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I walked up the drive picking daisies as I walked along leisurely. It was a beautiful day and I was a fabulous mood. I had a so so day in classes today, college was not near as much fun as high school had been but that’s the way life was I assumed. Filling the air was a blood curdling scream. I stopped and tried to figure out where the sound had originated from when it came again. I knew then where it was from, I dropped the daisies and ran up the driveway to the house. I ran up the front porch steps and threw open the front door, darted through the living room, around the corner, and took the steps to my room 2 at a time. When I reached my room, I found my father standing in the doorway with his back to me. In a chair sat my boyfriend naked, and tied to my chair in my room. My father had a whip in his hand.

“My God, Daddy what are you doing,” I yelled.

My father spun around on his heel, and smiled at me. My boyfriend craned his neck around my father to see me standing in the doorway.

“Baby, get me out of here, and away from this son of a bitches crazy ass,” my boyfriend begged.

At that my father turned around snapped the whip back and hit my boyfriend in the balls again. He screamed again.
“Daddy stop it, “I said.
“I told you baby, I was going to take care of him for what he did to you in the park, and I meant every damn word of that,” Daddy said through gritted teeth.

I crossed the room and stood in front of my boyfriend; I turned and began untying him. His balls were red, and one was bleeding from a gash my father had inflicted with his whip. My Dad turned on his heel and went out of the room. I got my boyfriend out of the chair, he could barely stand he was a bleeding mess. I darted back down the steps to get a washcloth from the bathroom. Back up the steps I went, he was laying on my bed, tears on his face. I began to dab gently at his balls. It wasn’t near as bad as it appeared when the blood was everywhere. I apologized over and over, and helped him get into his pants, and out to his car. He kissed me goodbye and told me he would okay.

I was exceptionally pissed at what my father had done. But in all actuality my boyfriend had been very lucky Daddy hadn’t just killed him and buried him in the backyard. He was exceptionally very protective of me. I went in the house and upstairs to my room. My father was sitting on my bed. I walked over to him and looked at him giving him the ugliest look I could muster. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him. I struggled, and I knew better before I even did it. But it happened anyway. He kissed me hard on the mouth; his tongue filled my mouth searching for mine. He pulled away, grabbing a handful of hair he pulled me down on the bed, his hands went to my breast. He began to fondle them roughly and then pulling up my shirt, his hand jerked my bra, breaking the clasp and freeing my tits. His mouth found one, sucking and biting at my red little hot hard nipples, I began to get aroused. He sucked my right tit, and then grabbed my left in his hand and began to squeeze very hard. Reaching down to my pants he flipped the button and unzipped my jeans. His hand went into my little pink panties I wore. I felt his fingers pulling and pushing to get between my slick pussy lips. He reached his destination, my hard little clit. His index finger and thumb began to work my little clit over he pulled the clit up and then stroking back down toward my pussy, and back up. He stroked my clit like he stroked his hard cock. Continuing to keep my tit in his mouth I was very wet, and getting close to having an orgasm. I loved it when he stroked my clit, he knew I was close, because I arched my back, the more he stroked the more I hung on to him digging my nails into his back. Just as I reached my orgasm he shoved two fingers into my dripping wet little hole. I tightened my thighs around his arm as I came.

He stood up and pulled my jeans off, throwing them on the floor, he whistled, and my dog ran into the room. He smiled at me; my Daddy had taken his hard cock out of his pants and had moved between my legs. He had his hard dick in his hand and was rubbing the throbbing purple head against my dripping wet folds of skin. He patted the bed for the dog to get on the bed. The dog immediately went to my pussy to see what was going on. I felt his tongue licking my pussy when Daddy pushed him off. He walked up to my face; I spun him around and reached between his legs. I took my dog’s slick cock into my hand and began to stroke it. He stood still as I stroked him with long slow strokes. His cock was becoming bigger and bigger and I continued my assault. I felt my Dad between my legs spreading my little asshole apart. He pulled my cheeks apart and rubbed my asshole with his thumb. Very gently he would ease his fingers into my asshole, as I continued to stroke the dogs cock.

