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Upon returning home early Davey found his parents fucking with the neighbors and is welcomed to join in.
Basketball practice had been called off because a pipe had broken and flooded the gym. I walked home from high school thinking about calling one of the girls that I dated to see if I could make a date to go to the movies and hoping that after the movie I could get laid or at least get my cock sucked. Being on the starting team had made it easy to find several girls that would go out with me. I decided that when I got home I would call Brenda. There was never a question about getting fucked when I went out with Brenda and I loved the way she sucked my cum covered cock after I filled her cunt with my seed. She is on the pill so I don't have to wear a condom. I hate condoms.

I opened the front door and entered the house. As I walked down the hall I heard noises from the family room. I assumed that Mom and Dad were in there watching TV. I was going to go straight to my room and call Brenda but I decided to say hi and let Mom and Dad know that I was home first. When I got to the family room door I saw quite a sight. On the family room floor was my father. He had his cock buried balls deep in a pussy and female legs were up on his shoulders. But it wasn't my mother's pussy. The cunt he was fucking was our next-door neighbor, Aiko.

Aiko is a cute and petite Japanese woman. She is only 5'2" and weighs less than 100 pounds. She has straight black hair and the features that you think of when you think of a pretty Japanese girl. She is almost flat chested but I could see that she has big nipples that were standing up hard in her carnal excitement. She had met Jim twenty years ago when he was in the army, stationed in Japan. Jim is about five years older than Aiko. He is a black man, very black. His parents had come from Jamaica. He is 6'1" and weighs about 190 pounds. They have one son, Jake who is a year younger than me and a good friend. You do not see any Asian in his looks. He looks a lot like his dad. He is not quite as black and probably ten pounds lighter. They have been our neighbors and friends for almost ten years.

On the floor a couple feet away was Mom. She was on her hands and knees and her snow white body was sandwiched between the two black bodies of Jim and Jake. Their seven inch steel hard black cocks filled my mother from both ends. Jim was on his knees, holding her hips and fucking her. Jake was on his knees with his hands behind her head pulling her mouth onto his shaft. Every time Jim would pound her, her tits would sway sharply back and forth. As I watched with a combination of shock and delight I noticed that Jim was not fucking Mom's cunt. His cock was pounding deep up her asshole.

Dad was the first to see me standing in the doorway. Without even stopping his assault on Aiko's cunt, he said, "Now that you know, you may as well join us if you want." I smiled and answered that I thought I would just watch for a little bit first. I dropped my pants to the floor and stroked my eight-inch erection while I watched the orgy on the floor in front of me. Aiko looked straight at me as my father fucked her hard and fast. After a couple minutes I finished undressing and walked over to Aiko and my dad. I squatted over her face and she started licking my balls. Next she tipped her head back and licked my asshole and worked her tongue inside of it. I had never had this done to me and it was a cool feeling. While Aiko was licking my balls and ass and my dad was fucking her cunt. I had my hands covering her tits and I pulled and I pinched her swollen nipples.

I stood and turned around. On my knees with my legs on either side of her chest, I fed my man-meat to her waiting lips. Aiko licked and sucked my cock head and then took more and more of my shaft as I fed it to her a little at a time till it was fully in her throat. This was the first time I had been with someone that could give a deep throat blowjob. I don't know how long they were fucking before I got there but both women were having orgasms every couple minutes and all three men started coming long before I was ready. I watched Mom being fucked by the two black men and I thought it reminded me of an Oreo sandwich cookie.

Dad was the first guy to come and he filled Aiko with his hot thick cum. I could hear her moan even with my cock deeply in her mouth. After Dad had finished, he told me to switch places with him. Aiko sucked his cum covered cock clean while I slid into her cunt. This was the first time I had had sloppy seconds and I thought about the fact that the cum that I was stirring around was the same cum that had made me. I pumped her hard, with my pelvic bone hitting her clit and causing a string of orgasms, some small and some hard. Dad went and sat on the couch and watch the rest of us.

Jim came in my mother's ass next. He buried himself fully in her and held still as his cock throbbed time after time filling my mother's rectum with his seed. She pushed back. Without saying a word to each other, Jim and Jake swapped places. Now Mom had Jim's cock that had just been unloading its load of cum in her butt, in her mouth while Jake took his dad's place in her shit hole. Jim went soft and he joined my dad on the couch, watching. Only about a minute later Jake's hot fluids joined his father's in my mother's ass and he went back to her face for a cleaning, as cum ran over her shaved cunt and dripped down my mother's legs.

I kept going strong for almost another five minutes and gave Aiko another orgasm before I announced that I was ready to come. "Hold your cock over my face and come in my mouth, Davey." I moved up and gave my shaft a few last strokes till I shot rope after rope of cum into Aiko's open mouth. Some missed and landed on her cheek and over her nose. She lifted her head and sucked the last of my cum from and off of my dick. Mom was still on the floor, on her back. Aiko went over and leaned over her head. Mom opened her mouth and Aiko let my big load of cum drip from her mouth into my mother's open mouth. Then they kissed and got up.

That was the end for then. Aiko, Jim and Jake dressed and went home. Mom and Dad and I sat, still naked, and talked. I told them how great that had been and asked how long they had been having sex with other people. Dad told me that they have done it from before they were married but were always careful not to let me find out. Dad said that it was actually good that I found out. "I'm getting older and can't keep up with your mother's sexual drive anymore. If you want, from now on your mom will start sleeping with me one night and you the next. That way she will get all the fucking that she wants. And we will introduce you to some of our other fuck friends too. What do you think?" My only answer was "Fuck ya !" Mom noticed that I was already hard again. She smiled, took hold of my hand and stood up.


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2013-07-25 09:22:04
Hi Rick. You know who this is. I wanted to let you and everyone else know that my son Paul and I spent all day yesterday in bed fucking with your wife while you were out golfing with your friends. She's a pretty goof fuck for her age. She loves it when you play golf so she can play too.

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2012-11-22 09:52:54
Rick, I feel your frustration as well.I agree with anuonmyos...I have banged my head against the wall many times trying to offer suggestions to people in need...I heard a sales presentation a while ago about the three stages of a prospect: Stage 1. 99% satisfied (ie., you couldn't tell them the sky was blue if they thought it was green) 2. Somewhat dissatisfied (ie., they recognize they have a problem, but aren't ready to deal with it) and 3. Need to fix it now! Forget helping category 1. Category 2 people can only be helped if (and this is where skill becomes important) they can be shown the facts about what they are doing now, the consequences of inaction in the future, and the rewards to solving their problem now. Then they can move to category 3. If they are in category 3, they will cut off their leg to solve their problem, unless their problem is that they don't want their leg cut off.I found that knowledge helpful.I think the biggest plague humanity faces is not disease, its p

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2012-08-12 10:07:58
Someone has hijacked Wantsomefun's handle and is just writing as bad of reviews as he can on every story he goes to. That is how he gets his kicks. He is not the real Wantsomefun
. This is a good story. Thanks.

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2012-06-06 17:21:30
I Like The Story It Was Good And I Hope Their's A Part 2!

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2011-09-06 15:52:57
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