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This an encounter I had with one of my female math students
Hi, my name is Lacy ferguson: I’m a 24 year old female college student and I identify myself as bi-sexual, although I tend to be more attracted to other women than men. The lesbian experiences I’ve had, overall, have been vastly superior to the few heterosexual ones I`ve had, however, I find it next to impossible to maintain a legitimate romantic relationship with girls. Therefore, I almost always have a boy that fills my need for a steady relationship, and at the same time I have several girls that fill my remaining physical needs. Often, I date the same type of cute, physically fit guy which I use to pick up gorgeous young girls at clubs and take back to my place to engage in threesomes with (and in one case, a fffm foursome). Having an athletic-looking stud to accompany me while I cruise for chicks is hugely valuable because most of the hot girls that I like to sleep with (the ultra-feminine girly-girls) are not comfortable with a straight, 1-on-1 lesbian encounter. So, I use the guy’s sexuality to lure them into the bedroom and by the time I’m groping and kissing them, they’re so turned on and uninhibited that they usually get too lost in the moment to resist. These experiences are always the best because of the extreme challenge of landing these kinds of girls, and I see them as mainly lesbian experiences since I rarely ever give any attention to the guy during; I leave that mostly up to the girl (and my boyfriends usually like it that way).
I know I sound like a complete wild child, but I lead somewhat of a double life. Most of the time, I’m working hard as a substitute teacher (I just finished a University teaching program and received my teaching certificate 2 months ago). I love teaching and I’m one of the few student teachers in my graduating class that is already on the substitute list in this district. I have a very straight-laced and professional demeanour which is one of the things that impressed the administrators who interviewed me for a spot on the substitute list. I think it also helps that I am a ‘blonde bombshell’ type”: platinum blonde hair, hour-glass figure, tanned skin and large, shapely breasts. Even though this should not influence the decision of potential employers, I know for a fact it has in the past.

I get called in to teach most days, and on the days I don’t work I usually tutor students in math for extra income and to keep busy. Tutoring is extremely rewarding because I usually have a pretty significant impact on my students’ academic performance, but recently it was rewarding for a completely unexpected reason. It all started when I met a 16 year old grade 10 girl who was struggling with her homeschooling math program. Her mom had called me a few weeks earlier and said that her daughter, Angela Anderson, had been kicked out of school earlier in the year for extremely low attendance and now she was failing in home-school math. Apparently the young teen was somewhat wild herself, hanging out with college-aged guys and going to some pretty outrageous parties which included any illicit drug that you could possibly name. She seemed to be spiralling out of control and I wanted to help her out as much as I could to get back on the right academic track. However, when I first saw her, I suddenly had different, less admiral goals concerning her.

When I first arrived at her house, she answered the door and my usual staunch professionalism completely escaped me and I stood there frozen like an awkward, hormonally-imbalanced school boy. She had on a short, plaid skirt which showed off her amazingly smooth, glistening legs. Her too-small tube top exposed her sexy, flat mid-drift and accentuated her cleavage which, for a teen, is just absolutely insane. If I didn’t know better, I would say she has implants because her breasts are not overly huge but so perfectly shaped and firm. As sexy as her body is though, the rest of her (ex: face, hair, eyes, etc.) alone would be enough to make any boy, man, or bi-curious girl alike become instantly infatuated with her. Perfect features, stunning eye colour, and beautifully soft, kissable lips and strawberry red hair. My male college friends would have had just one hyphenated word to describe her: Jail-bait!

I had this intense feeling of lust for the 16 year old sex-pot. I wanted to rub every inch of her unbelievable body, kiss her beautifully smooth skin and find out if the colour of the hair on her head matched the hair on her most precious hidden part. After I finally finished ogling her and regained my composure, I began to help her with math and we instantly hit it off. I made her laugh often which made it easier to keep her interested in the content I was teaching her, and she was gradually improving her grade and showed a commitment to succeeding academically.

During our sessions, I was usually completely focused on the task at hand and was generally not distracted by her pure beauty, spare for occasional times when she was working on problems and I had nothing to do but sit back and admire her at my leisure... or so I thought. It was during one of these moments where I was breathing in her strong Lolita-like presence, that she turned and caught me leering at her cleavage which was fully on display as she leaned over to solve an equation. She had a grin on her face, and I instantly turned beat-red as I realized that she had caught me in the act.

