battering ram.

Now, her fingers flew to her mouth as she saw the full immensity of
maledom throbbing so menacingly in front of her in the lamplight. Thick
veins snaked along its tree-stump shaft; the lust-swollen head was
bulging and a deep red where it was blood-filled. The head was spread
like a cobra's head and shone in the light with its swelling thickness.
It hung away from his body and swung heavily toward her, as if it were
sensing her. His hairy, sperm-bloated balls hung low, and he stood in
front of her a frightening specimen of masculine sexuality with layered
slabs of muscles on his stomach like Roman armor, and his chest bulging
hard and flat, and the veins standing out in his biceps and oak-like
arms. He had told her about his working out at the Pacheco Club in
Monterey and she believed him. His muscles glistened now with sex-sweat
and booze. A shudder of admiration combined with fear went through her.

"Hank, NO!"

She had just time to yell before he was on her, tearing at her, seizing
her wrists as she pummeled her fists against the cords of muscles on
his chest. He seized her wrists and forced them wide apart, causing her
full fleshy breasts to spread and rise nakedly. The terrified young
wife turned her head away from the blasts of stale alcohol on his
breath as he easily pulled her to him. His strength was total and
terrible to Kim, for she knew she was as helpless as an infant in his

She felt the hard, hotly throbbing tip of his cock against the silken
triangle at the pit of her belly and she pushed her buttocks out and
away, contracting from the fearful sexual thing. Hank yanked her torso
close and tightly clasped her around the shoulders, pinning her arms to
her side and crushing her naked, fearfully heaving breasts against his
iron-hard chest. He looked over one shoulder and saw the way she was
sticking her firmly fleshed buttocks out, the way the creamy white
cheeks pulled apart to reveal the depth of the crevice between them. He
thought he could even glimpse her tightly puckered little anus as she
struggled to pull away from him.

"Hank, I'll yell for help! I mean it!"

He seemed to relax as he looked over her shoulder and down her curving,
concave back that was arching again as she struggled to hold him up
and, at the same time, pull her loins away from his thick poker-like
penis that seemed hot enough to burn her flesh. She thought she could
still feel the seared place where it had touched her stomach. She
squirmed her buttocks back further, unaware she was exciting him all
the more. He looked at the smoothly rippling cheeks of her ass and
thought of baby fat. Like a young teenager with that firm, sensually
soft baby fat!

With a roar, the drunken engineer was over her, twisting her and
sending her sprawling nakedly backwards on the bed. He fell on top of
her with a crash that made little stars arc and explode in the room
before her eyes as she felt the breath knocked out of her and pain,
like a network of nerves, spread through her chest and stomach.

With a roar, he was on top of her and his brutal wet mouth cut off her
scream and locked on hers, crushing her pulpy full lips, hurting them,
bruising them, as he ground down and his hotly thick tongue exploded
into her mouth. She fought to catch her breath, thinking she would gag
or suffocate. She felt his full weight and the long hot hardness of his
cock pulsating in her fearfully cringing belly.

Tears were in her eyes, dimming the scene as he forced her long slender
legs apart, bruising, pinching the silky skin of her inner thighs. He
forced her legs wider still until muscle cords stood out like flesh-
colored cables along her inner thighs. With all her strength, she
pulled her mouth free from his and sobbed, "For God's sake, Hank, stop!
You're killing me!"

A stinging slap was his only answer. She never saw the blow, only felt
it and felt it sponge into her face, numbing her with pain. She gasped
for air and sobbed, thinking she would pass out ... almost hoping for

With a grunt, he shifted his weight and seized the stunned young wife's
wrists again, forcing them up and back over her head, causing her naked
breasts to stand out ripely jiggling before his face. His savagely
voracious mouth fed on them again, tearing at them. She felt his cock,
the head of it, like some mammoth wild thing at the entrance to her
tightly tensed vagina, and she shut her eyes and tightly contracted her
cuntal muscles in an effort to prevent penetration---prevent this
brutal drunken rape of her tender femaledom.


The thick mighty head plowed forward, easily spreading her pulpy,
softly wet vaginal lips. They parted under the sheer power of his
thrust. Hank lifted his torso and looked down between their nakedly
entwined bodies. His cock was poised, its sheath pulled back tight over
the head that was almost a deep maroon color from the blood that
throbbed in it. The lust-swollen head was almost covered by the
flushing, pretty pink pussy lips that had reluctantly parted to make
room for his invading cudgel. Laughing drunkenly, the engineer released
her wrist and raked his fingernails across her stomach, feeling her
softly defenseless flesh giving while she sobbed and tried to hit his
face with her free hand. "Hank, you've gone crazy. Stop!"

He seized her wrist again with an agile, almost indifferent speed and
forced it back over her head and raised his torso once more. Four
wavering pink lines were raising on her belly where he had scratched
her. The lines seemed to point like directional arrows toward the
proud, defenselessly trembling swollen lips of her little cunt lips
that were so sensuously curved and puckered, almost like a mouth. Her
entire vagina was a vivid pink color as he thrust his massive cock-head
against the lips and he saw them part, fold inward under the force of
his entry. He saw the distended pink nib of her little clitoris proudly
standing, revealed between her swelling vaginal lips, erect and
sensitive in its own little oiled valley.

Again, he gave a laugh that ended in a snort. He thrust again, and the
captive young wife cried out as his cock ran in like a thick tree stump
disappearing into her soft, hotly quivering cunt.

Kim felt her legs spread even more painfully apart and she gave out
another bird-like cry of distress as the total brutal thrust of his
hard dominating cock into her helplessly stretched pussy forced her
buttocks to roll under and her legs to fly up in the air. He began
pumping with his hips with an ox-like strength, brutally and lewdly
fucking in and out of her cunt, sawing away with his wetly glistening
penis so thick and veined.

Hank's fucking was brutal and wild and his hands were all over her as
he pinched and massaged her nakedly quivering breasts, leaving
scratches on her stomach and bruises, deep and purple, on her shoulders
and breasts. He was virtually raping her and she could do nothing to
stop him. Her mind was near hysteria, but she really didn't want to
scream and get outside help. She didn't want people to know her husband
was like this. Trying to reason with him was like trying to reason with
an ape in heat.

Each savage thrust was hurting her now, jolting her naked young body,
as he pounded his massively pulsating hardness home, its head banging
up against her cervix, causing her to wince with each stroke. He was
mauling her body painfully, digging his finger nails into her softly
fleshed buttocks and tearing her legs further apart. He was fucking her
so hard that the force of his thrust was shoving her across the bed and
her head was thumping against the headboard.

Kim never stopped struggling ... or pleading, but her voiced protests
were as futile as her squirming. Abruptly, as one of her hands flailed
out, she touched something cold and metallic. It was a flashlight. It
was no strange thing to have next to the bed in Carmel. During the
winter, there was much rain and wind and trees would topple, bringing
down power lines, and homes would be without light or electricity for
hours on end. This was an inconvenience Carmelites gladly suffered,
preferring to have their trees, their forest, instead of safe power

Her hand closed around the heavy flashlight and she gripped it,
wondering if she dare hit her husband---this drunken rapist atop her
tortured body.

Hank was fucking her as hard as he could now with his arms straight
down at his sides and his fingers digging into the soft white flesh of
her buttocks. Savagely, obscenely, his fingers probed and slid into the
sweat-slickened crevice between her ass cheeks. He was hurting her as
he felt for her anus. His outstretched middle finger stabbed at the
rubbery, tightly puckered anal ring, his fingernail cutting in deep,
sending a sharp stinging pain searing through her nerve system. Kim's
face contorted and she sobbed again. It was decided for her: she raised
the heavy flashlight, gripped it tightly in her hand and held it above
her head. Then, closing her eyes, she swung with all her might. She
heard a "thunk," a sound like someone thumping a ripe watermelon. The
flashlight bounced off Hank's head and was torn from her hand by the
force of the blow. She heard the glass lens shatter as the flashlight
fell on the bed and onto the floor.

Hank paused for a split-second, seeming not to move a muscle or take a
breath. It was as if he had frozen and was expectantly listening for
some alien sound. Then, he gave a mottled, choking cry, pulled his
hands free, and feebly tried to hold his head. He pulled back from her,
weaving, his eyes squeezed shut, his face and mouth twisted in a
drunken grimace. Both his hands were on the top of his head as if he
were trying to hold his skull on, as though he were trying to stop it
from blowing up. "Goddamn it," he said thickly. He pulled away, and his
still massively erect cock came out of her cunt with an obscenely wet
plopping sound.

The engineer slowly slumped backwards onto the bed, breathing heavily,
and groaned in wonderment and surprise. The combination of alcohol and
the stunning blow to the head made him go limp as a rag ... and he
passed out---unconscious beside her.

Kim lay naked, her blue eyes watching her husband. Then, feeling
something she couldn't quite fathom, she looked down between her
fingernail-streaked breasts to her long flat belly ... and at the
scratches and bruises there ... and at her prominent mound of Venus and
the way her softly curling red pubic hair was wet and matted. Her legs
were splayed ivory white in the lamplight, delicately carved yet strong
and firm. Already she could see bruises that were a deep purple plum
color and more scratches. Gingerly, she shifted her weight and tilted
her groin to one side, feeling the cheek of one buttock. It was sore
and stung from the gouges left behind from his fingernails.

Instinct told her that Hank wasn't going to awaken. In fact, she was
going to have trouble getting his huge naked bulk under the covers. She
lay on her back, relaxed, catching her breath, her ripely firm young
breasts heaving up and down. The base of her neck was still pressed
painfully against the headboard, wedged there by Hank's brutal thrusts,
and she lay much in the same pose as Nichole had a few miles away in
Pebble Beach a little earlier in the evening. Kim lay with her
magnificently fleshed breasts in front of her face, her pert chin
forced into her chest. Idly, she passed her hands over them, feeling
their liquid weight and warmness. They were bigger, fuller, better
formed than Nichole's. Kim's finger tips skimmed lightly over them,
testing them tenderly for sore spots and bruises. Her lacquered
fingernails gently touched her nipples; they sprang to life as she
watched them, pale pink and hardening, tensing, pointing provocatively.

In a sudden odd mood, she looked down at her nakedly sleeping husband,
seeing him framed between her breasts that were almost---not quite---
too large for her frame ... breasts that she felt she should be proud
of, yet wasn't! Almost unaware of what she was doing, the voluptuous
young wife dug the fingernail in the softly yielding flesh of her
nipple. Than, she took the buffeted nipple between her thumb and
forefinger and pinched it with her fingernails, deliberately hurting
herself and sending an unexpectedly erotic tremor of excitement through
her naked body.

She stopped guiltily, her hand covering her mouth against a little cry
of amazement. Kim had just stumbled on a self-discovery, and it was far
from pleasant. She thought: Actually, in a funny way, a wrong way, a
dirty way, I really enjoyed being handled so roughly. If only I hadn't
been so afraid ...

She shook her head, refusing to finish the thought. Quickly, then, she
got up and hurried to the closet, where she got a robe, then she fled
to the bathroom while Hank snored.

Chapter 3

Carmel has one of the loveliest beaches in the world. Its sand manages
to stay a virgin white and the beach front runs for two curving miles
from the Pebble Beach golf course to what residents call "The Frank
Lloyd Wright house" which is an imposing home built on the rocks, right
above the ocean, by that famous architect.

The beach, in all its vastness, seems to absorb people as a sponge does
water. It would take a large assembly to seem crowded. It looks crowded
really only twice a year: on the Fourth of July, and during the Great
Sandcastle Building Contest. On other days, people sunbathe, children
play, surfers surf, brave ones swim, people ride horseback, and dogs
race---tongue lolling, barking, after the seagulls. An occasional Sea
Lion swims along just beyond the surf, old men fish, joggers jog and
others simply stroll. All this happens and the beach doesn't seem
crowded. Each person has a feeling of privacy.

People use the beach from morning until night when flickering orange
bonfires warm groups of picnickers. At sundown, people are invariably
seen walking or parked along Scenic Drive or simply sitting on benches
along the road or seen standing, alone and quiet. Sunset in Carmel is a
quiet time and people talk in hushed voices and lovers stroll hand in
hand. Sunsets in Carmel are always dramatic and always different and
always something seen on a postcard and cannot believe because they're
too pretty, too colorful and too dramatic.

It certainly isn't thought unusual to see people with binoculars on the
beach or sitting in parked cars along Scenic Drive. There are all sorts
of wildlife to observe: gulls, terns, pelicans, seals, sea lions, sea
otters, and, in season, the California Gray Whale in migratory herds.
At times, the Killer Whales are seen, their dorsal fins cleaving the
water of the bay in search of prey.

There was nothing unusual in the Mercedes-Benz that parked along Scenic
day after day. Nor was there anything odd in the occupants---a man and
a woman---watching the beach through powerful binoculars. They were
attractive and well dressed and looked as if they belonged to the
Carmel scene. The girl was young and extremely attractive with a dress
that was just a little too colorful and low cut. Her cleavage showed,
disappearing down into a soft shimmering shadow of warm flesh. Her
black hair was long and swept across her forehead, and her smile was a
dazzling white. Her nose was provocatively tilted on the end. The man,
the driver, was older and his face was thin and spartan, aristocratic,
and his black hair was sprinkled and streaked with gray. He wore gray.
He was dressed in gray slacks, gray shirt, and gray cashmere sweater.

They were watching a solitary stroller who walked by herself down by
the water's edge. They had been watching her for days. She walked the
beach twice a day: in the early morning and at sunset. She walked to
and from the beach to her house, a cottage, that was three short, tree-
lined blocks to the ocean.

She drove into town once a day, going to the post office to mail
letters and pick mail up. She shopped in the mouth of the Carmel Valley
at the Safeway and Long's discount drug store. She only shopped once a
week. She stayed home every night, watching television then retiring
early. Only once since they had been watching her, had she gone out in
the evening, going to an early movie alone.

The occupants of the car were Web Hardman and Nichole Parker. The
person they were watching was Kim. Web focused his binoculars on her as
she walked the beach, and he slowly brought her voluptuous young figure
into a shimmering detail. He inspected details of her sensual, finely
shaped body with a scientist's detachment and passion for detail. She
wore little makeup. Her nose was so perfect, so delicate, that he was
sure it had been bobbed. Yet, as he inspected it through the glasses,
he knew it wasn't. There was a purple bruise mark on her neck that was
almost concealed by a silk scarf; the bruise interested him. Her
attitude interested him. Generally, her face was preoccupied, serious,
and, at times, little sad. She was very definitely alone. A glint and
flash of light on the fingers of her left hand told him she was

Her body was a pleasure for him to watch as she walked along in the
loose sand. She always wore tight slacks that allowed him to see and
imagine her long, firmly shaped thighs and tapered legs, her sensually
petulant buttocks that twitched and ground with every step. And her
breasts---always under sweaters or heavy sweat shirts that were too big
for her (undoubtedly her husband's)---shook free, bouncing with a
sprightly rhythm when she sometimes ran to avoid the last flat surge of
a wave. Her body was strong, and the wind blew her flame red hair wild
and ruffled around her face, giving her regal queen-like features a
certain Irish bawdiness in appearance.

Web slowly lowered the glasses and stared off, seeing Kim nothing more
than a distant silhouette on the beach. He didn't want to show too much
pleasure in Nichole's choice. It was a policy with him never to flatter
her too much. Always let her be a little hungry. Yet, he was pleased
with her choice. He was more than pleased! For the first time in a long
while, he was sexually excited.. He was aroused. Kim Stewart was a
magnificent specimen and provided an interesting challenge. He looked
at Nichole, smiling slightly. Since he had forced her to admit she
would betray a friend, would betray them sexually, and then help him in
the seduction, even Nichole had taken on a new sexual interest. It was
mild, but an arousement nonetheless. He had become even more interested
after he heard the name, Kim Stewart. He had her investigated by his
bodyguard who was trained and very adept about such things. Be came
back with a report on her. Married, living in a cottage in Carmel, her
husband was an engineer and was away for six months in South America.
Kim Stewart was alone, seldom went out other than for routines of
living, and didn't see anyone. Her husband's parents, the Stewarts,
lived in Pebble Beach. Apparently Kim had no communication or visits
with them. A snapshot, taken by the bodyguard, showing Kim walking near
the post office in tight white slacks, sneakers, and a loose red wool
sweater, was enough to interest him more.

He watched her for days, his careful intelligence not missing a detail.
Finally, he turned to Nichole. "I think she'll do."

Nichole broke into a dazzling smile of relief. She laughed and relaxed,
leaning back, jutting out her young breasts provocatively and swinging
them back and forth. Since he knew her for what she was, Nichole could
afford a lewd grin, a look of utter depravity, to come over her face.
She licked her lips, looking at Kim through the glasses once more. It
was going to be fun to trick the trusting young wife, to lead her into
depravity, to orgies, to wild moments when she would go a little insane
and behave in a lewd and lascivious way. It would be wildly interesting
and sexually exciting to see Kim come under the influence of Web, to
see him break her to his will, to see her perform the way she did, to
see her eager for a sexual perversion. If Kim could be led to act that
way, it would make her feel better. Besides, it would please Web.

"I think she's definitely unhappy. Over what, I'm not so sure," the
gray dressed man said to Nichole. "At first, I thought it was because
her husband had left her. I thought she missed him."

"That's possible. She hasn't been married very long."

Web wagged a finger. "There's something more. I'm only guessing, but
she had a bruise mark on her neck, a bruise that she was at pains to
conceal. I saw it through the glasses when the wind blew it. Why would
you conceal a bruise."

Nichole again gave a lewd grin, "When I was afraid they'd be too

"Exactly. Her husband goes away and she's concealing a bruise. Perhaps
several bruises. And she's sad. Why? Because she misses her husband? Or
does she miss being bruised?"

Nichole arched a cool eyebrow. "If she does, she'll be easy to bring

"No," Web said, shaking his head, "if she just missed the bruises, that
would tell us a lot about her right away." His face bent into a
superior smile. "What would you do if your husband was far away for six
months, and you liked having him bruise you, you liked being bruised,
pushed around?"

Nichole was unashamed, brazen. "I'd go out and find me someone."

"Exactly. A woman who enjoys being manhandled, who likes it rough, is a
fairly free and sensual person. No, this Kim Stewart stays by herself
and looks sad."

"Meaning what?" Nichole couldn't follow his thought.

