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This is a story that exist in a universe where slavery was not abolished and blacks are still property. it takes place in modern times. if this offends or use of the N word offends you then do not read this tory.
After graduating college and working for several years at a major brokerage firm Tommy had finally set himself up with enough financial security that he could afford to purchase and keep a slave. He got up early on Saturday to get ready. After showering, shaving, and dressing he checked everything to make sure he was ready. He checked the small closet he had converted to be his new slaves quarters. It had a cot, a toilet, and a sink to clean itself. All this was illuminated by a single light bulb and looked more like a prison cell than a bedroom. The door itself was steel and locked from the outside. He checked to make sure he had proper punishment implements; a riding crop, a stockade, a gag, and a wip he had recently learned to use and was becoming very precise with. He left his modest three bedroom house and headed toward the auction house.

Tommy was starting to get nervous as pulled into the auction house parking lot. He checked to make sure he remembered his check book and I.D. He had been looking forward to this day for some time and now that it was here he was jubilant. He practically ran into the auction house and was immediately met by reception. After checking in he entered the large crowd surrounding the auction block. The first few slaves displayed did not interest Tommy. They were male and had obviously been owned before showing signs of punishment and frailty. He had been here most the day and was starting to fear he would leave empty handed. Then the auctioneer announced the last item for sale. A rare jewell for this small auction house a previously un-owned slave. She was just 14 and was found with a group of rebel blacks that had been captured. Luckily the crowd by now had thinned out considerably but still Tommy worried that he may not win this one. When the item entered and stepped onto.the auction block Tommy immediately knew he had to have her. She stood at 5'4" and its skin was the color of mocha and appeared smooth. When the auctioneer ordered to strip it was obvious she was well cared for and healthy. Her larger B cup breast stood perky and proud and her ass was athletic and well toned. She would be a fine addition to any household the auctioneer said. She could cook, clean, and was trained in child care. The only down side is that she was slightly wild and willful. She had been caught trying to run away twice and resisted all attempts at training. She was also a virgin and any master could make some extra money by breeding her and selling her off spring back to the auction house. The bidding opened at $1,000 and immediately Tommy put his paddle in the air. This was followed by another and another until eventually the bidding reached $9,000. Tommy took a deep breath raised his paddle and yelled out, "$15,000". The following moments went by very slowly for Tommy. He made a gamble since this was all the money he had. If someone outbid him them any hope of getting this slave.would be lost and he would go home empty handed. "$15,000 going once, going twice, Sold"! Tommy was again jubilant and had the biggest grin on his face. As he made his way to the cashier he was congratulated by those who bidded against him. He paid and got the title for his new property. He pulled his car around the back of the auction house and presented his paperwork to the slave master. The slave master quickly stamped it and sent one of his men to go fetch the item. She was brought in handcuffs connected to feet cuffs by a chain. She was wearing a simple summer dress. Tommy took possession of her and guided her to the back seat. He took her bag from the attendant and thanked the slave master. On the way home he called his while family to inform them that he now had a slave. He used the Bluetooth in the car so his new acquisition could hear how proud his family was he had finally gotten himself one.

Tommy pulled straight into his garage and closed the door behind him. He went to his trunk and pulled out her bag and inspected it. In it was a few more dresses and picture of what he presumed was her family. He placed all of these back into the bag and grabbed the girl by the arm guiding out to the back yard. There in the middle of grass was an old drum with a gas can and match book on the ground next to it. Tommy stood the girl next to the drum and asked her what her name was. "Anne" she said in a diminutive voice. Slap! He hit so hard she fell to the ground. Tommy was sure his neighbors had heard the slap as well. He yelled at her to get up. She struggled but managed to get up despite the shackles and chains. Tears streaked across her face but she proudly held her head up. He told she no longer had a name only a number grabbing her wrist and showing her branding tattoo. He then told her that she was to call him Master or Sir at all times and that she was to obey him at all times or she would be punished. Tommy then took something out of his pocket and knelt down next her. He uncuffed her right leg and roughly attached an ankle monitor. He uncuffed her other foot and then stood up and uncuffed her hands. He informed her that device on her ankle could not be removed except by himself with a special key that he kept in a hidden place off property. The device would temporarily paralyze her with an electric shock if she attempted to leave his property. To illustrate this Tommy grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the property line. About a foot before reaching the fence line she cried out in agony as an electric jolt ripped through her body. Tommy threw her to the ground on the right side of the invisible line. She laid there heaving and crying in agony. After several minutes Tommy grabbed her by her hair and dragged her back to the oil drum. He forced her to stand and ordered to strip. She was still shaking and crying but Tommy repeated his order. finally she began to take off her sun dress which Tommy ordered her to put into the oil drum. She stood there naked, shivering, and fearful. She tried to cover herself but Tommy grabbed her arms and put them at her side. He wanted to get a closer look at his new acquisition. He walked around her and took note of all her features. This thing was a nice purchase and would serve his household well. He could imagine her taking care of his future children and aiding his future wife in household duties. Tommy then grabbed her bag and emptied it's contents into the barrel except for the picture. He picked up the gas can and ordered her to pour some in the barrel. When she was done he handed her the matched and told her to burn her possessions. While the fire was going Tommy handed her the photo and asked who it was of. She said it was her father and mother. She said she missed them and hoped to be reunited with them one day. Tommy grabbed her by her hair and pulled head back sharply and exclaimed, "I am all the family you have now girl. You will never see these people again nor will you ever speak of them again. Now put the picture in the fire". Tommy let go and watched as she struggled with what to do. He decided to give incentive and gave a punch in the gut. He told either the picture was going into the fire or she was. Reluctantly she put in. She closed her eyes and sobbed. Tommy again grabbed her by the hair and told her to open her eyes. he forced her to watch as the picture burned into ash and with it any physical link to her past.

