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I have a dark dirty secret. I really want to have hot sex with my sister.

I have led a normal sex life. I had a girlfreind here and there, and tried different things, but I was never really satisfied. Noone turned me on more than my younger sis Debra.. She was about 5 11, had long red hair, and had these cute little c-cup titties..She has a nice cute ass, and sexy lips.

While im going to leave out the bullshit part, because I think you want to hear the good part. One weekend my parents, and my two younger brothers left to the cottage, and me and Debra stayed home. We didn't care much for each others company. I was a 16 year old boy, and she was a 13 year old girl. I decided to take it easy that weekend, and just rent a bunch of movies (of course lots of porn).

It was about six when she got home from her freinds house. "hey dave, can we watch a movie in your room?" ah what the hell? I figured why not. She wasn't ussually allowed to watch my movies because they were rated R so mom and dad would get pissed..WE went up to my room to choose some I was taking them off the shelf, i accidently dropped a couple porn dvd's .."oh shit!" I yelled.."whats wrong?" i tried to play it cool, but she managed to grab one/... "can we watch this?" ummm no" its not for you" but she kept asking and I figured what the hell. she was giving me 'the im so curious i have no idea what sex is thing"

after watching the porn dvd for about ten minutes, debra reached into her pants and started to copy how the pornstar was touching herself..i was so hard but so scared as to what to do.. "David do i get you excited?" she asked .."of course not, you my sister" i replied...she reached over and grabbed my hard cock." LIAR" she yelled at me..."david, Im going to copy everything they do in this movie" oh shit i thought...i knew this movie,. and it was some hot shit..

She step by step followed everything. She stripteased so i could see her fiery red pussy hair, and started to finger her hard clit, until it was dripping/ She grabbed my head and made me lick her cunt until she left a huge spot all over my mattress, and then turn towards me, grabbed my cock, and shoved most of it down her sexy 13 year old warm mouth...but that wasnt even the best part...she slowly took off her clothes and made my press her tiny nipples untill they were rock hard...I stuck my fingers in and out of the tightest pussy ever, and finally she got on top of me, and rode me like a fucking pornstar. I grabbed her ass so hard I left red marks..

"stick a finger in my ass, you perv" I readily complied, and slowly stuck my fingers into her tight butt.."ooohhhh" she moaned..."ok enough with this pussy, I need to be assfucked" (she was still copying the porno). She quickly got on all fours,, and stuck her tight round ass in the air..I slowly shoved my dick into her butt. slow and steady, and then I fucked the shit out of her..I pounded her ass so hard "fuck me you fucking perv" ...I was about to cum..but I just couldnt it would be such a waste "hey why are you slowing down?" umm "i dont wanna cum " well just say so...she turned around and started making out with me...we had both forgotten about the porno..her lips were so warm and moist ...her tongue felt so good...she yanked my hair.."get back down and eat my pussy!" now!...i went down quickly and licked her clit in slow circles, after about ten minutes,,,she paused and let a huuge moan..."im cumming....oh good" she squirted all over my face and chest...she took a pause for a few minutes to get her pace back..."come on top of me" i thrusted back and forth really hard, choking her little teen body as i did it...I fucked her so hard , I could feel the bed sliding back and forth..she had enough of that..she want more control

she got on top of me again ...I was about to come. SHe press hard against me body..I could feel her cum soaked pussy inviting me to cum .. ":oh shit....I screamed....! I came so hard my dick throbbed into her cunt..she quickly got off me and sat on my face while she finished tasting my cum.. I licked everywhere in her pussy, her ass, she loved it so much...finally we were both so exhausted..we just lied in each others arms " I love you dave" she said as she placed her soft hands on my still throbbing cock/..." I think we should go clean ourselfs off she said" "yea": i agreed ..."no, I meant together" we both smiled and got up and headed to the bathroom.

There I saw her true beauty..In the shower. she was so hot i rubbed soap all over her breast, and slowly down to her she moaning while I fingered her, I made sure to ger a few more sloppy kisses from her...I grabbed her ass, and spanked her a couple times, and she didnt seem to mind..she grabbed my cock, and started blowing me felt so good in the shower...i could see the water trickle down her perfect body...she turned around,,,"one more time.,I want you to fuck me" of course I did it, and I did it so well that we didnt notice that mom had shown up..

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2014-01-20 02:21:41
That was hot!! I want more

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2012-07-23 22:14:07
Oh, isn't that true. Pussy licking is a wrouenfdl subject of many an erotic photograph. There's so much to focus on, with a spectrum sliding from clit-flickering to full-on pussy-french-kissing, not to mention the positions for both the licker (right-side up? upside down? standing up?) to the lickee (sitting on face? 69?), and we haven't even rattled off the things you can do with three involved. You know what we enjoyed the most in this series? The outfits. Stacy;s full-fishnet suit (and boots) is just perfect for this type of joint lapping up; in the fourth photo (technically photo 05) it's basically screaming to her blonde friend Stracy: Focus all your energy here! Photos 6 through 10 do a wrouenfdl job on the vertical lapping-up pose, particularly that close-up in your showcased lead-in pic, and it's nice to see Stracy start to return the favor towards the end. Yum!


2011-04-17 17:50:34
Gave a positive for the story and paragraphing, then realized I couldn't also give a negative for the lousy grammar and spelling. Ohh well, still loved the story Indabutt. One day you'll get it right and become a really good writer.


2011-04-11 23:41:50
really you must read alot of stuff

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2011-04-11 21:18:29
worst thing ive read on this site by far

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