"Meaning, her husband got a lithe physical with her and she didn't like
it. Klaus, good bodyguard and informant that he is, told me they were
drinking at The Red Lion and El Matador the night before he left. From
all that Klaus could find out, her husband Henry had quite a bit to

Nichole felt a familiar shudder and masochistic thrill go through her
body at the mention of the bodyguard's name. Klaus was strong and hung
like a bull, and he ready knew how to fuck, and she had done a lot of
things with Klaus, things she had watched on film afterwards. Klaus,
and Ernie, the chauffeur, were sometimes teamed with her when Web
wanted to watch or wanted to entertain his guests. She tried not to
think of Klaus and concentrated on Kim. She frowned. "If that's true,
if he got rough and she didn't like it, she's going to be tough. Maybe
it won't be possible." She bit her lower lip and looked beseechingly at

Web allowed himself a weary look of polite disgust. He sighed. The
trouble with Nichole was---she had no real imagination, no real
understanding of carnality. She loved it, wallowed in it, but didn't
ready understand it. She had no genius for it. Left to her own devices,
she would never land Kim. He saw he was going to have to supervise
Nichole's every move, carefully school her on what to say. "You leap to
the obvious fact and your practical, greedy, earthbound imagination is
content to rest there. A bruise, a beating, a husband leaving. She did
not like being beat up, right?"


"Wrong. That is the most obvious thing. And it's stupid, for it
completely rules out what I tell you exists in every woman. Supposing
she is troubled because she did like it?"

Nichole tilted her head, suddenly seeing what he was hinting at.

"Not only possible, it's probable. Supposing she enjoyed it more than
she ever suspected? Supposing, for the first time in her life, she was
sexually excited?" He leaned close to her, smiling. "Remember how
guilty you felt at first?"

Nichole's nostrils flared with a quick passion at his nearness. It was
true. Still, at times, she felt guilty.

Web started the car up and they pulled away. "We're gong home and make
plans. We're going to make them carefully, from your first reunion with
her up until the time she stands in front of me."

Nichole felt a surge of lewd passion at the idea; there definitely was
something wonderfully obscene, sexual, and horny in plotting the
humiliation of Kim Stewart. She squirmed her fishy young buttocks
against the leather seat. "Tell me what you'll do to her," she said in
a breathy voice.

Web chuckled. "I'll do better than that. I'll practice them on you."

Nichole sat with her eyes almost closed, her lips red and pouting and
trembled, the nostrils of her pert nose wickedly flaring in unconcealed
excitement. She felt her suddenly tingling nipples growing taut, and
she crossed her legs and squeezed her thighs tight. Her sensual little
body trembled in fine spasms and lewd excitement as she felt her wetly
trembling cunt swell and become moist with a hot itching that was
sweetly maddening. She needed relief from that itching. She needed to
feel on fire and be naked and lewd. She needed to be fucked! She needed
her body fucked and defiled. She wanted to be fucked again and again,
not just once. She wanted to be fucked by more than one man at the same
time. She wanted to be naked in front of Web and have him tell her all
the horribly exciting, wicked things that he was going to do to her
friend, Kim. She wanted him to practice sex on her.

She said nothing for the rest of the drive through Carmel and through
the Pebble Beach gate all the way to the house. She sat trying to calm
her breathing and the flaming animal passion that coursed through her
body. Web would call her and she would be ready. She gritted her teeth.
He knew how to turn her on, he knew how to excite her. Just a few words
and he had her feeling hopelessly aroused and ready to fuck anyone or
anything. He had her trained, and she clenched her fists and hoped---
she couldn't pray---that he would use her ... use her body ... until
she was a screaming, wildly writhing naked mass of wantonness ...

* * *

Web Hardman didn't know how right he was. It was his genius to detect
traces of sexuality or lewdness in a person's make up. Once, in a rare
mood, he had bragged that he could talk to a person ten minutes, merely
passing the time of day or making polite cocktail chatter, and be able
to tell if that person was sensual or not. He prided himself on his
knowledge of human nature and his powers of observation. He knew, after
watching Kim for a few days, from watching her walk, toss her head,
from the way she looked out to sea, the way she held her shoulders and
contained her hips, he knew that she was deeply sensual ... and ashamed
of it!

But he had guessed right about Hank Stewart's wife. She had been
brutalized and had, after it was all over, after Hank was long asleep,
learned just how much she enjoyed his rough treatment. She had played
with her breasts, hurting them, stinging and tingling her nipples and
then getting up from the bed, fleeing in a guilty way to the closet
where she put on a heavy terry-cloth robe and ran to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, the door shut, she felt safe. She listened at the door
and heard Hank's heavy snore occasionally. She was safe, she had time.
Her breath coming quickly, her eyes aglow, glinting and reflecting an
inner excitement, she turned to the bathroom mirror and pulled the robe
back over her shoulders, letting it fall to where it was tied loosely
around her waist. She stood, naked to the waist and examined her firm
young breasts in the mirror and under the antiseptic bathroom light.

She saw vivid red scratches on her tender flesh and her seeping blood
somehow excited her. There were light pink scratches and darkening
bruises on her shoulders, neck, and inner arms. Her lips, always full
on her wide generous mouth, were a little puffed, and they hurt.

Yet the hurt---all the little hurts---excited her in some alien
unexplained way. Guiltily, she wondered if there was anything wrong
with her, wondering if she was "abnormal" in some way for liking it,
being excited by it. If only ...

She waved a hand in front of her face and refused to finish the thought
as her flesh turned to goose-flesh at half the thought.

She stared at her large, softly upthrust breasts in the mirror, cupping
one and lifting it, then letting it drop quiveringly free. Her finger
and thumb pinched her nipple again, and she watched herself doing it
and saw her nipple gather and swell to life and become pointed and
taut. Her mouth open slightly, her breath coming lighter and faster,
she watched in the mirror as she put both hands on her nipples and
pinched. Her eyes were half-closed, a look of indulgent lewdness came
over her face as she gently dug her nails into her tender, pinkly pale
flesh. Her little nipples grew very taut and even more sensitive; she
closed her eyes and shuddered, taking a deep breath. It did feel good,
in a strange new way. It felt good! She had never thought about it
before nor had anyone ever treated her as roughly as that.

Again the thought came to her. This time she could not resist thinking
it out: if only Hank had been rough and loving at the same time. If
only he hadn't been drunk, if only he had been sober and treating her
rough in a cold calculating way, as part of love-making?

The thought of Hank treating thus as a policy made her body shake in
wanton excitement. She trembled from head to foot and felt an arousal,
a sex desire and thrill like she never imagined existed. Her hands
shaking visibly, she undid the belt of the robe and it fell silently
around her feet. Her eyes half-closed, her eyesight suddenly fuzzed and
her brain reeling, the young wife looked at the rest of her naked body.
Her magnificent thighs were bruised and welted. Her groin was flushed
pink. She turned slowly, twisting her head to see her proudly fleshed
twin buttocks. A dark, deep shudder tremored its way up her spine when
she saw marks where his nails had been imbedded in her softly yielding

It was a stolen, secret, guilty, sexual moment when she nakedly stood
in front of the mirror and brazenly looked at her body, turning this
way and that, touching herself here and there. She grinned, thinking
this is what a prostitute does after she has had a rough customer. A
further thrill ran through her as she imagined herself a whore, a
prostitute, standing in front of her fellow whores and showing them her
battered body. They would look and know what she had been through.

She stood still, gazing off. Every woman, at one time or another in her
life, has tried to imagine, to fantasize what it would be like to be a
whore, a common prostitute working in a whorehouse. Although few will
admit it, every woman is secretly excited by the idea. Kim found
herself being aroused by the idea, adding, building on her excitement
at the thought of Hank handling her rough as a matter of course.

Her fingers went up to her erect little nipples again, and she fondled
them and tweaked them, pinching as hard as she dared and feeling the
stinging pain shoot through her body and turn into a hot smoky
pleasure. Her wetly trembling vagina was hot and beginning to itch with
a fierceness that wouldn't be denied. She squeezed her firm young
thighs together, compressing her lust-swollen pussy lips and feeling an
intense delight and momentary relief.

Brazenly, Kim stood up close to the mirror, admiring her body with a
guilty glee. It was sexual, very sexual. It was a full-blown body and,
imagining herself as a whore, she imagined that she had the best body
of any girl in the brothel. She was the star attraction, and men waited
for her to be free. The thought sent shivers up and down her spine and
she stood straight, shoulders back, her hot nipples touching the cold
glass of the mirror. Her breath was coming rapidly, leaving a little
spot fogged on the mirror. With the flat of her hands, she felt her rib
cage and let her hands wander down over her tautly flat stomach and
feel the bruises and see the four wavering, parallel fingernail scratch
marks that started at her pubic hair and went up to her navel.

Her hands were in her pubic hair now, a place she never touched
herself. One palm cupped her round, prominent mound of Venus, and her
fingertips found the delicate valley where her budding clitoris slept.
One outstretched finger barely touched the clitoris, yet it was enough
to send lewd pleasure rippling through her naked young body and make
her clitoris swell until it was a little pink bud that was oiled with
her excitement and maddeningly like a ball bearing as her finger probed
for it and rubbed it, sending ever increasing waves of lascivious
pleasure through her body.

Kim stopped and licked her lips nervously. Although she had heard about
masturbation and knew girls who had done it, she had never allowed
herself to touch herself down there. It was wrong, it wasn't normal!
Now, feeling her sensually aroused body so feverish, feeling so much
had happened to her, Kim knew that just once she was going to be
wicked. As long as Hank had behaved as shamelessly as he had, then she
had the right to behave as she wished. Checking the door to make sure
it was locked, the naked young redhead dragged a stool over to the
mirror and stood in front of it again, taking in her long, lithely
lovely body which was crowned by her glory---her two full, melon-like

She put one foot up on the stool, the knee bent and exposing her
nakedly glistening pink little pussy. Her eyelids fluttered like
butterfly wings as she put her hands on her cunt and gently, slowly and
lewdly, spread her fluted cuntal lips to expose the entire blushing
slit. She looked in the mirror and saw her wetly pulsating cunt and its
tiny, distended clitoris. Without volition, her fingers began working
at the sensitive little nerve bud, sending spasms of lewd pleasure
rippling through her body.

The young wife's eyes were almost closed and her nostrils were widely
flared as she watched herself in the mirror. She tried to imagine how
it would be and how she would feel doing a wicked thing like this in
front of Hank, exciting and pleasing him. She would love doing it! She
crouched a little and slowly sank her middle finger into her wetly
clasping cunt, feeling the slipperiness of the lubrication and the hot
velvet walls milking her own finger. She contracted her vaginal
muscles, squeezing on the finger as she shoved it in deeper. It felt so
good! It felt so very, very good! She began sawing in and out, her ripe
young hips slowly and rhythmically beginning to pump in time to her
strokes. She watched herself in the mirror, fascinated with the
lewdness of her pumping motion. She felt hot and feverish all over with
a wild molten feeling beginning to stir deep in her groin.

Her orgasm was building as she increased the tempo of her fingering in
and out of her hotly pulsing cunt, pulling it out to the tip of the
nail then plunging it wetly glistening back in again up to the palm.
Her hips were pumping easily, smoothly, with a lewd fucking motion she
had once seen from a topless dancer in San Francisco that Hank had
insisted on seeing. He had dragged her along, and Kim had been
embarrassed---aside from the dancer, she was the only woman in the
place and all the men were looking at her covered body ... not the
naked dancer's.

Now, she wished she had watched that girl more closely. She would like
to dance lewdly for Hank. Her mind reeled again with the hot lascivious
thoughts she was having. She wished to dance, nakedly sensuous and
wicked ... not only for Hank, but for a lot of people.

Her brazenness fused in her and made her further increase her rhythm
and pace of her finger fucking into her own heatedly excited pussy. She
crouched a little and spread her legs even more. Suddenly, her free
hand was cupping her breast and squeezing the nipple, pinching it tight
and sending bolts of pained sensuality through her that mingled like an
explosive smoky substance in her groin, boiling, building and churning
as it drove her harder and harder.

She was going to cum! And the wantonly aroused girl felt her cum was
going to be sweet and searing, like nothing she had ever felt before.
Her nakedly voluptuous body was tense now and her heavy breasts were
jiggling as she sawed her finger in and out faster and faster. Suddenly
she needed even more. Her free hand left her breasts and flew down,
nails savagely clawing at one cheek of her ass as she leaned forward
and reached for her anus. She jumped when her outstretched fingers
touched it, feeling it sore from Hank's wild probings. Yet an urgency,
an unrelenting need and lewd promise of untold delights made her go on.

Her finger pressed against the rubbery tight ring and parted it, and
she felt her finger filling the entrance to her rectum and the
forbidden feeling filled her with a lust-crazed desire she had never
dreamed of before. Her sphincter muscle closed tightly around the
fingertip. A low lewd moan escaped her throat as she watched herself in
the mirror and felt her ripely sensitive body beginning an inward
swelling that she knew would culminate in an orgasm.

Her finger fucked in and out of her anus, and she hissed in her breath
and it seemed like another person who whispered, "Oooooohhhh, that's so

It thrilled her so much it made her think of lewd things she wanted to
do with Hank. With anybody! The thought fused and exploded in her mind
and she was wild with cum and wantonness, her face contorted as she
nakedly crouched in front of the mirror. Sweat broke out from the
effort as she sawed madly in and out of her pulpy, moistly soft cunt
that was so hot and wormed her finger deeper into her tightly puckering
anus. Mad obscene thoughts and ideas ran through her mind. Supposing
she were a whore for just one night?

Her hips pumping, her belly moving in abandoned undulations and her
loins rhythmically fucking out toward the mirror in a smooth, ball-
bearing, obscene way, Kim could see her finger disappear into her wetly
glistening pink cuntal flesh. Her thumb massaged the little brown nib
of her clitoris, and she began panting and crouching lower, splaying
out her legs even more, allowing herself greater freedom to stick her
other finger up her rectum.

A lewd relaxation came over her; with a wanton will she never knew she
possessed, she relaxed her tensely tightened cuntal and anal muscles as
her hips pumped back and forth. She shoved her outstretched finger all
the way up her anus and moaned and wiggled with delight from the
feeling it gave her. She took her finger out of her cunt only to shove
three fingers into the warmly milking flesh. More thaw anything, she
wanted to be fucked, to be raped.

Fucked! Raped!

The words were obscene in her mind and only excited her all the more.
She saw her wild face in the mirror, her nakedly crouched body with her
huge, pure-white breasts savagely jiggling and quivering with her
efforts as she finger fucked both cunt and rectum.

It started as a ripple, then grew into surface undulations that seemed
to follow one on another and build until she felt a huge, thick, wave
of sweet hot electricity was flowing through her body. She tensed,
gasped for breath. Her back arched, her warmly quivering breasts jutted
out and brushed against the mirror. Her groin began to convulse in fine
spasms which she found impossible to control as her cum shot through
her. Her legs shook and she sunk to her knees in front of the mirror,
panting, her eyes showing all white.

She seemed held, transfixed, pinned in time and place as her cum
wracked her body in the wildest, most beautiful way. Gradually, it
subsided and she was left sitting on the floor, panting for breath.

Guiltily, she looked at herself in the mirror, at her naked young body
which was still quivering and trembling occasionally with the residue
of her orgasm. Shame came over her and she couldn't look at herself.
Scampering to her feet, she quickly showered, turning the water on as
hot as she could stand it and scrubbing until her creamy translucent
skin was a bright pink and most of the welts and scratches camouflaged.

Kim was ashamed of herself. She vowed she would never do anything like
that again. She wouldn't even think like that ever again. The young
wife excused herself by saying such a thing could happen to her only
because of all they had to drink, Hank's actions, and his going away.
It was am emotional time for both of them, and she excused his behavior
as well as her own.

Dressing in another demure nightie, she unlocked the door and saw her
husband was still sound asleep. It was difficult getting him under the
covers, and she was concerned about his head and the coming morning
when he had to make a plane. She got in bed next to his snoring body
and snapped the lights out.

It took a long time for her to get to sleep and, while waiting for
sleep to come, she forced herself not to think about sex ... or the
possible joys of working in a whorehouse ...

Chapter 4

The morning Hank had left was an emotional charged one for them both,
but Kim in particular. Hank was bleary-eyed and hung over, holding his
bead. "Ouch. Hey, what did I do, fall down or bump into something?"

He was blessed with not remembering much of what had happened the night
before. "I remember being in the Matador and saying goodbye to some
friends. When did we go after that?"


"Wow. I feel like a sack of broken bottles, and my tongue tastes like
it's been licking ash trays all night."

He staggered to a hot shower, while Kim made him a bromo and squeezed
fresh orange juice and black coffee. He didn't seem to remember
anything. She remembered everything! Everything that happened and
everything she had felt. He came into the kitchen with his robe on and
drank hot coffee with trembling hands. "Sorry, honey. Hell of a way to
start out ...!" His voice stopped as he stared at her neck. Self-
consciously, she put her hand to her long elegant neck, trying to hide
the angry bruise.

Hank's face clouded over and he put the cup down. "Now I remember. It's
coming back now." He looked at his wife, at her clean patrician good
looks and her wild gypsy hair that crowned her face, trying to read
what she felt there.

It was never discussed. Neither had the nerve to bring it up; not now,
not when they were parting for six months. Time took care of any
discussion. Time has a way of going fast in the morning when you have
to catch a plane. Suddenly, they were rushing, throwing his bags into
the car and racing for the Monterey Airport, with Kim driving and Hank
beside her holding his throbbing head.

Their good-bye was quick, for there was no time, and they stood in the
terminal and Kim cried. It was more than a six month parting and she
had strong feelings of dread. Something terrible was going to happen.
"Take care!"

"I will! Write!"

"I will, every day."

"I'll call you from Rio before we go up river."

"Will you? Promise?"


Then they were hurrying out of the terminal, and she followed him to
the gate where he grasped her in a tight hard embrace. They kissed
good-bye and she felt an anguish surge through her body. And another
feeling mingling with it, a feeling she felt last night. She pulled
away from him and wiped her eyes. They shouted good-byes to one
another, and she watched him make his big-shouldered way to the plane,
swiping at his head, hung over, looking back to wave once more.

She ran up on the observation deck and watched him disappear into the
plane. She stood by the rail, looking at the little windows along the
plane's fuselage and trying to pick him out. She couldn't but smiled
bravely and waved anyway. She kept waving as the plane taxied around
and down the runway where it paused, seeming to crouch on its nose-
wheel and wing wheels, gathering strength for the roaring, running,
joyous leap into the air. The great jet engines screamed into a high
whine and the plane started slow, but suddenly it came in a rush and
was airborne in an ear-splitting roar, rocketing smoothly up into the
crystal clear air. Kim stood on the observation platform, pressed
against the rail, waving until the jet was nothing more than a black
dot growing smaller in the big sky.