Tommy took her into his house through the back door. He began showing her around the house and explaining her daily duties. Showed where all the cleaning supplies were and showed her the kitchen where he had prepared of meal times and foods he liked to eat. He told her that if she tried to poison him that she would be trapped on this property and die of starvation before anyone came looking. He showed her to her room. She burst into tears when she saw where she was expected to live. He picked up the maids uniform on the bed and instructed her to put it on. He said form now on this was the only clothing she allowed to wear and she was expected to keep clean and neat always. with that Tommy left the room and shut the door behind locking her inside. he opened the slot in door at eye level and told her her duties would start in the morning. He said when he door unlocked she was expected to exit immediately and start her morning duties. He then set the timer on the door lock and went out for the evening with friends to celebrate.

At 4 AM the lock on the steel door loudly clicked unlocked. If she had been asleep it would have surely woken her up. As it was she sitting on the bed in her new uniform contemplating her new situation. When he door unlocked she tentatively got up and pushed it open. She looked around and saw the hall was empty and noted the time on the clock that was on the wall opposite her door. She immediately went to work. she went o the laundry and began to iron his clothes. When 5 AM rolled around she began to make his breakfast and at 6 AM Tommy came and sat at the table. She served him in silence and began to clean up the kitchen. As he sat there and read the paper Tommy watched her as she worked. He had always wanted a slave and was exhilarated now to own one. Not everyone could afford one so this put him in a higher class of people than his neighbors. As he watched her though he could not help but notice the maids uniform he had chosen for her may be a bit too small. It hugged her curves and pushed her breast together and up in such a way that if she was not black she would be very attractive. When she bent over he could see her ass barely covered by the black panties he had chosen. Tommy had heard of white men taking to bed with black woman but had never been attracted them himself. But as he watched her he could not help but wonder what her dark love tunnel would feel like. Tommy put the paper down and picked up a folder that he had brought out with him. It was the record of item #45674 his new slave. He thumbed through it and read about her discipline problems. They had tried many things to break her but nothing seemed to work. It was at this moment that Tommy caught a gleam in the corner of his eye and managed to avoid the knife aimed at his neck. Quickly he disarmed her and held her with her hands behind her back. This closeness was making Tommy very hot. But he could not risk having relations with this thing. if she got pregnant form him he could lose her, his house, and his job. He forced her into her small room and shut the door. He came back with the stocks and the riding crop. After fighting with her a bit he managed to get her into the stocks and sat her on her bed. he forced her to lay on her belly and lifted the skirt of her uniform up. He began immediately to rain down blow after blow on her tight bubble ass. She screamed in pain and he just kept hitting for what seemed like an hour. Finally he stopped and told her that as punishment for her transgression she would go three days without food and water. He left her room and came back with a metal bucket which he put down in the middle of the floor. He told she would need since he just turned off the water to her room. He flushed her toilet to until there was no more water in it and left. he locked the door and walked away.

She didn't know how long she was in her room. It was difficult to move stuck inside the stocks and her master had forgotten to remove her panties so she could go to the restroom. She ended up soiling herself several times. By then end of the third days he was weak and reeked of excrement and urine. When Tommy opened the door he was so overcome by the odor that he puked on the floor. He saw her lying on her bed not moving and feared maybe she was dead. But as light filed the room he saw her stir. He felt almost sorry for her but did not allow it to show. He yelled at her to get and stand at attention. She hesitated and he reminded her that if she ever wanted to eat or drink again she would get up. Slowly she got up and stood. Feces and urine drained down her leg and tears and snot ran across he face. Tommy was disgusted and yelled obscenities saying, 'Only the filthiest of niggers would wallow in their own shit. what kind of stupid bitch are you? You had the bucket. Not even a dog would lay in there own filth!" She tried to speak but he punched her in the stomach and she struggled to keep her balance. he unlocked the stocks and grabbed her by he hair and dragged her to the bathroom. He ordered her to clean herself up, launder her uniform, and then clean up the puke, shit, and urine from her room. He wanted all of this done in the next hour. She was to report to him int he kitchen when she was done.

