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This story is short but sweet
[b]So I have this sexy ass Tia I always use to stare at her fat ass everytime I would visit her. She was kinda bitchy and got mad at everything but she was fucking hot! She's only 38 so she still has alot more to get out of her. Anyways let me tell u how it all started. One day I wanted to wash clothes but her washer was not like any regular old washer so she said mijo (mijo means my son or sweety for those of u who don't speak Spanish) let me was ur clOthes I don't want u to fuck up my new washer I said ok Tia that's koo so she did I was watching her Bend over to pick up the clothes and her sweats creases into her ass crack so I knew she wasn't wearing any panties my cock started to throb at the site of her ass in frot my face bent over so I walked out of the garage she was like hey kid come her u need to help I was like allrite Tia my bad. We finished up then went inside. We had small talk u know the usual bullshit u would normally talk with it Tia. Then she started to drink her vodka I thoughtto myself this is my chance to pull a move on her since no one is home. The reason why I thought of this is because I know that my aunt is a nympho she likes to fuck and suck anyone. I saw her home made videos with her bf I jerked off to them all the time. I had a feeling tonight would be the night to do it. She was on her 5th cup of vodka and cranberry so she was at her point where she laughed at everything I said and I'm a funny guy as it is so she was laughing every second we were together. The moment came where I thought to myself this is it touch her upper thigh and see how she reacts. Her head was leaned back because I told her a joke. I pushed my hand hard against her upper thigh close to her as cheek and she giggled and said hey watch out kid u almost got my ass their and I was like oops sorry Tia. She said no it's cool then I got up and she grabbed my hand and said gimme a nicE foot rub. I immediately grabbed her feet and started rubbing them especially since I have a foot fetish. I was watching her enjoy my hands squeezing onto her soft toes the nose peircing she had was shining in the dim light. As she was saying something I put my mouth on her top foot and started kissing her foot she was startled but liked it I saw her open up her legs but I wasn't going for it yet I was wetting her first I wanted to make sure that by the time I stuck my cock in her it would be nice and slick so I kept rubbing her feet and sucking her nice pick toes and massaged her legs then I noticed she got annoyed so she said get off she walked into the kitchen and was popping sum popcorn as she waited leaning on the counter testing someone I crept up from behind her and squeezed her ass with both hands she moaned up a storm and she was standing on her tippy toes wanting more so I pulled her pants down and started licking her cooch from behind aww the sweet smell of her pussy was filling my nostrils she was being such a whore it was unreal I pulled my cock out and she dropped to her knees and started to work my cock with her tongue it was amazing. I came within 5 minutes unfortunately but I started to eat her out on the kitchen floor and my cock got hard again as soon as my cock was at full capacity I rubbed my head on her clot and as she moaned in my ear I pushed my cock deep in her puss it was so bomb just knowing that I was fuckin my hot Tia in the middle of the kitchen floor. We fucked for about 20 mins or so until I came. I busted my nut inside of her and kept pumPing until I knew she had all of me inside of her. She got up and took a shower....the week after we bother acted normal she would still get mad at me the same bitch the same. I wanted to ask her of she enjoyed my cock inside of her but I didnt know how to come about it so I waited then she asked me to go the store with her so I did. We were in Costco just buying shit for the house and I was pushing the cart behind her my eyes glued to her fat ass booty. Once gain I saw her ass crack lining in the middle of her black pants she wears to work. My cock started to twitch I was hoping she was wearing no underwear but this time she had on her black thong I watched as she bent down to pick up her coffee bag. Then as we stopped for a moment I asked her out of the blue hey did u enjoy me last week she said I don't know what ur talking about then I said u know damn well wat Im talking about. She turned to me and said yea that fuck that we had I was drunk and I said u still know what the fuck I'm talking about and she told me to never speak of it again. I was sad and she told me we could never be anything because of many things. I said I didnt wanna be with her and I only wanted her as mysex slave. She admitted to seducing me the night she got drunk she said she knew I was always staring at her everytime I got a chance and that she got drunk on purpose. Hearing everything she told me that day made me more crazy about fucking her again. So as soon as we were done loading all the boxes in the truck we got inside and as she was pulling out I grabbed her by the crotch and she fought at first but then she let things happen. I was once again turning her into my little sex slave. I started to unzip her pants as were still in the parking lot and as she pulled one leg off at a time I was pulling down her thong I started eating her out. Idk if any of u guys tried to eat a girl out while she drives but it's a mission I couldn't get a good flow of things but I still made her wet I was fingering her and sucking the back of her ear telling her I was gonna fuck her tight ass and that she was gonna suck my dick clean full of her ass juice. She was so horny cuz by the time we were getting off our exit she was jerking menoff and she kept saying to put my cum in her mouth. I couldn't come though cuz we lived to close to the freeway but I didn't get to fuck her her bf and my cuzzins were at home so I couldn't. That night as everyone fell asleep I couldn't stop thinking about my Tia and her ass cheeks squeezing my hard cock as I stuggle to push into her tight ass my dick was rock hard by this time I looked at my cell and it was 2:47am I heard footsteps on the hallway and I got up to find my Tia walking to the kitchen I got closer and I looked from the opposite side of the hallway that led to her kitchen and she was wearing a white nitegown I was amazed staring once again at her ass that I wanted to fuck. She was grabbing a chewy bar from the cupboard. I was mezmorized by her flower tattoo on her little ankle. At this point I didn't give a fuck I grabbed a towel and choked her and dragged her to the guest room on the far end of the hall close to the garage she was pissed but it only made hornier. I tied her up the bed and I poured water on her face and told her to shut up. She was fighting for a few minutes but then I noticed that by the time I wAs gonna finger her she was aleready nice and damp I said u like this weird taboo shit don't u Tia. I lifted up her legs pulled them on my shoulder and started eating her she was pushing her pussy deep into my face I knew she loved it. When I fucked her it was better than last time. She wasn't as loud and I didn't have to do all the work. I came so much that the whole room smelled like cum. The last time we fucked that night I untied her and let her do all the work. I laid back and watched as she was bouncing her body up and down my dick she was riding me for about 15 mins then I pulled her to the aide grabbed her hair and came all over her face. It was the best 2 weeks I had. It's to bad they had to end I haven't fucked my Tia since but when I do fuck her I will e sure to let u people know how it goesdown!

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Written by a retard I think !!
Negative from me
From Misterjedi.

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make paragraphs damn

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Ever heard of paragraphs? Gahh tired of reading stories like this!

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