She stopped waving, her arm tired, and slumped against the rail. It was
all wrong, all bad the way they had parted, and she had this terrible,
almost overpowering feeling of dread. She pulled herself together,
dabbed at her eyes and determined to gut it through, work it out, make
it good, and, above all, be beyond reproach. She would set an example.
She would show the world and his parents and Hank, too. There would be
no more of those dirty bathroom scenes. She would save herself
completely for him until he returned.

She went home and began a life that was lonely and full of bad
thoughts. She felt bad about herself and the way they had parted. She
went about living, cleaning house, watched television at night, and
walking the beach.

And always, she had that vague uneasy feeling of dread, of something
going wrong. She never noticed that she was being watched ...

There's nothing like a sunny morning in Carmel. Being a town full of
trees, birds sing and chatter and down near the beach, gulls wheel and
tower up, looking much like confetti thrown from skyscrapers in New
York whenever they have a parade.

In Carmel, there are no street addresses. This is by choice, for
Carmelites like their privacy and the daily trip to the post office
where they pick up their mail, meet friends, and chat, sometimes having
coffee. It is said that, sooner or later, you see and meet everyone at
the Carmel Post office. Each morning around nine, after a bracing walk
on the beach, Kim would drive to the post office, park and go to their
mail box. Each morning she saw an air mail letter, her heart would
pound, for it was bound to be a letter from Hank. Each day without a
letter was a disappointment, and she tried hard to conceal her hurt.
Hank had written only twice since he left, and both letters were short
and vague.

This morning there had been no mail. She was leaving the post office,
head down, ignoring the beautiful morning, hands in her pockets, when
out on the street a voice called. "Kim?"

She stopped and turned, seeing an attractive girl on the post office
steps, laughing up at her. Kim smiled in welcome, "Nichole!"

"Kim! It is you! Kim!"

"I didn't recognize you, Nichole."

They embraced; or, rather, Nichole took the red-haired wife in her arms
and kissed her, her lips pecking at Kim's mouth. It was an awkward
moment. Kim liked affection, and she had liked Nichole, but she wasn't
used to such a demonstrative greeting. Also, Nichole had changed in
some subtle way. It wasn't just that she was very well-dressed, very
expensively and tastefully dressed. And it wasn't the fact that her
teeth had been fixed into a dazzling smile. She was obviously doing
well, but it wasn't just that. Kim stared at Nichole and saw something:
hints of debauchery, a certain look in the eyes, a way of smiling, the
first traces of hard lines on the face, an attitude that was a mixture
of barely concealed brazenness, and an expression on her face that
alluded to masochistic acceptance and sensuality.

Again, for no reason she could put her finger on, Kim was filled with a
feeling of dread and bad times yet to come.

Nichole seemed delighted to see her again and the two of them stood
chatting happily while people moved around them on the sidewalk.
Nichole squealed with delight when she saw the wedding ring and wanted
to know all about the marriage. She insisted they have coffee together
and have a good talk. Kim was only too happy to talk, since she had
nothing but the rest of the morning ahead of her. It was good to have
another human being to talk to and she hadn't seen Nichole in a long
time. They had worked together for a brief time about a year ago in a
restaurant called The Butcher Shop, and Nichole had been the cocktail
waitress with the racy reputation.

There were all sorts of rumors about Nichole and what she did when she
wasn't working. Kim had seen her behaving in ways that gave credibility
to the rumors and certainly wasn't any way a proper lady would behave.
Yet, despite everything, she found herself liking Nichole and defending
her to the other waitresses. Nichole seemed a warm, silly, sad human
being to Kim. She sometimes felt the other girl acted the way she did
because she had to have attention. This was strange, for she had a good
personality and certainly was beautiful enough to stand out in any
crowd. Nichole had simply not bothered to show up for the job one
night, and Kim never saw her again ... although she heard rumors that
she was being "kept" by some millionaire in Pebble Beach.

Now, over coffee, she smiled at the sensual looking dark-haired girl
and asked, "And what are you doing now, Nichole?"

"I'm in public relations up in the city."

"San Francisco?"

"Yes, and I just love it. I'm down here on business and pleasure. You
know, any excuse to get back down here." She pointed to the red-head's
wedding band. "What does he do?"

Kim laughed, knowing what Nichole was referring to. "He's an engineer,
and he just left on a job."


"South America," Kim said, thrusting her lower lip out in mock-despair.
"Brazil. Way up the Amazon in some godforsaken place,"

"How long will he be gone?"

"Six months."

"Oh, poor Kim. What are you going to do?"

"Stick it out, keep myself busy."

If the conversation was to be thought of from Kim's standpoint, it must
be recorded that she thought that Nichole was terribly perceptive or
that she was wearing her heart on her sleeve. In what seemed like no
time at all, she found herself talking about Hank and their "problem."
Nichole seemed to be so understanding. Soon, they were paying for their
coffees and walking, talking quietly, feeling they were more private
than in a crowded coffee shop. They walked to Devendorf Plaza, where
they sat on a bench, and Kim found herself pouring her heart out.

Not all her heart and not all the truth. How many of us are capable of
telling the whole truth? She did tell Nichole a great deal of what
happened, and Nichole seemed eager to hear every word, licking her lips
so that they were wetly glistening and her eyes seemed to be just a
little unfocused.

"Wow," she said, when Kim was all through. "I wish I had been there
when you hit him with the flashlight."

Kim was a little taken back by her statement then dismissed it as being
simply Nichole, as her way. She had always been flip and fancy-free,
and sometimes said things just to shock.

They talked on, or rather Kim talked on with Nichole only prompting
her, urging her to talk more. Finally, the young housewife stopped,
embarrassed, as tears blinded her and she groped for words. Nichole
pressed a handkerchief in her hand and walked her back to her car. It
was agreed that Nichole would call her, and they'd get together before
she want back up to the city.

The wildly sensual brunette stood waving as Kim drove off. Once out of
sight, she walked purposely to a car, a Mercedes that was parked nearby
and got in next to a gray-haired man dressed all in gray. She grinned
at him and resisted an urge to throw her arms around his neck and give
him a fervent kiss. You just didn't do things like that to Web Hardman.
"Well?" he asked, arching his eyebrows.

"You're a genius!"

"It went as I said it would?"

"Almost word for word. Web, I think you're right about her. About sex,
I mean."

"We'll see. Did you remember to start the tape recorder?"

Nichole grinned triumphantly, leaning close to him so that he could
smell her perfume and see the deep cleavage between her large, firmly
ripe breasts. Nothing would please her more than to have Web himself
work her over. "Here it is," she said, opening her expensive leather
purse and pulling out a small finely made portable tape recorder. "What
do I do next?"

"That will be determined by what I find on this tape."

Chapter 5

How had it all happened? They had met for a drink. They had met for a
drink in the Pine inn. They had met at the "Happy Hour" in the red and
white Pine inn bar that spoke of elegance, of quiet, casual wealth and
good taste. They had met with the Pine Inn regulars who met every day
at five and drank quietly and well.

And she had too much to drink! She had driven home tipsy, driving
slowly, and felt immediately sleepy going to bed and wondering vaguely
and only half-seriously, if anything had been put in her drink. She had
become "high" so quickly and babbled things she ordinarily wouldn't
have. Before she knew it, she was agreeing to a long weekend with
Nichole up in the city. "What you need is a change. You're in a rut and
you don't know it. I've got a wonderful apartment on Sutter Street.
What you need is a weekend with me. Well go places and meet people and
have a good old dirty time."

Kim had fallen into bed, drowsy, sleepily amused that Nichole had
decided to take over in her life, vaguely pleased that somebody cared
enough to say so and take an interest in her welfare.

Waking the next morning and realizing that, in an hour, Nichole would
be around to pick her up and that she was going to spend a weekend in
lovely San Francisco, she shrugged. Why not? Perhaps the other girl was
right. Maybe she did need a change! Kim dressed and packed quickly.
"Travel light," Nichole had said, "that's my motto: Travel light and
wear sexy underwear."

She looked forward to the weekend despite Nichole's old habit of being
just a bit too rough and sexual in her talk. Somehow, the brunette
always brought the conversation around to men and sex. She really
didn't mind, dismissing it as Nichole's way and need for attention. She
didn't really think anything was meant by it.

Nichole was right on time, arriving in a new Mustang convertible. They
drove up U.S. 1, Kim taking in the coastal scenery as they drove. Then,
like a jewel, a thrill no matter how many times you've seen it, came
the Apple, The Big Apple, San Francisco! The city, a combination of
stately old homes and gracious living; the city, a curious blend of
European comfort and old frontier make-do. The city of the Barbery
Coast and China Town, North Beach and the Mission district, Nob Hill
and Haight-Ashbury, The Panhandle and the financial district.

It retains some of its bawdy, lusty, goldrush past. It is the original
home of the topless and bottomless, of the porny movies and live sex
shows. It is a sin-drenched city and it is a graceful entity to good
living---the De Young Museum, The Palace of The Legion of Honor, and
the opera. It has its ballet and art exhibits. It is the home of the
1950's Beats---Beatniks and the poetry movement of North Beach. It is a
melting pot for east and west, and has always been drug-oriented
because of Chinatown and the opium trade and wars that flourished as
far back as the nineties.

San Francisco is, as connoisseurs of female flesh are quick to point
out, a city full of extremely beautiful girls. To this already happy
horde were added two more: Nichole and Kim. They arrived in the
afternoon. Nichole's apartment was all that she said it was---and more.
It was spacious and Kim would have a bedroom of her own. The sensual
looking brunette mixed drinks right away, then told Kim to wander
around and make herself at home, while she made some phone calls.

Kim moved around the expensive apartment, admiring the furniture and
paintings, only half-listening to Nichole. Suddenly, she was listening
hard. "That's right. Her name is Kim Stewart, and she's a real
knockout. Yeah. Yeah. Relax, she's married. That's right, I said
married. Be here about six."

Nichole hung up and waved a depreciating hand at Kim's wondering stare.
"Relax! All I'm doing is lining up dates for us. Escorts. Listen, it's
easier with an escort. Lots of places we couldn't go if it wasn't for
escorts. Besides, they know you're married, and all they're doing is
acting as an escort. God, Kim," Nichole frowned, "sometimes you're an
old maid."

The words stung. Kim tried not to show it. All she had done was direct
a questioning frown at Nichole. Could the brunette be right? Wasn't
she, after all, leaping to conclusions? Wasn't Nichole doing nothing
more than being thoughtful by providing her with am escort? Maybe she
was getting to be an old maid. Maybe she missed Hank too much and felt
a vulnerability in the big city. But that feeling of dread was on her
again! It stayed with her the rest of the afternoon. They lunched in a
smart place on Union Street, and Nichole seemed possessed of a wooden
leg, belting one scotch on the rocks down after another. Back at the
apartment, she mixed even more drinks while they awaited their

Kim was feeling no pain by the time the two men got there, yet that
feeling of impending doom took an immediate surge when Nichole said,
"Kim, I want you to meet Klaus. And this big one here is Ernie.
Gentlemen, this is Mrs. Kim Stewart."

They were polite enough and well-dressed. Klaus had a slight accent and
a look that she didn't like. Ernie was rougher, bigger, quieter, and
tough with a cynical smile below his broken nose. Klaus introduced
himself somewhat formally, saying he was in "Transportation. Ernie
there is in security." Kim got the distinct impression that Ernie was a
private detective or had something to do with plainclothes work for the

They sat around and chatted about the coming evening. Right before the
doorbell rang, Nichole had given Kim a pep talk, telling her not to let
it all hang out, but to try and concentrate on other things and just
have a good time ... going out on the town for a change and having a
ball. Now, the red-haired housewife sat, trying to appear gay and
sophisticated to Klaus.

"Ve vill show you the sights, North Beach and the topless-bottomless

"Klaus," Nichole cut in, "maybe I didn't tell you on the phone, but,
well ..."

Her words died in the air and they all looked at one another. That is,
except for Kim who felt embarrassed because no one looked at her.

"Vell, vhat?" Klaus asked, hissing the S out.

"Well ... I don't think Kim ... I don't know if she's ready for that."

"Ready?" Klaus looked at Kim in mock amazement. "Ready? My dear
Nichole, I must say you can be condescending when you wish to be. What
you're saying is that Mrs. Stewart, a mature, married, and, I must say
attractive, female isn't 'ready' to see a naked woman dance on a stage.
You make it sound like she's not quite old enough, or hasn't had enough
experience to see something so risque, is that it? Or," he added
teasingly, "perhaps it is beneath her?"

"No!" Kim was surprised how quickly she interrupted. "No, that isn't it
at all."

"No?" Klaus looked superior. "Then perhaps it's too much for Nichole.
Perhaps she is using you to hide behind"

Nichole and Ernie both erupted in raucous laughter. Kim joined in self
consciously, playing the role of the big city sophisticate even though
she didn't like it. No matter what, she had her pride, and she wasn't
going to let them be patronizing to her. Cannel was a small town in
population only. Down on the peninsula, they were as sophisticated as
anyone. "No," she said, pretending to be worldly. "As a matter of fact,
I'm dying to see one."

"You sure?"

Nichole asked the words with such obvious condescension, asking the
question as if Kim were five years old. Anger flushed in her. No matter
what, she didn't like being made fun of. No one did! The red-haired
wife's back stiffened. "Of course. Can we go now and not waste time?"

Klaus glanced at his watch. "Yes, I think we can catch an earlier

Ernie grinned at her. "We're just being friendly. Don't want to scare

"Don't worry," Kim said, flirting a bit with Ernie and enjoying her
audacity. "I've been around a bit."

Klaus, Ernie, and Nichole exchanged a smiling look that annoyed Kim,
for she didn't share in whatever confidence they were exchanging.
Finally, Klaus said, "Shouldn't we get prepared for the event?"

"Fine with me," Ernie said, getting a flat cigarette case out.

Kim's back bristled. Perhaps she was all wrong, but she thought she
knew what was going to happen. She couldn't speak as she watched Ernie
carefully take a thin, dark brown cigarette out of his case and
carefully hand it to Klaus who sniffed it, smiled, and just as
carefully handed it to Kim. "Very good," he growled.

Kim held it like it was a bomb and passed is to Nichole with a pasty
smile on her face. Nichole leaned to her, her voice lowered. "This is
hashish. The very finest. Have you ever bad any?"

Numbly, Kim shook her head. She knew what marijuana was, but wasn't
sure what hashish was. Whatever it was, she didn't want any. "Just take
a few drags of it, and if you don't like it, stop."

That sounded fair and none of the others seemed at all alarmed. It was
a bad scene, an uncomfortable situation to be in, yet she was
determined to bluff it through. Again, her feeling of dread came over
her in a rush.

"Slowly, slowly," Klaus instructed her as she took a drag from the
lighted cigarette he offered her. She had watched him inhale, and she
did it very gently. It had a strange but not unpleasant taste. She took
the cigarette again when it came around to her and inhaled deeper on
the next puff and held it down the way everyone else was doing.

After three or four inhalations, Kim could hardly feel it going down,
it was so smooth. Soon, it seemed like she was doing nothing but
holding her breath.

"I don't feel a thing," she said in a voice that didn't sound like her.
She looked at Klaus and Nichole on either side of her, and they
suddenly looked as if they were miles and miles away.

"Do you feel anything?"

"Yes, darling, I feel the world. I feel old San Francisco and it's hot
and it's horny." It seemed a logical answer to Kim, and suddenly she
felt the same way too. She bad never felt the world around her before.
How strange, how odd not to be vitally aware of the universe around

She was inhaling again and liking the taste it left in her mouth. The
longer it stayed down the softer it felt inside ... and the softer she

She sat in silence, lulled, taking the newly offered brown cigarette
like a robot, inhaling and passing it along to Nichole. She could feel
the pressure of Klaus' leg against her thigh, but the inhalation duped
her fears. In fact, it dulled all her fears, even that feeling of
impending dread. His leg felt good, and she returned the pressure
slightly to let him know she didn't mind. She was going to show them
she was liberal minded.

The drugged young wife now didn't seem to mind anything at all ... not
with that sweet smoke in her ... she could feel it licking smoky and
seductive deep inside ... deeper than she had felt anything since that
night in the bathroom. She didn't even mind thinking of that now, and
she pressed her warm fleshy thigh even tighter against Klaus' knee.

The pungent sweetness of the narcotic hung heavy in the room and in the
cab as they rode to North Beach all crammed next to one another. Kim
liked the feeling of Ernie's powerful body pressed next to her. As the
taxi swayed across town, she began to realize that the pungent aroma,
that deadly sweet odor, was not only in her nostrils, but in her mind
as well.

She reeled under the total impact of the drug and felt giddy and silly,
and was glad she had Nichole and Ernie and Klaus to guide her about and
be responsible for her. Without them, she would have gone where bidded
and done what she was told. She felt like a butterfly borne, tossed,
and turned on some mighty slipstream, buffeted about without being able
to help it. The world was too large and too full of distractions for
her to be able to make any decisions. Dimly, she could divine that
Ernie was with Nichole and Klaus was her date ... escort.

She giggled, feeling naughty, going to see a topless dancer with a
strange man. How many women did that? Klaus gently guided her by the
elbow into a night club that advertised TOTALLY NUDE outside. Once
inside, it was pitch black and Kim opened her eyes wide, trying to see
where she was stepping. Klaus guided her all the way, and the four of
them sat at a little table with Klaus holding her hand and gently
moving his knee against her thigh. He gave her hand a little reassuring
squeeze, and she squeezed back as they all looked up at a tiny,
brightly lighted stage.

Kim watched, fascinated, her stare a hypnotic drugged one. Idly, she
wondered if people could tell she was high. She tried to remember what
it was they had smoked ... it wasn't marijuana. Her thoughts seemed
difficult and almost impossible to collect and regulate. She shook her
head and watched a young girl mounting the tiny stage that had mirrors
for a backing. Once up on the platform, the girl casually pulled her
dress off her head and stood listening to the beat of the music on the
juke box; she wore nothing but an Indian headband and a pair of

It was a powerful sensual shock to Kim, looking at another woman's
naked body with a group of virtual strangers. The dark bar was packed,
mostly with men and with the majority of them being military people.
Almost timidly, the drugged housewife looked up at the girl who had
short hair and a slim, boyish body. At first glance, she could have
been a boy. Her hips were slim and her buttocks small and tight, and
her breasts were high and small, almost non-existent when she stretched
her arms above the head. Her nipples were a dark red, hard and tight,
like pencil erasers. Her pubic hair was black and there wasn't much of
it over her firm little mound of Venus. Even her pouting---dry---cuntal
lips looked tight and small.

