Heres the second part to the story. Enjoy!!
Chapter 2

Russell woke up. Russell was rubbing eyes trying to think what he was forgetting. He had this nagging thought in the back of his mind that he couldn’t put his finger on. He went through all his thoughts. It was Saturday, which meant there was sport to watch. Russell loved Saturdays, he loved sitting on the couch and watching all his teams that he supported play. But no, that wasn’t what he was forgetting. Was he supposed to meet up with friends? Russell sat up like a rocket all of a sudden. Jessica.

Now he remembered. Jessica told him she loved, him, Russell. “Jessica loves me!!” Russell shouted out jumping out of his bed. Bubbling with excitement Russell looked at the clock. It read 7:30. Damn he thought, still an hour before he could leave to go to Jessica’s house. Just then Russell’s mom stuck her head through the door. “Did I hear you say that Jessica loves you?? Are you two finally going out?”

“Oh. Morning mom. Well umm yes. But what do you mean finally?”

“Oh you two have had eyes for each other for years. So it was just a matter of time before the two of you were together. I’m happy for you. Jessica is a nice girl. I trust that you will be seeing her today then?”

“Oh, why didn’t you tell me you thought she liked me? Never mind, it’s done now. Yes I am. I’m going over to her place at 9”

“Well drive safely, you know how I feel about you driving that scooter of yours.”

“Yes mom” Russell replied as his mom walked away. Right he thought to himself, what am I going to need. Shit. What happens if it gets serious and we want to have sex today? I gave my last condom to Sean for that prank we pulled on his neighbour. Fuck. Thinking quickly he went through the list of friends who were close and had condoms, then who of those people he would be willing to ask. He settled on George. They had been friends since they were 7. He picked up his phone and dialed Georges number.

“Hello” said a sleepy voice.

“George, its Russ. Bro I need to ask you a favor. Jessica told me yesterday that she loves me”

“Well it’s about time. And fuck you for getting her hahaha. Congrats brother it has been a long time coming but I’m happy for you. What do you need? Let me guess. Condoms, why else would you be phoning at this time in the morning on a Saturday.”

“Haha thanks man and yes that’s exactly why I’m phoning. Can you help me out?”

“Just because we have been friends for 10 years will I say yes to this haha. Nah it’s no problem, but I’m not driving to you. You want to use it you can come and get it”

“Thanks man. I’ll be there in an hour” Russell put down the phone. Right, that’s out the way time to get ready he thought to himself. 45 minutes later Russell was pulling up at George’s house. He went up to the door and knocked. George opened the door. “Well hello there. You’re early eager bee haha”

“Yeah sorry about that but can you blame?”

“Hahaha, no I can’t, here you go. Remember don’t be silly put a condom on your willy. Be wise and condomise!” George still laughing handed over a box of condoms to Russell. Russell taking them and then hitting George on the shoulder replied a bit red in the face:

“Oh shut up man. Thanks I owe you big time” With that Russell hoped back on his scooter and headed towards Jessica’s house. Russell arrived at Jessica’s house at 8:45.He drove up the drive way and saw Jessica helping her parents pack a few boxes into their car. Russell hoped off his scooter and ran to help them move the last couple boxes. “Morning Mr and Mrs Brown”

“Oh hello there Russell. Thanks if you could put this box in the back seat. We’ve got all these extra books and things that my sister could use for her school she’s starting. ” Mrs Brown said to Russell handing him the box in his hands. After the last couple boxes were packed Jessica’s parents climbed into the car.

“Now you behave you two, and if you don’t mind me saying it’s about time” Russell’s face went bright red at Mrs Brown’s words. And got a stern look from Mr Brown but Russell knew that he wasn’t that fazed. Mr Brown and Russell had always got a long with their shared passion of sports. Jessica laughed “Goodbye Mom and Dad. Tell Aunt Lucy I said hi.”

“We shall do” And with that Jessica’s parents departed. As they left Russell turned to look at Jessica at long last and took in the sight that lay before him. Jessica was wearing a short denim skirt with a white spaghetti top that hugged her body to show off her curves. Russell’s eyes went further up and looked into Jessica’s dazzling blue eyes that were shining with excitement. Russell had never seen her look so happy. But then again Russell had never been as happy in life as he was now. They both took a step in and wrapped each other in their arms and kissed one another. After a long kiss which each f them tried to put their emotions into the kiss they broke apart. Russell smiling said “Good morning my beautiful girl”

Jessica laughed “Oh I’m your girl now am I?”