“Oh, you’re busted, missy”, she said semi-seriously and then giggled.
I wanted to say something or deny guilt but I was choking on my embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about it, trust me, I’m used to it by now”, she added with another giggle. “My boyfriend says they’re my best feature”.

I wanted to say that she didn’t have a ‘best’ feature per-say because every inch of her was equally perfect, but I knew it wasn’t appropriate to engage her in this kind of talk. But, she persisted: she began talking more about her boyfriend and it got to the point where it was unbearably awkward to just sit their stupidly without responding. Normally, I would have stopped her and re-focussed her on math but I started feeling certain urges that were compelling me to keep her on this topic. I also felt extra encouraged by the fact that her mom was out for a while so we were alone in the house, and more accurately in the privacy of her bedroom. So, in spite of my better judgment I blurted out: “Have you let him round any bases yet?” Just as I said that I was shocked at my audacity to jump right over the line of appropriateness so quickly. At first she wasn’t exactly sure what I was asking her, but then it suddenly occurred to her and she grinned to try to hide her surprise. However, I could tell she was very comfortable with me and wanted to answer the question. She nodded with a sly, guilty smile on her face, and I instantly loved where this was going.

“How far did you let him get? Third?

“I don’t know, it depends, what’s third base exactly”.

“I would say partner masturbation or oral sex”.

“Then yeah, I have”.

“ He fingered you?”

This is when she blushed and laughed a bit uncomfortably. I knew I was taking a huge risk here, but it was like the overwhelming feeling of lust was causing me to completely disregard the obvious potential consequences of my actions. She was talking about how much she liked it when he rubbed her down there, and that’s when I couldn’t resist the urge to make a move. I was incredibly nervous as I anticipated what I was about to say, but I forced myself to say it as I trembled and my stomach burned.

“Has a girl ever touched you there?” She bashfully shook her head and then it seemed to dawn on her what I was hinting at.

We just stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity: my heart was pounding and I suddenly became aware of a sensation of clamminess all over my body, and I instantly regretted asking her that fateful question. But, just as I was cursing myself for letting my libido put myself into a problematic situation, she surprised me with what she did: while continuing to stare at me, she took my trembling right hand and placed it on the inner part of her young, teenage thigh. My heart started pounding even more intensely: even though I been in similar situations many times before, I was absolutely terrified right at this moment. It reminded me of my first true lesbian encounter when I was 16, but maybe even slightly better. This was extremely was exactly what I had fantasized about over the last couple of months as I lied in my bed masturbating: sitting next to this insanely sexy teen at the prime of her beauty, with flawless features from head to toe, being invited by her to explore her nasty bits.

As eager as I was to advance to her hot teen pussy, I didn’t want to rush it: this alone was proving to be incredibly euphoric and I wanted to prolong it as long as possible, building up to what I anticipated was going to be the penultimate moments. I realized my shaved, 24 year old cunt had been dripping profusely with my feminine fluids for quite some time now and it began to cause me some itching but I didn`t want to give in quite yet and relieve myself. It was a good kind of discomfort. I wanted to know if she was wet as well, and just as I was wondering this a stream of liquid rolled down her inner thigh and onto my hand. This aroused me even more and this is when I started to kiss her passionately and I was surprised about how well she responded to this new development. With my right hand between her legs, and my left hand holding the back of her head, I plunged my tongue into her mouth and I started o wrestle with her tongue and she matched me with every lustful lash.

As we continued to French kiss like two hot-and-heavy lovers, I finally advanced inside her silk panties to feel her teen cunt. I could feel a thin strip of hair, but the rest was ultra smooth...almost velvet-like. She was soaking wet like me and began to moan, but they were muffled between interlocked lips. At this point, I moved her on the bed so I`d be free to manipulate her even more. I loved taking the lead role during sex and I loved it even more if the girl was willing to be completely submissive. And, it was clear early on that this girl knew how to play that role very well. As she was sprawled on her back on top of her bed, I spread her eagle and lifted her left leg and pushed it toward her head to give me full access to her delicious pussy. I pulled her panties to one side with my teeth which answered my question about her pubic hair colour: it was as gloriously strawberry red the hair on her hair. I kissed her pussy lips and clit and swirled around with my tongue, and it was sweeter than any I had ever tasted (and that’s a fairly large sample size to compare it to). I loved how her cunt felt through her soaked silk thong, and my thumb pushed and slid it around her glistening young mound. As I rubbed and kissed it, it began to spray a little bit of her cum on my face, and she began to moan very was a very sexy moan too, which encouraged me to lick with even greater intensity.