It seemed obscene somehow to look at another woman's vagina along with
a roomful of strangers and see the lips form more distinctly, see the
indentation by her thighs take place. Suddenly, with a barely
suppressed gasp, Kim realized the girl was getting excited by standing
naked before a roomful of strangers. It, the idea and the act, was
exciting not only the girl, but Kim! She was astounded by the wanton
strength of her own lasciviousness and sensuality. Somehow, it must be
all mixed with the pungent smoke.

Slowly, Kim let her eyes wander from the girl's tight little cunt to
see that she was standing nakedly right in front of her. The dancer
squatted obscenely so Kim could look right up at her narrow cuntal slit
and see the fluted pink edges slightly trembling. Slowly, the
embarrassed young wife looked up to see that the girl was wantonly
smiling down at her, snapping her fingers in time with the music, and
slowly undulating her hips in a most obscene and suggestive way,

It was as if the girl was crouching, offering her pussy to Kim and to
Kim alone! It was with a shock that the red-haired wife gradually
realized the girl was inviting her to caress the warmly perfumed cuntal
flesh and everyone in the room must know it. Kim darted a nervous look
at Klaus who shrugged, and at Nichole who laughed and looked back up at
the girl.

The naked dancer, rubbing her hands up and down her thighs, mouth open,
eyes half-closed, turned and sensuously swayed down the platform until
she was in front of Nichole who seemed to ravish the girl with her
eyes. The dancer crouched before the brunette, her legs wide-split, her
now pinkly glistening pussy pumping lewdly back and forth not two feet
from Nichole's face.

Kim felt she had to be imagining things, that it was all the---what was
it?---the "hashish" they had smoked. It had to be! The girl couldn't be
a lesbian. Nor could Nichole! She was just enjoying the dance, that's
all. Yet it seemed so obvious, so blatant. Kim watched the girl and her
straining thighs and firmly jiggling little breasts, and the whole idea
seemed so wicked and so risque and wild that it excited her. It touched
a chord deep in her drugged body that vibrated out of control for a
moment, bringing a hot, itchy moisture to her vagina and forcing her to
close her legs and squeeze her thighs together to stop the insane
throbbing of her clitoris.

The girl dancer had hips that seemed to be attached to her body by ball
bearings and stainless steel springs; she gyrated and rotated, her
tight little buttocks visible in the mirror as they jumped and jiggled
and grew taut as she danced. The music was growing wilder and wilder as
she cupped her orange-sized breasts and seemed to offer them to the
room at large, but really giving them in silent invitation to Nichole
right in front of her. She stopped dancing and stood with her legs
spread wide apart and slowly---as Kim gaped and leaned forward, her
hand on Klaus' knee---slowly, lewdly and wantonly rotated her hips and
rolled her buttocks so that her pussy slit glinted moistly in the
light. Her mouth dry and her heatedly throbbing clitoris pounding
again, Kim squeezed Klaus on the knee and looked at Nichole. The
brunette was hungrily staring right at the offered cunt, her eyes half
closed, her face dark and intense.

Slowly, as Kim watched, the red, wetly quivering little tip of her
tongue licked her lips.

Kim fell back in her chair, letting go of Klaus and suddenly aware of
his big strong hand on her knee. He ran his hand further up her thigh,
whispering, "Did you see that?"

All she could do was nod, looking at the two women who seemed to be
transfixed. Then, abruptly, the dance was over and the girl grinned and
stood up, reaching for her dress while the room exploded in applause.
It seemed as if everyone knew what was happening, and the atmosphere
was heavy with a lewdly sensuous feeling---a strong surging sense of
immorality. Kim sat silent in her chair, white and shaken, because she
had never seen anything like that before between two women, and had
never dreamed of such a thing about Nichole.

She passed a vague hand over her eyes, thinking she must be seeing
things, imagining things. Yet, the dancer did look kind of boyish and
she was down off the stage and dragging a chair up by Nichole and
whispering to her. Kim felt shaken for two reasons: imagining such a
thing about a friend; and also realizing that the wildly vulgar dance
she had just seen and the non-verbal exchange she had witnessed had
wantonly excited her beyond anything she had ever imagined. Her sopping
young cunt fairly ached, forcing her to twist and turn under Klaus's
hand in an effort to find a better way to sit. She moved uncomfortably,
feeling as though her entire vagina was on fire. She felt immersed in a
whole world of lewdness. Sex was everywhere in the bar. Men were
looking hungrily at her as they waited for another dancer. Men were
looking with the hot perfume of sex in the air! IT WAS EXCITING!

While the drugged young housewife sat in a kind of sexual reverie,
"feeling the world around her" and feeling her immediate world of the
sleazy dark bar, another dancer walked up on the platform and began
taking off her dress to reveal her buttocks bare and bulging. While all
these things were happening all around her, Kim could feel her flesh
and found it excited. Men were mentally undressing her and Nichole.
Suddenly Kim sat forward, noticing her three companions weren't looking
at the stage. They weren't paying any attention to the new dancer, but,
rather, had their heads bent together and were talking excitedly in low

Kim leaned closer to hear what they were saying.

"Why not?"

"One in a million chance."

"1 wouldn't miss it for anything."

"What?" Kim asked, interrupting, eager, squirming to know what it was
that was so interesting. The three of them looked at her, and Ernie had
his cynical smile. "No," he said, looking at Klaus and shaking his
head, "I don't think we can do it."

"Vhy?" Klaus asked.

Ernie nodded at Kim, and they all looked at her.

She could tell she was still suffering from the effects of the
cigarette. Everyone seemed far away, like looking at people through the
wrong end of a telescope. Yet she could hear what they were saying.

"What? What about me?" Kim asked, her voice sounding strange and far

Klaus patted her knee in a paternal way. "Nothing. This girl here, this
dancer, talked to Nichole, and it seems she knows where a live sex show
is going to be."

"Live? Real?" Kim gaped at the girl in disbelief.

Klaus nodded. "An orgy. For a price, they allow people to watch."

The thought staggered Kim. She had never in her life dreamed of such a
thing. Yet, San Francisco seemed full of everything else sexual. She
had even read articles about the so-called massage parlors. Why not
orgies with an audience?

"Since they are against the law, they are very hard to get to see,"
Klaus went on, explaining. "Since nothing is held back at these orgies,
I'm afraid they will always be outside the law. I can't conceive of a
government that would ever permit such things publicly."

"Why? What happens at these ... things?" Kim couldn't resist the
question. The thought of watching people do what they would ordinarily
do in privacy, in bed, in a whorehouse, was too thrilling to resist.
She shifted again on the chair, feeling the tight crotchband of her
panties bite into the wetly swollen lips of her cunt. She crossed her
legs tight, feeling the band bite deeper, feeling her excited clitoris
grow oiled with her own heat and slip out of the band. By rocking back
and forth, pretending to listen to Klaus explain above the music, she
was able to rub her clitoris back and forth against the band, exciting
her so that her face was flushed and the nipples of her breasts
hardened, shrinking into tightly erect points. Klaus was telling her
about one he had attended some time ago, and she was imagining herself
standing nakedly in front of a group, showing them her proud body and
its scratches and bruises. She clenched her fists to keep from

"Naturally, orgies are hard to find because they are secret. They take
precautions and this is a lucky break."

"How do you know this is ... genuine? The real thing?" Kim asked.

Klaus smiled politely. "You saw that girl dance. And she says that the
price is seventy five per person. That follows my experience and lends

"S ... seventy five dollars?"

Klaus nodded. "Believe me, you get your money's worth."

Nichole tapped Klaus on the knee, getting his attention. "Don't
embarrass my friend. She doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to."

"Yeah," Ernie added, "now's the time to take the party-poopers home."

"Ernie!" Nichole protested. "Don't talk that way."

"Why not? Hell, we're all tip-toeing around afraid of Miss What's-Her-
Name here. Hell, let her go home. I wouldn't miss this orgy for

Klaus looked at Kim and shrugged. "Rude as he is, I'm afraid I agree
with him. I'm going to go. I'll be happy to take you back to the

"Well, I think you both are being rotten to Kim!" Nichole said.

"Oh?" Ernie leered. "I suppose you're not going?"

Nichole looked right in his face. "I wouldn't miss it for all the money
in California, and you know how much I love money, honey. Don't you
worry about old Nichole. I'll be right there in the front row. And you
two will be with me. No, that isn't it. What frosts me about you two is
the way you assume Kim won't Go. Hell, you haven't even asked her if
she wanted to go!"

Again, they all looked at the embarrassed red-haired housewife who
tried to look cool and poised. Nichole was the first to speak. "Do you
want to go? If you don't, we understand. Well drop you at my

Kim's mouth was dry. Her fingers trembled. Her drugged young body was a
mass of swirling emotions and conflicting feelings. She couldn't help
thinking of Hank and remembering her near-rape. Going to an orgy would
be daring and wicked and something she would never forget.

"W ... would I ... would ... w ... we ... would we have to do anything
but watch? I mean ..." She licked her lips and tried to hide her
excitement and fear.

"No, this girl says they have arrangements where one can watch in

"T ... the money ..." Kim began.

Klaus waved her problem away. "I would be delighted."

Before she realized it, the hashish playing tricks with her sense of
time, they were threading their way through the tables with Kim looking
back and thinking, "My God, I never even looked at the other dancer!"

Yet, as they crowded into a cab and she felt Klaus pressing his whole
leg against hers, she felt a thrill and giggled. All of them seemed to
have their adrenaline running high now. They were conspirators and they
shared a secret: they were gong to do something illegal. More than
that, they were going to do something immoral, sinful, lustful! They
were going to watch an orgy!

To her surprise, Kim found that the address was on Russian Hill instead
of some grimy tenement in the Haight. A doorman in regal livery
politely asked them to stand in front of a television camera whip he
punched the floor and apartment number Nichole gave him. Nichole smiled
at the camera. A voice came through a chrome-faced speaker. "Yes?"

"Mr. Burdick?" Nichole asked as she had been instructed.

"Which Mr. Burdick?" the query came cautiously .

"The one from Sharon, New York, who smokes Chesterfields."

There was a click then a voice asked, "How many?"


"Another click and, "Let them in, Albert."

The doorman showed them into a tastefully decorated lobby that smacked
of wealth. Kim seemed to stumble and float like a weightless leaf on

Chapter 6

The apartment itself was large, a duplex, and was tastefully decorated.
Modern abstract paintings hung from the walls, setting off rooms with
blacks and slashes of vivid color. The furniture was modern and
elegant. It reminded Kim of apartments she had seen in fashion
magazines. Cool quiet jazz came from speakers that were all through the
apartment, and the lights were on a rheostat that someone was
manipulating, lowering the lights just as Kim and Nichole came in with
their escorts.

A sleek, chicque girl in a clinging dress greeted them and showed them
to the largest room of the apartment. Here it seemed, was the orgy.
Here everyone was gathered, waiting, talking murmuring against the
music excited, anticipating the great event. Their young guide showed
them to a couch along one wall where they could sit. The center of the
room was cleared of furniture, and mattresses had been laid out on a
platform that was about waist high. Couches and chairs were strung out
around the platform on all sides. Kim and her friends were in the very
back row with only a wall behind them.

"I thought this was to be private," Kim whispered.

The girl overheard and smiled at her. "We have rooms you can watch it
from on closed circuit television or a two-way mirror," the girl smiled
coolly at Kim. "Only two people to a room."

Kim shook her head. She didn't want to get separated from her friends;
safety in numbers, she thought, looking around. The four of them sat
against the wall and watched the room filling up with people. Kim
stiffened. A young girl with large breasts was coming toward them. The
girl was naked! No, worse than being naked, she was only wearing black
boots and a flimsy, blood-red G-string. The tiny G-string didn't really
cover much; it only seemed to draw attention to her cuntal crevice,
that fleshy gully up between her legs. Her breasts were huge and jutted
out and shook and quivered when she walked.

She came with her hands on her hips and stood in front of them.
"Coffee, tea, or me?" she asked.

"You!" Ernie thundered.

"Thanks. Later. No, really, I'm supposed to ask you if you'd like some
champagne or grass?"

"Both," Klaus said. "Bring us a bottle and whatever you have to smoke."

The girl turned and sauntered off with Kim watching her ripely naked
buttocks rise and fall with every step. It was all too lewd and casual
and exciting for her to believe. She found she couldn't say anything as
the girl came back with an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne in it
and bent over, her breasts hanging and seeming to swell, as she put
some thin brown cigarettes on an ash tray on the coffee table in front
of them. The girl grinned brazenly at Ernie. "You can give me my tip

They all laughed and Ernie poured the wine while Klaus lit up one of
the cigarettes and passed it around. Kim accepted a glass of champagne
gratefully. Her mouth was dry and she needed something to quench her
thirst. She gulped the drink and found it tickling her nose with its
wondrous carbonation. She took the offered cigarette and smelled the
thick, sweet odor of it ... then inhaled.

And the room grew dark except for baby spots that were trained on the
mattresses on the platform in the center of the room. The pungent
sweetness of marijuana and hashish smoke hung heavily in the air. Kim
saw everything through a screen, a haze. She could see the burning tips
of the cigarettes in the darkness. The room grew quiet as the music was
turned low; soon only the sound of an occasional inhalation and
exhalation could be heard. It all looked chic and exciting to Kim.

Another glass of champagne was put into her hand by Klaus. She had
drunk the first one without a thought. It didn't matter, the cool
liquid going down her hot dry throat felt good. It was nice to have
Klaus looking after her, she mused as she sipped.

A murmur of excitement swept through the room, and in the soft velvety
darkness, Kim could see a figure moving toward the platform.

The girl with the black boots and red G-string got up on the platform
and stood in the light. The spotlights made her nakedly gleaming flesh
seem all the more white and her breasts stood out full and rich and
heavy. She took her G-string off while smiling and talking to the
people nearest the platform. She stepped out of the G-string and stood
legs apart, hands on her hips, her pinkly glistening cuntal lips
clearly visible in the light. She twirled the G-string in one hand and
let it fly out into the darkness and the audience.

Slowly, the fingers of one hand slipped down and spread her pouting
vaginal layers of soft flesh, letting everyone see her femaledom as she
slowly turned around and around. Kim looked at the girl's cunt and saw
it was wet and a scarlet red; it was obvious that she was eager for
action. The expression on the girl's face was one of lewd amusement;
she knew she had a good body and ran her hands over it in self-

She stopped to pick up something near the edge of the platform. Klaus
handed Kim a cigarette, and she took her eyes away from the stage to
take another, deeper drag and sip her champagne. When she looked up
again, she saw that the girl was coating her body, smoothing and
smearing some kind of clear fine oil all over her large, whitely firm
breasts. She rubbed it over her hardened nipples, obviously enjoying
the sensual feel of the oil. Kim joined in the murmur that went around
the room. Klaus said something low and shifted his body closer to hers.

The girl stood with her legs apart on the mattress and covered her ripe
young body with oil until she gleamed and glinted in the overhead
light. Oil sheened on her thighs and stomach and huge breasts. The girl
was the personification of lewdness as she stooped to take off her
boots. "NO, no!" came cries from the audience, "leave them on!"

The girl stopped and grinned out at the darkness, then her smile faded
and her eyes narrowed in anticipation. Kim could see another dark form
moving toward the platform.

A man leaped onto the mattresses, and Kim gasped aloud with other women
in the room. The man was naked, completely naked! Although not
particularly good looking, he was very well developed, like a fighter.
He was heavily muscled and had the largest penis that Kim had ever
seen! A dirty little thrill of wantonness made her clench her fists and
sit with her legs crossed, so she could squeeze her clitoris again as
she looked at the cock. As the amazed young housewife watched, the girl
dropped to her knees in front of the man, her face right in front of
his massively throbbing penis and began to smear oil on his strong
thighs and flat, slabbed, stomach.

Kim watched with her mouth open, the champagne and cigarette forgotten
as she stared at the great pulsating cock. It was the biggest she had
ever seen with the blunted red head protruding from its sheath, and it
was growing every minute as the girl rubbed his body all over. Yes, Kim
thought with excitement, his erection was growing and thickening right
there in front of her eyes. The head was growing more round, more
flanged, deeper in color, turning a blood-filled purple with its tiny
gland opening distended and visible even from where they sat. The girl
moved forward on her knees and the room was silent save for the quiet
music in the background. Everyone seemed to lean forward together,
collectively holding their breath as the girl fondled his big hairy
balls in the cups of her hands and gently massaged them, covering them
with oil.

The expression on her face was quietly ecstatic, her eyes half closed,
her wetly parted lips smiling as she took the thick white stalk of his
cock in her hand. Kim saw the way her fingers wrapped around its
thickness and looked so small as she squeezed it. She could see blood
rush to the surface where her fingers squeezed, and the cock seemed to
grow even more monstrous in her hand. It seemed to be heavy and hot in
the girl's hands, for she had put both of her hands on it, holding it
between her open palms and rubbing oil on it so that it gleamed in the
light. Kim swallowed and shuddered with the thought: I wish that was me
up there oiling his penis ...

The gentle caresses made the thick hard cock jump and jerk in her hand,
and she paused to grip it again and pull the foreskin back over the
swollen head. Kim saw the cock as some angry prehistoric animal wanting
to burst its way free, wanting to roll back the skin and be revealed in
all its blood-throbbing mushroomed splendor.

Kim wasn't thinking of who or where she was, as she watched the girl
lean hungrily forward and the tip of her tongue flick over the greased,
lust-swollen head of his penis. The man shuddered and his tough face
was in shadow as he looked down at the girl kneeling in front of him.
Suddenly, his hands tangled in her hair and he urged her forward.

The girl only smiled at his crude suggestion. His eagerly throbbing
cock was gleaming now with oil as she gently stroked it, forcing the
skin back further and further, revealing a little more of his thick
purple head each time.

Kim shifted nervously next to Klaus. She had never seen anything like
this. Topless-Bottomless was one thing, but this was another. Klaus was
concentrating on the scene and had forgotten the champagne. Kim drained
her glass and reached forward and hurriedly poured herself another one,
her eyes on the platform.

The girl was arching her shiny back now, allowing her large full
breasts to stick out and up as she guided the cock over her oily
breasts, letting it slip and prod, jerkingly, at her erect little
nipples. She slowly let its pulsating thickness circle her breasts as
they all watched. The girl suddenly let go of the penis; it snapped
erect, and she put it between her deep cleavage. As everyone watched,
she tried to squeeze her breasts together, her hands slipping and
sliding with her efforts.

Excitement was running high in the room. Klaus, next to Kim, swung his
arm around her and pulled her close, his hand dangerously near her
breast, his hip and muscular thigh grinding into hers.

