Hey everyone. This is my first story so please go easy on me. Comments and constructive criticism is appreciated. The first chapter is quite tame; I’ve started the second chapter so it will be coming soon
Jessica loves me?

Chapter 1

Russell was lying on his bed reflecting on his life as one does when your life seems be adding up to nothing special. What was bothering him the most was the fact that he was 17 years old and he had never kissed a girl or had a girlfriend of any kind. This wasn’t due to him being unattractive or a loner. No he was fairly popular; he played sports and was in the first team for rugby, so he had a pretty muscular body with a six pack. He also wasn’t gay. No. The reason he was in this position was because of Jessica Brown. Russell had met Jessica when he was 14 and if there was ever such a thing as love at first sight this would be one of those times. At least Russell liked to think he was in love with Jessica, her beautiful body, with curves in all the right places, her blonde hair and stunning blue eyes had captivated Russell from day one. He also wasn't the only one, all the guys at school had labeled her as the hottest girl in the school. Jessica also had a great personality and was always up there with smartest kids in the grade. A bit out of Russell’s league but from that day fourth Russell had devoted all his time and energy in to trying to get Jessica. The biggest problem was that they had become great friends in a short space of time but they had never progressed to the next step of their relationship, and Russell was too scared of being rejected and losing his friendship with Jessica that he never really made a move. Just as Russell was thinking of how to try get their relationship to the next level the phone rang.


“Hey Rus its Jess, I thought maybe I could come over and play some tennis and then go for a swim. It is after all a lovely sunny day and would seem such a waste to stay indoors and do nothing.”

“That sounds like a great idea how soon can you be here?”

“I’ll just change and pack my bag, should be there in the next 30 minutes.”

“Awesome, see you soon!”

As Russell put the phone down he took a moment to thank everything good that his parents were pretty well off and had their own tennis court and pool. Still thinking of how he was going to try get Jessica to be more than a friend he went off to change. 30 minutes later the doorbell rang. Russell ran downstairs and opened the door. He had to try hard not to open his mouth and drool over the sight that lay before him. Jessica stood there looking as hot as ever in a short white tennis skirt and a matching white sleeveless shirt showing her ample amount of cleavage. Jessica started to laugh

“Well are you going let me in or are you just going to stand there staring at me. Afraid to get your butt kicked?”

Coming out of his trance Russell replied: “You wish, I hope you brought your A game, you’re going to need it”

Laughing they both made their way down to the court with Russell following Jessica making sure he took full advantage of watching her full round ass bouncing around in front of him. After a game which both parties enjoyed (Jess enjoyed beating Russell, but Russell enjoyed the sight of boobs bouncing up and down and seeing Jess’s ass when she bent down to pick up balls which was half the reason he lost. It's very hard to concentrate on the game when you're playing against a godess) they both decided to go cool down in the pool. Russell joking to Jess says: “I’m too lazy to lazy to go upstairs and change, I’m just going to swim in my underwear, you should join me hahaha” Russell then proceeded to take all his clothes off and jump in the pool in just his boxers assuming Jess would go inside and change into her bikini. He turned around and his mouth dropped open. The last thing he expected was the site that lay before him. Jess was taking her top off with her skirt and shoes lying in a heap next to her so she was only standing in her black matching bra and panties. Russell immediately raised a tent in his boxers. “Uhhh Jess. . . What are you doing?”

“Well you said I should join you, and you’re right it’s too much of a hassle to go inside and change”

“Uhhhh ok. . .well what are you waiting for. The body is really nice. Um I mean the water is really nice” Russell said blushing and trying to conceal the fact that he had a raging hard on. Jess laughing, dived in and surfaced next to him acting like nothing was a miss. But Russell wasn’t quite on the same level as he tried to calm his hormones as he observed her breasts covered in a wet bra that left very little to the imagination with her hard nipples standing out. Trying to conceal his raging hard on Russell asked: “So what’s new?”

“Oh not much, I realised the other day I really liked this one guy I know” Jessica replied as she swam nearer to Russell.

“Oh really?” Russell said thinking on how he hadn’t really thought about Jessica’s love life, well he had always focused solely on getting her but he had never stopped to think about if she liked any guy. All that he knew was that she didn't have a boyfriend. Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t remember her ever liking guy or going out with one to his knowledge. This made no sense since all the guys at school were all over her. Which made perfect sense since Jessica was the hottest girl in school not to mention the coolest.

Jessica looked him in the eyes and said: “No, not really. To be honest with you Russ I have liked this guy for years, ever since I came to the school. But I always wanted a guy to like me for who I am and not just my looks. Someone who could be my best friend and who I could talk to about anything. I’ve known for years who I wanted but was unsure about how he would react to a change in our relationship.”

Thinking quickly Russell tried to rake his brain for all the guy friends Jessica was friends with. But he kept coming to the same conclusion. He was her only best friend that was a guy. But she can’t mean me he thought to himself. I’m just, well, me. Why on earth would she like me? She could have her pick of any guy in the world let alone the school. I must be missing something.

