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My mom gasped in horror..."oh my god!" she screamed at me and my sister..She grabbed my sisters arm, turned her around, and shoved her into the bathroom wall..She smacked her round little ass so hard my sister began crying, and I could see tears running down her eyes...but then things got really fucked slid her fingers into my sister pussy.."I want you to taste your cunt, you fucking pervert.." she made my sister shove her wet finger into her she did this mom slowly took off her clothes..I never thought much of how good my mom looks but she looked really fucking hot..

she got up on the bathroom counter, and shoved my sisters face into her well trimmed bush.."lick mommys pussy" she grabbed debra's hair, and pushed Debra's head even closer to her...She grabbed Debra by the neck and started making out with her, and then pushed Debra's head right back were she wanted it to go...My mom was moaning so much, and I think Debra started enjoying it a little bit...of course my cock was so hard I could feel pre cum dripping out.."Don't just stand there Dave, give mommy your cock" I readily complied, and mom grabbed my cock as she was getting eaten out, by my little sister...Mom spat on her hand a couple times to lube up my stiffy..."lets all go to the bedroom, NOW" she said as she turned my younger sister around and gave her another spanking. My sister didn't cry this time she started moaning, and I could see her pussy juice dripping down her sexy legs...

Mom threw me on the bed.."do you want me to show Debra how to fuck?" I just stared at mom..She came closer, and grabbed my hard cock..."do you want me to show Debra how to fuck?! " she yelled . "YES!" "thats more like it. Mom took Debra's hear and shoved it on my cock..They both took turns sucking on my swollen member. Mom sat on my face, and place her dripping we pussy on my was hard to breathe but moms pussy was so nice and warm, and every time i licked it she moaned some more .."switch with me she told Debra..Debra nearly jumped on my face as mom began riding my cock..I could barely hold off..I started sucking on my moms perfect D breast..She was moaning so much. She rode my so hard...I could see her pussy dripping on me..Debra kept shoving her pussy in my face.

.:" lean forward Debra, I wanna lick you ass" Debra leaned a bit forward and mom stuck her tongue in out of debras ass as she fucked put one of her fingers in debra ass, and finger fucked her until she couldnt take it anymore...

"Debra mommy wants your pussy..."

mom shoved me aside, and got on all fours.."Debra go in front of mom so I could lick your pussy, while I get fucked in the ass" the thought of fucking moms hot ass, nearly made me cum...Mom turned over, and stuck her ass up in the air...Debra waited pateintly to get pussy licked..and I got behind mom to ass fuck her.."just shove it in you fucking perv..." I shoved my swollen cock into her tight ass, and began fucking her really hard...She had a hard time controlling how she was licking debras fiery crotch,, but she was doing something right, becuase Debra was definetely enjoying it..It was only a few minutes after I started fucking mom, that I just couldnt take it ..I had been grabbing moms breast, and fucking her in the ass so hard..that i couldnt take it anymore .."Im Cumming!" I yelled turned around,, and grabbed my cock with her mouth ...she grabbed Debra's head, and they shared the last bit of cum that I had left...I grabbed moms ass , and spanked it as a way of saying thank you ..she replied buy giving me a huge kiss with her tongue down my throat...she also made sure I saw her and Debra shared my sperm as they made out with each other..."Dave, take a break because mommy and Debra need to finish off..."

She lay Debra with her stomach flat and massaged her naked body..she focused mostly on her cute little ass, and slid her hands between her asscheeks to reach her sexy pussy..."turn over!" she yelled. Debra turned over, and spread her legs for mom..Mom didnt seem to expect that, but didnt seem to mind...Mom shoved her fingers deep inside Debras pussy...she kept making Debra taste her pussy juices...Mom leaned forward and started kissing her body upwards..She stopped for awhile, and sucked on her tiny nipples which were already hard as rocks...

the scene was so hot. mom and Debra were naked, and Debra was on top of mom..They began making out and I could see their hands rubbing each others clits..I wanted in on it but it was so hot to would occaisonly slip a finger or two into debra, and I would see Debra scream...Debra could barely handle it ..I knew she was going to cum got up and put her pussy on Debra's face, and started licking Debras pussy in a sixty nine position..They both squirmed and moaned so much I was sitting at the edge of the bed, and could feel myself getting really hard again..Suddenly, mom yelled "IM CUMMING!" and she squirted her pussy all over Debra's face, chest and took her hand and kept rubbing Debra's clit..until...Debra was shaking so much she couldnt talk..."both of you go clean up in the bathroom, mom will be there in a minute to help you guys" we both smiled, and my cock grew even harder....

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2012-06-21 13:41:40
I like to read incest stories!they are so xciting but when they are no exagerated like this one!fucking with he sister would ahve been sufficient!

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2011-09-05 21:13:37
Its okay. like at lot of us you get excited when you write Sex Scenes. We is Pron readers and writers, not's english majors. wes gets horny for young honey when we writs, and da excitements to much and we have to go drop a loads, in the wife unit.

Ifs we cants does thats thens we use da flashlit pussy. The flashlight pussy is goods,

My son tells me we are pretty close to Halograms, I's wants to fucks a Halogram. A cute black shaved teen one. Nothing likes eating black teen Cameltoe.

so keeps its ups and you'll does fines.

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2011-05-16 16:38:03
Indie! I love your work, You are stright suck and fuck with no more then min of development of the people, but your people are good and fun and the women are in control and way on board.

I love Mom having Sons Babies, and Sisters also. I hope both get PG and drop twin girls about the same time so 14 years later he can get them PG also. He needs a Son somewhere along the line for help, so perhaps they can adopt a well hung kid.

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2011-04-17 21:59:16
Or make condescending , useless comments. Are you even sure English is his native tongue. Keep at Indie. The more you write, the better you get.


2011-04-17 17:54:46
Hey Indie, BIG improvement in this story over the first. Still unaware of where to use capital letters (like the beginning of sentences) but, a lot better. 7/10

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