Kim was about to pull away, when the girl, her face contorted by a
sudden lust, moved back from the man, seized his cock in both her
slippery hands and peeled his thick leathery foreskin all the way back
so his shining mushroom was fully revealed for all to see.

But for only a second. Her eyes closed, her wetly eager mouth open, the
girl leaned forward and took the head of his impatiently jerking long
cock in her ovaled mouth, her moist lips spreading tight over the
blood-filled head just as the foreskin had. The girl began to suck, her
cheeks hollowing and her Adam's apple bobbing.

To Kim it was the most savage, perverted, obscene sight she had ever
seen! And the most exciting! The girl and man gleamed, their oil-
covered bodies glinting off light. The man stood with a sardonic grin
on his face, looking down, his legs apart and his knees slightly bent
in order to thrust forward his groin. The girl kneeled before him,
naked except for her black boots, her ripely fleshed buttocks gleaming
and shining with oil, her back coated, her breasts jutting forward as
she arched her back and her tightly compressed lips sucked hard on his
cock. Everyone in the smoke-filled room could see her tongue twirling
around inside by the bulges on her cheeks.

The man was growing excited now, his lips twisting in a smile, his
fingers gripping the girl's tousled head. His hips began pumping
forward and back in a most lascivious way. Kim found herself literally
panting, her mouth dry and open as she watched his thick white stalk,
like a glistening tree stump, slide in and out of the young girl's
wetly ovaled mouth.

The girl heightened the lewdness and wantonness of the scene by letting
her hands slide along the man's thighs until her arms circled his torso
and her fingers found the tight crevice of his tensed buttocks. She
began urging his thrust deeper into her mouth with her hands as she
pulled him toward her in perfect rhythm with his wild pumping.

Alongside her, Kim could feel Klaus becoming more and more restless;
she was sure, too, that he could feel her grinding her own buttocks
into the couch on occasion. She tried to make it appear that all she
was doing was changing position, but it was becoming more difficult by
the minute to conceal her frustration. Klaus's hand had begun to knead
her breast under her dress in a slow rhythmic way, making her little
cherry-like nipples throb with a guilty lusting pleasure.

The aroused young wife tried to shrink down on the couch, involuntarily
snuggling closer to Klaus. A moan from Nichole made her look down the
couch. Her shock must have registered, for Klaus looked too. Nichole
had both her long tapered legs spread wide, her dress up over her hips.
Ernie's big hand was inside her bikini panties, cupping her mound of
Venus. Kim shuddered as the outline of his fingers moved and probed
under the sheer material. He was stroking in rhythm, sinking one finger
deep into her eagerly thrashing vagina. Nichole, seemingly unaware of
anyone, was grinding her pelvis with her buttocks lifted off the
cushions, in rhythm to the finger screwing into her. Both she and Ernie
had their eyes fixed on the lascivious exhibition.

Kim looked around---other couples were in obscene embraces, indistinct
in the smoky, hazy dark but showing by their restless writhing motion
that the salacious spectacle on the platform was affecting them---they
were losing control over their passions. A warning alarm bell sounded
deep in Kim's subconscious. She knew she should run---now---just get up
and walk out---before her own body succumbed to the wanton urges that
were pulsing and pounding through it. Then, a groan from the stage made
her snap back her drugged attention.

The room was getting hot, and the two on the stage were beginning to
sweat, their greased bodies glistening. The man now had the girl's head
pinned firmly in place with a wild and vicious grip. His thick
glistening cock was sliding in and out of the girl's mouth as his hips
viciously pumped. Kim thought the girl would choke or gag when the
wetly glistening shaft was shoved the full length into her mouth, but
the eagerly sucking girl held on to the man's slippery, oiled buttocks
with all her strength, a look of lewd rapture on her face as her lips
ovalled tightly around the cock. The muscles in her arms rippled as she
pulled on his buttocks, trying to get more of the rampant stalk of hot
hard fish in her mouth.

The crowd in the room groaned again as another figure mounted the low
platform. It was the girl dancer from the bar! She too, was naked and
her slim boyish hips and small firm breasts were covered with oil. She
glistened and glinted as she moved, caressing the girl's nakedly
quivering buttocks and pressing her own restless loins against their
warm fleshiness. More groans of lust came from the audience when she
reached around and cupped the sucking girl's breasts, pinching the
slippery nipples with the tips of her fingers.

Kim's breath was coming in tight gasps, and the burning sensation
fermenting in her belly grew in maddening intensity with each movement
was she watched the young girl being ravished by the man and the
lesbian dancer. The excited sex-heat of the audience acted like a giant
furnace, and the drugged young housewife could feel a trickle of sweat
running from her navel down her belly into her pubic hair. Its slow
teasing trail caused her to squirm down against the firm leather edges
of the cushion, which rubbed sensuously against the moist, hair-lined
flanges of her hotly throbbing pussy. She bit hard against her lower
lip to keep back a groan of frustration.

Her forehead was covered with a fine mist of perspiration from the
feverishly writhing bodies all around her. Klaus, his mouth open, his
eyes on the platform, let his hand fall inside her dress. Kim stiffened
and looked around. No one was watching and, if she wanted him to, he
would stop. Her young, frantically aroused body trembled as she let him
wedge his hand between her naked breast and brassiere, near her nipple.
Another trickle of sweat ran down the valley between her ripely full
breasts, causing her to squirm more, thus allowing his fingers to probe
for and find the nipple. He pinched it and she jumped, feeling a tiny
pain then a lewd thrill of pleasure.

Her nerves were shattered and her mind reeled with indecision as the
drug, the champagne, and the salacious scene in front of her worked
powerfully on her feelings. She knew she should demand that they take
her home. Nichole and her friends were just a little too fast for her,
and this wasn't being true to Hank. She owed faithfulness to Hank, and
she had already gone too far by watching such an exhibition and letting
Klaus, a stranger, massage her breast. He was doing it right at that
minute, urging her nipple into a pouted hardness, bringing on a wanton
feeling that was wild and made her thirst for more. Thirst! Her mouth
was dry and she drained her champagne glass again. Klaus, with his free
hand, poured her more; she quietly drank it down, smacking her lips and
liking the taste.

Still, she felt they had been so patronizing to her, so talked down to
her that she was determined to show them she wasn't a child or an old
maid. Petting didn't hurt so long as it didn't go any further. She
could always stop Klaus if he tried anything more than toying with her

She looked down the couch, past Klaus, at Nichole. Ernie was sitting
forward and facing Nichole now, his hand still in her panties and his
fingers lewdly pumping in and out of her vagina. His free hand was
unbuttoning the top of her dress and, as Kim watched, she saw one of
Nichole's magnificently formed breasts billow and bulge as its firmness
was forced out of her brassiere. The naked tit gleamed whitely in the
room---its nipple taut and dark ... inviting. All around the room, all
around her, people were writhing in sexual abandonment and undressing.

Kim's breath was hot and heavy as she turned her glazed eyes back on
the platform, permitting Klaus to pull her own breast up so that her
pink, bud-like nipple was out of her brassiere but not out of the
dress. Slowly, his fingers slid across her warm, sweaty cleavage and
began probing for her other breast.

The flame-haired young wife let him fondle her, raising her passion and
frustration as she watched the wantonly obscene tableau up on the
platform. It was as if the three nakedly writhing performers had
utterly no inhibitions or feeling of self-consciousness; in fact, it
seemed they were enjoying being watched, that they enjoyed sexually
exciting and frustrating the passive on-lookers. Kim sensed that part
of their excitement, part of their depravity came from the fact that
they did things---sexual things---in front of strangers. She tried to
imagine herself getting up in this room, in front of strangers, naked
and lewd. In her mind, she flashed back to the night she stood naked in
the bathroom on front of a mirror and excitedly looked at the bruises
and scratched on her body before finger fucking herself to orgasm.

Kim continued panting as Klaus felt for the nipples on her other breast
and the girl on the platform, the girl with the black boots and huge
breasts, broke away from the man. The slender lesbian who had been
behind her had stood up and to one side. The girl in her boots, oiled,
sweating, fell nakedly back on her haunches, heaving with passion and
fighting for her breath, putting her arms out behind her, supporting
herself as her heavy breasts jiggled lewdly. She looked up at the man
who crouched over her and then set her head fall back to see the slim
girl standing to one side.

Kim gasped then groaned aloud, forgetting herself, as the lesbian
dancer bent over, kissing the other girl with an open mouth while one
hand dropped to her cunt. The girl in the boots, still on her knees and
leaning back, locked her hungry mouth on the lesbian's and let her
tongue dart in while she spread her thighs as far as her kneeling
position would allow. Kim felt she had to squirm as she watched the
lesbian's knowledgeable fingers begin sawing in and out of the kneeling
girl's wetly parted pussy.

Kim knew about lesbians, had heard about them in school but never had
met one or knew she was meeting one. It was the most depraved scene she
had ever watched as the man stood watching, stroking his slippery,
hotly glistening cock as he watched and the slim girl bent over the
other girl, kissing her in a wanton way while caressing her in a most
obscene way. And the girl with the boots responded, writhing in
complete abandonment, her breasts oiled and gleaming as they jiggled,
her body supple and rubbery as she convulsed and rivulets of sweat
snaked across her belly-dancer stomach. Kim felt faint when she
realized the full brazenness of their act as the slim girl suddenly
straightened and, just like she was mounting a horse, she held the
booted girl's head in her hands and swung one leg over her face. She
lifted one leg slowly, exposing her open cunt with its pinkly fluted
vaginal lips. The girl's face was buried in the lesbian's crotch when
the dancer---her legs spread wide and slightly bent at the knees---
began wiggling her tight, little-boy buttocks back in invitation at the
man. Her proud ass cheeks spread wide and her anus was tight and brown
in the center of her deep crevice.

The impact of it on Kim was almost more than she could take. She gaped
as Klaus pulled her breasts---both of them---free from her brassiere
and pinched the taut, hard nipples into a goose-bumped expectancy. She
gaped with her mouth open as the two girls on the stage began an
obscene movement. The lesbian held her friend's head tight to her hair-
lined vaginal slit while her hips ground and rotated her cunt against
the girl's face. And, judging from the expression of wild, lewd
pleasure on the lesbian's face, the girl was obliging by using her
mouth and tongue.

Klaus put his free hand on Kim's bare knee and squeezed it, feeling hot
and sweaty. His hand suddenly swept up her thigh, pushing her dress up.
"Just petting," she tried to tell herself as she sank further back,
even further on the couch and crossed her legs again and squeezed ...
seeking relief for her hopelessly aroused clitoris. She ground her
buttocks down into a corner of the cushion, forcing the sewn edging up
into her panties, into the open lips of her heatedly pulsating pussy.
Klaus let his hand slide all the way up her dress until it was cupped
on her perspiration-streaked stomach. Kim tried to catch her breath,
inhaling deeply and swelling her breasts that now jutted out further
than ever due to the brassiere being pushed and peeled down beneath
them. Klaus's fingernails nipped at the nipple of her breast and she
jumped, sitting more erect thus permitting his probing fingers to dart
underneath her panties and wedge themselves downward to nestle in her
softly curling pubic hair.

Kim, her legs tensely crossed, told herself he couldn't go any further
even if he wanted to, and that there really wasn't anything much more
wrong with his hand probing at her vagina than there was with his hand
on her naked breasts. It was all petting! Besides ... it all felt
sooooo goooooddd! She groaned!

The scene on the platform, the three people on the mattress, was now
almost beyond belief. The man had been watching the two women writhing
like snakes in front of him, his great, eagerly jerking cock held tight
in one hand. At a signal from him, the girls reacted. The lesbian,
standing straddled over the booted girl, stepped away from her head,
bending further over and arching her back, her legs spread wide so that
her swollen cuntal lips were visible to the audience .

Quickly, the man stepped forward between the lesbian's legs and guided
his thick white shaft into her wetly waiting cunt! He slowly pushed,
and his blood-filled purple head, spread her cunt until it seemed
surely to rip it. The booted girl, still kneeling, looked up to see the
man's cock a few inches above her face! She watched as the massive,
blue-veined pole of flesh sawed in and out of the warmly lubricated
vagina. There was a look of awe and wanton delight in her eyes. She
bent her head back and reached up with her face, her wet little tongue
out and flicking over the lesbian's gleaming clitoris and the underside
of his plunging cock.

Kim felt, for one wild abandoned moment, that she was gong to cum, that
she would have an orgasm right there in front of everyone. It was such
a wild obscene fucking that was going on in front of her while Klaus
was fondling and exciting her to the point of insanity. She watched the
man fucking the lesbian girl from behind, holding onto her slippery
hips as best he could. Kim could see the thick long stalk of the cock
glistening with oil and cunt-juice as it slowly pistoned in and out of
the moistly clasping pussy; that combined with the lascivious sight of
the booted girl crouched underneath licking both their genitals made
the young wife think she was about to cum and pass out.

But abruptly Kim went beyond orgasm, into a kind of sexual-overdrive
and found herself hot and horny. She was shamelessly aroused as she
rubbed her thighs together and felt the hotly exciting movement of her
moistly heated vaginal lips on the rough edge of the cushion. Her cunt-
moisture had dampened the tight band of her panties and only served to
arouse her all the more.

Everything seemed to excite her. She craned her neck to see past Klaus
and saw Nichole sprawled obscenely with her legs spread wide-apart ...
and her panties pulled down to her thighs ... and Ernie's big hand
ravaging her open cunt. Nichole's teeth were tightly gritted and her
scarlet mouth open as she ground her pelvis up in rhythm to Ernie's
finger fucking. Ernie has pulled both of her big fleshy breasts free of
her brassiere and dress, and they bulged in front of her face so that
she had to stare down her cleavage in order to see the orgy going on in
front of her.

"Orgy" was the only word for it. People all over the room were losing
their inhibitions and were naked and writhing as they watched the stage
show and other couples alongside them.

Kim didn't think she would ever see anything more depraved and wanton
and ... arousing ... than what she was at that moment watching. But she
was wrong. At a signal from the man, he pulled his cock free from the
lesbian's wetly clasping cunt with a sucking sound, and bent his knees
a little more to slide his long, hotly glistening hard cock back into
the kneeling booted girl's mouth and began fucking her, his hips
banging against the lesbian's buttocks.

Then, as Kim's eyelids fluttered and her creamy, lust-fired cunt
quivered in a compulsive spasm, she watched the man pull his rigidly
erect cock with its purple flanged head all shiny, out of the booted
girl's mouth and plunge it back into the hotly lubricated cunt of the
lesbian! Then, as lust-filled groans and moans came from all around the
room, Kim heard herself moan and feel faint from lust and, at the same
instant, felt her body go lax, felt her loins relax and felt Klaus's
lingers dart finally home to the wetly swollen and tortured lips of her
cunt. The hopelessly aroused young wife stared at the platform and
continued to moan as she watched the man alternate his rock-hard cock
between the waiting cunt and the willing mouth. First one, then the
other, dipping and bending, pulling his cock from lips that pouted out
and fought to keep it, plunging into the waiting cunt of the lesbian
and burying itself, rolling the hair-lined fluted edges of her vagina
in with each mighty thrust. Kim could see the pink moist walls of the
cunt clinging, rolling outward as he withdrew, doing their best to hold
onto his mushroom head despite the delicious lubrication.

The room was an uproar now as people were weaving to their feet, moving
and pawing about. Naked men and women were crawling up on the platform
and sprawling on the mattresses to join the show. Within seconds, the
performers had lost their balance and toppled over among nakedly
writhing bodies that came up on the stage.

Madness reigned. It was like the last wild orgy at the end of the
decadent Roman empire. The rich had gathered for one last obscene orgy
before the fall of Rome, before the vandals sacked the city. There was
no point in not joining in. Only it wasn't ancient Rome, it was modern
San Francisco at its most sinful and obscene. It was the modern Romans,
the modern gladiators, the jet-set, the beautiful people, the
privileged, the pleasure-bent, who were operating now, and they went at
it with a sensuous freedom and abandon even the ancient Romans would
have been awed by. Although none of them would admit it, there was
always the idea that The Bomb, The Big One, could drop and, in a
twinkling, it would all be over.

Many things entered into it. The new freedom, the sexual revolution,
that sense that pleasures were first to be tasted in order to be
understood, that feeling of not wanting to miss out on anything.
Nichole was up, somewhat unsteady, on her feet and pulling her dress
off over her head and flinging it on the couch. Her brassiere followed
and then she peeled off her rolled down bikini panties to stand naked
in a black garter belt and sheer black stockings and high heels. She
looked so wildly beautiful, her glassy eyes unfocused, her expression
so lewdly inviting

Ernie was up and frantically ripping his clothes off. Klaus turned to
Kim, his face so close to hers that she could feel his hot breath on
her cheek. His finger was slowly worming itself into her moistly heated
cunt and, no matter how hard she contracted her vaginal muscles, it was
slipping relentlessly in, helped, no end, by her excitement and
lubrication. She groaned out loud as his other hand continued to fondle
her sensitively full breasts and her head thrashed back and forth as
Klaus hissed, "Come on! You can't stop now! You can't be a cock-tease!"

The words burned in her mind like acid on metal. Her mind was full of
every filthy word she had ever heard: fuck, cunt, cock, asshole!

Her mind reeled as Klaus was handling her, getting her up and pulling
her dress off one shoulder. He was over her now and she saw the huge
throbbing bulge in his pants. "No! No!" she cried, begging, "No, I

"Vhat do you mean? Nien? No? Vhat are you saying?"

His voice was so menacing, his manner so cold and Prussian and
threatening that she knew she couldn't say "no." He would hit her, and
she wouldn't blame him. Hank was in her thoughts, and she wanted to
stop for his sake and to show what a good woman she was. But ...
inside, she didn't want to stop! "No!" she whispered, then gave he to
her words by relaxing. Nichole and Ernie had left the couch, nakedly
threading their way toward the platform that was a mass of wantonly
writhing, fucking bodies. Ernie's erection stood out in front of him
like a huge hammer handle! Kim shuddered, wondering if Klaus was built
like that! "No," she said, turning to Klaus, "N ... not here!"

Klaus grinned down at her savagely. "So? You like to vatch, but you
don't wish to be seen. Is that it?"

"Yes! Not here, I can't!"

"Very well." He took her hand in an iron grip and pulled her to her
feet, leading her, weaving through the heaps of discarded clothing. Kim
gasped once and recoiled when a hand reached out and tightly gripped
her buttocks. She looked down and, in the darkness, saw a man nakedly
lying on his back on a couch. His expression was depraved as he
caressed the softly fleshed globes of her ass, his hand up under her
silken dress. A young blonde with big breasts and rather broad
shoulders was lying on top of him, her nakedly gleaming buttocks and
legs spread wide over the man's body. His wetly glistening cock was in
her cunt and, as Kim gaped, her buttocks slowly pumped up and down on
the thick staff. The blonde grinned up, watching her partner fondle
Kim's trembling buttocks.

