this is my second story hopefully better than the last
when i was a kid I new selena gomez very well my name is josh and im a hermaphrodite or i am male dominate.
when me and selena were kids we lived together because my parents worked over sea's and couldent take me so i got to live with selena and share a room with her as we grew up. Which wasent a problem because we were best friends we new everything about each other she new i was a hermie and that didnt make a diffrent. so this story begins when we are 5 years old and its the first day that I I moved in and i ws changing into my pajamas and she walks in and gets a full frontal view of me and we she just sit's there and stares at my 3 inch cock and thats the first time she saw me nude. selena why are you staring at me down there I said laughing at her.

well its a lot diffrent then what i got down there

you mean one of these and i lift up my dick and balls showing her my 5 year old pussy.

yes josh one of these and she pulls off her pants and tiny little panties laughing to.

we decided to climb into the queen sized bed we shared naked that night since we a bed because there wasent enouge room for 2 beds and we went to bed for the night at about 2 am selena asks me if im awake and i resond i am now what do you want.

well i was hoping you would let me touch your pecker gigleing as she said it since i dont have one.

i said go for it and she ripped off the covers and lifted my 3 inch cock and rubbing it and it started growing in her hand she gasped not expecting it to grow to 4 1/2 inch's long instead of 3 inch's she asked me why it did that and I responded I dont know it just did and why are the pink things on your chest poking out like that i dont now they normaly only do that in the cold. can i touch them i asked moaning at the same time as she licked the head of my cock and she sudenly stopped at the noise i said keep doing that it felt good. and i started sucking on her 5 ear old nipples and to my surprise she moan as i licked them and slightly bit them she had my hole cock in her mouth and i was moaning uncontrollably and i felt a tingle in my balls and then all the sudden i started squirting white stuff in her mouth and she giggled as i said i was srry and started wiping the stuff from her lips and she said it tasted good and started sucking on my limp cock geting it all and to my suprise i was soaking wet on my private area and i started rubbing it and moaning again she looked at me funny and copyed me and then all of the sudden she moved her other hand to my slit and i didn the same as we orgasmed on each others hands we passed out.

the next few years we slept together naked every nite and started exparementing when the hole hows was asleep we figured out wat pleasured us the most for both of us it was tuching our clits but we only touched there rarely because we didnt want it to get boring. 5 years halve past we are dating now and everything is just wonderful between us we do everything together and we couldn't be happier one summer night it was about 1am and we were heading to a hill we were we always watched the star's at night and we hear a moaning sound coming from the house we just passed so we look over and theres a light on so we slowly walk over there and there is a couple naked on there bed josh were did his dick go i cant see it Selena whispered. and i replied i think its in her pussy wow they look like there having a lot of fun as she grabbed the bulge in my pants and i moaned and all the sudden they stop so we start running for the hill were we know its safe because its surrounded by trees so no one can see us. Oh my god that was close why did you have to moan so loud as she laughed. But I say nothing laying down the blanket and my face is beat red. baby can we try what they were doing and Selena just sat there with a big smile on her face as she got up and took off her tang top leaving her budding breast bare in the cool summer wind and i take my shirt of and walk over and give her passionate as i start to pull down her tight short shorts leaving only her pink panties on and i start sucking on her already hard tits.

she started pulling down my baggy jean shorts and to her surprise i was soaking wet and she starts sucking on my clit through my boxers. I picked up her legs so she could keep sucking and so i could take of her panties and start sucking as she started to pull down my boxers i collapsed onto the blanket and instead of sucking on my clit she was already working on my now 8 inch cock she new just what i liked and had me squirting out of both holesin no time. as i shot my cum on her face she sat up on my chest and slowly moved down to my cock leaving a stream of her juices as she went down when she finnaly got to my cock she asked me a silent question are you ready babe and i grabed her hips and put her on my still rock hard cock and slowly moved her down until I hit a wall then she moved up and slammed down on my cock breaking the barrior she started screaming in a mix of pleasure and pain as we both cummed

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2013-05-04 05:59:35
the story is fictional not real, so quit giving him shit....
good story bro but check spelling

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2013-01-06 17:14:31
Wtf I mean everything he said was messed up spelling. And at that age they would both be blind cos whenever you cum at a young age too many times you pretty much go blind so youre a fake person without a life that tried to make some story up and trick people that's why you don't have that many comments cos 1st they don't have an account and 2nd theyre to grossed out about wat u said

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2012-12-14 00:56:32
Good story just watch your spelling and not many people like the hermaphrodite idea me being one of those people

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2012-08-18 23:30:11
this is terrible, and why does there have to be a h

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2011-09-09 04:06:31
Stick to sex until you learn how to write a better story, mate.

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