“Yes you are and I am not going to let anyone touch you. I won’t let anyone hurt you and any guy that tries to take you I will beat up. I will do almost anything for you. Because the raw simple fact is that I love you Jessica. I always have since I set my eyes on you and I always will no matter what happens.”

“Oh Russ. You really are perfect, you know that? I love you so much” And with that Jessica leaned in and kissed Russell again. Breaking the kiss Russell asked

“So when are your parents getting back? I see that you told them about us?”

“Oh well they actually wiggled the truth out of me yesterday when I arrived home with a stupid smile on my face haha. They’ll be back late tonight. So we have plenty of time to ourselves my love” Jessica took Russell hand and led him inside and up to her bedroom. Russell started to get hard just following Jessica, watching her ass move in front of him and anticipating the events to come. Once they got to Jessica’s room, Jessica jumped and fell on her bed laughing and pulled Russell down with her. Russell fell on his back in surprise of and started laughing with her. Jessica rolled over on top of him so she was looking into his eyes and whispered to him “I love you”, “I love you too” and they kissed.

Jessica broke the kiss and sat up straddling Russell. Looking into Russell’s eyes Jessica moved her hands to the bottom of her shirt and began to start slowly pulling it up. Russell stared at her perfectly toned stomach that was being revealed and then up to her D-Cup breasts hidden by a white lace bra. Jessica smiled down at him nervously. “Do you like what you see?”

“I think the lump in my shorts that you are sitting on answers that question” Russell replied. Jessica reached behind her and undid her bra and let it fall revealing her naked breasts. Russell couldn’t take his eyes off them. They were just liked he had always dreamed they would be like he reflected and was sad that he didn’t take in the sight of them yesterday. They were perfect to him. Her large breasts were capped off with small nipples pointed nipples. Russell couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to attend to these magnificent mounds. He sat up suddenly and took a nipple into his mouth and began to flick it with his tongue while moving his hand to attend the other nipple to make sure it didn’t feel neglected. Jessica closed her eyes and let out a moan. She moved her hands to the back of Russell’s head and held him to her breasts while running her fingers through his thick short brown hair. Russell stopped flicking her nipple and kissed down her breast and across the valley between and up the other breast and took her other nipple into his mouth and gave it the same treatment of swirling it around in circles and flicking it while playing with other nipple with his fingers. Jessica began to rock back fourth on Russell’s cock moaning. She loved the way Russell pleasured her nipples. She gave a little whimper, Jessica wanted more now, she needed more. But she also wanted to pleasure Russell. She took his head in her hands and moved it away reluctantly. “Your turn” she said to Russell.

She took hold of Russell’s shirt and pulled up. Russell helped her getting it off. Jessica then moved down and pulled Russell’s shorts off and looked down at his boxers with his cock straining to get out. Jessica grabbed hold of Russell’s boxers and slowly pulled them down revealing his cock. Jessica stopped and looked at her first ever cock in real life. Jessica reflected on how big it looked and didn’t know how she was going to fit in her. Russell’s cock looked to be about 7 inches long and 2 and half wide. Russell was a bit nervous, this was the first girl to ever see him naked and he hoped Jessica would be satisfied with what she saw. Russell noticed in the men showers that although he wasn’t the biggest but he was on the bigger side and was happy with that fact. Jessica getting over her thoughts spoke out at last, licking her lips. “I’ve never done this before, so you’ll have to tell me what feels good because I want to make you feel good”

“Jessica as long as you don’t bite me I’m sure it will fell fantastic.” That being said Jessica licked her lips once more a bit nervously and bent down and began to envelope Russell’s cock in her mouth. Russell closed his eyes and moaned, he had never thought something could feel so good. Russell was in floating in skies of pleasure. Jessica began to move down his shaft being careful not to nick Russell with her teeth. Jessica got half way and then stopped trying to get use to this; she ran her tongue along Russell’s cock inside her mouth trying to give him as much pleasure as she could. She then began to move up his cock until only the head of Russell’s cock was in her mouth and then moved back down. Russell moaning moved his hands to Jessica’s head and ran his fingers through her hair as Jessica began to move up and down hid cock a bit faster. Russell felt that usual sensation of build up in his balls, he couldn’t believe how quickly he was going to cum. Jessica was bobbing her head up and down his cock faster and faster trying to get more with each time. Russell couldn’t hold back anymore “Jessica I’m going to cum!!” Russell shouted out in warning. Jessica just kept bobbing her head. Russell began cumming and shot ropes of cum up into Jessica’s awaiting mouth. Jessica was surprised at the force of which the first shot came out and moved up so she only had the head of his cock in her mouth as she tried to swallow all his cum. She wasn’t that successful as quite a bit of cum escaped her and ran down the sides of her mouth. Russell had never cum so much or so hard and looking down and seeing his girlfriend trying to swallow all his cum really turned him on. After Russell had stopped cumming Jessica cleaned up Russell’s cock and licked all the cum around her lips and swallowed. Yes, Russell thought to himself, I am definitely in love with this girl. “That was amazing my girl. That was the most pleasurable thing I have ever felt. But I think it’s time I returned the favor.”