She came into the kitchen with her head down as he motioned her to sit across from him at the table. he had a plate heaping with roast and potatoes as well as a jug of water next to him. He asked her if she done everything he ordered and she nodded. He asked her if she had learned her lesson and she nodded. He asked what that lesson was. "Never to try to hurt you again." He said she was correct. He told her that after looking through her file the reason she was never fully broken was that her trainers were too soft on her. She was relatively young and they were afraid of damaging such lucrative merchandise. He exclaimed that now that she was property that no such consideration was necessary and she would have harsher and harsher and harsher punishment until she learned to completely obey. At this point he pushed the plate of food and the jug of water to her and left the room. She ate and drank greedily until everything was gone. Tommy re-entered the kitchen and sat down and asked her where his dinner was. she said she had just finished eating and would prepare him something. slamming his hand on the table he said his dinner should have been ready two hours ago. She knew this was unfair as she had only been released about an hour and half ago and was ordered to do other things. she tried to speak in protest but Tommy cut her off with a slap. He told if his dinner was not ready in the next half hour she would be spending a week without food and water. She quickly went to work and barely made the deadline. As Tommy sat there and ate he watched her as she cleaned the kitchen. He felt himself get aroused by her as she bent over and reached for things that were high up. When she filled his glass he would looked down her heaving bosom. he tried to shake the thoughts away. Not only was thing his property no better than a lampshade she was also just a child. Not to mention the legal ramifications if she got pregnant.

As time went on Tommy was becoming more and more aroused by his new slave. he hated it and took it out on her on several occasions using the excuse that she had broken some house rule. During his annual checkup he was informed by is doctor that he was in fact unable to have children. His semen contained almost no sperm. He asked his doctor how this could have happened he was fine the year before but his doctor said it was not uncommon. Upon returning he sat at the dinner table and watched his slave work. She had done this to him! He did not know how but he was sure of it as he was anything. While she was doing the dishes he came up behind her and grabbed her by her waist. She screamed a little. He held her tightly against him and she could feel his hardening manhood against her back. He whispered in her ear, "How did a dumb nigger like you manage to make me unable to have children?" She tried to tell hims he did not know what he was talking about but he just grabbed the back of her head smashed her face into he cupboard. Enraged and horny he bent her over the sink and ripped off her panties. He rubbed his hand on her ass and fondled her pussy. She screamed for him to stop saying it was illegal and she didn't do it. He didn't care he was convinced she was the culprit. Tommy believed this is what she wanted all along. She made it so he could have sex with her and she would not get pregnant. He took out his now fully hard 10 inch cock and in one thrust buried it balls deep into her virgin pussy. Grabbing her hair he yelled in her ear, "This is what you wanted wasn't it? You have wanted my cock in your nigger pussy since the first day haven't you? You goddamn monkey whore! Keep doing the dishes while give you what you wanted." With that he let go of her head and began to roughly pound into her pussy. It was difficult as the only lubricant he had was her blood from when he broke through her hymen. Eventually her juices began to flow and things became easier. It was quit a sight; she was bent over the sink face stained with blood and tears and she sobbed and continued to clean dishes while getting pounded like a dog from behind. he yelled all kinds of names and even punch her a few times in her side. When he finally came he withdrew and watched as his cum and her blood and juices went down her leg into a pool on the floor. He turned her around and ordered to clean up the mess she had made on the floor. She began to walk to the broom closet when he grabbed her and pushed her to the floor. He said messes like this can only be cleaned up one way; use your tongue. He watched as she continued to sob and lick up the combination of cum and blood from he linoleum. When she finished she began to get but he pushed her back down and pointed to his cock saying her cleaning duties were not done. She had never seen a cock before and did not know what to do. He told her to lick it clean. While she did he got hard again. He waited until she began to licked his head and at the right moment he thrust his cock into her mouth. She gagged and cried out. He pulled her hair and warned her not to bite him. He then plugged her nose shut and held her there for a few moments. She nearly passed out before he let go. He told her that his hard cock was her fault and she had a duty to take care of it. He began to fuck her face. He pushed her against the kitchen cabinets and held her place has he fucked her mouth. When he came he again held her nose shut and shoved his cock deep into her throat forcing her to swallow or die. He withdrew and told her to clean up and then report to her room.

He had finally found the perfect way to break her.

To be continued? Let me know what you think!

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2014-02-28 15:59:36
VHEBCt I loved your post.Really thank you! Really Great.

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2013-10-26 12:12:17
qP9yYS Thanks again for the blog.Really thank you! Awesome.

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2013-01-22 18:49:31
i truly love a good slave fic - however the emphasis lies on GOOD. this is not one of those. you wasted to much time on (disgusting) punishment and gave us way to little sex....and what little there was, was too rushed to enjoy. besides, the whole racial nonsense was superfluous, one can easily write a slave fic without it.

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2012-04-24 23:07:59
it should have been a toung one that didnt know any thing and you were to trainwer and make her do your bidding not just beat her because you cpoulod after you paied a lot of money fofre her so why would you want to really hurt your investment that much after all you do have friends and there is nothing like shareing

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2011-05-13 07:58:10
The best slave is a young underage girl that can be used and trained as her master desires. The more pain and degrading it is for the young slave bitch the better it will be for her master. Thay should be fucked in every one of there holes in the most panful way posable so thay know what there new lot in life is. And to be pased around to there masters friends and used when the master so desires.

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