"Join us?" the girl asked in a husky voice.

"Hmmmmm, I could take on two of you," the man murmured. Klaus laughed
and pulled Kim away as she watched the two nakedly writhe in their
sexual coupling. The young housewife actually looked disappointed that
she wasn't joining them.

Klaus led the way around the stage platform that was now an
unbelievable scene of mass orgy. Nichole was nakedly standing on the
mattress, having kicked her high heels off, her hands above her head.
Hands, many hands---male and female alike---were caressing, fondling,
massaging her lush young body. So many hands that Kim couldn't count
them all as they slid and fondled and probed all over Nichole's body
before pulling her down into their hot writhing mass.

Kim's mind was reeling as she stumbled after Klaus. She had virtually
committed herself to committing adultery with Klaus. She didn't even
know his last name! How was she going to get out of it?

Klaus led her out of the big room, and it was as if she had a whiff of
fresh air. He led her into a quiet little room with plush red walls and
an oversized bed. One wall had a black drape over it. Klaus closed the
door and dimmed the lights then pressed another button on the lighting
panel. There was a click and a muffled whirr, and the black drape was
pulled aside, revealing a floor to ceiling window and a view of the
platform where the wildly wanton orgy was going on!

Kim gasped and stepped back.

"Don't vorry," Klaus assured. "It is a one-way mirror. On the other
side, all they see is their own delightful image reflected back. Ve are
very private and ve can vatch!"

Kim sank onto the edge of the bed, her eyes locked on the scene going
on in the other room. She saw Nichole sandwiched between two men---
strangers---madly undulating her sensual young body, stockings half-
ripped from her. What she was seeing had to be a dream---a drugged
dream---it couldn't be true---it was too wanton---too lewd! Surely,
Nichole wasn't like that.

Yet there she was before her eyes, and there was Ernie and all sorts of
others. There was a naked young girl about seventeen kneeling between
two men, a penis in either hand, sucking first one cock and then the
next. There were two beautiful young girls in a sixty nine position,
their redly quivering little tongues curling into each other's
violently trembling cunts, their expressions completely wanton, their
hips pumping in unison. Another girl straddled a prone man and pumped
up and down, her wetly gaping cunt sliding up and down his penis while
she eagerly sucked the long white cock of another man standing next to
her as he fondled another girl's breasts with both hands and had his
tongue buried in a third woman's wide-stretched pussy.

It was a wildly writhing, mad scene Kim was watching, like something
out of the erotic version of The Arabian Nights. With a slow dawning,
she realized that this was her wish, this was the orgy she had wanted
to participate in. Except for Nichole, Kim didn't really know anyone
present. Except for their names, she knew little of Klaus and Ernie.
She need never see any of these people, including Nichole, ever again
in her life. This was her one big chance. Hank dimmed in her memory as
she saw the wantonly writhing figures in front of her. And suddenly she
wanted to take part---to fuck and be fucked.

"You like that?" Klaus was sitting behind her, his lips to her ear,
whispering, while his hands slid around her waist and up to her
breasts, cupping them, feeling them all soft and rubbery under the

Looking at the mass scene in front of her, it seemed natural to say,
"Yes!" and let him paw her. He slowly pushed her down on the bed until
she was lying on her stomach, panting, watching the salacious scene on
the other side of the mirror. He had her flat on her stomach with her
legs hanging over the side of the bed. She let her knees touch the
floor, and she half-knelt, half-lay on the bed, her fleshy buttocks
firmly rounded and stuck out, with Klaus lifting her dress and
inspecting her creamy, perfectly formed ass under her little white

Her too-tight panties cut into the anal crevice and vanished under her
flesh, more or less exposing her twin ass cheeks. Klaus looked at them,
muttering in German as he gently caressed her warm flesh. Kim could
feel him kneeling behind her now and leaning his weight over her. Her
own torso, under him, began swaying in rhythm to the wild scene she
viewed with glassy eyes. The young housewife watched Nichole getting
savagely fucked by a total stranger and she began pumping her hips in
time to the brunette's.

Klaus stretched out over her and his arms wedged themselves between the
bed and her body; he massaged and cupped her breasts while she rested
some of her weight on her elbows, lifting herself slightly and giving
him greater freedom as she squirmed her buttocks back, hard against his
loins. She could feel a long, hard stiffness there swelling under his
pants, and when he jerked eagerly forward, she could feel the full
thickness of it pressing through her flimsy panties and into the
crevice of her buttocks. The thin folds of the bunched nylon material
grated against her tiny, sensitive anus sending small warning spasms of
lewd pleasure rippling up her belly to the rising nipples of her

Sure of himself now, Klaus unzipped her dress down to her buttocks. His
hands slipped into the opening from behind, curling around her bare
mid-section and rising to push the tight restricting brassiere up and
away from her ripely swollen breasts. His bands cupped the resilient
mounds greedily as they came free, trapping the hardened, sensitive
nipples between thumb and forefinger; squeezing until a tiny
excruciating sensation brought a gasp of surprised pleasure from the
drugged housewife's open lips. He pushed forward with his pelvis
sinking his still covered hardness deeper into the split of her
involuntarily contracting buttocks. On the other side of the mirror,
she saw a girl, her young face twisted in rapture, getting her nipples
sucked by two men.

Kim's breath came in obscene gasps and the muscles in her ripely lush
body were as taut as bow-strings as she reacted involuntarily to the
maddening fondling of Klaus's hands on her sensitive flesh. She jerked
and jumped as one of his tormenting warm hands left her breast to trail
a slow teasing path down the soft unresisting belly and insert itself
into the elastic waistband of her panties where it teased thrillingly
at the pubic hair raising from the "vee" of her pussy. It played there
for a moment then suddenly curled down into the moistly ready hot slit
up between her legs, the nail scraping gently at the tiny bud of her
clitoris, sending it springing into quivering life. Kim jerked forward
slightly as the hand curled further under her cuntal crevice, parting
the softly hot lips of her vagina to teasingly snake its way inside the
tight little opening of her cunt, sending wild electric shocks of
pleasure stabbing through her.

The rigid hugeness of his cock confined under his trousers was now
pressed in the deep, sweat-moistened crevice of her ass; it was
heatedly throbbing as though it had a life of its own. Involuntarily,
she ground back against it, imprisoned licentiously between it and the
outstretched finger worming ever deeper in her hungrily twitching

Klaus began a gentle rocking motion to which her own body responded in
time to the bobbing head of Nichole out there on the other side of the
mirror. Nichole was in the middle of a huge orgy as she sucked a man's
long hard cock while one woman caressed her breasts and the other had
her head buried between the sensual brunette's legs. Nichole had been
fucked, and the man had turned to some other pleasure. Nichole took a
massively pulsating penis that was offered in front of her face and
never even looked at the man. Klaus and Kim were both looking at the
pert brunette and rocking in time to the bobbing of her head out there
when the German said, "Bend more and spread your legs. I'm going to
fuck you from behind."

"Oh, God, no!" Kim panted between tightly clenched teeth, unable to
stop the rocking of her shamelessly aroused body back against his hand.

"I fuck you good and you can vatch at the same time," he whispered in
her ear. The lewd words excited her strangely through the drugged
hashish haze, and the young red-headed wife groaned in surrender as he
pushed her upper body forward over the bed. Her muscles were like
rubber and she almost fell, resting on her elbows some more, her face
only inches from the mirror.

Her ripely full buttocks wavered in the air behind her, and she
shuddered as she felt the German's hands lift her dress above her hips,
bunching it around her wasp-like waist and drawing her thin white nylon
panties down over the fun, fleshy, rounded white cheeks of her ass,
leaving her panties to hang at her knees. A cool rush of air hit her
backside and she suddenly flushed in shame. Her whole rear end was
nakedly exposed to him, waving back in a lewd invitation to any
humiliation he might want to inflict on her. A last fleeting thought of
Hank flickered through her conscience as she heard the metallic zip of
a zipper behind her as Klaus opened his fly and his long thick cock
burst into welcome freedom. There was no time for further thought.

She heard him drop heavily to his knees behind her straining buttocks;
then he bent over and his hot, torturing tongue licked lasciviously and
moistly down the entire length of her sweating anal crevice before he
abruptly stopped and flicked the tip of his tongue into the tightly
puckered little ring of her anus

"God! Oh. GOD!" she moaned as the tantalizing licking of his tongue
invaded her tortured loins, teasing her like some demon from another
world. She quivered back against it, screwing her buttocks in small
circles around and around to feel deliciously its complete rape of her
helplessly exposed anus. There was nothing in the world like this
feeling. She had never known it before: it was different it was wicked,
it consumed the whole of her being and there was nothing else in the
universe now but the hotly lashing tongue licking at her from behind.
Wild thoughts of joining the orgy ran through her mind once more as she
watched two men fucking a sixteen year-old blonde in the cunt and mouth
at the same time. She reveled in the lewd tingling joy until she
thought suddenly her whole body was going to explode in a thousand

Klaus stopped just in time. He slithered his tongue up the moist
crevice again, over her back and to the base of her spine, following
the bony ridges up her back until this progress was halted by the
flimsy dress bunched around her narrow waist.

He shifted behind her, and Kim suddenly quivered in fear as she felt
the hugeness of the lust-swollen head of his penis press into the split
between her wide-spread buttocks.

Oh, God, he's too big! The thought raced through her suddenly fear-
filled mind. He's bigger than the first man up on the platform, he's
even bigger than Ernie! He'll split me open!!

Her tightly clenched buttocks involuntarily cringed forward, drawing
away from the rubbery tipped cock pressing into her from behind, but it
followed like a long shadow. Her forehead was pressed tightly against
the mirror. There was nowhere else to go! Her nakedly cringing body was
trapped between the glass and the searching fleshy monster behind her.
She gaped at the reflection in the mirror---a reflection of a girl with
lovely breasts who stood on the mattress and wantonly gazed right back
at her. Only she was looking at her reflection, at her own nakedly
voluptuous body, and caressing her own magnificent breasts as her hand
wandered down to her crotch in search of her cunt. It was obvious that
the reflection was going to excite herself and watch while she did it.
She looked right at him as she slowly. tantalizingly, finger-fucked her

Behind her, Klaus was going to impale her! He was going to split her!

She felt his hands close around the tops of her firmly fleshed thighs,
gripping them tightly, his fingers digging harshly into her soft white

"Reach behind ... put ... it ... in!" he panted.

"Oh, no, no, please, I can't," the heatedly aroused young wife
whimpered. "I can't! It'd hurt too much!"

"You vill put it in!" the German commanded again, digging his fingers
tighter into her flesh.

"Ooooohhhhh," Kim groaned as she felt the flesh of her thighs being
squeezed into painful tight balls. She couldn't stand it. In
desperation, she reached back between her legs and closed her hand over
his elongated penis. It was enormous! Far bigger than she had imagined!
She could never take it all!

He squeezed against her again, this time bringing a louder sound of
pain from her contorted lips. She tearfully placed the blunt, cruelly
throbbing head against the tight little elastic opening of her vagina,
and bit down hard on her lower lip to hold back the tears of fright
that were beginning to brim in her eyes. She felt the big German's
massive penis move like some prehistoric monster, like some ancient
primitive battering ram, prodding and working against her wetly open
cuntal lips, parting them and forcing its way inside the tight
restricting ring of flesh that jealously guarded the entrance to her
secret passage. There was a great stretching feeling in her young loins
as though the tenderly fleshed lips of her vagina were being pulled
asunder---then suddenly she felt her thighs swept apart, and Klaus's
long thick cock slithered into her hotly throbbing passage like the
trunk of a tree. The heavy weight of his impatient loins crashed hard
against her buttocks, pushing her face brutally against the mirror.

"Aaaaaggghhhh!" she strangled through clenched teeth. Her tightly
stretched vaginal passage felt as if it were on fire. Klaus's huge,
hotly throbbing penis felt like a great drill tunneling deep into her
belly. Kim struggled and swung her firm young buttocks in vain to
escape the cruel impalement, but it was no use! Klaus had skewered into
her up to the hilt, and she was a hopeless prisoner, stuck on the end
of his rock-hard cock like a skewered piece of barbecue meat. Kim's
mouth opened and closed silently while her wetly glistening mouth
twisted in torment. Her cuntal walls were afire from the unaccustomed
size of the monstrous instrument imbedded in her belly. It felt as
though it had penetrated all the way to her breasts. She moaned against
the minor, small circles of fog arising from the heat of her breath.

Through the daze of her pain, she saw Nichole sprawled lewdly on the
other side of the minor and clasping hungrily the growing white penis
savagely sawing in and out of her ovaled young mouth. Again, it was a
stranger who was fucking the brunette; or, at least, a stranger to Kim!
The thin elastic rim of Nichole's lips clung to the cock as though held
there by unseen fingers. The man grinned lewdly above her as he wildly
fucked into her wet mouth and watched Nichole's lust-contorted face
suck and lick at his bloated cock like a child devouring an all-day
sucker. Nichole had both hands free now and had placed them behind the
man's swaying buttocks, one cheek in each hand, and was pulling them
frantically to her. Kim could see the white seminal fluid dripping from
the corners of her friend's mouth and running in tiny rivulets down her
hollowing cheeks. Nichole seemed to revel in the cruel humiliation she
was being subjected to---a masochistic light shining strangely in her
sex-glazed eyes.

Behind her, gasping and panting with delight, Klaus began to rock
rhythmically and gently in and out of the soft confines of the
shamelessly aroused housewife's vagina. Gradually, the pain eased and
Kim, too, began to feel a strange masochistic pleasure ripple through
her. Watching Nichole voraciously sucking on a stranger's thick cock,
coupled with the ravishment of her own little cunt by this brutal
German was sending unfamiliar thrills of wicked pleasure coursing
through her entire being. She began to undulate her supple young
buttocks lasciviously in circles in rhythm to the thick, heatedly
pulsating cock fucking into her wide-stretched cunt from behind.

"Oh, God," she breathed suddenly back over her shoulder, "I like it, I
like it, go on, go on!"

Kneeling over her nakedly bent young body, Klaus gritted his teeth and
fucked in and out with long hard lunges that seemed to receive their
momentum from his whole being. A feeling of absolute power rippled
through him as he held the red-haired housewife's voluptuous hips down
in total subjection to the rock-hard cock skewering relentlessly into
her. He could feel the soft fleshy ridges deep up inside her womb
giving way before the merciless onslaught of his piston-like cock.

His fingers gripped her harder, squeezing the soft, unresisting thighs
with sadistic strength, deliberately hurting her, squeezing groans from
her tortured throat as she struggled helplessly beneath his mastery of
her mind and body.

He stretched the quivering moons of her softly fleshed warm buttocks
wide with his thumbs, watching as the pink folds of her wetly
glistening pussy flesh clung tightly around his rampant prick. He
levered forward suddenly, leaning his weight and plunging the long,
massively throbbing shaft the last remaining inch. He could feel the
fleshy resistance deep inside her wetly clasping cunt spread before the
blood engorged bead of his cock, bringing a soft explosive sound from
her lips as though the wind had been knocked from her. He sensed that
she had never been fucked this deeply before, and he jerked the lust-
swollen head around deep inside, enlarging the vaginal end of her
channel and feeling its myriad of velvet muscles gripping his rigidity
like a warm glove. The soft enveloping tightness wrought a tingle of
delight shooting through his balls. His prick, encased as it was in the
shamelessly aroused wife's warmly clasping sheath, pulsated with lewd

Kim's eyes opened and closed in a lost glaze of passion. She spread her
wildly quivering thighs wider, moving her feet apart with difficulty
because of the flimsy white panties still hanging at her knees. She
lowered her buttocks, forcing Klaus behind her to alter his position
and follow her madly grinding buttocks to a shallow level. She could
feel with obscene delight the cool metal of his zipper pressed
painfully tight into the cheeks of her buttocks as he rammed deep
inside her and could feel the rough material of his pants pressed
harshly against the backs of her trembling young thighs. Topping off
the erotic sensations, the bushy pubic hair around the base of his
massive prick brushed tantalizingly against the soft inner edges of her
ass ... scraping like wildly sensual sandpaper.

She dropped from her elbows to the mattress so that her breasts were
squashed tightly against it, and she began to slowly rotate her upper
torso. The hard surface of the bed stung her tiny, pinkly taut nipples
into a greater hardness as she felt the hotly throbbing cock behind her
embedded in its full thick length inside her. The distended spongy head
grazed against the sensitive flatness of her cervix, probing deep, deep
down where no one ever had before.

Forgotten was the humiliation of bending like a slave while a stranger
fucked her from behind, venting his lust in her delighted vagina,
forgotten were the ruined panties hanging at her knees---a lowered flag
of her surrender---panties she had bought to wear for her husband on
their honeymoon. All that mattered now was the obscene pleasure
coursing through her wantonly aroused young body like a fire out of
control. She wanted, needed, to be fucked like this. She wanted to be
subjected to any lewd demands placed on her pleasure wracked body.

"Up," Klaus was suddenly saying, panting, "Up on the bed."

Kim tried to crawl up on the bed with his cock still buried in her from
behind and failed, falling flat. "I ... I can't!"

She could feel his sucking withdrawal between her legs and the cool
rush of air on her tortured loins suddenly freed from the weight of his
body. She moaned in relief, but it was only temporary---the pain that
had existed before was being replaced by a different pain---that of
unsatisfied desire. The wild ache that had filled her while watching
Nichole being skewered from behind returned at the same time, only in
greater force. Her young body mindlessly followed the dictates of the
big German's hands as they coursed over her, removing her clothing.

The remains of her torn panties were pulled hurriedly from her slender
tapered calves. She rolled over quickly to allow the dress to be
removed over her head. And she heard through the haze of the hashish
cigarette, its soft rustle as it was thrown hurriedly on the floor.
Magic hands snatched the brassiere away and she could feel a cool rush
of air over her whole body now as her large fleshy orbs were freed from
their nylon-strap prison. There was nothing else left---she was totally
naked except for her black, high-heeled pumps---her sensually quivering
white nudity with her contrasting flaming red pussy hair and black high
heels was completely at Klaus's mercy.

In the distance, she could hear the hurried rustle of clothing being
stripped from the German's body as she trembled nakedly, half in fear
and half in impatience. Then ... a slight movement of the bed ... hot
hands searching over her ... pulling her thighs apart ... wide apart
... the mattress sagging slightly from a weight crawling up between her
spread legs ... urgent fingers parting the wetly eager lips of her
throbbing young cent ... and suddenly ... suddenly, the blunt stab of a
fiery pole of flesh!