In addition to the moaning, she was now squirming around violently which indicated to me she was close to cumming. I pushed her other leg up beside her left temple parallel to her right leg. Her hot, wet cunt was bulging out and I kissed and licked it with intense ferocity, in a rhythm that was synchronized with her loud moaning. I was so uninhibited by this point I didn’t even care if someone heard us. All that mattered was this dream-like moment that far surpassed anything I could ever have possibly fantasize about.
After about three straight minutes of pure pussy-licking, she began gushing ejaculate, signalling her first wave of pleasure. She let out a high-pitched squeal and thrashed uncontrollably to both sides, experiencing a beautiful kind of agony. When I stopped licking her, I pulled myself into a position where my exposed, dripping pussy was rubbing against hers, and her body continued to spasm lightly with tremors. This was arguably the most sexually intense moment I had ever experienced, and my pulsating pussy was just begging to be relieved of the extreme pressure. I grabbed her right arm which was weak and limp and I placed her hand on my burning vadge, moving it up and down so her palm was rubbing it in a circular motion. Before I could really soak-in this mind-blowing moment, I exploded with a violent orgasm and moans that were even louder than the ones made by the sixteen year old. I continued to rub my pussy frenetically as the waves of pleasure subsided, and I fell limp on to her warm, sweaty body, and began to kiss her again, but this time more slowly and gently.

She looked supremely satisfied, and she giggled and made a little sound that told me she was happy with what unfolded so suddenly and unexpectedly. I wondered if she was predominantly a lesbian like I was because I have never been able to move so fast before with a straight or even bi-chick before without a studly man there to help me. But, it didn’t matter what she was, all that mattered is that we made love and shared an experience that bonded us together from that moment on. I also wondered if something like would ever happen again with her, but then my mind jolted back to reality when I began to realize her mom could come home early.

I mean, it was unlikely, but now I felt my euphoria being washed away with waves of intense paranoia. “What if someone came in right now? What if she told someone and what if it led to a scandal that would force me to resign as a substitute teacher in the district, completely destroying my career almost before it even began. And what if....there were plenty of these hypothetical sceneraios, but before I could entertain any more of them, Angela interrupted me.

As if reading my mind, she asked “Do you promise not to tell anyone what we did”. I giggled at the irony of this question and I felt relieved and assured that the secret was safe with her.

“Of course, hon. I won’t tell if you don’t”.

“Ok,” she promised with a sly grin. She stuck out her pinky and I grabbed it with mine and shook it, then kissed her on her cheek. “Can we do it again sometime”, she asked.

“I hope so, but we have to be careful. We probably will have to schedule a meeting that is separate from our tutoring sessions”. She nodded as I brushed her shining strawberry hair to the side and proceeded to kiss her again, but this time I lingered a little bit longer in her tongue passionately.

For the final 15 minutes of the session, we zipped through her homework as quickly as possible so itwouldn’t look like we didn’t do what I was there getting paid to do. Before I left her room, I whispered that I
had a great time and that she was more precious and beautiful then anyone I had ever bet before. She was noticeably flattered by this, and said that she loved it as well. I stole one more kiss and I said goodbye. Just as I was about to leave the house, her mom arrived and she told me to wait while she went to get her check-book. I waited patiently, trying not to let the paranoid thoughts creep back in. I felt a little guilty, and I had this irrational fear that her mom would somehow sense what had just happened somehow. I straightened my hair and clothes quickly: a nervous twitch that I made to reassure myself that there was no visible evidence of my scandalous deed. Mrs. Anderson returned with the check, and I thanked her with a smile trying to seem completely calm and collected.
I turned to leave but then she stopped me, which caused my heart to skip a beat or two.

“Oh, Lacy, I almost forgot: Next week our house is getting fumigated so you won’t be able to tutor Angella here. Would you be able to do it at your house instead?”

I tried not to look happy or excited which was hard because they were both emotions that were welling up inside me at that moment, but I retained my poker face and I simply said,

“Sure, that should be fine”. But, it was much more than fine. I couldn’t help but be taken away with my naughty imagination as it filled with all types of possibilities and scenarios. As I walked home, I almost walked right into a bus stop pole as I dwelled on these possibilities some more. Anything could happen, and I was hoping all of it would, including a potential visit from my current boyfriend Matt, who could spice things up a bit more. I anticipated it excitedly and I could hardly wait until that day arrived.

[Be sure to come back to read what happens next]

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