Jessica smiled at how Russell had enjoyed her attempts at her first blowjob. She crawled off him and lay on her back facing him. Russell reached for Jessica’s skirt and undid the pull on the side and began to pull it down. And much to his surprise and delight Jessica wasn’t wearing any panties. Russell threw Jessica’s skirt to the side and just sat there looking at Jessica’s body. God she is beautiful Russell thought to himself. Jessica began to shuffle nervously as she watched Russell looking at her body looking for a reaction from him as to what he thought of her body. Russell finally tore his eyes away from her body and looked Jessica in the eyes and said “Jessica, you have the hottest body I have ever seen. Really, you are so beautiful. Are you a goddess?”

Jessica gave an impish smile and relaxed a bit. Russell then looked down and moved his head towards her pussy. He took in the magnificent sight. Lying before him was in Russell’s mind, heaven on earth. Jessica had shaved her pussy bald and was obviously excited as juices were leaking from her pussy. Russell determined to give back as much pleasure to Jessica as she had given him bent down and ran his tongue up her slit. Jessica threw her head back and moaned. Russell began to run his tongue up and down her pussy trying to think of what he saw in the porn videos he watched and what would feel good. In the end he just listened to when Jessica moaned louder and went with what seemed to work for her. Russell found Jessica’s clit and began to draw patterns on it with his tongue. Russell also moved his right hand down and inserted one of his fingers into her and began to pump his finger in and out of her. Jessica was moaning very loudly now and grabbed her breasts and began fondling them as Russell worked her clit with his tongue and kept pumping his finger in and out of her. Russell tried to fit a second finger in her and after a while he finally got it in, Jessica was very tight he reflected and looked forward to the feeling that was going to create later on. He brushed a barrier within Jessica that made Jessica sit up a bit. Withdrawing his fingers a bit Russell resumed finger fucking his girlfriend as he played with her clit with his tongue. “I’m going to cum Russell! Please don’t stop! Keep going!! Keep going!! Fuck yes!! OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING RUSSELL, I’M CUMMING!!!”

Jessica clenched Russell’s head between her legs tightly and her body began rocking as juices began to flow freely from Jessica’s pussy all over Russell’s fingers. Jessica had her eyes closed and was biting her lip as her body was hit by wave after wave of pleasure and all Jessica could do was hold Russell’s head to her pussy as she came. Russell moved his head down and began to lap at all the juices that were flowing out of Jessica’s pussy. Russell couldn’t get enough of her juices which he thought tasted so sweet. At long last Jessica came down from her earth shattering orgasm. Russell finished cleaning Jessica’s pussy making sure no mess was left. Jessica pulled Russell up and panted her lips on his and slipped her tongue in his mouth tasting her cum on his tongue. Breaking the kiss Jessica said to Russell “Thank you that was the greatest orgasm I have ever had. I can die today and I will day a happy girl haha. I love you.”

Russell wrapping Jessica up in his arms replied “I had to try give back half the pleasure you gave me. I love you too my beautiful girl” Jessica noticed that Russell was still hard and that his cock was pressing up against her. Smiling she asked “Russell. Do you want to make love to me?”

Russell not believing his ears was jumping up and down inside. “Jessica I would love too. Let me just go downstairs and get my condoms out of my scooter.”

“Oh, you don’t need to do that. I’m on the pill” Jessica said giving him a little wink “My mom put me on it 2 years ago”

Russell sat there staring at her. All that effort and now he owes George a favour for absolutely nothing. Russell couldn’t believe his luck. But all that went out of his head Jessica pulled him down and kissed him

To be continued in Chapter 3. . .

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“Yes you are and I am not going to let anyone touch you. I won’t let anyone hurt you and any guy that tries to take you I will beat up. I will do almost anything for you. Because the raw simple fact is that I love you Jessica

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