The girls help themselves to their pervy boss's throbbing cock
Eventually everyone else had left and the building went quiet.

Mike went downstairs, checked the doors and put the heating up: if he couldn’t move he didn’t want to be chilly. He came back into Natasha’s office and the girls were waiting - one nervous, one excited.

In a couple of minutes they were all naked, again, and Mike was tied face-up on the big oak coffee table that was supposed to impress visitors, with cushions under him from the sofa. Instead of fabric trim like Sara had used on Natasha his wrists and ankles were buckled into leather cuffs that were chained to the table legs.

“So you spent my money in that sex shop in Dover Street??” Mike had to ask. “What on earth did they make of you two going in? Didn’t they say anything about your age?”

“They tried to talk to us,” said Natasha, “asking who they were for and our names and things, but Sara said we couldn’t tell them because we were underage and on their cctv and she didn’t want to get them in trouble with their licence, with us being at the checkout already. And they shut up.” She looked admiringly at Sara.

So did Mike. Sara strong, naked and with her agenda, toying with what looked like massage oil.

Sara just grinned happily. “What we could do,” she addressed her fellow teen, “is I could massage a bit of him, and then you can do the same thing?”

Natasha nodded her agreement.

They knelt either side of Mike’s shoulders.

Sara squirted some massage oil on her hands, rubbed them together, and laid them on his chest. It was cold for a second, then the warmth of her hands came through. The strong, exotic scent of the oil filled his nostrils.

Her hands pressed down firmly and slid slowly up and onto his neck. He could feel all her fingertips following the contours of his body; down again, up again a bit further across, so her fingers curled over his shoulder. She added more oil, extending the area across and out to the top of his arm, each movement very slow. He could feel her hands, her fingers, palms, thumbs, al sensing his body as they moved over it.

“See?” Sara said to Natasha, “want a go?” She passed the oil and Natasha squirted some on her hands and laid them rather gingerly on his chest.

She started moving her hands, a bit tentatively at first, then as she gained confidence her strokes became smoother and she pressed harder, if still not as hard as Sara. Her fingers if anything had more communication to them, though - they were longer and it felt as though, instead of the power, Natasha was sensing more.

Either way, it was Heaven and Mike’s anxieties disappeared. Natasha was so beautiful, and her touch was as feminine as her looks.

After a couple of minutes he could see Sara was bored - if ever there was someone not born to be a spectator... “Let’s both do him at once,” she said; she took the oil again and started on his left leg, Natasha copying.

The feel of two gorgeous teenage girls both massaging his naked helpless body had Mike in a state. His cock was rock hard and oozing a bit of precum.

Sara reached out and wrapped her little hand round it. “Here,” she said to Natasha.

The elfin brunette obediently proffered her narrow, delicate hand and in a second it was being wrapped round his throbbing cock with Sara’s forceful assistance.

“What do you think?” Sara urged.

“It’s okay,” Natasha agreed.

“So can you imagine, what it’s going to feel like, inside you?”


“I can tell you it feels fantastic. Miles better than a vibe! Go on.”

Mike was about to cum. “I’m going to cum,” he gasped. He dragged his eyes off the two stunning young girls and gazed at the ceiling.

“Okay cum in me,” he heard and next thing he was feeling the familiar athletic body straddling him, and the potent pussy sliding down around his cock.

He started orgasming, jerking upwards to spurt as deep as possible into the blonde gymnast-diver-trampolinist he was now staring up at. The gorgeous, purposeful girl was smiling down at him.

“Now watch, Tashie,” she said to her pupil, “how he can get it up again.” She started to rub to and fro, grinding her clit on his bone and squeezing his softening cock in her power-packed pussy.

Mike took in the sight of the amazing girl, having fun fucking him, with her broad shoulders, little tits, broad pelvis and big, strong thighs made for launching herself into the air - or for riding a big cock. Her perfect condition and all-over tan completed the picture of a girl who’d started off highly sexed, and then worked at it.

Sara started to fuck up and down, until when he was hard again she paused at the top of her stroke and pointed at his glistening cock for Natasha to appreciate. Grinning happily, she dismounted, leaving Mike high and dry.

The little five-feet-two dynamo pulled her naive, slender friend into a naked embrace, kissing her and running her expressive little hands everywhere. Soon Natasha was gasping and trembling, standing legs apart to let Sara stroke and finger her pussy. Then just as she seemed about to orgasm Sara stopped.

Mike held his breath.

“Alright Tashie,” Sara nudged the lithe girl towards him, “get on and help yourself.”

“Oh!” the breathless beauty took half a step then stopped. Her gorgeous green eyes were huge, glistening, and her delicious teen tits were rising and falling as her chest heaved.

Mike’s desperate eyes roved over her stunning young body - the most delicate, feminine shape he could imagine. She was so lightweight, so pure, innocent and potentially vulnerable, she seemed more nude than Sara somehow.

“Go on,” Sara urged, “you’ll love it. There’s nothing to be scared of. He can’t make you do anything, can he? You can just get on, at least, and then see.”

“Oh alright,” Natasha yielded to the irresistible force and climbed onto Mike. She was unbelievably agile, like a spider. Her jutting, conical tits were near his face. Her sexy brown bush was near his trembling cock and her lissom thighs were touching his.

She looked at him, with her stunning young face so near. “You don’t mind do you?”

Mike giggled foolishly. “No, go ahead Natasha.” Not only beautiful, but so polite.