“Why do you look so confused Russ? You know I’m talking about you. I’ve been in love with you for some time now. But wasn’t sure if you wanted me. You were always so polite and kind to me but you never crossed the friendship line into something a bit more serious once. So I assumed you weren’t interested in being anything more than friends with me. But I’ve been watching you and I’ve seen you watching me, at first I thought I was just imagining it. But I’m sure now that you like me more than a friend. Don’t you Russ? Jessica was moving closer and closer the whole time she said this and was now a hair width away from him, looking deep into his eyes.

“You love me??? Me? But why? I’m just an average guy. You could have anyone” Russell replied in disbelief. He just stood there, frozen to the spot, not able to move a muscle.

“You are not anything but amazing to me Russell” and with that said she proceeded to plant her lips on his as they shared their first with together.

Russell seemed to come out of his daze and moved his hands to the back of her head, running his fingers though her blonde hair as he kissed her back. He opened his mouth and slipped his tongue out to meet hers. They stood there for an age. Timed had seemed to have come to a halt as all they did was focus on the other and let their emotions run over them. Jessica slowly ran her fingers down Russell’s body until she came to the lump in his pants. She slowly started to rub his very hard dick now. Russell moaned into her mouth, the feeling of having somebody else attending to his hard cock was the best thing he had ever felt.

Russell began moving his hands down her back until he reached her bra straps. He began to try undo them but was struggling which resulted in Jessica giving a little laugh but choose to let him fight his own battle as her hands were full as she slipped them into his pants and ran her hands up and down his shaft causing more moans from Russell. At long last Russell won his battle with the bra and was able to pull it away and throw it to the side of the pool. He moved his hands to the mounds in front of him and began fondling them. It was Jessica’s turn to let out a moan of pleasure this time. Russell began playing with her hard nipples, running his thumbs over them lightly, then rolling them in circles and pulling them a bit. Jessica started to moan a bit more and began to pump Russell's cock a bit faster. Russell then broke the kiss and kissed his way down her neck, stopping at the base of her neck to make sure he didn’t neglect any skin there. Jessica closed her eyes and just moaned. Russell then moved further down and kissed his way up her left breast and sucked in a nipple. Jessica held on his dick hard and let out a loud moan as Russell began to lick and flick her nipple in all directions. He then proceeded to kiss his way down the valley between her wonderful mounds and take in her other nipple and apply the same treatment. Jessica began to move her head from side to side, she always did have sensitive nipples and loved playing with them and Russell was doing all the things she loved like he was made for her pleasure. She began to pump her fist up and down his shaft faster and faster. Russell began to move his one hand down to her panties as he kept up the assault on her nipples which he was quite happy to do all day but knew he wouldn’t last long with the girl of his dreams pumping his cock and he really wanted to give her just as much pleasure as she was giving him.

His hand rubbed her pussy through her wet panties making Jessica even more excited. He then moved his hand and slipped it into her panties and run his fingers up and down her slit. Russell then slipped a finger in her and moved his thumb to her nub which he presumed was her clit and began rubbing it in circles. Jessica threw her head back and let out the loudest moan yet. “I’m close, don’t stop Rus don’t stop. Oh fuck!” Jessica moaned out loudly. Russell began pumping his finger in and out of her pussy quickly which caused Jessica to pump Russell’s cock even faster. Russell could feel the build up in his balls and knew he was about to come. “I’m going to cum!!” Russell moaned, “Me too. Cum with me Russell. Cum with me! Oh fuck I’m cumming!!!!”

Jessica threw her head back once more and bit her lip as her body was hit by one of the most intense orgasms of her life. The sight of Jessica’s body being rocked with her orgasm pushed Russell over the edge and he began shooting his cum out into the pool. Their bodies rocked against each other as they both came down from their most intense orgasms ever. They looked at each other once they had regained a bit of composure and said at the same time “I love you” and then their lips were once again on each other.

They kissed softy for a while. When they broke the kiss they both were wearing goofy grins from ear to ear. They realised it was getting dark. Jessica went over to get her bra and put it back on. “I better be getting back home. My parents will be wondering where I am soon. But I will see you tomorrow. My parents are gone for the day to visit my aunt. Maybe you could come over and we can have some more fun” Jessica said with a sexy wink to Russell.

“I’ll be there at 9, if that’s not too early?”

“That’s perfect. See you then my love” With that Jessica gave Russell one last kiss and jumped out the pool and ran inside. Russell slowly got out the pool, still in disbelief. He still could not believe what had just happened. Don’t get him wrong he was in 7th heaven, but wow, mean just wow Russell thought to himself. Jessica loves me? A small smile appeared on his face that turned into a large grin. Russell started on his way back inside thinking to himself that tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough. . .

Hope you enjoyed it. Chapter 2 coming soon. . .


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Wow... Great story is an understatement... That was amazing
Everyones right though, just a little more practice and you'll be just fine.

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I liked the story the guy who pissed himself is a jackhole in stead of insults he should have tried to be.constructive no ones perfect and all you need is a little more practice thats all,you get high praises from me.

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this made me kinda wet

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