Daddy patted my pussy for the dog to come to him. He reluctantly went to Daddy, who shoved him down on the bed. He wanted me to come to the end of the bed and straddle the dog. I obliged because I loved fucking that dog like this. I moved to the end of the bed, standing above the dog I moved him to his back, his hard red cock was protruding, as was his big hard knot. I squatted down over him guiding his slick pre cum covered cock into my cunt. I moved up and down while squatting over his cock, it felt wonderful inside of my hot little slit. I settled down on my knees leaning up toward the dog’s head, moving my hips up and down fucking my pussy with his cock. I pushed hard spreading my cunt out and slipping that big knot into my puss. I moaned as I got wetter. Daddy was behind me with his hands rubbing my tits, and then my ass. While straddling the dog, my ass was facing my father, I felt his tongue on my asshole, and then on my cunt every time I rocked in on the dog’s dick. I felt his fingers going into my ass; he shoved first one then two fingers into my extremely tight, hot asshole. I began to rock my pussy faster on the dog’s dick; I could feel cum continuously coming from his cock inside my pussy. Daddy shoved his cock into my asshole in one stroke. I screamed out, he began to fuck my asshole harder and harder. I rocked on the dog faster, when I felt him explode inside my pussy, I moaned loudly and began to cum myself. Daddy started to cum inside my asshole, the cum ran from both holes, down onto my thighs.

Daddy slid out of my ass and hit the bed beside me, and rolled off on the other side. The dog jumped off the bed and sat to lick his cock on the floor. Daddy rolled over and touched my tits, I couldn’t hardly breathe I had cum from two dicks fucking me at once. I was covered in cum. Daddy moved over between my legs pulling them apart, his face went between my cum soaked legs. He pulled my lips apart, his tongue began to lick at my pussy, he sucked the cum from my pussy then moved to my asshole sucking the cum from there as well. I moaned loudly, it was so sexy I could hardly stand it; I was about to cum again when he flipped me over on the bed. He raised my hips up and slid his hard cock into my pussy. He moaned as he began to fuck my cunt, his dick moved in slowly and methodically, I could feel the head of his cock running deep inside my cunt, hitting my cervix with every stroke. He shoved until I had everything but his balls shoved into my drippy wet slit. He fucked me hard and with a purpose, or so it seemed, his strokes picked up speed until he was slamming into me and I could feel his balls hitting my clit as he fucked harder and faster. He came again, this time deep inside me. He continued to fuck until I came again. He rolled off, and told me to finger my cunt. He wanted me to scoop out the cum and lick it. I did as I was told; I pulled out a hot stringy hand full of cum and put it into my mouth. Daddy rose up and stood over me, he pointed his cock at my face as he started to piss on my face, the stream hit me and was almost so hot it burned my skin, he pissed on my face, and my tits, as he finished he leaned down and rubbed the piss into my tits, and onto my pussy.

Leaning against the headboard he motioned again for me, I got up and crawled up to him naked and wet. He wanted me to stand over him, I did as he pushed himself down further on the bed. I stood taking my hands and pulling my lips apart, I began to piss as well, right on his chest, I pulled my lips apart to piss on his face, he opened his mouth. I couldn’t do that but he liked it, he had a mouthful, when he then spit it all over my tits. I finally lay down on the bed exhausted. I told him I didn’t want to catch him near my boyfriend again or he would very sorry. He smirked at me, but I think he might have believed I might trying something if he didn’t back off.


2011-04-16 13:31:30
Wow I love this story . I love my wife to piss on me and would love to see our dog fuck her if I read this story to her she just might !


2011-04-16 13:15:36
Wow I love this story . I love my wife to piss on me and would love to see our dog fuck her if I read this story to her she just might !

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2011-04-16 13:05:36
i love the chores series, me and my bf get extremely hotter than fuckin shit reading these. He acts as my daddy while he fucks my llittle virgin pussy all the time. Excellent fantasy for us, keep getting us hot write more

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2011-04-15 19:07:55
love your stories give us more!!!

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2011-04-11 18:30:13
keep them coming Chica, love them!

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