“You can always stop,” Sara kept up the pressure.

“Okay,” Natasha knelt up and Mike felt her sensitive fingertips lift his cock. He watched her lower her pussy towards it, her neat triangle pointing the way, then felt the pressure on his cockhead. Was he finally going to end up inside this girl?

Sara came and stood next to him, facing Natasha, resting a proprietary little hand on his chest. Mike smelt her aroma, wishing he could touch her. “Oooh that’s so sexy Tashie,” she encouraged, “it looks so perfect for you.”

“It’s bigger than my vibrator,” Natasha worried, though moving her slim pelvis around and beginning to open up he could feel.

“That’s the whole point,” Sara’s riposte was inevitable.

“I suppose so,” Natasha conceded.

He was in a little way now, his cockhead feeling squeezed just in the tight, wet ring of muscle that was the gateway to the interior of this fabulous girl.

She stiffened. His cockhead seemed to stick and then it was out and she was stabbing it at her entrance. “I’ve gone dry!” she said. She looked guiltily at Sara, then down at the floor, feeling bad.

“Never mind,” Mike wished he could console the poor girl, “we can try another time, or just not bother.”

“‘Course we can bother,” Sara was pulling her fellow teen off, “we just need to get it right. Get the right feeling, then it’ll be easy. Let me think.”

Mike watched Sara cuddle the taller but lighter girl. They all - especially Sara - expected her to decide what happened next.

“I know.” She went next door and reappeared carrying the fabric trim she’d used earlier. In a trice Natasha had been spun round and her thin arms had been hauled behind her and tied there.

“Oh” whispered the delicate teen, her tits sticking out more than ever with her forearms strapped together across her back.

“Now Sara...” Mike didn’t want to get involved in anything Natasha was being pushed into. A bit of urging was one thing...

“She loves it,” Sara grinned confidently at him, “watch.” She started stroking and kissing Natasha, and Mike could see and hear the lithe beauty being aroused, writhing and gasping with the little fingers and lips roaming all over her body. She parted her legs to let Sara dip her fingers in, giving little thrusts. Sara brought them out to show them glistening ,and with a drip forming.

“Now get back on,” she instructed, and Mike had to acknowledge that Natasha did seem quite keen. And her balance was amazing as she stepped up and straddled him with her arms tied behind her. Sara was holding his cock up. He was tingling all over.

“She’s sexy as anything,” Sara had picked up his anxiety, “she just needs it to be someone else’s responsibility. You know what I mean don’t you? She basically trusts us, but sex is a bit naughty for her, after what happened at school, so it just needs a bit of fantasy adding to it.”

Mike had to nod. He could see Natasha’s attitude was different this time. Her pupils were huge, and her delectable little mouth was a bit open, gasping quietly. The beautiful, sweet girl was a bit kinky.

Sara’s other hand was supporting and guiding Natasha as the super-slim teen lowered herself onto his pulsing eight inches, and now Mike could feel her pussy was really wet and open. She slid down, pushed up, slid down, and in a moment he was most of the way in, trying to appreciate that Natasha was actually fucking him.

“Right,” said Sara happily, “now I’m just going to get on…” she bounced onto him, facing her tied and impaled friend. She lowered herself onto Mike’s face and his view of Natasha was replaced by the fragrance of wet pussy.

He could sense a certain amount of what was going on, and imagine some more. He felt Natasha bottom out onto him, and her thighs landing on his. He felt his cock being massaged by a tight, wet pussy that was weaker and more glove-like than Sara’s. He heard Natasha breathing joyfully and Sara talking to her.

“What do you think Tashie? It fits doesn’t it? Even though it looks like it wouldn’t.”

“Yes,” Natasha gasped.

Mike started doing his duty and licking Sara’s clit and labia while she rubbed them to and fro on his mouth. He could feel her excitement, and he knew she was supporting her bound friend and feeling up her sensitive tits, while Natasha thrust herself up and down.

It wasn’t long before he felt and heard Natasha start to cum, groaning and banging hard down on him, but however lissom she was she could only go so fast, of course, so it was a long time before Mike was ready to cum for his second time of the evening. In the meantime unless he was mistaken Natasha seemed to have cum several more times - it looked like once she was tied up the angelic girl was multi-orgasmic.

But she kept lifting and dropping her slender, athletic body around his cock, and eventually the sensation rose to bursting point and he thrust up, as far as his bonds would allow, to pump his seed into the quivering depths of the alluring young elf.

Eventually they all ground to a halt. The girls got off and untied him, and he watched while Natasha, also untied now, finished Sara on the sofa with three slender fingers in her pussy. He had to admit he hadn’t done a great job on Sara’s oral, with the distraction of being fucked.

After her cum Sara drew Mike and Natasha into a naked huddle. “Right then,” she said, “what shall we do now?

“Aren’t we going home?” Too late Mike realised he’d given away that he couldn’t tear himself away from them. It sounded so weak. But on the other hand, he was being included with them, and their naked young bodies were making him tingle again already..

“It’d be nice to spend some time together, somewhere else, don’t you think?” the little blonde grinned at him. “You can phone home and we could go and get a meal?”

“I can phone my sister,” Natasha seemed to have no thought of doing anything but going along with Sara, “my mum and dad are away. I just need to get home though, afterwards, if I miss the bus, as we're out in the country.”


Continued in Chapter 5:


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