"Aaaaggghhhh!" It was a shriek of pain---a cry of exaltation!

Her naked young body writhed and twitched uncontrollably as she groaned
in abandoned welcome to the punishing cock sinking deep into her wildly
rejoicing cont. Her face distorted with passion, little bird-like cries
of ecstasy escaped her tightly-clenched teeth

"O---Oh God!" she gasped as Klaus's hands slipped under the full
rounded moons of her buttocks, raising them while, at the same time, he
strained his cock forward into her with all the strength of his hips
and thighs. She was moaning incoherently now and wound her smooth long
legs tightly around his naked hips as he thrust into her. The smooth
velvet folds of her vagina held him, squeezing tightly around his rigid
fleshy column, until she could feel every corrugation on his rigidly
pulsating cock. This was madness the helplessly aroused young wife had
never known---a total surrender to the lure of the flesh. Her drugged
young mind reveled in her wickedness as she wantonly screwed her
buttocks up tight against his pelvis until she could feel his sperm-
laden balls pressed warmly into the wet, wide-stretched crevice below
her vagina; his testicles danced teasingly against the sensitive outer
rings of her tightly puckered little anus sending shivers of lewd
delight surging through her fluttering nerve ends.

There was nothing else in me world; no tomorrow, no Hank, no better
person to be, nothing but this deep dark hole of lust and flesh, of
belly smacking against naked belly ... of cunt against cock.

"Ooooohhhh yes, yes, fuck it hard, daring, fuck it hard! Give it to
meeeeeeee!!!" she begged, gasping. She was already approaching an
orgasm and her body had become something animal, no longer human, as
she twisted, writhed, and contorted, spreading her wantonly trembling
legs wide apart and then pulling them up to her shoulders, bending them
at the knees, spurring him on like a wild stallion with the heed of her
shoes serving as rowels a digging his hard-muscled buttocks.

Kim saw a flash of light as the lamps in the room flicked on and
clenched her eyes tightly to block it out. Through the haze of hashish
and passion she was vaguely aware of someone entering the room, but
nothing mattered anymore except that beautifully hard cock ramming into
her from above.

"Goddamn," she heard a voice like Ernie's say, "Look at Miss Frigid

"I told you to be patient, dear, the hashish and the orgy brought her
around just like I said it would. Think you'd like some of that pussy?"
It was Nichole and her voice was triumphant.

"Man, is she ever tender! If Klaus doesn't fuck her to death, I will.
Let's call in some of the others. We shouldn't leave our hosts out of
something this good.'

"That's fine with me. I want to see her get screwed within an inch of
her life. I want to see her get screwed all night. I'm doing her a

The voice had been Nichole's and now she heard other voices, voices of
derision and admiration. She opened her eyes a slit. There were men,
naked men, lining up by the bed with erect cocks in their hands. There
was Nichole taking pictures of her fucking her head off with Klaus.

Kim shut her eyes, a look of lewd ecstasy moving over her face. Let
them! Let them all fuck her! And let them take pictures of her! Let
them do every obscene and lewd thing they wanted to do to her. She
closed her eyes tight in masochistic rapture: it was going to be a long
night, and she was going to fuck them all.

And, God! How happy she was! She would never see any of them again ...
she could do anything she wanted.

And she wanted to do everything!

Chapter 7

Of course, after every night, comes a dawn. After every evening of
romance, comes the cold gray morning light to cast a different look
upon everything. Even an orgy knows its limits. There comes a time when
the flesh is sated. Energy runs out, the muscles grow tired. Passion
may still be burning but the conscious mind gives out: all things must

Kim slept as if she bad been drugged. More, she slept like someone
stunned by exhaustion. An army could have marched over her bed, and she
wouldn't have noticed it. She slept through what remained of the night
after the last eager man had ravished her voluptuous young body. She
lost count of how many men fucked her, and she woke, late the next day,
to find herself alone with a few nakedly sleeping bodies scattered
around the room. A young blonde girl, also naked, was asleep in bed
with her, and Kim shuddered as a vague recollection came that they had
had sex together, and she wanted to weep that she had fallen so low
that she would commit any kind of perversion.

She had a ramming, champagne-hangover and couldn't think too clearly.
The hashish didn't help any, leaving her mind vague and unsure. She was
like a drug-user: befuddled and vague. What she could remember sent a
chill up and down her spine. Had she done everything she remembered? As
she groaned and raised herself on one elbow to look around, she knew
that she had done all that she remembered and probably more. And ...
Nichole had taken pictures!

She sat bolt upright, shivering. A man, on the floor, moaned and looked
up at her. With a groan, he rolled over on his back and exposed his
rapidly swelling penis. With gestures, he indicated he wanted Kim to
come down on the floor and suck his cock.

Kim shivered again and put her hand over her mouth to keep from
screaming and throwing up, from vomiting right there on the bed where
she had fucked men---strangers---on for hours on end. Her body ached as
if she had been in a six-day bicycle race. Her ravaged young vagina was
sore, the pain sharp and stinging now. To her growing horror, she
discovered a strange taste in her mouth, a taste she had never known
before. Was it male? Female?

With a wild whimper of fear, the bewildered young wife crawled out of
the bed and scurried across the floor, finding her torn panties and her
bunched up dress. She snapped on her brassiere and pulled the dress on
over her head. The panties were too torn and dampened to be much good.
She left them behind, fleeing the apartment with her eyes bloodshot and
her face a pasty white. She fled as if all the demons of hell were
after her at that moment.

Kim heaved a sigh of relief that almost ended in being a sob when she
saw that her purse was intact. At least, she told herself, near tears,
they weren't after her money! It seemed a bitter joke as she rode in a
taxi on the way to Nichole's apartment. She didn't even know where
Nichole was at that moment, and she didn't really care; all she hoped
was that her betraying brunette friend wasn't in the apartment.

No one was at Nichole's, and Kim got her things and left the key on the
foyer table before taking a cab to the airport. By the time the sun was
setting over the Pacific ocean, Kim was unlocking the door to their
cottage in Carmel. Once the door was closed and locked, she leaned
against it and tears, so long suppressed, welled up. The deeply ashamed
young wife held her face in her hands and sobbed.

She felt so degraded, so humiliated! But what made it even worse, she
knew she had loved it! Where were her great plans now? How could she
ever face Hank's parents and look them in the eye? Perhaps they were
right, perhaps she wasn't good enough for them; perhaps they were right
... perhaps she wasn't good enough for even Hank!

Kim sank to her knees by the door, sobbing, crushed by the terrible
truth she was discovering about herself. After all, even though she was
drugged and drank a lot, even though Klaus did force her to a certain
degree, she had liked it! Liked it? She had loved it! She had loved
every depraved minute of it! By the time the others came into the room,
by the time Nichole had taken the pictures---her head snapped up.
Nichole had taken pictures! Why? Maybe the whole thing had been a plot,
a plan, a trick, to deceive her and to blackmail her!

She got to her feet, wiping her eyes and thinking as hard as she could.
Why? Why had Nichole taken pictures of her and made the comments that
she had? She shook her head and felt a cold queasy fear growing in the
pit of her stomach. In fact, she felt herself growing increasingly sick
to her stomach as she thought of all that had happened. She thought of
all the filthy things she had done and of the pictures as evidence---
irrefutable---of her depravity and humiliation.

Fear grew in her and she started imagining all sorts of possibilities.
The more she thought, the more frightened she became. Nichole could be
in with a bunch of white-slavers! She could find herself drugged and
shipped off to a life of prostitution and depravity. The frightened
young wife went around checking the locks and the windows and trying to
remember where the gun was that Hank had left behind with instructions
on how to use it. She had never liked guns and hadn't really listened
to her husband, thinking she would never have occasion to use it. Now
she kicked herself, and couldn't even remember where in the bedroom she
had hidden it.

Kim's basic character finally pulled her through. She went from deep
paranoiac fear to a kind of sensibility. Of course Nichole wasn't mixed
up with white slavery. She admitted to herself that she didn't know why
the pictures were taken. There had to be a good reason. Time, she told
herself. Time would tell. Whatever her reason, she would have to see
Nichole once again and then she would find out just what it was that
was going on. When that time came, Kim resolved that she, herself,
would have to be firm. She would have to show Nichole that she wasn't
having any more of her life. Nichole could---and would---lead her own
life. Kim wouldn't judge her, but she wouldn't have anything to do with
her. When she did see her again---and she felt sure she would---she
would demand the pictures and negatives and tell her that their
relationship was at an end.

Kim's basic character came through. She set her house in order, took a
long hot shower during which she soaped herself all over as if she were
trying to wash her sins away, and, clean, warm, she got into bed and
slept the sleep of one who is mentally and physically exhausted.

Then she set about her daily routine. A walk on the beach in the
morning, going to the post office, a walk on the beach just before
dark, then an evening at home before a fire while she watched TV. Only,
she found things were different. It was almost as if she were a
different person now. She found it hard to write to Hank without
thinking of what had happened up in the city. Her walks, her whole day
was viewed from a different reality now. She had the terrible feeling
that things would never be the same again. And, that awful, insidious,
feeling of dread was growing again. It wasn't a feeling of being
watched---she had no urge to look over her shoulder.

If she had, if she had stopped on her walks and really looked around,
she would have seen two people sitting in a Mercedes-Benz and watching
her through powerful binoculars.

Nichole didn't know what Web was looking for. To her, everything was
set up. Why didn't he act? Sometimes, he reminded her of a cat toying
with a bird. He had to play with his victims before he finished them
off. He had played with her. He still played with her. She had done his
bidding, she had taken an old friend, someone who hadn't done anything
to her, she had taken an old friend and put her in a position where Web
could take advantage of her. It was all set ... so why didn't he

Web lowered his glasses. It was as if he was reading her mind.
"Tonight, we pay your friend a visit."

"Good! I'll call her."

He sneered at her. "You'll do nothing of the kind. We have the element
of surprise on our side. Why dissipate it?"

* * *

The element of surprise worked well. When the knock came at the door,
Kim was in a housecoat right after a warm shower. She thought it was
the paper boy or a neighbor on some errand. When she opened the door
and saw Nichole standing with a very distinguished looking man in gray,
she didn't know what to think. She stood looking at them without saying
a word.

"Well," Nichole laughed, "may we come in or do we have to talk out here
on the street?"

"Come in." Kim stood aside, holding the door open.

"Kim, I want you to meet a friend of mine. This is Mr. Web Hardman."

Kim nodded coolly, not wanting him to think she was at all friendly
with Nichole.

Web was all suave manners. He took Kim's hand and said, "I've admired
you from afar for quite some time, Mrs. Steward."

Kim didn't know what to say and thus didn't say anything. She didn't
care if they thought her rude. She was not going to invite them to

"What do you say to an admirer?" Nichole asked, a taunt in her voice.

"Thank you," Kim was curt.

"I even admired your pictures," Web spoke in such a quiet voice that
for a second, Kim felt she had misunderstood. "I admired your pictures
very much. You have a lovely body."

The red haired housewife stood with an open mouth. She didn't know what
to say or think. Astounded, unbelieving, she turned and stared at
Nichole, only then comprehending. Nichole smiled weakly. "Why?" Kim
asked, "why are you doing this to me?"

"You'll find out," Nichole said with a glance at Hardman.

For the first time, Kim felt sorry for Nichole. It was a hell of a time
to feel sorry, but Nichole's look had told her so much. Instinctively,
she turned to Web Hardman, knowing now that he was the man behind the
entire thing. Her chin was defiant as she asked, "How much?"

Web looked puzzled.

"How much for the pictures and negatives? I ready don't have much

"Money?" Web snorted and his cruel laughter rang through the cottage
and sent a chill up the spine of both the girls. "Money?" he asked,
deriding, "my dear girl, I've spent---and made---more money in one hour
than you'll probably see in your lifetime. Money? It isn't money that I

It was as if her feeling of dread reached its climax at that moment; as
if she suddenly knew what it was she was fearing ... what she had
dreaded ad these days.

Web walked around her, looking at her voluptuous young body as if she
were a spirited racehorse he was about to buy. "If you want those
negatives, you will come to my house tomorrow evening. If you don't
come, the pictures will be spread all over town and most of California
by the following morning."

"And what do you expect me to do at your house?"

Web smiled. Nichole shuddered, knowing what the smile meant. "You win
entertain me."

"And if I refuse?"

"I've told you the consequences."

"I refuse," Kim was resolute. He had to be bluffing. Yet, he didn't
panic. He shrugged, touching the knot of his gray tie with manicured

"Very well. By the way, I've been watching you for some time. I could
give you a list of the people you see."

Kim was puzzled by the way he changed the conversation.

"I notice you never visit your husband's parents."

Kim froze.

"They're almost neighbors of mine. Moreover," he went on, smiling,
smooth, "I notice they never seem to visit you."

For the first time, Kim lost her composure. She looked imploringly at
Nichole who offered no help.

"I wonder what they will say when they get a set of glossy eight-by-
tens of you in action? I wonder how they will react?"

"You ... you---filthy bastard!"

Web shook a finger like he was cautioning a child. "I've been called
worse names by experts. Nichole can tell you. She can also tell you
that each name you call me, each evidence of hostility on your part
will only end up costing you more. Right now, I'm willing to give you
the pictures in return for an evening of ... shall we say, fun? Any
more impudence or insult from you will cost you dearly."

Kim shook her head in disbelief. "You went to all these lengths? You're
crazy, you're in---"

She never got to finish her statement. Web's hand few through the air
almost too fast to follow. There was a loud crack, and Kim's head spun
and she saw stars as the pain sponged in deep. She staggered under the
impact of the blow, then staggered more under the impact of hate that
spat out from Web Hardman. "Don't you ever say that again!" His face
was livid as he shot the words out, his fists raised. "You'll pay for
that!" he screamed, "you'll pay for saying such a thing, my dear!"

Kim shrank back from him, truly afraid. Even Nichole moved nervously

He stalked to the door, glared at Nichole who followed him, swung the
door open, and looked back. "There will be a car here for you tomorrow
night at eight. You had better be in it. If not," his voice rose to a
malicious ringing quality, "a copy of those pictures will be on their
way to your husband. Another copy will go to his parents. A third set
will go to the Chief of Police here in Carmel."

The door slammed and Kim found herself alone again. She knew what was
happening. Now, instinctively, she understood a lot about poor Nichole.
And herself! She had to plan. She had until the following night to

Chapter 8

The car, a Mercedes, was right on time and the driver was none other
than Klaus! Kim turned a deep crimson when she saw him, but he was all
manners and made no allusion to their night in San Francisco.

They drove through the quiet streets of Carmel with Kim looking out the
window and. wondering what was in store for her. At the guarded gates
of Pebble Beach, the old guard in the toll house waved them on. They
drove past the stately mansions of Pebble Beach, passing Hank's
parents' house on their way. Kim wanted so much to stop the car, run
into their house and tell them she was in trouble. The car moved on,
past the Beach Club and past the Del Monte lodge itself where the rich
and famous came to play and vacation. At last they came to a tall fence
with barbed wire around the top. At an electronic signal, the gate
swung open and the car turned noiselessly in.

They drove down a tree-lined drive until they sighted the house. It was
a rich house, a sumptuous home, typical of the tasteful, elegant
edifices that dotted Pebble Beach. It was also isolated and, as Kim
noticed, the grounds were patrolled by uniformed men. Web Hardman
obviously was a wealthy man.

Inside the house, she was treated as if she were a visiting
personality. She was shown into an underground bar and "rumpus room"
that was the like of none she had ever seen before. At one end of the
big room was a raised platform with a jet-black curtain as a back drop.
At the moment she entered, Nichole was on the platform or stage with
her back to them, directing the placing of large mirrors. She turned, a
drink in her hand, when she heard them, and sad drunkenly, "Oh, Hi,
jus' in time for the lit ole party!"

One look was enough to tell Kim that the brunette was smashed. Well,
Nichole obviously wouldn't be any help tonight. She looked around,
wondering exactly what they were planning to do to her. Obviously, they
were going to try to get her up on that stage. As she watched, Klaus
and Ernie---Ernie still cynical and leering---carried a broad black
couch out on the stage and placed it in the center of the mirrors.

Web entered dressed in a smoking jacket and ascot tie, rubbing his
bands together. "How good of you to come, dear Kim. I can't tell you
how I've looked forward to your coming! Well, shall we begin?"

With those chill words, Kim was launched on the strangest experience of
her life. She smiled noncommittally at Web, determined to humor him,
not wanting him to get into a rage again.

"Up on the stage my dear," Web said, showing the way.

He helped the voluptuous red haired young wife up on the sage with an
assist from Ernie. Nichole stared at her and shrugged, making a face.
"Wish I was you," she said, slurring her words. "You're going to luv

"That will be all for you, Nichole, "Web said, seating himself front
row center and clapping his hands. "Wander off and drown yourself
someplace. It's time for my little diversion to begin! Where is Klaus?"

"Here," the German said with his Prussian accent, stepping out from
behind the curtain.

"Very well, begin." Web settled back in his chair as Nichole climbed
off the stage, almost losing her balance, and wandered drunkenly to the
rear where she stood at the bar and poured herself another drink. Web
touched a portable console at his side. The lights dimmed. "Begin."

"Not so fast." Kim's words stopped everyone. "Where are the pictures?
Where are the negatives?"

Web chortled. "Very good." He reached onto the floor next to his chair.
"Right here. They're yours if you should please me."

Ernie sauntered up to the young housewife. It seemed as if his cynical
grin was a permanent thing. He reached and hooked two fingers into the
"vee" of her dress. With a sudden expert tug he tore her dress down the

What followed was a struggle that was all one sided. Klaus and Ernie
were too strong, experienced and fast for the blackmailed wife, and in
no time Kim found herself completely naked, her voluptuous young body
exposed with each of the men holding a wrist, holding her arms out
extended while she writhed and futilely struggled between them, her
huge, melon-like breasts jiggling and quivering in fright.

Kim tossed her thick mane of flame-colored hair and spat her defiance
at Web, forgetting her earlier resolve to placate him. "All right, I'll
do what you want, but I won't enjoy it!"

Web squirmed with delight in his chair. "Wonderful, my dear, just
wonderful. Go on, Ernie, Klaus."

They grabbed her and threw her down on the black couch where she landed
with an impact that shook her. She raised her chin to see two things:
herself in the mirror with Ernie holding her down on her belly, while
the giant Klaus stripped off her clothing ... and the fact that the bed
was tilted, affording Web a grandstand seat in the front row.

The bewildered young wife sprawled on it, her twin fleshy buttocks high
and white in invitation, her flaming red hair in strong contrast to the
black sheets.

"I get to fuck her in the ass!" Ernie growled as Klaus pounced on her
and held her down, while Ernie quickly stripped. "You got first dibs
last time!"

He shoved the German aside and seized Kim by the hips, forcing her
snowy, softly-fleshed buttocks wide apart. "God! Ever see anything as
luscious as that?" he asked as he began to taunt and probe her tiny,
tightly puckered little anus with his outstretched finger. "Hairless as
a new born babe's, and tighter than a cat's pussy!"

"Fuck her, Ernie!" Web said from the front row. His voice was high and
peculiar to Kim.

And then, in quivering dread, the helplessly captive young girl felt
hands opening her softly trembling ass cheeks, drawing the ripely full
buttocks apart even though Kim clenched the smooth ivory spheres and
tried to hold them together ... but it was useless. She felt lewdly
naked and unprotected beneath their lust-filled gazes and, as Ernie
pressured them further open, she could feel the cool air of the room
rush over her little tightly clenched anus. Tears suddenly wet her
cheeks as she realized what Web had in store for her, and she gasped as
she felt a fingernail tease at the tiny rubbery rectal opening. A sharp
abrupt pain followed with the lewd worming insertion of the thick,
outstretched finger up to the first knuckle joist. The muscles of her
buttocks jerked automatically, and her anal passage gripped defensively
at his finger like a closing fist.

Ernie, kneeling above her, grinned like a Siamese cat. "Look at that
little asshole grab, will ya?"

"Go on, go on." Web was standing next to the stage now, his voice high,
white, and breathy.

Ernie laughed lewdly and thrust his outstretched finger deeper into the
soft, rubbery channel ... all the way to the palm of his hand, causing
Kim to grunt painfully as he reamed in and out of her helplessly
exposed little anus, obscenely stretching the warm velvety passage in
preparation of the greater entry that was to follow.

Finally, in hopeless desperation, Kim relaxed in resignation and
surrender. She wished she could pass out ... or now, that they would
hurry and get it over with. But, she was fully conscious and, with the
light on on-stage, she could see all of their leering reflections in
the huge mirrors that had been positioned ... She lay flat on her
stomach, Ernie's naked legs lodged between hers, holding them wide
apart and exposing her naked loins to him. The captive young red-haired
woman couldn't help but gaze in wide-eyed horror at the mirror when she
saw Ernie pull the heavy foreskin of his uncircumcised penis back,
displaying the hardened, lust-bloated head, then point it directly at
the tiny puckered hole of her rectum he had so agonizingly stretched
and prepared with his probing finger.

Once more, he spread her fearfully trembling buttocks wide with his
hands, then rolled further onto her naked back to slowly press the huge
head of his cock down into her moistened vaginal lips. Kim shivered at
the contact, her muscles consciously tensing as he laid the full length
of the hardened shaft into the soft spread crevice of her ass, its
throbbing head poised to leap at her hotly throbbing anus. She felt it
then, felt it pushing excruciatingly against her anus, and she gaped
wild-eyed into the mirror to see the brutally stiffened cock suddenly
pop like a cork through her tightly resisting sphincter muscle.

"Oooooobhhhh, God! You're splitting me!" she moaned through tear-
streaked eyes.

"Don't worry, baby, it'll get better," Ernie hissed down at the back of
her wildly thrashing head.

And then she froze as she was, watching again the grotesquely stretched
orifice give more, spreading obscenely, slipping over like a glove and
absorbing the heatedly probing tip of his cock. The pain spread through
her like wildfire, and she saw Ernie grin victoriously at the others
just before he thrust his hips heavily downward, burying half the
hardened fleshy shaft into the soft velvety channel of her protesting

Her groans choked back into her throat as automatically her buttocks
twisted and jerked beneath the depraved assault, but her every move
only served to impale her deeper because with each jerk and twist of
her tortured body, Ernie's massive, turgid cock was sinking that much
deeper into her desperately resisting anal passage.

"Hold her shoulders while I lift her ass," he grunted to Klaus.

Kim felt their hands moving on the naked back of her flesh and then she
was being held firmly, unable to struggle as Ernie lifted her firmly
rounded buttocks up in the air, his knees moving in between her sleek
inner thighs to push them wide apart, so his long hard cock could enter
deeper into her stretching rectum. She felt warm tears trickling down
from her eyes as the pain spread. Once again, her eyes locked to the
mirror and saw the desire-inflamed faces of the other two men as they
moved closer in toward her up-raised buttocks to watch the heated rod
of thick hard flesh that was slipping deeper and deeper into the warmly
soft depths of her defenseless rectum. Suddenly, with a loud smacking
noise, Ernie's sperm-bloated balls slapped against her upturned ass
cheeks. He was in---all the way! She had stopped struggling, realizing
in a dazed panic that her only escape from the splitting agony was to
stay as still as possible, for it was hopeless to resist the horrible
attack of these lust-incited men whose only desires were to satisfy
their carnal passions in this her red initiation to group sex. The hurt
was nearly unbearable from Ernie's inhuman penetration of her rectum,
and if she moved even the slightest it only served to suck him deeper
into her, stretching the tightly resisting channel to even more painful

Kim could feel the enormous cock pushing solidly into her now, rubbing
and expanding to a far greater width the soft skin of her back passage.
She became aware of Ernie's hands brutally gripping her hips with a
hard numbing pressure as he fucked and sawed like a maniac into the
heated depths of her rectum. The pain continued on and on, and each
further thrust brought mumbled groans from deep in her throat. The
pillow was wet from her tears, and he rammed into her with longer,
smoother strokes, worming the entire hard length of hot cock far up
into her cringing young belly until she could feel his bloated balls
buffeting against her wetly quivering cent.

Again, in the mirrors, she saw Klaus climb onto the bed with Ernie and
her as Web came on stage with his mouth wide open and his eyes glazed
in a sexed delirium. Nichole came weaving out of the darkness with a
drink in her hand and stared with a sullen drunkenness at the scene
that went on on the brightly lighted stage. In the mirror, Klaus's long
hard cock stood out like some great log fresh cut from the forest. Kim
felt him squeeze at one breast and trace his hand down her body,
pulling and kneading at her soft white flesh until she thought he might
go insane in his desire.

"Mein Gott! Flip her over!" he called to Ernie who was bug-eyed
concentrating on the thin pink ridges of anal flesh that pulled from
her roundly stretched rectum each time he withdrew his thickly
pulsating penis.

"Okay baby," he smiled down at her hollowed back, "now we go for a
double fuck!"

Ernie grasped her hips again and rolled over to one side, pulling her
backwards on top of him, bringing another groan of pain and surprise
from her lips as she lay outstretched on top of him, her smooth
hollowed back pressed down against his stomach and chest, her legs
splayed lewdly out, on the outside of his own, while his huge heatedly
throbbing cock lay buried in its entirety far up in the heated depths
of her bowels. She was hopelessly skewered and sprawled obscenely---
helpless and unable to prevent them from doing whatever their vile
bestial desires might invent.

Klaus, grimacing like a lewd Teutonic satyr, crawled on top of her,
forcing his thighs between hers and Ernie's, spreading her legs even
farther apart and aiming his eagerly jerking cock at her warmly
moistened open pussy. With one brutal thrust, he rammed his massively
throbbing hardness into her.

"Oooooohhhhh, God!" Kim groaned piteously as it slammed into her until
she felt his heavy sperm-filled testicles slap hard against her smooth
inner thighs---joining the other impaling penis sunk so deeply into her
ass. She whimpered helplessly, both in pain and also in humiliation,
sandwiched like a whore between two grinning men who were skewering her
mercilessly on their thick fiery cocks. She could feel even more pain
now as they thrust deeper into her tender young body with only a
fragile membrane between rectum and cunt separating their hardened

Web Hardman was on the stage now, watching in a dazed state of
unconscious lust. He pulled at his own painfully aching penis in his
pants as he watched Klaus begin fucking wildly into Kim's moistly hot
pussy with maddened anger, while Ernie's hips undulated up and down
lifting all three of them up off the bed ... his long hard shaft moved
in and out of her little asshole like a jackhammer with hard cruel
strokes before the two men finally fell into a smooth rhythmic cadence
that pounded the loudly groaning young wife between them like a

Web Hardman bent over until his face was just a few short inches from
the two wetly glistening cocks ramming into Kim's wide-stretched
genital openings like high-powered punch drills. He watched
breathlessly the pink frayed edges of her tight young pussy flesh
pulling out with Klaus's penis on the outstroke and disappearing lewdly
back inside as he plunged again deep into her quivering little belly.
The same view came to his glazed eyes of Ernie's thickly hardened cock
sucking and pulling down out of her, drawing the brown edges of her
tightly clenched anus with it before wetly reaming back up into her
while his sperm-bloated balls were wedged hard up into the softly
yielding cheeks of her buttocks.

Trembling wildly, Web lay down on his side next to Ernie and fumbled in
his pants for his heatedly throbbing cock. He pulled it out and
adjusted his posture so that his groin was opposite the young wife's

Humiliated and debased, her head twisting from side to side against
Ernie's chest while his fingers teasingly kneaded her breasts, Kim felt
only a great wetness and tearing between her legs. She felt soiled, and
all of her being seemed concentrated down at those two sensitively hot
holes they were drilling up between her wide-stretched thighs. Her
mouth opened and closed at the feeling and thought. Periodically she
tried to squirm up or clench her buttocks together to contain the pain
in her rectum, but each time she did that she became cognizant of the
brutal stretching of her vaginal passage and the greater pain that
followed from Klaus's hard merciless entry.

Then, just as she was beginning to adjust to their dual presence down
between her legs, Kim felt a hard hand entwining itself in her hair,
guiding her face to one side, and then there were fingertips opening
her mouth and a smooth rubbery thing teasing against her lips. She
opened her eyes and saw Web Hardman's eagerly jerking penis in front of
her face. For a moment she tried to tighten her lips to resist him, but
it was futile and she knew it was useless to resist. Resigned, she
relaxed her lips and let him open them with his fingers and slide ms
hotly throbbing cock into the moist warmth of her mouth. She could feel
it slither up the full length of her tongue, filling her cheeks
completely with its fleshy rigidness. He held her face firm with his
hands and began to brutally fuck into her mouth, causing her to choke
as he rammed it halfway down her throat.

They fucked the helpless young wife between the three of them like some
whore they hired off the street. She felt debased and humiliated beyond
all logic, and felt that this unmerciful triple rape of her body had
been going on for all eternity.

Then, the very thought of herself being brutally fucked at every bodily
entrance by three men at the same time, began to lewdly excite her. A
strange masochistic hunger began swirling in her belly and she heard
her own low ecstatic moan bubbling from her cock-filled throat.
Involuntarily, her slowly awakening body began to undulate her buttocks
and clench fist-like with her cuntal and anal muscles at the hard,
lust-driven rods of flesh pummeling into her.

Kim moaned again and her lips tightened more hungrily around the cock
fucking into her mouth, her cheeks ballooning and hollowing lewdly with
Web's vicious drives. Suddenly, she was eagerly licking at the veins
and wrinkles of Web's heatedly pulsing penis as her tongue lapped
voraciously at the lust-swollen head, searching hotly for the tiny
split on the end. At the same time, she was aware of her buttocks
wantonly moving downward against Ernie's upcoming cock digging into her
nakedly split rectum, and aware that she was eagerly jerking forward
and up to suck all of Klaus's long, pistoning cock into her now
insatiable cunt. All sense of her husband and the lewdness of her
position seemed to blank from her mind in a sudden wild flood of
ecstatic and masochistic sensation that was racing like some obscene
sheet of wildfire throughout her whole being. Nothing mattered anymore
but the lust-hardened penises fucking into her three body openings, and
she rocked crazily to their animal-like attack while she sucked like an
unweaned calf at Web's wildly thrusting cock.

Ooooooh God, she wanted his cum to gush out into her throat ... dribble
down her throat ... fill her belly as those fucking into her cunt and
wide-stretched anus would fill her there!

Oh ... Oh ... Oh! ... She could feel Web's cock bloating in her mouth,
and she tongued it madly ... cum ... cum ... cum trip-hammered through
her mind!

And he did!

It burst like a gushing hose, shooting forth thick streams of the
creamy white liquid deep into her furiously working young throat, her
cheeks bloating and contracting as she swallowed repeatedly to keep
from gagging on the great continuous hot jets spewing endlessly from
it. She swallowed in voracious quick gulps, fastening her lips like a
rubber ring tightly around the cumming cock, afraid of losing even a
tiny single trickle of the precious male fluid. Even so, small droplets
dribbled from the corners of her mouth as Web groaned and rolled away
from her and his deflating cock slithered limply from between her still
eagerly sucking mouth, tiny sticky strings of the warm white semen
stretching like cobwebs from her lips to his penis as it slowly backed
away ... but ... there were still others!

"Oh God, fuck it, fuck it, pleeeeezzzz ..." she grunted thickly to each
continuing thrust Klaus and Ernie made into her cunt and rectum. Wild,
almost insane they became, slapping into her without mercy, yet, she
fucked them back with the same wildness for every stroke they rammed
into her, until all three began to moan m strange unintelligible cries
of endless sexual abandon.

"Aaaaaahhhhh, Ooooooohhhhh, Eeeeeehhhh ... God, yes! I can feel both
your cocks fucking into me! Split me! Hurt meeeee! Oh ... God ... keep
fucking!" Kim cried out, egging them on now as the lewdly salacious
thought of having two men fucking into her while the pungent white
sperm of another still filled the recesses of her mouth suddenly drove
her unto an uncontrollable frenzy of lust. On and on it went ... the
rising crescendo of it ... the hungry fingers playing like lecherous
insects over her naked flesh as she was mercilessly impaled in cunt and
rectum from above and below. Her mind exploded ... and nothing else
mattered ... Hank forgotten ... nothing existed but the unholy
sensations of lustful rapture about to burst deep inside her swirling

"Fill me! Now! Oh God fill me now with your cum! Shoot it into me
together!" she wailed like a lost banshee, the smooth slippery walls of
her lust-heated cunt and rectum contracting like a sucking baby's mouth
around the cocks skewering into her.

And then Ernie began to shout obscenities and at that second Kim, her
shamelessly aroused young body wantonly writhing and twisting like a
belly dancer's between the two men, felt the hot boiling river of his
sperm shoot far up into her rectum. The feeling of his wildly jerking
cock triggered her own orgasm, and unfathomable sensations of feeling
rippled and surged through her. She could feel every throbbing
pulsation of his jerking cock as it spewed out its load of hot white
cum deep, deep into her still sucking bowels. Then Klaus grunted once
and rammed his huge fleshy staff far up in her wildly clasping cunt as
she kicked her legs back as high as she could, her groans heaving from
her chest. The German's thickly throbbing penis let loose and began
spewing its heated white jets of scalding semen far into the depths of
her trembling belly, her own sexual secretions mixing and pooling hotly
with his, an almost insane convulsion of ecstasy momentarily
overwhelming her ...

And then it was all over

They lay about the stage in various lewd poses, panting, catching their
breath, their bodies exhausted. Kim raised herself on one elbow, her
lovely body ravished, and looked into the eyes of Nichole. Nichole
shrugged and gave her a small smile. "Welcome to the dub," was all she

Dripping sweat, still panting, Kim turned to Web who was the only one
on the stage still clothed. His penis was back in his pants. "My
pictures!" Kim breathed.


Despair came over her face as she saw the evil smirk on his face. "You
promised me the pictures and negatives!"

"My dear girl, I'm afraid you'll have to do more than that to get those
pictures back,"

"God damn you! You monster!"

"Now, now, that kind of talk will---~

Web was interrupted by a roar that split the air and caused everyone to
jump. A bullet whistled by Web's ear. They all turned to see drunken
Nichole holding a small, pearl-handled revolver in her hand. "'Snuff!"
she said drunkenly.

"Give me that!" Web demanded, walking toward her.

Another roar and a bullet tore up splinters in the stage between his
feet. He stopped in his tracks. Nichole was drunk and ugly, her face
full of hate. She leveled the gun at all of them.

"'Snuff! You're not going to do to her what you did to me. Oh no!"

No one moved. Nichole smiled at Web maliciously. She aimed her gun at
his groin. "Take it out!"

"Nichole, think of what you're doing!"

Nichole slowly cocked the hammer of the gun. "Take it out!"

Slowly, Web reached down and unzipped his pants and took out his small
flaccid penis. Nichole giggled at the sight. Then she focused her gaze
on Kim. "I ... did this to ... you. Get the pictures."

Kim leaped from the stage and seized the pictures. Quickly, she checked
for negatives and copies. She looked at Nichole and wanted very much to
help her. "Come with me," she said, the urgency in her voice.

Sadly, Nichole shook her head. "Belong here," she said thickly, "belong
with him." She pointed the gun at Web. "You don't. Get out now, he'll
never bother you again."

Kim took her advice. She took Nichole's raincoat and the pictures and

Chapter 9

Kim never saw Web or Nichole or Ernie or Klaus again. She went back to
her cottage and to her quiet life of morning and evening walks and
waiting for her husband to return. No one, looking at her, could tell
what she had been through. Yet, she was changed. Hank was to find that
out when he came home.

His homecoming was quite a thing. Kim was waiting for him at the
airport and had a fire in the fireplace when he got out of the shower
and an iced bottle of champagne in a bucket. They sat on the floor in
front of the fire and drank champagne until Hank began to get amorous.
Tentatively remembering former times, he made a pass.

Kim excused herself and went to the bedroom. She emerged after a few
long moments and Hank's eyes popped. She was naked! She was more than
naked, she was lewdly dressed in high heels, black sheer stockings and
a black garter belt. And she attacked Hank like a big hungry cat. In no
time she had him naked and was playing with his huge, happily throbbing
cock while she turned him around and her tongue licked lasciviously at
the deep crevice between his buttocks.

It was just the beginning. Hank found himself hard put to keep up with
her; he felt like he was being raped by a nymphomaniac!

When it was all over, after she had sucked his cock and guided it into
her pussy and gave him the fucking of his life, while he was laying on
his back and heaving for breath, she was plying him with more champagne
and playing with his penis, gently urging it back to life.

"Where," he asked, "did you learn all of that?"

"All?" she asked, batting her eyes demurely, "why Hank Stewart, you old
fuddy-duddy, I have not yet begun to fuck!"

He looked at her for an astounded moment before he exploded with
laughter and took her in his arms and kissed her, feeling not only had
he built one hell of a bridge, he had himself one hell of a wife.

The End

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Great story. Excellently written.


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This book was published in the 1970s or 1980s as GSV-133 The Straying Wife by Allan Chase

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